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Client software user manual

1the introduction
1.1 the introduction
1.2 system requirements
Operating systemover window 2000
CPUInter Pentium 4 2.4G or higher
Memory512M or more
Monitor : support 1024*768 and the higher resolution
Card : support directdra to accelerate and opening!
1.3 convention
"n order to the simpli#y descri$e in this manual %ill descri$e as #olloing !
client so#tare called so#tare
&'( &') called equipment
*Clic+* means to clic+ the le#t mouse $utton
*dou$le clic+*means to dou$le clic+ the le#t mouse $utton
*(ight clic+* means to clic+ the right mouse $utton

2. software running
2.1 (unning and login
2.11 &ou$le,clic+ -he shortcut to run the sotware
2.12 !ogin

Choose the user name %enter the passord clin+ to enter the program! you can choose
.automatically login%/ so it ill not appear on the indo ne0t time!
2.2 introduction of the Software interface
introduction o# the )o#tare inter#ace
1" system and the button bar
"nter#ace can $e loc+ed% minimi1e the indo to the tas+$ar% close program operation
2 "Tab bar
Contain the #unction o# the di##erent so#tare models
(emote pre2ie (eal,time pre2ie on the de2ice
(emote play$ac+ :3ocal 2ideo play$ac+ and remote play$ac+
(emote settings: Con#iguration setup
3ocal settings: user management%de2ice management%system setup

3" device tree
)ho each equipment and to add management group
4 )Preview Display indow
(eal,time pre2ie o# the de2ice channel
! )PT" control window
4or 5-6 control% ad7ust the picture
# )Preview Control $ar
5re2ie control to stop% draings% sitching screen modes% #ull screen% rotation% etc!
%.&'uipment (anagement
8e#ore using the so#tare to operate% need to add and con#igure the de2ice operation!
Clic+ the ta$ $ar *Con#igure* ta$ to enter con#iguration mode
Clic+ on the le#t na2igation $ar set, *&e2ice Manager* item to enter the de2ice
management inter#ace!
4.1 device tree configuration
9hen the initial run the so#tare% the list de#aults to an empty tree% right,clic+
any $lan+ space can $e a list o# trees to add area!

#i$$ in the name o the regiona$ tit$e %ar and c$ic& O' you can add a tree to the
$ist area( and %ecause o this added area as the )rst area( there is no higher in
the region area( the higher the regiona$ name co$umn %$an&.

*egiona$ add is comp$ete( right+c$ic& the regiona$ nodes may choose to su%+
region( add the operation o e,uipment
*ight+c$ic& the -dd area( pop+up a regiona$ management menu.
.e$ect /-dd a su%+regiona$/ su%+regions can %e added.
.e$ect /0e$ete area/ wi$$ %e removed in a se$ected state area.
1ote2 I you remove the region which contains other regions under(
e,uipment or channe$s( then de$ete operation wi$$ not on$y de$ete the se$ected
area( %ut wi$$ remove a$$ o the regions under this region( e,uipment or
channe$s3 i the region is under the preview channe$ or 4ideo wi$$ %e given a
3.1.1 5anua$$y add the device
*ight+c$ic& the -dd area( pop+up regiona$ management menu( se$ect /-dd
Options 67p$ain
0evice IP address or domain name
device port device port num%er
http port http port num%er
User name 0evice8 *egistered User name
User password 0evice8 *egistered User password
0evice name -dd the device name it can %e customi9ed
channe$ 0evice8 Channe$ num%er( p$ease )$$ in the actua$ situation
In area the name o the host region
c$ic&test connectionto chec& i it cou$d connect to the device
3.1.2 Search the LAN-line equipment
*ight c$ic& In any regiona$ : su%+regiona$( c$ic& the menu item in the search
0evice( search the same !-1+$ine e,uipment
Choose one o themc$ic&add device
modiy the device name in the device inormation menu so that the device
name wi$$ %e not same.
;o )$$ the user name and password ( c$ic& the test connection( ater connect
successu$( choose /O'/ to setup
;hen continue to add other devices.
3.2 modiy the device name
I the group did not contain any node in the tree( then to %e add the node )rst
*ight at the grouping co$umn shows the space group management menu(
c$ic& on /-dd Group/ item

6nter a group name( c$ic& O' to add group.
Group added successu$$y( you can access the $ist in the tree node to the ne7t
se$ected group
.e$ect the channe$ $ist tree node( c$ic& /add/ in the 0evice Con)guration
window to add the se$ected channe$ into the group tree
Group( the channe$ name wi$$ show in the orm o /device name < channe$
name/ ( ater adding a channe$ successu$$y ( $ist tree se$ect the ne7t channe$
o the device node automatica$$y .
.e$ect the device in $ist tree( c$ic& /add/ in the 0evice Con)guration window
cou$d add the a$$ se$ected channe$ into the se$ected group. -ter a device
successu$$y added a$$ the channe$s( then se$ect the ne7t window se$ect $ist o
a device tree node.
Using the device con)guration window %utton %ar /5ove/ and /0own/ %uttons
can %e ad=ust the order o nodes under channe$ grouping.
Pitch up the Channe$s node in the grouping tree( c$ic& /de$ete/ %utton in
0evice Con)guration window to remove se$ect the channe$ rom the group.
-ter removing the channe$( the group tree wi$$ automatica$$y se$ect the ne7t
channe$ in the grouping.
.e$ect the group node o group tree( c$ic& /de$ete/ %utton in 0evice
Con)guration window wi$$ disp$ay the warning message dia$og window. C$ic&
/O'/ to de$ete a$$ the channe$s node under the se$ected group.
1ote2 same channe$ cou$dn>t %e added in one group. ?ut one channe$ can %e
added into di@erent group video
4.1 genera$ $ive mode
4.1.1 dou%$e c$ic& to start preview
C$ic& a p$ayer window( the se$ected window rame wi$$ turn into $ight %$ue.
0ou%$e+c$ic& the device $ist or a grouped channe$( the channe$ wi$$ %e p$ay in
this window.
4.1.2 start :c$ose a$$ preview
Choose device and c$ic& right mouse to choose/open a$$ device channe$/ or a$$
open( and choose /c$ose a$$ device channe$/ or a$$ c$ose.
4.2 $ive se,uence dwe$$
C$ic& the switch or $ive se,uence dwe$$( then %egin to p$ay.
;ime can %e set in the c$ient $oca$ setting+system setting.
4.3 Other unction
0ou%$e c$ic& to magniy2 in the mode o mu$ti image(dou%$e c$ic& p$aying
window can magniy it and return ater dou%$e c$ic& again
Picture mode2can %e switch in mu$ti picture.
#u$$ screen2 hide some part o item and set the p$ay windowma7imi9e.
!ast page(ne7t page2 show a$$ remain window at present state. ;ota$ in A4
preview window( each time wi$$ show 1 page. Bindow ,uantity wi$$ according
to the picture mode.
5.PT control
C.1 PT control2
Contro$ the direction o rotation( speed( Iris( ocus and 9oom.ect misce$$aneous
6. !ecord and pla"#ac$
A.1 c$ient $oca$ record
C$ient record2manua$ c$ient record
In the preview window(c$ic& right mouse %utton to choose/ start save
video/and %egin record.
4ideo save route can %e modiy in $oca$ setting+system setting
A.2 *emote p$ay%ac&
C$ic& /remote p$ay%ac&/ %utton can turn into remote p$ay%ac& interace.
A.2.1 remote video document search
;o choose the needed search device in right e,uipment tree( and choose
channe$(record mode and starting time. c$ic& /search/( the document wi$$ %e
A.2.2 remote )$e p$ay%ac&
4ideo wi$$ %e p$ay automatica$$y.(a$so (it can %e p$ay in anytime point %y
dragging progress %ar
.upport 4channe$ p$ay%ac& in the same time.
A.2.3 screenshot
0uring p$ay%ac&( screenshot can %e done to any window.c$ic&/screenshot/
.creenshot save route can %e set in $oca$ setting+system setting.
A.2.4 ?ac&up
A.2.C p$ay%ac& contro$
can drag(suspend and dou%$e c$ic& to magniy the picture or present
%. remote &ettin'
C$ic&/remote setting/ go into remote setting menu
Choose the device in the right side device tree( dou%$e c$ic& the device to go
into setting interace.
D.1 system inormation setting
D.2 Genera$ setting
D.3 networ& setting
D.4 coding setting
D.C record setting
D.A screen setting
D.D video sense setting
D.E P;F setting
D.G sensor setting
(. local &ettin'
E.1 local &ettin'
!oca$ setting can user management( setting management( system setting
E.2 user management
Can add user(de$ete user and modiy user
E.2. 1 device management
-dd device
E.2.2 system setting