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Bringing Your MEMS to Market

MEMS Optical Components

MEMS for Optical and RF/Wireless Applications

Overview The Power of MEMS

Micralyne is a world leader in • MEMS technology makes optical components smaller, faster and less expensive.
developing and manufacturing • MEMS
will unleash the potential of all optical communications networks.
MEMS optical components. • MEMS
are well suited for all optical switch systems and other components such
as variable optical attenuators, transceivers and receivers.
MEMS Optical Switch Systems
Silicon Optical Bench Systems
(SiOBs) • Has a proven track record in developing
and manufacturing MEMS-based
Custom Microlenses
components for customers in the optical
Custom Product Development communications industry.
• Serves as an ISO 9001:2000 registered
manufacturer for market leading and
emerging optical component companies.

Fabricating Optical
MEMS Components

OEM MEMS Product Development & Manufacturing

Micralyne offers MEMS product and process development, prototype
manufacturing, and OEM volume manufacturing from a single location for market
leading and emerging optical component companies.

Optical MEMS Mirror Array ETDS312_Rev030-0907_OpticalMEMS
Bringing Your MEMS to Market

MEMS Optical Components

MEMS for Optical and RF/Wireless Applications

About Micralyne Silicon Optical Bench Systems

Micralyne is a world leading Micralyne custom designs and manufactures application-specific Silicon Optical
independent MEMS foundry. Bench (SiOB) Systems that serve as a platform for highly integrated optical
From its state-of-the-art components. Benefits include:
50,000 ft2 manufacturing
facility, Micralyne develops and • Greater sub-component integration capabilities
manufactures MEMS-based • Passive alignment and automated assembly
components in volume. • Scalable production / lower per unit manufacturing costs
Micralyne is a profitable and • Greater versatility for integrating into existing product platforms
growing company located in • Enhanced testing and measurement capabilities
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
MEMS Optical Components
• Micralyne develops a wide range of MEMS optical and RF wireless components
with leading customers in the telecommunications industry.
• Micralyne develops and manufactures components to a client’s specific design
and requirements.
• Products under development include optical switch systems, variable optical
attenuators, custom microlenses and transceivers/receivers.

MEMS Optical Mirror

Thin Film Metallization Systems
For More Information... • Micralyne offers a range of custom and standard thin film metallization systems
for a variety of substrates.
Micralyne Inc. • Products include laser diode submounts as well as chip carriers for other active
1911 – 94 Street components.
Edmonton, Alberta • Micralyne continues to add enhanced capabilities including integrated TaN
Canada T6N 1E6 power resistors, capacitors, inductors and other system functionality. Also ask
about Micralyne’s patented AuSn solder plating technology.
Tel: +1.780.431.4400
Fax: +1.780.431.4422