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In winter Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming appears to be a peaceful world of white; all
frozen silence and stillness. "ni!ue" doesn"t e#en begin to describe the natural wonders we can
find in Yellowstone. $#ery year three million people come to get a glimpse of Yellowstone"s well%
protected wilderness and en&oy its abundant wildlife' magnificent mountain scenery' ri#er canyons'
waterfalls and forests.
(he natural beauty of the park is e#en more impressi#e during the winter months. (he park is
usually co#ered in snow between No#ember and )pril' when temperatures seldom rise abo#e
Winter is an ideal time to #iew the park"s wildlife. *any #isitors bring binoculars' telescopes and
cameras in the hope of capturing some of the park"s most popular animals+ bears' bison' moose and
In addition to wildlife' the beauty of Yellowstone"s scenery is practically una#oidable as it is all
part of the area"s underlying geology. ,eneath the ice and snow it remains a #ery dynamic place.
Plumes of steam point to the #olcanic power that lies not far below the surface' the stench of
sulphur hangs in the air. Yellowstone is world%famous for its powerful geysers as well as colourful
hydrothermal sights.
-tarting with the most famous geyser in )merica' .ld /aithful' which erupts at times faithfully and
at other times' une0pectedly' Yellowstone is home to some of the most spectacular and beautiful
natural wonders' including mud #olcanoes' hot springs' ri#ers and land formations like natural
bridges and deep ca#es.
a) Add True of False, quoting te rele!ant infor"ation fro" te te#t 12 p.3
4. Wildlife and natural scenery are not considered to be precious features of Yellowstone"s park.
5. (o those #isitors interested in wildlife' the park is much more beautiful in winter time.
2. (he scenery of the park is monotonous and boring and does not offer #isitors any spectacular
natural wonders.
$) Ans%er te follo%ing questions in &our o%n %ords 15 p.3
4. Why is Yellowstone"s wildlife attracti#e to #isitors6
5. What does the underlying geology of the park consist of6
') Co"(lete te follo%ing senten'es) Te "eaning as to $e te sa"e as tat of te one a$o!e) 15 p.3
4. (hese #isitors are bringing their cameras to capture some of the park"s most popular animals.
5. (he park is co#ered in snow' all frozen silence and stillness. 9owe#er' the park remains a #ery
dynamic place.
$#en though8
2. "(he natural wonders of the park are uni!ue"' the tourist said to me.
(he tourist8
:. I didn"t #isit the park in winter because I didn"t ha#e the time.
d) Write a 'o"(osition *fro" +, to -,, %ords) on te to(i'. 12 p.3
;escribe the most beautiful place that you ha#e e#er #isited.