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Vol. XXII No. 5 "I wouldn't wish this upon anyone, but it's not our fault" November 11, 2000
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By Jacklyn Yeh for the group. Representatives of local marine legal size. However, scientists do agree that lobster
industries, including the Long Island Lobsterman's fisheries are at significant risk if there are bouts of
The Marine Sciences Research Center Association will be working with the consortium. reduced reproductive success.
(MSRC) here at Stony Brook will receive $1 million The Marine Disease Consortium will work closely Last year's lobster die-off occurred suspi-
in funding for the creation and staffing of a pathol- with the State Department of Environmental ciously after the spraying of Long Island.
ogy laboratory in order to study the cause of the Conservation. Pesticides were spread in order to kill mosquitoes
lobster die-off in Long Island Sound, as well as the "[The creation of the lab] was inspired due to the West Nile Virus scare. This is an issue
I I' - 1 1 - A It
"i*• d
symptoms afflicting local 1-otts, Protessor laylor that undisputedly needs to be investigated. Blood
and finfish. iseases in marine organ- samples taken from lobsters provided no solid evi-
The consorti ain Long Island Sound. dence of gaffkemia, a common and often fatal bac-
hopes to have tempor terial infection seen in lobsters. Dr. Richard
space available to house ed organisms had to be French, a pathologist at the University of
pathology lab at the MSR( sent to laboratories out- Connecticut, suspects a parasitic paramoeba
soon as spring, 2001 before >f-state, namely known to enter a lobster's nervous system,
manent space for the lab ,onnecticut, because destroying nerve tissue. "Limp lobster syndrome"
The lab will likely have fi New York State does may result, with death usually following. This
including researchers, tec not have a pathology parallels well with the symptoms found in lobsters
MSRC faculty member. Ci laboratory dedicated to during the 1999 lobster die-off.
has 40 faculty members researching marine dis- A symposium was sponsored by Sea
mately 170 students per ye eases. The new labora- Grant College Programs in New York (NYSG) and
The funding will I tory that will be set up at Connecticut (CTSG) in April 17-18 to interpret and
of on-site diseases affectin arine Sciences Research evaluate the results of existing assessment, moni-
lobsters, clams, and oystel r will enable direct toring and research activities and to develop a
waters possible. The $1 m i on the causes of the working hypothesis on the cause of lobster mortal-
used to buy laboratory equipment and to hire die-off, which do not affect just lobsters, but shell- ities in Long Island Sound. Both scientists armed
marine disease pathologists. This funding is was fish and other marine organisms, significant or with water quality data, and other information
possible due to local state legislators who acted in insignificant to business. Of course, their most that may have had an affect on the lobster deaths,
response to the 1999 lobster die-off in Long Island immediate goals are to research those organisms as well as industry representatives with concerns
Sound. that affect commercial fisheries. and first-hand anecdotes on the lobster conditions
"It's a great thing," said Gordon Taylor, a Other die-offs have been reported during attended.
professor at the Marine Sciences Research Center. all of the last decade. It usually starts in early Concluded to have a low probability of
"The funds will be used to set up a diagnostic lab autumn, and then it seems to end by late October. causation were stressors including point source
to study diseases in marine organisms." More than 900 lobstermen statewide were impact- loadings, side effects of chlorination, dredge mate-
Diagnostic capabilities to conduct research and ed by the 1999 lobster die-off, said to be the worse rial disposal, and pesticides. Hypoxia through low
study marine animal disease will be established, out of all the die-offs. The harvesting of lobsters is dissolved oxygen and hydrogen sulfide release
and research on underlying causes and manage- a $100 million dollar per year industry in the state, ranked with a moderate probability of causation.
ment of pathology issues will also be supported. and is first in commercial fishing. The anomalously high bottom water temperatures
Representatives from Stony Brook, New York State Lobsters in the Long Island Sound are in 1998 and 1999 approaching 2Q C above the 10-
Sea Grant, Long Island University, Cornell heavily exploited, with more than 90% of lobsters year mean bottom water temperatures have a high
University, the New York State Department of being harvested following their initial molt to legal probability of stressing the lobsters. Also, a high-
Environmental Conservation, and the New York size. Lobster populations and fisheries have probability stressor includes the high population
State Department of Agriculture and Markets will increased their yield due to the reproductive suc- densities of lobsters, which could have made them
be included in the eight-member advisory board cess and survival and growth of young lobsters to more prone to disease.

Ill Y · ~ I I I , I
I ~ , --
Solomon's 700 wives and 300 concubines might
By ABD-Anonymous Bible Dude r the defense of our country, or does it continue
policy which escalates international terrorism? seem a tad bit excessive. Nevertheless, both
Whom would Jesus vote for? That's a Rulers that we elect should be just, because there these men knew that their actions would be sub-
good question. Would he even vote at all? Is our is a supreme God who is also just. ject to judgement by the Supreme Judge. Indeed,
political system so far corrupt that it isn't even Today, it seems that part of the job they both suffered consequences as a result of
worth trying to save? How do we know which requirements to be a politician is that you must their sins. Today politicians seem not to realize
side God is on? accept bribes. Of course, we don't call it bribery. that they are accountable to a higher authority. If
First, let's look at some Biblical criteria They are job "perks", or special irterest soft they realized the gravity of this truth, you would
for leadership qualities. "He who rules over men money. However, the fact still remains that this see justice administered and righteousness
must be just, ruling in the fear of God." (2 Sam country's leaders have been heavily influenced upheld in different manner than we have seen in
by greed and bribery. Political systems the recent past.
n have always been like this, because I believe voting is important. It is one of
If we become apathetic in our con man has always been like this since the our duties as a citizen to choose our leaders. If
we become apathetic in our concern for the lead-
for the leadership of our society we will fall of Adam in the Garden of Eden.
Look at these verses, "By justice a king ership of our society we will see our political sys-
see our political system fall into d ?cay, gives a country stability, but one who is tem fall into decay, and collapse under the
S greedy for bribes tears it down." (Prov weight of evil. At this time, it is clear that Satan
and collapse under the weight of evil. 29:4) and, "Both hands are skilled in has a grip on politics at every level. He can influ-
At this time, it is clear that Satan Ihas a doing evil; the ruler demands gifts, the
judge accepts bribes, the powerful dic-
ence leaders to make decisions to expand his
reign. We should consider this advice: "Be self-
grip on politics at every level. tate what they desire-- they all conspire controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil
together." (Micah 7:3) and, "A ruler prowls around like a roaring lion looking for
23:3). Do we see justice carried out in our court who oppresses the poor is like a driving rain that someone to devour." (1 Peter 5:8). However, we
systems that routinely apply penalties unequally leaves no crops." (Prov 28:3). still must remember that this political system is
across the nation? Is there justice in the legisla- Still, it is possible to have just and right- temporary. We cannot seek salvation through
tive branch where laws are drafted regularly to eous leaders. King David was called righteous, politics, because we will not find it there. The
steal freedoms from the people and sell them to yet during David's reign he had the Bathsheba only significant way this world will change is
the highest corporate bidder? Does the executive scandal. Solomon was the wisest administer of when it comes under the spiritual kingdom and
branch wisely and justly use military force for --
justice the world has seen; yet, by any standard
-- leadership of Jesus, the King of Kings.
_L _L~ __I_~ ~~ _______L__~L~g_~__lse~l~e~··11~·~BB~~ ISSUES

By Shari Goldsmith 9:15AM, answered, "All types." herded along barricades. Mike, born in the Bronx,
Stacey immigrated from Puerto Rico and traveled from New Jersey that morning with his two
Monday morning, New York City com- that day, commuted from the Bronx to cheer on her adolescent daughters, Suzanne and Danielle, brav-
muters had an additional burden from overcrowd- favorite baseball team. She is very familiar with the ing the masses of people. Did he have any concerns
ing, caused by the thousands of people destined for team rivalries. "Mets fans think Yankees fans are about safety because of the number of people? "The
the Ticker Tape Parade in honor of the Yankees' from the Bronx and are dirty." Stacey continued, problem is that there are too many cops," Mike said,
World Series Victory. "Mets fans are from the suburbs," as she strutted "There's not too many people."
The subway station was overflowing with down the street with her two friends from Queens Having grown up in New Jersey, Suzanne
people waiting on line to buy tokens for the day's and Manhattan, glow- gave an
gave an out-
ride downtown. Extra city officials were boxed in ing and smiling, obvi- sider's opinion
against the walls with questions about the parade's ously enjoying the cel- of Yankees ver-
details. Commuters fished their way through blue ebration. A couple vis- sus Mets fans.
polyester, and the chants for the Yankees that waved iting from England "Mets fans are
through the crowd. Kids taking Mayor Giuliani's approached a police not boisterous,
advice to skip school, start jumping turnstiles while officer, seeking a sug- more belliger-
the authorities were distracted. gestion for the best ent, and walk
This World Series was all about New York view of the team. with an air of
pride, the two baseball dynasties and the division of Doris, Bill, confidence,"
New York's dynamism. The Yankees have dominat- and Andy, a friendly Suzanne said.
ed the series, with four victories in five years. family whose mother A teenage cou-
Typifying the city's transport, this year's Subway came decorated by ple, Rachel and
Series was the first one since 1956. painting her cheek Chuck took the
Downtown New York City was mobbed with the Yankees' sym- train - from
with hundreds of thousands of people lining bol in glitter blue Merrick, Long
.- *1 - ~Ll i -- -L- Tclnnr1 Ra'cheol
Broadway, ending at City Hall. There was a famil- painr, were rnug me, .---.

iarity about Yankee pride. "I knew they were going subway home because the crowds were too big. confirmed that the Yankee champions are attracting
to win," said Marie, from Westchester, who grew up They were from Germany, where the son was visit- recruit fans from the Mets. "People like front-run-
in the Bronx amidst a devoted Yankee family. ing from, while the parents currently live in New ners," Rachel said.
There was a general consensus that the Jersey. The mother was a long time fan and is fond The very New York winners of the very
Mets didn't belong at the parade. Fans discouraged of George Steinbrenner, feeling a kin with his New York World Series attracted a very New York
anything that would detract from enthusiasm for the German heritage. "We were here a month ago when crowd. Very New York is very worldly. Around the
Yankees. Mr. Steinbrenner and Mr. Giuliani led a parade hon- comer was the Immigration and Naturalization
Yankees' team spirit stretches internationally. When oring the German military." building, with people wrapped around the building.
asked what type of people are Yankees fans, a group A number of extraneous people reversed No one would question their place on today's streets
of friends in their late twenties, drinking beer at direction, while watching crowds in packs''' being -- of chaos and nationalities all finding their place.

The" II -I
W" Christian
l d
Left message of Passover and Hanukkah into support
By .L.Livingston or cnurcn anu state, a irce reigious press, anlu
the equality of women." In fact, at Carter's urging, for racial and gender equality. (Witness Joe
"Whatever happened to the Christian the Marantha Church, of which he's the deacon, Lieberman's work in the Civil Rights movement,
left?" I've been wondering that, lately. Well, okay, decided to "to divert half of its contributions to a for example.) The Reform branch of Judaism delib-
it isn't the number one question on my mind, but less conservative group of congregations." Even erately promoted "social action" in liberal causes,
after musings about the election, the Mideast, the before the Carters, large numbers of individuals and nonaffiliated, "secular humanists" began
Subway Series, and a few other topics, it's defi- had left the convention. * to view this liberalism as a matter of a general
Also, representatives of the Texas Baptists "morality," unrelated to religion.
nitely there, and it pokes through once in a while.
That's why it was good to read that this have just voted to pull "$5 million in funding" However in the late '70s and '80s, as the
form of liberalism is "alive and well and living" in from the denomination, citing the same statutes as nation moved to the right, so did religion and
the minds and hearts of former President Jimmy the Carters, as well as the Convention's "resolu- ethics. More conservative religious tenets were
Carter and his wife, Rosalyn. Recently, they broke tions against homosexuality." brought to the fore. Like injunctions against abor-
from the Southern Baptist Convention, largest According to the Reverend Charles Wade, tion, prescriptions for the role of women, and neg-
Protestant sect in the United States, because of its executive director of the Texas group, "Jesus took ative views of gay, bi, and transgender sexuality.
"increasingly rigid" (Carter's words) decisions. In his stand against religious authoritarianism, moral What's more, conventional people, religious or
a letter to the denomination, Carter explained that judgmentalism, and dogmatic fundamentalism."** not, began to tell us that a more traditional
he was leaving because of some of the sect's latest This also reflects a new emergence of the America would be a "kinder, gentler" one.
stands, including those "barring female pastors left in Christianity and religion, in general, and Now, it seems, that a leftist response has
and declaring that wives should 'submit gracious- beyond that, among those who are unaffiliated kicked in. Clearly, "morality" can still be "liberal."
with any particular sect but still con- Based on religion, perhaps, but not necessarily.
Religion concerned with protecting us, as in
As late as 1976, Jimmy Carter cite hd his cerned with American ethics.
tougher gun control, and the world we live in, bet-
Yet, wait a minute. Some of you
"deep Christian beliefs" as an impet US fO
don't even relate the word "left" to the ter environmental policies. Religion reaching out
his concern with the homeless, the "disad- words "Christian" or "religious." Most to the homeless, I'm thinking jobs and shelter, the
you are too young to remember sick, affordable health care, the young, quality
vantaged," and internationalhuman r-ights. ofw.hen religion in this country was education, and the elderly, Social Security and
Not to forget the "radicalpriests and uns " entwined with liberal ideology. Medicare. Focused not on any one powerful eco-
There was a time whenDr. Martin nomic or religious elite, but rather, on improving
of those days. Luther King, Jr. drew on his Christian life for people of every creed, race, gender, and sex-
faith to sustain him in his fight for ual orientation. Geared not toward enforcing the
ly' to their husbands." The leader of the convention racial equality, and for a way to shape a struggle ethical code of one particular group, but instead,
brushed off this defection, saying that Carter is a that, while aggressive, was also nonviolent. As late drawing from such a code to help make life fairer,
"moderate Christian" and that the Southern as 1976, Jimmy Carter cited his "deep Christian safer, and more humane for us all.
Baptists are "not a moderate movement." * beliefs" as an impetus for his concern with the
This rift between Carter and the conven- homeless, the "disadvantaged," and international Sources:
* "CarterBreaks with Baptist Convention
tion hints of an even greater schism between left human rights. Not to forget the "radical priests
and right-wing Baptists, in general. There exist and nuns" of those days. "Newsday. 10/21/00
** "Texas Baptists Pull Funds,"
more liberal Baptist congregations, according to Nor was this leftist attitude limited to
the Carters, ones that share their belief in "separa- Christians. Many Jews translated the "freedom" Newsday. 10/31/00.

NOVEMBER 11, 2000 PAGE 3

EDITORIAL ~nc~-- I L1 -r ~S~L~eb-W~a~a~ss ~L, ~PrP~ =--C-C,-· -~~--I- 1-)-- e3 'e -- b ~ Lh~ -- li~BBP

University President, and Fred Preston, Vice President of control over what goes on, over who can meet and speak, over
Student Affairs, spoke to student concerns and once again who performs, and over what can and can not be said. The
proved to be dishonest and deceptive. The President administration recently installed video surveillance cameras
acknowledged students concerns about tripling and the eight in the Union pool hall. How much weaker do we need to
semester rule. President Kenny said the University had met become before we stand up, before we have ad enough of the
its expansion plans and after this year, would no longer have administration controlling our University? There is no substi-
to either triple freshmen or kick seniors off the campus. tute for freedom. A fancy rec. center will not replace the inde-
President Kenny then entertained some questions from stu- pendence of the Spot.
dent representatives. President Kenny was also asked about corporate
The first few.questions centered around campus life contracts. In recent years the University has entered into sev-
and why every weekend there is an exodus of students. When eral contracts with corporations in order to fund the expansion
asked about the regulations imposed on the Spot, President of the campus and reduce the operating costs of the
Kenny stated that the new regulations were put in place University. The food service and the bookstore are run by cor-
because of concerns that the Spot may lose its liquor license. porations. The high price of books, the high price of food, and
The regulations put in place this year deny access to anybody the monopoly of Coke on this campus are all due to corporate
under 21 and any person who is not a student or accompanied contracts made by the University President Kenny told the
by a student. The new rules also limit the hours of the Spot. senate that she was in favor of corporate contracts and would
President Kenny's response is completely invalid. There has continue the practice in the future.
not been a single complaint, ticket, or any other problem relat- These contracts are anti-competitive, they limit the
ing to underage drinking at the Spot, which would justify the choice of students, they raise the costs of food and books, and
new rules. The fact of the matter is that President Kenny had the are made without real student involvement and without
no idea why the new rules were put into effect, she just said student consent. The administration sells our business to
what she was told. She should have said, "we have to kill the corporations, they prostitute us to the highest bidder, and it
Spot in order to save it." is not going to stop.
The Spot is the only place where people can perform Fred Preston, in an effort to pacify students said that
without all the red tape the administration put in the way of there were some corporations that the campus wduld not
Polity. It is a free and open forum for students and the people enter into contracts such as with corporations that use sweat
of this community. The Spot is where the students have con- shops to produce their products. The fact is that many of the
trol over what is said and who performs. The Administration products sold in the University book store that have the
is taking away that control. They are trying to make the stu- University logo on them are made in sweat shops. NYPIRG,
dents weaker and more manageable. They lied to the senate. the New York Public Interest Research Group, has confirmed
They lied to the student representatives, and will get away this. Fred Preston has deceived the Senate, he has been made
with it. They will have control over who performs, over what aware of this fact and he continues to smile and say the
is said and who can say it. They will take away our freedom, University would never do such a thing. In fact, almost all
unless we stand up and refuse to let them. the clothing sold in the book store is made by oppressed
There will be no outlet for student poetry, music, workers who are paid less than $0.50 an hour. The
and no place for students to organize as they have in the past University is promoting slavery by selling these products
to oppose the policies of the administration which strips us of and yet, they tell us that they would never do such a thing.
our voice and our freedom. The President suggested that the They lie, they deceive, and it is not going to stop, unless we
new rec. center would be a place for the students to come stop it.
------ --=----- -- -------------- ------- ---- --------------- ·-- ·-- ---- --·IC--~ - --- - - C ~- C -- - - - - - -- - - --- -- I


Dear Editor: guys!
And that's why I also wonder about the
This is in regard to Cheryl Edelman's interpretation of the ad. The Press has a rep-
article about The Press ad showing a nude utation for being very liberal and open
back view of a woman. ("Sexism in The about sexuality and sensuality. There's a
Press" Vol.XXII. NO.2. 10/6/00. P.5.) True, strong possibility that the ad was intended
her concerns about the "objectification of to attract not just straight men, but all peo-
women" are viable, especially-as she points ple who prefer such an open-minded
out, due to the "amount of violence against atmosphere. I'm not sure. You'd have to ask
women." But I have to take issue with two the designer of the ad. (Well, Mr. Given?)
major points. One is her friend's assertion I'm glad to see the concern with female
that "It's clear and obvious that women dignity and safety. And, in that vein, I
writers aren't welcome" at The Press. Both understand that "it makes perfect sense to
the staff and editorial board there are analyze one ad." But I think that, if we're
already made up of a variety of people, truly analyzing, we have to explore all pos-
male and female, heterosexual, homosexu- sibilities-not just react to a first impres-
al, and transgender. In fact, Ms. Edelman sion.
writes for this paper regularly, and so do I,
and we're both women. I find it hard to Sincerely,
believe that anyone suddenly decided to
stock the staff with a bunch of horny hetero F.L.Livingston



10 wnom it May concern: oasis tor ms list. nat, I cannot determine. but, I inadequacy tnat I deal witn every day. I cannot
must say that I would be very displeased if some- put into words the depression and self-loathing
"Counting me, there were three 'gender one attempted to apply these rules to me. And, with which I am sometimes overcome.
variant' or 'transgressively gendered' people," that may happen as Brian has already incorrectly Conversely, however, I have never
BrianKate wrote in The Press in the October 27, labeled me as 'gender variant.' asked that things be any different. I am proud to
2000 issue. First, Brian writes, "Don't tell us, 'I can be transgendered, and I have little regret for any
"Well, that's great," you're thinking. "I learn to deal with it.'" What, then, is society sup- decisions I have made. I am intelligent, creative,
could go get that issue and read it myself." posed to do? If society does not learn to 'deal with and compassionate, and I come from a good
Why am I writing, then? Well, I am one it' at some point or another, Brian will never gain home with solid moral character and upstand-
of the aforementioned three. I am a 'gender vari- the kind of apathetic acceptance he is looking for. ing, caring parents. I have no reason to be
ant' or 'transgressively gendered', if you prefer. In Furthermore, this advice strikes frighteningly ashamed of who I am, and yet I find myself
the October 20, 2000 issue of The Press, Brian men- close to home, as I am in a relationship with a drafting this letter. Well, what gives?
tions a friend that has been getting the LGBTA to wondful girl who is trying, as hard as she can, to Well, it has occurred to me that Brian's
push transgender issues. That is me, too. Or, at 'deal with it.' I want people to learn to 'deal with outspoken, often self-negating activism may
the very least, BrianKate would have you think so. it.' I would imagine that Brian would as well. have an immeasurable impact on my life at
Brian never mentioned to me that I would Otherwise, I cannot fathom what type of reaction SUNY Stony Brook, as well as every place else,
be included in his articles, even in anonymity. As he expects from people. Whether he wants to for that matter. He is quite obviously emotional
such, for him to make so many assumptions about admit it or not, society does not accept ambiguity about this subject, which is not bad in and of
my identity, thoughts, beliefs, and feelings, while in much of anything, and certainly not in gender. itself. But, I strongly believe that there is no
at the same time purporting to desire freedom to And,
be one's self and encouraging others to do the though I do
same is, at its best, slanderous and hypocritical. not doubt How can he cl,aim to be supportive of
How can he claim to be supportive of whoever a his feelings
person is, or wishes to be, when he is unable, in his just as I do
not want
whoever a person is, or wishes to be,
own existence, to avoid applying a blind stereo-
type to all transgendered people? others to
when he is unal le, in his own existence,
The simple truth is that the person he
describes; the transgressively gendered activist, mine, it t o
does not exist. That is not me. That is not who I strikes me to avoid applying a blind stereotype to all
am, at all. that he may red
With that said, I would like to dispel the have a dif- transgender eople?
stereotype. I am not a 'gender variant', nor am I ficult time
'transgressively gendered'. And, I am personally ahead of him. place for emoting in journalism. His articles
comforted to know that the non-committal, highly What is the worst about all of this is that, strike me as being contrived, ill conceived and
ambiguous label 'not-quite-boy-not-quite-girl' unwittingly, it seems to me that Brian is doing nothing more than self-serving propaganda.
does not apply to me. I am a girl. It's that simple. more to ostracize SUNY Stony Brook's exceeding- Moreover, as society has demonstrated in the
There are no complicated, politically correct terms, ly small transgendered community from main- past, it is likely that many people who read
nor any ridiculously non-offensive nomenclature stream social acceptance; rather than break down Brian's column will allow it to condition their
to describe me. Just as your mother and the First any barriers. His persistent reference to "us" as a own preconceived notions of what transgen-
Lady are girls, so am I. I always have been a girl, mistreated group only serves to broaden the dered means. As Brian and I seem to be nothing
perhaps not of body, but certainly of mind and schism that exists between normal, homogenized alike in any important ways, I do not wish for
heart. There has never been any doubt as to who, American society and anyone, gender questioning other people's perceptions of me to be colored by
or what I am. I cannot quite explain why or how or otherwise, who displays any amount of indi- their feelings toward him or his writings. He is
I know, but then, I would venture to guess that not viduality. entitled to his opinions, and he is entitled to have
terribly many people, if anyone, could adequately However, it is noble of Brain to speak his them to be printed within the pages of The Press.
describe what it means to be a boy or a girl. mind, and to fight for changes in our most funda- But these blanket statements about the transgen-
Further, Brian included a list of "Do's mental societal constructs. I have no doubt that he dered community and its members are irrespon-
and Don'ts" to abide by when dealing with a 'gen- will experience arduous opposition, and I wish sible. I, also, am afforded the right of free
der variant' person, as if to suggest that we do not him luck. I, however, am not an activist. I am not speech; and so I, too, can only express my disap-
function like normal people. I understand his about to allow being transgendered to consume pointment and adamant disagreement with his
good intention, but to even remotely imply that my life. I just want to fit in. I want to adapt to this columns; otherwise I feel that I would forfeit my
culture, so as right to react negatively to any repercussions his
to allow me to misrepresentation of my beliefs might cause.
pursue my Most importantly, I wanted to dispel
Just as your mother and the dreams.
want to be
I any stereotypical views that people may have
had, regardless of their origin. It has been my
myself, and I experience that most people immediately associ-

First Lady are girls, so am I. want to be

seen for who I
ate anything with the prefix 'trans' with such
educational programming as Jerry Springer. On
this campus, I am afraid that people will associ-

I always have been a girl, I have

known, for as
long as I can
ate anything with the prefix 'trans' with
BrianKate. So, I am putting myself up there as
another possibility for the transgendered mold.
remember that At the very least, I would hope that people
perhaps not of body, but I am not a boy.
In fact, it's
would read this correspondence know that I am
a rational, intelligent person, and that I am not a
always been threat to the precious sociological constructs that
certainly of mind and heart. very clear to
me that Iwas a
they hold so dear. In fact, I like them. I like being
a girl, and wouldn't trade it for anything in the
girl. I can world.
remember, in
his text could be, for someone so inclined, some vivid detail, the disillusionment I felt when I first
variety of factual, authoritative reference material learned that other people don't think of me as a Respectfully,
is amazingly presumptuous and offensive. girl. In fact, that is a lesson that I oft forget, and it
Perhaps, though, as Brian clearly knows more of is a hard one to learn. Nobody should be con- Caitlin Leigh
- L- '''''
these 'gender variant' people than I, there is some
demned to have to face the feelings of remorse and
'' '''' I I-
I ·r r. I · I · I I rl · II · I I

"Vote for Nader". The slogan itself makes legs. Indeed, feminism is something that each
me ill; to think there are some who wish to throw woman carries around with her and exhibits on a
away their vote in this presidential election. What constant basis through how she carries herself and
make me even more annoyed is the defacing of art. how she competes. She needs no group name or
This afternoon, as I was walking home from a less facades. She is the natural feminist and it is she
then great bio exam, I noticed that scrawled in who will be the example for other women.
huge neon pink letters was the infamous slogan As far as presidential politics, what is
9tony Brook Contemporary "Vote for Nader" defacing the huge rust colored even more disgusting is that the propaganda being
Chamber Players sculpture opposite the library. It is as though I was forced down our throats preaches support for a
not already visually assaulted enough with similar presidential candidate who has NO chance of
"Classics Concert" slogans accompanied by pro-choice propaganda becoming president.anyway. Making a moral vote
written over the walls and steps of the Staller is like making a moral decision not to cut your
November 15 @ 8pm buildings. Violating the conduct code to litter the grass, you may believe in it, but it accomplishes
Staller Center campus with political messages harms and hurts nothing and you piss off your neighbors. More to
more than it does rally political support for one's the point, a vote for Nader, as presidential hopeful
Admission is free!
For more info on the
concert, call the Music
Department at

Autumn Airs Concert

Tuesday, November 21st
Stony Brook Wind Ensemble
performs at the
Staller Center for the Arts
Main Stage @ 8pm

Stony Brook Opera I

Gore professes, is like a vote for Bush. While a vote
candidate. When a groups views deface art or per-
Ensemble in Concert manent structures such as buildings, the message for Nader is likened to a "protest vote", it accom-
is simply absencent. It shows a general lack of plishes nothing while pushing a "non pro-choice"
Tuesday, November 28th respect for not only the artists and the sanctity of republican into office, which pisses this neighbor
art, but the University and those who work and off. A person's politics is their own business and I
at the Staller Center attend class here.
Recital Hall @ 8 pm Psychologically

Tickets are $6
speaking, it is simply
unwise to piss off
Making a moral vote is like
those whose aware-
$3 'forsudents and seniors
Purchase tickets at the
ness you aim to raise.
More specifically,
making a moral decision not
Staller Center box office
attacking the propa-
ganda itself, I say
while I do support
to cut your may
(632-ARTS) pro-choice
believe in it, but it accom-
For a complete exhibiting my right as
a women over the
walls and steps of the
plishes nothing AND you
concert schedule, Staller center is again
a gross violation of piss off your neighbors.
decency, as well as the
check out conduct code. I have my ideas of who is responsi-
ble for this mischievous conduct and I must say I
only hope that certain groups on campus could
respect this and limit their political zealous to
am not surprised. There are still some who are paper postings ONLY and leave defenseless ART
www.sunysb. looking for a cause to fight for, even after all the
good battles have been fought and won. As

women, it is not our mouths and propaganda that -Rebekah Klarberg

edu/music. will continue to give us dominion over our bodies,
it is our vote. Rasing awareness does not start in "I am the cat who killed the rat that ate the mat
thay lay in the house that Jack
I groups or cliches that makes some feel happy they
have friends, while they shamelessly gallivant built!"

4 11 I I I
around campus with their piercings and unshaved


I I I · I· ~I - - ISSUES
---- ^\

y F.L.Livingston ally had to give some in order to get the dough. understood that. Adultery? Yes. Wrong? No
Often illegally, yes, and frowned upon as doubt. Presented in a way that was intended to
Can you spell hypocrite? Try P-a-u-1-a J- immoral. hurt or offend Ms. Jones? I don't think so. Just an
)-n-e-s. That's right. Paula Jones. The woman Yet, some women today effort to be clear,
who sued Bill Clinton for alleged sexual harass- have found a new hook. Refusing a I'm guessing.
nent. The gal who-didn't-exactly-win-her-case- sexual overture and then complain- That's all.
but-got-a nice-cash-settlement, not to mention a ing about it, in court and/or the There are those,
:otal makeover, including a new nose. The victim media. Then they, too, rake in the however, who saw
has now agreed to pose nude for an upcoming cash, not because they had sex, but in this a way to
ssue of Penthouse. because they didn't. With the law, hurt and humiliate
What? Pose nude? For Penthouse? The and sometimes moral indignation, him, and Ms. Jones
woman who was so affronted by a private request on their side. was all too eager to
for oral sex with one man is now cool with baring Ouch! The screams are go along. For the
herself, publicly, to all? Hello! Doesn't she see the deafening. I'm trashing the cause of money, and I
contradiction here? all harassment victims, some of expect, though she
She says, "No." Or, at least, not the one I you may think. Or I'm trivializing denies that, for the
see. The difference, she insists, is a matter of harassment complaints. fame.
choice. In the supposed Clinton episode, the then- No, I'm not. At least not in So now she
governor of Arkansas made an unwelcome my view. I have no intention of claims she's broke,
advance. In this new situation, Jones is making downplaying the seriousness of and her perfect
her own decision. Besides, as she points out, she true sexual harassment. Or molesta- solution, is tc
"needs the money." tion. Or, worse case scenario, rape. pose nude. Only
Excuse me? She made a decision in the To the contrary, I contend this time she's
1 • ,1_ • _ _

so-called Clinton episode, too. She declined, with lke aul Joes ive Paula Jones,
thatwomn takin' it off for Penthouse. 1Iopen a~orterc
yn"' that it's for thc
no repercussions. No loss of salary or position. No harassment c'ase ahd"o
name. I mean, c'mon. So money.
So say Clinton dropped his pants and
say Clinton dropped his
pants and asked for a
So, no, I don't really have a major prob-
lem with this line of work, as long as it's a
asked for "a blow job." Crude, ma ,ybe, blow job. Crude, maybe.
Unwelcome and unex-
woman's free choice. Even if it's still a matter oi
cashing in on your body. It's legal, somewha
Unwelcome and unexpectedd, perhaps. pected, perhaps, but acceptable, and doesn't involve any actual sex

But she's from the same ePra that I'm she's from the same era
that I'm from, and so is
Besides, if only Bill Clinton would have turned tc
magazine pictures instead of in-the-flesh mis
from (and so is he). A lot of guys Si
in the h.'60sAlotof guys in the
and '70s pulled
Its just that I have a big problem witt
'60s and '70s pulled stunts llike that. It's stunts like that. It's hard
for me to believe that she
hypocrisy, and I'm especially concerned when i
involves a woman who helped to cause a grea
hard for me to believe that she was all was all that shocked or
deal of disruption. Not just in the life of one mar
and his family, but also in that of our entir(
that shocked or scandalized. Such men thought, I nation. All because of a sexual proposition. Anc
imagine, that they were now she cheerfully says yes to playing the se:
mistreatment at work. No reaction, at all. As for being cool, or honest. In fact, that word honest is object? Is she for real?
money, well she took the alleged incident and probably key, here. If it happened as Paula said, Sure, she tries to get around it by talkiný
turned it into gold. then Bill most likely wanted to be as clear and about choice, and women's rights, and stuff mos
Well, not gold, exactly, but you get my matter-of-fact as possible. This wasn't about love, of us can relate to, but I'm betting that, too, is
drift. And, yeah, there have always been women or romance, or possibly leaving his wife. It was just another hook.
who traded in on sex. But in the Dast, thev usu- simply about sex, and he had to make sure she

rr ~r rr ~ ~ rr A ~ ~C· C·
ISSUES ~p~-- ~~--__~ ,__ a c,~ , -II · IblC~ eel I -·rll - a pea

ishm ael an d I saac

By EL. Livingston far and wide. Followers of the prophet desecration of sacred Jewish monuments.
Mohammed, they spread his teachings through Beyond all that, each group sees this
In the "first murder" of the Bible, Cain many lands. Believing that Mohammed rose to struggle as a symbol of their larger concerns. The
slays his brother, Abel, out of jealousy, and bears heaven from that same sacred spot mentioned Palestinians view it as a sign of the general dis-
the mark of his deed for life. Religious mythology, above, they erected there the Dome of the Rock crimination that they claim to suffer, and it touch-
no doubt, but it recognizes the bitterness that can and renamed the area, the Noble Sanctuary. It's the es on the Israeli Jews' fear that the Arabs still want
often develop between potential allies and it fore- third holiest site in the Islamic faith,
shadows the decades of strife between various and Jerusalem, its third holiest city.
groups of geographical or genetic proximity. You see the problem? The ral Muslims want to regain
... sevei
Think England and France, or China and Japan. identical site is sacred to both faiths.
Or, more recently, the two Semitic peoples, Jews Yet, for centuries, the issue lay dor-
contro, of East Jerusalem, with its
and Arabs, allegedly descendants of another pair mant. Only in the last century, as large Palestinian population...But
of Biblical brothers, Ishmael and Isaac. What's the both Arabs and Jews sought control an
connection between these two "families?" How of the Holy Land, did this conflict many Israeli Jews are loath to give
,did they turn against each other? And how can
they make peace?
come to the fore.
Currently, Jerusalem is,
up whrat they won it in the Six-Day
According to religious legend, Ishmael again, the capital of Israel. But sev- , et alone all of Jerusalem.
was the son of the famous patriarch, Abraham, by eral Muslims want to regain control
the servant, Hagar. Isaac was the son of the same of East Jerusalem, with its large Palestinian popu- to totally erase the Jewish presence from the Holy
patriarch via his wife, Sarah. Fearing contention lation. Others insist that Jerusalem, as a whole, Land.
between the two boys, Sarah demanded that must become "the capital of a Palestinian inde- So blood flows in the streets of Jerusalem
Abraham banish Ishmael and his mother from pendent state." But many Israeli Jews are loath to and elsewhere in the region. The violence has
their tribe. Abraham was reluctant to do this, but give up what they won it in the Six-Day War, let even spilled over into Israel-proper, where the
God promised to turn Ishmael's descendants into alone all of Jerusalem. children of Isaac and Ishmael fight each other in a
a great nation. He vowed to do the same for Isaac. The biggest sticking point seems to be the kind of hand-to-hand "civil war."
And so, Isaac became the father of the fate of the Temple Mount/Noble Sanctuary. Now, with the help of President Clinton,
Jews, whose basic religion was shaped by the Although, to my knowledge, the Israeli govern- UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, Egyptian
prophet Moses. Historically, they conquered the ment generally allows Christians and Muslims President Hosni Mubarak, and Jordan's King
land of Canaan, renaming it Israel. King David sovereignty over their holy places, it's Israel that Abdullah, the Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak
established Jerusalem as the capital city, and there, dominates this dual sacred site. A number of and Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat have ham-
his son, King Solomon, built the First Temple. Muslims resent that, as well as, the presence of mered out a verbal truce, nothing's in writing. But
Destroyed, rebuilt as the Second Temple, and Israeli soldiers. Palestinians contend that the for a lasting peace, both "Ishmael" and "Isaac"
destroyed again, its last remnant, is the Western Mount/Sanctuary should be under their domin- must commit themselves to respecting the life, lib-
Wall, holiest monument in Judaism. Its location, ion, or at least, a general Islamic authority. erty, equality, and sacred sites of all parties; even
known to Jews as the Temple Mount, is the most However, most Israeli Jews oppose hand- if it means, say, assigning the Mount/Sanctuary to
sacred place in the Jewish faith, and Jerusalem, its ing the site over to the Muslims. They worry that an impartial, international authority. Either that or
holiest city. the Arabs will bar Jews from their holy places go the way of Cain and Abel.
Ishmael, meanwhile, was the progenitor there, as when Jordan ruled the area, and after the
of the Arabs, who, according to history, traveled recent Palestinian raid on Joseph's Tomb, they fear

Jones Soda would like to

re-affirm it's customers
that, contrary to
«= ^Y^
-r^-.^-ar J ^ '

NOT made from

REAL Girl Scouts.

please purchase a
Girl Scout free,
Jones Soda at aj
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- I · C -C-l~ ·_·C·~app - -1 3 ~1 1 · IIlI I 3Pllilili I~·--~9 ~


By Chris Sorochin confiscated puppets and signs and food, all very wearing anything that could possibly obscure his
dangerous things. The night before the main day or her face; gotta be in full focus for the surveil-
"Jews and Marxists had been systemati- of protest, they staged a special "for intimidation lance cameras.
cally persecuted since the takeover. Albert purposes only" mass arrest, sweeping up not only One group of lowlifes with concealed
Einstein's bank deposits were seized when a bread nonviolent demonstrators, but also journalists and identities, however, received full protection of the
knife, categorically a lethal weapon, was found in tourists, on the charge of parading without a per- law: undercover police infiltrated protest groups,
his house." mit. They kept some of these people chained on in some cases even assisting in the construction of
-From John Toland's historical biography, buses for hours on end, without access to toilets or giant puppets. At the opportune moment, said
Adolf Hitler water. I'm told this practice is common in all arrest scumbags would pop out of the woodwork and
situations; so much for innocent until proven bust anyone they could. Philadelphia district
At this point, I think it's extremely useful guilty. attorney Lynne Abraham refused to release any
to step back and take a look at just how far we've During the weekend came reports of sporadic information about these stalwarts until a month
progressed down the road to a police state since beatings, pepper sprayings and harassment. On after the convention on the grounds that it might
about a year ago, and marvel at how exponential- Monday another large group of arrests were made endanger their lives! Yes, the gallant little Gestapo
ly that progress has accelerated. and the reports that filtered back were unsettling: operatives might have been in grave physical dan-
The latest wave of repression has, as pre- more beatings and other physical and psychologi- ger from the crazed, fanatical devotees of the-
dicted, worked its way up from being the almost cal abuse and open flouting of due process by dreaded Puppet Cult.
exclusive province of the poor, non-white and iudges. Defendants were not allowed to choose
- - ...... - - -
One wonders how neople like Ms
young, to touching the lives of an increasing num- their own counsel. Instead, lawyers Abraham can say
ber of white middle-class people; people whose were assigned from pool. Judges also such things with
"crime" is their exercise of the constitutionally lied to defendants, telling them others straight faces, except
guaranteed rights of free speech, protest and had signed release forms and given in the knowledge
assembly, to say nothing of petitioning the gov- their names (which they were refusing that the obedient
ernment and pursuing happiness. to do). More about judges later. Some media would not
Last November, thousands of protestors protestors spent up to a week in jail. question her absurd
took the authorities by surprise and successfully Police shredded personal documents assumption. One also
disrupted the meeting of the World Trade and other possessions and many pris- wonders how the
Organization in Seattle. The response of the State oners were released without money, media vultures, no
was one not seen since the 1960s: the mayor of or were never given back shoes, jack- matter how compro-
Seattle essentially declared martial law. The ets and other articles of clothing. mised, could actually
Seattle Police were augmented by state and feder- The summer party nominating con- let their names
al enforcers in full assault mode, and the streets ventions in Philadelphia and Los appear on such obvi-
were thick with tear gas, pepper spray and rubber Angeles ratcheted things up even fur- ous bilge. One can-
bullets. ther. Before the Republicans even further speculate as
The authorities were trying out all kinds rolled into Philly, two events paved to the psychological
of new crowd-control technology, mysteriously the way. One was the "blue rage" makeup of the
"marking" certain individuals with dye and sta- beating of a black suspect by about 30 Einstein, maxin' and relaxin lundercover "heroes"
tioning agents in hospital emergency rooms Philadelphia cops, captured, as everything seems themselves--after making their big bust, did they
throughout the city to monitor those injured by to be these days, on video. The Philadelphia swagger off to some cop bar and yuk it up with
their tactics. police department has a history of brutality and their buddies over how they saved the world from
For several years now, unbeknownst to corruption and were in federal receivership for puppeteers?
the vast majority of the public, the government many years. Recently, scores of convictions were Even more bizarre was the "pre-emptive"
has been conducting something called "Operation overturned when it came to light that police arrest of John Sellers, head of the Ruckus Society.
Garden Plot," in which military units stage prac- framed suspects. Sellers was arrested and held on the unheard-of
tice The second was the extraordinary heaviness of bail of one million dollars on several transparent-
attacks on urban areas. Only the incurably naive the sentences given to several activists (including ly bogus charges, one of which was possession of
would think that such exercises were not practice Stony Brook alumnus Mitch Cohen) who had that
runs for military action against US citizens, even staged a sit-in at the Liberty Bell in behalf of pernicious tool of revolutionaries everywhere, a
though the Posse Comitatus Mumia Abu- cell phone. That's right, they stretched the law to
Act of 1886 expressly forbids The l l 1
test wave f define Seller's cellular as an implement of terror
domestic use of the US mili-
tary. .
test wave
Jamal last
Fourth of July. because of its use in communicating with other
For the misde- protestors.
Then again, all kinds
of mayhem are forbidden on
repression has touched ... meanor of tres- I've been mewling for some time now

the lives ofincreasing

pass, the defen- about the criminalization of just about everything,
paper, but in the vast and dants were sen- noting that it's becoming easier and easier for the
murky underworld of 6f tenced to house authorities to hassle more and more people on
power... arrest, urine flimsier and flimsier pretexts. Maybe not every-
The "Battle
Seattle" really did shake
of numbiors of white tests, lifting of one plays with puppets, but how many people
passports, have cell phones these days and hence qualify as
things up. Not only did the
demonstrators bring pro-
middle-(class peo ele, Spe demands for potential criminals if someone so decrees? I'm
personal finan- sure every household in 1933 Germany boasted a
ceedings to a halt, embolden- cial records and bread knife, but of course not everybody had their
ing a good many delegates from developing coun- a ban on associating with known felons. This last bank account seized, only those targeted.
tries to stand up to the Great Powers and bringing is significant in light of the fact that several of Like Philadelphia, Los Angeles is also try-
globalization to everyone's attention in general, them, such as Clark Kissinger of the National ing to live down a police scandal. Earlier this year,
but the protests brought together many disparate Lawyers Guild and Mumia's publisher, are key an officer in the Ramparts division revealed that
sectors of society, united in opposition. That's a players in the effort to free Mumia. In effect, it beatings, frame-ups, shake-downs, etc. were, yet
very scary thing to thosewho are running things, meant they could not meet with him for the dura- again, standard procedure. They did not disap-
those who like everyone separate and divided. tion of their sentences. Quite an effective way to point anyone's expectations at the Democratic
April brought a week of protests against the shut down protest, n'est-ce pas? Convention in August. Even conservative com-
meeting of the World Bank/International Another effective way is to criminalize mentators were appalled by the heavy-handed,
Monetary Fund in Washington, DC. This time the protest per se, both in the law and in people's arrogant police presence. In lieu of their custom-
Forces of Evil were a little more organized and minds. On June 12, a meeting was held to amend ary cry of "This is what democracy looks like,"
they tried some cute tricks like raiding protest the city code to prohibit "concealed identities," protestors instead chanted "This is what a police
headquarters on the pretext of "fire safety." They thus giving police the power to arrest anyone state looks
continued on page 15


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5. P.........
By Tim Connors is bad enough for me and drains my willingness to
Have I been obsessed with a person, place or live.
This is half of my first step for the thing? If so, how has that gotten in the way of
Narcotics Anonymous program. I'm rushing it my relationships with others? How else have I Am I comparing a current manifestation of my
and it's not perfect, however the action of self- been affected mentally, physically, spiritually, addiction to the way my life was before I got
examination is what recovery from drug use is and emotionally by this obsession? clean? Am I plagued by the idea that I should
about. Some people say that your life depends I have been obsessed with cigarettes. I know better?
upon it. You'll die anyway; it is my relative sani- can't stay in places for more than an hour without The most obvious current manifestation
ty that depends upon step work aid the self- smoking. It has affected my relationship with oth- is the coffee, cigarettes, and lack of occupation or
examination that is required. The following ques- ers by causing me to chose to interact with others sloth. These are behaviors that I had during active
tions are from the step-working guide, and the while I am smoking and be less inclined to do so addiction; the money I spend is out of control for
answers are mine. when I am not. Mentally, it is the focus of my day, me. I use the reasoning that I'm not using drugs
The Disease of Addiction: and I plan around it. Physically, I get anxious and as a justification for not doing anything to
What does the disease of addiction mean irritable if I don't smoke, and am afraid of not improve my financial situation. Except borrowing
to me? A prog smoking. Spiritually, I think that it interferes with more rr to turning to school.
that resulted iri my ability to be at peace with myself, and I don't,
to engage in, think I can be so without it. Emotionallyit X•Have• have enough infor-
Knowing that I rthanges the way I feel, calming me down from matioi Srecovery to get my
and alcohol tha withdrawal and making my thoughts race. beha 'fore it gets out of
sional, and hall
Denial inking that but to an
Has my c Denial is the part of our disease that tells extent, Igmyself to responsi-
S1w. dont have a disease. When we are in bilities lty living up to.
As of we re unable to see the reality of our
excessively, ign colle6c ddtn We
minimize its effect. We blame oth- Am IL ise Fm afraid I will
tors, and isolati e. Siti the expectations of families, be ash-
too-high results of my addic-
What is it like v ething? friends and employers. We compare ourselves tion? t because I'm worried
Does my thinki ent will with other addictshose addiction seems worse will think?
serve as a stimi 111have than oown We yblame one particular drug. 1, and I will pray for
tightness in my ppened If we hae be bs from drugs for some faith ir and for forgiveness
in my head an( re done time, we iht mp the current manifestation and ac
differently. Ei until a of our addio wituse, rationalizing ybrings us to a place
person, place, )ry and that nothing wedo to&yco)i16 possibly be as bad where ry the nature of our
then I rememl link of as that was! One offltieast .,to tell that we problei erationalizations, all
responses that, self. are in denial is when 1 lwe giving the illt
Ives 7e stand face to face
When imme- plausible but untrue re avior, with vA )ecome. We realize
diately act on conse- X . . we've ope. We find we've
quences? In vw e com- Have I given Plausible Sfgor becom ipletely disconnected
pulsively? Sol idering my behavior? What that ou iam, a parody of love
the consequeni t other I'm doing better and t and inl yseem that all is lost
people. Gen ihavior psychotics, or I'm stressed and 1n when his state, the truth is
involves in*am( anti denressants. Mom wants to h'' t t & ,,.that w< this place before we
desires. taking money from her is okay since y of recovery.
give it to me. I'm getting better, so go
How does the isease school will be different this time. I won Le to recovery?
affect my life id me? and do nothing. It's okay to take the social ychotic break caused
I'm n( entered ty disability income and not work, even thoi g. Specifically I was
affects my life, ts those could work part time, or probably full time. people could read my
around me. sleep too much to work full time, and I wouldn't tory hallucinations I
Sable to do the things I like. lers thoughts.
How has my Have I compulsively acted on an obses- un, smoking pot and
Mentally s the time of year I do
Physically, the disease has caused the act that way? When were those times? drugs the most heavily, or experiment with new
amount of medication that I take to increase, and Applying to school for a paralegal was a ones. I had seen a flyer for narcotics anonymous
that has led to weight gain. compulsive act based on an obsession. Getting the in the bathroom of the student health center at
Mentally, my thinking was impulsive, or job at the dollar store that lasted a couple of hours. Stony Brook. I held on to it for a few weeks. On
without careful consideration of the alternatives. I Applying for government assistance, and decid- February 5th I got high and drunk at Hillary's
was paranoid, and occasionally delusional in ing to switch doctors were compulsive acts that house. It was a long night, and I drove home
thinking the world was against me. Thoughts were based on an obsession. drunk. The next day I called information for the
would jumble in my head; a train of ideas that NA hotline number, and found a meeting in
flowed and were not related or if they were, they How have I blamed other people for Huntington. That Sunday, I saw the flyer and
did not accurately reflect reality. my behavior? decided that I wanted to stop using, because I felt
Spiritually, I was without a belief in God I thought that Ed, my resident housing uncomfortable and nothing would occupy me. I
or any power that was loving, or caring. My God director, was forcing me to leave the position of felt a void in me.
was punishing or indifferent to my existence, leav- resident assistant, when it was my drug use that
ing me to my own affairs and actions. had made my life unmanageable. I also was con- What situation led me to formally work
Emotionally, I lacked hope, and wished vinced that he had been giving me a harder time Step One?
for death. I couldn't conceive of a live without than the other staff members, because I had I would have started at my brother's
alcohol or drugs. revealed that I have schizophrenia. wedding, but my sponsor suggested I wait 90
days, at least to build a foundatiori in the program.
What is the specific way in which my disease How have I compared my addiction with others My cousin's wedding was annoying and my fam-
has been manifesting itself most recently? addiction? Is my addiction bad enough if I ily was abusive towards me with verbal jabs. I
Cigarettes, coffee, not taking my protocol don't compare it to anyone else's? don't remember when I started, so I maybe in
medication as prescribed, taking less of the proto- I feel less than the crack and heroine denial about why I started.
col medication and once taking extra anti-depres- addicts, since I didn't do those drugs I compare
sants. Doing things that aggravate my schizo- my life situation to theirs and realize things could When did I first recognize my addiction as a
phrenia, or take me out of myself. Kissing Jennifer be worse for me. Seeing as how I become psy- problem? Did I try to correct it? If so how? If
was a way to escape myself. chotic if I drink, or smoke pot, yes, my addiction not, why not?


0 M i E
i^ ^ ^^^^

I realized I was an addict when I was tect myself? Manipulative? Whinny?) enrolling in school and not doing the work. My
doing cocaine in the winter of 98. I tried a geo- I become passive aggressive, manipula- inability to stick with a job beyond two weeks.
graphic relocation and a job cessation, but neither tive, self centered, and grandiose. I was passive
worked. I returned to drinking and smoking pot. aggressive with Chloe to get sex, and vindictive, Have I ever been arrested or had legal trouble
The drug use was off and on, but the variety and mean with Jennifer when she wouldn't put as a result of my addiction?
expanded, and my functionality decreased signif- out. I got thrown off the Delaware River for
icantly. I slept most of the day and drank in the drunken canoeing.
evening, then smoked pot and went to sleep at Do I manipulate other people to maintain my
about 2 to 4 am. addiction? How? Have I ever done anything I could have been
Visiting and calling mom when she has arrested for if only I was caught? What have
Powerlessness money for me. I love her, but I take advantage of those things been?
her concern for me. Flattering a girl so that she I don't think it would be wise to print an
As addicts, we react to the word power- would be physical .with me, when I don't have answer beyond yes.
less in a variety of ways. Some of us recognize strong feelings for her, but I. am starting to. I
that a more accurate de, tad at work or school
simply could not exist, a y addiction?
ness with a sense of rel [ a job, psychotic breaks
word; connecting it with Have I tried to aine use, caused absen-
to indicate some kind couldn't? Have rentual resignation from
Understanding powerle found that my being fired. School was
ting our own powerles drugs that my 4ab e of the use of drugs and
recovery, will help us g( What i
ings we may have about Yes, I hay
We are powerle: that I couldn't doiii id with my family as a
in our life is beyond ou an empty feeling, |and wo addiction?
certainly qualifies as su< ious and crave a drink an )t told me that they have
ving force. We cannot times lasted short er and sh I suspect that they have
drug use or other con as my addiction p rogressec
when they are causing
matter most to us. We c Hw has my addiction caui d with my friends as a
continue will surely rest myself or otheir addiction?
damage. We find oursel entally if have all . iy friends as a result of
would never do if it w 0 my drug use. Girlfr lose contact before any
things that make us shuc were forced to leave m ccur.
think of them. We may ( taotic and unproductivwe.I
want to use, that we are: :all. That applies to far nily ing my own way?
ize we are simply unablh )e flexible but I prefer to
tunity presents itself. assively resist until I get
We may have ti
use or other compulsive istence had on my rela-
some success for a peric
gram, only to find that ed, others have become
eventually takes us righ person feeling uncom-
before. In order to work )r what they want, and
prove our own individt on for them.
selves on a deep level.
lity for my life and my
Over what, exact] cns?
People's reactio onsibility, and will do so
ers, friends, acquaintanc )th, so that I don't show
trol whether I get a job vents in it.
security will be renewed
use drugs, thoughts of using drugs, and the stig- family problems. Some of our members have Am I able to carry out my daily responsibili-
ma about mental illness. been incarcerated. Some have never been able to ties without becoming overwhelmed?
sustain any kind of relationship for more than a No, my daily responsibilities over-
I've done things while acting out on my addic- few months. Some of us have been cut off from whelm me and I avoid them by inaction, and
tion that I would never do when focusing on our families, asked never again to contact them. procrastination. I sleep too much and have not
my recovery. What were they? Inner or personal unmanageability is sought medical attention to help me deal with
Buying a new car, selling cigarettes, asso- often identified by unhealthy or untrue belief that problem.
ciating with people I used to get high with from systems about ourselves, the world we live in,
The Press and on campus. Telling Jenthat she only and the people in our lives. We may believe How has this affected my life?
calls me when she needs a ride, and that she needs we're worthless. We may believe that the world My place is a mess, I have lost relation-
to check her motives. revolves around us, not just that it should, but ships, disappointed my family by not showing
that it does. We may believe that it isn't really up when expected, and ordinary tasks such as
What things have I done to maintain my addic- our job to take care of ourselves; someone else cooking, cleaning, and working go undone.
tion that went completely against all my beliefs should do that. We may believe that the respon-
and values? sibilities the average person takes on, as a matter Do I fall apart the minute things don't
Taking money from my mom, and break- of course, are just too large a burden for us to go according to plan?
ing the law selling cigarettes. Interacting with bear. We may over, or under, react to event in our Yes, I lack resolve in the face of adversi-
people who were verbally abusive. Missing col- lives. Emotional volatility is often one of the ty, and will just lie in bed to avoid having to deal
lege classes and borrowing from the government most obvious ways in which we can identify per- with a situation that I view as negative.
to support myself, while having no interest in col- sonal unmanageability.
lege. How has this affected my life?
What does unmanageability mean to me? My life lacks direction, and I think that I
How does my personality change when I'm act- Unmanageability means not being able have not accomplished even a small amount of
ing out on my addiction? (For example: Do I to fulfill my commitments, and repeating the my potential. I don't know myself. What my
become arrogant? Self-centered? Mean tem- same mistakes over and over again. Such as feelings are, or what is causing them.
pered? Passive to the point where I can't pro- reducing my medication on my own, and

NOVEMBER 11,2000 PAGE 13

Top Five New Nicknames Top Five New Nicknames
For America (Bush For America (Gore
Version) Version)
5. The Republic of Rape 5. Sad Mr.Nader Land.
and Honey 4. Straight White Rich
4. Rich Straight White .Guyville
Guyville 3. Los Estados Unidos
3. Ameribca Lobster Chicos de
2. The only nation where America
a 16 year old girl can't be 2. France
trusted to have control 1. The U. S. (no longer
over her body but can be fun for any of us since
trusted to raise an infant this Republicrat took
1. The Fourth Reich power) of fucking A.


I I I I · I ·; · I I ·I ii i I · IIJ· I -r I I
I' *
tei-n's read
*.d Kn 1 far
like." its military to be deployed domestically (sever- activists by the FBI and other shadowy outfits.,
LAPD officers were issued instructions al years ago, the Aussie government tried to Look for increased media demonization of all
that puppets were to be considered as possible break a dock workers' strike by using special oppositional political activity. A little more dis-
"Trojan horses" for those who sought to introduce forces troops as scabs) and the US Navy did its tantly on the horizon, one might also see some
violence into the proceedings. This, of course, imperial bit by floating just offshore, torpedoes foreign threat, inflated to justify internal repres-
gave them an excuse to hassle demonstrators, at the ready, no doubt. sion here at home. A number of
infiltrate meetings, etc. If all these tactics sound As icing on the cake, Ralph Nader was suitable gardens, the Middle East; Colombia; the
hauntingly similar, it's because they are all over- threatened with arrest for trespassing when he Balkans; and Central Asia, are currently being
seen by some national agency (like the FBI) with showed up at the first presidential debates in cultivated.
only the facade of local police authority. Boston as a spectator, with a ticket someone had On the positive side, the massive demos let
Police instigated violence at several of the given him. This, after the Commission on those in power know that the people are pissed.
LA demonstrations, most notably at the Rage Presidential Debates did everything in its power When they have to get up at 4 a.m. to be sneakily
Against the Machine/Ozomatli concert. There to keep him and Pat Buchanan from being includ- shuttled to their meeting and have the catering all
was a protracted struggle to get a permit for the ed. We don't want any dissident voices mucking screwed up, you'd better believe they realize it.
concert in the first place and then, on the pretext of up the media spectacle provided by Dull and Television networks multiply every letter
some few individuals climbing fences arid throw- Dumb, do we? Nader unfortunately did not do of complaint they get by 1,000 to gauge public
ing bottles, it was revoked. It seems that the the media-savvy thing, which would have been to sentiment and when they realize that every pro-
police can declare any assembly illegal on the spur get arrested and challenge these highly undemoc- testor goes home and tells people what went on,
of the moment and that's just what they did, ratic tactics. they know the cat is long out of the bag.
ordering a crowd of 15,000 to disperse in twen- - And when they remove the gloves, they
ty minutes through very small openings in the
armed perimeter they'd set up around the
Some were even given also can't help but remove the mask. Any
one who looks can see exactly what-kind of
area. Then they charged the crowd, attacking t country and world we are living in and how
with batons, rubber bullets and pepper spray. Ubi
A further tactic has been one New
eatings by police without much worse it could become if people don't
Yorkers are all too familiar with: people were
arrested and held for hours without being being charged with the S
Every October 22, there are marches and
rallies all across the country to protest police
charged. Some were even given beatings by brutality. This year, the organizations that
police without being charged with the custom-
ary "assaulting an officer" or "resisting arrest."
customary "asaulting planned the event in New York, the October
22 Coalition and the Revolutionary
The rationale for this is simply that, as you've Communist Party, had been subject to police
probably already figured out, many of the
actions of law enforcement are constitutionally
an officer" or surveillance since July, attempts at infiltra-
tion by undercover police, intimidation tac-
questionable, to say the least, and would never
stand up in court. And bringing actual "resisting arrest." tics by same, and, recently a pre-emptive
harassment raid. Police kicked down the
charges would leave a paper trail, making it door to the Bronx apartment where the
easier for the protestors to bring suits against meeting was taking place for pretexts as yet
the police. The Giuliani Administration has this A little earlier in the year, ninety-year-old undisclosed ("Pretexts?--We don't need no
down to a science. Dolores "Granny D" Haddock, who walked across stinkin' pretexts.") and arrested all concerned.
By the way, if you wish to contribute to the country for campaign finance reform, and sev- Several of the activists were subjected to strip
the legal efforts surrounding these protests, you eral cohorts were arrested for demonstrating in searches and other humiliations.
can make one to : the Capitol Rotunda. They were reading the It seems that this is now a permanent
Philadelphia Direct Action Group (PDAG) Constitution aloud at the time. When they bust part of demonstrating in Amerika. Writer
PO Box 40683 someone's grandmother for proclaiming the prin- Naomi Klein tells of first-time activists in
Philadelphia, PA 19107 ciples the country is supposed to stand for in the Washington armed with goggles and bandanas halls of Congress, you know the worm has turned, soaked in vinegar,\"not that they were planning
On the international front, similar and nriot for the better. to attack a Starbucks, just that they thought that
protests and repression have haunted meetings of; Put it all together and whaddaya got? getting gassed is what happens when you
international bigwigs in Windsor, Canada; Prague, Well, the phenomenal growth of the movement express your political views" (quoted from the
the Czech Republic; and Melbourne, Australia has inspired the System'and its caretakers to Counterpunch newsletter, an excellent resource,
Many of the Melbourne protestors hung remove the gloves. They will, make no mistake, of June 1-15, 2000).
around to raise some hell at the Sydney Olympics, resort to any dirty tricks they can to keep things I'm heading off to the School of the
and part of what you didn't see in NBC's laime moving their way. They won't hesitate to shatter Americas protests in Fort Benning, Georgia next
coverage was the high level of militarizatiornlto the illusion of freedom, democracy and rule of law month. Usually, interactions between protestors,
prevent any unplanned disruption. Australia that most of us live under most of the time. Look police and base personnel are quite cordial. Will
doesn't have even the veneer of a law forbidding for renewed and strengthened harassment of this year be different?

NOVEMBER 1, 2000 PAGE 15

FEATURES 'qp I' ' · Il · ·I _~ ~I d c Ir · IBr I -s -- - - -- ~-bC- -----· ---II

Its Like A Pornog.raphic Episode Of Full House
:oall you may want to have a foursome involving double anal fisting. The
out there choice is yours, people. The only one holding you back is your-
to vote for self; you can find three fist-ready people if you really want to!
i this past Am I suggesting that everyone go do something radical-
n! Aside ly sexually different than they're used to? YES! Exactly! Take it as
my own far as you want to go. I am aware that everyone has limitations,
:alideolo- and I know some of you out there will never partake in a (gasp)
it's won- homosexual experience, but I'm not asking everyone to do some-
1to see so thing they're not comfortable with.
straying What I am saying to you is this: work up the courage to
>n a whim. do the one teensy, weensy evil thing that has been lurking in the
ways right back of your brain. You know you want to, so just do it! Go have
akes those that (safe) one night stand! Keep the lights on this time! Get into
toes mean that comitted relationship you've been denying yourself! Take a
hat you're chance! You'll never know if you don't take that risk.
doing. Which brings me to my point: do what you want to do. And when you do, write in to Dr. Dog. I bet there are lots
sk Of course, since this is the column that it is, you know of readers out there who want to hear someone actually recount
where I am headed: be free in bed, be the leader, act out your fan- their novel experience. Feel free to share anything remotely sex-
tasies, yadda, yadda, yadda. More importantly though, make ual with me! Take a risk and expose yourself to the rest of the
sure you're not ashamed of what you are doing and/or want to campus. No one will know it's you, I promise.
---' unless
------T- it~-involves
~-~--- small children. the dead.
· etc. There are too We want dirt, damn it! Ladies and gentleman, throw us
many people out there in this world, myself included, that have some of your sexiest stories and we promise we'll enjoy them, at
let their inhibitions limit them in terms of their sexuality. least down here at The Press.
Now, this could mean different things to different people In the meantime, I'll be on my own journey toward find-
(corny cliche plus added immature sex joke combined:"different ing my own ways to fuck society.
strokes for different folks"). Some people might simply desire to

.. . 0aaSL
onpres s 0maj M.
be more dominant/submissive in bed. On the other hand, some
...... C 10
· (t

SPOT: 2ndoverfloor21 fannie brice thtr
only6PM openuntwed..
i l t
2am o sat .
SB IDhave
t o val
ent e i
r d
if you'
youcan'must r e not
be w/ a SB
a st
SB u dent
st u dent
t park anywhere
you wil be hassled by cops near it
no smokinor
ail t h ese
moreimposedinanebyand many
regulthe aman
rui n i n g a.n ot
spectacular music/arts venue h erwi s e
ficomeght tanyway
he man
I LL~CC~R--- ~q~C~C---~b~l~ r -~ ------ _I - ~pc·e ~ ~F larrP~rrsl3lpr~a re i I

Pep ress oyr -i

By Jacklyn Yeh and imagine soaring through the air when I see tall able to read the person's temperament, or at least
buildings and bridges. know the person who's depressed to a consider-
I'm walking through the Union one Now, on the neon blue flier, one side is able degree. You're less likely to bullshit out of
evening, and I spot these obscenely bright fliers sit- titled, "Symptoms of Depression." Besides the your desperate ass that way.
ting in a pile by the information booth. I take a utter lack of uniform grammar, who hasn't experi- Oh, and by all means, do not tell them to
gander and realize with interest that it is about enced, "Feelings: sadness, emptiness, hopelessness, smile. Fucking shit, I don't know about anyone
depression. The University Counseling Center pessimism, guilt, helplessness, worthlessness"? else, but that is the one thing that pisses me off
Division of Campus Life is stamped on each of Who hasn't been "unable to make decisions or con- about anyone who tries to help. "Life isn't so bad.
them. centrate"? Who hasn't "lost interest in fun things, Smile!" My shoulders, fists, and jaws tense up and
One side of the neon orange flier is titled, seem 'slowed down'"? And of course, "thinking or I just want to scream holy hell. Don't be obvious
"What Depression Is." The first bulleted "fact" is, talking about death or suicide"? Considering there about trying to make them laugh, either. They can
"It is a condition in the same way that diabetes and are more educated people out there, I'm willing to see the triumph in your eyes, and will brood even
heart disease are medical conditions." On the believe there are many people out there who just more about not even being able to stay depressed,
other side, it indicates the things "depression is might fit the bill for being depressed. let alone stay happy.
NOT", And I quote, "It is not a 'mood' someone However, some do deal with it okay. So, okay, the swifter of you guys probably
can 'snap out of.' (Would you ask someone to snap You've seen them. They brush off misfortunes like realize all this crap must apply to me. Well, you're
out of diabetes?)" crumbs of an ample chest. They kind of make you right. Don't fucking tell me to smile. If I totally
I scoffed and laughed at this. Perhaps I want to bash their smiles in, and yet they are mer- lose it, that will be the first thing I go berserk at.
took it the wrong way. If they're trying to say that cilessly alluring. How the fuck do they stay so I'm only over-generalizing and assuming that it
depression is some sort of biological thing gone well-adjusted? Of course my favorite answer is might perhaps apply to others too. Shit me, what-
whack, that's a load of shit. It's sort of like saying that it's all an act, and in private, away from public ever, I'm filling a page here, aren't I?
alcoholism is a disease. Would you call a heroin scrutiny, they're just as fucked up as anybody else. Now that I think of it, how can someone
addiction a disease? Or maybe
Let me try to see if I can explain things. they're so
Keep in mind, I am no way in hell a medical guru
or anyone in anyway qualified to give advice on
Oh, and by all means, do not tell them to
how depression is to be viewed. I'm just a strange, bliss.
strange young adult, living out her last teenage However, I'd smile. Fucking shit, I don't know about
year, trying desperately to discover that perhaps really like to
the world isn't full of as much bullshit as it seems think they're anyone else, but that is the one thing that
to be. The other side of the orange flier is titled, genuinely,
"What Depression is NOT." It reassures the reader
that "It is not something to be ashamed of... a char-
truly enjoy pisses me off about anyone who tries to
being alive.
acter flaw or a sign of a weak personality." It is also
"not the same thing as feeling 'blue or down'."
Gives me a.
sort of hope
help. "Life isn't so bad. Smile!" My
Here's what I believe.
Depression is not some biological fluke. It
or some-
thing. Then
shoulders, fists, and jaws tense up and I
is not caused by something that isn't sitting right in again I enjoy
your brain. It has exterior causes. It affects those the reassur- just want to scream holy hell.
who think too hard, who consider things too ance in see-
much, who actually take the time to pay attention ing somebody who absolutely refuses to smile, and really help someone who's hell bent on being mis-
to the discrepancies existing everyday in front of you know they mean it. 'Cuz there are some peo- erable? Isn't it something the depressed are
their miserable faces; discrepancies between what ple out there who just wallow in the misery, and responsible for? Ultimately, you, and only you,
they learn, and what they see around them. Call it you know they're trying too hard. Why the hell must resolve to improve your outlook. How can
hypocrisy if you will. would someone want to be some depressed freak? you depend on someone else to do it for you?
Right around, or a bit before puberty hits, So, "What to do when someone you love is Maybe some people like the pity and attention.
parents wonder, "What happened to our sweet, depressed"? The other side of fhe sheet suggests, And of course, "Encourage them to seek
innocent happy child?" Reality happened, duh. "Educate yourself." I take it as, don't be an ass and treatment, with appropriate treatment they can feel
They feel like they've been betrayed; nothing is just smile all the damn time hoping it'd rub off on better." Yeah, okay. Maybe. I've only tried that out
like what it's supposed to be. Girls lose their voice them. "Put yourself in their shoes." Try to under- once, was a stubborn bastard, and found that I'm
as they realize it's the men who have power; boys stand them, and listen, goddammit. The last thing now worse off than I was before. You can go take
gain their hyper-masculinized voice. someone depressed needs is more bullshit in the a shot at it if you want. According to the orange
Those who don't fit in wonder why they disguised form of "a concerned friend." "Take care flier, "One in five people will suffer depression in
don't. Answers don't come easy. They learn it is of yourself. It is okay to feel upset, angry, and frus- their lifetime." If you do, let me know how it went.
best to be themselves, except when it is conve- trated," the sheet reassures the reader. That's the I figure, I got myself into this mental mess; it's up
nient to live up to an image to look good. In short, most retarded suggestion I've heard in a while. to me to drag myself out. I'm way too stubborn for
they learn to bullshit, at the same time they're sup- The rest is a bunch of crock as well, not to mention all that shrink shit, anyway.
posed to be finding out what kind of people they totally obvious. Remember guys, "Be there for Especially since I thoroughly believe that
are. That leads to many extremely confused, bitter them. Let them know that you care. Offer hope in depression is caused by the mind affecting the
young adults. what ever form they will accept it. Love them body. Anything that seems biological about
If this keeps up, this results in fucked-up unconditionally. Talk about it." depression comes because after the mind has
grown-ups who deny everything in their pursuit Talking about it can do harm if you are not fucked up the body, the body suffers, like in any
to get ahead and be somebody. All this happens at receptive to the person's feelings. It is not advis- other disease. You eat badly, fuck your body up by
the sake of neglecting themselves, maybe even able to point out their worse faults; chances are, clogging up your pores, damn straight your body's
their true feelings. I mean, just take a look at your they're fully aware of them, whether they are in going to suffer. In the case of heart disease, it's 'cuz
parents, or any other adults in your life. Guess denial or not. It is not advisable to vent your frus- you eat badly. In the case of depression, it's 'cuz
what? You're going to end up just like them. tration and anger at them. It will lead to suicidal you deal with the bullshit around you badly. Then
Yummy, no? tendencies, as they realize they really are a pain in again, there are arguments that some people are
That's enough to make anybody the butt to the world. They feel like shit already. genetically prone to heart disease and depression.
depressed. Leave them alone. Bah, perhaps this is where my argument
All right, so you have all these external On the other side of the coin, it is certain- falls apart. Is it fair to blame the sufferer? When
factors affecting their sanity at a time when they're ly not encouraged to be overly enthusiastic about blame is due, yes. "One in five people will suffer
trying to figure themselves out. Things don't add pointing out all their great qualities either. They've depression in their lifetime." Again, I'm not an
up, and they just can't let themselves ignore it all. already decided that they're worthless and pathet- expert. I'm just a sufferer; and I got a feeling the
So what do they do? Hell if I know. That's why I ic, and will smell through bullshit like a bug sens- figures are a lot higher than we can see.
have crying fits staring at a bloody fly on the wall, es pheromones a mile away. It always good to be

NOVEMBER 11, 2000 PAGE 17

FEATURES I II·~ Irl I - --- --

WORD UP. SO THIS YEAR, THANKS TO THE ting up, which couldn't have been timed any S... 1... . , .11 1L
ner Dana proceeaec to play some norrible, nor-
WONDERFUL STAFF AT WUSB 90.1 FM, I RECEIVED A more perfectly. The band played mostly material rible, HORRIBLE reggae. The shit was so bad,
PASS TO THE ANNUAL CMJ MUSIC MARATHON. FROM from their latest full length, Jupiter, leaving the that I gave up my position in front of the stage to
THURSDAY OCTOBER 19TH THROUGH SUNDAY crowd very happy. Their modem take on '70s rock go check out the band downstairs, knowing I'd
OCTOBER 22ND, I WAS IN LIVE MUSIC HEAVEN, WITH A was quite enjoyable, and included a cover of Led have to claw my way shortly for the Manual.
SCHEDULE TO GUIDE ME THOUGH FOUR DAYS OF PER- Zeppelin's "Dazed and Confused." Following Once downstairs I encountered perhaps
FORMANCES, PANELS AND MORE. FOR MORE BACK- Cave In, I was left with three hours to kill, so the most intense live act I'd seen all weekend, a band
GROUND INFORMATION ON THE FEST, VISIT roaming the Village was again my task. of young Canadian emo-heads called Moneen. Cats
WWW.CMJ.COM. I made my way over to Wetlands Preserve were just crazy loud, and were all over the place.
Day 1: Thursday afternoon I took it upon myself at about 7:45PM where I ran into WUSB's own D- The guitarist even jumped off the bass drum mid-
to tell my boss that I would be out Friday for a Kline. We rapped for a few minutes, when the song and never missed a note. Their music was a
family emergency, thus promising myself a good Blood Brothers promptly took the stage at 8PM. very aggressive mixture of pop-punk and modem
nights sleep before Friday's events began. The boys from Seattle played a chaotic set of songs emo. Definitely a band to watch out for.
Immediately after work, I headed over to heavily influenced by the more artsy San Diego Back upstairs to catch The Damage
the Hilton on 6th Avenue and 53rd Street to get my Hardcore bands. Drive like Jehu, Angel Hair and Manual, and I wasn't let down at all. Able to make
fucking badge. Along with my badge, I was pre- the Swing Kids all came to mind as I watched the my way up front, after some pushing and shoving, I
sented with a nicely knitted goody bag that con- Brothers tear shit up. The dueling vocalists were was on my way to personal bliss (and the three Long
tained everything from free CDs, to a Max sharp as a knife and the guitar player managed to Island Iced Teas I'd had definitely helped). The
Weinberg 7 button; there were no earplugs, use my chest as a springboard. Good shit. band played every track from their new disc, as well
though. My goal for the night was to see some old The headlining act at Wetlands that night as some tracks from their debut EP as well. These
friPcnds whn call th( msehlvec G(lcciaAr v1At.rfrm at was the (International) Noise Conspiracy. guys were the only band I saw all weekend to return
the WWF New York restaurant. encore (which I was aware of immediately,
time now was 6 PM and the Jaw had full view of their setlist). While they did-
hitting the stage until well after 1 re the aggression of a band like Moneen, they
to do? Naturally, I chose to wand i't need to. The Damage Manual are all sea-
Times Square and enjoy all the si ed veterans, and their confident performance
tax dollars helped pay for. After owed this. I can't recommend this band
minutes, I strolled by the MTV s rough.
that overlooks Times Square. Seasoned rock veterans always bring sea-
know the deal. Surely you've all p soned backstage hoes with them, and the
on MTV and seen some cats danc- Manual was no exception. One of the high-
ing, as well as a view of tons of lights of the set was standing in the front
people watching from outside. at the opposite end of the stage. A
Did you ever wonder why beautiful blonde about 6 feet tall
the people were standing with model looks caught my eye in
outside starring so intently? Well, this sea of piercings and Ministry
one young lady who was danci shirts. Before their encore, she whis-
with the rest of the crew was wear pered sweet somethings into Geordie
a tight-fitting white dress that Walker's ear (guitar), and suddenly
barely covered her ass. In fact, any it was all clear.
she gyrated, her underwear Mind you Walker looks to be in his
through) was visible to EVER '40s and she looked about 20.
who decided to look up. The eveni Rock n' roll...
off to a nice start.
As I joined the crowd, wh 1: Got to the city early as this is "College
in approval and salivated for more when most of the panels and special events
I took no part in these heinous and Ibe taking place. This marked my return to
•j11 • -. A1
,4""'k X• _1L - ,•

ities), it occurred to me that I was really hungry at tne N i u tuaent tne -ilton, mainly to see the Mi snowing of
(for food as well) and could do some record Center anxious to see J. Robins (ex- Radiohead performing songs from their latest
shopping to kill time. So I ventured to the West Jawbox) latest musical endeavor. After taking a record, on video. Hang in there.
Village. While eating, I looked over my guide and little bit longer than forever to set up, citing J's Not much excitement. The Radiohead
decided to hit up a show at the Acme Underground, dissatisfaction with his guitar sound, Burning showing was very entertaining, as most of
which was only a few blocks away, rather than go Airlines launched into their set. About this time I America will.not get to see them live for a while
back uptown. The need for sleep just prevailed here. began to kick myself in the ass for leaving (though bootleg traders are probably just as priv-
I arrived at Acme around 8:30 as Align Wetlands, which would no doubt be packed to ileged as me). They played tracks from the Kid A
took the stage. Not being familiar with this band, I capacity by now. The Burning ones were boring disc, which were just as stunning live as on
totally dug their energetic live show and sound, as shit, with Robins obsessively concerned with record. I also hit up the "loudrock" panel for
which was like a combination of Samiam and his guitar and not his bands performance. I was so about 15 minutes, which was highlighted by a
Snapcase. As I scanned the crowd, I also noticed let down, that I chose to leave mid-set and try to bunch of fat'asses talking about Hardcore and
that the place was dominated by Long Island catch sludge gods High On Fire at the Metal. I left quickly and quietly.
Hardcore Scenesters (both current and retired), due Continental. Before leaving the joint, I went over to the
to the multiple LI bands who would be performing As I approached the venue, which mind College Day Center and raided EVERY free CD
later. you is as big as the serving area of Bleacher Club, and magazine I could get my hands on, proving
Radio 4 were up next, a band formed from I could see a line of filthy metalheads that ran my Jewish stereotypes true.
the ashes the of LI legends Garden Variety. While around the block. When the behemoth at the door Milemarker was the only other act I cared
GV was firmly rooted in capturing your most vul- told me that I had to wait in line, whether I was to see, so I headed back to Acme Underground to
nerable emotions, Radio 4 clearly idolize Wire and paying or had a CMJ badge (did I mention the catch a 7PM performance. Upon arrival, I was
the Jam. Their sound, complete with MOD outfit- badge got me into all these shows for free?), I horrified to find a band of 30 year-old'80s out-
ting, was enjoyable, but not what I was expecting at studied my surroundings for a few minutes. After casts, complete with mullets, playing songs that
all. thirty seconds I decided to cut my loses and head sounded like Dire Straits covers. These jackoffs
Now I decided I was fucking exhausted out of Manhattan for the evening. played for another 20 minutes while a group of
and sleep would be cool. I chose to skip out on teenage girls cheered them on in the front. It was
Errortype:11 and Blue Tip to get my ass to bed. IT'S HALF TIME. no shock to find out these were their girlfriends.
On my way out, I schmoozed with some LI folks I After Eddie Money & company finished up, I
hadn't seen in years, such as former Milhouse and Day 3: Looking over the schedule, I saw this would watched as Milemarker set up, or so I thought. I
Indecision frontman Artie Phillie. That fucker just be the least active of my days. I was only interested quickly learned that Milemarker had canceled,
gets crazier (and drunker)with age. in checking out The Damage Manual at Wetlands. and were being replaced by labelmates Engine
Those guys had been burning up my headphones' Down. While not thrilled with this change in
Day 2: Fresh from my day off, I arrived in the city for weeks, and I was eager to catch this show. schedule, Engine Down's performance came
around 4 PM to catch Cave In at the Luna Lounge. I arrived at Wetlands around 10 PM, as across as both intimate and sincere. They were
I rolled into the Lounge just as Cave In was set- Ari, formerly of the Slits, took the stage. She and definitely a great way to top off a weekend that


Automator: A Much Better Tomorrow (75 Art

in both the Deltron 3030

comes mous MTV Buzz Clip seal of approval. The band
underground an
enjoyed the Buzz success and arguably has not had
and mainstream rock worlds whether you know undated ver- a single as successful on American radio. Most crit-
it or not. He's been in three incredible bands (Big sion of his 1996 EP A Better Tomorrow. Most of these ics expected the Buzz status to wear off in the same
Black, Rapeman and Shellac) and produced bands ,jams were recorded back in 1995-1996 when way it did for bands like Teenage Fanclub, Ned's
that range from the Dazzling Killmen, the Jesus Automator was still working closely with Kool Keith Atomic Dustbin and the Spin Doctors, who made an
Lizard and Neurosis to Nirvana, Bush and the (that's right Brian... more Keith!). For the purpose of initial splash and fizzled into obscurity.
Plant/Page reunion. He's been one of the music this disc Keith assumes the persona of Sinister 6000. In the year 2000, Radiohead have not only
industries most outspoken and valid critics His presence is felt on six of the eleven tracks here. outlived their Buzz Bin suitemates, they've become
throughout the 1990's, always staying one step The rest are made up of three instrumentals and two an anomaly in the music world. Through the last
ahead of modem music culture with his insight tracks with unknown mic fiends Poet and Neph the half of the 1990's their sound has consistently
and big mouth. However, as much as I'd love to Madman. evolved, and while their airplay has only decreased,
write Mr. Albini's biography (suckas gots to Taking his past into consideration, their fan base has grown exponentially. Few other
know...), this is a review of the new 'Shellac Automator really doesn't have to prove anything to bands (Pearl Jam is a short-term example) have been
record, not a tribute. you. His track record speaks volumes about his abil- able to shun the world of radio and video, yet debut
1000 Hurts is the first new release in ity to build some of the more inventive beats around.
at number 1. Kid A's success has music executives
three years from the trio of Albini, Bob Weston Also as noted, his legendary work with Kool Keith scratching their heads in disbelief as to how the band
and Todd Trainer. It's also perhaps the most pops up all over this baby, which should mean that pulled it off. When all I said and done, it's always
hard-hitting and powerful record to emerge from you're at the store coping this disc by now. But if
been the music that has done the talking.
the indie rock scene in 2000. The band has honed you're not sold... Kid A is no exception. A thorough listen
their skills over the 5 plus years of their existence A Much Better Tomorrow delivers on all should leave most doubters capable of admitting the
to where they are constantly enhancing the others levels. Keith's tales of cats that are "down with- band deserves everything they've earned. The
performance. Albini's unique guitar fuzz and Skelatore" are always worth the price of admission. album is sincere, passionate and chilling. Having
throaty voice are as unique as the first time I An early instrumental version of a tune that later never been a follower, my first impression of Kid A
heard Big Black's Songs About Fucking disc. wound up on the Hansome Boy Modeling School
was overwhelmingly positive. I was immediately
Weston's bass, always a staple in Shellac song- disc ("the Truth") is a pleasant surprise. Plus, Poet taken back by the band's rich song writing, ques-
writing, ties the songs together with a sound that and Neph's contributions are nothing to sneer at, as tioning my decision to overlook older material.
is all his own. Throw Trainer's percussion into both offer tight flow and lyrics to go. Really, Track 1, "Everything in its Right Place"
the mix and it's a 10 song ride through angst, Automator never crafts a track that doesn't appeal to instantly kicks the album into first gear. Thom
anger and the minds of Shellac. these ears. And Keith!!! York's layered vocals add beautiful depth to the
Kicking off with "Prayer to God," a twist- Following their Anti-Pop Consortium and The title track and
extravagant backdrop.
ed lament sang from the mouth of one man to his Deltron 3030 releases, 75 Ark Entertainment has "Idoioteque" both put forth gorgeous drum n' bass
ex lover and her new lover. Albini wishes death proven that they have their fingers on the pulse of backdrops that build the foundation for Kid A's
on both parties with the sing-a-long chorus, "Kill underground hip-hop. So if you're still reading this "The
sens6 of achievement and timelessness.
her, fucking kill him, do it already kill them." The bitch and aren't on your way to the record store National Anthem" opens with rumbling bass and
track is as good an example of Shellac brilliance already, you're a fucking imbecile who deserves to traditional samples, building to a John Zorn-esque
as any. But with nine tracks to go we move right be tied down to a chair and forced to endlessly finale complete with jazzy horns and noisy back-
into the hysterical "Squirrel Song." Mr. Albini endure the new JA Rule disc. ground. "How to Disappear Completely" shows that
starts the song in his best country/blues voice Best lyric (non-Kool Keith): "Sorry that your style is
Radiohead may have evolved, but still maintain that
announcing, "This is a sad fucking song. We'll be mad shitty like a diaper." -Poet on 'Buck Buck' sense of melancholic self-loathing that initially gar-
lucky if I don't break out cryin." I know I defi-
nered notoriety.
nitely broke out in hysterics the first time I heard Radiohead: Kid This may be toughest review I've ever writ-
this. A (Capitol ten. This record is one of the best of the year, but
The remaining tracks are all winners, Records)
doing it justice via the written word has proven to be
making this the best Shellac release to date. From
quite a task. I recommend this disc to anyone
mostly instrumental tunes like "Mama Gina" to British rockers regardless of musical preference. Everyone should
the seething closer "Watch Song,, 1000 Hurts is R a di ohe a d
find something to smile about with Kid A. With
pure rock bliss. Shellac is one of the heaviest emerged in 1993 another new album on the way early next year,
bands on the planet, while never trying to be one with their debut Radiohead is showing no signs of letting up. Twenty
of the loudest. These three men have put their tal- Pablo Honey. The years from now this band will have left quite a lega-
ents to use to bowl over their listeners for the record spawned cy in their wake.
third time, with surely much more madness to the self loathing