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B.A., LL.B. (Hons.) Programme
Academic Year !""#"
Semes$er % &
1. Public participation, Access and Governance
1.1. Conceptual Analysis - Meaning of Democracy - Ho democracy can be
1.". #$y s$ould access and pubic participation be facilitated!
". Mapping out t$e main governing decision-ma%ing institutions
".1. Parliament, Government of &ndia
".". 'tate (egislatures - 'tate Government
".). (ocal self - governing aut$orities
".*. 'tatutory Aut$orities
".+. Administrative Aut$orities
".,. Courts, -ribunals, (o% Adallat$s
"... /mbudsman, (o%ayu%t
). Public Participation and Access to (egislative Process
).1. (egislature - Members$ip - 0uali1cations
).". 2unctions of t$e (egislature
).). 3lections of members - 45ig$t to recall6
).*. Privileges of t$e (egislature
).+. Duties of a Member of t$e (egislature 'erving t$e constituency
).+.1. Pension of t$e members of t$e (egislature
).,. 'ocial pro1les of M.Ps and M.(.As.
)... 5ole of Press
).7. Provisions for publications of t$e las
).8. Committees of Parliament
*. Public participation and access to administrative process
*.1. Delegated legislation
*.1.1. 9ltra virus doctrine
*.1.". Publication
*.". Publication of Delegated (egislation
*.). 3:isting inaccessibility of (egislation and Delegated (egislation
*.*. Hearing in Administrative Decision-ma%ing - Audi Alteram Partem
*.+. (iberalisation of t$e rules of locus standi
*.,. #$o can c$allenge an administrative action !
*.,.1. 'tanding of a t$ird person - standing of a social action group
*.,.". Public &nterest (itigation and 3nvironmental Protection
+. Access to &nformation
+.1. 3:tent of literacy - 3:tent of legal illiteracy.
+.". ;eed to spread %noledge of las
+.). Provisions for free and compulsory education for c$ildren belo t$e age
of 1* -
Article *+ of t$e Constitution
+.*. 5ig$t to information - 2undamental 5ig$t !
+.+. /<cial 'ecrets Act, Government Privilege to it$$old Disclosure of
+.,. Public &n=uiries> Commissions of &n=uiry appointed by ;G/s.
,. Access to ?udicial Process
,.1. 5ules of (ocus 'tandi
,.". 5e=uirement of Court fee-Provision for Proper 'uits
,.). Delays, 3:pensiveness and $yper-tec$nicality of t$e @udicial process.
,.*. (ac% of public participation - Alienation of t$e people - liberal rules of
locus standi to
appeal in criminal cases.
,.+. 5epresentative suits under civil procedure code
,.,. Media and Public participation
,.,.1. 5ole of Media
,.,.". P.C.?os$i Committee 5eport
,.,.). -$e Prasad A$arti Act
.. Public interest (itigation
7. Alternative Models of Dispute 'ettlement
7.1. -ribunals - Articles )")A and )")A
7.". 2amily Courts, Consumer Councils and 2ori
7.). (o% ;yayalayas
7.*. (o%pal and (o%ayau%t$as
7.+. ?udicial revie of decision of alternative agencies
8. Ho to facilitate access and public participation
8.1. Procedural 5eforms
8.". Alternative models of dispute resolution (o% ;yayalaya - Grassroots
8.). (egal aid movement - legal literacy - 'ocial Action (itigation - legal
mobiliBation of
t$e poor.
8.*. Decentralisation of poer - federaliBation of Panc$ayat 5a@
8.+. 'uspension or Dismissal of (ocal 'elf Government> 3:periment in #est
and Carnata%a
8.,. Grot$ of Mass movements for 'ocial transformation
8... Participatory movements
8.7. Public participation in environmental decision-ma%ing
8.7.1. Decision on environmental issues
1D. Public participation in (a 5eforms
1D.1. #omenEs Groups, environmental groups
1D.". Circulation of Draft legislation for public reaction
1D.). Planning process and public participation
9. Aa:i, Crisis of t$e &ndian (egal 'ystem F187"G
9.Aa:i, 4-a%ing 'uHering 'eriously> 'ocial Action (itigation in t$e 'upreme
Court of &ndia6 in
D$avan, 'udars$an and Curs$ed FedG ?udges and t$e ?udicial Ae$aviour at
I. D$agamar, 4Problems of &mplementing Agrarian (egislation in &ndia6 ")
?.&.(.&.P. ""7-"+*
5.D$avan, (itigation 3:plosion in &ndia F&(& 187,G
'.P. 'at$e, 4(egal Activism, 'ocial Action and Government (alessness6 >
&n (eela%ris$nan FedG ;e HoriBons of (a F1877G.
(a Commission of &ndia, 11*t$ 5eport on Gram ;yayalaya F187.G.
9.Aa:i, 4Access, Development and Distributive ?ustice> Access Problem of t$e
5ural Population617 ?.&.(.&. ).+ F18.,G.
'.P.'at$e, Administrative (a F1887G, Autterort$s
'.P.'at$e, 4Public Participation in ?udicial Process> ;e -rends in (a of (ocus
'tandi it$ special reference to Administrative (a6 ", ?.&.(.&. F187*G
P. (eela%ris$nan, 4Public Participation in 3nvironmental Decision-ma%ing6 in P.
-$e 3nvironmental (a in &ndia F1888G, C$apter J&&.
'ocial Action (itigation, F187*G Coc$in 9niversity (a 5evie, pp.*))-+*,
-.'.Misra, 4Alternatives to t$e Present 'ystem of 'ettling Iillage Disputes of
Civil ;ature6 "" ?.&.(.&. "1D F187DG
'.;.?ain, 4(a, ?ustice and A<rmative Action6 "1 ?.&.(.&. "," F18.8G
5a@eev D$avan, 43ngrafting t$e /mbudsman &dea on a Parliamentary
Democracy6 18 ?.&.(.&. "1. F18..G
Aalram Gupta, 4A Aalance '$eet of 'tate (o%ayu%tas6 ", ?.&.(.&. 1"" F187*G
'.'.'ing$, 4Constitutional Compulsion of (egal Aid> 5ole of Ioluntary
/rganisation6 )) &.?.P.A. ,*) F187.G
?agar ;arain, 4(egal Aid - (itigationa( /5 3ducational> An &ndian 3:perience6
"7 ?.&.(.&. ." 8187,D.
C.(.A$atia, ,?udicial 5evie and ?udicial Activism F188.G
C.(.A$atia,, Delay a 5iddle #rapped in Mystery inside an 3nigma, ?&(&
(a Commission of &ndia, 1*t$ 5eport, )1st, .8t$, 7Dt$ , 1"Dt$, 1"1st 1"*t$
Government of &ndia, -$e Arrears Committee 5eport F?ustive I.'.Malimat$G,