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Ramla Hussain Al Wanni

Personal Details
• University: Arab Open University - Bahrain Branch
• Collage: Business Administration Collage (Systems)
• Contact No. : 17418888
Educational Qualification
• Business Administration Office Management , University Of Bahrain
• Training Executive Secretary , Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs
• Dealing With People , Capital Institute
• Mss Office , Delmon Academy
• Supervisors Training, Bahrain Training Institutes.
• Secondary School Certificate, Madinat Hamad Secondary Girl School

Working Experiences
As I study a Business Administration Office Management and from these
-:working years I have experience and knowledge in following

 Knowledge on Ms Office.
 Responsibility Staff relationship of the job.
 Excellent Communication Skills.
 Ability to lead a team.
 Convince Skills.
 Office Automation Software
 Enhance Office Productivity.
Feb, 2007 up to date, Ministry of Health as a (Medical Record
Duties & Responsibilities: -
• In addition usual day to day Medical Record Appointment
working such as making appointments and arranging days to Do
daily doctors Hours as the schedule and monthly outpatient
statistics with HC statistics data Entry etc.
• Analyzing data in the processing for all people registration
in Hamad Town health Center by easy program in the PC we
maker's to help as in Maintains and retrieving Documents
with print out detail's for family file in the section ( INDEX )

July 2005 , Executive Secretary - B.S.L.I Bahrain Switch Gear &

Lighting Industries

Duties & Responsibilities: -

• Self correspondence.
• Sending quotations/inquiries.
• Sending & receiving faxes and forwarding them to the concerned
• Making Hotel reservations for customers and clients.
• Making Export Orders and follow up for the same.
Sending & receiving E-mail through Outlook Express.
• Independently managing all sorts of secretarial jobs.
• Filing all records and important documents.
• In addition to all above usual day to day secretarial work such
as transferring calls, making appointments and arranging meetings

Fully capable of using Internet.
Analyzing data.
How did I know AOU?
I know AOU from the web site which in internet and from
chatting colleagues about it.

Reason for choosing AOU

I prefer to choose Open System of Education However, (AOU) is
specifically made for students whom work, or have activities or
even study in other universities. In fact study a Business
Administration Office Management in University Of Bahrain but I
.need to improve my self

AOU environment
ACS save the time and the efforts to search about unknown
information's which belong to university such as home works,
grads, schedules of lectures and tests and summaries of the
subjects. I face some difficulties and ACS makes all the difficulties
easy. In addition, through it and letters speak with the doctor of the
subject about any question and enquiry so immediately she
answers me. Also, if I am absent of any day, I could discuss the
thoughts, and point of view around the lectures. Many students
could not all public because their works. In exams time we see them
in high mood and great situation because ASC. For that, they
interested in education system. This system, make learning easier
.and more comfortable than the system of other colleges