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Right vertebral artery RighI common

carotid artery
Righi subclavian
RighI sub cl avian artery
Lett su bela
vlan artery
Righi axillary
r------Right brachial
Right internal
I horae ic artery
Right cephalic
+!! vein
Right axillary
Right median----!-Il---;;!;
cubital vein
Right cephalic
RighI super"icial palmar arch
RighI digilal arteries
Figure 5.40 #he main arteries o" the right arm$ Figure 5.41 #he main veins o" the right arm$ %ar& blue indicates
deep veins$
The axillary artery is a continuation of the subclavian
artery and lies in the axilla. The first part lies deeply; then
Venous return from the upper limb
The veins of the upper limb are divided into two groups:
deep and superficial veins (Fig. 5.4!.
The deep veins follows the course of the arteries and
have the same names:
to become the brachial artery.
a continuation of the axillary
it runs more superficially
The brachial artery is
artery. It runs down the medial aspect of the upper arm"
passes to the front of the elbow and extends to about
em below the #oint" where it divides into radial and
ulnar arteries.
The radial artery passes down the radial or lateral side
of the forearm to the wrist. $ust above the wrist it lies
superficially and can be felt in front of the radius" where
the radial pulse is palpable. The artery then passes
between the first and second metacarpal bones and
enters the palm of the hand.
palmar metacarpal veins
deep palmar venous arch
ulnar and radial veins
brachial vein
axillary vein
subclavian vein.
The superficial veins begin in the hand and consist of
the following:
The ulnar artery runs downwards on the
medial aspect of the forearm to cross the wrist
into the hand.
ulnar or
and pass
cephalic vein
basilic vein
median vein
median cubital vein.
The cephalic vein begins at the bac& of the hand
collects blood from a complex of superficial
There are anastomoses between the radial and ulnar
arteries" called the deep and superficial palmar arches, from
which palmar metacarpal and palmar digital arteries arise to
supply the structures in the hand and fingers.
'ranches from the axillary" brachial" radial and ulnar
arteries supply all the structures in the upper limb.
many of which can be easily seen. It then winds
the radial side to the anterior aspect of the forearm.