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(Hapini Binti abdull wahab) PBM 1

When first get the assignment, we discuses into group to read the question
that are given to us. Then we learn more about this assignment when the lecture
gives more information, how to do this coursework. Then in group we discus about
the topics. After we discus, we divide the first task to everyone in group. Everybody
must do one topic to search and print out two most relevant articles on each of the
following given. I got to find teaching and learning resources for my topic! it is
multiplication. Everyone must find their articles base on topics they got. After
search the suitable article about the topic multiplication, I must do a mind map,
graphics organi"er or flows chart. I got many articles in internet and also in books
from library. It seems hard to find the book about multiplication in library because it
doesn!t have many books about teaching and learning resources for the
After that we need to prepare a scope and sequence chart, and set of diagnostic
question for the multiplication. We got multiplication for year #. We all together in
group prepare the diagnostic question base on the curriculum specification for
multiplication year #. All question about multiplication we prepare and after that we
check it to lecturer for the correction. $any times we recheck the question to
lecturer to get the good and suitable question. We all group must do the
coursework at %ekolah &endah Taman $idah '. The first visit to the %chool at
Taman $idah ', we must administer the diagnostic question to pupils and prepare
a diagnostic profile for the particular topics for our group of pupils.
When came back from school we must select a learning outcome from the topics,
multiplication year #. (rom the diagnostic question, we choose learning outcome
recall rapidly the multiplication facts of ), *, +, and ,! times! table. It is because our
pupils can!t do the multiplication question for this part. I saw it very difficult to our
pupil finish the questions and they take a long time for answer the question. Even I
and other teacher teach them, they also can!t get it easily.
Then I and my group sit and we discus for the ne-t plan for task. (rom the articles
.step i and ii/, I and my group must prepare )0 minutes lesson plan to teach the
selected learning outcome that we have choose. Then we visit again to school
Taman $idah ' to lectures and tutorial the pupils about multiplication using the
lesson plan that we have prepare. The pupils can!t understand how to doing recall
rapidly the multiplication facts of ), *, +, and , times table. %o we do the lesson
plan and teach them to understand about the topics clearly.
At the %ekolah &endah Taman $idah ', for the second visit we teach pupils in
group about recall rapidly the multiplication facts of ), *, +, and , times table. We
follow the lesson plan that we prepare and each member of y group take turn to
carry out the teaching, I and my group were handle the pupils in the class. They
are five pupils in my group. In the lesson plan we do many an activity such as
poison bo-!, flash card, multiplication table, and worksheet.
When the lesson, I teach the pupils in my group in stage 1 and 2, it was an
activities and closer. In stage 1 I teach them how to get a multiplication when the
products are given. I seem they very quit e-cited about this lesson, because they
can!t do this question very well. They can!t remember the multiplication facts for ),
*, +, and ,. 3ecause of that problem they can!t answer the question very well.
$aybe I have a weakness to teach them. I have quit nervures to teach them in
face to face. When I teach, I seem like they don!t rely understand what I talking
about. 3ut I feel very confident when I teach individual lesson about this topics.
They give more attention when I teach them one by one. I use a flash card to test
them about the multiplication and it not gives a good result. They take a long time
to answer the multiplication, e-cept one pupil in my group. %he is %ooriya, she can
answer all the multiplication very well, and very intelligent in my group pupils. %he
can remember the all multiplication, when their friends do the question she had
finished very fast. And all the answer is correct. 4thers pupils in group, they not
rely well in multiplication. They must learn very hard to remember multiplication5 I
gave them multiplication table to remember it.
Sooriya Hanis Ika Evan Aliea
When teaching, I can see they rely e-cited to do an activity. When do the
worksheet, they give the negative mood. I think they like to learn in activity and do
something interesting. That why in the end of our lesson plan we do an activity, it
was poison bo-!. In the poison bo- I put all the multiplication facts ), *, +, and ,.
When the music stops to each of the pupils, they must take one paper roll in bo-
and open the question. Then they must to answer the right answer, if not they must
stand up.
The third visit to %ekolah &endah Taman $idah ', I and my group must do a test
after teach them using lesson plan. Test was given to them and, they must answer
the test correctly. The test was about multiplication and all topics that I and my
group teach them at the second visit. After finish the test, we have a time to doing
some activity for them. We do a poison bo-! again because they like to play it. And
I saw they rely en6oy and happy when learning with music and like doing a
(rom this coursework, I can see many part of this must have improvement. %uch
as, in lesson planning we must prepare more activity fir them and less give them
worksheet. The most activity they like to do was poison bo-!. 3ut we don!t have
time to doing this game. They like to hear song also5 I think we should use a song
to teach them multiplication. And I believe, when we teach them using suitable
methods, they can learn multiplication very faster, and it can be easy for them to do
all about the multiplication.
The conclusion, I have to thank you for all who have support me to do this
coursework very well. (or my friends and my entire group member, they do very
best all give a good cooperative for doing the coursework. 7astly, I and my group
already give a very much time to this coursework, to make sure this coursework in
the write way. And I hope we have done a very good team work to make our
coursework the best.
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