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1) Introduction

Analyzing entire universities of the Sri Lanka, there are ample numbers of issues problem
can be identified. Some of them are unique to those universities. Some of them are
emerging to the present situations. Also many problems are just about to start. These
issues and problems made the huge differences in local university culture.

When we consider the Sabaragamuwa University, the unique problem is water problem.
The administration of the university take a lot of methods to solve this problem but still it
fails. Also there are hostel problems. Likewise there are lots of problems in this

One of the major problems of this university is lack of relationship with external parties
like government, professional educational centers and private sector organizations. When
university wants to communicate with external parties as university and as community we
face a lot of problems. Because of they persuade in different way of university culture.

In analyzing this strategic issue we can see it from different different perspective. They
are how government involves with this university system, in what way they can
contribute to us, and what are the strategies that we can use, how we involve with this
professional bodies, what are the current strategies and what the new strategies to be
improved are.

Final part is how private sector involve with this university culture, what are the
strategies we use in with this companies and how maximize the contribution of these
companies with new strategies. Analyzing this problem we got ideas from different
different people, lectures, non academic staff and students to enrich this report.

2) Lack of relationship between university and Government,
Educational Institute and Private sector

Sabaragamuwa University is still in the kneeling stage when comparing with other
universities in Sri Lanka. As we know still there are only about 2500 students. This is the
vision and mission of the Sabaragamuwa University.


To be an internationally acclaimed centre of excellence in higher learning producing

dynamic leaders and nation builders to guide the destiny of Sri Lanka.


Our mission is to search for and disseminate knowledge, promote learning, research and
training to produce men and women proficient in their respective disciplines possessing
practical skills and positive attitudes enabling them to contribute towards the manpower
requirements of the nation.

The university will be a centre of excellence for research and development for Sri Lanka
in general and the Sabaragamuwa Province in Sri Lanka.

Lack of relationship between;

• Government

• Private institute

• Educational institute

This relationship is important to a university in two aspects,

1. Educational perspective

2. Employment perspective

2.1 Educational Perspective

In educational perspective to have a relationship between other parties is important

 To do research regarding the subject matters

 International symposiums

 Workshops etc. Are directly involving with the external parties specially the
relationship with other universities, professional bodies, government institutes and
other related parties.

 Getting assistance for the researches

The main educational area of university is the researches. When do a research, students
and the lectures happen to deal with expertise parties. That is how

 Data collection

 Identify the research area

 Appoint supervisors

 To get technical & financial support

 Publication and promotion activities

If there is no that types of relationship these things cannot be done correctly. Researchers
are very important in different ways it is compulsory to do research for students and the
outcome of research is very useful for their development.

• Acquiring the knowledge for qualified persons

As university students we are looking for gather universal knowledge from every
industry, every sector. There for it is essential to acquire experienced, Professionals
outside the university. The knowledge they provide to the undergraduates create huge
access to the business field. When we have workshops, seminars they guide us to visit
their organizations and take the practical experience.

• To select training opportunities

The industrial training is essential to complete the degree programs (except some degrees
in faculty of social science and language) in our university. The university seek this
opportunities from company and other recognized organizations annually and it has huge
competition from other universities as well.

• Post graduate scholarships

When graduates are passed out from the university the opportunities for further
education to foreign countries is not enough. That creates a huge threat to higher
education of graduates.

• The relationship with professional bodies

It is a very essential to a have mutual relationship with professional bodies (ICASL,

CIMA, CMA, AAT, IPM, IBSL, NIBM, ACCA, etc) because we have theoretical
knowledge but they have professional experience and practical knowledge. So if we can
joint and work together enhance our subject development professional scenarios with the
university education.

2.2 Employment perspective

This fact should be analysis comparing with other universities which have established in
Colombo and other suburb areas. The reason is most of privet and public organizations
go for their nearest universities to find out necessary employee for their organizations.

They do not ready to waste their time to go remote areas, so we get fewer chances when
comparing others. Then smooth relationship with those external parties will help us to go
for better opportunities.

Here we have identified that the lack of relation between government and the University
is a major issue that We a experiencing. There are number of Government departments,
Ministries, and other institutions that we have to directly link, specially the ministry of
higher education, Central bank, Share market, Securities and Exchange commission,
Technical collages, relevant ministries to Agricultural sector, Travel and Tourism sector,
Survey department, etc. There should be a close and mutual relationship with these

The environment that we are trying to experience through the five faculties of the
Sabaragamuwa University is similar to the government and private institutions
environment. Because of we are studying and researching on those working environment
and practical scenarios that prevailing in that organizations.

The private sector is large field which consist with number of organization, but in here
we consider only the educational institution and business organization which directly
related to the available degree program under the five faculties. Professional bodies (like
ICASL, CIMA, AAT, IPM, IBSL, ACCA, CIMA CIM, etc), BIT, Royal Institute,
Acquinas, British Council are some example for private educational institutions, and the
business sector should be our main target.

According to our experience, we have identified that there no sufficient resources to full
fill the requirements of the students.

On the other hand the prevailing resources are not effectively and efficiently utilized by
university. Here we are going to identify the one of the major issue which is badly
affected to the university and to do a better strategic plan to overcome the issue.

Here we have the ability of using several analytical tools to identify these issues clearly.



• Porter Five Forces model

• Value Chain

Here our main attention goes for the SWOT analysis within internal Environment. So we
are going to analyze strengths and weaknesses of the university.


 Availability of good learning environment

 Most of the degree programs are available in English Medium

 highly qualified and talented lecture panel

 Students are represent the whole country

 Graduates of the university spread around the country.

 Several specialized degree programs can available only in our university.

 Student’s unity towards excellence.


 Far away from the capital

 Complex administrative structure

 Welfare facilities are not adequate for students

 Course syllabuses are not going with market requirements.

 Lack of relationship with the industry

3.Present situation and present strategies

When come to the present strategies that have used for build and maintenance
relationships between university and external institutes (government and private institute,
specially educational and business sector) is somewhat acceptable than previous
strategies. Field visits organize by the every faculty and every department, workshops
organized by the every association, exhibition organizes by the students and etc is helping
to enhance these relationships.

Some time students visit the organizations and do their research/assignments relevant to
some strategic issues that the company experiencing as huge problem to the survival or
development of the company. At the same time student go and fulfill their practical
training requirement with in short time period and if they perform in well manner
thereafter they can get appointment as a permanent employees. Then they can arrange
some opportunities for their junior students. This is the way that the relationships are
existing between the external institutions and the University.

The reasons to the failure of these strategies are,

 The existing relationship are not properly maintenance

 There is no proper way/methods to build new relationships

 The distances between the university and the external institutions

 It is difficult to make and maintain connection/link between the companies and

the university

 Some organization have negative attitude towards the local universities’ students

 Some time student have fear to go and start his job because of lack of training and

 Students’ ambition and organizations’ ambition are not match with each other

 The relationship of university may not sustainable.


Our educational system basically has been centralized towards to the government.
Because in Sri Lankan contest it has been protect the rights of the free education. When
considering higher education in Sri Lanka considerable contribution is supplied by the
government. Universities also include higher education institutes. Therefore universities
are under the government authority.

However there should be well defined relationship in between universities and the
government. Current relationship between above parties can be seen but not almost
strength relationship this strength relationship should be build and establish in a formal
way. Currently there is a relationship between the government and the Sabaragamuwa
University. As a university we have to get plenty of advantages such as workshops,
training opportunities, scholarships, field visit, foreign educational tours and sports

Under the government we hope to consider the following institute

1. Central bank

2. CSE

3. Senses and statistic department

4. Agricultural department

5. Technological department

6. Wealth foods and nutrition department

Central Bank

Central bank is a bank which has the authority to control all the financial institution in Sri
Lanka. It has power to create rules, Imposing regulation and amend them. Which act as
the bank of the banker?

Among the five faculties in the Sabaragamuwa university three faculties such as
Management Studies, Agricultural sciences and applied science faculties regularly use
financial information for their study purpose. Therefore timely updated financial
information needed.

This information may include Quartile or monthly financial information

• Foreign exchange rates

• Foreign assets

• Gold reserves

• Inflation rates

“Satahana” is one of magazine which issued by the central bank every month including
with recent economic and financial information. And also which include the latest
decision taken by the central bank or government. As an undergraduate this type of
magazine is very important. But in our library there is no any “Satahana” magazine
available to the students. To have this type of statements there should be well organized
relationship between above parties.

After, when considering annual reports which are most important for the all of the
university students. Almost all of the faculties use annual reports issued by the central
bank. To have these annual reports for the university now one of method is following.
But according to that procedure, to have reports considerable time is waste. The main
reason for that is some delays are occurred from the central bank. To overcome above
delays we have to have close relationship.


Followers of the financial management degree program as well as business management

degree program use financial information. It is essential fact for their educational
purpose. Financial information regarding company share prices, portfolios and share
brokers are necessary to them. Information about indexes such as all share price index,
Milanka Price Index is also most important for the students.

Information center has established in Sabaragamuwa University with combining CMIC.

Even though we have an information centre we cannot have latest information regarding
what they need. It has not updated since k31st July 2008. Through the CMIC information
center actually we have relationship with CSE. But that relationship is not enough to our
purpose. Before opening CMIC information center we had not this much of close
relationship with CSE. After establishing CMIC information center now we have
somewhat close relationship with CSE than before. Regarding the present strategy
following by the CMIC information center we can satisfy. But many mistake there.

Main objective to establishing CMIC information center in Sabaragamuwa University is

get the more access to the CMIC website and distribute their information to the users.
According to the collected information within the time period of one month as soon as
which the CMIC information center is opened 22000 users had entered to the CMIC
website. But in the recent month it has reduced to 10000 users. The main reason for this
decrease is not having updated information in their site.

To have training opportunities from the CSE Sabaragamuwa university has good
relationship. Each and every year they are offering some training opportunities to us.
When organizing field visit CSE highly concern regarding our university. Therefore
regarding present strategies following Sabaragamuwa University to keep the relationship
between CSE and the university can be satisfied.

Senses and Statistical Department

Like central bank censes and statistical department is also providing historical data and
information which need to have economic decisions. Both the central bank and scenes are
and statistical department preparing GDP, NDP so on. However what was the calculating
method it will supple the bases for central bank to prepare annual reports.

It is clear who are the information prepared and publish which are necessity
undergraduates to their educational purposes. Because university is a place this should
hold relationship with these kinds of financial important institutes. Accorded to the
collected information there is no relationship between the scenes and statistic department
and Sabaragamuwa University.

3.2. Educational Sector

When we come to present scenario we met nearly 15 government universities and some
other private universities. We can see that many of those universities have been
specialized in different degree programs. As a example university of Peradeniya has been
specialized in medical, engineering and arts, university of Jayawardhanapura has been
specialized in management. As a result of that specialized person with regarding those
subjects are also centralized to those universities. In addition to that modern facilities are
also there.

So, it is very important to keep a better relationship with those government and private
universities. That is true; there must be a strong relationship. So here let’s try to
understand the current situation of the relationship by considering our management
faculty. Actually at the present situation we cannot see a strong relationship. We relate
with them only at several situations. Actually it is at just an actual relationship.

• When we want to lecture for a special subject we make a formal relationship with
them and get a visiting lecture.

Due to long distance from Colombo to our university we have to face lot of difficulties
like lack of getting the service from talented resource person. Because, they are busy and
they cannot waste there valuable time on the way. So above mention type of formal
relationship is not sufficient to get a service from that type of resource person. There
should be a different relationship.

• Personal relationship with student council and students.

Universities are the place where do universal activities. Students tend to do exhibitions,
workshops, researches and many more extracurricular activities. So always they need the
help and assistance from other universities. But university administration does not assist
them to them to make relationship. Therefore, students have to make their own individual
relationship through their personal relationship. But these are not durable. Because, that
relationship are vanished with their passed out. So here also we cannot see a favorable

• Administrative relationship

When considering university administration, the main administration authority is

university grant commission (UGC). It is the place where take top level decision which
are affected to all university system. So representatives from all the government
universities are gathered and take participative decision while improving their
relationship. But unfortunately this relationship also become formal and they fulfill then
as considering their jobs. So they do not get their maximum contribution. Therefore this
cannot be identified as a batter strategy to build our relationship with other universities.

Actually this is a present situation of the relationship under prevailing strategies. They
not strong enough to continue a type of relationship whish we hope.

Therefore, as creative and outstanding university students we do these suggestion for
better relationship with other universities.

3.2. Professional relationship between university and professional institutes

When we considering the professional institute in Sri Lanka we can nominate institute
such as CMA, ICASL,IPM,AAT,CIMA,CIMACCA etc. so there should be close
relationship between those bodies and university and try to get the advantages of the

As a university we try to find new knowledge. Introduce new theories and researches
professional bodies are practice and implement this knowledge. Our degree programs are
aimed to enter business world. Therefore we need to have efficient and effective
relationships with professional bodies.

We can’t see formal relationship with professional bodies and university. The existing
relationship is build occasionally as required. When students or lecturers want to connect
with them for research or study most of time they have to go for personal contact with
them. Because of this reason they are not giving proper support as required as well as
student or lecture may not be able to meet resource persons as required.

Because lack of relationships professional exams and university exams are comes in same
time period (charted foundation and intermediate in middle of March, in university also
same). There are number of university students who follow professional courses. This
scenario is negatively affected for those students. This is also can be adjust if we have
good relationship.

Not only that we are able to get resource person from professional bodies if we have
formal relationship. When they have practical and professional experiences we could be
able to get knowledge well.

If we have such relationship with professional bodies educationally that helps us greatly.
When we have same subjects in professional courses and degree program student can get
exemption of subjects. University members can directly meet those resource persons and
do their research and studies easily.

Some professional bodies give scholarships and opportunities to study in abroad. This
opportunity can easily get if we have formal relationship. When we revise or update
courses we can get practical ideas from them as well as when new knowledge creates we
can practice those with professional bodies.

3.4 Private sector

When we consider the business sector it is very important to the students who are in the
faculty of management studies, because after completing the have to start their carrier
with this field and also even to complete their degree they have to complete industrial
training. So if the university has contacts with this field it will help full to those students.

Private business sector play a major role in our economy. When we consider the
university final results is making graduates. After the graduation they will go to either
private sector or government sector. So these should have closed relationship between the
university and the private sector. It is necessary to identify the trends and opportunities
derive from the private sector.

As university there is much kind of relationships. One of that is to obtain training

opportunities for undergraduates. The other one is arrange field visit to get practical

When consider the present strategy of selecting training opportunities for the final year
students of the university, there is no proper method selecting training quota for students.
There is no general system for applying training opportunities. The people who are
coordinate should have the relationships or contacts to get training opportunities for
students. Currently they take chances from senior students, personal connections and
present employees.

Also arranging field visit with the companies there is no particular system to coordinate
the companies. Some lecturers have contacts with few people and arrange few sessions
with them rather than offering whatever the requirement the students need. Sometimes
students don’t know what they want and companies don’t know what they should offer.
So the entire practical experience in vain.

The next relationship with private sector is when students doing assignments with
practical observations of the organizations, the university don’t have the set of
organization to contact with them for get information. The students have to contact with
personally to visit the organization.

Lack of relationship with the private sector to get the scholarship for students to go
abroad for further education is another problem. As we consider the Sabaragamuwa
University, scholarships are received occasionally for students to go there and have
further education except some special cases. There is a only one system to go students
abroad is highest mark taker give opportunity to visit the particular country.

The final thin is when students of the university organizing different functions there is a
lack of sponsoring organizations when compare to the other universities. That is, if
Peradeniya University or Moratuwa university organizing any function there are ample of
organization to support them. But unfortunately, hardly any organizations for voluntarily
supporting this university.

3) Suggestions to articulate Future strategies

We propose following strategies for facing above issue.

01. We emphasis the importance of separate unit for improve relationship for the entire

• The vision mission and objectives should be set for the each and every faculty of
the university.
Ex; build relationship with companies to get training opportunities.

• A well known reputed person should be appointed as a head of this unit and
representatives from all the faculties. The each faculty unit responsible for general
unit and they should be given enough authority & power to manage this.
• All the resources person and staff should be given to maintain this and this must
be place, where coordinate all the activities of the unit.
• The university community and external parties should be informed about this unit.

• This unit must be updated with the requirements of the each and every faculty.
• Coordinate the requirements from the companies to do this research.
Ex; - Brandix Employee survey.

02. Maintainng an updated Database

A daily updated rich database should be managed. Separate databases should be

there to internal and external parties. The industry environment is changed every time.
Further, we emphasized the need of a database for pass out graduates and existing

03. Having regular workshops regards organization wants and student orientation.

04. Arrange training opportunities for students those who are in different fields.

05. Identify the research areas of the company and they are done through the university

06. Select the public and private sector organizations and evaluate their CSR activities to
university students. Also participation organizations should be awarded to motivate and

07. Send the lecturers and our professionals for consultancy and other services for their
organizations when they required.


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