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1. Sushil Koirala become new PM of Nepal. He replace Khil Raj Regmi.

2. Satya Nadella appointed as CEO of Microsoft.

3. R.K.Tiwari appointed new Chairman of CBDT.
4. N Ramachandran was elected President of Indian Olympic Association (IOA).
5. Justice Ashok Kumar Mathur appointed head of 7th Central Pay Commission
6. Harish Rawat appointed 8th Chief Minister of Uttrakhand. He succeeded Vijay B
7. Manoj Vaish took charge as MD & CEO of MCX.
8. Aruna Bahuguna first woman to be appointed chief of National Police Academy.
9. Janet Yellen new Chairperson of Federal Reserve.
10. R. Chandrashekhar appointed the President of NASSCOM (National Association o
f Software and Service Companies)
11. J.N.Chaudhary was appointed as new head of NSG (National Security Guard)
12. Arvind Ranjan was appointed the full time chief of the Central Industrial Se
curity Force (CISF).
13. Ashok Lavasa, appointed the New Civil Aviation Secretary. He succeeded K.N.S
14. M. Veerappa Moily appointed as the new Environment and Forests Minister.
15. Siddarth Birla took charges as President of FICCI.
16. Subrahmanyam Jaishankar became the ambassador of US
17. B. G. Srinivas and U.B. Pravin Rao appointed as presidents of the Infosys.
18. Sushma Singh to take over as new Chief Information Commissioner
She succeed Deepak Sandhu.
19. Harsh Kumar Bhanwala appointed Chairman of National Bank for Agriculture and
Rural Development (NABARD).
20. Usha Sangwan appointed first woman managing director of LIC.
Current News & Analysis
1. AADHAAR card denotes Unique Identity Number
2. PSL Priority sector lending
3. NBFC Non Banking Financial Company
4. WPI Wholesale price Index
5. CPI Consumer Price Index
6. LAF Liquidity adjustment facility
7. NDTL Net Demand and Time Liabilities
8. UCB Urban Cooperative Bank
9. ECS Electronic clearing service
10. FSLRC Financial Sector Legislative Reforms Commission
11. UCIC Unique Customer Identification Code
12. AML Anti Money Laundering
13. CFT Combatting of financial terrorism
14. SME Small and Medium Enterprises
15. CDR Corporate Debt Restructuring
16. CDS Credit Default Swaps
17. IRS Interest Rate Swaps
18. QE3 Quantitative Easing
19. FII Foreign Institutional Investors
20. RRB Regional Rural Banks
21. PDC Post Dated Cheques
22. MSE Micro and Small Enterprises
23. DCCO Date of commencement of commercial operations
24. CRAR Capital to Risk weighted assets ratio
25. IBL Inter bank liability
26. GDS Gold deposit scheme
27. CAD Current account deficit
28. ECB European Central Bank
29. MFIN Micro Finance Institutions Network
30. IRDA Insurance Regulatory Development Authority
31. CRMPG Counterparty Risk Management Policy Group
32. HTM Held to maturity
33. SLR Statutory Liquidity Ratio
34. BC Business correspondents
35. BF Business facilitators
36. DSA Direct selling agents
37. DMA Direct marketing agents
38. DRA Debt Recovery agents
39. ELA Emergency Liquidity assistance
40. BOP Balance of payments
41. APBS AADHAAR payment bridge system
42. FDI Foreign direct investment
43. M3 Money supply
44. MSF Marginal standing facility
45. FFA Forward freight agreements
46. AD Authorised dealer
47. BIS Bank for international settlements
48. BR act Banking Regulation act
49. MCX Multi commodity exchange
50. PSB Public sector banks
1885: Formation of Indian National Congress
1905: Partition of Bengal by Lord Curzon
1906: Muslim League was formed at Dacca
1911: Partition of Bengal was cancelled by Lord Hardinge
1911: India's Capital was Shifted from Calcutta to Delhi
1917: Gandhijis Champaran campaign launched
1919: Jallianwala Bagh Massacre
1919: Khilafat Movement
1924: Communist Party of India was formed
1929: Poorna Swaraj resolution at Lahore session
1930: Gandhijis Dandi March
1932: Third Round Table Conference
1937: Provincial Autonomy
1942: Quit India Movement
1945: Trial of INA at Red Fort
1946: British Cabinet Mission visited India
1948: Death of Mahatma Gandhi
1950: India becomes a Republic
LLP : Limited Liability Partnership
HDI : Human Development Index
MAT : Minimum Alternative Tax
MFI : Micro Finance Institution
MFN : Most favoured Nation
MNC : Multinational Company
MSP : Minimum Support Price
MOU : Memorandum Of Understanding
NAV : Net Asset Value
NCD : Non Convertable Debuntures
NGO : Non-Government Organisation
NRC : Non Recurring Cost
NRI : Non-Resident Indian
FSDC : Financial Stability Development Counsil
FATF : Financial Action Test Force
FSB : Financed Stability Board
FDI : Foreign Direct Investments
FII : Foreign Institutional Investers
FEMA : Foreign Exchange Management Act
FIPB : Foreign Investment Promotion Board
FPI : Fixed Price Incentive
FPO : Follow on Public Offer
FTA : Free Trade Agreement
FCCB : Foreign Currency Convertable Bonds
FRBM Act : Fiscal Responsibility And Budget Management Act
GDP : Gross Domestic Product
GDR : Global Depository Receipt
GNP : Gross National Product
GST : Goods and Service Tax
IBRD : International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
ICRA : Indian Credit Rating Agency
IPO : Initial Public Offer
IPR : Intellectual Property Rights
IRDA : Insurance Regulatory Development Authority
JSC : Joint Stock Company
NSE : National Stock Exchange
NSSO : National Sample Survey Organisation
PPP : Purchasing Power Parity & Public Priveate Partnership
PSU : Public Sector Undertakings
QIB : Qualified Institutional Borrower
SEBI : Securities and Exchange Board of India
1. Who was the youngest President of the USA?
Ans. Theodore Roosevelt
2. How many legs do butterflies have?
Ans. 6 Legs & 2 Pair of Wings
3. Who invented the Nintendo Wii?
Ans. Kashi Kabushiki
4. What year does the Nintendo Wii come out?
Ans. Late 2006
5. Who invented the Light Bulb?
Ans. Thomas Edison
6. Who invented the washing machine?
Ans. James King
7. Who invented the first electric washing machine?
Ans. Alva Fisher
8. Who invented the safety pin?
Ans. Walter Hunt
9. Who invented the Vacuum Cleaner?
Ans. Hubert Booth
10. Who won the Football World Cup in 2006?
Ans. Italy