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Organizing team (roles)

Dress code: uniform

• Reception
– 2 tables with Name check list [for reception, for posting in the board, for each group]
(2 p) + fee(5k) + member form, guide ppl to their seats.(2p)
– Place, Seats : arrange all the chairs, draw a table map, assign seats for each group.
Provide more chairs (1p)
– Name card, group no board: prepare name cards and release to each leaders (1p)
– Security (6p – 1 left,1right,2 maindoor,2 front yard queue up)
– Prep and Serve food/drink
– Prep gifts, freebies
• Technical
– Sounds/Light, contact school, arrange projector, prepare white screen, laptop,
microphone, loudspeakers, music(4p) Thịnh
– Camera man: pix,vid (2p)
• Program
– MC (2 p) Intro every sessions of the program, invite mr Bang and Mr Thinh to give
addresses, invite ppl to do the survey
– Write the formal address (thanks teachers & members) (e-v) (1p)
– Club intro (e-v) (1p)
– Survey man : Prep the survey abt place, fee, club name, activities, other clubs? (1p)
Release then get (2p left right)
– Program man: check all the registered performances: songs, dance, game shows,...
– Group challenge game quiz (warm up) : learn to sing an English (hoang anh)song,
Cross word(tien),Word-describe (Quang)…
– ….
– Interview leaders (end – prep questions teacher advisors)

Welcome tea Organizing team

Team Role Name Class Describe the Contac
work t
Recepti Reception table 1 Trần Phương 11d Check name,
on Anh fee, release
Hoàng Anh member forms
Reception table 2 Mai Phương 11d to members;
Hạnh release name
Thanh Tùng tag and name
check list to
Guider Quang(R), 11d Guide ppl to
Hoàng Minh their seats,
Đạt(L) direct the
Prep Table map
Buy Name tag Mai Ngọc Bích
Print out Trần Phương Print out name
Anh card, member
Cúc list, app form
Prep Name check Mai Ngọc Bích 11d
Arrange the place Arrange seats,
stage, member
list & group no
Prep Name card,
group name
Security Sclub staffs Left


Front yard (Q

Prep Gift Vũ Thị Phương Buy gifts,

release gifts.
Technic Checker Đỗ Minh 11d Check and
al Hoàng transfer all the
devices to club:
white screen,
Provider Mr.Thịnh projector, micro
Prep Music Tạ Thu Huyền
Background Tiên
Camera man
Video man
Cam provider Mai Ngọc Bích 11D
Progra Prep Formal E club launch
m address Aim, Activities,..
Prep Club intro Mai Ngọc Bích 11D Fee, Club name,
Prep Survey Place, Activities,
Other clubs
Prep the MC For program
MC VN Tạ Quang Huy 11A0 Intro the
MC English Ng Trà My 10D0 program, invite
MC Game show Ng Minh Hà 11D ppl (mr Bang &
Ng Toàn Dân 11D formal
addresser) to
Prep Game quiz Tạ Thu Huyền 11D give speeches
Tiên 11D
Ng Toàn Dân Singalong,
crossword, word
Formal address Mai Ngọc Bích 11D
Tạ Thu Huyền 11D
Club intro Tiên 11D
Mai Ngọc Bích 10D0
Nguyễn Trà
Program man Check all the
direct the
Observer Vũ Thị Phương 11D Observe
leaders, release
Interviewer Interview the


Guitar solo

Hoang Anh –

Minh Ha -

Game show

End. All sing: Leaders + organizing team: We’r the world

Group leaders team

Round 1: Profiles

Round 2: Observe during Welcome tea

Round 3: Interview
Leader training 1 (group working – welcome tea)

– Leader app.form
– 1-2 leaders per group, observe each others.
– Receive a member name list, a name card and a survey
– Keep group in order. Invite the member out after reminding them 3 times
– Guide ppl to fill up the survey
– Suggest the way to steer the atmosphere to speak english and intro urself within

Be responsible: be punctual, finish all the task before deadline, if u cannot make it, report to OT
24 hours bfore deadline

Co-operate: connect all the members/ leaders.

Strive for knowledge: work independently and study more.

Leader training 2 (skills – group working session)

-Learn abt other roles (group working session guide)

-Roles assign

-Connect the group members

Leaders training, task Ideas, feedbacks, requests

assignments, giving ideas,

club development

Working in team, improving skills, sharing

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