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Flow of Fluids

Aniline is to be cooled from 200 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit in a double-pipe heat exchanger having a total outside are
For cooling a stream of toluene amounting to 8600 lb/h at a temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit is available.
The exchanger consists of Schedule 40 ,1 and ¼ inches pipe and Schedule 40,2-inches pipe. The aniline flow rate is10
if flow is countercurrent, what are the toluene outlet temperature, the LMTD and the overall heat transfer coefficient?
Cp of Aniline=0.545 BTU/lb-°F and Cp for toluene= 0.438 BTU/lb-°F.

Solution: Aniline:
q= mCP(T1-T2)

10,000 150 °F Toluene:
200 °F q2 = mCp(T-100)
8600 T=
100 °F

Over-all heat transfer coeffi

The aniline flow rate is10. overall heat transfer coefficient? q= mCP(T1-T2) 272500 q2 = mCp(T-100) 172.73 Over-all heat transfer coefficient: . es Fahrenheit is available. anger having a total outside area of 70 ft².000 lb/h. s pipe.34 37.

= 9. The manometer reads 200mm. What is the pressure difference over the mano Solution: Pa-Pb= (g/gc)Rm (ρA-ρB) 1 kg wt.2 ρA= 13600 ρB= 1600 . and the liquid above the mercury is carbon tetrachloride (specific gravity of 1.6).6).Flow of Fluids A simple U-tube manometer is installed across an orifice meter.8 N g/gc= 1 ΔP= 2400 Rm= 0. The manometer is filled with mercury( specific gravity= 13.

difference over the manometer in Newton per meter square? .

Solution: Density of the fluid= 55. 0. An equal quantity of liquid flows through pipe C.01414 ft² for a 1 and 1/2 pipe.0233 ft² for a 2-in pipe.Crude oil. Pipe B (3-in S and Pipe C (1 and ½ in Schedule 40). The flow through pipe A and Calculate the mass flow rate in each pipe. flows through the piping with Pipe A (2-in Schedule 40).specific gravity 60°F/60°F = 0. The dimension and cross-sectional areas of standard pipes pipes needed are 0.0513 ft² for a 3-in pipe and 0.887.32 q= 240.64 Mass flowrate of A and B= ### Mass flowrate in pipe C = ### .

chedule 40). Pipe B (3-in Schedule 40) e flow through pipe A and B is 30 gal/min and 1/2 pipe. .