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Vol XXII "Big Brother Approved" February 21, 2000

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By Ellen Yau
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Picking up where the former President of Kuwait. Therefore, Bush authorized the
George Bush left off, United States and British attack. The planes took off for the raid Friday S Targets hit by
warplanes bombed several Iraqi radar stations at 11:20 a.m. S. thIe United States
and command centers Friday in what our new Two innocent Iraqi civilians, an 18-
President George Bush called a "necessary year-old woman and a man in his 30s, Aliah
response to Iraqi provocation." Atshan Abdullah and Khalil Hameed Alwash,
Barely a month has passed since Bush respectively, were reported to have died in the
became president and the U.S. already tried to U.S. and British attack. Terrorist Saddam SYRIA I , "
initiate a war. The attack was the first use of mil- Hussein remains fully intact...
itary power authorized by the new president. For the past month, I spent 100 min- ,

The target, Iraq, is an area already familiar (from utes twice a week in the front of my EGL 375 K ww
the Persian Gulf War under the presidency of his class reading about the horrors of the 1945 A- •
father) to the U.S. citizens. The President bomb attacks on Hiroshima. Today, about 56
approved on Thursday the Pentagon's request to years later, I expect things to change; history
attack. The authorized strike, involved 18 U.S. not to repeat itself.
jets-Navy F/A-18 Hornets from the carrier Harry But Friday, as I sat down in my suite
S. Truman and Air Force F-15E's based in Saudi to embrace my usual peculiar looking Harvest
Arabia and six British Tornado fighter-bombers, Moon stir-fry dinner from Kelly dining in
in launching television and radar-guided bombs. front of my television, CNN broadcasted a
The weapons were reported to perform as breaking news story: over two dozen United
expected. States and British warplanes bombed the out-
The U.S. and British raid hit five sepa- skirts of Baghdad in what Bush claimed to be
rate targets- it included sites between five and 20 a necessary response to Iraqi provocation.
miles outside Iraq's capital, Baghdad, and as A necessary response? Iraqi provo-
many as 20 Iraqi radars and command centers, cation?
identified as Bajda, Taquddum; Taji, "Oh god," my boyfriend mutters.
AnNumaniyah and As- Suwayrah. "You see this? He just became president and
The president described the attack as he's already trying to put the country into
"routine," and "part of a strategy" to "enforce the war."
no-fly zones." But the news did not end with impli-
After the Iraqi president Saddam cation that Hussein will soon be overthrown
Hussein's defeat in the Persian Gulf War in 1991, or the Arabs will soon resolve their problems
the U.S.-led coalition established over far-north- with one another.
ern and southern Iraq areas called no-fly zones. Rather, two. civilians were reported
The no-fly zones were imposed to protect the killed while over 20 were injured from the
local Shiites and to prevent Hussein's military raids. Hussein is still alive somewhere, and
from using air forces against neighboring areas, perhaps feasting over a better dinner than
such as Kuwait. most pitiful university students and Iraqi
However, several countries, such as civilians.
China and Russia, viewed this to be a threat to Obviously, Hussein was never a nice
the peace in the Middle East. When Secretary of man, but the urgency of the U.S. and British
State Colin Powell travels to Middle East capi- raids should still be put into question. Why
tals next week, he will be trying to convince was it even necessary to bomb Iraq? Were the
Arab and Muslim leaders that America's main civilians or was Hussein the target? Why have
interest is to deny weapons to Hussein, not to two people died while Hussein is still breath-
inflict further economic and military punish- ing?
ment on the Iraqi people. According to Bush, the attacks were a a policy that expresses their belief of democracy.
France, a member of the Gulf war coali- reminder to Hussein of the agreement that he How did we manage to approve of a pitiful for-
tion demanded an explanation for the air strikes signed after Desert Storm. Yet, the areas target- eign policy that pumps incredible amounts of'
near Baghdad, the first in over two years, and ed, although mainly military defense systems, our tax money into malicious military move-
suggested that the U.S. and British assaults fuels had little to do with overpowering Hussein him- ments and bullying tactics when it could be
the Iraq problem rather than solve it. Turkey self. Why do we have to attack the innocent to used for more productive means? Former
expressed its hopes for the raid to end. Bush intimidate Hussein? President George Bush justified the Gulf War
noted that the raid does not represent a change My question is why not send an army with a prediction that Hussein would soon be
in foreign policy but an "emphatic reiteration of that would actually carry-out a unique purpose- overthrown. A decade later, the new Bush
what was in place." "We are going to watch very such as seek out Hussein, the bad guy, and hmm, administration makes a similar justification. Yet,
carefully as to whether or not [Hussein] devel- shoot him, or simply force him to surrender, or we note that Kuwait is no longer occupied by
ops weapons of mass destruction," said Bush,"... at least toss him behind bars, for life. Iraq. The U.S. never cared to interfere with gov-
and if we catch him doing so, we will take Presently, the Iraqi civilians, who should ernments of poor oppressed counties. The Gulf
appropriate action." despise and want to overthrow Hussein, are not War is over. And we listen to our new president,
Hussein has remained in power in Iraq furious at him, but at U.S. and -Britain. as he talks about big dreams, big tax cuts, free
in the decade after the Gulf War. Since the According to the latest release in the New York trade throughout the Americas, unfettered trust.
beginning of this year, Iraq has fired 13 SAM 6 Times, the civilians pledged with Hussein to We should listen again, and think this is the son
missiles at U.S. and British pilots flying patrols retaliate against the U.S. and Britain. Yet, that of our former president Bush, whose famous
over the no-fly zones. According to defense offi- should not be a big surprise. one-liner was, "Read my lips. No more taxes!"
cials, U.S. intelligence reports have indicated Although the attacks were not nearly as So, if we pretend to believe that the
Iraq has acquired new supplies of SAM 6's from horrendous as the thousands that suffered from Bush administration's motivation for attack is
Serbia, Ukraine and other countries. Although the Hiroshima bombings, the parallel is that to liberate the poor exploited Iraqi civilians,
the SAM 6's are a relatively old missile system, there is no reason the innocent should suffer. then I guess Clinton "did not have a sexual
military officials said that Iraq has more skillful- Moreover, many organizations, such as NATO, relation with Monica Lewinsky." If not, why
ly integrated them with older.Russian designat- Spain and other European allies, were not not send those millions of dollars spent on the
ed radar systems that can detect Western aircraft informed of the country's intentions to attack. I military to feed the starving people in
more then 200 miles deep in Saudi Arabia. The have always thought that the U.S., the country Somalia, create more hydro-electric plants for
U.S. and British interpreted this as a breach of that abides by the system to protect the inno- cleaner air, fund a better education system, or
the agreement that Hussein signed after the Gulf cent, the country that constantly amends the simply strategize a more covert way to elimi-
War, which removed Iraq's 1990-1991 occupation constitution to protect the innocent, would seek nate Hussein...
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ritrreen --- Tiviin wisi
- -p
By Candice Ferrette
When I thought about coming out for a for Freedom of thE
weekend visit, I didn't expect to do this much Press, the U.S
thinking. But when I arrived to the newly san- Supreme Court deci
itized office of the Stony Brook Press on sion in Watts v. Unitec
Saturday morning to find a Fox 5 news reporter States states tha
and cameraman there, interviewing Glenn although threateninE
Given, the newspaper's Managing Editor, my the president's life i,
initial reaction was to document the occasion, illegal, it doesn'
since it is so rare to see the press flocking apply to something
towards The Press discussing the.state of the clearly in the form o
press. satire or "politica
Apparently, Given, a graduating senior hyperbole."
who has been writing for the Press for more than Simply stated
four years, wrote an editorial in the form of Given has the right t(
political satire in the paper's February 7th be funny, (or make r
issue. In the editorial, phrased as a prayer to attempt at it) show hi
"Jesus Christ, King of Kings," he asked to dissent for George W
"smite" President George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Bush, and not b
Christine Whitman, and John Ashcroft and the accused of threateniný
rest of George Bush's cabinet. He also asked to, the president of th
"take out Carson Daly as well". United States.
After an open-house Press meeting on I was con
February 14th, Two officers from the United fused when I firs
States secret service, accompanied by a campus heard about this inci
police officer, entered the Press' office and dent, because, lik
asked who was responsible for the editorial. most, I am either mos
Given claimed responsibility for writing the familiar witl
editorial that launched him to a state of first Giuliani's attempt t
amendment martyrdom. The secret service stifle first amendmer
brought him upstairs to an office to question rights in his on-goin
him. battle with th
Meanwhile, Given's fiancee, Jennifer Brooklyn Museum, c
Champigni, thought it was going to be just the Czech Republic'
another Valentine's Day, a day typically spent closing of severe
cooking dinner together and possibly watching independent journal
a movie at home. When at 4 p.m. last ism organizations.
Wednesday, Given' called and told her that he In spite of Given's clean police record and col- views on homosexuality as a sin. The zero tol-
was going to be a little late, because he "had a lege-aged manner, the Secret Service came and erance policy was restricting these students
spot of trouble," she thought he was simply ,questioned him because they thought that his from expressing their religious beliefs.
stopping off somewhere to get her candy and words would perhaps inspire another student While this decision and school district
flowers. or "crazy mortal" to carry out the wishes of may be far removed from Given's first amend-
When a few hours went by, and she had Given's prayer. ment woes, the concept of having a panel of
heard nothing, she called the Press' office and While there might have perhaps been administrators deciding what is socially suit-
they told her that Given was in a room on the those who were offended by the language and able for any form of dialogue can be a scary
second floor of the Union, undergoing ques- content of his editorial, it is true that Given alternative to entertaining the Secret Service on
tioning and psychological analysis by two offi- does have a right to free speech. And, while it Wednesday afternoons.
cers from the Melville, U.S. secret service is the Secret Service's job to protect the presi- What would it be like if student media
regional branch. dent, they, as do the campus police, and all had to be careful of making a mistake? As Rudy
readers, have a responsibility to look at creative Guiliani's suggestions of forming a decency
Worried, Champigni told me that she
drove from their Sound Beach home to find pieces, such as Given's editorial with a critical council for judging the quality of art exhibitions
Given at school. Meanwhile, he and the two eye. in New York City, the idea isn't that far away.
secret service agents were on their way to the What those of us who are in student Writers, artists, producers of any and
couple's house, which the secret service media call "zero tolerance," a widely debated all media content, have a responsibility, in
topic that has been enforced in many public which the parameters are subjective. Obviously,
searched, with Given's permission. They had
persuaded him to waive his rights and conduct- places of congregation, and in educational and taste is dependant on many factors. However,
ed a search of his home, and searched his med- professional arenas. Basically, an administra- those who chose to ingest this, or any form of
ical records. At the time, Given had no legal tion, of panel of decision makers construct poli- media also have a responsibility. It is important
counsel and the Secret Service agents had told cies separate from the government to set guide- that the members of this collective audience
him that the First Amendment right to free lines on how their citizens may use the first understand their role as well. A national dia-
speech would not protect him. The agents, amendment. logue, whether a serious or joking form of
according to Given also said that they would be Most recently, a federal appeals court in expression, cannot happen unless everyone has
forced to press charges should additional com- Pennsylvania dealt with the issue of a State access to a forum dedicated to the free
plaints come to their attention. College school district's zero tolerance pro- exchange of ideas. It is imperative that people
While Given assured me that the offi- gram. The districts program, as was reported in do their homework, and follow-up, even facul-
cers were completely harmless and objective the New York Times, set up to protect the stu- ty members and Secret Service agents.
throughout the three hours he spent with them, dents from harassment and the school district Because the media here is supported
he did admit that the event did shake him up. from litigation. The court found that this anti- by student activity fees, and not dependent on
"They didn't want to be there as much as I did- harassment policy, which included forms of advertisers, or other outside funding, I can
n't," Given said, "but they were just doing their name-calling, joking, graffiti, and making fun breathe a sigh of relief (somewhat) that The
job." of other students' clothes, was in violation of Pres s still maintains the level of independence
The question is, in a case of a disagree- the First Amendment. that it does. Which brings me back to the
able editorial in an independent, non-profit Though motivated by the desire to keep beginning, when that Fox 5 reporter asked in a
satirical student newspaper, what is their job? an orderly educational environment, devoid of low voice, "What is this newspaper? What is
Why were the agents sent out to find the author hostility, the decision was actually prompted by alternative journalism?" I chuckled to myself
of the editorial in the first place? two students who were fearful of punishment and thought aloud, "Well it sure as hell isn't
According to the Reporters' Committee under the program if they expressed their concerned with ratings!"

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.·- Editorial: Yo m
a Co.
However controversial, our editorial from actions, the editori
Feb. 7 is protected by the 1st amendment. sands more people.
The Secret Service went too far and has It is also co
been appropriately chastised for it, (see ly) that you don't
back cover). The only defense of their that you just have
actions has been that the Secret Service gave an unfavoral
were just doing their jobs, (which does hap- semesterly registn
pen to include overzealous reactionary cous" humor and
intimidation) and as it has been stated, they edge for you. May
really CAN'T take a joke. the invocation of J
Well, fair enough. Let's for a second ential sense..
accept that the Secret Service have a job which In a cowar
requires them to react in precisely this man- have called the Sec
ner. Maybe under normal threat-to-the-presi- us headaches. We
dent situations, it is the knee-jerk response of case. We would hi
the Secret Service that can save the life of the slimy, Orwellian, I
president. In the case of our editorial, it was tude to discuss yoz
just an extremely poor judgement call on their lic forum, choosing
part. We don't need to belabor this point. The veil of anonymity.
Secret Service has made themselves look fool- What a dar
ish enough without our help. We are content to break out the the
to let their actions speak for themselves. bilious terms as, "c
There is one individual however who yellow streak"
is doing remarkably little speaking for his or We even cc
herself: The "Anonymous Faculty Member" sop, a "milqueto
who brought the editorial to the attention of "big-baby." But z
the Secret Service. It is this person, not the digress.
Secret Service who cannot take a joke. In all seri
organization, we (
Dear "Anonymous Faculty Member," We are only shakir
What could possibly have motivated you to because you have a
do such a thing? discuss your opil
For the benefit of our readers let's try to apparent that you
place ourselves in your shoes. Let 's try to attempt you were to comef
to understandyour perspective: would respect you.
Perhaps you thought we were seriously So there y(
threateningthe president. Maybe you felt a respon- slapped with the pt
sibility to notify the authoritiesand to do your part as you decide to cr
in averting a national catastrophe. sir, or madam, are
It is difficult however, to imagine that an In the fut
academic such as yourself could be that stupid. address the indiv
You might have been worried that someone from yours before
else would read the editorial as a call to action and federal-version-sti
- --
harm the president. Well, as a result of your No one like

- Editorial: We
II a
As Journalists, or as Citizens we have both far- and hear with critical
reaching rights and terrible responsibilities. Paramount to when we "Cry Wolf"
our participation in the American system (and to the foun- working to protect so
dations of said system) is the duty to exercise our freedom we instead are wor]
of speech. American society is b
The unmitigated discourse, the "never-ending It is a social
debate" between ideological opposites, this is the single employ: to be reasons
most important factor in American life. the laws of the syste
Our ability to express ourselves, in as eloquent or and where they end.
as crass a way as possible is what makes this society In this situ(
unique. Whether or not we agree with someone's veiw- Service; it is their mo,
points, we as a society agree with their right to speak them. made against elected
That is what makes this past situtation so trou- gitimately they have
bling. When members of the community forget the range of glad that they take ev
freedom that we enjoy, their whistle-blowing gun-jump- seriousness; because
ings enable the more restrictive branches of government to" one day.
push our freedoms back another inch. But if that d
Whether or not these situations turn out to be of remember our respol
critical importance or simple banter the actions taken at the bility to assess the
behest of the easily-alarmed restrain us as a society. before we place anotl
We as Journalists and as Citizens have a responsi- the name of the alarn
bility to act and speak in the best interests of the society Or in the nai
(whether we believe that these intrests are reflected can't stand to hear
through progessive action or the maintenance of the status These people who ref
quo, being irrelevant). We also have a responsibility to read freedoms beget befor
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-PlcesOpini'n' W ii
3 · · · - _I~·_ I _-·-L I · - ii - - ~- - I_- ~ _ _ _

Letter: Dear Mr. Hell(er)
Dear Mr. Heller, er piece ridicule their religion especially by a student funded organization.
The thousands of Christians on campus are furious at your I urge you to just try and imagine what a faithful Christian would
paper!! In just one issue of Feb. 7, 2001, you published three extremly feel if they saw the ad on page 9 of the last supper, the mocking tone of
insulting things ridiculing the Christian religion. Freedom of the press the editorial on page 4 and the repulsive Internet sites recommended on
may allow you to ridicule many things but when it comes to religion, you page 19 including ""
are dealing with peoples souls!!! You have to respect that. Please look into the situation immediately! We would appreciate
We do not know your personal faith or it's strength (and we are a published apaology and promise for change. It is only fair.
not questioning it), how ever we urge you as Executive Editor to find some
way to monitor anything that is offensive to Christians. The powerful on- -unsigned.
campus Christian organizations are hoping that they will never see anoth-

Letter: Letter to the Editor

The article in issue 8, titled "Why Mental Illness" by Ph.D. John individual, which means that you achieved your purpose of existing
Pflaum was a pompous, and pointless commentary on consumerism. The when another person approves of you. The five basics are what many
comparison to mental illness that the article relies upon to degrade con- people in the United States strive for. Living in the States, it is hard to see
sumerism, in fact reinforces stigmas about mental illness, while showing the culture for what it is.
little understanding of our modern society. The writing style was annoy- The Ph.D closes the article asking where we/you stand today,
ingly repetitive and yet made use of a thesaurus inspired rhetorical and which direction are we/you going. My answer is that today, like
semantics. The idea that "the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors we label as most days, I am standing on my feet. Which direction? The idea of con-
indicative of mental illness are reactions to the frustration of the five basic trolling the direction of society is an illusion.
psychological needs," is bullshit! Mental illness is not about being frus- It is refreshing to know that The Press will run articles containing
trated. gratuitous stupidity, just because of the credentials of the author. Earning
The basic psychological need is survival, and that means air, credentials is important, but the process is an indicator of persistence and
water, food, and being warm and dry. Failure to meet these needs results financial resources, rather than common sense, decency, intelligence, and
in death, not frustration. What the Ph.D. outlined was an opinion about wisdom.
Maslow's concept of self-actualization. The five basics are external to the --Tim Connors

Letter. Breakin' th e Law! Break in' the aw part

Dear Editors,, a pretty big-deal site. Glad to see that the
Sorry to hear about your harrassment by the wonderful U.S. Press is keeping the flamethrower alive.
Secret Service. Loved the editorial--it's so ironic that part of the point is All the best,
that they can't take a joke--and they can't! If there's anything I can do for David Yaseen
you, just let me know. FYI, you're getting good coverage on

Letter 3reakin' t he Law! Brea in'the Law! part 2

I live in Manhattan and attend Carnegie Mellon University but best, and if there is anything I can do from afar that would be helpful,
am on leave at the moment. I was so appalled when I read the response please feel free to contact me via email or at *(***)***-****. This is... for
that your article received from the government, I was compelled to look some reason, is making me imagine a horrible military/martial law state
up your email and write you. First of all, I am a total atheist and loathe if this sort of governmental behavior is to continue (not to mention what
Bush, (just the title is the kind of humor I appreciate) but personal moral- we have seen from the Bush admin. from the past few weeks).
ity aside, as you know, you have every right in this "God" forsaken coun- Cheers,
try to print your thoughts. Emilie Bodoin
Please do not give up this important fight. I wish you the very

Letter- Breakin' the Law! Breakin' the Law! [part 31

I would like to commend you on allowing the editorial satire As I have told many of my friends, dear Georgie-boy said he
about George Bush. trusted the people with their money while he was on the campaign trail
I truly hope that the college and the newspaper will stand behind but he has proven time and time again that he doesn't trust us with our
the free speech amendment. I am not happy about this past election and votes. Now it seems that he doesn't trust our opinions either. It is sad to
will not be convinced that the election process was rigged in some way. I say but I truly hope the next four years will pass quickly. So much of the
feel that as a citizen of this country, we areentitled to our opinion with- good that has been accomplished over the last 8 to 10 years will be ruined
out fear of reprisal from our government. I also personally feel that by his politics including a woman's right to choose what she does to her
George Bush, better known as Dubya, should realize that he will be body and how our education system is funded or rather lack thereof.
ridiculed because of the way he got into the office he now resides. There Please let the student that wrote that editorial note know that
was nothing threatening in the editorial, at least nothing that was written there are people out here that really did get a kick out of it and hopes that
up on our local television's news site he/she fights for the constitutional right to free speech.
(http ://www. wral-tv. c om ne ws/national/ Se cretSe rvice- Sincerely,
Editori =TOPAP.html). Mrs. Samantha Thomas, North Carolina
' I i

- I - - i ? I" NinncRnular SRmanticn.
I I I IIII -~ 111 · II · I ~ 1

Dear SBPress, He was with God in the beginning. Through him all things were made;
In the 2/7/01 Press issue pg.14 you refer to the burning bush without him nothing was made that has been made... The Word became
(Exodus 2:25-3:8) as the "Physical Incarnation of the Might of God." I flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory
think itwould be more appropriate to call it a theophany or maybe a pre- of the One and Only who came from the Father, full of grace and truth." I
incarnate Christ. The only "Physical Incarnation of the Might of God" hope this helps.
found in the Bible is when God sent his son Jesus to earth to die for our Sincerely,
sins. This can be found in John 1:1-3,14 among other places, "In the begin- Roger Harrison
ning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

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Dem-orra Cy I-I
ncler The ni P-r~cp
By Wendy Fuschsberg and Walter Moss
:h a1AI. O

· ··'~ ..
The past few months have been very crowd together into a .·.. :· ::
::i ··~-::··· ··~I ::.~~~· ::···
important ones for us. We have been waiting for a dangerously packed .:......(·. .-..
· ···:''i·· : ::i.:::.i:':i.; :' ':'" :"
long time to vote in a Presidential election, and mass of people. It did- :... .:.··. · ::
' "'- - ' · :
·· i· ·i::I :·
'':' :.··::'".
we finally got the chance this past November. It n't matter who you :·:·i·i:··j:. : ii . '·'· ;:··· : · ··;·· i:
r.: : :'· ·.:':·: :" :: :·.· ·:..··.--·:
was a proud moment, when we exercised our were, the police ·· ;~

rights as citizens of a democratic society. pressed these batons

However, it was not a proud moment into the crowd even
when we realized that this not a democracy, that though there were
our votes counted only insofar as we selected the young children and
electorates who voted on behalf of New York elderly people present.
State in a ridiculous all or nothing system. Many However, we remained
people feel as we do, that American democracy non-violent so as not to
has a long way to go to become a full and work- give the police an
ing participatory democracy. These like-minded excuse to assault us. In
individuals converged onto the capitol on light of the presence of
January 20th. We joined them and participated in the elderly and the chil-
our first protest. dren, we had to seri-
This protest was very instructive. It illus- ously consider the issue
trated just how far America has strayed from her of safety.
constitutional roots. Several thousands of people It seems that
peacefully assembled at Dupont Circle in the police were arrest-
Washington D.C. (indeed there were that many ing another group of
regardless of what was reported by most of the demonstrators who
media in an attempt to underplay the event). All had gone to the parade
sorts of people were there, voicing many different route. They stopped us
grievances. Among these groups: those who too, even after they
believed Al Gore won, those who were concerned carted off the arrestees
about George W. Bush becoming our next (some of whom did not
President and the events responsible for this, have a permit to
environmentalists, people calling for Campaign protest), they refused
Finance Reform, unionists, people concerned us admission. Even
about who George W. Bush chose for his cabinet, though we DID have a
those who believed that they were disenfran- permit, the police kept hint of violence from the protesters. Are we in
chised in this election and those who agreed (peo- up their blockade. We stayed there for half an China? Do we not have the right to assemble,
ple were indeed disenfranchised in this election hour chanting, "we have a permit" and "let us without having to deal with overt attempts at
as admitted to by the Republicans in the Civil through". We sang "The Star-Spangled Banner" intimidation?
Rights Hearings. One in three blacks in some and "America, the Beautiful" but to no avail. After a while, we gave up on getting the
Florida precincts were refused their most basic They refused to budge and even called in rein- cops to let us through and decided to enter
right as a citizen of this country, to vote. These forcements. Dozens more police and a helicopter through an alternate route. In an organized
people were refused this right based upon their showed up. Things began to get pretty scary at group we turned around and marched toward the
erroneous classification as felons. In fact, these this point. With more people, the cops held their 7th Avenue entrance. When we got there, the
people were not felons. Whether this was inten- batons just a little bit higher. And then the heli- secret service met us and refused us access. All of
tional or unintentional is irrelevant insofar as its copter began to swoop down over the crowd. In a sudden, this checkpoint was now closed. The
effect on the disenfranchised voters and their feel- a gesture of pure intimidation the chopper just sat agents there told us we should try either the 3rd
ings about a country that had denied them their there and hovered over us, so close we could feel or 12th Avenue checkpoints, which also suddenly
inalienable rights not to mention basic human the downwash from the rotor-blades blowing into closed when we arrived. At this point our orga-
rights for literally centuries.) People of all races, our faces. This was disgusting! There was no nized protest degenerated into scattered individ-
creeds and colors assembled at the Circle. The excuse for having a helicopter hover over a crowd uals trying their best to gain access to the parade
main focus of this protest was to reform our elec- of peaceful demonstrators! There was not even a route where WE HAD A PERMIT TO PROTEST!!!
toral process and show our support for a voter
bill of rights whereby the voices of all Americans
would be heard. It was a great feeling to be there,
among all these people participating in a consti-
tutionally guaranteed right to assemble.
However, as the day progressed, there would be
those who would infringe on our constitutional
This was a well-organized protest. We
had a permit to march onto the inaugural parade
route. As far as our protest was concerned, we
stayed on the designated course and behaved like
civilized human beings. In fact, in all of the
protests, almost all of the people were non-violent
and civilized. The "Christian Right" and even
many moderates love to point their fingers at the
left, including Al Sharpton and many of his sup-
porters, labeling them violent extremists. Even in
this protest, the press reported on outbursts of
violence, leaving the public to speculate as to the
individuals involved. Well, I will tell you that the
violent individuals were a few young white
teenagers obviously mistaking this protest for
Halloween. Just before getting to the parade
route, we were stopped by the D.C police. A line
of black clad riot cops blocked our progress,
armed with guns, pepper spray, and large batons
which they eagerly held in front of us. They used
*these batons to push people back, forcing us to
pteve Scher /
· I I

Page 6
.. Sniper Sconp cont. .

We tried several avenues of entrance but were have a well-balanced lunch,

denied. At one gate we encountered some major albeit not us), we joined other
discrimination based upon economic status. We protesters who had positioned
actually saw a barrier removed by Military Police, themselves along the parade
so that a man in a Jaguar could just drive right route. We had the strange
through without being bothered by any kind of honor of being one of a group
search of his person or vehicle (because you know of people who stood next to the
rich people never engage in overt acts of vio- announcer's stand which
lence.) Right after these people went through, the housed the rock star Meatloaf.
barrier was replaced. I guess if we had come in In a truly surreal moment, pro-
our Rolls Royce, we would have found easy testers exchanged a short polit-
access to the inauguration. Instead we had to ical dialogue with a man
fight our way to one of the only checkpoints still named after a brick of ground
open to the public. beef. Once the novelty of
As for the other checkpoints where we Meatloaf faded, we turned our
had tried to get in, there were lines stretching a attentions to the reason we
half-mile back. For some reason these lines were were there. Ignoring the ice-
not moving.forward. Mobs of people were form- cold drizzle, we began the
ing at the entrances and pushing into the parade. protest in earnest. People of
We joined the mob and pushed our way into the widely diverse backgrounds
police checkpoint, where more of our rights were and differing interests joined
violated. Police passed metal detectors over us together in chanting anti-Bush
while other officers opened up our bags and con- slogans. We tried our best to
fiscated elements of our belongings, namely our make America see that a whole
lunches. No iced tea or apples for us. It seems lot of their fellow citizens felt
that iced tea and apples are now considered dead- that George W. Bush is an ille-
ly weapons in Washington D.C. I seem to recall gitimate president selected
that there is a fourth amendment to our constitu- through undemocratic and
tion that is supposed to protect us from exactly possibly illegal means. eliicopters hoviered over a mass of people singing
what occurred at that checkpoint. "The right of Contrary to what I 'America The Beautiful." Taken by Wendy Fuchsberg
the people to be secure in their persons, houses, have heard in the press, there tnd Walter Mc)ss
papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches were more people there to
and seizures shall not be violated". What was the protest Bush, than were there to support him (at part of the entire event. How could anyone justi-
officer's rationale for searching people's bags? least at the beginning of the day before the police fy having snipers covering a parade? Protesters
Wasn't the probing of the metal detector enough? harassment and governmental intimidation and parade goers alike had rifles pointed in their
Are we willing to say that police have sufficient scared a lot of people into leaving). Even later in direction. Even when the Pope comes to the U.S.,
cause to suspect all Americans of plotting vio- the day, where we were positioned protesters con- he doesn't have snipers protecting him. As a
lence and criminal activities because they dis- stituted about 60 to 70 percent of the crowd, and people, Americans would never stand for it even
agree with another person's politics and care by God we were vocal! The chants were loud and if he asked (I doubt the Pope ever would consid-
enough to protest? Do we really want to give yelled with great energy, despite the final and ering his positions on violence). He is a much
them the right to look into our personal belong- most overt act of intimidation staged by the gov- more controversial figure than George W. Bush.
ings as we walk the streets in a public space ernment. On every rooftop, snipers aimed their We call ourselves the land of the free, but we can-
where we are allowed by law to walk without fear rifles at us for the entire protest. These men were not even assemble to watch a parade without
of our government? How about at a public space in groups of three, two snipers with guns and one having trained killers hovering over us.
where we legally secured a permit to exercise our spotter with a pair of binoculars. It was a terrify- This is the face of American democracy.
right to peacefully assemble and protest? ing experience to know that there was a gun It is a democracy under the sniper's scope. It is a
After getting through the barriers, two aimed at us the whole time we were there. It was democracy where people aren't even permitted
bottles of Snapple and two apples lighter (at least the first time we've had guns trained on us and to assemble as described in our constitution. It is
if they had taken our sandwiches someone would we did not like it. This was the most disturbing a democracy where it is frightening to even
protest peacefully because you have to do so
with helicopters and snipers covering you. It is a
democracy of the powerful intimidating the
powerless, seeking to petition the government
for their rights by non-violent means. A democ-
racy of sniper rifles and bullets is no democracy
at all. We are glad to have gone because, despite
all the intimidation, people were there.
Americans do love freedom and democracy. The
proof is in the fact that Americans were willing to
risk police batons, and even bullets to fight for
their rights.
A few of the protesters had drums so we
all protested by dancing while we chanted, in
spite of the snipers, helicopters, military police,
secret service, and D.C. cops. A bunch of com-
plete strangers with different ideas and back-
grounds, united in the face of an ever-present
danger. They would not intimidate us into leav-
ing. Even in the midst of this insanity, We The
People assembled, protested, and celebrated.
Why did we celebrate? Because even though we
were stuck in the middle of a scene eerily remi-
niscent of a fascist dictatorship, we are
Americans. We have hope, a vision of a better
America, the America we had always thought
we had, the one our parents and teachers told us
we had, the idealists' America, With Liberty and
Justice for all.

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_ -- I Air · -- -•,='•

By ar
Another Innorent
By Wendy Fuchsberg, Walter Moss, and the West Suffolk Green Party
I am writing this in response to the cost of DNA testing is approximately
overturned conviction (due to DNA evidence) of $10,000, far beyond the means of the
Earl Washington Jr., a mentally handicapped average American, let alone someone
black man unjustly convicted of the rape and who is poverty-stricken. A program
murder of a white woman. Sadly, this is a com- called "The Innocence Project" at
mon occurrence in a society that is more likely Cardozo School of Law has begun to
to convict black defendants and issue them address this problem. This organiza-
harsher sentences than their white counterparts. tion is providing pro bono assistance
The most disturbing aspect of this is that, had to death row inmates whose cases
there not been incontrovertible DNA evidence, involve DNA evidence. This program
this man would be another unmarked grave in a has been responsible for thirty-six of
prison cemetery. It is time, we as a society, do the sixty-three overturned convictions.
some serious self-examination. The program is currently handling
Arguments in favor of the death penal- over two hundred cases and has one
ty have consistently been refuted with actual thousand cases still pending evalua-
evidence, for example, the "deterrent" argu- tion. So, given the possibility of the
ment. The death penalty is not a deterrent. The innocent being executed, a case is
average homicide rate in death penalty states is made for the death penalty being
9.3 per 100,000 people as opposed to a national grossly unjust.
average of 9/100,000. 5% of all persons convict- Human beings are fallible; we
ed of a crime are later found to be innocent. 68% all make errors in judgment. Should
of death penalty trials have been found to have that error in judgment occur while we
a serious error on appeal. (All of these statistics are serving on a jury ana an innocent non-violence rrom orners.
have been taken from an article on page 28 of man is sentenced to death, we become the While I agree that there are certainly
the February 2001 issue of Scientific American aggressor, the guilty party. There is also a more people in this great country who behave like
magazine.) philosophical question pertaining to the death savage animals, I reject the notion that we must
Then we have the ever-so-popular "jus- penalty. behave in this fashion in order to serve justice. I
tice" argument, "an eye for an eye." However, it Shouldn't the government be setting an would like to end this letter with a quote, just a
should be noted that since the advent of DNA example of a non-violent approach to solving little something to think about:
testing in the late 1980s, sixty-three people have problems if it expects non-violent problem reso- "He who fights monsters should look to it
had their convictions overturned. All the lution' from itspeople? I would say that that that he himself does not become a monster... If you
moretroubling is the fact that many prisoners reacting to violence with violence begets more gaze for long into the abyss, the abyss also gazes into
are denied access to this revolutionary technolo- of the same. We as a society need to uphold a you."
gy because of its tremendous cost. The average standard of non-violence if we want to demand - Friedrich Nietzsche

AV ,-, ,.., \- 0%
By Hilary Vidair

Several historians say that around 27,000 woman. So many ladies are still self-conscious in bed.
BCE it was quite possible that humans lived in a If women want equality, in bed or otherwise, they
matriarchal society. Goddesses were perhaps wor- have to demand it. And they must do so, not only
shipped and all women might have been honored, with their minds, but with their bodies as well.
seen as the creators of life. Unfortunately, there is no Last week, a production of Vagina
written history dating back to that time period, mak- Monologues was performed in the Union auditorium.
ing the only evidence lay in the form of little statues. The women in this show spoke of all things vaginal:
These artifacts have been interpreted by some as god- from self-examination to good sex; from embarrass-
desses, while others perceive them as simply repre- ing moments to worse things like rape. What guts
senting fat, pregnant women of the time. Either way, these women had to stand on the stage and discuss
we'll probably never know. issues such as "vaginal flooding" and "clitoral" vs.
What we do know is that people who lived "vaginal" moans! Even in today's society, where we
in cultures such as Athens have left written accounts finally admit that sex exists, it is not common to hear
of their daily lives, showing a society in which women openly discuss their vaginas, in public or in
women were completely subordinated. Women private. Yet how many men do we hear talk about
throughout the ages were seen as disgusting crea- jerking off or the size of their penis?
tures, forbidden to enter a church after giving birth or I am therefore asking women on this campus
during menstruation, shunned from voting and iso- to do themselves (and men) a favor: stait your vaginal
lated from public arenas unless they were engaging in venting! Don't settle for mediocre sex! Don't moan
prostitution. Although our present day viewpoints unless you mean it! Know your body before you let
are more tolerant of women, they are certainly by no someone else learn it! And don't think you're having
means egalitarian. Countless women feel less hon- good sexual relations with someone unless you're
ored than men, whether it is at work, at school or in flooding (for any woman who thinks she can't, I'm
their very own bedrooms. Even more ridiculous is the willing to bet she's wrong). Contrary to popular
fact that men think they're enjoying it. belief, women are not supposed to be having sex just he made your toes curl!
No matter how many times Cosmo encour- to please their men! Furthermore, if you spot someone you'd
ages women to speak up in bed, loads are left unsat- Furthermore, what is this concept of "their like to try and make your toes curl, tell them to
isfied post-coital. One girl who confided in me admits man," anyway? Why are women so god damn pos- read this article, There's no better feeling than
to faking orgasm during sex with her boyfriend on a sessive? A few days ago, I was racking a male friend looking at someone who makes you weak in the
regular basis. Is it because love is more important than of mine's brain about this and he said, "I wish you knees, except getting him down on his own knees!
sex? Does he compensate for this in other ways that knew what men think about...if you got in a man's I'm sure we all know some man who's going to
are worth the sacrifice of the big-O? If this is true, then brain, you would see that most of the time he's not pick up The Press and wonder if there's a woman
she wouldn't still be complaining. The problem is that thinking about anything. Once in a while, it's like, out there who's hot for him like this. Don't let him
she's complaining to the wrong person. What do you" This is the only time I will ever encour- wonder too long, though. There's nothing wrong
think a man would do if he didn't cum on a regular age women to think like men! Single ladies, stop with being forward. Most men would love to side-
basis with his girlfriend? focusing on getting aboyfriend and start concentrat- step all the confusion and just know that some-
Make no mistake here, I am NOT blaming ing on finding a sexy young man who's free in the .body wants them. Just make sure they know that
the man. I am, however, highly upset with the evenings. Don't worry about whether or not he wants they're going to have to work hard.
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1 ..
- C

By Chris Sorochin

-s __ __
9I01 0
"No other nation today is so rigorously "Y'see, sir," the young cop
policed. The lust to standardizeand regulateextends to explains, "we work here. It's kinda
the most trivial minutia." like we live here and we have to
-H. L Mencken, referring to the USnited smell it."
States (August, 1925). "Well, I'm sorry, but I really
had to go."
"If somebody was urinating in the street, the "There's a public restroom
reaction would be, oh, we can't do anything about that. in the station," replied the other one,
And then the idea would start to develop that there who was busy making out a ticket in
must be some inherent human right to urinate on the one of those huge books they wear
street." on their belts.
-Rudolph Giuliani, New York Times "Yeah, and it was packed," I
Magazine, December 3, 1995, as quoted in Sayings replied in my defense, "If they don't
of Generalissimo Giuliani, compiled by Kevin want people peeing out here, they
McAuliffe. should provide more places for peo-
ple to go." Anyone familiar
Well, I guess it was just a matter of time with New York City, even as an
before I ran afoul of the Giuliani regime and I infrequent visitor, knows that one of
guess I shouldn't be too surprised that it wasn't the most salient characteristic of the
necessarily in a traditionally "political" setting. place is its dearth of toilet space.
Hizzoner's crusade against minor violations has Public facilities are virtually nonex-
made nominal criminals out of thousands of New istent, and restaurants and other
Yorkers since The Great One took office accompa- businesses usually demand you be a
nied by his vision of a squeaky-clean, obedient customer, that is, if they even have a
and corporate friendly city. restroom; many of the city's food
Last December, perhaps as a parting gift emporia do not. So I thought I was
to a constituency that failed to appreciate that saying something fairly noncontro-
vision, or perhaps in preparation for the visit of versial, when a third officer, stand-
warm and fuzzy fascist Bill Clinton, the Little ing just behind my field of vision,
Dictator unleashed a "Christmas crackdown" on made his presence known.
pot smokers, turnstile jumpers and other low-level "'They' don't have to provide you with zens from all walks of life arrested in front of One
miscreants. The narcotics squad even raided a anything: it's not 'their' concern." Police Plaza in the wake of the Diallo killing, and
medical marijuana club and stole some reefer- I confess to being taken aback by this. It the tone of the encounter might have changed dra-
laced cookies. was completely unsurprising to be getting a ticket matically.
It was on December 9, coincidentally the for some piddling (pun intended) offense in I was beginning to notice that I didn't feel
anniversary of Mumia Abu-Jamal's fateful Giuliani's New York, but here I was, actually being particularly nervous, and I attribute this (besides
encounter with law enforcement, that I found lectured on The Role of the State by someone who the intervention of Sciascia's ghost) to all those
myself at Jamaica Station with a full bladder. The in all likelihood slept through high school civics demonstrations I've been to, where facing down
tiny public men's room was already past capacity class. Maybe police academy training in this glo- cops comes with the territory. Non-violence train-
and I faced an hour's subway ride home. So I rious era contains a component of indoctrination ing sessions for large-scale demos always stress
decided to do the cheap and sleazy and ducked in Giulianiism, because this guy was spouting it the cardinal rule for dealing with enforcement per-
out the back door to what I knew was a deserted full tilt. sonnel: be polite yet firm, and, above all, speak
wasteland of garages and warehouses. I unzipped He went on: "Everyone is supposed to truth to the power they represent.
once, right by Archer Ave, but figured that place take responsibility and provide for himself." I'm also white, middle-class and
was just a little too indiscreet--better try a side Izzat so? I strongly resisted the urge to "respectable." Things might have been quite dif-
street. So I found what looked like a convenient inquire as to whether I still have to keep paying ferent had I been non-Caucasian, or young or
dumpster next to an garage-type Structure, and "them" the ridiculously high rate of taxes I pay to homeless.
proceeded to open the floodgates. live in a city that won't spend any money on toilet The officer who'd informed me I have no
Towards the end of my cascade, I noticed facilities, but will spend wads of the stuff on ever right to expect to be able to relieve myself in a civ-
I had company. Two individuals in police uniform greater numbers of uniformed personnel to write ilized manner came over and said, "Look, we're
were observing me with keen interest. "Marking tickets and lounge about subway entrances during adult men. We don't go pulling out our penises in
your territory?" asked one, tall, blond and very school hours. public." He made it sound as if I had been waving
young looking, with that policeman's knack for Instead, he had left me with a thoroughly Willie around on a crowded thoroughfare. Was he
banal humor. irresistable opening for a comeback--you know, trying to up the charge to something like "indecent
Thinking quickly, I channeled the spirit of the kind where it's just so perfect that it's out of exposure," which would be slightly more worri-
Sicilian novelist Leonardo Sciascia. Sciascia's your mouth automatically, even though you know some to an instructor at a Catholic institution (to
books deal almost exclusively with the corruption it's not a good idea. say nothing of in court)?
and venality of state power, which his characters "Well, that's what I was just doing," I said, I replied that most of the "adult men" I
meet with an air of resigned dignity. mustering an ironic little smile and indicating my knew peed in unofficially sanctioned places if the
"Yeah," I replied as nonchalantly as possibly. "illegal" puddle, "providing for myself." necessity demanded. "Well," he said, "it's that atti-
"That's public urination there," said the other one, "We just want you to understand where tude that brings the city down."
shorter and more businesslike, indicating the we're coming from, sir," said the young one, who, Gee, I thought I was just pissing, but it
other side of Archer Avenue, "and there," pointing I guess, was the "Good Cop" in what felt very turns out I was really bringing about the decline
to the spot directly behind me. He did so with the much like some training exercise. He requested a and fall of civilization as we know it! I'm sur-
triumphal air of someone who had just caught second time, reminding me that it was the second prised, indeed, shocked, that Rudy hadn't banned
John Dillinger knocking over the First Federal time, to remove my hands from mypockets. In the Big Daddy, whose advertisements showed Adam
Savings and Loan, and a forensic precision eerily "broken windows" universe of the Giuliani mind- Sandler corrupting his son by relieving imself on
reminiscent of those cops on, well, Cops, pointing set, whizzing against a wall automatically makes a brick wall right in front of him. Not to mention
out the crime scene for the benefit of the viewing one a potentially dangerous and armed criminal. the celebrated "parking garage" episode from
audience. "Yes, I know," I said, talking over him, "I Seinfeld. Rudy's just the boy to go after these
They requested ID and I produced my St John's read the papers." I wondered if he realized he'd let moral transgressions, too. Why didn't he initiate a
University faculty card. I don't have a drivers' me go for my wallet before without properly "cov- public crusade against public urination? Was he
license, or even one of those non-driver's licenses ering" me, just in case I pulled out an Uzi or some- in shock over his wife's appearance in The Vagina
that pass for official ID, so I figured that declaring thing. Monologues? Or did his own prostate trouble
oneness with St. John's, Catholic, conservative and They took my name, address, social security cause him to shy away from matters urinary?
cop-friendly (Justin Volpe is a graduate of our number and radioed it in. Asked me if I'd gotten The vibe I was getting from Officer
criminal law program, although no one is exactly any tickets lately. It's a good thing my complete Friendly at that moment was that he was one of
bragging about it), would be the best strategic bet. "record" didn't come through, or they'd have
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By Neil Haber
Beasts of Censorship -- -- -p

Do we in this school believe in freedom of is within our computers. sored by radio stations who have monopolies on
speech? Or are we only paying lip service to it? Well, We are forced to not be able to use sites we music play and on what people hear and what
lets see, if we did, we would permit people to say what want to visit to obtain music we want. How can we becomes mainstream 'pop.'
they want as long as they are causing us no immediate practice our 'God given rights' of freedom of speech In order to hear uncensored music, we can
harm. Now if we deprive others of their right to and expression and pursuit of happiness if we are cen- use the internet to find it and then tell others about it
express their thoughts (or to do anything else they sored and are not free to choose all choices to know who would not ordinarily be able to find it.
please), how can we pretend that we can do so with- what we want ? How about our 'right to choose' what Now, who would want to kill a president ?
out the same right being taken away from us? we want to eat on our campus ? When did we autho- What would it accomplish? Their successor would be
This is a worldwide problem that must be rize it so we would have to eat certain foods and have a vice president (most of whom, in this country don't
fixed! It can not be fixed by only talking about it, but to be on meal plans for no reason? exactly do or know a lot). So that 'order' is maintained.
by thinking of and implementing ways of correcting it. Another huge issue for students in any edu- Something like this cannot happen in the current
Lets use a few examples on many levels. It happens cational insitution has become these admins who power structures.
with governments, religions, corporations and various believe that their vision is right and that in order to But where exactly were Secret Service when
other organizations. These groups of people convince achieve it they must sell out to huge, private corpo- JFK was shot, (accurate complete reports on this still
others that they are so much better then others and rations to 'make it big.' If this was so, how come in have not been released)? Or how did someone 'slip
know how to 'take care' of society by imposing their past, schools didn't have to 'make deals with devils' by' so easily?
quite limited views on majorities. We see how this has in order to succeed ? Obviously, we do not need How can this happen if they say they will
always been happening with governments. They trick these greedy conglomerates to be involved in educa- take bullets for leaders of a country (where all votes are
'voters' into believing that they have voted and that all tion and government, so they must be seperate from not counted ands its 'Supreme Court' pretends to be
of their choices of who should be in power are correct. each other or these systems in which so many are 'not involved in politics' and decided this election
This is even more apparent with "King involved in will collapse. based on 'equal voting' rights)?
George: President Select" recently who neither repre- How do we get information from govern- We can not speak of 'Constitution' as if it's
sents 'the will of people' or 'the rule of law' which was ment ? Through the 'Freedom of Information Act' we 'holy' anymore since we now see that it has major
fake rhetoric thrown around by two large parties are supposed to receive information about whatever flaws that have to be corrected now. If a motto of our
which constitute a "duopoly" and control who is in or we want about what they do (except when problems country is 'In God We Trust,' then how come there is all
out for such a large place! come up and they hide things. this corruption within all these branches of govern-
Not only that, this person with a past record Do not listen to 'greedia' or watch too much ment (on local, state, and federal levels) which con-
of drunk driving and multitudes of drugs gets exces- TV. It will help you think dearer since it rapes your tains those who can't even cover up events well
sive protection from 'Secret Service' who are neither mind by depriving it of the stimulation of what goes enough for people not to notice?
secret nor conduct any service)! 'Secret Service' has a on in real world situations. If our country were 'religious' or even
history of hiding who they are externally by using Gather with people who have similiar and 'humanistic' it would not advocate or conduct verbal
'security' as a front for propaganda to continue and different interests as a way to counteract any lies you and physical violence onto its own citizens or other
justify their pitiful existence (for all relevant info on may have been told from other sources such as 'gree- countries. Secret Service and IRS are both branches of
'Secret Service' check out dia' who under most circumstances can not be trusted the Treasury (small parts of a huge bloated system),
They have expanded illegally their investiga- since they haven't earned it in any way and are only yet people know little about what they do or how
tions into all areas of people's lives instead of sticking showing you whatever they want to profit off of you they work using such manipulative, coercive ways.
to two areas: 'protection' and finding 'counterfitters'. as a number, not in terms of truth. Work on things So express yourselves in all ways. Listen
We ask for honesty from our politicians, and when we from bottom up, not top down so you can be involed to who you are and not to what others tell you to
are satisfied that they can answer some superficial in all aspects of our world in which we are all affected. be. Remember that 'government is people' and we
questions which will not determine answer we still We say and believe in this country we have have rights for reasons: so that we can live freely.
accept them ("wild Willy" who was highly dishonest -our freedoms which can not be taken away. It was all Within our school, we also need major changes in
and not very trustworthy due to his constant legal fine and dandy for a while, but it eventually became order to get what is wanted for most students and
shenaningans and lack of cooperation with American what it is now where people are censored, their prop- then some (for students this is currently through
citizens and charades such as starting wars in far off erty is redistributed, they are forced to be drafted, they polity, hint HINT! vote for us who will give you
places in order to avoid him being questioned). are searched without cause or warrants change you want, which translates into giving
It is not like most people do not care but it Contact any of your 'represenatives' in any power back to students.
may seem so when they realize that they are powerless way you can (even if they are some beauracrat If you think you are being censored, figure
to produce change, but this is wrong. Every individ- removed from average citizens) and leave them many out legal ways around them so speech can be pre-
ual can do it is whatever they want to do and then messages about topics they should or shouldn't be served. A great tool to preserve our speech and com-
some (which includes correcting injustice conducted involved in. Ignoring our problems here will not municate with others is the internet. Keep in mind
in government and any other aspects which they feel make them go away, but by speaking about them with that if you have a particular way of life (religion, phi-
they have been wronged. We must get to bottom of what we know, we can correct them, and make it bet- losophy, belief, class, sex, grouping, etc.) that just as
things so we can live better more positive lives. There ter for ourselves and all others! you have freedom to do, others have freedom not to
is censorship going on within our school in many The Offspring have a song "Kill the do whatever it is you are doing (so do not impose on
ways and one very important one in which it occurs President." It is quite unknown since it has been cen- others). Always remember to have fun!

AB1a ck Panth"r In Kin Arthur's Court
m~ ah
rl --IhemL
- - IRL-
~ p-in-
--~~, --M-
~ -· · _~-s~-C-·---P-----·~ C ~ -AIL-
- M-I-AL- -is-
- -C - - -i d ·Rr - ~ ~ IC - a

By Alan Smithee A Black Panther in King Arthur's Court

is exactly what you W-ould expect from a group
Mikey & The Merry Pranksters' new CD is of "Merry Pranksters". It is full of fun and joy
the type of music I like to hear: a group of talented and joking around. Even so, it is not without a
musicians having fun and exploring different message. Along with the upbeat melodies the
sounds. `The songs range from beautifully sweet band explores themes of racism and oppres-
ballad to pure funk, and the band pulls off this sion. It's not all fun and games, but the band
range amazingly well. There isn't a song on the manages to achieve the perfect balance of mer-
album that doesn't work. riness and message.
As well as being diverse in sound, it is Mikey and The Merry Pranksters is a
also diverse in emotion, going from light-hearted band that deserves attention. Their mixture of
and wacky one minute to serious and political the funk, jazz, rock, and R&B is refreshing in today's
next. Of particular interest are the upbeat, toe tap- world of derivative and unoriginal music. You can
ping tunes such as "Freeloader Bob" and order A Black-Panther in King Arthur's Court at:
"Spanky's Medley a go go". There is an infectious http: //
energy to the CD that is hard not get caught up in. rypranksters/.

Page 10
_,,, ----- --

II "t,
1t-)i I
o,- "ro,^
A v
c ~
·- ---
IT or roollovl'01S TA Tr-I I- -- -- --

By EL. Livingston

How do you explain the movie Valentine? And that the "revenge of the nerds"
Well, for starters, it's your basic psychological thriller. is often mirrored in our own desire
You know, former-nerd-seeks-revenge-on-his-child- to strike back at those who hurt us.
hood-tormentors (especially the pretty (For convenience, I'm separating
girls who snubbed him as a "loser.") the "misfits" from "the rest of us."
But what does all this have to do with But, in truth, we may all be "mis-
Valentine's Day? Nothing'(and everything). The film fits" in one way or another.)
begins with a flashback to a sixth grade Valentine's Consider the young
Day dance at which Jeremy, the class "geek" is women in the film, for example.
harassed and humiliated by several of the other kids. .There's Kate (Marley Shelton), a
And, back in the present, a series of unexplained mur- former popularity queen who now
ders starts around February 14. rationalizes that her violent, alco-
Beyond that, this "lovers' holiday" lends holic boyfriend (Boreanaz) is "just
itself to shocker fare more easily than I thought. a borderline addictive personality v
Valentine- cards provide a great medium for cryptic with alcohol." And Lily (Jessica Cauffiel), "the funny occurs when the homicide detective considers Jeremy
messages to potential victims. And a cupid's mask one," who tries to convince her friends -- and herself as the perpetrator. With a little plastic surgery and a
(cheesy bite-off of the ghostly one used in Scream?) -- that a sex-obsessed, pornographic artist is really few other changes, the officer concedes, the suspect
makes the perfect disguise for the killer. Besides, interested in a serious relationship with her. Also, could have made so drastic a change in appearance
such a sexy, romantic kind of "scary movie" is a good Shelly (Katherine Heigl), "the smart one," a medical that "He could be anybody."
excuse to stock the script with highly attractive play- student who pursues blind dates without the requi- Yes, "anybody." And in truth, when you
ers, both male and female, including television's site sense of humor. (I mean, when a guy tries to get think about it, Jeremy was never that geeky. Kind of
Angel and movieland's latest "box office draw," David you into bed by pointing out that this is "all just about plain, a little awkward, with the proverbial too-thick
Boreanaz. preservation of the species," well, it's gotta, at least, be glasses -- that's it. The class could have isolated
Clever, I suppose. But a little too obvious to good for a laugh with your friends!) Not to forget, almost any of its other members. They could have
be taken seriously. And just the type of film to which Paige (Denise Richards), ever "the sexy one," who'll targeted Paige as a "slut" or shunned Shelly as "the
I usually object. Not just because of its gruesomeness go to any length to find "love," not just the usual blind brain." And Dorothy, no doubt, was saved from total
quotient (and actually, this one isn't too gross). But dates, videos, and personal ads, but even something pariah status only because the .kids had already
because of its time setting. The time for holiday "fear- called "Turbo-Dating." (Is this for real? A girl gets to tapped Jeremy as their scapegoat. In a different place
jerkers," I contend, is around October 31. "Save the speak to a series of guys for thirty seconds at a clip or time the roles could have easily shifted. The
horror for Halloween," I've been known to proclaim and then picks a date?) And then there's Dorothy choice of victim, it seems, depends more on the felt
(to no one of any influence, of course). "We don't need (Jessica Capshaw), former "fat girl," who still latches needs of the group than on any personal traits of the
demonic Santa Clauses or poison Easter eggs!" on to any guy who pays her attention. unlucky outcast.
So why did I even go to see this flick? Only Nor is vengeance solely the province of Regardless, the viewer learns early on that
because my teenage daughter took me to it as a "drips" here. At one point, Dorothy lashes out at her there's one foolproof clue to the identity of the mur-
"present" for my birthday (along with two of her current friends, the former "cool girls," accusing them derer. The psychopath's nose bleeds after every slay-
friends, of course). of still looking down at her as "fat." And Paige, bit- ing and, presumably, in all moments of strong duress.
Yet, to my surprise, I found that this typical terly disappointed when Turbo-Guy offers her his (Another flaw in the movie, I think: there are a few
tale of terror had some redeeming features. And no, penis as a "surprise" - well -- all I can say is that she stressful exchanges in which the culprit's nose does
I'm not just referring to handsome, hunky Boreanaz; waxes really fiery. (She doesn't seem to have any bet- not bleed.) In true geek fashion, the killer's vulnera-
though that's one!(ShNhh Don't tell my husband I said ter sense of humor than Shelly. I don't blame her for bilities are more visible than those of others, mask or
that!) What I'm talking about is that the film brings rejecting crude behavior. But for a sophisticated not. (Maybe that mask isn't so "cheesy," after all.)
out the fact that most people share the "dweebs"' need twentysomething to get sooo "hot and bothered" And that, I suppose, is the real difference
to "belong," that many nerdy insecurities are just about this? A bit unbelievable. Who writes this stuff, between those misfits and the rest of us. But it's the
reflections of our own, though perhaps more intense. anyway, Paula Jones?) only difference -- Scary thought, huh?
- i ~- -C- - ~-·~-------~~--·---- ~I~~- -F- -- ~ ----- I~------ I ----
~---~O- -P~-s~s~-··~sRLBB-·-rrs

Te Arcade
games,videos, pool




::::: toii
t til
eleven' pm
:~j: Kl

Si- *--------------------------»I
StudentUnionBasement - ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ · ~ ~ - ~ -- r
I--- --q ,1.
1 I
wage i i-
'1 Y
Things to do
when you know
the Secret Service
is watching your
every move

Find Your Old

"Public Enemy" T-Shirt

From "Aission Impossible

Trry T-o Rub Y. r Nuts On

Al The 'BUgs' In The Rnnm

Bea t A Dea d Hnor

Two Words: Narcissistic
Paranoi a

Stonp "Ficking Abot"

And Get The Paper Done
Page 12

P J Harvey: Stories from the

City, Stories from the Sea (Island Records)

Witch. Their experience obviously played a huge The remaining tracks are covers, b-sides and
part in the creation of this landmark release. Songs acoustic versions of tracks from their 1999 Victory
like "Prayer for a Dying" and "Live to Die" groove Records debut, Under the Radar.
with a sense of urgency I've not heard since Kyuss. Grade have managed to keep their music
Stahl's crooning easily gives Ozzy a run for his interesting for well over five years. And while I
money. wouldn't recommend this collection to every emo
After letting off a few lackluster records As a whole, Goatsnake are certainly making rock fan I know, hardcore Grade fans tired of scouring
Polly Jean Harvey is back on track. Stories from the n' roll fun again. Fuck the hype. Water the flower Ebay for those rare 7"s would do well to invest.
City... is as strong an album as any of the classic of disease...
material this diva has bestowed upon us. In fact, C.R.: Forty Six Songs (Chainsaw Safety Records)
I'm willing to argue that this may even be her best Grade: The EmbarrassingBeginning (Victory
record. Records)
From the opening anthem "Big Exit" to the
tender "A Place Called Home" (which would be a
Top Ten single in a perfect world), PJ Harvey has
really loaded up the goods here. While there are
some minor hitches ("Beautiful Feeling" gives off
quite the opposite feeling with its' monotonous,
melancholy tone), PJ Harvey knows how to go
straight for the heart. Her gorgeous duet with
Thom Yorke of Radiohead, "This Mess We're In," is
an potent tearjerker for all the right reasons. This
vixen hasn't lost a step.

Goatsnakep Fnlmopr nF Dipancp (Man'c Riimiin

C.R. took the New York Hardcore scene

by storm when they came together, almost acciden-
To either satisfy contractual obligations, or tally, in the summer of 1995. At a time when hard-
simply tide their fans over until their next album, core was defined by the stagnant metallic bullshit
Canadian emo-rockers have put together this pack- of bands like Strife, Mouthpiece and Snapcase, C.R.
age of odds and ends. The Embarrassing gave us a swift kick in the 'nads. Their popularity
Beginning offers up a well-rounded picture of drew attention to other NY-area bands who played
where the band has been and where they come at frantic speeds, such as the Judas Iscariot,
from. Automaton, Devola, Black Army Jacket and grind-
Some of the bands earliest material, from core terrorists SoIHadToShootHim.
their split CD with Believe (originally released in This retrospective CD shows why C.R.
1994 by Workshop Records), displays their chugga- made a huge impact during their brief existence
chugga metalic roots. With songs that could easily (the band broke up on-stage in April of '97).
be mistaken for Earth Crisis throwaways, listeners Kicking off with their 10 song debut 7" and con-
Goatsnake's second full length release is may be surprised to see how far this band has cluding with five songs culled from their final
one of those rare musical excursions to which come. If you can sit through some mediocre recording session, the bands progression was stag-
words cannot do justice. They've far exceeded the tracks, you'll be lucky enough to come to the stun- gering. Where their early material drew heavily
quality of their previous releases (which were quite ning anthem "Entangled", an early example of from bands like Infest and Negative Approach,
impressive) and entered into a league all their own. Grade's creative songwriting ability. Their gift for their later material mixed it up with a Today is the
To hear four veterans gel into one monstrous rock creating a mosh frenzy and quickly turning it into Day-like element of pandemonium. From top to
n' roll entity is just a real pleasure. a Soul Asylum-esque sing-a-long is a hint of where bottom, C.R. will certainly be remembered as hard-
Some might lump Goatsnake into the their later material would take them. This track core heroes.
"stoner rock" category, but they'd be foolish and alone makes this disc worth a listen.

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a~---P~-s~L~P~I~L-~e ~e aa~eac~ape~l~-~ ~abc·s~
T$C~~R7i TsO YtJMour\
ST iU1frfoW
Ijalrbo J -
By Deborah Sticher


... ..........
. 'S
d kr

ii .it-



r- Ia I C-J
BobyT Cool
by ^P»-»»e M~asmes

SomtimeBs oet
o st/raree eeline
e basto sdqmw
he' doine aJ I4re

De treon:Lie
~I theety
experience rwr»»s
itettCin tH'pu*<€
.._. _. --1 - ----- i I

Bob Soy

*tondit vej..
ag0 (R ,
{ 44iyfif

« Nt 6 ? IS

Page t:i
By Chris Stackowicz

Occasionally someone becomes aware rendering of a floor. It hangs enigmatically from ing. Many of the questions bordered on the clos-
that our department exists. Walking through the the ceiling by sexy silver wires. Unlike Adam's er side of boring (for me to ask and for you to
library, you might stumble on the little gallery last show in the gallery, this experience invites read). So in the interest of the reader of this arti-
near the commuter lounge, across from the ele- the viewer to interact. If you choose to just look, cle and the potential viewer of the show, a more
vators which move with some expediency. This the piece has all the necessary components of a interesting consideration of the piece can be
gallery is the main venue for Stony Brook's formally pleasing aesthetic. But then you miss gained from his response to just one question:
Masters of Fine Arts (MFA) students to show out on the piece. Passive viewing, seems to be Describe a music video that you could see
their work to the general public. Unless you not only frowned upon, but also schematically being staged in here: Adam's response: "Well,
have come down to the graduate studios at hindered and negated by the layout of the sus- first I would make some slight alterations.
South Campus or poked your head into the pended tiles. You are meant to walk on them. To From the wires suspending the floor, I would
gallery you might not even be aware that Stony feel them swing as you move from one section string up some cages. I would have scantily
Brook has an MFA program. Hopefully the new of the floor to the next, to hear the wood bases clad dancers gyrating around them. There
show in the Graduate gallery, in the library, will knock against each other, and to know that you would be people sliding underneath along
cause some notice, not only to the artist, Adam are on the floor and it moves. It is the floor and, the floor, getting excited and trying to get a
Shreckhise, but also to the vastly under-recog- simultaneously, it is not the floor, this is the peek at the dancers through the space
nized activities of these graduate students. piece. All the elements of what we typically see between the floor sections. They'd be dressed
Adam has created something that will, when we think of "art" are gone. All you have in trench coats. They'd be excited, like psy-
if not force the viewer to reconsider what expe- left is the experience of the piece. It Is not what ched, not swelling. They would all be moving
riencing art means, at least allow some fun to you see but rather what you do. There is some- in unison. The band would be crowded into
occur in the gallery setting. Walking in you will thing fundamentally significant in my last the little cage on the center floor panel. When
see no images on the walls. Only the floor and phrase as it echoes what I see as the definitive the dancers started to get tired of dancing,
the ceiling are there. Two floors. The first is the sentiments of this piece. Art becomes the experi- someone would go and cut the ropes and the
original austere white floor sitting in its usual ence. And it is what you do every day. You just floor would fall and crush the little guys
floor position, never really considered much have to recognize it and experience it. Take underneath."
when one looks at art. The second floor is sus- notice of the little things, even the mundane and I think this answer does compel you,
pended from the ceiling. The tiles on the hang- banal, even the floor and ceiling. They are not the reader, to go into the gallery and experi-
ing floor, are sleek, shiny, black and smooth. Not just given in life, but they are experiences and ence the piece for yourself. The artists'
a mar occurs on their surface. The second floor sensations, that when opened up, twisted and motives for the creation of this piece are left
is segmented according to a systematic grid that beautified, are the art of life. naked and hanging for all to see. Everything
represents nothing but a skewed perspectival I interviewed Adam prior to the open- else is left to the imagination.

4w f, f-i'1 D ,1,1- C,..,1t, -r 1%
By Greg Knopp

When I was in High school,

the restrictions and regulations
placed on the students always man-
aged to infuriate me. Asking permis-
sion to go to the bathroom, getting in
trouble for cutting class, being sub-
jected to the dress code, being
picked up by a police car and taken
to some distant auditorium to sit
there in silence for 5 hours, for leav-
ing school groundss. These were
things a school student had to put
up with. But with the latest develop-
ments in public schools, my four year stay systemically tested for them within an educa- dystopia novels..
seem negligible in contrast with what students tional institution. Not only are young people Schools everywhere are trying to see
have to deal with now. bound by the law to attend school, they are now how much control and invasion of privacy they
A good reason why a direct democracy constantly drug tested. But what surprises me is can get away with. Many have-capitalized on
would not work is a mob. And what's worse not the government's push for more control over the Columbine shooting to make laws that
then a mob? A religiously inspired mob. In a our personal life, but the town's compliance, and would not normally stand. My brother's high
Texas town, a new program was implemehted, its reaction to those unwilling to comply. One school installed cameras in every hallway of the
which requires drug testing for all public school father who refused to allow the school to see building. My old high school, along with many
students. Students lined up, and had to provide what flows through his kids' bodies. The town others, have made trench coats illegal on school
urine samples for analysis. Those who refused did not like that. He was fired from his job, the ground (claiming that weapons could be easily
were put on a so called 'probation'. They were kids were suspended, and someone shot his dog hidden in them.) Some schools require see-
required to wear orange colored jumpsuits, same with a bee-bee gun. They shot his dog! through backpacks for extra safety. Another
as the ones prisoners wear, and were isolated Another development managed to scare school made all its students wear bar-coded
from the regular 'cup-pissing' population of the me as much just as the one above. Thirty-five ID's around their necks at all times. These are
school. The town had a very strong reaction public schools in Pennsylvania introduced a pro- used for easy identification, checking out
towards all of this. Students and their families gram that will speed up lunch lines and amuse books, and attendance. Teachers are required to
showed up in an auditorium intent on showing the children at the same time. Instead of cash, make sure all students are wearing their IDs'
their feelings about this program. They all wore these grammar school students will now pur- before every class.
matching T-shirts (what better way to express chase lunches with a mere touch of their index All these events are quite disturbing, to
one's feelings), and the T-shirts said: "Mandatory finger. This isn't magic, but it is rather amazing. say the least. They amaze and scare me at the
The pattern of their finger will be scanned, com- same time. Public schools seem to have less and
Drug Testing, We Asked for Them, You Gave
Them To Us, We Appreciate It" or some variation pared with all other patterns on record, and iden- less to do with education, and more with then
of that. Yes that's right, they were all showing tified. The price of the lunch will be subtracted labeling, categorizing, and conditioning of
their appreciation for this policy. from the student's account, all of this done quick- youth. Invasion of privacy in the school system
You want to talk about tolerance, not ly and efficiently. One problem though. They are even overcomes that implemented in the drug
only wouldn't these good Texan Christians toler- going to FINGERPRINT every student in school! war. Every year, the schools pull something
ate anyone using the so called 'illegal drugs', but Now this sounds completely fucked up to me. It completely ridiculous and unthinkable, and
they wouldn't stand for someone refusing to be arouses feelings I had while reading all those manage to get away with it.
Page 17
~ v A - S W A -Fe -I
Tfl F3iI
- - ' . - -r A
A1 t sr *_ "w" A o
-re .

By Tim Connors

This article is
about the ideas in the
readings and traditions at
the beginning of
Narcotics Anonymous
meetings. It is my experi-
ence that much of the pro-
gram is outlined there,
and hearing it helped me
with my issues as to
whether I belonged in
NA, or not. It also helped
me with surrendering,
*and following the pro-
gram when I had a basic
idea of what it was about.
Well on to the readings, w dtaniuing. ine lDtue YUoK says on page co, in terms or we ana our rarner mnan me
selectively, because of space constraints associ- "Understanding these traditions comes slowly and "mine." By working together for our com-
ated with printed material. I realize that selec- over time." Also on that page it says, "The mon welfare, we achieve the true spirit. of
tively using material can be a way to misrepre- twelve Traditions of N.A. are not negotiable. anonymity.
sent the Narcotics Anonymous Blue Book, so I They are the guidelines that keep our We have heard the phrase "principles
included page numbers with the hope that you Fellowship alive and free." There is a further before personalities" so, often that it is like a
will look for yourself. To get a book go to Ellen explanation of the origin, and nature of the tra- cliche. While we may disagree as individuals,
Driscoll, or make a meeting. ditions on page 58 of the Blue Book. the spiritual principle of anonymity makes us
On page 3; Who is an addict? Very sim- On page 59; Tradition One - "Our com- all equal as members of the group. No member
ply, an addict is a man, or woman whose life is mon welfare should come first; personal recov- is greater or lesser than any other member. The
controlled by drugs. As addicts we are people ery depends on N.A. unity." The customary say- drive for personal gain in the areas ofsex,
whose use of any mind-altering, or mood- ing I've heard is, that drugs, weapons, and property and social position, which brought so
changing substance causes a problem in our paraphernalia are not welcome, but you are. much pain in the past, falls by the wayside if
lives. We suffer from a disease that expresses There is more to Tradition One than physical we adhere to the principle of anonymity.
itself in ways that are anti-social and that make security in the meeting place, yet having a safe Anonymity is one of the basic elements of our
detection, diagnosis, and treatment difficult. place to meet is important to me. The book says, recovery and it pervades our Traditions and
Hostile, resentful, self-centered, and self-seek- unity is a must in Narcotics Anonymous. This is our Fellowship. It protects us from our own
ing we cut ourselves off from the outside not to say that we do not have our disagree- defects of character and renders personalities
world. This section goes from page three to ments and conflicts; we do. However we can and their differences powerless. Anonymity in
-page eight. disagree without being disagreeable. We must action makes it impossible for personalities to
On page 9; What is the Narcotics live and work together as a group to ensure that come before principles.
Anonymous Program? This is a program of in a storm our ship does not sink and our mem- I know this lacks something in terms
complete abstinence from all drugs. We are not bers do nor perish. With faith in a Power greater of being personally revealing, and quoting
interested in what or how much you used or than ourselves, hard work, and unity we will from the book is not a display of literary tal-
who your connections were, what you have survive and continue to carry the message to the ent. I know I'm powerless over who reads this,
done in the past, how much or how little you addict who still suffers. or if it even gets published, but I got some-
have, but only in what you want to do about On page 62; Tradition Three - "The thing out of writing it. Currently I'm on the
your problem and how we can help. We have only requirement for membership is a desire to second step of the program, which is coming
learned from our group experience that those stop using." The only thing we ask of our mem- to believe that a power greater than ourselves
who keep coming to our meetings regularly stay bers is that they have this desire. Without it could restore us to sanity.
clean. The section goes from page 9 to page 12. they are doomed, but with it miracles will hap- Just an aside, currently I am looking
On page 13; Why are we here? Through pen. We open our doors to other addicts, hop- for a sponsor who can share their understand-
our inability to accept personal responsibilities ing that they can find what we have found. But ing of sanity. I often hear sanity defined as a
we are actually creating our own problems. Our we know that only those who have a desire to lack of insanity. This definition doesn't work
disease always resurfaced or continued to stop using and want what we have to offer will for me, because when I was using I would
progress until in desperation, we sought help join us in our way of life. repeat the same mistakes, without thinking of
from each other in Narcotics Anonymous. We On the bottom of page 67; Tradition the results, and in the last few years I was also
couldn't face life on life's terms. Seven "Every N.A. group ought to be fully self- psychotic most of the time. I'm not going to
1.We are powerless over addiction and supporting, declining outside contributions." describe being psychotic, either you under-
our lives are unmanageable. A good way to get an understanding of this is stand it or not. Currently I lack both of those
2. Although we are not responsible to attend a group business meeting. There's forms of insanity in my life, but does that
for our disease, we are responsible for our also the pamphlet, I think it's called "What's mean I'm sane? To make a very odd compari-
recovery. the Basket For?" son, if I was restored to being a fire engine, I
3. We can no longer blame, people, On page 72; Tradition Twelve - would not be insane, yet I would also lack a
places, and things for our addiction. We must "Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of all normal range of feelings and thoughts, even
face our problems and our feelings. our Traditions, ever reminding us to place though fire engines are very important to soci-
From page 13 to page 16. principles before personalities." A dictionary ety. Bluntly, I'm looking for someone who, by
On page 17; How it works; If you want definition of anonymity is "a state of bearing example, can share how being restored to san-
what we have to offer, and are willing to make on name." In keeping with Tradition Twelve, ity is evidenced in their life, in a way that is
the effort to get it, then you are ready to take the "I" becomes "we." The spiritual foundation not just the lack of insanity.
certain steps. These are the principles that made becomes more important than any one group, I know it sounds like I'm over thinking
our recovery possible. (The twelve steps follow.) or individual. this, but I don't see myself turning my will and
This sounds like a big order, and we didn't get As we find ourselves growing closer life over to the care of God, without some idea
addicted in one day, so remember - easy does it. together, the awakening of humility occurs. of why/how/what being restored to sanity
The individual steps are in this section, and I Humility is a by-product that allows us to grow will change my life. Yes I am still self centered
suggest you find a sponsor willing to help you and develop in an atmosphere of freedom, and enough to want to know what's in it for me. On
work through them. This section goes from page removes the fear of becoming known by our the positive side there is a step that deals with
17 to. page 19, and the steps go until page 51. employers, families or friends as addicts. defects of character, so I have hope I will
Now on to the traditions outlined at the Therefore, we attempt to rigorously adhere to change. I just want some glimpse of what is
beginning of the meeting. I've read and re-read the principle that "what is said in meetings possible. I may just have to rely on faith, and if
the four traditions emphasized at meetings, and stays in meetings." that were the case I'd need a sponsor to help
for me, every time I get a little better under- Throughout our Traditions, we speak me do that.
Page 18
- III I- I- L.-- __ --
_ __
By Jackie Yeh
~ ·- Counterstrike
-- '- ---- andI-- ChanP
-- ~Le --

What is this thing we have about change? get under the bridge through some basement tun- can even go up to the projection room!
Aren't our lives so boring we would crave some nel dealie. Sadly, I think the problem with playing in
new things for once? The thrill of trying some- For those of you who are pretty flexible, any map other than Dust is the lack of people.
thing new and loving it; it's one of the best feelings why not play the other maps more often? There Servers can choose to offer any map, but it kind of
one can go through. Doing the same shit day after are a zillion lonely ones to choose from. Aztec is sucks to play when there are only three other peo-
day after day after day stinks. good, a little big and confusing, but the random ple playing with you on the goddamn server.
Dust. What the fuck is everyone's obses- thunderbolts are half the fun. One second you're Especially when a newbie who still has his name
sion with this goddamn map? You go on LAN happily running around buh-duh-duh-ing all on the default "Player" is on your team, and your
games for a good ol' game of Counterstrike, and them dirty terrorists, and the next second you're opponents apparently belong to the same clan.
what do you see? Server after server of fucking looking up at the raging sky, dead. The Gods Ouch.
Dust. The worst part is, they're always full. apparently didn't like your cockiness. Sometimes there is a decent amount of
I won't deny it. It's a pretty damn good Office is an interesting map, too. It's one of people playing on a map like Aztec or Office or Arab
map. It's got something for everyone. You're an those where certain doors open from only one side. Streets. But they are almost always on some pri-
asshole camper? Join the counter-terrorists and There are sniper positions in strategic spots, mean- vate server that you need a password to. Which
stake out the underpass. Like the rampage and ing if you get too close to a window, you might sucks. That's what people resort to when they
claustrophobia of close quarters? Jump in the tun- suddenly get your head blown off. want to play maps that are not Dust.
nel with a bunch of your teammates and make sure Assault is also a fun map, though it is more So, for the love of God, join other maps,
you've got a flash grenade on you. It isn't the in favor of the terrorists, who can merely camp people. Rats is supposed to be one awesome map.
biggest map, nor is it the puniest. It's just right, inside the warehouse and wait to pick off the Try them all out. Better yet, if you can, set up a
with just the right numbers of different routes'you counter terrorists. There are at least three ways to server offering any map that is not dust. And if
can take towards your opponents. Hell, it was the get inside, however, and if you're really buff you you'd rather play, Jesus H. Christ, join anything
first map I've ever played on. can kill any self-worth present on the terrorist team but Dust. If you see two people in some map you
Despite its many advantages, I cannot by single-handedly dominating them and taking really do like, join and pray that people are feeling
believe people can stand to play this map over and the hostages to safety. If you're already an assault adventurous that night.
over and over again. For the love of Christ! One fan you probably know all about the highly pretty Change is supposed to be good. Quit
must get bored of always playing in the same Assault2k. Damn it looks good! doing the same-o same-o day after fucking day.
damned map. There are other maps that are just as Speaking of which, if you can lay your You'll be doing that when you get into the real
fun. grubby hands on Chinatown, it's the most amazing world and you go from 9-5 doing mindless paper-
For those who are slow-to-warm, you can map you'll see. The person must have been one work for some corporation you'd rather shit on
try Dawn. God, it's Dust with a few minor varia- bored assed motherfucker. It's a pretty big map, than work for. Enjoy the sloth you experience now,
tions. Aesthetic-wise, it's a pretty map: its dust at fun to explore. Even if you never plan on playing and leave the mindless humdrum for the rest of
dawn. The goddamn buildings won't blind you in in it, it's fun to explore. I was amazed with how your life. Remember: the Gods will really smile the
this version. Not to mention there is a new way to much you can explore in Chinatown's theatre. You day Andy Lau has zero people on his server.

By EL. Livingston
Has Shakesnpare
Time Run Out?
"Timeless," said my sophomore English one breath. And "unrealistic," as well! psychological profiles in modem literature are fre-
teacher in high school. "Shakespeare's themes are Not that all of you have totally rejected him. quently more complex.
timeless and universal: Love, Jealousy, Ambition, (As a family friend and prospective English major So - do I think that Shakespeare's writings
Revenge. We can sum up almost every one in a single recently told my adult daughter, "I love all that stuff!") have lost all meaning for our time? No. But I do think
word that has meaning for us all." Nor did everyone in my generation enjoy him. But youth has a valid complaint. Many of our habits have
My other English teachers agreed, both in today there seems to be an open, unabashed criticism changed since Shakespeare's day. Some merely in
high school and college. And though many students of Shakespeare that didn't exist on a large scale before. their expression, (sure, some guys still vie over girls
of that time cried out for greater "relevance" in educa- "Guys don't act that way," my teenage daugh- like Bianca's suitors, as I'm sure even my teenager and
tion, I never heard any of them dismiss Shakespeare ter asserted, speaking of Bianca's suitors in Shrew. her friends would agree, but they don't use Latin to
as "irrelevant." Dickens? Sometimes. Austen? Often. "People don't act that way," proclaimed a do it,) others because of major shifts in our attitudes
But Shakespeare? Never. Most of us saw the famous student about Shakespeare's characters, in general, in toward gender roles and parent-child relationships.
"Bard" as a playwright "for all seasons." a recent episode of the popular show Boston Public. And, yes, I still feel that "relevance" matters.
And we may have been right. Otherwise Oh really? No jealous husband has ever Our greatest experiences with literature, I believe,
why have his plots been reworked so many times and killed an innocent wife? No young lovers have enrich our own lives.
adapted to so many other scenarios? Romeo and ever "risked all" to be together? I don't think you But it would be worthwhile, I contend, for us
Juliet, alone, has known several "modernizations," mean that? to "revisit" Shakespeare's work and separate what has
including the most recent played out by Leonardo Rather, I suspect that what truly disturbs significance for us from what doesn't. To explore how
DiCaprio and Claire Danes in a contemporary urban some of you are certain details of the Bard's charac- much has changed - and how much has remained
setting. Nor can we overlook its "translation" into terization. It's easy for most of you to believe, I imag- the same -- regarding our ideals, our insights, and our
cases of racial division (West Side Story) and, though ine, that one half of a "star-crossed" couple might die ways of expressing them.
more loosely, class warfare (Titanic). And let's not for- in a gang fight. It's much harder, I suppose, to accept In order to do so, however, we need to let go
get the two "modem" adaptations of Taming of the the idea of both of them dying due to an ironic twist of any sense of awe regarding Shakespeare. We also
Shrew: first, Kiss Me Kate and much later, Ten Things I of fate (and plot). need to drop any tendency to brush his plays aside as
Hate About You. (Yeah, that "teeny-bopper flick." Nor perhaps, do you feel comfortable with "too old-fashioned." We have to be completely open
How's that for "universality?"). all the social conventions of Shakespeare's day. Few to studying his work side by side with any related
Consider, too, the fabled playwright's per- modem women would solve their problems with a current efforts. (Yeah, even such "teenybopper flicks"
ceptions of human need. Shakespeare was one of the man by giving in (or pretending to give in?) as Kate as Ten Things.) And yes, we have to be willing to admit
first writers to assign psychological motives to behav- does at the end of Shrew. (I'm not sure that the con- to those ways in which the newer works excel over
ior. Shrew's Kate is a bitch because she's jealous of her clusion of Ten Things is any more realistic, with the the old in terms of depth and quality -- and those in
younger sister. Iago deceives Othello out of painful "sweeter" sister morphing into a tough Buffy clone which the Shakespearean pieces prevail.
disappointment over his own lack of success. and decking a "player." But I'm guessing that it rings It's not about proving that Shakespeare is
Commonplace ideas now, but revolutionary then! truer to many of you than the other does.) Clearly, not superior, or even "contemporary." Nor, conversely, is it
Often, they're still pertinent. Hamlet's all Shakespeare's motifs are "eternal." about proving that he's "obsolete." It's a matter of dis-
Ophelia, for example, has become so synonymous In fact, despite its obvious flaws, Ten Things cerning the ways in which our culture has evolved
with female suppression that two recent books on gives us deeper insights into its Kat than Shakespeare over the centuries. Also, it's about finding the points
feminine psychology were "named for" her: Dr. offers into his Kate. Of course, the surly Kat envies at which each one of us connects with the past and/or
Mary Pipher's Reviving Ophelia and Sara Shandler's the more popular Bianca. But she also acts out of her the present. In short, it's about better understanding
Ophelia Speaks. own bitter experience with a former boyfriend, as ourselves.
Yet, lately, I'm hearing an increasing number well as a protective concern for her "little sister." Yes, Nothing could be more relevant. Nothing
of young people say "Shakespeare" and "irrelevant" in Shakespeare's analysis was novel for its day. But the could be more timeless.

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-- ---- ~ -- -I -- - -I hI7
, v
TAXrATrhr NT\adPr .... .....
By Wendy Fuchsberg and Walter Moss

Since Gore lost the election, there have been ous

many references to Ralph Nader as a "spoiler." of s
People have even gone so far as to say that he had can
"no right to run." Just a quick reality check, we do im'
still live in a democracy, don't we? The media has
given a great deal of attention to the Democrats' per- suY
spective but seldom does the media pay any atten- sior
tion to why we voted for Nader. We voted for Ralph o t
Nader for the ONLY reason anyone should vote for a hea
candidate, because we agree with every one of his pro
beliefs. Contrary to popular belief, the Green Party is in on your own.;,
NOT the same as the Democratic Party. humans. If corporations could "police themselves" Lichtenstein 5.18, Iceland 5.17, Denmark 5.05, The
Here is a sample of what Ralph Nader and insofar as environmental issues are concerned, why Netherlands 5.05, Austria 5.04, Germany 5,
The Green Party stand for: haven't they thus far? Australia 4.97, Luxembourg 4.93, Norway 4.91,
6. Gay rights. Gays are perpetually dis- Switzerland 4.83, Japan 4.05, Sweden (Green Party
1. Ralph Nader supports electoral reform. criminated against all over America, structurally as Government) 3.9, Singapore 3.8, Finland 3.79 AND
Many people are unhappy with the way our electoral well as socially. They are not protected by hate crime Ralph Nader supports prescription drug coverage
process "works." We all know about the illegal dis- legislation, their marriages are not recognized by for everyone, not just seniors.
enfranchisement of black voters in Florida. society and the law, which leads to other issues, for 11. Al Gore has been in support of
However, there is a "legal" disenfranchisement of cit- example, healthcare coverage. Gay people are also Occidental Oil Company (the corporation he and
izens who have committed "crimes" in the past. routinely discriminated against in the workplace. his family own stock in) drilling for oil in Columbia,
Ex-convicts are denied the right to vote even 7. Opposes the Death Penalty and promotes displacing native peoples with the aid of the
though they they've done their time and are sup- non-violent solutions to problems in this country as Columbian military. The Columbian government is
posed to be free citizens. Ralph Nader believes a citi- well as overseas (Democrats should keep in mind, Al acting as a puppet for the oil industry. Al Gore, an
zen should have the right to vote regardless of their Gore supports the death penalty). The death penal- environmentalist? (You might want to check out his
past history. 1 in 3 black men in America don't have ty is racially biased. Not only in terms of the number position on drilling for oil in rainforests and wilder-
the most basic right as a citizen of this country to of whites vs. blacks put to death but also if you con- ness areas).
have a voice in their government. sider the fact that blacks are more likely to be erro- 12. Ralph Nader believes that the "drug
2. Opposes NAFTA (North American Free neously convicted due to the racist cultural fabric of war" is senseless. Ralph Nader does not see drugs
Trade Agreement), which has enabled American cor- America and the stereotypes that persist to this day, as the almighty evil. Some people can use con-
porations' human rights abuses in other nations as well as the fact that blacks are notoriously given trolled substances without becoming addicted
(sweatshops) and wreaked havoc here in America by harsher penalties than whites for the same crime. while some people do become addicted to drugs.
costing many people their jobs. Republicans and Innocent men have been sentenced to death. "Since This is an illness in the same way that alcoholism is
Democrats both support NAFTA and the WTO the advent of forensic DNA testing in the late 1980's, an illness. It is a health issue, not a crime, and
(World Trade Organization). at least sixty-three people in the United States have should be treated as such by the government.
3. Promotes Campaign Finance Reform so been exonerated through DNA testing of their evi- 13. Ralph Nader supports community
that the American people will have a say in their dence and set free. Extrapolating from the Federal based economics and government. Our democ-
own government. The same corporations fund both Bureau of Investigation's own findings, there may be racy as it stands, does not represent the voice
the Democrats and the Republicans, Ralph Nader thousands of innocent people currently incarcerat- of the people. Grassroots Democracy would
does NOT accept corporate "contributions" and con- ed." (This quote was taken directly from The make politicians responsible for the voices of
siders it bribery. Government should not be a pup- Innocence Project web page at the Cardozo School the people who they are supposed to represent.
pet for the corporate elite. It should be a govern- of Law at http:/ / We need a participatory democracy. Local gov-
ment for the people. cence project/). 5% of all persons convicted are ernment should be given the funds they need
4. Ralph Nader does not support a National later found to be innocent. 68% of death penalty to improve their community. As it stands now;,
Missile Defense System. This is something that both trials have been found to have a serious error on we pay the most taxes to our federal govern-
Al Gore and George W. Bush support even though subsequent appeals. Any study that has been done ment, which gives tax breaks to the people who
the Union of Concerned Scientists have testified at on the subject has shown that it is not a deterrent need it the least, corporations.
length about it's inadequacies as a viable national (average homicide rate in death penalty states is 14. Ralph Nader supports welfare. We
defense and therefore, it would be a huge waste of 9.3 per 100,000 people as opposed to a national spend three and a half times more on corporate
money, not to mention it would be a major violation average of 9/100,000. All of these statistics have welfare than on social welfare. This corporate
of the US-Russian arms control agreements, more been taken from an article on page 28 of the welfare comes in the form of tax breaks, agri-
specifically the START treaties, a stipulation of which February 2001 issue of Scientific American maga- business subsidies, tax-free municipal bonds,
is that neither nation will build a NMD system. This zine). The death penalty is state sanctioned lower taxes on capital gains, nuclear subsidies,
agreement would eliminate several thousand nuclear revenge and gives rise to a society that supports aviation subsidies, export subsidies, mining
warheads on both sides. (For more info on this issue, vigilante justice (possibly against the wrong man). subsidies, synfuel tax credits, timber subsidies,
visit the Union of Concerned Scientists website at The State should be on the side of justice not ozone tax exemptions, etc. revenge. The state should be setting an example 15. Ralph Nader believes in raising
5. Supports efficient alternatives to fossil of non-violent solutions to problems if it expects minimum wage to a living wage. How on
fuels. Yes that's right. There are efficient alternatives its citizens to do the same. earth companies get away with paying people
to fossil fuels. Wondering why you haven't heard of 8. Ralph Nader supports affirmative action $5.50 an hour considering that the economy is
them? Think oil industry, which both Al Gore and without being wishy washy about it. He doesn't "doing so well" is beyond me. However if
George W. Bush are heavily involved with, in terms change his views dependent upon the audience. you look at the distribution of wealth, the eco-
of owning stock, supporting oil drilling in wilderness 9. He supports the protection of a woman's nomic status of the top 1% of people have
areas formerly protected by the U.S. government, right to choose and supports the coverage of abor- increased while the rest of us have stayed the
and campaign funds donated by the oil industry. The tion under a proposed national healthcare system. same, thus the income gap is bigger than it
burning of fossil fuels is the main source of CO2 10. Supports public healthcare. The U.S. is was 8 years ago.
(Carbon Dioxide) in this country. The U.S. con- the only industrialized nation without national So to all you people out there who say,
tributes 24.3% of the worlds CO2 emissions (carbon healthcare. In some places in this country, the infant "But Nader will never be elected," I would say
dioxide accounts for the bulk of the greenhouse gases mortality rate rivals that of third world nations. As this: throughout history people have been pre-
that cause global warming), producing approximate- it is, as a nation, we have the highest infant mortal- dicting the future of this great country. They
ly 1,494,000,000 metric tons in the year 1998 alone. To ity rate of all industrialized countries. These rates said slavery would never end, that black peo-
put this into perspective, all of Europe and the former are infant deaths per thousand births: U.S.A. 6.67, ple would never get the right to vote, that
Portugal 6.6, Spain 6.31, Italy 6.21 Belgium 6.07, women would never get the right to vote, that
Soviet Union only account for 29.4% of world emis-
sions while housing approximately four times the New Zealand 6.07, Ireland 5.84, Great Britain 5.7, segregation would never end, that abortion
population of the U.S. Human activity (industry) Taiwan 5.67, (not only does Taiwan have a national would never be legalized. They were wrong.
has worn a hole through our planet's ozone layer, healthcare plan, they make provisions for health I do believe Bob Dylan said it best.
which is a layer of ozone gas (03), which protects us insurance for foreigners! In other words, if you vis- "Your old road is rapidly agin'. Please
ited Taiwan, you would be covered under their get out of the new one if you can't lend your
from ultra-violet radiation. It is responsible for vari-
healthcare system but when you come home, you're hand, for the times they are a-changin'."
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is TN/DTtI

By Tim Connors

The surest way to advance in the depart- Police department is either gross-
ment is to follow the twenty-minute rule. When ly incompetent in obeying the
a call comes in, wait twenty minutes before laws it is supposed to uphold, or
responding. Following this rule insures that the is deliberately flouting them.
officers will avoid any danger to themselves, There is no one to complain to,
because the incident will be over by the time: other than the police department.
they get there. Many a career has been built by On Long Island the
following this simple axiom of waiting until police will log tremendous over-
things are over before showing up. time in the years right before
But what about plain clothes cops? The retirement, since their pension is
thingto do is to bust dealers, and charge them based on an average of the
with the minimum possession amount, and keep amount of money earned in the
the rest of the drugs. The dealer wonit complain, last years of service. This means
since that would be confessing to a worse crime. cops are pensioning out with full
The under cover cop can sell the drugs them- salaries, and going on to get
selves and make a ton of dough. other jobs with pensions. This
The beat cops must be jealous, since all practice is called double dipping.
prac.tie _s--.... dou_1d T .... __-1n_

they get is free meals at local eateries. That hard- Sne taxes on Long Islana are notorious- those who live here. When I travel around the
ly offsets the effort it takes to intimidate people ly high. The majority of that money is going to
Island I notice that the police are more notice-
hanging out in the wrong public places. What pay for police officers with the highest salaries in
ably present in minority neighborhoods. Is that
were once bustling street corners are deserted, the country. There is no need to pay them so
because there is more crime, thereis probably
mainly due to Billy club enforcement of political much; there are many people who would be
statistics that indicate that, but if thatis where
directives in New York City. Somehow cops willing to do the job for less money. When tests
the cops focus efforts to arrest people, it would
know how to give people a shot with a Billy are held for the few openings that come up, there
follow that statistically more crime would be
club, without leaving much of a mark. are droves of applicants. There are far more dan- present in those neighborhoods.
Many a cop is a drunk, but they donit gerous places to be a cop than Long Island. I donit know what the statistics are for
loose their job as long as they show up to work What are the taxpayers getting for their crime on Long Island, and those statistics are
and sleep it off, Cops will cover for one another money? Long Island is not the safest place in the
bullshit anyway. The saying about there being
as long as covering doesn't involve lying about country, but there seem to be plenty of cops pro-
liars, damn liars, and statisticians is still true
where the drunk is. Some Cops also use drugs, tecting Dunkin Doughnuts, and Seven Elevens.
today. There is probably more drug traffic
which is no big secret. The testing program is a Long Island cops are well dressed, and have the
along the north shore of Long Island, yet less
joke, since the officers are notified more than a newest equipment, but that is not qualitatively police presence. Both of those things are relat-
week in advance about the random test. The improving the standard of living. Itis not like ed to the amount of money that people have.
City uses the cheap urine test that can only they are consistently enforcing the speed limit.
I apologize for focusing on the obvi-
detect drugs used in the two or three days Racial profiling is common on Long Island, just
ous, but it is the only thing I have a firm
before the test. look at who gets pulled over as you speed by.
grasp of. We donit need to waste so much
The graft and corruption that existed in Maybe thatis why cops are paid so well
money on police. But it is not going to change
the Sixties and Seventies has not gone away. The on Long Island. Is their role to deter minorities
any time soon.

these cops who commute in from the suburbs and

The congregants refused to let him in, so he never understood why anyone would thank
view the entire place as a rancid cesspool of vice- went to the station house and returned with the someone who'd just given them a summons,
and degradation. Up to that moment, I thought' now-familiar army of cops (white) who and
that such an attitude was reserved for the "lower. besieged the church (black). had always vowed never to do so myself.
orders," but then I saw that I, too, was an urban And, of course, there was the Mollen Maybe it's just force of habit, from the hun-
sub-humanoid and this guy saw it as his mission Commission, the Amnesty International report dreds of perfunctory "thankyous" we mouth
to straighten us all up, like a lone gunslinger on the NYPD and, in fact, wasn't the entire every day. Or maybe it really means, "Thank
ridin' into Dodge in an old Western. department under some sort of federal investi- you for not totally screwing me to the full
The idea of police busting people for gation for doing things a whole lot more extent of your power, officer." I folded the tick-
things they themselves do kind of rankles me, heinous than pissing on a dumpster? et with studied insouciance, not even looking it
and I've known quite a few cops in my time, So who was he to lecture me on morali- over, and walked away.
many of whom would readily pee on buildings, ty and proper behavior? On the ride home, I felt half bugged by
and a good deal more, so I asked him, "You mean- He was someone with a gun and the what had just happened, mostly due to my
to tell me you've never peed in an alley?" power of the State: and two allies who would own stupidity, and half elated. I noticed that I
"Well... I sup-POSE so," he exploded in a most likely corroborate any story he told, hadn't even broken a sweat.
little orgasm of sarcastic self-righteousness, sort that's who. I unfolded the ticket and looked to see
of like John Cleese in a Monty Python sketch. God, in Its infinite wisdom and mercy, what the damages were. Let's see...what's uri-
"All right, then. This is obviously going often strikes us dumb at crucial moments, as I nation al fresco going for these days?
to cost me money, so I think I can do without the fortunately did not spout the above litany. Did It didn't say! Apparently, one could no
sermon." (It's a tribute to Rudy Giuliani and his not even think about it, in fact, until I was on the longer just plead guilty and send in the fine.
psychological chokehold of the city that at no subway home. The Lords of Discipline had decided you had to
point in the proceedings did I ever even consider "We're just discussing this, that's all," sacrifice some of your precious time, too! What
the possibility that they'd just let me go with a was his reply. "People complain that the cops tyranny! And the date they'd given me was
warning). give tickets and don't say anything." during my vacation (ticket already purchased).
It felt like I was on very thin ice, but Icouldn't And this was supposed to be an A further charming innovation of the Giuliani
.really help myself. I've come to think that in improvement? regime is that if one doesn't show up in court
many cases these people rely on intimidation and "Discussion?! Is there anything I could for a minor offense, they still issue a warrant
if you seem not to be intimidated, they back off. possibly say that'd make him stop writing the for one's arrest. I'd read a Jimmy Breslin col-
Had I been in full pontification mode, it might ticket?" I tried to inject this last with full Sicilian umn about just such a case: a guy went off to
have occurred to me to bring up that not far from world-weariness, throwing in an expressive England without appearing for an open con-
where we were, just a little ways down Archer hand gesture for good measure. tainer charge. He even wrote in saying he
Avenue, was a building that was the center of a Finally, the cop writing the ticket fin- couldn't make the date. Seems they dispatched
scandal a few years ago when it was discovered ished and handed me a pink sheet, informing a goon squad to go 'round to his apartment.
that it was a brothel run by...the local precinct. me that there were instructions for pleading Whatever was I to do? Would I
And last year, also in South Jamaica, a on the back. require a lawyer? Tune in next time, for the
woman sought refuge from her abusive hus- "That'll be all, sir," continuation of this kidney-rending tale of
band, an off-duty cop with a gun, in a church. "Thank you," I said, even though I have modern "justice."

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Are Voodoo Dolls An Approprat
D 4% -fTle -uy i IsI IJ I
I II I aE I I I I I (
Bt itNaomiI-dI-IIard
By Naomi Edwars p
Showing at the Stony Brook Union "To Whom this May Concern:
gallery is the exhibition "Haitian Voodoo Flags This letter is in regardsto the
and Dolls," in celebration of Black History "HaitianVoodoo dolls and Flags" exhi-
month. The exhibit is due to run until Feb. 23, bition in the Art Gallery located in the
2001. The two principle artists featured are Union on the second floor. I, as a
Veronique and James Fischetti, along with vari- Haitianand Black -American Ifind the
ous flag artists and craftsman from Haiti. display to be offensive and inappropri-
The arrangements of these works are ate as a celebration of Black History. I
organized aesthetically; projecting a perceptual was and am under the impression that
representation. Visually they are meticulously one ofa University'sgoals is to enlight-
well crafted,with use of strong vibrant colors. en its students on other cultures and
However, walking into this exhibition with little hopefully destroy any stereotypes that
or no background knowledge of Haitian culture are associated with certain cultures.
(or Black History for that matter) one would feel This display does not enlighten; unfor-
curious and intrigued but not educated. These tunately it adds to the misconception of
works obviously serve as a function for a decora- Haitians. It is unfortunate that every
tive purpose or to interpret a religious rituals and time I meet a person ofa dff-erent cul-
or myths. However, there is no explanation of ture I find mysef explaining that not
this. The flags have what appear to be iconic fig- all Haitians practice Voodoo, and yes I
ureheads and narrative scenes, along with the am a Christian. It is even worse that
dolls that are carefully wrapped in fabric. Some these people are not aware that Haiti
are even mutilated. The only given reference to was thefirst country to have a success-
these works is a briefing about Voodoo cult and ful slave revolution, which was led by
practice, which really is not enough information Touissant D' ouverture. >

to change people general opinion about Voodoo. I applaud the intent of including Haiti in the cele- this exhibition to
Voodoo is commonly looked at as black magic or bration of Black history. However Iwould like to emphasize commemorate
religious sacrifice. Granted, Voodoo is more com- that a meeting with the Haitian Student Organization Black History
plex but I would neither want this as an exploita- would have depicted a better understandingof Haitian Art, month. Voodoo
tion of Black history nor would I want this to be and its role in Black History. Thank you for your time, con- practice is seen to
the main focus of Haitian art. sideration and cooperation. be an uncomfort-
Many students were appalled at the Sincerely, ing and negative
exhibition as a celebration of Black History FrasilieStinvil portrayal of their
month and felt that it was a negative and stereo- heritage. This
typical reflection of Black and Haitian culture. Her letter's opinion is strong and righteous. exhibition is not an aaequate representation otr lacK
Student Frasilie Stinvil wrote a letter in reaction The curator should have considered the reaction of stu- History because of the way it has depicted one aspect
to this in support and protection of her Haitian dents or consulted with the Haitian Student of Haitian culture that has upset and embarrassed
heritage: Organization or other African American students many Haitian and African American students.
,, ,, ,,, a- -- s- 4 ---

By Dan Schneider
I am sick and tired of animal rights activists are mammals with four
and self-righteous vegetarian preachers. They have limbs and a head just like
no right to dictate to me what to buy and eat. The humans and the cow.
worst of these preachers are the vegetarians who eat The two worst
seafood, and hypocrites who won't wear fur but see atrocities of the food
no injustice in a tossed salad. Humans seem to industry go completely
thinlk that cows are superior to carrots. This un-protested and unno-
assumption is based purely on the fact that cows are ticed. They are so dis-
four limbed mammals with a head, just like gusting that to talk about
humans. People feel no guilt in eating lettuce them makes me physical-
because it isn't human-like. The oval shaped fish ly ill, but for the sake of
isn't human-like either and therefore many vegetar- the cause, I must. The first
ians have no problems eating them. is a pickle. A cucumber,
Many animal rights activists have people having a fun afternoon in
sign petitions using ballpoint pens. How ironic it is the sun, is suddenly
that they would use an ink product to sign a petition ripped from the rest of the
to forbid the sale of fur. They protest killing animals plant by a giant hand. If
for human luxuries by using a pen! Millions of the cucumber still has any
squid are slaughtered each year and robbed of their life left in him, he wont
prized possession: ink. These creatures are killed in after they slaughter him a
the name of Bic, Cross, and Paper Mate with no rel with a mysterious liquid where he will ferment body is sliced into strips and thrown into hot oil,
remorse. Notice that the squid has something simi- for possibly years. Once his fermented fluid soaked until the flesh is partially cooked and the insides are
lar to a head (a head, but no neck) and tentacles, corpse is removed from the barrel he is sliced into not unlike a viscous liquid. The tortured dismem-
which are limb-like but certainly aren't like the rippled circles. They then take the mangled pickled bered pieces are then eaten. Take note, cucumbers
limbs of the cow. The squid also isn't a mammal. pieces to use as a sandwich condiment. Anyone and potatoes don't even remotely resemble a cow.
Squid aren't the only sea creatures who are who uses the argument of "it's okay to eat cucum- Animal rights activists have no right to dic-
neglected by animal rights activists and vegetarians. bers because they aren't intelligent life" obviously tate what you or I can buy and eat. They selectively
When was the last time you saw a vegetarian who has never had a conversation with one. They are pick which lives to save. Vegetarians who eat
had a problem with sponge cake? Sure, sponges intelligent fun loving creatures. Remember, plants seafood are even worse. So, the next time someone
aren't cute and cuddly but neither are hippopotami. have feelings too. knocks at your door asking you to sign a petition to
I could bet that there would be a huge uproar in the The second atrocity is the French-Fry. stop the sale of fur, tell him or her to "FUCK OFF!i
animal rights community if I plucked a hippo out of People go out of their way to harm and dismember and then take their pens and slam the door in their
the water and made him into a cake. "Why?" you a potato. They are ruthlessly dug out of their sub- faces. Take the pen to the back yard and give it the
may ask. I'll tell you. It's because hippopotamuses terranean homes. They then have their eyes pulled proper burial that all living creatures deserve.
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-- ~~rii - ----- A 11-
rl• l All
By Dan Schneider

The arena sits in the center

of town, surrounded by parks, gift
shops, and fruit stands. It is
Sunday and the townspeople and
their families are strolling in the
sun, laughing, and children are
playing. Everyone is excited over
the event that is about to take place,
after all, it is Sunday On Sundays,
late in the morning, after all the
townspeople have had breakfast
and socialized, they slowly fill the
arena in the center of town, Just
outside the arena there are clowns
juggling, popcorn and roasted
peanuts are being sold by the bag,
and the town's children run to the
souvenir stands and plead with
their parents to buy them balloons
or a t-shirt. This is where the Jones
family can be found, as well as Mr.
Smith and his family whom Mr.
Jones is engaged in casual conversa-
tion with. It is Sunday and they
have all come to see the fate of the
criminal He has nnken aogainst the
large white star printed on the back. No one tnrougn out tne staaium. You ao not aeserve
Emperor an must be punished. has ever seen his face. He always wears a black ears to hear with," with this the knife is pressed
Mrs. Jones buys a balloon for her six expressionless mask, not unlike a theater mask to the side of his head. The bound man shakes.
year old son and a lollipop for her eight year with only the eye holes cut out. He walks The Knife is pulled down and his ear falls to the
old daughter. Mr. Smith buys a bib for his three toward the throne and the crowd applauds, ground. Blood runs down the side of his face as
month old son that has the slogan "Anyone Can cheers, and throws flowers. He sits majestical- the crowd cheers. The Punisher holds up the
Commit Crime, Everyone Is Punishable" print- ly on the thrown, and the two men at his sides- knife again. The crowd falls silent. Tears
ed in large rainbow colored balloon letters on sit cross-legged on the ground where they had stream down the captive's face. "You do not
the front. The two families start to walk been standing. deserve fingers to touch with," The Punisher
towards the stadium's entrance. Above the In the center of the arena rises a wood- said as he brought the knife down on the fin-
entrance, in large white letters is printed, "Pure en armchair out of an underground shaft. gers of 'the prisoner. Two fingers fall to the
Thoughts Save." The entrance consists of three Strapped to the chair is a man of about twenty- ground and the audience applauds and whis-
motorized sliding doors, side by side, with a five who is trying to hold back his expression tles. The bound mian dares not scream because
line behind each door. When the Joneses reach of terror. Each one of his arms is bound to an this would surely make his treatment more
the door, Mr. Jones types in an I.D. number for arm of the chair, each one of his legs is bound entertaining and prolong his punishment. The
his family at a computer terminal, each family to a leg of the chair, and his head is forbidden Punisher stares into the prisoner's watering
member touches the screen, the doors swing movement by a head restraint. The crowd eyes and yells, "You do not deserve to live!" A
open and they all walk in. The Smith family boos and hisses. The noises of hate turn to wave of relief sweeps through the man's body
reaches the door, follows the same procedure, excitement as another figure comes from the as the knife slashes his throat. He gasps for air,
but the phrase "DENIED: Must register at three gate where the Emperor had only moments chokes on his own blood, and then his body
months," flashes on the terminal's screen. Mrs. earlier. A man dressed completely in a shiny goes limp. The crowd is silent. Mr. and Mrs.
Smith laughs. They had forgotten to register white suit, except for a red cape and a red "X" Jones are the first to stand up and applaud. This
their son with the Punishment Department which is printed on his chest, walks forward is followed by the couple in the box behind
before he had reached the age of three months, towards the man in the chair. Mr. and Mrs. them doing the same. Soon, the whole crowd is
which is required by law. She signals to Mrs. Jones encourage their children to applaud just in a standing ovation, whistling and clapping.
Jones that they would meet them inside, and as is the rest of the crowd. Their son points The crowd settles back down. The Punisher
they walk to the Registration Office. and screams, "Yeah!, it's the Punisher." Mrs. faces the crowd, throws his hands to the sky,
The Jones's walk to gate "J", where they Jones smiles in pride, "Very good! Now, watch and says profoundly, "Pure Thoughts Save!"
are met by a man in a yellow suit. He greets what's happening." The crowd repeats the slogan in unison.
them and shows them to their assigned box. The Punisher's voice pours through the The chair with the bloody battered
Mr. Jones tips the man with a coin and he speakers, "You have been accused of a Speaking. corpse sinks back into the underground shaft.
expresses his gratitude. They all sit down to Crime against the Emperor. Are you sorry for A voice comes over the speakers. "We have a
watch the punishing. Within a few minutes the your blasphemy?" The man in the chair knew second unscheduled punishing for this after-
national anthem pours through loudspeakers, that his reply had no effect on his fate, as did noon." The crowd stands up and cheers. New
and everyone rises in silence. This is followed the crowd that anxiously awaited it, which was chairs start to rise out of the shaft as the voice
by a pledge of allegiance to the Emperor. "No." The crowd went wild. The Jones children continues. "These criminals have offended the
Everyone once again sits down. At one edge of jump up and down in anticipation. The Emperor by not abiding by his laws. They
the arena is a large metal gate which mechani- Punisher strikes the man in the face with the stand punishment for Being a Party to Failure
cally swings open. Two men dressed complete- back of his hand. The crowd cheers. Mr. Jones to Register, and Failing to Register." The
ly in black push out a large throne of bronze turns to his wife and tries to yell over the roar- chairs containing the criminals completely sur-
and black velvet. They then stand at attention, ing crowd, "This is marvelous, isn't it?" She face. There are two chairs, in one seats a
one on either side of the chair as a figure smiles back at him and screams, "It's wonder- woman and in the other a man. In the
appears from the gate- it is the Emperor. He's ful!" The man in the chair tries to talk, "All I woman's arms is a small child. The Punisher
dressed in his normal attire- a black long said was th-." His sentence is cut short as a fist raises his knife to the child. "Are you sorry for
sleeved shirt, which is tucked into black pants, meets his face. Blood gushes from his nose. your crimes against the Emperor?," is violent-
which is tucked into black boots which are The children laugh, even they knew it was fool- ly asked of the youngest. The Jones's gasp.
laced up slightly below the knees. He also ish of him to try to talk. The Punisher pulls a This is their lucky day. They would get to see
wears a cloak of a shiny black material with a large knife from his pocket. His voice echoes three more punishings.
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I _PI ~_ ___ ___ 1__1_ ___ _~m_ _~_ ___ __ _I _ __I_ L_ ___ I _ _ _ _ _

__ _ q II _ _ _ _ I _ __ _
__ _ I _

By the Student Press Law Center and the Reporters Comitee for Freedom of the Press

Brian L. Stafford they received additional complaints about the editori-

Director al. Although Mr. Given voluntarily signed the waivers
United States Secret Service and offered to remove all remaining newspapers from
950 H St. NW, Suite 8000 stands, such actions were taken under the threat of
Washington, D.C. 20223 arrest and without legal counsel. The paper has since
reported that 2000 copies of the newspaper are missing
Dear Mr. Stafford: from a storage area, and there is a concern that Secret
This letter is prompted by actions taken by Service agents seized those copies.
Secret Service agents from the Melville, N.Y, field We understand that threats against the
office against Glenn Given, managing editor of The President are a serious matter, and we in no way mean
Stony Brook Press. to imply that the Secret Service should not undertake to
The undersigned organizations generally rep- protect the President and investigate credible threats.
resent the First Amendment interests of the news Mr. Given's editorial, however, was not a credible
media. The Reporters Committee for Freedom ofthe threat. As stated above, the editorial was satire, or, at a
Press is a voluntary, unincorporated association of minimum, sarcasm.
reporters and editors that works to defend the First The statute governing threats against the
Amendment rights and freedom of information inter- President, 18 U.S.C. § 871(a), provides for criminal
ests of the news media. The Reporters Committee has sanctions against anyone who threatens the
provided representation, guidance and research in First President, but the statute must still be read in the con-
Amendment and Freedom of Information Act litiga- text of free political debate. Our position is support- We are also concerned that the over-aggres-
tion since 1970. The Student Press Law Center, estab- ed by the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Watts v. sive response to Mr. Given's editorial may signify dis-
lished in 1974, is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization United States, 394 U.S. 705 (1969). In Watts, a young parate treatment of student publications from profes-
that provides free legal assistance to high school and man at a political rally was protesting the draft. He sional publications, and an intent to intimidate Mr.
college student media around the country. had received a draft card and was supposed to report Given simply because he is a student. Student publi-
These are the facts of the situation at issue, as to the Army. He stated, "I am not going. If they ever cations are entitled to equal First Amendment pro-
we understand them. make me carry a rifle the first man I want to get in my tection. Suppose a professional publication whose
On Wednesday, February 7, 2001, Glenn sights is L.B.J." Id. at 706. editorial board believed that President Bush was
Given wrote an editorial entitled "Editorial: Dear The Supreme Court held that his statement improperly promoting his own religious denomina-
Jesus Christ, King of Kings, all I ask is that you smite was not sufficient to constitute a "threat" against the tion to the exclusion of others featured an editorial
George W. Bush." This editorial was published in President within the meaning of the statute, even cartoon of God smiting President Bush. Would the
The Stony Brook Press, a student newspaper at though the statement, taken literally, referred to shoot- editorial board be detained, questioned, threatened
SUNY-Stony Brook. ing the President. The Court found that his statement and subject to searches of their homes and medical
The editorial was in the form of an open letter was merely political hyperbole. Even though the state- history? The television show Saturday Night Live,
to Jesus. The writer stated that he had recently "found" ment referenced shooting the President, it was, in con- which has a long history of political satire and paro-
Jesus in light of the recent election and asked Jesus to text, merely a crude expression of political opposition dy, recently featured a skit where former President
"smite" George W. Bush, as well as his Vice President to the President rather than a genuine threat. George H.W. Bush contemplated shooting his son,
and the cabinet members. The editorial also requested the current President Bush. Should that skit have
The Court stated that the statute, 18 U.S.C. §
that Jesus smite Carson Daly, host of MTV's Total 871(a), is constitutional in general, as the nation has a been censored as a veiled threat to the President?
Request Live. strong interest in protecting the President, but the Would the cast of SNL be subject to prosecution?
The editorial was clearly a form of satire and Court also stated, "what is a threat must be distin- Student publications provide a forum for students to
political hyperbole. President Bush has extensively guished from what is constitutionally protected learn the principles of journalism and hone their
publicized his dedication to Christianity. He publicly speech." Watts, 394 U.S. at 707. skills to better prepare them for professional endeav-
cited Jesus as his favorite philosopher. His inaugural The Court held that in order to prosecute ors. Student editorials may, at times, be less refined
speech invoked numerous religious themes, and he has someone under the statute, the government must than professional editorials, but they are nevertheless
established an Office of Faith-Based and Community prove that there is a "true" threat as opposed to a mere entitled to equal First Amendment protection.
Initiatives, which has been criticized by some as an statement of political hyperbole, which is protected. There is a proud history of political satire in
improper promotion of religion: To invoke religion in The Court stated, "we must interpret the language America. Satire, sarcasm, hyperbole and parody
stating an opposition to President Bush's administra- Congress chose 'against the background of a pro- allow for richer expression. We may not all agree
tion would therefore be an expected .satirical ploy. found national commitment to the principle that with Mr. Given's sentiments, but we all agree that he
Moreover, the fact that Carson Daly was included in debate on public issues should be uninhibited, robust, has an unrestricted right to express his opinion.
the panoply of petitioned smitees should have made it and wide-open, and that it may well include vehe- The undersigned organizations therefore
obvious that the editorial was satire. ment, caustic, and sometimes unpleasantly sharp respectfully request that the Secret Service recognize
Neither the newspaper's editorial board nor attacks on the government and public officials.' " the valid and important First Amendment issues
the University saw any reason to censor Mr. Given's Watts, 394 U.S. at 708 (quoting New York Times Co. v. raised by Mr. Given's editorial. We ask, first, that the
speech. Howvever, a faculty member contacted the Sullivan, 376 U.S. 254, 270 (1964)). Secret Service issue a formal, written apology to Mr.
Secret Service, apparently because he or she was dis- Similarly, Mr. Given's editorial may have been Given and The Stony Brook Press for subjecting them
turbed by the editorial. crude and offensive to some, but it fell well within the to unreasonable harassment when their only action
It is our understanding that on February 14, range of political hyperbole. was to engage in protected expression in political
2001, University police and Secret Service agents It is possible that the Secret Service's concern opposition to the President. Second, we ask that the
arrived unannounced at the newspaper's offices. The was not that Mr. Given himself posed a threat, but Secret Service educate its agents to be more sensitive
agents first demanded to speak to the entire editorial rather that some random member of the community to First Amendment issues. Finally, we ask that the
board, but eventually questioned Mr. Given alone might read the editorial as a call to action. However, the Secret Service clarify that it will not pursue charges
when he claimed responsibility for the editorial. Supreme Court has clearly stated that speech should against Mr. Given based on his editorial, which is
Secret Service agents questioned him exten- not be censored and does not create criminal liability protected by the First Amendment.
sively and asked him to submit to a psychological eval- unless such speech is directed to inciting or producing
uation which reportedly consisted of personal ques- imminent lawless action and is likely to incite or pro- Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.
tions about his family and his parents' divorce. During duce such action. Brandenburg v. Ohio, 395 U.S. 444
questioning, Mr. Given was not represented by an (1969). Mr. Given's editorial cannot reasonably be inter- Sincerely,
attorney nor was he advised of his rights as an accused. preted as speech that incites imminent lawless action.
Mr. Given signed, upon request, a waiver allowing the We believe that it is inappropriate to harass a Gregg Leslie, Esq., Legal Defense Director
search of his home. Apparently, nothing threatening journalist, editor, writeror any citizen for exercising his Lucy Dalglish, Esq., Executive Director
was found there. He also signed a medical release or her right to free speech. Prior to allowing federal law Ashley Gauthier, Esq., Legal Fellow
authorizing the Secret Service to obtain his medical enforcement agents to launch an intrusive and intimi- The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press
records. Mr. Given was told by Secret Service agents dating investigation, the government must make a rea-
that his editorial was not protected by the First sonable attempt to distinguish between true threats Mark Goodman, Esq., Executive Director
Amendment and that charges could be filed against and political hyperbole. This was dearly not done in Michael Hiestand, Esq., Staff Attorney
him. Agents also stated that they may file charges if the present case. Student Press Law Center

The Final Word

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