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P u s a t K h i d m a t K e l a n a J a y a – e - n e w s l e t t e r I s s u e # 3 ,
J U L Y 2 0 1 4 WONG CHEN

Letter to the Constituents

Dear Residents of Kelana Jaya,

My office will endeavour to publish a newsletter
once every six months. This is our third newsletter
to you, covering the period of 1
Jan 2014 to 30

June 2014. Much has happened in the last six
months. In the last newsletter, we printed our
2013 year end accounts for all to see. In the
context of the tight budget that we operate our
office, we have to be practical in how we allocate
our limited resources and attention.

My office has three primary functions. The main
focus is to support my Parliamentary work on
national issues, policy debates and law making.
This part of my work is often not known, but we
consistently produce position and policy papers on
economic matters. The second focus is to serve
the constituents in solving their problems, the bulk
of which are welfare cases. The last function is to
engage the community by organising dialogues
and events, and also attending as many functions,
gotong royongs, makans and get-togethers to
meet the rakyat.

In the last six months, my team have been
processing a lot of welfare cases. In Seri Setia,

in particular in the areas of Desa Mentari and Desa
Ria, we have an estimated 1,000 extreme hardcore
poor families and another 10,000 families living on
less than RM1,500 a month. This being the case, I
have decided to cut out all unnecessary expenses
like, “majlis makan,” for festivities and redirect
60% of my allocated budget for welfare. At the
time of this newsletter, we have paid out RM111,
855.40 and processed some 221 individual welfare
cases. These supports are mere short term band
aids. There are long term solutions to urban
poverty; better health and better housing. For the
children, better education. I have written an urban
poverty policy paper on this to the Selangor
government last year but unfortunately it appears
to have fallen on deaf ears. On other Selangor
matters, I have also been critical of the Menteri
Besar’s handling on multiple water related issues,
the Canal City deals, the JAIS and MAIS actions,
and now on Kidex.
On programs, we did three community dialogues
with Hannah Yeoh and two dialogues on my own.
My office also organised a successful breast cancer
screening day for 150 women in Desa Mentari. I
also attended and gave speeches in 73 events in
the last six months. Now I usually prepare my
speech in my mind whilst driving to the next event.
I also participated in 6 gotong royongs. I usually
don’t do weddings but 5 of these were just
1) Letter to the constituents 5)Social Welfare Cases
2) Community projects 6)Meet the new interns
3) Fundraising 7)Member of Parliament and ADUN’s office
4) Exclusive interview
ISSUE 4 July 2014
P u s a t K h i d m a t K e l a n a J a y a – e - n e w s l e t t e r I s s u e # 3 ,
J U L Y 2 0 1 4 WONG CHEN

politically unavoidable. To give proper context to
my weekends, I work every Saturday and
somehow managed to secure a solid 21 Sundays
just for my family in the last 6 months. Whenever I
miss out on time with the family, I try to spend
most non Parliament weekday mornings, working
from home.

In my Parliamentary sitting in March 2014, I took
part as one of the main speakers on the GST
debate. Despite efforts to pressure the
government to abandon and/or reconsider, the
GST looks set to come in force on 1
April 2015. A
lot of you may not see GST as a regressive tax but
in the Malaysian context, the GST is in fact an
additional tax. Most GST implementations usually
have reciprocal tax cuts but in Malaysia, UMNO-BN
intends to raise RM20 billion more from the
rakyat. There is no commitment to a zero tax gain
policy. In other words, come 2016 when GST is in
full flow, each person (from baby to grandma) will
be paying an additional RM900 a year to the
government. So, if you are a family of 4, you will
be paying an additional RM3,600 a year via the
new GST. This is on top of your current direct and
indirect taxes paid.

In the last 6 months, I have continued to focus on
the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA).
During Obama’s visit, I met up with the US Trade
Representative Michael Froman (it was our third
meeting to date). I sensed that the TPPA is picking
up pace in tandem with the geopolitical skirmishes
in the East and South China seas. Be that as it may,
I am still unconvinced that the TPPA will benefit us
economically. I have not seen any real evidence or
solid data that supports a happy outcome for
Malaysian industries. Instead world renowned
economist Ha-Joon Chang warns of the dangers of
free trade to developing and smaller nations that
require protectionism to build internal capabilities
before competition. More alarming is my
assessment that the government and our major
industries and businesses are blissfully unprepared
for it. The coming months up to year end may be
crucial. MPs from both sides may be called to
debate on this all important matter.

Lastly, in this June 2014 Parliamentary sitting, I
took on the Finance Minister/PM Najib on the
matter of the IRB Funds. I exposed the Finance
Minister’s intention to form an investment panel
within the IRB, and this fight made national and
international news. Ultimately, the government
withdrew the bill. This is my single biggest
achievement to date as your Member of
Parliament. This victory will spur me to remain
vigilant and continue to protect the interests of
the rakyat.

To stay in touch with my thoughts, works and
events, you are invited to follow me on facebook

Wong Chen

P u s a t K h i d m a t K e l a n a J a y a – e - n e w s l e t t e r I s s u e # 3 ,
J U L Y 2 0 1 4 WONG CHEN

Wong Chen
Kelana Jaya

E-newsletter #1: August 2013

Editor: Wong Chen
Jane Lazar, Sweeny, Deborah Augustin, Timothy Kang

Telephone: 03-56137919
Fax: 03-56137919
Address: 113B (2
Floor) Jalan SS14/1
47500 Subang Jaya

Wong Chen Kelana Jaya
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Wong Chen Kelana Jaya
Constituency e-newsletter,
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This is a subscription-free publication. Certain sections or pages
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maintain our editorial independence and the views expressed
in this newsletter are purely our own.

My office has a policy of not organizing open
houses for festivals or holidays as we have a
limited budget, and many needy people in our
constituency. Instead, we try our best to use the
allocation on infrastructure repairs and community
events that will offer some kind of health or
educational benefit to the constituents of Kelana

Visit to Science Centre

On the 27
of March my office organized a trip
during the March school holidays to the National
Science Centre for children from the Desa Mentari
low cost flats. A group of 40 children and their
chaperones from Blocks 3 and 5 attended the day
The children had a lot of fun playing in the wading
pool at the Science Centre in the morning before
heading into the Science Centre to explore and
learn. I was able to meet with the children at the
beginning of the day before heading off to
Parliament for the day’s session while my staff
supervised the trip for the rest of the day.

Breast Cancer Screening

We organized our first breast cancer screening on
the 4th of May for Blocks 4, 5 & 6 of Desa Mentari
in collaboration with the Breast Cancer Welfare
Association. Our target was to screen 75 women,
but at the end of the day we screened 150 women.
During the screening two women were found
to have lumps, and we were able to offer
them a follow up screening and check up at
University Hospital.
Community Projects
1: The children in the butterfly park at the Science
2: The group at the Science Centre
P u s a t K h i d m a t K e l a n a J a y a – e - n e w s l e t t e r I s s u e # 3 ,
J U L Y 2 0 1 4 WONG CHEN

Account: Maybank
Name: “Pusat Khidmat P104 Kelana Jaya”
Account Number: 564892109110
Branch: 648928000; Mont Kiara, Kuala
You can send a donation to us via Internet
banking, an ATM, or cheque. Please send an
email to so
that we can verify your donation. We will
respect your privacy.

Desa Ria

We have been looking at different ways to
rejuvenate the Desa Ria low cost flats. The first
phase of our efforts involved the clearing of 98
blocked sewage drains in January and February of
this year. However, this is a short term solution as
the sewage pipes are too small for the density of
the population. The long term solution is to
completely replace the current pipes with bigger

The next phase of our project involves replacing
the metal staircases that are in total disrepair due
to the theft of the metal railings by drug addicts
and general wear and tear. Our office came up
with the solution of using brick to avoid the theft
problem and to ensure the staircases remain
structurally sound. My office is pledging RM 20,
000 towards this project.

4: My volunteers and I with the tender documents for
our staircase project.

I have mentioned before that the budget allocated
by the state government for running my office is
RM 50, 000, while community work is allocated
RM 100, 000. I receive no allocation for developing
my constituency from the Federal Government.
However, it has recently come to light that Barisan
National MPs receive RM 1 million a year to for
developing their constituencies.

To compensate for this deficit, my office conducts
fundraising throughout the year to help with office
costs and our community projects.

For the first quarter of this year we held a movie
fundraiser on the 27
of March. We sold tickets
to the premiere of Captain America: The Winter
Soldier, and raised a total of RM 12, 003.80 from
ticket sales and cash donations.
If you would like to contribute to our office, please
find the details below.

1: YB Hannah Yeoh officiating the breast screening
5: YB Hannah Yeoh, Captain America and Myself at the
P u s a t K h i d m a t K e l a n a J a y a – e - n e w s l e t t e r I s s u e # 3 ,
J U L Y 2 0 1 4 WONG CHEN

An exclusive interview with Wong Chen, Parti
Keadilan Rakyat, Member of Parliament for
Kelana Jaya, Selangor, 20 June 2014.

Q. On 12 June 2014, you broke the story of a new
investment fund proposed via amendments to
the Inland Revenue Board (IRB) Act. What was
this all about?
The current Inland Revenue Board (IRB) Act allows
the IRB to create a fund called the IRB Fund to
make investments. The proposed amendments by
the Finance Minister sought to create an
Investment Panel to replace the IRB’s powers on
all investment matters. If the amendments are
passed, the IRB will give away its investment duty
and powers to this proposed Investment Panel.
In addition, the amendments sought to expand the
Investment Panel’s power to invest in any type of
investment as long as it is approved the Minister of
Finance (currently PM Najib) including IPOs. The
amendments are peculiar because the IRB is a tax
collection agency and not a sovereign wealth fund.
What was even fishier: the amendments propose
that the Minister of Finance be given direct and
indirect powers to appoint 6 out of 7 members of
the Investment Panel. The inclusion of the
Governor of Bank Negara Malaysia (the central
bank) as the 7th member, was a dead give-away
that this fund would not be a small thing but likely
to be a multi-billion Ringgit fund. Why else would
the Governor be called to such duty?
Q. Who did you discuss your concerns about the
amendments to the IRB Act? Who was most
I spoke to a professor of public policy, who is a
world renowned expert in fiscal matters. He was
very surprised to hear about this approach. Within
the party, I consulted with Rafizi Ramli (MP for
Pandan) as this was a matter of national
importance and he has a strong corporate and
management accounting background. I alerted
several Malaysia financial news editors and

international ones including the Financial Times,
Asian Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg. Most
importantly, I contacted the international rating
agencies. I thought they would be interested as it
is a national fiscal issue, where tax revenues could
be tapped at source and the Finance Minister
could pursue more off budget projects. My
immediate suspicion was that this looked like the
proposed formation of the next 1MDB. In fact, the
IPO clause might have seen the IRB Fund also
being used to invest in the soon to be listed 1MDB.

Q. What was Barisan Nasional’s rebuttal or
clarification? Do you accept what they say?

Three days after my press conference, the 2nd
Minister of Finance made a statement, which was
reported in Sin Chew that that no tax revenue
would be used by the Investment Panel. He said
that the IRB Fund would only comprise of moneys
from 1.5% on tax revenues after deducting
salaries, bonuses and operating costs of the IRB.
First, an important digression. This is the first time
the BN government has confirmed what everyone
has been suspicious about, that the IRB is being
incentivized by a commission rate to collect more
tax. According to the Minister, the current
commission rate is 1.5% of total tax collected. We
must remember that 1.5% rate is not law and it is
not fixed by legislation. This rate could vary on
executive orders, up or down.
Let me illustrate the point. This year the IRB
targets to collect RM140 billion in tax. IRB will be
paid a 1.5% commission rate on the collection; i.e.
thus for 2014, the IRB will get RM2.1 billion for its
operations and investments. There are 11,000 IRB
staff. Do the math and you will see that for each
officer, RM190,000 is spent on them for
operational costs, salaries, bonus and investments.
That’s why the IRB officers have been working
extra hard.
Now back to the Minister’s point on the IRB Fund.
The Minister is saying that the IRB Fund will come
purely from the 1.5%. So after deducting salaries
Exclusive Interview
P u s a t K h i d m a t K e l a n a J a y a – e - n e w s l e t t e r I s s u e # 3 ,
J U L Y 2 0 1 4 WONG CHEN

and bonuses and operating costs, the leftover is to
be used for investment. So how big is this leftover?
In 2011, (this is the latest figures publicly available)
the IRB Fund for investments stood at RM255
million, all in fixed deposits with licensed banks.
So what the Minister basically said is that I was
wrong in my allegations and that the Fund will
continue to be relatively small at around RM255
million and that this is not a 1MDB sized type of
fund. That this IRB Fund is merely a small fund for
officers of IRB and thus not a big deal.
What the Minister said is not the full story. When I
first read the bill, I saw the genius of the drafting
for these amendments. Whoever drafted this is
one smart fellow. The current section 23 of the
Act, allows the IRB Fund to increase in size not only
from internally generated commissions alone. So
the IRB Fund is not just about the 1.5%
Furthermore, it states that the IRB Fund could
increase by way of receiving grants from the
Finance Minister. The IRB Fund could also load up
on debt. This really raised the eyebrows of senior
KL bankers that I spoke to. The IRB Fund could also
increase in size by virtue of a catch all phrase of
“all other moneys lawfully received”. In other
words, legally the Minister of Finance can increase
the IRB Fund into the multi-billions.
That is the genius of the amendments, if you slack
off as a lawmaker and just read the actual
amendments, you will miss out the full picture.
The key is to read the whole Act and put in context
these amendments to the current sections. I read
with great alarm that the IRB Fund could be the
next 1MDB by using the existing section 23
combined with the formation of the Investment
Panel and the powers to invest in anything under
the sun.
Look, if the fund is really so small as stated by the
2nd Finance Minister, the Bank Governor will not
get out of bed to attend an Investment Panel
meeting. If the IRB Fund is so small, why go
through the trouble of legislating to create an
Investment Panel, why not just appoint a Chief
Investment Officer in the IRB. Why must the
Finance Minister take the trouble of making sure
he has powers to appointing 6 out of the 7
Investment Panel members? Lastly, if the
amendments are harmless, why did BN withdraw
the bill?
Q. Barisan Nasional has the numbers in Parlimen
Malaysia to vote en bloc to approve any bill or
amendment. Why do you think they held back
from pushing through the amendments to the IRB
Good question. Yes, BN has more than 51%
majority (they have 60%) and could have easily
pushed it through. What stopped the Finance
Minister? Well I spoke to several BN backbenchers
and urged them to be ready to do the right thing if
push comes to shove. I also spoke to the Public
Accounts Committee members and they were very
However Malaysian politics is extremely partisan.
When push comes to shove, even the most
“concerned” backbenchers will vote for the
government. Since I started my term last year, I
have not seen any BN backbenchers ever vote
against the government. No abstention even. Not
even during the vote on the new ISA provisions in
the Prevention of Crime Act (PCA). I remember
vividly how MCA had publicly said that they will
vote against the PCA bill and a few days later, I saw
all of the MCA MPs sheepishly stand to support
the PCA bill. In other words, I don’t think Najib will
P u s a t K h i d m a t K e l a n a J a y a – e - n e w s l e t t e r I s s u e # 3 ,
J U L Y 2 0 1 4 WONG CHEN

give two hoots to what MPs like me think about his
IRB amendments. I also don’t think he cares much
for the views and opinions of his own
So, I suspect the real reason why Najib withdrew
this controversial bill must have something to do
with questions raised by international financiers
and rating agencies. PM Najib has proven to react
and retract positions if it has international
repercussions. This matter was picked up by
Malaysian financial papers as well as international
newswires. So when it comes to the international
finance types, he sits up and listens.
Q. Since you’ve been in Parlimen Malaysia, how
many times do you think Barisan Nasional has
pulled back in this way?
I can remember only once. The Prevention of
Crime Act (PCA) was withdrawn when the heat
was on. It was then reintroduced with superficial
amendments in the following Parliamentary
session and was just steamrolled through. So it is
very important that we remain vigilant on this IRB
bill when Parliament sits again in October. We
need to start a solid campaign in September.

After almost a year of serving as Member of
Parliament in the Kelana Jaya, I have seen the true
depth of urban poverty in my constituency. There
are many factors that cause and compound
poverty, and with my limited resources there is not
much that I can do to make a sustainable impact.
We do what we can and hope that our efforts will
make a difference in the long term. While in the
beginning of my term I decided to discourage
giving out welfare payments, I have since changed
my policy. Our office has been processing an
increasing amount of welfare cases in the last few
months. Here are some of the notable cases.

Malarvilze is a mother of four with another baby
on the way. When we met Malarvilze and her
husband, Ramakrishna, they were surviving on
Ramakrishna’s salary as a lorry driver of RM 40 a
day. They initially came asking if they could get a
grant to start a business. We decided to give them
RM 300, and pass Ramakrishna’s resume to our
contacts in the Sunway Group. This resulted in
Ramakrishna getting a better paying job. One of
our constituents also stepped forward to donate
school bags and stationery for their four children.

Che Su is a mother of three from Desa Mentari.
Her eight year old daughter was scheduled to have
open heart surgery, and her family was having
difficulty bearing the costs. We gave her RM 1,000
to help with the medical costs.

Hemawathi is 28, but has a disability that prevents
her from walking. She must pull herself on all fours
to get around. She is supported by her father who
earns RM 1, 000 as a lorry driver, and this is the
family’s sole source of income. This family received
RM 300 from our allocation.

Malikka is unfortunately a typical case in Desa
Mentari. She previously worked as a factory
worker, and now makes money as a cleaner. Her
children are grown up and do not help her with
her expenses, and since her husband passed away,
she is solely dependent on her income from
cleaning houses. She also has difficulty walking
after breaking her legs in an accident. We gave her
RM 300.

Photos of some of the people we have aided are
Welfare Cases
P u s a t K h i d m a t K e l a n a J a y a – e - n e w s l e t t e r I s s u e # 3 ,
J U L Y 2 0 1 4 WONG CHEN

As promised, we held a dialogue session after the
latest parliamentary session, for anyone in Kelana
Jaya who wanted to attend.
The dialogue was held in the Dewan Serbaguna, in
SS5a/15 Kelana Jaya on the 21
of June.
The dialogue sessions are an opportunity for you
to find out what occurred during the
parliamentary session, what bills or issues were
debated on and to find out from the primary
source where PKR and I stand on issues.
This session we spoke about the Inland Revenue
Board issue, GST and the future of the country
with GST, the Selangor water crisis, the Trans
Pacific Partnership Agreement, and the suspension
YB Surendran from parliament.

Recent Dialogue
P u s a t K h i d m a t K e l a n a J a y a – e - n e w s l e t t e r I s s u e # 3 ,
J U L Y 2 0 1 4 WONG CHEN


Ever wanted to learn more about the
Malaysian Parliamentary process? Curious
to know what your Member of Parliament
does? Join us for an internship. Depending
on your skill set, you can help us with
national policy research, community work,
or both.

You will reserve a small allowance of RM20
a day, and some free lunches. Please send
your CV and cover letter to

Ashley Phun
Ashley recently completed her Pre-University
studies at HELP University and is currently
interning for YB Wong Chen in the hopes of getting
valuable work experience.
Ivor Ng
Ivor Adrian Ng, born in Kuala Lumpur, 1992.
Currently pursuing a law degree in ATC
Interning for YB Wong Chen hoping to serve
Kelana Jaya community
Living life according to Gandhi’s quote -“Be the
change that you wish to see in the world.”
AnnCharlotte Arul
AnnCharlotte is a student at BAC having just
finished her second year of her LLB. She will be
working on research and community development
alongside the other interns

Intern Initiative:
The interns main community outreach project is
with the under privileged kindergarten of Tabika
Perpaduan Pangsapuri Desa in Desa Ria. Their
current plans for the kindergarten involve some
minor renovations inside the classroom and also to
start a library of children’s books for the children.

P u s a t K h i d m a t K e l a n a J a y a – e - n e w s l e t t e r I s s u e # 3 ,
J U L Y 2 0 1 4 WONG CHEN

10: 7
April Debating GST
in Parliament

Recent Events
6: 27
January 2014 - Jom shopping for Chinese New
7: 7th March 2014 - Community Dialogue
8:11th March 2014 - Attending the sentencing of the
late YB Karpal Singh, during his trial for sedition
9: 30th March 2014 – Distributing shopping vouchers to
the needy constituents in the low cost flats of Desa Ria
10: 11th April 2014 - At the late YB Karpal Singh's Wake
11: 19
April 2014 – Pesta Seni Seri Setia
12: 6
May 2014 – Pakatan Rakyat MPs meet
with German ambassdor to discuss Human Rights
P u s a t K h i d m a t K e l a n a J a y a – e - n e w s l e t t e r I s s u e # 3 ,
J U L Y 2 0 1 4 WONG CHEN

Pejabat ADUN Subang Jaya
113A (1
Floor), Jalan SS14/1
47500 Subang Jaya
Tel: 03-56312768

Openin g hours:
Monday - Friday : 10am to 5pm
Tuesday nights : 8pm to10pm

Pejabat ADUN Sri Setia
10-1 Jalan PJS 10/2
Taman Subang Indah
46000 Petaling Jaya
Tel/Fax: 03 56116324

Opening hours:
Monday – Friday 10am – 5pm

Hannah Yeoh Tseow Suan is the Speaker of the Selangor
State Legislative Assembly and State Assemblyman for
Subang Jaya, Selangor.
Hannah won the N31 state seat in the General Elections
2008 as a DAP candidate at the age of 29. She was
elected as the Speaker at the age of 34, making her the
first women and youngest Speaker in Malaysia. She
obtained her Bachelor of Laws from the University of
Tasmania. She is married to Ramachandran M, an IT
entrepreneur. They are now proud parents of two baby
girls Shay Adora Ram and Kayleigh Imani Ram. The
couple is passionate about nation-buildiong and seeks to
inspire Malaysians to play their respective parts in
establishing a righteous nation free from corruption and
racial discrimination.
Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad is the Selangor State Assemblyman
for Seri Setia and deputy Speaker for the Selangor State
Legislative Assembly from PKR. He is also the author of
two books, Moving forward: Malays for the 21
(Mendepani Zaman; Melayu untuk Abad ke-21) and
coming of Age: A decade of Essays 2001-2011.
He achieved his Bachelor or Laws from Kings College in
the University of London.
In the 2008 General Elections, he was elected Selangor
State Assemblyman for Seri Setia as the youngest
candidate in the 12
General Elections.
Nik is married to Imaan, a medical doctor at a
government hospital and they are also proud parents of
their son, Nik IIhan.
P u s a t K h i d m a t K e l a n a J a y a – e - n e w s l e t t e r I s s u e # 3 ,
J U L Y 2 0 1 4 WONG CHEN

Who do we serve?

All residents of Kelana Jaya
Parliamentary Constituency
Subang Jaya, USJ, PJS5 to 10 (Desa
Mentari), Taman Glenmarie, Kelana
Jaya SS3,SS5, SS7, SS8, SS9


What can we do for you?

Raise national issues on your behalf in Parliament
Represent Kelana Jaya on policies and laws and update residents on all national issues

Welfare & Medical:
Apply for welfare aid and increase welfare payments
Apply for medical fee exemptions
Connect with welfare and medical NGOs

Citizenship issues:
Apply for blue IC and issue letter of support
Follow up with JPN and Immigration