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Chainez Selloum and Fiona Mata:

Universities of the U.K.: The famous and not so famous

They have shown us some of the main universities of the U.K. like Cambridge,
which is the second oldest university in England or Oxford, the oldest one. To
enter in these universities you must pass an interview to show that you are a
good and hard working student. In these universities there is a very good
relationship between teachers and students. Lincoln is a very important
university and it is public. Fiona has told us that she wants to enter in Lincoln.

It has been a really, really good presentation and the topic was very interesting.
I like their pronunciation.

Alejandro Peña:


Pacfren is a food business and Alejandro has done the research work about it.
He talks about the objectives of his work, the methodology that he has followed
and some of the problems he has found. For example, ha hasn’t been able to
take photos of the company because it would be espionage. The most
important part of his work has been the creation of different process diagrams of
the manufacture of the products, with all the stages and processes. He has
shown some interesting pictures of the food and the products of the company.

The presentation has been interesting and PowerPoint used was very well
done. Answering the questions, he has said that he hasn’t enjoyed this work
very much and, if he had to choose one topic again, he wouldn’t select this one.

Adrià Alfaro

Fantastic Spanish literature

Adrià has talked about his research project. He explains that fantasy is to
combine two realities to create a new one. Fantasy can be divided into different
groups: medieval fantasy, which takes place in a medieval world; historical
fantasy, placed in real periods of time; technological fantasy, terror fantasy and
realist fantasy. The most typical characteristics are the presence of fantastic
creatures, new worlds, conflictive relationships and travels through time.

It has been a quite interesting presentation and the PowerPoint was also very
well done. I’ve made a question about the technological fantasy, but I think he
hasn’t understood me because I only wanted to know the title of a technological
novel and he has explained me all of their characteristics. That means that he
knows it very well.
Bernardo Santos

Immigration in the city of London.

Bernardo has said that London is a multicultural city because of government

helps, historic colonialism and a common wealth. He has explained why he
believes that immigration keeps U.K. economy afloat, solving the problem of a
low birth rate.

The topic of the presentation was really interesting and it has been very, very
good. He speaks English very well and he uses a rich vocabulary. The problem
is that it has been a bit short.

Marina Sarquella

Presence of English on TV advertising.

She recommends “The Phantom of the Opera”, a musical she watched in

London, but she hasn’t been able to talk about it. She has talked about her
research project. She took advertisements from TV3 and she analysed them.
She has shown one advertisement about jeans. She has said that cars, clothes
and luxury products tend to use English on advertising more than necessary
articles like food.

Very good presentation. The topic of the work is very original and she has
explained it very well. I think that the video has also been a good tool.

Clàudia Rossillo and Carles Torracabota


They have talked about the trip to London, explaining what they did each day,
the places they visited, like the Globe Theatre or Harrods; what they saw, like
the change of the guard in the Buckingham Palace (and curious things like the
music played during the change), and more things. At the end of the
presentation they have said that they would like to repeat the travel.

I’ve enjoyed this presentation because I’ve lived most of the things they have
said. Their pronunciation is very good and I think it has been an original idea to
do the presentation with only one picture in the screen and to show us some
photos at the end.
Ariadna Comas

The British Museum

Ariadna had done this presentation in London but, unfortunately, the video
doesn’t work and she has needed to repeat it. She has talked about the
different collections that we can find in the British Museum (Egypt,
Mesopotamia, Asia, Coins and medals, Europe, etc.), with many objects and
treasures. One of the rooms, the Department of Prints and Drawings, was
closed the day we visited the museum. In each slide of the presentation there
was the number of pieces of a collection and a picture of one of the objects.

I think that the presentation has been good. In class, it has been a little bit
boring, but I think it would have been very striking if the video had worked,
because it’s better to talk about something if you are near it than to say it in the
school. It’s a shame, but I’ve liked it, especially when she has said the name of
one of the sculptures which can be found in the museum (I don’t know the
name. For me, it is nearly unpronounceable).

Miriam Falgàs and Anna Genís


Miriam and Anna have made a very original presentation. In London, they
prepared a questionnaire and they chose some Londoners to ask them about
what they think about London: Their favourite places of the city, if they are
Anglican or Catholic, their opinion about some typical topics of London, etc.
The interviewed have been three men and a woman. One of the problems they
have got is that the woman didn’t allow them to record her face, and they had to
record only the voice, focusing on the street.

The answer which has attracted my opinion talked about whether Londoners
are “colder”, more “closed” than people from other countries. The man has said
that the fact is that there are many people living in the same place and they
need their space, sometimes they have to be colder. Another one said that you
can live cheaply in London if you know where to go.

I think it has been a really original presentation. It has very interesting to know
the opinion of people who really live there and know more about the city than
anyone. Very good work.
Elisenda Lladó and Laia Saló


They have made a video about London, feigning they were, in one hand,
reporters and, on the other hand, the presenters of a travel TV program. They
have talked about some places of interest like the Tower Bridge, the Millennium
Bridge or the London Eye. I didn’t know that the Big Ben is 150 years old.

The presentation has been good; it has been an original way to explain what we
saw in London.

Oriol Oliva

He talks about his trip to London with some friends, last winter. They had many
problems, during the trip, but it had a good end. First of all, they lost the plane
because they had gone late, but they could take another flight after complaining
to the agency. When they went to see a football match, they had another
problem with the tickets, though this benefited them because they could enter
into the stadium and they recovered the money they had paid. Another problem,
with the police, was because of they weren’t 18 years old, but their parents
couldn’t go there because they were alone in London.
It has been a good presentation. The pronunciation was good.

Neus Pagès and Marina Julià


They didn’t go to London but, when we were there, they made the presentation
in class. They had talked about the main tourist attractions like Harrods, one of
the highest shopping centres of the world (they have said that the economic
crisis affects Harrods too); the underground, or tube; the Buckingham Palace,
etc. It’s difficult to understand the video because the sound isn’t very good and
somebody was talking near the camera while it was recording.

Good presentation.

Baldiri Gironella and Iñaki Fernández

They talk about their trip to London: they went last winter, with Oriol and other
friends. They give their opinion about London after having visited the city: it’s a
very rich place because of shops and tourist attractions like the British Museum,
the London Eye, etc. It’s also very special because of people in the streets.

It has been a good presentation too.

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