PixelView® PlayTV PCX600 series World’s No.1 PCI-E Dual TV Tuner Card PixelView GeForce 6200 With TurboCache Technology V-301, a new competitive MP3 + SD, MMC Card recorder will be and Mass produced on Dec. 1st. PROLINK IA products will also focus on the Bluetooth Series products like Tx. Rx. Box, and will have Stereo Headset at the end of this year. V-902, MMV ( Multimedia Viewer ), make your life colorful. PixelView GeForce 6800 [ The most powerful SLI platform ]

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PROLINK's Multimedia model No. of PV-M2TV307PL+ has already been certificated by Microsoft Media Center Edition. PROLINK PixelView GeForce 6600 Ultimate won an "Editor's Choice" award from GURU 3D. PixelView PlayTV Set Top Box [Turn your TV to Digital TV] PROLINK has received a "Editor's Choice" award for GeForce 6600GT and MX4000 from PCDIY/Taiwan. PROLINK has already merged VMAX as one of its business unit in Oct, 2004. So PROLINK will provide more and more outstanding multimedia products for you in the future!! We believe that PROLINK will bring you more sales profits. For more information of PROLINK IA products (VMAX), please check out PROLINK website at http://www.prolink.com.tw/english/products/ia.htm PixelView PlayTV 500 DVB-T The tiny USB DVB-T Receiver Box! DVD Quality!! 2004-08-17 2004-11-03 2004-10-11

With the 8 pipe superscalar design, supports Microsoft DirectX9 Shader Model 3.0, and the exclusive NVIDIA SLI™multi-GPU ready, PixelView GeForce 6600 GT is the world’s fastest GDDRIII graphics card.

This flash drive/MP3 player/SD, MMC card reader 3 in 1 portable player is a revolutions concept of the portable storage and entertainment. With expendable memory, It is the most valuable player that you could ever found.

Multimedia Product
“PixelView PlayTV400 USB”-The High Speed USB2.0 TV/Capture Box! PixelView PlayTV USB400 USB is a portable TVTuner box which enables your PC / Notebook to capture, record, edit TV programs or Video from devices, such as DVD, VCD, VCR, Video Camcorder, TV Game box and so on. It offers a cost effective solution to enhance the captured video quality via interface of High-Speed USB 2.0. It makes your PC/ Notebook become an advanced digital video recorder.

Multimedia Product
" PixelView PlayTV500 DVB-T "-The portable, DVD Quality USB DVB-T receiver Box! Despite the lead of the DTV series, the high cost will always be the main issue to stop the growth and popularity of the market. The cutting-edge transformed technology, providing the low cost of USB TV receiving Box with MPEG II software decoding, Time-shifting, and Schedule recording functionality.

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