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1 Thomas Freestone and Ann Fall 10

The time came when the food supply heard of the Church and the powers of
ran out. There was no more flour or priesthood of sealing (binding) on earth
wheat. In desperation, she was forced to that which will be sealed (bound) in
do what was extremely difficult for her, it Heaven. Then, as their life history re-
was now necessary to ask someone for veals, a possible time to have a sealing
help. As a last resort she walked to performed never came.
American Fork and met with the Bishop.
Andrew, Ann and her children later
When he learned of her plight, he told
moved to Orderville, Utah, and joined the
her that she needed to find another man
group there who had committed them-
capable of supporting her. Her reply to
selves to live the United Order. A valu-
that counsel was, "Who would want to
able asset, their sheep, was turned over
marry a woman with five children?" The
to the administration of the Order. When
Bishop then told her that there was a
the time came that the Order was no
well-to-do immigrant from England that
longer in operation, their sheep were re-
he would take her to meet. He was de-
turned to them, and they had enough
scribed as a person who was single and
money to purchase a small farm south of
had the means to provide for Ann and
Orderville at Tom's Rock, near Mount
her children. Not aware of any other di-
Carmel. They seemed to have prospered
rection to pursue at this dark point in her
at this location. Ann and her children
life, Ann agreed to go with the Bishop to
helped Andrew in the farming operation
meet him.
by following his plough and breaking up
The meeting of Ann and Andrew the clods with a stick. Every one of the
Hodnett made them both realize that family who could work did work in the
both their problems might be solved by fields along with the men. Their help was
such a union. It would provide Ann with necessary to survive.
the means of raising her children, and it
Hodnett was a hot tempered man,
would give Andrew companionship and
tight fisted, a hard worker and expected
help for his farm operation. In any case, a
others to do the same. And Fall was a
sudden decision was made. The very next
mild tempered, kindly woman with a
day the couple went to Salt Lake City and
great faith in her Heavenly Father. She
Ann and her children were sealed to An-
spoke kindly to her children and others.
drew in the Endowment House on May
She always looked fresh and clean and
dressed nice. She had dark hair and dark
Andrew Hodnett brought money with eyes and as she grew older was on the
him from England. He was a good pro- fleshy side.
vider and she probably had more finan-
There is no information available to
cial security than she had had in her pre-
provide details of Ann's experiences over
vious life.
the following years leading to the time of
There is no information available to her death. She passed away on Christmas
explain why Thomas and Ann never got Day December 25, 1888 at the age of 76.
around to being sealed and having their She led a hard but courageous life as a
children born in the covenant. One plau- pioneer. She endured to the end strong in
sible explanation might be that at the faith and testimony, the power that car-
time they were married they had never ried her over every trial and adversity.