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General Plan of Action

Special Committees Established Pep Committee Status Maintained

EC Activity Team Status Maintainedm Added Seminar and Career Booths Team
Formed at the start of the semester for constitution amendment. By Laws will be added. Partially
DONE. The team was formed headed by the VP. However, the
Added Consti Team amendments are still ongoing.
Marketing Committee FinCom + PR DONE
Lead the solicitations/sponsorships. DONE
Will Monitor the solicitations of members. DONE
Have all the list of companies and politicians to solicit from. Companies only. Politicians
were not solicited.
**Reformat our letters. DONE
**Organize the database of companies. PARTIALLY DONE
Five (5) different packages for big companies, individuals, politicians, small business enterprise in LB and student
- For companies and politicians, the usual packages in the organization’s solicitation letters
- For individuals, no packages instead it’s for donation of any amount
- For small business enterprise, use the “business proposal” ; aside from the ads they’ll receive, they will
have a “Loading Business”
- For student organizations, discounts and goods (depends on sponsors) will be given for their participation in
our activities
** Website will have the detailed info for the activity DONE, but still lacks in content.
Needs improvement.
** A blog will be created for the organization where we could post details for our major activities to tap professionals
and students who are willing to help (monetary or otherwise) the organization’s activities. Difference from website:
Need not be paid and interactive. DONE
** Concept paper of the event (major only) will be created with the letters. It will contain the following (parts may be
omitted id needed): DONE but was eventually revised to powerpoint
presentation and brochure since an alumni suggested that companies
are not interested to read tons of pages of paper
Discussion of concepts
About the proponents, partners and beneficiaries
Vicinity of he venue
Designations (tasking)
Projected expenditures
Sponsorship rates
** Letters will be release at least 2 months before the activity Partially DONE. Some letters
were sent a month before. Others 2 months before.
** CDs about the org will be given with the letters DONE
** Web maintenance DONE. But due to lack of funds, Webhosting services
were stopped. Instead, the domain is forwarded to our blog.
E-communication Team ( …domain named under CEO.
** Org blogs DONE (
** Forum Moderators and Administrators DONE. The forum exists but it’s not active. (used to be
but link was no longer working)
** Ygroup maintenance (Arrange/manage the files properly) NOT DONE. Because NO
Execom is a moderator so we can’t do anything w/ the files.
**Tutorials for CE and ES subjects. Coordinate with CE Dept and ES Dept if they can provide teachers.
Educational Affairs Committee Tutorials NOT DONE. According to Educom Head, no one approached.
**Tutorials for Math17 and 37 students. Coordinate with Ma’am Loyola. Also for recruitment of Freshmen and
Sophomore CE students. DONE
Acads Performance **Strict monitoring of members with warning and probation status. Subjects and teachers will be included in the
Monitoring members’ info sheet so the Educom can monitor them. An educom member will be assigned to monitor these
members with warning/proby standing NOT DONE by the Educom. They find it
difficult to maintain.
**Post a calendar on the bulletin board so members can record the schedule of their exams and the educom will be
aware of it. DONE until the destruction of out Bulletin boards AND the
calendar always disappears…
Library **Library: Library card system will be implemented. No books or handouts may be brought outside; they may only be
photocopied w/ an Educom membe’s assistance. NOT DONE since the location of the
Library is not ACCESSIBLE
**The committee shall pass proposals for the budget to be given for the library. Incentives will be given to those who
will donate their properties. DONE
** An Educom members will be assigned per member for them to collect materials for the library. DONE
but was not mentioned w/c members are assigned to particulay
educom member. Ask Lex.
Finance Committee **For every committee, a finance committee is assigned to coordinate with the Committee Heads for cost reductions.
The Finance Committee Head acts as an auditor. DONE
**Every Committee has a notebook to record all the expenses of their committee. This notebook will be handled by
the committee’s auditor. DONE. But the “auditor” of each committee
eventually did not use the notebook until it was completely rendered
**In charge of the Marketing Committee and Fund Raising Activities. DONE. Though the
marketing team st
was handled by me by the 2nd semester after the
lapses of the 1 marketing team.
** Regulars: Monthly rummage DONE but not monthly, Monthly bottle/newspaper drive, DONE
Fund Raising Activity but not the newspaper drive and not monthly due to inavailability of
members raffle for 1 sem DONE and auction for 2 sem NOT DONE since the 1st raffle
st nd

was utang-generating to some members w/c opted FinCom Head to

not repeat such FRA, Sacrificial DONE
st nd
Dinners every GA, DONE for 1 sem not 2 sem due to bulk of org activities
st nd
CE shirts for 1 sem DONE and ES quiz con shirts for he 2 sem NOT DONE due to limited
start-up funds. Nagpositive sa end na..
** Proposed FRAs will be further discussed during Execom meetings and General Assemblies. DONE
Revolving Fund The semestral fee will be converted to “revolving fund”. Instead of paying the whole PhP100, members will pay
PhP5.00 every general assembly until they reach the semestral fee amount of 100. DONE.
Semestral fee was reduced to PhP80 based on projected number of
Gas. Eventually, FinCom was not able to collect PhP5.00 per GA
instead, it became the initiative of members to pay the fees anytime
they can.
**Part of Marketing Committee. Head of Marketing Committee will come from the Finance Committee
Sponsorships/ DONE
Solicitations DONE
** For the alumni, resident and non-resident members. We’ll ship the goods to any country. NOT DONE
due to lack of funds. The pens and shirt were not shipped… and there
were not enough orders since there is a minimum of 10 oversease
Sell Goods orders was established. Only 2 alumni ordered the pens
**org shirts, mugs, organizer, calendars, umbrellas, mini yearbook (for our CEO graduates), newsletters etc
Partially DONE. These are only proposed items to be sold. We only did
CE Shirts, Org Shirts and pens. The bottle openers were not sold. We
realized that members are not willing to pay for org items, it should
be marketed to the alumni.
**Will have the items produced if orders reach 20, we have a forum, a website, a bog and email for all transactions.
We will ship thru EMS, not that expensive and they can track it. NOT DONE since the
minimum orders were not reached
Budget Proposal **Project Coordinators shall always prepare a budget proposal; the Finance Committee will cut it according to
available funds and actual prices of commodities and services. DONE
**Funds for an activity will not be release without the approval of the FinCom Head. DONE
Membership Committee Recruitment **Continue the personalized invitations DONE
**Participate in Campus Tours, Sell 2008 CE shirts, Math 17 and 37 tutorials. DONE
Membership Rules and **Each member will have a copy of the Rules and Regulations prepared by the MemCom and approved by the
Regulations Execom, they will avail it upon signing that they have understood the rules fully and will abide by it. DONE
Delinquent Members **For delinquent members, assign a memcom member to monitor them, follow up why they are absent rather than
wait for excuse slips. NOT DONE. I have no reports of this being done.

Sanctions for Delinquent **Delinquent members who appealed for reconsideration shall abide by the following sanctions:
Members CEAT Clean-Up volunteers, Bottle/Paper Drives, Community Work, Organization services like clean and repaint the
tambayan, organize the CEO library and make library cards, marshals for Feb Fair, mass posting of activity posters,
rummage and other fund raising activities where they have to reach a certain mount set by the body. NOT
DONE. It is finalized that these will be the sanctions. However, the
MemComm has not yet submitted and informed members to be
sanctioned. As of date, Ace said he’ll give the sanctions after the
elections…but he already has a list.
Member Info Sheets ** For easier tasking, the info sheet of members will be reformatted. It will include strengths and weaknesses,
schedule of general assemblies so committee heads can assess their capacity to do work and available time. Member
files will be compiled and given to the executive committee for their use DONE
** The instructors for each subject and how many times the member has taken the course will also be included for
easier monitoring on acads by the educom DONE
TBA, LTS, Consti Rdg and **Semestral Consti Reading NOT DONE
CSC **Reformat CSC. Let it be “self criticism” for personal development DONE
st nd
**TBA will be held at start of the semester DONE for the 1 semester, not the 2 due
to bulk of org activities
**LTS will be at start of the semester, will coordinate with CSC since they also plan to conduct an LTS for CEAT
Students NOT DONE due to schedule of activities.
Polo Day **Polo Day every GA unless excused due to PE and other laboratories. DONE
**Members not wearing polo will be considered absent by the MemCom. Partially DONE since
the Memcom
laxed as the 1st sem emds…and as well as some part of
the 2 semester.
**Committee with most members wearing polo (in percentage) for the whole month will have an exclusive load raffle.
NOT ONE. The Fincom was ready for the raffle, however the
MemComm never submitted the raffle entries or the winning
Public Relations Committee **Schedule definite time of massive posting around the campus especially if the activity requires student
Participation DONE for anniv week.
**within committee, assign certain people to be in charge with the design for publicity paraphernalia, represent the
organization in external affairs, Information dissemination, massive posting, and marketing. NOT SURE
IF DONE. This is PR Internals, better ask PR Head.
Sponsorships/ **Part of Marketing Committee. DONE
E-Comm Tean **Head of E-Communications Team will come from the Public Relations Committee DONE
**Establish a Network w/ student organizations. Partially DONE with the help of the
Networking Secretary and College Sec. We already have a network of some orgs.
**Have the contact numbers of different org heads for easier information dissemination, Partially
DONE, as stated above.
**One member will be assigned per activity and should assist in damage control. Was discussed to
be DONE, but was not assessed if done. Part of Ways and Means
Ways and Means Committee Internal, better ask the Head.
**Will initiate the permits and reservations for each activity. DONE
** End of semester report for the advisers Should have been DONE but the laptop she
Secretariat was using CRASHED. Nearly no files left.
** Compilation of minutes for the semester (summarized), uploaded at ygroup, DONE. But not all
minutes due to the laptop crashing.
**Documentation of all activities for the e-Comm Team. NOT DONE due to lack of response
of the secretariat members to the secretary.
**Organize files for past activities for the e-Comm Team NOT DONE due to lack of
response of the secretariat members to the secretary.
**Prepares needed letters for reservations, participation, etc DONE
Additional Administrative Work
** Officers will have tentative members for the summer. Special Committees will be created this summer
Summer Plans To lighten the load of DONE
members **Start some FRAs DONE
**Start the Marketing by assigning Marketing Team members, creating the blog, letters, and concept paper.
**Update and Compile the company contacts DONE
Sem Planning **Execom will make a calendar of activities and the body will be informed about it at the start of the semester.
Finalized calendar of activities will be downloadable at the blog, ygroup and forums. No excuse for not knowing the
said activity. DONE
**Will be done on 1 GA after the said activity. (SOP) DONE. Except for Engineering
Activity Assessment Congress, a reason I’m asking for notes of experience.

Activity Write-Ups **Made by the project coordinator. To be submitted on exec meeting after the activity assessment. Will be compiled
for future references (newsletters, sites, end of sem reports etc) PENDING. No project
coordinator submitted to me since the 1st semester. I only received
accomplishment reports for the Congress. (since companies needed
**Shall be given at execom meeting. 1 copy to president, finance and secretary NOT DONE since
Project Proposals for each the file was uploaded to Execom Ygroups
**Proper format: DONE. All proposals can be viewed in Execom Ygroups…
activity unless they did not pass.
time venue
project details
(brief description of the activity, include target participants)
Needed equipments and materials (include everything needed from huge equipments to office materials like paper)
Budget Proposal
(Include goods and services needed. It’s better to overestimate than underestimate as this will be reviewed by the
Finance Committee Head)
General Assemblies **Tuesdays 7pm. It will not be cancelled unless informed there’s no GA. (SOP). Polo Day. DONE
**Will start at 7:30pm even without quorum (as the body has agreed), but there will be no major decisions until the
attending body reaches the quorum (no voting). If still did not reach quorum, decisions will be moved to the next GA.
This way the time of the attending members will not be wasted and people will start attending on time. For those
who missed parts of the GA, heads will be responsible in informing them. There may be delays for Committees
assigned for Sacrificial Diners. DONE at first, but some decisions were made
even without quorum in order to continue the org activities. And due
to very few prompt members, meetings are still sometimes delayed.
**Late will be after preamble Not reported if done. Better ask the Memcom.
Committee Meetings **Every 15-30 minutes before GA therefore call time for GA is 7pm. After GA Committee meetings will depend on the
Committee Heads. These will only be cancelled in case we have a lot to discuss on the said GA. DONE
on both semesters, but not all committees/ activity team meet and if
some do, they’re not always on time.
ExeComm Meetings **Sundays. 8pm or Mondays 7pm. If head can’t go, send a representative, preferably the secretary. Not cancelled
unless announced that it’s cancelled. DONE but they do not send a rep at all times.
**Every activity, the committee heads will assess the performance of their members DONE
only at
the end of the 2 semester since it was difficult for the Execom to
Merit/Demerit System assess members per activity.
**The member with best performance per activity will be rewarded (like free sacrificial dinner) and given recognition,
not necessarily of monetary value. DONE at the end of 2 semester.
Transparency Forums / Ygroups **certain part of the online forums can’t be accessed by non members. This way we can discuss org matters privately
where alumni can freely interact. DONE. But no one visits the forum.
**Matters may be discussed even during vacations DONE. But no one visits the forum.
**There will be a monthly update in ygroups and forums for the alumni and resident members. .
Partiallly DONE. It was not regular but we do post updates sa
Execom Reports **Everything will be reported to the body. Even major topics discussed in execom meetings and committee meetings
(committee secretary shall also take down minutes) . DONE
**Minutes will be posted on the Bulletin Board. . Partially DONE. At first, Exec Sec
posted minutes… it was eventually stopped. Better ask the ExecSec.
Aside from the crashing laptop, there should be other reasons.
**Execom will identify the needs of the organization and create appropriate projects for the new batches. .
DONE. The 5-in-1 printer was bought. The paper cutter is still
Batch Projects nowhere to be found. Hmmm…

Approximately: (not exact, nag-tally lang ako)

69% done
10% partially done or ongoing
4% not sure if done
17% not done

Additional Notes:
PICE – This is still pending since there is still no clear step as to what action are we going to partake next
CHED Endorsement – It was assigned to be headed by the VP. We plan to have the letters finalized before this semester end so by next semester, all needed
documents will be passed.
SEC – It was assigned to be headed by the Secretary. Still ongoing and hopes to be finalized by next week.
st nd
Consti Ammendment – It was assigned to be facilitated by the VP at the 1 semester in collaboration w. the Educom Head…and they became busy by 2 sem. We can
only provide the 1 drafit of revised constitution before the semester ends.
Seminars – I would have continued letting the members attend seminars on Project Management, Marketing and Leadership Trainings.
Fund Raising Activities – we had so many planned FRAs like the comedy bar and gift certificates auction that were not fulfilled due to lack of starting money and time
where to squeeze such activity.
Handbook of Guidelines – we plan to finish the guidelines for the members. It will reduce repetitive questioning on how to do certain tasks and will save much precious
letters done by the secretary. It will outline how to reserve venues, billboards, permits etc.
Black book – was assigned to PR Head. This will be used to properly note the info of our alumni. Before we graduate, we have to fill-up one page.
Marketing Team – the team shall start their work on summer for better sponsors and to maintain the finances of the organization.
Internals – As always, internal relations of members are difficult to handle since you have 60 members to satisfy and 8 members to govern their satisfaction. And these 8
individuals have minds of their own and have different concepts on “satisfying” the needs of the members. You can’t please everyone! ^__^

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