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Republic of the Philippines

Department of Education
Region VIII (Eastern Visayas)
Division of Leyte
Conalum Elementary School

Narrative on Candidates Performance

Quality teaching results to quality learning, an idyllic account which is much affected by
the learning environment, the type of school, the teachers outlooks and the nature of the
community stakeholders but on top of it, it depends to the leadership and management of the
school head.
The first instance I came into and observed the Conalum Elementary School last August
2010, there was only one thing which caught my attention, the physical environment. The school
ground is huge but inappropriately landscaped. The vicinity lacked flowering and foliage plants.
The Home Economics building which was vacated since 2006 needed a lot of repair. There was
no ceiling. The roofs were full of holes and the window jams and wooden blades were
disintegrating. The schools stage required some slight fixations, too. It was so surprisingly
distressing to know that the parents attitudes were not as supportive as expected. But
eventually, I was able to set out with them and got their support and participation in every
activity the school had by giving rewards and raffle promo in every quarters General PTA
Meeting. Other than this, GPTA was also conducted to give updates and advocate the DepEds
programs and projects. I could say that I am a person with good public relations for I have
tapped community stakeholders who sponsored bigger amount for the construction of the stage
ceiling and procured the grass cutter with motor.
For the last two years, I am proud to say that our schools academic performances
soared high. We got the first rank in the district for obtaining the highest score 93.91% in the
National Achievement Test in Grade VI this year. Last years NAT MPS was also very good.
(Kindly refer to the annexes). In spite of the pupils poverty and non-attendances which are the
main problems of this school, I have zeroed out the non-readers and non-numerates. Various
strategies and interventions were employed such as having RRE activities, daily SRT, oral
recitations of the basic mathematical facts, involving pupils in all schools activities, regular
observation of classes, regular recognition of achievers, giving of incentives, supplementary
feeding, regular monitoring pupilsand teachers attendance, signing of parents contract and
implementing school rules and regulations.
In service trainings, were conducted for teacher to upgrade their teaching competence.
Teachers were also advised to pursue post-graduate courses for their professional growth and
development. As a matter of fact, five teachers were promoted to the next higher position this
year and the last school year.

District Supervisor