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Daniel Friemark

20 Octobré 2009 ar
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It was beautiful snowy winter evening, and I was in my cabin finishing Co
up writing my most famous novel. I said to myself, “Finally, I am
finished!” I then took out a cigarette and champaign, I poured my self
a glass, and lit up my cigarette. 30 Minutes later I was on my way to
check out from my hotel......

A brief backround..... My name is Maurisun Hess, I am 42, and I am a

famous novelist. I have written and sold 20 Novels. I reside in my
lovely beach house off the coast of British Columbia, except when I’m
writing my novels, that’s when I travel to Sunshine Village, one of the
most esquisique ski resorts in the world. I have a.....”lovely” ex
wife, and 1 sixteen year old child who both reside in Whitehorse, Yukon.
Enough about me, contine on with the story!

When I reached the front desk, I noticed there was a huge comotion, the
Paramedics had just arrived and there was someone in one of the side
halls who collapsed, aside from that I continued walking to my good
friend Mr. Gunderson, or as most people say, the Front desk

“Good Evening Mr. Hess, I see your ready to check out”

“Indeed I am Jeff, How are you tonight?”
“Ah, I’m pretty good, looks like a strong storms coming in from all
directions tonight. Ya sure ya don’t want to waiti it out here?”
“Nah, It’ll be a quick drive down the mountains, I think I’ll make
“Alrighty then, How did your novel come around?” (While preparing the
“I think it’ll be my newest top seller!”
“Sounds great, be sure to send me a copy! Well here’s your bill, the
total is….. NineThousand, One hundered and twenty-one dollars and
fifty-one cents.”
“Hmm….. That doesn’t sound right, Did I get a discount or something?
Cause it’s usually in the upper twenty thousands range”
“Well, we had to lower our prices, or else we’d go out of business”
(Mr. Hess hands Mr. Gunderson his Air Canada, Platinum Visa Credit Card)
“Okay, Mr. Hess, like always, it was a pleasure having you up here,
please have a safe drive down the mountain”
While heading to the exit, I yelled back “I will, Thanks Jeff!”
Daniel Friemark
20 Octobré 2009

So I walk outside, it’s about 20 Degrees, and there is a faint

layer of snow on the ground, I walk up to the Valet booth and say, “Ya,
my car is the silver Buick, registered to Hess.”
“Okay Mr. Hess, please wait here and we will be here momentairly with
your car.”
“Thank you” (Handing him a Queen Elizabeth)

After waiting for about 5 minutes, my car arrives. I get in and proceed
to the exit. While driving down the Mountain I notice an advisory sign,
I thought to my self, “F***, how am I going to get home now…. Maybe
the 93 can take me near Vancouver.”
I kept on driving, about 40 minutes later, the storm in it’s first wave
came thorugh, and I could barely see a foot in front of me, though ahead,
I was able to see red lights, the close I came to them I noticed that
there were flares, Ambulances, and Police Cars on the road. I pulled up
after being flagged down by an officer holding a traffic baton. I rolled
down my window and he said, “Good evening, Where are ya heading to this
“Vancouver, sir” I said in reply
“Well Trans Canada 1 is closed”
“I know, I’ll try out 93 and see where that takes me”
“Okay, well there’s and RCMP Station down 93 at the 95 Interchange by
Radium Hot Springs, just check in with them to get an update on the
roads, cause I don’t think they’ll be open for long”
“Right then, will do, thank you”
“Ok sir, have a good evening, and drive safely”

It was about 2 hours and I still had not reached 95 or the RCMP station,
and as it was the winds were getting worse and worse. A thought then
came to mind, What if the roads closed down, how would I get home? Where
would I go? Finally, ahead, I saw a blue rectangular sign, it said on it
“RCMP DETACHMENT – 1.5KM”. Once I saw that sign, I gre happier and
happier, next thing I know, 5 minutes later, I see a high, deeply
aluminated sign that had the letters, “RCMP” on it. So I made a slight
left down 95 and turned into the Parking lot.
When I got out of the car, a gust of heavy wind hit me, and for a
few moments there I completley lost my breath. Though I was able to make
Daniel Friemark
20 Octobré 2009
it in to the front doors. When I walked in, it was just a room, with a
service window and 5 or so chairs, and all I could hear was the faint
sound of the police radio, the wind, and the ticking of the clock. I
walked up to the front desk, and rang the bell. About 30 seconds later
an officer came to the window and said, “How may I help you sir?”
I said in response, “Well the officer down 93 wanted me to check in
“Oh…umm… ah! It was to check if the roads to Vancouver were still
“I see…. Hold on a second, let me check the charts” He walked into
the back room, then walked back to the desk, “Well, it looks like their
still open, but the worst of the storm is approaching. If you insist on
going though, be sure to chain you car please”
“Okay, I will, and thank you”

At that point I started for the door, and walked out. I said to myself….
“ugh… how the hell am I going to put on chains in this weather….? To
hell with it, I’ll go without them, there must be a town or something
along 95.”

I Started for the car, got in, and turned on the engine. I then bakced
out of the driveway and started north. Just before the highway, I noted
a sign that said, “GOLDEN – 103KM.” Pending there were no other cities
listed, I figued I’d drive and just stop in that town for a Motel or
something. About 30 minutes into the drive, I saw a small, rusted old
sign that had the words, “WELCOME TO SPILLMACHEEN” on it, I figured it
must’ve been an old town from the revolution age, because there were no
living town with those kind of names around anymore. I kept driving,
creeping up the hill, next thing I knew, I heard horns, but could not
tell where they were coming from then--- BANG!

[Begin Chapter 2, Site of Accident]

“Hey! Hey! Are you okay?!” The driver of the 18 wheeler ran up the car.
“Fu***** God….” I vaugley heard in the backround 3 beeps. “Ambulance
please!.... yes, I’m here outside of Spillmacheen, I hit a car, pretty
hard, the driver…. He’s pretty bad, I need someone up here now. Yes,
my name is Julian, Julian Maynes. 250-958-6321. Okay… 10 Minutes?....
I’ll try. Oka- Thank you.” I then heard fottsteps in the distance..
Daniel Friemark
20 Octobré 2009
sounded like they were running towards me…. 15 Minutes later, I hear
the sounds of sirens approaching from the south, then I saw lighs,
flashing red and white lights, and then screeches. I heard doors open,
and people yelling.
“Quickly, get the stretcher over here!!”
“We need this door opened, NOW!”
“Getting the jaws ready!”
“Sir? Can you hear me? Are you awake?”
“Looks like he’s out cold, I’m not getting a response”
“Okay, Jaws are ready, brace him”
<<BANG BANG BANG>> The jaws of life, pulling my door apart.
“Okay, doors open”
“Bring the stretcher!”
“Where’s the trucker?”
“He’s over there, side of the road”
“Okay, he’s secure!”
“Get him in that ambulance”
“Which hospital is the closest?”
“Ugh… GOLDEN! Take him to Golden, radio them, make sure they have a
trauma unit there!”
“Okay, will do! Lets roll him out of here!”
(Sirens roar up as we proceed down the highway)

It feels…. It feels as though something is not right…. I can hear

whats happening, and in some sense I can see what happening, but yet I
am unconsious. What is happening? What the fu***** he** is happening?!

“This is Cobra 5 to Golden, do you acknoledge?”

“This is Golden, we acknoldge”
“were about 30 out, we have a critical, is your trauma unit open?
“Right then, we are clearing a bed right now. We’ll clear an OR upon
arrival. Over”
“Thank you, we will radio again when we are 5 minutes out”

While trying to breath, “Aahh... wh- uh- whe- I...?”

“Sir? Can you hear me? My name is John Cunningham, you were in an
accident. We are currently transporting you to Golden Medical Centre”
Daniel Friemark
20 Octobré 2009
“What?....... I’m not feeling to good.... It hurts.... everywhere”
“Okay, we’ll give you 40 CC’s of Morphine”

As time passes by, my dreams move on more and more, and reality as I
know it turns into an abyss.....

“This is Cobra 5 to Golden, do you copy”

“This is Golden, we copy”
“Were 5 out, is the OR ready?”
“Clearing it”

I suddenly felt the ambulance come to a stop, the doors opened, and I
could hear a lot of scattered voices. They pulled me out on the
stretcher, I figured the tempreture was in the negatives, because I
could feel my blood freezing. Soon I felt as though I was being moved at
a very fast pace.

“What his name?”

“Ugh... Hess, Mauison Hess, 42, got a call in about a crash, found him
in his car... off of 95, he was ‘T-Boned’ by an eighteen wheeler.”
“Next of Kin?”
“Jean Albretch, Wife, she’s on her way down”
“Right then... Condition?”
“Ugh.. Broken bones, legs completley shattered, Possible internal
bleeding, and sever tissue trauma to the head. He was unconcious upon
“Right then.... Here! Turn into Exam 3!”
“Okay, lift on three”
“One, two, three!”
“Nurse! Set up an EKG, make sure he’s stable.”
“Yes Doctor”

I could feel the sticky substances being placed on my chest, and yet I
could do nothing… Nothing but to wait.

“Set up the Anestesia”

“Yes Doctor”
Daniel Friemark
20 Octobré 2009
“Scaple please”

It’s been 14 hours and 8 minutes, I am slightly gaining consiousness.

“Maurison? Honey? Can you hear me?”

“Doctor! Come quick! He’s waking up... I think”
“Honey? Can you hear me?”
“Where am I?...”
“Mr. Hess? I am Doctor Kahlargin. Do you know what happened? Do you
know where you are?”
“No... What going on?...”
“Mr. Hess, you are at Golden Medical Center, you were in an accident.
You were hit sever- almost fatally, by an eighteen wheeler. You were
transported by Ambulance 48 hours ago, and under went an Emergency
operation. We were able to reconstruct your legs, and repair the tissue
damage to the head and stop the internal bleeding. Your going to be here
for sometime to recover. If it’s alright an officer would like to speak
with you soon.”
“Oh geez... How? When? What?..... Well I suppose I’ll talk to him in
an hour or so if that’s okay...”
“Of course... I’ll let you be for now.”
“Maurisun, thank god you’re alright! I came down as soon as I heard!”
“Of all people… I never thought I’d see you again...”
“Neither did I, but when I got that call at two in the morning, I knew
it must’ve been bad”

I heard the door open, then close again, and I heard heavy footsteps
coming closer and closer

“Mr. Hess?”
“Yes? Who’s asking?”
“My name is Jean-Marc Hache, I am a sargent with the RCMP, I have some
questions for you, if that is okay”
“Sure, Jean, could you please step out for a minute?”
“Thank you”
The officer cleared his throat.
Daniel Friemark
20 Octobré 2009
“So, Mr. Hess...”
“Can you please tell me what happened the other night?”

He went on, and asked me to explain what happened to me. He intervied me

for about 2 hours, until he finally go up and left. The days opassing in
the hospital went very slow… I just layed there, with the occasional
chance when the Physical Therepyst would come in. Finally though, 3
weeks had passed, and the doctors found it safe for me to walk again,
well with crutches anyways. Jean and I decided we’d go to the impound
lot to check the damage on the vehicle, when we got there, The car was
an equivalent to a small box. The entire left side was bashed in, there
were blood stains on the seats, the interior front panel was completley
obliberated. The car was totaled, I figured I’d worry about getting a
new one down in Vancouver.

The next day, Jean drove me the rest of the way to Vancouver, it was
about four hours until we reached my house. Once I got out of the car,
my mail box was full, and I had over twenty messages on my machiene.

I just walked out of the publishing office, they loved my story, now it
was only time until it would hit the streets. It’s about eight-thirty
at night, I’m walking down [INSERT STREET HERE] when all the sudden, I
hear sirens and see head lights, it was a flashback to the accident so I
thought, I kept staring at them. I realized it was reality, they kept
coming closer, and closer, “NOOO!!!!”

“Assembled mourners, we are gathered here today, to remember the

beloved Maurisun Hess, he was not just any person, he had a family, a
wife and one son, he was also a most esquisique novelist......”

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