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Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

Table of Contents
Important.....................................................................2 Leveling Enchanting....................................... 21
The short version:...............................................2 Soloing Low Level Instances........................ 21
The long version:.................................................2 Other Things to Know....................................22
Class and Profession – Pick the Profession Crafting ladder..................................................23
that Works Best with Your Class........................6 Engineering..............................................................27
Druid........................................................................6 Other Things to Know....................................27
Mage........................................................................7 Trainers................................................................27
Paladin.....................................................................7 Shopping List.....................................................28
Priest.........................................................................7 Crafting Ladder.................................................29
Rogue.......................................................................8 Note........................................................................32
Shaman...................................................................8 Jewelcrafting............................................................34
Warlock..................................................................8 Shopping List.....................................................34
Warrior...................................................................8 Trainers................................................................34
In-a-Rush Skill-Up Paths......................................9 Crafting Ladder.................................................35
Skill-Up Helps......................................................9 Leather-workiNg...................................................39
Training Locations..............................................9 Shopping List.....................................................39
Alchemy.....................................................................10 Crafting ladder..................................................40
Training Cycle...................................................10 Tailoring....................................................................43
Shopping List..................................................... 10 Shopping List.....................................................43
Other Things to Know....................................11 Trainers................................................................43
Trainers................................................................11 Crafting Ladder.................................................44
Crafting Ladder.................................................12 Herbalism and Mining.........................................49
Blacksmithing..........................................................14 Shopping List.....................................................49
Other Things to Know....................................14 Crafting Ladder.................................................49
Shopping List..................................................... 14 Profession Combos for Mules and Twinks
Trainers................................................................15 and Noobs.................................................................52
Crafting Ladder.................................................16 Noob......................................................................52
Enchanting................................................................20 Mining and Herbalism.............................53
Shopping List..................................................... 20 Skinning and Mining or Herbalism....53
Trainers................................................................21 Alchemy and Herbalism..........................53

Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

Secondary Professions..............................54 Green Lens....................................................81

Mules for Noobs..........................................54 Thorium Grenade.......................................81
Twink....................................................................54 Major Recombobulator............................82
Mule......................................................................55 Spellpower Goggles Xtreme Plus......... 82
Making Gold............................................................56 Arcane Bomb................................................82
Schedule It...........................................................56 Adamantite Grenade.................................82
Grinding..............................................................56 Frost Grenade...............................................83
Auction House...................................................57 Cogspinner Goggles..................................83
Professions..........................................................58 Power Amplification Goggles................83
Soloing Instances..............................................59 Goblin Rocket Launcher..........................83
Daily Quests.......................................................59 Gnomish Poultryizer.................................84
The Babysit..........................................................60 Nigh Invulnerability Belt.........................84
Professions to Amp PVP.......................................61 Rocket Boots Xtreme................................. 84
Enchanting..........................................................61 Furious Gizmatic Goggles.......................85
Melee...............................................................62 Justicebringer 2000 Specs......................85
Casting............................................................67 Tankatronic Goggles.................................85
Healing...........................................................72 Destruction Holo-gogs.............................86
Engineering........................................................77 Alchemy...............................................................87
Large Copper Bomb...................................77 Strength Potions..........................................87
Small Bronze Bomb................................... 78 Defense Potions...........................................87
Flying Tiger Goggles..................................78 Troll's Blood Potions..................................88
Big Bronze Bomb........................................78 Mana Potions...............................................88
Minor Recombobulator........................... 78 Rejuvenation Potions.................................89
Explosive Sheep...........................................79 Fortitude Potions.........................................89
Discombobulator Ray...............................79 Agility Potions..............................................89
Gnomish Shrink Ray.................................79 Healing Potions...........................................89
Goblin Bomb Dispenser...........................80 Swiftness Potion..........................................90
Gnomish Goggles.......................................80 Rage Potions..................................................90
Gnomish Net-o-Matic Projector..........80 Wisdom Potions..........................................90
The Big One..................................................80 Free Action Potion......................................91
Gnomish Mind Control Cap.................. 81 Invisibility Potions......................................91
Gnomish Death Ray...................................81 Shadow Oil...................................................91

Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

Frost Oil..........................................................91 Nightfin Soup...............................................96

Oil of Immolation.......................................92 Poached Sunscale Salmon.......................96
Magic Resistance Potion..........................92 Buzzard Bites................................................96
Arcane Elixir................................................92 Smoked Desert Dumplings.....................97
Elixir of Giants.............................................92 Dirge's Kickin' Chimaerok Chops........97
Limited Invulnerability Potion..............92 Blackened Sporefish..................................97
Elixir of the Sages.......................................92 Blackened Basilisk......................................97
Elixir of Brute Force.................................. 92 Grilled Mudfish.......................................... 97
Elixir of the Mongoose.............................93 Golden Fish Sticks......................................97
Living Action Potion..................................93 Spicy Crawdad............................................ 98
Onslaught Elixir..........................................93 Cooking Daily Quests...............................98
Adept's Elixir................................................93 The Big Picture..................................................98
Elixir of Camouflage.................................93 Battleground Buffs.....................................99
Elixir of Mastery.........................................93 The Arena ...........................................................99
Elixir of Ironskin.........................................94 Web Site Links you need.................................. 100
Haste Potion..................................................94 All Purpose Links...........................................100
Cooking......................................................................95 Crafting Links.................................................100
Smoked Sagefish.........................................95 PVP Links..........................................................101
Murloc Fin Soup.........................................95 Gold-Making Links...................................... 101
Tasty Lion Steak...........................................95 So Long, and Thanks for all the Ganks!......102
Dragonbreath Chili...................................96 PVP......................................................................102
Heavy Kodo Stew........................................96 Professions........................................................102
Grilled Squid................................................96

Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide


The leather-wearing Druid typically will
PROFESSION – PICK benefit from most of the professions available
to her. Tailoring and Blacksmithing are the
THE PROFESSION exceptions, they are expensive, and the Druid
can't wear plate or mail, and shouldn't wear
THAT WORKS BEST cloth when leather has better armor bonuses.
A Leatherworking / Skinning combo works
WITH YOUR CLASS well, allowing the Druid to make much of his
own gear, and do the skinning to provide

ome professions work quite nicely
materials for it. Skinning is also profitable,
with some classes. You may find
many of the leathers made can be sold on the
that complimenting your class
Auction House.
with a profession makes leveling and even
Another effective combo is Alchemy and
the end game a better experience.
Herbalism. Alchemy potions can be used to
For the sake of making Gold, its always a make up for a lot of a Druid's weaknesses. A
good idea to have one of your two main tanking bear Druid may not have as much
professions be a gathering profession health as a warrior, and a casting Druid
(Skinning, Mining, Herbalism). Take two won't have as much mana as a Priest. Potions
crafting professions if you want, but leveling can make up for those differences.
them will require a lot of gold. A Druid is a great harvester of herbs. With
A word about secondary professions: level the ability to stealth and dash, Druids can get
them up! Cooking, Fishing, and First Aid are in areas too high for the current level and
vital to every class. Any well-rounded harvest herbs. And Herbalism is a great
characters will have high skill in the compliment to Alchemy.
secondary professions.

Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

Tailoring and Leatherworking won't do a

Paladin much good.
Many of the professions work well for the
Mage. Blacksmithing, Leatherworking, and
Skinning will do you the least good, since Priest
you'll not be able to use what you make.
Engineering and Mining don't have all that Priests are squishy clothies, so picking up
much offer when compared with some of the Tailoring is a good idea. Being so mana-
other professions available. dependent and fragile, Alchemy is a great
Alchemy/ Herbalism is great for a Mage, choice to make a Priest a little more hardy.
the potions offer great buffs and life-saving As with the other classes, it's a good idea to
injections of mana and health. have a gathering profession, just to be sure
Tailoring is great for the cloth-wearing you can always make gold.
Mage. You can make some of your own gear, Enchanting, Jewelcrafting, and
not to mention inventory bags. Engineering are great choices for a Priest to
Enchanting is good for every class. The have as a profession.
Mage benefits from armor and weapon Blacksmithing and Leatherworking won't
enchants, and oils that increase spell damage. do you much good, unless this is an alt and
you just want to try those professions.


Paladins can wear Mail, and then Plate

armor. That means that Blacksmithing/
Mining is a natural profession combo for
Enchanting is also a good choice, with
picking a gathering profession (Mining,
Skinning, Herbalism) as a second choice.
The other professions such as
Jewelcrafting, Alchemy, and Engineering will
benefit the Pally.

Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

Gnome Warlocks (and all Gnomes) have a
Rogues are leather wearing poison racial bonus to Engineering, so Engineering
brewers. Herbalism, Alchemy, and is a good choice for Warlocks. So is Alchemy
Leatherworking are natural profession as a way to self-buff.
choices (and make sure you have your Jewellcrafting, Enchanting, and Tailoring
Cooking leveled up.) If you intend to make are good second choices.
your own poisons, Herbalism is a must. Stay away from Leatherworking and
As a second choice, Blacksmithing to make Blacksmithing.
incredible weapons is a viable option.
Enchanting and Jewelcrafting make ok
secondary choices. Warrior
Tailoring won't do anything for the Rogue.
A warrior ought to go with Blacksmithing/
Mining to always ensure he has the best gear.
Shaman Alchemy/ Herbalism is great to make Rage
Shaman wear mail and use a variety of Jewelcrafting and Engineering are always
weapons, so Blacksmithing is a good choice. helpful.
Other than that, the majority of the other Leatherworking, Skinning, and Tailoring
professions will benefit a Shaman. The won't do a Warrior much good.
hybrid nature of a Shaman makes them fairly
flexible in profession choices.
Tailoring should be avoided. Unless you
just want to try it. You're paying for the
game, so play it how you like!

Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

PATHS The above link goes to a web site that lists
recipes (and ingredients) for all the
ith so many great professions to

W level in World of Warcraft,

there’s no good reason to not try
them all. You may have alts (character other
professions. offers a similar page
for each profession.

than your highest leveled character) to

develop new professions. You can also switch
professions on your main (you probably have
Training Locations
this figured out; main is the character you
From the official patch notes:
play the most) to try out a new profession.
All primary profession trainers outside of
You may simply decide that another
capitals (Alchemy, Blacksmithing,
profession will work out better for Arena or
Enchanting, Engineering, Leatherworking,
PVP play. You may even decide to drop a
Tailoring) have been changed to train up to
gathering profession in favor of a crafting
Artisan level (skill level 300) in their
respective professions.
This section of the guide will help you The capital cities now possess Artisan level
level a new profession in a rush. To do the trainers for the primary professions they
rush-leveling, we’re assuming that you’re support, and are surrounded by their newly-
doing it on a high-level character (most dubbed Apprentices where applicable.
crafting professions have quests that must be
accomplished or instances to be run). You’re
also going to need lots of gold for this. Some
of the mats (materials) you’ll be using can be
purchased in the Auction House. Some mats
you’ll have to acquire yourself.

Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

venture out for more advanced training, be

ALCHEMY sure you take you're bags of materials with
you. You'll want to stand right there by the

t the highest skill levels, master
trainer for the training cycle.
alchemists can select a
You may need an alt to hold some of the
specialization in one of three
materials, and then mail them to yourself as
areas: Transmuting, Potions, and Elixirs. A
you need them.
specialist in one of these areas has a chance
of creating additional finished products
when practicing their craft. For example, a
master of potions has a chance of creating
Shopping List
more than one potion for the same materials.
Purchase or gather all the following. Once
To become a specialist, you must be at least you have acquired all the items on this list,
68 with at least 345 skill in alchemy. To you can get to work.
become a master of potions, seek out  250-350 Gold
Lauranna Thar'well in Cenarion Refuge,  Alt character dedicated to storing
Zangarmarsh. For the master of elixirs, go to herbs and vials
Lorokeem in Shattrath City. Finally, Zarevhi,  60 Peacebloom
the trainer of master transmutation, resides  60 Silverleaf
in Stormspire, Netherstorm.  60 Empty Vial
 80 Briarthorn
 30 Bruiseweed
Training Cycle  80 Leaded Vial
 15 Mageroyal
For the most part you’ll make potions,  40 Stranglekelp
level, train. Make potions, level, train. (Train  30 Liferoot
every ten levels.) It’s not hard! The real key  30 Kingsblood
here is to have the mats on hand.  45 Goldthorn
Hang out in your capital city, where you  5 Steelbloom
have access to the trainer and the Auction  70 Sungrass
House (at least until you have to venture out  15 Khadgar's Whisker
for the advanced trainers.) And when you do  90 Crystal Vial

- 10 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

 20 Arthas' Tears
 40 Blindweed Trainers
 40 Golden Sansam
 40 Mountain Silversage There are more trainers than these. But use
 20 Golden Sansam this list so you know where to move to find
 60 Felweed the next trainer you need.
 100 Imbued Vial
 40 Ragveil Alliance
 40 Dreaming Glory ● Apprentice – Alliance: Vosur Brakthel
 40 Nightmare Vine in Ironforge
 40 Netherbloom ● Journeyman – Alliance: Tally
Berryfizz in Ironforge
● Expert – Alliance: Ainethil in
Other Things To Know Darnassus
● Artisan – Alliance: Kylanna
 Keep an eye on the Auction House for Windwhisper in Feathermoon in
Alchemy recipes you’ll want to buy. Stronghold
 Sometimes we’ll have to make yellow ● Master – Alliance: Alchemist Gribble
recipes in this guide, but we’re going in Honor Hold
to try to stay entirely in orange for the Horde
guaranteed level up. ● Apprentice – Horde: Whuut in
 When a trainer can no longer train Orgrimmar
you, he’ll tell you where the trainer ● Journeyman – Horde: Yelmak in
you need is. Orgrimmar
● Expert – Horde: Doctor Herbert
Hasley in Undercity
● Artisan – Horde: Rogvar in Stonard
● Master – Horde: Apothecary
Antonivich in Thrallmar

- 11 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

Alchemy to 215
Crafting Ladder Make five Elixirs of Greater Defense to
ding to 215.
Alchemy to 60
Make 60 Minor Healing Potions (or more) Alchemy to 230
until you ding to 60. Now make 15 Superior Healing Potions
until 230.
Alchemy to 110
Make Lesser Healing Potions to get to 110. Alchemy to 250
Make 20 Elixirs of Detect Undead to get to
Alchemy to 125 250. (Remember to train every ten levels!)
You should get the healing potion recipe
from the trainer. Make some healing potions Alchemy to 265
to hit 125. Talk to your faction-appropriate Craft 15 Elixirs of Greater Agility to get to
trainer to become an Expert Alchemist. level 265.

Alchemy to 140 Alchemy to 285

Make yet more healing potions to ding to Make 20 Superior Mana Potions to ding to
skill level 140. skill 285.

Alchemy to 155 Alchemy to 300

Make 15 lesser mana potions to get to 155. Now craft 15 Major Healing Potions to get
to 300. You have now achieved the previous
Alchemy to 180 ultimate level. Of course, with the release of
Make 30 Greater Healing Potion to ding to the Burning Crusades expansion, you know
185. have 75 levels (to level 375) to go.

Alchemy to 210
Make 15 Elixirs of Agility to get to 210.

- 12 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

Alchemy to 325 You can take the time out from the level
You now have to travel to the Outlands to up to get those transmutations, which will be
continue your progress. Find the appropriate handy for making things, and profitable. Or
trainer (Alchemist Gribble for Alliance, you can continue the level up grind, and
Apothecary Antonivich for Horde) for your come back to them later.
faction and get trained. Now, make 25
Volatile Healing Potions. Alchemy to 375
Hopefully you can make Super Mana
Alchemy to 340 Potion, Elixir of Major Defense, and/or Major
Now make 15 Super Healing Potions. Dreamless Sleep Potion until you hit 375.
These recipes are going to go green (and
Alchemy to 350 gray) so this last run is going to really hurt
At this point, if you are honored with your gold total.
Honor Hold (Alliance) or Thrallmar (Horde) Now, go back and take care of getting
you can purchase the Elixir of Major Agility those transmutations. And, congratulations
recipe. If you’re level 70 you probably are on hitting 375! You’re set, until the next
honored with these factions. (If you’re not, expansion brings new levels and recipes.
don’t be a slacker! Go run the Hellfire Citadel
instances until you hit Honored.) Now make
10 Elixir of Major Agility.
Now here’s some bad news, you’re going
to have to do some work. You can learn
transmutation recipes, but you’re going to
have to grind rep to get the recipes. Primal
Might is sold by Skreah in northern Shattrath
City. Transmute Earth to Water can be
purchased when you’re revered with
Sporeggar. Fire to Earth can be purchased
when you’re revered with Kurenai/Mag'har.

- 13 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide


lacksmithing is great for warriors,
Blacksmithing is going to hurt. This is the
paladins, and classes that need the
most expensive Profession to level up.
heavy gear. With Blacksmithing
● 280 Copper Bar
you'll be making better-than-quest gear for
 265 Bronze Bar
yourself (top-level raiding instances, such as
 260 Iron Bar
Kharazan, provide the ultimate in gear). For
 50 Steel Bar
leveling gear, the stuff you make with
 350 Mithril Bar
Blacksmithing will be great.
 715 Thorium Bar
 215 Fel Iron Bar
 340 Adamantite Bar
Other Things To Know  10 Hardened Adamantite Bar
 5 Silver Bar
 Keep an eye on the Auction House for  5 Gold Bar
Blacksmithing recipes you’ll want to  5 Truesilver Bar
buy. Nearly all the recipes we list here  50 Khorium Bar
are from the trainer, but one or are  115 Rough Stone
mob drops that hopefully make their  80 Coarse Stone
way to the AH.  150 Heavy Stone
 Sometimes we’ll have to make yellow  20 Dense Stone
recipes in this guide, but we’re going  50 Heavy Grinding Stone
to try to stay entirely in orange for the  170 Mageweave Cloth
guaranteed level up.  35 Green Dye
 When a trainer can no longer train  60 Blue Power Crystal
you, he’ll tell you where the trainer  5 Star Ruby
you need is.  40 Arcane Dust
 10 Large Prismatic Shard
 35 Primal Water
 35 Primal Mana

- 14 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

Buy all the above. Chances are you can't Artisan Weaponsmithing
hold it all in the character you're going to ● Alliance Ironus Coldstee in Ironforge
level. So designate an alt to hold these ● Horde Kelgruk Bloodaxe in
materials – an alt with lots of bag space and Orgrimmar
that is hanging out near an mailbox. Mail Master
stuff back and forth as needed. ● Alliance - Humphry in Honor Hold
● Horde - Rohok in Thrallmar
Master Armorsmithing
Trainers ● Zula Slagfury in Lower City
Master Weaponsmithing
Below are the locations of Blacksmithing Kradu Grimblade in Lower City
trainers. By staying in your capital city for as
long as possible while leveling up, you'll have
quick access to the Auction House, mail box,
and your bank.
● Apprentice - Groum Stonebeard in
● Journeyman - Rotgath Stonebeard in
● Expert - Bengus Deepforge in
● Horde
● Apprentice - Ug'thok in Orgrimmar
● Apprentice - Snarl in Orgrimmar
● Expert - Saru Steelfury in Orgrimmar
● Artisan - Brikk Keencraft in Booty Bay
Artisan Armorsmithing
● Alliance Grumnus Steelshaper in
● Horde Shayis Steelfury in Orgrimmar

- 15 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

Blacksmithing to 105
Crafting Ladder Make enough Silver Rods to get to level
105. Enchanters need these, you can
Blacksmithing to 25 probably auction them (send them to your
Make 35 Rough Sharpening Stones. You Auction House mule so you can keep going
should ding to 25. on leveling).
Blacksmithing to 145
Blacksmithing to 45 Make enough Rough Bronze Leggings so
Make about 25 Round Grinding Stones to that you ding to 145. These are green, so if
get to level 45. you have an alt or a friend who is an
enchanter these leggings can be
Blacksmithing to 75 disenchanted for some AH profit.
Make about 35 Copper Chain Belts to ding This might be a good time to make 50
to level 75. Just vendor the belts when done. Heavy Grinding Stones. You will only get a
At 75 you will have to train to become a few skill ups, but you’ll need these later.
Journeyman Blacksmith.
Blacksmithing to 150
Blacksmithing to 90 Make enough Patterned Bronze Bracers to
Now you’ll make about 35 or so Coarse get to skill 150. These will likely sell in the
Grinding Stones, enough to get to level 90. Auction House; they’re a quest turn in, and
You’ll use 20 of these later, you can vendor +5 strength at level 20 isn’t too bad of a piece
the rest. of gear. Plus, these can be disenchanted. So
send them to your AH mule and keep going.
Blacksmithing to 100 Now you’re going to need to train up to be an
Now make about 10 Runed Copper Expert Blacksmith.
Bracers. Ding to 100. Vendor the bracers.

- 16 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

Blacksmithing to 155 Blacksmithing to 225

Make Golden Rods until you ding to 155. Make Heavy Mithril Gauntlets until you
These rods are used by Enchanters, so they level to 225. These might sell in the AH, but
might sell in the AH. are better disenchanted.
Now you get a new title! It’s time to move
Blacksmithing to 180 on to your next trainer, where you’ll become
Make enough Green Iron Leggings to ping an Artisan Blacksmith.
to 180. Have your AH mule put them in the
AH, or they can also be disenchanted and Blacksmithing to 235
those materials sold. Make Mithril Scale Bracers to ding to level
Blacksmithing to 190 This thing has a bonus to Spirit. Which
Now make about 15 Green Iron Bracers pretty much means no one is going to want
and get to skill level 190. There is a quest for it. Vendor or disenchant it.
these at the Darkmoon Faire, but other than
that these won’t sell to anyone. Just vendor Blacksmithing to 250
them. Create enough Mithril Coifs to reach skill
level 250. It gives a bonus to Spirit, so dispose
Blacksmithing to 200 of through Vendor or disenchantment.
Make Golden Scale Bracers until your skill
hits 200. Vendor them when done. Blacksmithing to 255
Make enough Dense Grinding Stone to
Blacksmithing to 205 make your skill hit 255. These are a turn-in
Ok, it’s time to keep your enchanting quest for Darkmoon Faire, and are used in
market happy. Make enough Truesilver Rods several Blacksmithing recipes.
to ding to 205. AH them, or give them to
your friendly Enchanter.

- 17 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

Blacksmithing to 270
Make Thorium Bracers until your skill hits Blacksmithing to 310
270. Note that the Blue Power Crystals Create Fel Iron Chain Coifs until you ding
required for this recipe are found in Un’Goro to 310. Disenchant this head gear to recoup
crater. They sometimes show up in the AH, what you can of your costs.
but chances are you’ll have to go collect
them yourself. This recipe is a drop, so you’ll Blacksmithing to 315
need to get it from the AH. Check early, Make Fel Iron Plate Belts to get to 315.
check often for it. Disenchant and put in AH.

Blacksmithing to 295 Blacksmithing to 320

Create enough Imperial Plate Bracers to Make enough Fel Iron Chain Gloves to get
ding to 295. For this recipe, you'll need to to level 320. Disenchant and put in AH.
complete a quest. The quest is for Derotain
Mudsipper, who can be found standing in Blacksmithing to 325
front of the forge in Gadgetzan. Derotain Make enough Fel Iron Plate Boots to get to
wants 10 Thorium Bars, and he’ll give you level 325. Disenchant and put in AH.
the plans.
Take an additional 25 Thorium Bars and Blacksmithing to 335
get the Imperial Plate Helms plan while Make enough Fel Iron Breastplates to get
you’re there. to level 335. Disenchant and put in AH.

Blacksmithing to 300
Make enough Imperial Plate Helms to ding
to 300. Note that since this requires level 59
to wear, no one will buy it. They can get
better stuff in the Outlands from questing or
5-man instances. So just Vendor or
disenchant these.
Now its time to find your Master
Blacksmith trainer. You’re in the final stretch

- 18 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

Blacksmithing to 340 Well, congratulations! You've leveled what

Make enough Adamantite Cleavers to ding is probably the most expensive, most
to skill level 340. Disenchant and put in AH. exasperating, and most rewarding profession
of them all!
Blacksmithing to 350
Make enough Adamantite Rapiers to hit
level 350. Disenchant and put in AH.

Blacksmithing to 355
Make about 10 Adamantite Rods to get to
skill 355. Sell them in the AH to enchanters.

Blacksmithing to 360
We’ve hit the point where you have to
make tough decisions. If you have a Friendly
reputation with the Scryers, buy the
Enchanted Adamantite Belt plans. Make
enough of them to hit 360.
If you’re Aldor, you’ll have to make the
more expensive Felsteel Whisper Knives until
you hit 360.

Blacksmithing to 375
You’re only a few points away. The
Khorium Belt is cheap and easy to make. So,
of course, Blizzard makes the plans for it a
drop. So be prepared to grind. The
Murkblood Raiders of Nagrand (mostly
found west and south of Forge Camp Hate)
drop these plans. Some people report having
5 hours grinds to get them to drop.

- 19 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide


eveling Enchanting is going to
cost you about 1430 Gold,
depending on several factors. The
Shopping List
point of this guide is to help you level in a
● 6 Lesser Magic Essence
hurry. If you are in a hurry, then spend the
● 12 Greater Magic Essence
gold in the AH to buy the mats of the
● 40 Lesser Astral Essence
shopping list below.
● 2 Greater Astral Essence
If you’re not in a hurry, you can solo ● 9 Lesser Mystic Essence
various instances (with your highest level ● 7 Greater Mystic Essence
player) and disenchant the loot you get to ● 8 Greater Eternal Essence
power this level up effort. ● 88 Greater Planar Essence
For the most part you’ll make potions, ● 8 Large Brilliant Shard
level, train. Make potions, level, train. (Train ● 8 Large Prismatic Shard
every ten levels.) It’s not hard! The real key ● 1 Primal Might
here is to have the mats on hand. ● 1 Iridescent Pearl
Hang out in your capital city, where you ● 1 Black Pearl
have access to the trainer and the Auction ● 1 Golden Pearl
House (at least until you have to venture out ● 150 Strange Dust
for the advanced trainers.) And when you do ● 61 Soul Dust
venture out for more advanced training, be ● 235 Vision Dust
sure you take you're bags of materials with ● 300 Dream Dust
you. You'll want to stand right there by the ● 122 Illusion Dust
trainer for the training cycle. ● 164 Arcane Dust
You may need an alt to hold some of the ● 1 Copper Rod
materials, and then mail them to yourself as ● 1 Silver Rod
you need them. ● 1 Golden Rod
● 1 Truesilver Rod
● 1 Arcanite Rod
● 1 Fel Iron Rod

- 20 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

1 Adamantite Rod

Leveling Enchanting
● 25 Simple Wood
● 14 Star Wood Leveling enchanting is mostly simple – and
boring. With your shopping list purchased
you’ll most likely end up enchanting your
Trainers own personal gear over and over to get your
levels. For the most part you’ll enchant, level,
There are any number of trainers available train. Enchant, level, train. (Train every ten
to level Enchanting. We recommend the levels.) It’s not hard! The real key here is to
following simply for ease of leveling. have the mats on hand.
You may need an alt to hold some of the
Alliance materials, and then mail them to yourself as
● Apprentice - Thonys in Ironforge you need them.
● Journeyman - Gimble Thistlefuzz in
● Expert - Kitta Firewind in Elwynn Soloing Low Level Instances
Horde Try soloing instances and disenchanting
● Apprentice - Jhag in Orgrimmar the greens and blues (greens and blues refers
● Journeyman - Godan in Orgrimmar to levels of gear) you get. You’ll be able to use
● Expert - Hgarth in Stonetalon the mats you get from disenchanting to
Mountains supplement your shopping list. Once you
Both level past the mats you get and you no longer
● Atrisan - Enchantress Volali in need them, put them in the Auction House to
Shattrath City help ease the gold cost you’re incurring.
● Master - High Enchanter Bardolan in The goal with soloing is to get enchanting
Shattrath City to 50 by disenchanting loot. (You don’t get
any level ups from disenchanting after level

- 21 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

Solo Shadowfang keep. Most any high  Don’t bother selling enchants in the
level character can walk through there in 30 Trade Channel. That’ll just slow you
minutes, and you’ll get a ton of greens to down. Just enchant your own gear, or
enchant. When your inventory is full run to gear you buy in the AH.
Southshore or Tauren Mill and mail all those  Sometimes we’ll apply yellow
greens to your enchanter character. (If it’s enchants in this guide, but we’re
not the character you’re soloing with.) going to try to stay entirely in orange
Next solo Gnomeregan. You’ll get a lot of for the guaranteed level up.
greens and maybe a blue or two out of there.  When a trainer can no longer train
Mail those to your enchanter character. you, he’ll tell you where the trainer
Disenchant all the gear you got from you need is.
soloing. You should easily be able to get up to
level 50, and have lots of mats left over. You
probably looted some twink gear (a twink is
a level 19 (or 29) character that is loaded
with the best gear and enchants possible in
order to run the battlegrounds). The BOE
(Bind on Equip) twink gear sells great in the
Auction House. Selling the extra mats and the
twink gear will help offset the cost of power-
leveling Enchanting.
Now that you have level 50 enchanting,
visit the trainer and buy all the enchants you
can get. See if the supplier has any recipes
for sale, and buy them for later when you
have to skill to learn them.

Other Things To Know

 Keep an eye on the Auction House for

enchanting recipes you’ll want to buy.

- 22 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

Enchanting to 140
Crafting Ladder You should be able to get the Enchant
Cloak - Minor Agility recipe from the vendor
Runed Copper Rod next to the Enchanting trainer. Apply this
The first item to create is a Runed Copper enchant to your cloak (or a AH throwaway)
Rod, which is required to do enchants. This until you hit 140. You might go into the
rod will be upgraded at regular intervals as yellow here.
the recipes become tougher and require
better rods. You’ll buy the Copper Rod from a Runed Silver Rod
Enchanting supplier near the Enchanting You’re going to need a Runed Silver Rod
trainer. It’ll cost 1 Strange Dust and 1 Lesser now. You’ll get the silver rod from a
Magic Essence. Blacksmith, or from the Auction House.
You’ll get the recipe to make it from the
Enchanting to Level 70 Enchanting trainer. The Runed Silver Rod is
Now apply Enchant Bracer - Minor required for many of the recipes we’re going
Stamina (which you’ll have if you visited the to use.
trainer) to your own bracer (or a throwaway
bracer from the AH) over and over until you Enchanting to 150
ding to level 70. It’s a good idea to watch TV Now apply Enchant Bracer - Lesser Spirit
while doing this. to your bracers. (You’ll have this recipe if
you’ve been training every ten levels.)
Enchanting to Level 90
Now create about 20 Greater Magic Enchanting to 155
Wands. The good thing about these wands is Now apply Enchant Bracer - Lesser
that they usually sell in the Auction House, or Stamina five times.
you can vendor them. This should get your Also, it’s time to make the Runed Golden
skill up to 90. Rod. As before, ping a Blacksmith, or hope to
find one in the Auction House.
Enchanting to 110
Apply Enchant Cloak - Minor Protection to Enchanting to 175
your cloak for about 20 levels.

- 23 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

Apply Enchant Shield - Lesser Stamina Apply Enchant Chest - Superior Health
until you ding to 175. Just buy the shield and until you ding to 240.
carry it in your inventory if your character
can’t equip it.
Enchanting to 180
Make 5 Greater Mystic Wands. These are
expensive to make, but will probably earn a
profit in the AH.

Enchanting to 204
This is a cheaper enchant. Apply Enchant
Bracer – Strength until you ding to 204.
At 204 make the Runed Truesilver rod. It
would be best to have already bought the
materials (2 Vision Dust, 2 Greater Mystic
Essence, 1 Black Pearl, and 1 Truesilver Rod).
This will let you spread the expense out, and
get right on making the Runed Truesilver
Rod when you’re ready there.

Enchanting to 225
Now apply Enchant Cloak - Greater
Defense until you ding to 225.
(As you’re doing all these steps, be sure to
keep training, and keep an eye on the
Auction House for recipes.)

Enchanting to 235
Apply Enchant Boots – Stamina to get to
level 235.

Enchanting to 240

- 24 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

Enchanting to 245 Enchanting to 315

Apply Enchant Cloak - Lesser Agility until Apply Enchant Bracer – Brawn until you
you ding to 245. get to 315.

Enchanting to 265 Enchanting to 320

Apply Enchant Bracer - Greater Stamina Apply Enchant Cloak - Major Armor to
until you hit 265. level to 320.

Enchanting to 285 Enchanting to 330

Apply Enchant Shield - Greater Stamina Apply Enchant Chest - Major Spirit until
until you ding to 285. you ding to 330.

Enchanting to 300 Enchanting to 340

Apply Enchant Cloak - Superior Defense Apply Enchant Shield – Intellect to get to
until you hit 299. Congrats on getting this 340.
Enchanting to 350
Runed Arcanite Rod Raiders just love Superior Wizard Oil.
You’re going to need to make the Runed Make them until you hit 350 and put them
Arcanite Rod now. It’s expensive, but you’ve in the Auction House.
already purchased your shopping list, so you
should be good to go. Runed Adamantite Rod

Runed Fel Iron Rod You’ll have to make this to finish your
Go ahead and make this too. You’re ready training. Buy what you need in the Auction
for the Outlands now! House. Have friends or guildies supply you
with an Adamantite rod if possible.
Enchanting to 310
Apply Enchant Bracer – Assault to your Enchanting to 360
bracers until you get to 310. Now apply Enchant Gloves - Major
Healing to get to 360.

- 25 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

Enchanting to 375
Apply Enchant Bracer – Spellpower until
you max out at 375.
Congratulations! You have mastered
enchanting. You’re going to be popular;
everyone needs enchants.

- 26 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide


ngineering is great for building Apprentice
fanciful gadgets, and for making ● Alliance - Jemma Quikswitch,
bombs for PVP use. Engineering is Ironforge
not good for making gold with. Still, there's ● Horde - Thund, Orgrimmar
nothing quite as fun as turning a Warsong Journeyman
Gulch flag carrier into a chicken. Or hitting ● Alliance - Trixie Quikswitch,
someone with a Gnomish Death Ray and Ironforge
one-shotting them. ● Horde - Nogg, Orgrimmar
● Alliance - Springspindle Fizzlegear,
Other Things To Know ● Horde - Roxxik, Orgrimmar
 Remember the cycle: build for ten
● Both - Buzzek Bracketswing,
levels then train. Training every ten
levels will ensure that you have the
recipes we're going to use.
● Alliance - Lebowski, Honor Hold
 Keep an eye on the Auction House for
● Horde - Zebig, Thrallmar
Engineering recipes you’ll want to
 Sometimes we’ll have to make yellow
recipes in this guide, but we’re going
to try to stay entirely in orange for the
guaranteed level up.
 When a trainer can no longer train
you, he’ll tell you where the trainer
you need is.

- 27 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

● 20 Week Flux
Shopping List ● 65 Wool Cloth
● 20 Mageweave Cloth
This shopping list is an estimate. Depending
● 20 Runecloth
on level ups and your server’s Auction
● 120 Light Leather
House, actual items and costs will vary.
● 35 Medium Leather
● 3500 gold (or so)
● 130 Thick Leather
● 95 Copper Bar
● 40 Heavy Knothide Leather
● 150 Bronze Bar
● 35 Weak Flu
● 50 Iron Bar
● 5 Frost Oil
● 140 Mithril Bar
● 80 Arcane Dust
● 210 Thorium Bar
● 185 Fel Iron Bar
● 90 Adamantite Bar
● 60 Hardened Adamantite Bar
● 80 Khorium Bar
● 5 Silver Bar
● 40 Tigerseye
● 5 Moss Agate
● 15 Jade
● 15 Citrine
● 40 Aquamarine
● 30 Star Ruby
● 20 Blood Garnet
● 40 Dawnstone
● 10 Mote of Fire
● 20 Mote of Earth
● 20 Primal Earth
● 40 Rough Stone
● 15 Coarse Stone
● 160 Solid Stone
● 35 Linen Cloth

- 28 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

Engineering to 90
Crafting Ladder Make Coarse Dynamite until you hit level
90. Vendor it and move along.
Engineering to 30
Make Rough Blasting Powder until you Engineering to 100
ding to crafting level 30. Save some powders Make about 10 or 15 Copper Modulators
for later constructions. Vendor the powders to get your skill up to 100. These can be used
when done. in other Engineering efforts, and they
sometimes sell in the AH.
Engineering to 50
Make enough Handful of Copper Bolts to Engineering to 105
ding to 50. Save some 30 of the bolts. Vendor Make enough Silver Contacts to get to skill
the remaining bolts when done. 105. These may sell in the AH, and you will
use them in other Engineering efforts.
Engineering to 75
Make Copper Tubes until you skill up to Engineering to 110
75. Copper Tubes sometimes sell in the AH, Now we move into Bronze. Make 20 or so
but if you’re lazy or in a hurry you should Bronze Tubes. We’re going to sue these later,
just vendor them. so save them. Get to 110 on this recipe.
At level 75, you’ll train to be a Journeyman
Engineer. Remember to buy all the recipes Engineering to 130
you can every 10 levels. The Flying Tiger Goggles look cool when
worn. They are far from epic, so don’t get too
Engineering to 85 attached to them. Make enough Flying Tiger
Make Coarse Blasting Powder to get to Goggles to ding to Engineering 130. These
level 85. You’ll need some 15 of these for are great to disenchant, or vendor if you
future recipes. can’t do that.

- 29 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

Engineering to 135 Engineering to 180

The Standard Scope can sell in the AH. Make Solid Blasting Powder until you get
Every twink and even some levelers want to level 180. You should make extras, since
them for their ranged weapons. Make these you’re going to be needing more of these
until you hit 135. If you make rifles to sell, later.
attaching one of these let’s you charge more
than mats, and make a profit. Engineering to 195
All the same things we said about Standard
Engineering to 145 Scopes apply to Accurate Scopes. Make these
Make Whirring Bronze Gizmos until you until you get to skill 195.
ding to 145. Save 7 or so of them for later
efforts. These might sell in the AH, or just Engineering to 200
vendor them. Make Mithril Tubes to get your skill to
200. You’ll use these later, so have around
Engineering to 160 20 on hand.
Make enough Bronze Frameworks so you
level to 160 in Engineering. These are used to Engineering to 210
make a few fun things so put a few of them Make some 15-20 Unstable Triggers, to
in the bank. get to level 210. Put a few of these in the
bank, because you’ll use them to make some
Engineering to 170 fun things later.
Make enough Iron Struts to ding to level
170. These can be put in the AH or vendored. Engineering to 230
Make the Deadly Scope until you ding to
Engineering to 175 230. Again, a scope on a rifle is a great AH
Make Ice Deflectors until you get to 175. seller, and the scopes do ok on their own as
This is a fun but mostly useless gizmo, so well.
vendor it when done.

- 30 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

Engineering to 245
Make Rose Colored Goggles to ding to 245.
Disenchant or AH them.

Engineering to 260
Make Mithril Gyro-Shot to hit 260. These
sometimes will sell in the AH, because many
classes with ranged weapons need the ammo.

Engineering to 280
Make a bunch of Thorium Widgets to get
to level 280. Bank or vendor these, you’ll use
them to make fun things in Engineering.

Engineering to 300
You’ve done it, you’ve made it to the old
cap. Take a moment to bask in your success.
Then make enough Thorium Tubes to ding to
300. Save these (and you may need extras)
for future efforts in the power-leveling
Now the trainer will make you a Master
Engineer. The epic headpieces available to
Engineering are great. Making them is going
to be a pain! Get trained, and then get back
to work!

Engineering to 310
Make Handful of Fel Iron Bolts until you
ding to 310. You’ll use these later, so make a
bunch extra.

- 31 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

Engineering to 315 Engineering to 350

Make enough Elemental Blasting Powder Make the Cogspinner Goggles of... to get to
to hit level 315. You’ll need 25 or so of these 350. Just vendor these, it takes a fellow
for future efforts. engineer to wear them.

Engineering to 320 Engineering to 355

Make Fel Iron Casing until you skill up to Make enough Hardened Adamantite Tubes
320. You’ll need a bunch of the later, about to get to Engineering Level 355. You’ll be
25 or so, so hold onto them. needing about 20 of these later.

Engineering to 325 Engineering to 360

Time to make more ammo. Make Fel Iron Make the Adamantite Rifle until you ding
Shells to ding to level 325. Sell them in the to 360. Slap a Khorium Scope on the ones
AH, or vendor them. you make and put them in the AH.

Engineering to 330 Engineering to 375

Make Adamantite Frames to hit 330. Make Remember those Adamantite Rifles you
enough so that you have some 25 for later just made? Now make Khorium Scopes to get
use. to 375. Put the scopes on the rifles, and
charge a huge price for them in the AH.
Engineering to 335 Now you’re done – you’ve mastered
Try to make as few Fel Iron Muskets as you Engineering.
can. These babies are expensive. But they are
likely to sell in the AH. Get to 335 and then Note
Engineers can now create incredible new
Engineering to 340 flying machines! Find Niobe Whizzlespark in
Make Adamantite Shells to ding to 340. Shadowmoon Valley to learn these fantastic
Vendor or AH the ammo. new plans.

- 32 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

- 33 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

25 Talasite

● 25 Nightseye
● 25 Noble Topaz
25 Star of Elune
Shopping List ●

● 10 Earthstorm Diamond

urchase the following items to ● 10 Skyfire Diamond
level your Jewelcrafting in a ● 150 Solid Stone
hurry. ● 60 Elemental Water
You'll need approximately 1500 gold for ● 40 Flask of Mojo
this effort. ● 10 Mercurial Adamantite
● 80 Copper Bar
● 120 Bronze Bar
● 30 Silver Bar Trainers
● 20 Iron Bar
● 100 Mithril Bar Apprentice
● 65 Thorium Bar ● Alliance - Padaar - The Exodar
● 10 Adamantite Bar ● Horde - Amin - Silvermoon City
● 20 Malachite Journeyman, Expert, Artisan
● 40 Shadowgem ● Alliance - Farii - The Exodar
● 10 Jade ● Horde - Kalinda - Silvermoon City
● 30 Moss Agate Master
● 35 Citrine ● Both - Hamanar - Shattrath City
● 35 Aquamarine (Aldor)
● 25 Star Ruby ● Both - Jazdalaad - Netherstorm
● 20 Large Opal
● 15 Azerothian Diamond
● 20 Huge Emerald
● 20 Azure Moonstone
● 30 Blood Garnet
● 50 Golden Draenite
● 25 Living Ruby
● 25 Dawnstone

- 34 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

Jewelcrafting to 90
Crafting Ladder Make the Ring of Silver Might until you
ding to level 90. Disenchant or vendor the
Jewelcrafting to 30 rings when done.
Make enough Delicate Copper Wire to
ding to level 30. You’ll be using these later Jewelcrafting to 100
for other creations. Make Gloom Bands until you ding to level
100. For the most part very few people buy
Jewelcrafting to 50 +Spirit gear, so these are best vendored,
Make enough Tigerseye Bands to get to disenchanted, or, for a lark, give them away
level 50. Give these away or vendor them. to Lowbies, just to hear their screams of joy.
Lowbie players will like them, for the ten
minutes they have them before they upgrade. Jewelcrafting to 110
Now make the Ring of Twilight Shadows
Jewelcrafting to 70 until you get to level 110. You could dump
Make Bronze Settings until you hit them en masse in the Auction House and
Jewelcrafting level 70. You’ll need some 50 keep them in rotation, and they’ll sell. Or
of these for future efforts. disenchant them for stuff to sell to offset the
Now its time to train for Journeyman leveling process.
Jewelcrafting. Then back to work!
Jewelcrafting to 120
Jewelcrafting to 80 Make the Heavy Jade Ring to ding to level
Make enough Elegant Silver Rings to hit 120. These will also sell in the AH, but if
level 80. The Bronze Settings work may have you’re in a hurry just disenchant or vendor
already leveled you this high. No matter them.
what, be sure to get to 80. These are best
disenchanted or vendored.

- 35 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

Jewelcrafting to 150 Jewelcrafting to 220

Make enough Pendant of the Agate Shield Make enough Aquamarine Signet of
to hit level 150. Battleground players will (Whatever) to ding to level 220. These rings
love these. Keep them in your Auction House are great for the level, and will sell well in
rotation, and you’ll sell them all. the Auction House. Each ring has a chance
It’s time to train to become an Expert for a differing enchant, and some will be
Jewelcrafter. Do that, then back to the grind! more popular than others.

Jewelcrafting to 170 Jewelcrafting to 225

Make enough Mithril Filigree to hit level Make the Aquamarine Pendant of the
170. You’ll be using 20 of these in future Warrior until you ding to level 225. These
efforts. have nice bonuses, but not as nice as some of
the other gear at this level. AH or disenchant.
Jewelcrafting to 175 It’s time to get trained to become an
Make the Blazing Citrine Ring until you Artisan Jewelcrafter. You’re getting there.
hit 175. Like some of the other items you’ve
made, this ring will eventually sell. Just keep Jewelcrafting to 235
them in rotation, especially on weekends. Make enough Thorium Setting to get to
level 235. You’re going to use a bunch of
Jewelcrafting to 180 these, around 70 of them, so you may as well
Make the Solid Stone Statue to get to level make them all now.
180. Vendor or disenchant, unless you think
you’ll actually use it. They can be nice in the Jewelcrafting to 260
Battlegrounds. Make the Ruby Pendant of Fire until you
hit level 260. (You may have hit that in the
Jewelcrafting to 210 previous step, so skip this if you’re already at
Make enough Citrine Ring of Rapid 260.) This ring is of limited use, so
Healing to ding to level 210 Jewelcrafting. disenchant or vendor.
Put these in your AH rotation.

- 36 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

Jewelcrafting to 280 Jewelcrafting to 310

Make the Simple Opal Ring until you get Cut a Blood Garnet into a Teardrop Blood
to Jewelcrafting level 280. At +12 Agility this Garnet until you ding to 310. Yep, you’re
will sell in the AH. Keep it in your rotation. making gems now. Sell in the AH, or give to
impoverished guildies. Do this for pretty
Jewelcrafting to 285 much all the gems you cut, of course saving
Make the Diamond Focus Ring until you gems that you need for your personal gear.
hit level 285. It’s a fairly poor item for level
48, so disenchant or vendor. Jewelcrafting to 315
Cut Blood Garnet into a Jagged Deep
Jewelcrafting to 290 Peridot, or cut Golden Draenite into a
Make the Glowing Thorium Band until Gleaming Golden Draenite. Go until you hit
you hit level 290. This is not the best ring for 315.
a level 51 healer, but it may sell to those with
lousy gear. Put it in your AH rotation, or Jewelcrafting to 325
disenchant. Cut a Flame Spessarite into a Glinting
Flame Spessarite. (It goes without saying as
Jewelcrafting to 300 you make these cuts; if you have other gems
Make the Emerald Lion Ring to get to level with cuts that are orange or yellow,
300. Yay, you’ve hit the old limit! The pot substitute what you have for these
luck mix of +enchants on this ring make it suggestions. The point is to level.)
desirable to multi-purpose classes such as
Druids, Paladins, and Shaman. Put this in Jewelcrafting to 345
your AH rotation. Cut Draenite into Smooth Golden
Time to see a trainer and get trained to be Draenite.
a Master Jewelcrafter.

- 37 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

Jewelcrafting to 350 Buy the patterns and above (don’t forget to

Make enough Heavy Adamantite Ring to check the AH as well) and cut away on the
hit level 350. These rings are loaded with Diamonds you get in the AH or from vendors.
Stamina, so they’ll sell well in the AH. That should get you to 375.
Jewelcrafting to 365
Make high end blue cuts on gems at this
point. There are many cuts, see what recipes
you have from the Trainer, and what you can
buy in the AH. The goal here is to get from
skill level 350 to 365.

Jewelcrafting to 375
Now we’re in the home stretch. To finish
this off and get to 375, its time to cut
diamonds. You’re going to be cutting meta
gems now. Again, you’ll have to see what
recipes you can get from the AH.
There are also rep-based recipes you
should get. This will require getting to
friendly with the Sha’Tar, and honored with
the Consortium and the Keepers of Time. If
you’ve been a level 70 for any amount of
time, you probably already have these reps:
● Keepers of Time - Honored Enigmatic
Skyfire Diamond
● Sha'tar - Friendly Insightful
Earthstorm Diamond
● Consortium - Honored Swift Skyfire

- 38 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

20 Small Prismatic Shard


● 20 Primal Might
● 365->375
90 Heavy Knothide Leather
Shopping List ●

● 600 Thick Clefthoof Leather

● 57 Ruined Leather Scraps ● 60 Primal Earth
● 170 Light Leather ● 30 Rune Thread
● 135 Medium Leather
● 350 Heavy Leather
● 510 Thick Leather
● 400 Rugged Leather
● 540 Knothide Leather
● 80 Heavy Knothide Leather
● 20 Light Hide
● 25 Medium Hide
● 25 Heavy Hide
● 5 Cured Thick Hide
● 20 Heavy Scorpid Scale
● 40 Fel Scales
● 35 Gray Dye
● 10 Green Dye
● 60 Black Dye
● 75 Coarse Thread
● 120 Fine Thread
● 150 Silken Thread
● 10 Heavy Silken Thread
● 170 Rune Thread
● 110 Salt
● 20 Iron Buckle
● 20 Bolt of Silk Cloth
● 5 Elixir of Greater Defense
● 120 Arcane Dust

- 39 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

Leatherworking to 115
Crafting Ladder Craft the Cured Medium Hide to get to
skill level 115. Save these for later crafting.
Leatherworking to 20
Make enough Light Leather to ding to level Leatherworking to 125
20. Light Leather sells well in the Auction Make Dark Leather Boots to ding to skill
House. level 125. There are best vendored.

Leatherworking to 30 Leatherworking to 135

Make enough Light Armor Kit to get to 30. Make enough Dark Leather Cloak to ding
These might sell in the AH, you might just to skill 135. Vendor when finished.
vendor them.
Leatherworking to 150
Leatherworking to 40 Make the Dark Leather Belt to ding to skill
Make the Handstitched Leather Cloak until level 150. Sell or disenchant these belts when
you ding to skill level 30. Vendor them when done.
done. When you are done with that, it’s time to
visit the trainer and get Expert training in
Leatherworking to 55 Leatherworking.
Make Cured Light Hide until you ding to
level 55. They should sell in the Auction Leatherworking to 160
House. Make Cured Heavy Hide to ding to skill
It’s time to get trained to be a Journeyman level 160. Save these for use in later
Leatherworker. leatherworking efforts.

Leatherworking to 85 Leatherworking to 170

Make Embossed Leather Gloves to get to Make the Heavy Leather Ammo Pouch to
level 85. Vendor when done. ding to skill level 160. Hunters and some
rogues will want these, so put them in your
Leatherworking to 100 AH rotation.
Make the Fine Leather Belt to get to skill
100. Save these for later efforts.

- 40 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

Leatherworking to 180 Leatherworking to 255

Make the Green Leather Belt until you get Make the Nightscape Boots to ding to 255.
to skill level 180. Disenchant or vendor. Put these in your Auction House rotation.

Leatherworking to 195 Leatherworking to 260

Make the Barbaric Shoulders to get to 195. Make the Heavy Scorpid Bracers to ding to
Disenchant or vendor when done. skill level 260. For level 46 these are not the
best stats, so just disenchant when done.
Leatherworking to 205
Make the Dusky Belt to get to skill level Leatherworking to 280
205. This has good Rogue/Druid stats, so it Make the Wicked Leather Gauntlets until
will sell in the AH. you get to 280. Disenchant these when done.

Leatherworking to 225 Leatherworking to 285

Craft the Nightscape Headband to get to Make the Wicked Leather Bracers to get to
225. This should sell in the Auction House. skill level 285. Disenchant when done.
Now it’s time to get your Artisan training
in Leatherworking. Leatherworking to 300
Craft the Wicked Leather Headband to get
Leatherworking to 230 to skill level 300. Disenchant these when
Craft the Quickdraw Quiver to get to level done.
230. These are great sellers in the Auction Now its time to get Master level training in
House. Leatherworking. Then back to work!

Leatherworking to 250 Leatherworking to 310

Make the Nightscape Pants to ding to Make Knothide Armor Kit until you skill
Leatherworking skill level 250. Great sellers up to 310. Sell these to a vendor when done.
in the AH, the Nightscape Pants also
disenchant into sellable goodies.

- 41 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

Leatherworking to 320
Make Felscale Boot to level to 320. They
can be put in the AH or disenchanted.

Leatherworking to 330
Make Thick Draenic Boots to get to skill
level 330. Sell in the AH or disenchant.

Leatherworking to 340
Make the Thick Draenic Vest to get to level
340. Sell in the AH or disenchant.

Leatherworking to 350
Make the Scaled Draenic Boots until you
ding to 350. Sell in the AH or disenchant.

Leatherworking to 365
Make the Riding Crop until you get to level
365. These sell great in the AH, put them in
your rotation.

Leatherworking to 375
Make the Heavy Clefthoof to finish off and
ding to 375. These should sell in the Auction
Congratulations, you’ve completed

- 42 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

Netherweb Spider Silk


 Heavy Leather
 Rugged Leather

lizzard gave Tailoring a lot of love
 Knothide Leather
in the Burning Crusades
 Blue Dye
expansion. Tailors can make epic
 Gray Dye
cloth gear that rivals gear dropped from
 Red Dye
 Bleach
Cloth wearers will find this a great  Mana Potion
profession to take up. Especially if you don't  280 Arcane Dust
have time to commit to raiding.

Shopping List
You're going to need around 3000 gold for ● Alliance - Uthrar Threx - Ironforge
this level-up. You'll gain a lot of that back ● Horde - Snang - Orgrimmar
through the Auction House, vendoring, and Journeyman
disenchanting some of your items you make. ● Alliance - Jormund Stonebrow -
● 200 Linen Cloth Ironforge
 360 Wool Cloth ● Horde - Magar - Orgrimmar
 980 Silk Cloth Expert
 575 Mageweave Cloth ● Alliance - Georgio Bolero -
 1025 Runecloth Stormwind
 3870 Netherweave Cloth ● Horde - Josef Gregorian - Undercity
 Coarse Thread Artisan
 170 Fine Thread ● Alliance - Timothy Worthington -
 Silken Thread Dustwallow Marsh
 Heavy Silken Thread ● Horde - Daryl Stack - Tarren Mill
 130 Rune Thread Master
 Spider's Silk ● Alliance - Hama - Honor Hold
 Ironweb Spider Silk ● Horde - Dalinna - Thrallmar

- 43 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

Crafting Ladder

Tailoring to 25
Make 25 Bolt of Linen Cloth (or as many
as need to ding to level 25). Now keep going,
making about 50 more of these for all your
efforts to come.

Tailoring to 50
Make Linen Belt until you ding to level 50.
Vendor these when done.

Tailoring to 55
Make the White Linen Robe to get to
Tailoring skill level 55. These can be
disenchanted, which helps offset your skill
up costs.

Tailoring to 75
Make the Blue Linen Vest to get to level 75.
Disenchant these when done.
Now it’s time to get Journeyman Tailoring
training. Then back to the grindstone!

Tailoring to 90
Make the Bolt of Woolen Cloth to get to
level 90. Then keep going, you’re going to
need about 120 of these.

- 44 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

Tailoring to 110
Make Heavy Woolen Gloves to get to level Tailoring to 170
110. (You might have come pretty close to Make the Small Silk Pack to get to level
110 making Bolt of Woolen Cloths.) 170. These 10-slot bags should sell in the
Disenchant when done. AH. Put them in your AH rotation.

Tailoring to 125 Tailoring to 170

Get to 125 making Gray Woolen Robe. Sell Make the Formal White Shirt to get to level
the disenchanted results in the Auction 170. Role players might like these, but they
House. are best vendored.
It’s time to visit the trainer again and
become an Expert Tailor. Tailoring to 180
Make enough Bolt of Mageweave to get to
Tailoring to 135 level 180. You’re going to need 115 of these
Make the Bolt of Silk Cloth until you ding or so, so keep going.
to 135. You’re going to need a bunch more of
these, around 250, so keep going. Tailoring to 200
Make the Green Silken Shoulders to get to
Tailoring to 145 200. The +11 int is ok for the level, so they
You might be at 145 already from making might sell in the AH. You might be better of
the Bolt of Silk Cloth. If you aren’t, then make disenchanting them.
the Lesser Wizard's Robe to get to 145. The At 200 it’s time to see the trainer again.
Lesser Wizard’s Robe isn’t bad for the level, it You’ll train to the Artisan level.
might sell in the AH. You’re probably better
off disenchanting it. Tailoring to 205
Make the Long Silken Cloak until you ding
Tailoring to 150 to level 205. This can be auctioned,
Make the Azure Silk Pants to get to level disenchanted, or vendored.
150. These might sell in the AH, you can also
disenchant them.
Visit the trainer again, it’s time to become
an Expert Tailor.

- 45 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

Tailoring to 220 Tailoring to 270

Make the Black Mageweave Leggings to Make the Runecloth Belt to get to level
get to level 220. This can be auctioned, 270. As usual, disenchant, auction, or
disenchanted, or vendored. vendor.
Tailoring to 230
Make Black Mageweave Gloves to ding to Tailoring to 280
level 230. This can be auctioned, Make the Runecloth Cloak to get to level
disenchanted, or vendored. 280. As usual, disenchant, auction, or
Tailoring to 245
Make Black Mageweave Shoulders until Tailoring to 295
you get to level 245. This can be auctioned, Make the Runecloth Gloves to get to level
disenchanted, or vendored. 295. As usual, disenchant, auction, or
Tailoring to 250
Make the Red Mageweave Bag to get to Tailoring to 300
skill level 250. These may sell in the AH, Make the Runecloth Headband to get to
depending on price. Put them in your AH level 300 in Tailoring. This is quite an
rotation. accomplishment. Good job! As usual,
disenchant, auction, or vendor.
Tailoring to 255 Now it’s time to see the trainer for
Make enough Bolt of Runecloth to get to advancement to Master Tailor. Then, back to
255. You’re going to need a bunch of these, work, you’re in the home stretch now.
so keep on making them until you have
around 220 of them. Tailoring to 305
Make the Bolt of Netherweave cloth to get
to skill level 305. You’re going to need a
whopping 650 or so of these, so keep going.

- 46 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

Tailoring to 310 Tailoring to 345

Make the Runecloth Headband to get to Make Netherweave Boots to get to 345.
level 310 (if you didn’t get there with the Disenchant this when you are done.
Bolt of Neatherweave work). As usual,
disenchant, auction, or vendor. Tailoring to 355
Make the Netherweave Tunic to get to
Tailoring to 315 355. Disenchant this when you are done.
Make the Netherweave Belt to get to level
315. As usual, disenchant, auction, or Tailoring to 360
vendor. Make the Imbued Netherweave Boots to
get to skill 360. Disenchant and sell the
Tailoring to 320 results to help offset your expense. Or try to
Make the Netherweave Bag to get to 320. Auction them, anything will sell if you leave
These should sell in the Auction House, just it in there long enough.
keep putting them through.
Tailoring to 325 Tailoring to 375
Make enough Netherweave Gloves to ding Make the Imbued Netherweave Robe to
to level 325. As usual, disenchant, auction, or ding to 375 and to finish this process. You’ve
vendor. done it, you’re at the top. Now you can go
make some really spiffy epic cloth gear.
Tailoring to 330
Make about 140 of these. You’ll hopefully
get to 340 skill, but certainly to 330.

Tailoring to 335
Make Netherweave Pants to get to 335 (if
you’re not already there.)

- 47 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

- 48 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

HERBALISM AND Crafting Ladder

MINING Harvest Peacebloom and Silverleaf in the
starting areas for any race. At around skill
here's not much to leveling

T Herblism or mining. The thing

about Herbalism and mining is
they are profitable. Herbs sell well in the
level 15 you can also harvest Earthroot. As
you would do with mining, make up circular
routes through an area for harvesting. Make
sure your Herb finder is on so you’ll see a
Auction House, as does ore. If you really need
gold dot for an herb on your mini-map. If
gold, combining Herbalism and Mining on a
you’re doing this on a high-level character,
high-level character will be very profitable.
then a mount is going to really speed the
process up for you.
You’ll also need to train the Herbalism up
Shopping List to Journeyman at some point.
You can’t buy mats to level these skills. Mining, run a route in Durotar or
You have to do it the hard way, with a lot of Morogh. Scoop up all the Copper you find.
running around. But you can buy tools to Get to skill 75.
improve your gathering prowess.
 Enchant Gloves - Advanced Make your harvesting routes through The
Herbalism Barrens or the Redridge Mountains looking
 Enchant Gloves – Advanced Mining for Mageroyal and Earthroot.
 Herbalist's Gloves (Crafted, Leather) Mining
 Miner's Gloves (Quest Reward, Hit Thousand Needles, Redridge
Leather) Mountains, and Hillsbrad Foothills.
 Herb Pouch
 Reinforced Mining Bag (Crafted)

- 49 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

100 to 175 Mining

After 70, you can start harvesting Run routes in the Searing Gorge and the
Briarthorn for skill ups on the same routes Badlands.
you’re running in the Barrens and Redridge
Mountains. Add a route through Loch Modan Herbalism to 210
as well. Add a Dustwallow Marsh route now.
Mining Continute in Stranglethorn Vale. Harvest
Run routes in Thousand Needles and Goldthorn, Fadeleaf, and Liferoot.
Arathi Highlands (mostly in caves). Somewhere around here you should go get
trained again to become an Artisan Herbalist.
Herbalism to 135
Now in the Hillsbrad Foothills and in the Herbalism to 235
Wetlands you should be able to harvest Wild It's time to change locations. Run in
Steelbloom, Stranglekelp, and Briarthorn on Tanaris and Searing Gorge. Harvest Purple
your routes. Lotus and Firebloom.

Herbalism to 150 Herbalism to 250

Still running through Hillsbrad Foothills In the Swamp of Sorrows and the
and the Wetlands start collecting Kingsblood, Hinterlands run routes harvesting
and Bruiseweed. You can also add a Blindweed, Sungrass, and Purple Lotus. Get to
Stranglethorn Vale route now. skill level 250 or so.
And now it’s time to train to Expert
Herbalist. 275
Harvest Gromsblood in the Blasted Lands.
175-210 Now you can train up to be a Master
Still running the Hillsbrad Foothills, Herbalist at a trainer in the Outlands.
Stranglethorn Vale, and the Wetlands routes Mining
start collecting Liferoot (and the others, of Continue in the Searing Gorge.
course). Each harvest should hopefully ding
you one level up.

- 50 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

300 Harvest Ragveil, Terocone, and Dreaming

Run routes in Felwood and the Un'Goro Glory from Zangarmarsh and Terokkar
craters harvesting Dreamfoil, Golden Forest.
Sansam, and Gromsblood. Now let's finish off!
Mining Herbalism to 375
Now add the Burning Steppes and the Run routes in Netherstorm and
Eastern and Western Plaguelands to your Shadowmoon Valley to collect Netherbloom
routes. and Nightmare Vine.
When you hit 300, it's time to move onto You should hit skill level 375, continue
the Outlands. until you do. Congratulations, you've now
mastered a money-making skill. Raiders,
300-325 Alchemists, and Twinks all buy herbs in the
Now (or even the previous step) would be AH. Collecting them for your guild's raids
the time to move to the Hellfire Peninsula in will make you a valuable asset to the guild.
the Outlands. Run routes harvesting Mining
Plaguebloom, Mountain Silversage, and Nagrand is a great place to mine,
Dreamfoil. especially since you can fly over obstacles
You can also continue in Felwood and and mobs.
Sticking in Hellfire Penisula will easily get
you to 325 skill. You can also stay there to hit
350 if you wanted.

Herbalism to 340
Run routes in Terokkar Forest and
Nagrand harvesting Dreaming Glory and

Herbalism to 365

- 51 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

If you have to ask what a Noob is, then

PROFESSION you’re one. A Noob is a new, inexperienced
player in World of Warcraft. Being called a
COMBOS FOR MULES Noob can be an insult. (You also can expect
to be called a Noob if you are loudly wrong
AND TWINKS AND about something; for example, if you demand
that a Warlock give you water and food,
NOOBS you’re going to be called a Noob, since Mages
conjure water and food.) But Noob also
irst, let’s recap what a Mule is,

F what a Noob is, and what a Twink


A Mule is a low-level character sitting in

simply means Rookie.
Each of you, the Noob, the Twink, and the
Mule, have differing profession needs. Let’s
take a look at these needs.
your capital city. The Mule receives mail
from your other characters containing
goodies you’re going to put in the Auction Noob
House. The Mule auctions the items, and
sends the gold back to the characters that As a Noob, you’re going to need Gold!
need it (or the Mule buys the gear, weapons, Leveling is your focus, professions are not
recipes, and consumables and mails those to that vital to you right now. But even a
your higher level characters). Basically the leveling Noob needs Gold. In many cases, a
Mule’s job is to save your main characters leveling Noob will do well to take two
the time and trouble of having to go to your gathering professions, to focus on increasing
capital city. your Gold amount, and because crafting
A Twink is a lower-level character buffed professions take away time from leveling.
up with the best gear and enchants for Later on, as you start leveling into your
playing PVP battlegrounds. A Twink will be 50’s, you might want to drop a gathering
insanely powerful for his or her level. Twinks profession and take up a crafting profession.
are always level x9: 19, 29, 39, or 49. (59 The stuff you’re making in the higher levels
and 69 Twinks don’t make sense, since of crafting can be worth having. But for
they’re so close to maximum level.) focusing on leveling your first character, two
gathering professions are the way to go.

- 52 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

Mining and Herbalism Alchemy and Herbalism

An excellent gold-making combo for a If you want to take a crafting profession

leveling Noob is Mining and Herbalism. You anyway, Alchemy is a great profession for a
can gather these resources as you go; as you leveling Noob. The potions you make can
level and quest out in the world. Gather them save your bacon, and enable you to take on
in bulk, then sell them in the Auction House challenges above your level.
(never vendor ore or herbs!). For example, Health and Mana potions can
keep you up and going during a grinding
session. Potions that increase your damage
Skinning and Mining or Herbalism
and increase your armor or health will be
Skinning gives you the ability to loot some invaluable when taking on a boss. You can
kills (beast kills) twice. You can loot the beast handle greater challenges when buffed by
after you kill it, and then you can skin it. The potions.
skins will be in demand by leatherworkers, Now the downside to this is the potion
and a few other professions (such as bottles cost money, and you have to get
engineering) that occasionally require trained (spending time and money). The
leather. upside to help balance this is that most
You can occasionally really score with potions will sell in the Auction House if you
Skinning. If you find someone grinding on ever need extra Gold.
beasts who isn’t a leather worker, you can
follow him around and skin his kills. You can
pile up a good bunch of skins quickly when
someone else is doing the heavy-lifting. Sell
the skins in the Auction House.

- 53 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

Secondary Professions
The secondary professions (First Aid,
Cooking, and Fishing) are a lot of fun, but as As a Twink, you’re a pampered, high-
you are leveling, only First Aid is worth powered killer (or healer). Your job is to run
having. Consider First Aid to be vital. Being the battlegrounds and destroy the enemy.
able to bandage yourself after a big fight is Since when you’re not out killing things you
better that sitting around waiting for your sit back in your capital city sipping mint
health to regenerate; First Aid saves you time. juleps and making passes at members of the
Cooking and Fishing don’t contribute opposite sex, you don’t have much need for a
much to your leveling process. If you are in a profession.
hurry to level, ignore them for now. Later Or so it would seem. But that’s not the
you can level them as high as you need. case.
A good Twink will have Engineering.
Period. End of case. You can buy almost
Mules for Noobs
everything else you need, but Engineering is
Even Noobs might consider rolling a Mule required to make and equip great head
for your mail and Auction House needs. True, pieces, trinkets, and to use bombs and
as a Noob, you’ll be visiting the capital city grenades and other such devices.
often for training and maybe an occasional A great choice for second profession for a
battlegrounds run. But even you, the leveling Twink is Jewellcrafting. You can make and
Noob, can level quicker if you have a Mule to equip rings and trinkets that non-
handle the business chores for you. Jewellcrafters can’t use. With Jewellcrafting
and Engineering, you’ll have an advantage
over Twinks without those professions.
Another good profession choice for a
Twink is Alchemy. You can buy herbs in the
Auction House and make your own potions.

- 54 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

As you can imagine, a Twink has

absolutely zero need for a gathering
profession. Twinks never venture into the
world – they avoid any experience gains at
all costs. A Twink is like a gigolo – some else
pays the bills, and the Twink just performs.


Many times a Mule is a level one

character. But there’s no style, no grace in
that. Imagine your business agent, running
around in rags in Ironforge or Orgrimmar.
How can you live with such shame?
A good Mule will be higher level. Why,
other than to look good? A good Mule will
have the Enchanting skill. And you want our
Mule to be high enough in level to be able to
disenchant stuff you can’t or don’t want to
A second profession for a Mule is mining.
With mining the Mule can smelt bars of ore,
and if you have a main character that is a
Miner, he can send the Mule the ore rather
than taking the time to smelt it himself. After
smelting the ore, the Mule can then auction

- 55 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide


This is the no-brainer method to making

n every world, even cyber worlds
Gold. You can do it at any level. Grinding
like Azeroth, gold makes the
simply means killing mobs and looting them.
world go around. If you're going
Over and over. It can't fail–and it's the
to invest heavily in playing PVP, you're going
slowest way to make Gold.
to need a lot of gold. Enchants and the
Grinding has one advantage; you can get
worth-having gear in the Auction House cost
XP if you grind on mobs of your level.
a lot.

In this section we’re going to show you Here's a few general tips for grinding:
how to make the gold you need. ● Humanoids drop Silver and cloth
(cloth of whatever kind sells well in
the Auction House)
Schedule It ● Research (on Thottbot or WOWHead
or your favorite site) on which mobs
Time = Gold. That's the secret. You may see drop things you need (for example, a
advertisements that offer to sell you the Small Flame Sac to make Dragon
secrets to making thousands of Gold in five Breath Chili) and go grind that mob.
minutes (ok, that's an exaggeration). The fact Also grind on mobs that drop items
is, it doesn't work that way. You're going to for professions, and then sell them in
have to invest time to make Gold. Of course, the AH.
some investments are better than others! ● As you would for mining or
The first thing to do is regularly set aside herbalism, develop a grinding route
some of your WOW time to make Gold. You on mobs that are lucrative (for
can use some of the methods we describe example, Naga Explorers that drop
here to make that gold, but the first rule is to various types of pearls)
schedule yourself Gold-making time. PVPers, ● Grind on mobs that drop both meat
Raiders, they all have to do this. and loot (meat can sell well in the
Auction House, or use the meat for
your cooking efforts)

- 56 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

● Go to someplace like the Arathi ● Keep your items in a constant rotation

Highlands and grind on one or two through the AH. Always add to them
mobs exclusively, such as dinosaurs with the results of your grinding,
and spiders. You'll get huge stacks of raiding, professions, and questing.
two or three different kinds of loot, ● Speculate: know BOE gear, know
allowing you to hold a lot of it as it which quest items are sold in the AH,
stacks in your inventory. Then run to know crafting items and know what
the nearby base and sell all your stuff. they are worth. Look for them in the
Rinse and Repeat. Auction House, waiting for some
Grinding may not be the best way to make noob to sell them way below value.
gold, but it has a few advantages, such as Here's an example: the Assassin's
gaining you XP to level, and getting crafting Blade is a favorite BOE weapon of
items to use and/or sell. Rogue twinks. It usually sells for
around 100 Gold. Scan the Auction
House for the Assassin's Blade. Every
Auction House now and then you'll find someone has
placed it for sale at about 50 Silver.
Here's where the real masters make Gold. Buy it, and resell it for 100 Gold (or
Using the Auction House wisely, some whatever a good price is on your
players acquire thousands of Gold. Here's a server). Develop a list of equipment,
few strategies: quest items, and crafting materials
● Get yourself an Auction House mule. that cost a lot, but might end up in the
A Mule is an alt that always stays in AH at low prices. Buy low, resell high.
your capital city, with the purpose of Repeat.
getting the mail, putting things in the ● There's more traffic on an Auction
Auction House, and mailing back to House on weekends. Use this to your
Gold earned to your other characters. advantage. Say you have an Elemental
A Mule that has Enchanting can Earth you want to sell. On the
disenchant items that might sell better weekend, there may very wall be
as dusts or shards. Making the mule other Elemental Earths in the AH. But,
your battlegrounds twink gives it during the week, its possible there
double-duty. will be no Elemental Earths for sale.

- 57 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

That's when you sell yours, and if For Skinning, educate yourself on which
yours is the only one, or one of a very leathers are most in demand, and where to
few, you can really jack the price up. get them, and go grind on the beasties
Otherwise, a huge load of your more involved and make the leather.
pedestrian stuff for sell will move on One income strategy as you are leveling is
the weekend. It's all in the timing. to take two gathering professions. If you have
● Corner the market: pick an item and Skinning and Mining as you level, your
corner the market on it: buy it all out everyday questing will be much more
of the Auction House, and then sell it profitable. Many of the beasts you'll kill can
at your price for a healthy profit. be skinned, and mining nodes (and herbs to
Some Core Leather products that sell be harvested) are everywhere.
for a lot and are hard to produce are One you hit a high level (60 or 70) drop
clients for the Corner the Market one of the gathering professions and quickly
strategy. level a crafting profession.
● Auction House add-ons, such as Crafting professions can make Gold, but
Auctioneer, suggest pricing strategies they also require an investment of recipes
and keep track of pricing trends for and materials. Selling your crafted items can
you. be profitable. You need to calculate the cost
of your materials and recipes, and your time
in the price you charge. (Auction House
Professions competition may make this difficult. Always
check the competition when making up your
The professions you select should be your own pricing.)
most steady source of Gold. The gathering You can also advertise your crafting
professions (Mining, Skinning, Herbalism) services in the trade channels (/2 in a capital
will pay out a steady income, if you put some city). Crafter typically ask for materials and
regular time into them. tip in exchange for their services.
Run routes for Mining and Herbalism, and While it is easier to make Gold with some
put the proceeds in the Auction House. Route professions than others (for example,
running is best done in the early or off- Alchemy will make more Gold than
hours, to avoid competition from other Blacksmithing) any profession can be a
players. money-maker if you work at it.

- 58 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

Soloing Instances Daily Quests

Soloing Instances is a great way to make One way to quickly increase your Gold is
gold, and it's funner than most of the other to do the daily quests (and work your
ways. Depending on your class, your level, gathering professions while doing them).
your gear, and your skill, most instances can You can easily make 100-200 gold just
be soloed. doing the ten maximum daily quests, and
A well-geared Paladin can solo an instance gathering any herbs or ore you come across
(slowly) probably better than any other class. in the process.
Warlocks and Hunters also do well in soloing You may complete up to 10 daily quests
instances. per day per character. Check the status of
Be sure your inventory bags are as empty your quests by mousing over the daily quests
as you can make them before you head out to completed out of 10 in the upper-right
the instance. Once there, wipe out everything corner of your quest log. These are for level
in it, and loot it all. Low level instances 70 players only.
should net you (if you're lucky) a BOE twink The PVP daily quest not only awards gold,
item or two that will sell well in the Auction but a nice honor bonus as well. Anyone who
House. High level instances can net lots of reads this guide will want to jump on that.
sellable items and a pretty good gold count. The PVP daily quest is available to lower level
The higher the level for the instance, the players as well as 70s. Pick up this quest at
better the take. your battlegrounds hub.
Well-geared and skillful level 70s can take
a run at Scholomance and Stratholme. Using
the buff tips from the PVP section will assist
greatly in soloing high-level instances.

- 59 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

The Babysit

This is easiest method of earning your

gold. Basically, you have a friend or
guildmate run your low-level character
through an instance.
As an example, let's say you are leveling a
Rogue, and you're at about level 15. Get your
level 70 friend or guildmate to run you
through the Deadmines. Equip your
character with a complete set of empty
inventory bags.
Your friend kills everything, you run
behind him (not to close to draw agro, close
enough to yell for help when patrols catch
up to you) and you loot everything.
Run it two, three, four times in a row,
resetting the instance in between runs. You'll
leave with your bag bulging with greens,
with gear you'll equip, and with lots of stuff
to sell in the Auction House.
As you level, and as your friend is willing
to help, run other instances, looting
everything, selling it, and making lots of gold.
Repay your friend my running his low-
level alt through instances, and letting him
get all the loot.

- 60 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

PVP isn't for everyone. Raiding gear is
AMP PVP going to be different from PVP gear. And for
questing or leveling, you don't want to make

E veryone is aware of the tried and true

formula to compete in PVP:
the investment in enchants because you're
just going to change the gear once you get
better gear. Even enchants you'll put on your
damage gear + stamina gear + enchants + raiding gear will be different from PVP
lots of practice = victory. enchants.
Enchanting is a must for organized PVP,
That's a great formula, and it works well – outdoor PVP, or the Arena. But not just any
if you want to be mediocre. enchants will do. The more gold and strategy
If you want to excel more is needed. In you put into your enchants, the better you'll
addition to Enchanting, there are other do.
professions that can amp your PVP. The great thing about enchanting buffs to
Engineering gives you an edge in trinkets, your gear is that you don't have to have the
explosives, and a few gadgets. Alchemy gives Enchanting professions, you can just enlist a
you an edge in all sorts of potions to not only friendly enchanter (and pay a lot for the
quickly restore health and mana, but also in materials) to get these buffs.
increasing other attributes. Cooking gives You also need to carefully select your gear.
you buffs that will stack with your Alchemy For your class, and the focus or role your
buffs. character is going to play, careful time and
Whether you're doing the Battlegrounds or consideration is required.
are on an Arena team these hints on using Select enchants for your gear to
your professions to get an edge in PVP can compliment the following for your character:
put you over the top. Using all these tips ● Gear to be enchanted (a warrior or
together can put you on the top of the PVP feral druid would get plus strength
scoreboard. (Of course, you'll have to play gear, and then plus strength
well too!) enchants)

- 61 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

● Build (how you spent your talent These enchants, combined with the gear
points – if your build enhances your from Engineering and the bonuses from
chance to crit, get enchants that do Potions and Food, will make your character
the same) just about maxed out.
● Role (healer, melee damage, spell Non Enchanting Enchants: Head Gear and
damage, hybrid, crowd control – each Legs Buffs
role will need different enchants) You can also twink out your head gear and
your leg gear through enchants that are not
applied by an enchanter. Let's talk about the
head gear buff first.
For a melee role in PVP your most In this lower level you can also get:
important attributes are; Health Points; Armor kits from Leatherworking
Crit%; Hit%; Armor; and Resilience. These are Rugged Armor Kit +40 Armor
the attributes you will augment with Thick Armor Kit +32 Armor
enchants. Heavy Armor Kit +24 Armor
Medium Armor Kit +16 Armor
Up to Gear Level 35 Light Armor Kit +8 Armor
For melee characters wearing gear that's These armor kits can be bought in the
less than item level 35 (twinks in 19 and 29 Auction House and applied to your leather
brackets) here are some great enchants: gear by yourself. These are great stop gaps
● +3 agility to back until you get real enchants.
● +100 health to chest
● +9 stamina to bracers Level 60 applied gear buffs
● +15 agility to hands Runic Spellthread - +35 Spell damage,
● Boar Speed or minor speed increase to +20 Stamina
boots Golden Spellthread - +66 Healing,
● Crusader, Lifestealing, or Fiery on +20 Stamina
main hand weapon Mystic Spellthread - +25 Spell damage,
● +15 Agility (Rogue) or + 15 strength +15 Stamina
(Druid) on off hand Silver Spellthread - +46 Healing,
● +9 damage or + 25 agility to 2 hand +15 Stamina
weapon Nethercleft Leg Armor - +40 Stamina,

- 62 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

+12 Agility Head Gear Buff

Nethercobra Leg Armor - The following items involve buying a
+50 Attack power, +12 Critical strike Lesser Arcanum on the Auction House, then
rating questing for other items, (these other items
Clefthide Leg Armor - +30 Stamina, +10 are sometimes on the Auction House) then
Agility turning it all in for a buff that you can apply
Cobrahide Leg Armor - +40 Attack power, to head or legs. (Since we already applied a
+10 Critical strike rating legs buff, we'll put this one on the head gear.)
The above buffs must be applied to gear by Lesser Arcanum of Tenacity -
a level 60 character or higher. The cool +125 Armor
thing is: they can be applied to any level Lesser Arcanum of Resilience -
gear! Yep, these are a twink's dream. These +20 Fire Resistance
are applied to any legs. So here's how you Lesser Arcanum of Constitution -
work this: +100 Health
1. Buy the armor on the AH. (It's going Lesser Arcanum of Rumination -
to cost a lot. This is only for the +150 Mana
dedicated.) Lesser Arcanum of Voracity -
2. Get a piece of BOE gear to apply the +8 Agility, Intellect, Spirit, Stamina, or
armor to. DO NOT equip the BOE Strength
gear, or it'll become soulbound.
3. Give the armor and the BOE gear to a
friendly level 60 (or above) character.
(Or mail it to an alt that is 60 or
4. The high-level character applies the
armor to the BOE gear.
5. The high-level character gives or
sends the gear back to you.
6. You put on your new massively
powerful gear. Now go out and PWN!

- 63 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

Here's a walk through for the +100 health quest for Arathandris Silversky in
(Lesser Arcanum of Constitution), which is Felwood, who will give you a salve to
the most likely buff to be used for a melee remove the corruption from the the
character. plants).
● 30 gold
Lesser Arcanum of Constitution Walk 4. Take all of the above to the Burning
Through Steppes and speak to Mathredis
You will have to be over level 50 to Firestar (65,23). He will give you the
accomplish all this. However, you can apply crystal that you can apply to your
this buff to any BOE head gear, and send it to BOE head gear.
your lower level twink. (Or maybe you have 5. As with the legs enchant, a high level
a really good pal, over level 50, who'll do this character applies this to your head
for you.) piece, and sends it to you.
1. Buy the Lesser Arcanum of 6. If you're a level 19, this is best applied
Constitution on the Auction House. to the Engineering made Green Tinted
2. Buy a Black Diamond in the Auction goggles. Otherwise, apply it to the
House. best gear for your level.
3. Get the following:
● One Lung Juice cocktail (turn in three Gear Higher than Level 35
Blasted Boar Lungs, two Scorpok For the most part, gear level that is higher
Pincers, and one Basilisk Brain to than 35 can receive the top level (375)
Bloodmage Drazial in The Blasted enchants.
Lands and he'll give you the Lung (Note that the same head gear and leg gear
Juice Cocktail). enchants we used on the less than level 35
● Four Night Dragon's Breath (Night gear should also be applied to this higher-
Dragon's Breath are plants obtained level gear.)
from Felwood in locations 30.60, This means that for top-level arena or
40.78, 42.13, 35.60, and 50.30. If battlegrounds competition, you're going to
the plants are corrupted, you have to have to shell out serious Gold to just be
complete the Salve via Gathering competitive.
Let's take a look at the enchants for melee

- 64 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

Back Slot Exceptional Health is also good for all

● Enchant Cloak - Greater Agility (+12 classes, but if you're not going to be hit on as
Agility) requires Enchanting 310. much, (for example a healing Paladin) then
or one of the other Chest enchants will be of
● Enchant Cloak - Major Armor (+120 more benefit.
Armor) requires Enchanting 310.
Which of the above you select depends on Wrist Slot
your primary role. Rogues will benefit most ● Enchant Bracer - Fortitude (+12
from Greater Agility. Warriors will benefit Stamina) requires Enchanting 350.
from the Major Armor enchant. or
● Enchant Bracer - Major Defense (+12
Chest Slot Defense Rating) requires Enchanting
● Enchant Chest - Major Resilience 320.
(+15 Resilience) requires Enchanting For damage takers, Major Defense is the
345. better choice. Of course, more stamina (the
or Fortitude enchant) is always good for PVP.
● Enchant Chest - Exceptional Health
(+150 Health) requires Enchanting Hands Slot
315. ● Enchant Gloves - Major Strength
or (+15 Strength) requires Enchanting
● Enchant Chest - Exceptional Stats (+6 340.
All stats) required Enchanting 345. or
Which ever one of the above enchants you ● Enchant Gloves Superior Agility (+15
select will depend on your role in a PVP Agility) requires enchanting 300.
setting. Healers / buffers / debuffers The Major Strength enchant will be overall
(Paladins, Druids, Shaman) will want best for anyone who swings a sword, except
Exceptional Stats, since they will make use of for Rogues. Rogues will get more benefit
extra mana as well as strength. from the Superior Agility enchant (remember
The Major Resilience enchant is simply that from the gear level less than 35
good for all classes, since it dampens critical category?).
hits you may take.

- 65 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

Feet Slot Weapon Slot

● Enchant Boots - Cat's Swiftness (+6 There are a lot of great choices for
Agility +8% speed increase) requires enchanting your weapon. This choice is
Enchanting 360. going to depend on several things:
or ● Your class (for example, in a Druid's
● Enchant Boots - Boar's Speed (+9 Bear or Cat form, a procc'ing enchant
Stamina +8% speed increase) requires is useless, since you don't use the
Enchanting 360. weapon. Plus to stats enchants are
There are enchants that give more Agility better for Druids, but proccs may be
or Stamina to your foot gear. However, an better for warriors.)
important part of PVP is closing fast on your ● Your role
opponent, or running to get away from an ● One handed or two handed weapon
opponent. The +8% plus to running speed is ● Geared for higher damage or higher
simply a must have. You lose a significant crit chances
competitive advantage if you run slower than Let's look at some of the enchants that are
other players. available.
Pick whichever of the above is more
important to your class. One Handed Weapon Enchants
● Enchant Weapon - Major Striking (+7
Shield Damage) requires Enchanting 340.
● Enchant Shield - Shield Block (+15 or
Block Rating) requires enchanting ● Enchant Weapon - Mongoose (+120
340. Agility, +2% Haste for 15 seconds)
or requires Enchanting 375.
● Enchant Shield - Major Stamina (+18 or
Stamina) requires enchanting 325. ● Enchant Weapon - Major Healing
(+81 Healing) requires Enchanting
For PVP the Major Stamina enchant may 350.
do you more good. If, however, you sit there or
and go straight at it with other melee classes, ● Enchant Weapon - Potency (+20
the Shield Block enchant will be your best Strength) requires Enchanting 350.

- 66 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

Which enchant you select will depend on best gear for the situation (taking on pure
your role in the PVP group, what gear you casters requires different gear from dealing
are using the weapon with, and what with a Rogue, and that requires different
enchant you have on your off-hand weapon gear from taking on a Warrior.)
(or shield if you are using that instead). To be truly epic, you'll have two or three
Many players put a procc'ing enchant on sets of gear in your backpack, and you'll use
their main hand weapon, and a plus to stats a macro or an add-on to instantly switch
enchant on their off-hand. between them.

Two Handed Weapon Enchants

● Enchant 2H Weapon - Major Agility
(+35 Agility) requires Enchanting Casters play the game differently, and
360. need different enchants. For example,
or imagine a Mage with a plus strength
● Enchant 2H Weapon - Savagery (+70 enchant. Since a Mage rarely hits anyone
Attack Power) requires Enchanting with a weapon, a strength enchantment is a
350. waste of time and money.
As with the one-handed weapons, With the above in mind, a lot of what was
whichever enchant you select depends on a laid out in the melee and introduction
wide range of factors. (You can't go wrong sections remains true here.
with either!) First, let's repeat this; select enchants for
For players geared to crit often and your gear to compliment the following for
heavily, the Major Agility enchant is the way your character:
to go. For players geared to deal out massive ● Gear to be enchanted (A Warlock will
melee damage, Savagery is the best enchant have plus stamina gear, and plus
in the game. stamina enchants)
● Build (how you spent your talent
Final Word to Melee Players points – if your build enhances your
One thing all classes, but especially melee chance to crit, get enchants that do
classes benefit from is carrying extra sets of the same)
gear – gear with differing bonuses and
enchants. This allows you to switch to the

- 67 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

● Role (healer, melee damage, spell Neither of these enchants is spectacular for
damage, hybrid, crowd control – each a caster. The plus to defense won't help you
role will need different enchants) for very long if you let a melee character
whack on you. And the Greater Resistance
Also note that the non-enchant enchants enchant only offers any help if you have
we talked about earlier in the melee section talent points in absorbing or resisting magic
(plus stamina to head gear, bonuses to leg attacks.
gear) also work for the casting classes. So be Overall, however, you are better off with
sure to apply them as you build your caster them than without them.
As before with the melee classes, enchants Chest Slot
are basically divided into two levels: ● Enchant Chest - Major Health (+100
enchants on gear level 35 and up, and Health) requires Enchanting 275.
enchants on gear level 34 and down. or
● Enchant Chest - Major Mana (+100
Gear Lower than Level 35 Mana) requires Enchanting 290.
Most enchants of level 300 and below can or
be applied to any piece of gear. So let's look at ● Enchant Chest - Greater Stats (+4 All)
the enchants that will benefit low-level PVP Enchanting 300.
casters (i.e. twinks!). Your choice here depends a bit on class,
and also on build. Mages burn through mana
Back Slot in a hurry, and have to sit and drink to
● Enchant Cloak - Superior Defense restore it. So, the more mana a Mage can
(+70 Armor) requires Enchanting have, the better off she is.
285. A Warlock, on the other hand, can Lifetap
or to give himself instant mana, and so will
● Enchant Cloak - Greater Resistance benefit more from the Major Health
(+5 All) requires Enchanting 265. enchant.
And the plus 4 to all stats Great Stats
enchant is a good compromise between the
two. But, as mentioned before, what good is
strength or agility to a pure caster?

- 68 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

● Enchant Gloves - Shadow Power (+20

Wrist Slot Shadow spell damage) requires
● Enchant Bracer - Mana Regeneration Enchanting 300.
(+4 Mana / 5 sec) requires or
Enchanting 290. ● Enchant Gloves - Superior Agility
or (+15 Agility) requires Enchanting
● Enchant Bracer - Greater Intellect (+7 300.
Intellect) requires Enchanting 255. or
or ● Enchant Gloves - Greater Strength
● Enchant Bracer - Superior Stamina (+7 Strength) Enchanting 295.
(+9 Stamina) requires Enchanting The above is an awkward list, and at odds
300. with some of the advice already given. Look
Selection of the above will, as with at the plus spell damage enchants; all that is
everything else we've said today, depend. It'll represented is Frost, Fire, and Shadow.
depend on how you play, your class, and Mages and Warlocks are the main classes
your build and gear. The Mana Regeneration that specialize in this damage. The hybrid
enchant is best for Mages. The Superior classes will be gimped if they specialize in
Stamina enchant is best for Warlocks. Frost, Fire, or Shadow, while Warlocks and
Greater Intellect is best for some hybrids, Mages will just be more deadly.
such as Druids or Shaman, that are specced That's why Agility or the Strength enchants
to cast rather than melee. will benefit hybrid casters. It's all you got!

Hands Slot Feet Slot

● Enchant Gloves - Fire Power (+20 Fire ● Enchant Boots - Minor Speed (+8%
spell damage) requires Enchanting Run Speed) requires Enchanting 225.
300. or
or ● Enchant Boots - Greater Stamina (+7
● Enchant Gloves - Frost Power (+20 Stamina) requires Enchanting 260.
Frost spell damage) requires As mentioned in the melee section, the plus
Enchanting 300. to run speed is vital. Even for casters. As a
or second choice, more stamina is always good.

- 69 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

One-Handed Weapon Slot If you're thinking that the lower level

● Enchant Weapon - Spell Power (+30 enchants for casters weren't all that great, I'd
Spell Damage) requires Enchanting agree with you. There's not a lot of love from
300. Blizzard there.
or Casters are powerful enough that twinking
● Enchant Weapon - Mighty Intellect their spells at lower levels would make them
(+22 Intellect) requires Enchanting over powered. Of course, any caster who's
300. ever been one-shot in a level 19
If this section were about Raiding, the battleground by a twink Rogue with 1500
Mighty Intellect enchant would be health and glowing weapons would probably
recommended. Raiding casters need to disagree.
control their damage on bosses, and create What can you do? Hail the design wisdom
sustained lower level damage. You want to of Blizzard, and move on. So, let's move on.
stay low on the Bosses agro list. Let's discuss the top-level enchants that
Not so with PVPers. In PVP, you want a lot casters can use.
of damage and you want it now. So go with
the Spell Power enchant, unless your intellect Back Slot
is gimped and you need to pump it up. ● Enchant Cloak - Spell Penetration (20
Spell Penetration) requires
Two-Handed Weapon Slot Enchanting 325.
● Enchant 2H Weapon - Major Intellect or
(+9 Intellect) requires Enchanting ● Enchant Cloak - Major Resistance (+7
300. All) requires Enchanting 330.
or Since this is a PVP guide, both of these are
● Enchant 2H Weapon - Major Intellect great – but Spell Penetration is better. There's
(+3 Intellect) requires Enchanting no use being a caster if the Warrior you're
300. trying to take down resists everything you
Not much to choose from here. Use the +3 cast. You're going to be in big trouble. So the
to Intellect enchant only if you can't afford Spell Penetration enchant is like caster's
the (very) more expensive +9 enchant. insurance – it makes sure your spell hits
Gear Level 35 and Up

- 70 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

Chest Slot or
● Enchant Chest - Major Resilience ● Enchant Gloves - Spell Strike (+15
(+15 Resilience) Enchanting 345. Spell hit rating) requires Enchanting
or 360.
● Enchant Chest - Restore Mana Prime This choice just depends on your gear and
(+6 m/5s) Enchanting 335. build. You only need so much spell hit. You
or always need more spell damage.
● Enchant Chest - Exceptional Health
(+150 Health) requires Enchanting Feet Slot
315. ● Enchant Boots - Boar's Speed (+9
Which of the above you choose will Stamina +8% speed increase) requires
depend on your play style, build, and gear. Enchanting 360.
Major Resilience is great to keep critical hit or
damage down. Restore Mana Prime is great ● Enchant Boots - Vitality (+4 health/5s,
to keep you pumping out the damage. +4 mana/5s) requires Enchanting
Exceptional Health is great if you rely on a 305.
lot of stamina. or
● Enchant Boots - Fortitude (+12
Wrist Slot Stamina) requires Enchanting 320.
● Enchant Bracer - Spellpower (+15 These choices are all good, although for
Spell damage and healing) requires PVP the Boar's Speed is the best boot
Enchanting 360. enchantment. Still, depending on your style,
If you're a pure caster, imagine stacking you may want Vitality for the constant health
this onto your already damage-laden gear. and mana it provides, enabling you to be the
You'll be a legend of PVP! Energizer Bunny: you'll keep going and
There are also enchants for Intellect, going. Warlocks may prefer the +12 to
Stamina, and Strength for hybrid casters. stamina enchant. Demonolgy Warlocks are
hard enough to kill, and loaded with stamina
Hands Slot you'll swear they're immortal.
● Enchant Gloves - Major Spellpower
(+20 Spell damage) requires One-Handed Weapon Slot
Enchanting 360.

- 71 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

● Enchant Weapon - Major Spellpower World of Warcraft armory and websites such
(+40 Spell Damage) requires as Thottbot to identify which weapon will
Enchanting 350. work best for you. Then go out and get that
or weapon!
● Enchant Weapon - Major Intellect
(+30 Intellect) requires Enchanting
Oh, come on, admit it: you want the Major At last, we get to pimping up Healers for
Spellpower enchant. By the time you've PVP with enchants. Healers really are the
stacked all these damage enchants onto your unsung heroes of PVP, a healer keeping a
+damage equipment, you're going to be able melee striker or a flag runner alive usually =
to glare at people and kill them. victory. Healers also make great flag runners,
If you're mana gimped, +30 Intellect will since they can heal themselves on the run.
be an awesome increase. But go for the Healers include the pure healer, the Priest,
Spellpower. and several hybrid healing classes, such as
Druids, Shaman, and Paladins. If you've
Two-Handed Weapon Slot decided to spec your character to heal
● Enchant 2H Weapon - Major Intellect (through gear, build, and enchants) then this
(+9 Intellect) requires Enchanting is the section for you.
300. Hopefully you're read the other PVP
Here's cold, sad fact; there are no killer sections are your way to this one. If not, go
enchants for two-handed caster's weapons. back and read them now. Info on making
Two-Handed caster weapons are already enchants decisions and getting non-
very powerful (the top-level ones). enchanting enchants in those sections are
Apparently Blizzard, in all their design vital to the effort.
wisdom, decided to prevent casters from That said, let's get on with it!
buffing their two-handers up too much.
So here's what you do: find your best one- Gear Level 34 and Lower
handed weapon with enchant and off-hand,
and compare it to your best two-handed
weapon. Go with whichever combo gives you
more spell damage and stamina. Also, use the

- 72 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

As we've said a couple of times, applying ● Enchant Chest - Major Mana (+100
enchants is broken down into two brackets: Mana) requires Enchanting 290.
gear level 34 and below, and gear level 35 or
and above. Enchants level 300 and lower can ● Enchant Chest - Greater Stats (+4 All)
be applied to the below level 35 gear. Enchanting 300.
A lot of this section is a repeat of the caster Your choice here depends a bit on class,
section. For the below level 35 gear, there's and also on build. As a healer, you'll likely
only so much you can do. burn through your mana in a hurry. So the
Major Mana enchant is the way to go.
Back Slot But, since most healers are hybrids, the
● Enchant Cloak - Superior Defense plus 4 to all stats Great Stats enchant is also
(+70 Armor) requires Enchanting good.
● Enchant Cloak - Greater Resistance
(+5 All) requires Enchanting 265.

Neither of these enchants is spectacular for

a healer. The plus to defense won't help you
for very long is you let a melee character
whack on you. And the Greater Resistance
enchant only offers any help if you have
talent points in absorbing or resisting magic
Overall, however, you are better off with
them than without them.

Chest Slot
● Enchant Chest - Major Health (+100
Health) requires Enchanting 275.

- 73 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

Wrist Slot One-Handed Weapon Slot

● Enchant Bracer - Mana Regeneration ● Enchant Weapon - Healing Power
(+4 Mana / 5 sec) requires (+55 Healing) requires Enchanting
Enchanting 290. 300.
or With the Healing Power enchant on gloves
● Enchant Bracer - Greater Intellect (+7 and weapon, you'll easily keep up anyone
Intellect) requires Enchanting 255. you're healing.
The Mana Regeneration enchant is
probably your best bet. You get overall more Two-Handed Weapon Slot
mana, and quicker regen means you'll be ● Enchant 2H Weapon - Major Intellect
casting more often than with the larger (+9 Intellect) requires Enchanting
Greater Intellect mana pool. 300.
Hands Slot ● Enchant 2H Weapon - Major Intellect
● Enchant Gloves - Healing Power (+30 (+3 Intellect) requires Enchanting
Healing) requires Enchanting 300. 300.
This is a great enchant for lower-level PVP. We've talked about the lack of love for 2-
The big plus to healing means you'll use less handed caster's weapons. That's more of the
mana, since you'll be casting cheaper mana- same for healing.
cost spells that are hitting for bigger

Feet Slot
● Enchant Boots - Minor Speed (+8%
Run Speed) requires Enchanting 225.
● Enchant Boots - Greater Stamina (+7
Stamina) requires Enchanting 260.
As mentioned in the melee section, the plus
to run speed is vital. Even for healers. As a
second choice, more stamina is always good.

- 74 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

Gear Level 35 and Above ● Enchant Bracer - Superior Healing

With gear that is level 35 and above, you (+30 Healing) requires Enchanting
can get the truly rocking enchants. 325.
Back Slot ● Enchant Bracer - Restore Mana Prime
● Enchant Cloak - Major Resistance (+7 (+6 m/5s) requires Enchanting 335.
All) requires Enchanting 330. or
Major Resistance is about the best enchant ● Enchant Bracer - Stats (+4 to All Stats)
you can get for a cloak for a pure healer. You requires Enchanting 315.
never know when this enchant will help you Hybrid healers will benefit from the + 4 to
resist a silence. Hybrid healers will benefit all Stats enchant. Otherwise, go with
from the agilities buffs available. Superior Healing or Restore Mana Prime. If
you occasionally are going to throw out an
Chest Slot offensive spell (and in PVP you will) then you
● Enchant Chest - Major Resilience should balance your healing enchants with
(+15 Resilience) Enchanting 345. either mana regeneration or plus damage
or and healing enchants.
● Enchant Chest - Restore Mana Prime
(+6 m/5s) Enchanting 335. Hand Slot
or ● Enchant Gloves - Major Spellpower
● Enchant Chest - Exceptional Health (+20 Spell damage and healing)
(+150 Health) requires Enchanting requires Enchanting 360.
315. or
All of the above will work for healers. ● Enchant Gloves - Major Healing (+35
Major Resilience is great to keep critical hit Healing spells) requires Enchanting
damage down. Restore Mana Prime is great 350.
to keep you pumping out the heals. or
Exceptional Health is great if you want to be ● Enchant Gloves - Blasting (+10 Spell
able to take one extra hit or so. critical rating) requires Enchanting
Wrist Slot

- 75 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

The decision on a hand enchant is going to

depend on your gear, build, and playing
Major Spellpower will benefit both healing
and offensive spells. Major Healing will
allow you to use cheaper mana-cost healing
spells. And Blasting will give you a chance to
land crits with healing and offensive spells.

Feet Slot
● Enchant Boots - Boar's Speed (+9
Stamina +8% speed increase) requires
Enchanting 360.
● Enchant Boots - Vitality (+4 health/5s,
+4 mana/5s) requires Enchanting
These choices are all good, although for
PVP the Boar's Speed is the best boot
enchantment. Still, depending on your style,
you may want Vitality for the constant health
and mana it provides.

One-Handed Weapon
● Enchant Weapon - Major Healing
(+81 Healing) requires Enchanting
With this enchant on your weapon, you'll
have the flexibility to use Stamina or plus
damage enchants on your other gear, making
you more versatile.

- 76 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

Two-Handed Weapon Slot

● Enchant 2H Weapon - Major Intellect Engineering
(+9 Intellect) requires Enchanting
300. While Enchanting buffs can be purchased,
As we discussed for the caster's two- most of the Engineering gizmos will require
handed weapon enchants section, there's no you have have the appropriate level of
great enchants for a casting two-handed Engineering to use. So for the dedicated
weapon. So here's what you do: find your PVPer, Engineering is just about required for
best one-handed weapon with enchant and one of your two primary professions.
off-hand, and compare it to your best two- Let's take a look at some of the Engineering
handed weapon. Go with whichever combo gadgets you can use in PVP, and some
gives you more spell healing and damage. strategies to help you excel with the help of
Also, use the World of Warcraft armory and Engineering.
websites such as Thottbot to identify which
weapon will work best for you. Then go out
Large Copper Bomb
and get that weapon!
Requires Engineering (105)
Use: Inflicts 43 to 57 Fire damage and
stuns targets in a 5 yard radius for 1 sec. Any
damage will break the effect. Unreliable
against targets higher than level 36.
Cooldown: 1 min
1 sec cast
This is the first (or lowest level) bomb
that's worth using in PVP. Usually you'll level
Engineering past this. But imagine using this
to stop a flag runner or stun attackers on you
and allow you to get away.

- 77 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

Use: Inflicts 85 to 115 Fire damage and

Small Bronze Bomb
stuns targets in a 5 yard radius for 2 sec. Any
Requires Engineering (120) damage will break the effect. Unreliable
Use: Inflicts 73 to 97 Fire damage and against targets higher than level 44.
stuns targets in a 3 yard radius for 2 sec. Any Cooldown: 1 min
damage will break the effect. Unreliable 1 sec cast
against targets higher than level 39. Use this the same way you'll use all the
Cooldown: 1 min bombs Engineering can make. Note that the
1 sec cast stun effect is of more value than the damage.
Use this the same way as you'll use all Unless you managed to get it off against a
bombs; to stop someone you want to catch, or group of non-twinks. If you could use this
to freeze a chaser to let you get away. drop a group of low health level 12s in WSG,
you would have seen Heaven.

Flying Tiger Goggles

Minor Recombobulator
Binds when equipped
Head Cloth Trinket
27 Armor Requires Engineering (140)
+4 Stamina Use: Dispels Polymorph effects on a
+4 Spirit friendly target. Also restores 150 to 250
Durability 35 / 35 health and mana.
Requires Engineering (100) Cooldown: 5 min
These are not the best twink goggles, but Charges: 10 (Expendable)
these are a step in that direction. Until you This is the first and only trinket (until you
get to the Green Tinted Goggles, these are the grind up to the Alliance or Horde trinket,
best head gear for level 19 twinks. which will take hundreds of WSG runs) a
level 19 can use. Combine this with a health
potion (which is on a different timer) and
Big Bronze Bomb
you can shrug off lots of damage.
Requires Engineering (140)

- 78 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

Explosive Sheep Cooldown: 1 min

1 sec cast
Requires Engineering (150) The main difference between grenades and
Use: Summons an Explosive Sheep which bombs: you can use grenades while running!
will charge at a nearby enemy and explode Throw one of these at someone chasing you
for 135 to 165 damage. Lasts for 3 min or without having to stop running. (You will
until it explodes. have to learn the trick of aiming them with a
Cooldown: 1 min one-second lag to detonation.) Now you're
This may not have the best PVP value ever, getting into “must-have” territory for the true
but it is lots of fun to see a sheep charging at PVPer.
your enemies. It equals a whole other attack,
and some users claim that it attacks stealthed
Discombobulator Ray
enemies, and does area damage.
Use: Transforms the target into a Leper
Green Tinted Goggles Gnome, reducing its melee and spell damage
Binds when equipped by 40 and its movement rate by 20% for 12
Head Cloth sec.
35 Armor Cooldown: 1 min
+8 Stamina Charges: 5 (Expendable)
+7 Spirit This ray is pure PVP goodness. Look at all
Requires Engineering (150) the wonderful things it does; slows the target,
This is the best head gear for the 10-19 humiliates him or her by turning them into a
PVP bracket. You can put a +100 health gnome leper, and reduces both their spell
Lesser Arcanum of Constitution on it to make and their melee damage.
it a truly twinked out piece of gear. This is instant cast, you don't have to equip
it, and the cool down is only one minute. For
Iron Grenade fun and effective PVP, you can't ask for more!
Requires Engineering (175)
Use: Inflicts 132 to 218 Fire damage and
Gnomish Shrink Ray
stuns targets for 3 sec in a 3 yard radius. Any
damage will break the effect. Unreliable Binds when equipped
against targets higher than level 50. Trinket

- 79 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

Requires Engineering (205) +9 Agility

Use: Shrinks the target reducing their +9 Stamina
attack power by 250. That's what it usually +9 Spirit
does anyway. Requires Engineering (210)
Cooldown: 5 min Gnomish Engineers can make this
You have to be an Gnomish Engineer to headgear, which, depending on your level,
make this. It's a gamble to use it, it has can be better than quest or dropped gear.
unpredictable effects. However, for having
lots of fun, and with the possibility to pwn
Gnomish Net-o-Matic Projector
someone in a humiliating manner, you can't
beat this gadget. Binds when equipped
Requires Engineering (210)
Goblin Bomb Dispenser
Use: Captures the target in a net for 10 sec.
Binds when picked up The net has a lot of hooks however and
Trinket sometimes gets caught in the user's clothing
Requires Engineering (230) when fired.
Use: Creates a mobile bomb that charges Cooldown: 10 min
the nearest enemy and explodes for 315 to This gadget is a great way to stop a flag
385 fire damage. runner, or capture someone that's trying to
Cooldown: 30 min get away. It can backfire and net you. It's an
This bomb does area effect damage and instant cast trinket, and can be a lot of fun.
chases down enemies in agro range. Great
for casting when your enemies are clumped
The Big One
up, and you don't want to get too close. As
the name says, its for Goblin Engineers. Requires Engineering (225)
Use: Inflicts 340 to 460 Fire damage and
stuns targets for 5 sec in a 10 yard radius.
Gnomish Goggles
Any damage will break the effect. Unreliable
Binds when picked up against targets higher than level 60.
Head Cloth Cooldown: 1 min
45 Armor 3 sec cast

- 80 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

This great bomb has a huge radius for area Cooldown: 5 min
of effect. That's balanced by the three second Charge it up and let it rip. Amazing
casting time. amounts of one-shot damage result. Suppose
a frost Mage has frozen you, or a Hunter has
you in a wing clip. Pull up and blast with this
Gnomish Mind Control Cap
weapon. You'll kill them, or do serious
Binds when equipped damage.
Head Cloth
50 Armor
Green Lens
+14 Spirit
Durability 45 / 45 Binds when equipped
Requires Engineering (215) Head Cloth
Use: Engage in mental combat with a 57 Armor
humanoid target to try and control their +10 Stamina
mind. If all works well, you will control the <Random enchantment>
mind of the target for 20 sec. Increased Durability 50 / 50
chance of failure when used against targets Requires Engineering (245)
over level 60. There's no telling what the <Random
Cooldown: 30 min Enchantment> will be when you make one
This can freak people out. If if works, they of these. You could get lucky and make
become your pet, and you can sick them on something that matches you're needs exactly
members of their own faction. (for example, Green Lens of Fiery Wrath: 10
stamina and 34 fire damage.)
Or, it could be something you don't need at
Gnomish Death Ray
Binds when picked up
Thorium Grenade
Use: The device charges over time using
your life force and then directs a burst of Requires Engineering (260)
energy at your opponent.
"Death or Serious Injury may result from
use of this device."

- 81 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

Use: Inflicts 300 to 500 Fire damage and Arcane Bomb

stuns targets for 3 sec in a 3 yard radius. Any
damage will break the effect. Unreliable Requires Engineering (300)
against targets higher than level 67. Use: Drains 675 to 1125 mana from those
Cooldown: 1 min in the blast radius and does 50% of the mana
1 sec cast drained in damage to the target. Also Silences
A higher level grenade with more damage targets in the blast for 5 sec.
and a three second stun. Cooldown: 1 min
Charges: 1 (Expendable)
1.5 sec cast
Major Recombobulator
This is terribly expensive. Oh, but the
Trinket sheer joy of silencing, damaging casters, and
Requires Engineering (275) draining their mana all at the same time.
Use: Dispels Polymorph effects on a Used wisely, this bomb can turn the tide of a
friendly target. Also restores 375 to 625 big battle. Note that this also affects any
health and mana. casters on your side in the blast radius. So, as
Cooldown: 5 min stated; use it wisely!
This trinket is a great way to stack healing Imagine horde (or alliance) coming across
on yourself with potions. the Alterac Valley bridge in a huge clump.
Drop one of these and the casters are
Spellpower Goggles Xtreme Plus

Binds when equipped

Adamantite Grenade
Head Cloth
57 Armor Requires Engineering (325)
Durability 45 / 45 Use: Inflicts 450 to 750 Fire damage and
Requires Engineering (270) stuns targets for 3 sec in a 3 yard radius. Any
Equip: Increases damage and healing done damage will break the effect. Unreliable
by magical spells and effects by up to 27. against targets higher than level 80.
Depending on your level, these goggles Cooldown: 1 min
can be the best head gear you can find. 1 sec cast
Another grenade upgrade.

- 82 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

+39 Strength
Cogspinner Goggles of the Hierophant
Frost Grenade
+46 Stamina
Requires Engineering (325) +31 Spirit
Use: Blasts enemies for 75 to 125 Frost +68 Healing
damage and freezes them in place for up to 5
sec. Damage caused may interrupt the effect.
Power Amplification Goggles
Cooldown: 1 min
1 sec cast Binds when equipped
This has a five second freeze. That five Head Cloth
seconds allows you to do all kinds of things: 100 Armor
drink a potion, get behind them to attack +46 Stamina
their back, run away, freeze a flag runner, Durability 50 / 50
and so on. Requires Engineering (340)
Equip: Improves spell critical strike rating
by 31 (1.4%).
Cogspinner Goggles
Equip: Increases damage and healing done
Binds when equipped by magical spells and effects by up to 36.
Head Leather Great goggles for casters.
<Random Enchant>
220 Armor
Goblin Rocket Launcher
Durability 60 / 60
Requires Engineering (340) Binds when equipped
You might hit a home run when you make Trinket
these and get a really great enchant. Or, you +45 Stamina
might not get lucky and end up with Requires Engineering (350)
something you can't use. Requires Goblin Engineer
Some enchants that have procced: Use: Fire a powerful rocket at the enemy
Cogspinner Goggles of Nature Wrath that does 960 to 1440 damage and stuns
+84 Nature Damage them for 3 sec. This thing has quite a kick
Cogspinner Goggles of the Bear though...
+59 Stamina Cooldown: 2 min

- 83 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

3.5 sec cast Use: Protects you with a shield of force that
This baby has incredible range, and there's stops 4000 damage for 8 sec.
no mana, energy, or rage cost. You can hit "Protection not always valid. In RARE cases
someone who doesn't even know you're wearer may take additional damage."
there. Blast flag carriers, healers, and/or Cooldown: 5 min
ambush someone guarding the flag. Absorbing 4000 damage in PVP can be a
life saver. Using this gizmo is like having a
Paladin bubble. (For Paladins, it's a second
Gnomish Poultryizer
Binds when equipped Like all of the quirky Engineering gadgets,
Trinket strategic use of this can change the course of
+45 Stamina a battle.
Requires Engineering (340)
Requires Gnomish Engineer
Rocket Boots Xtreme
Use: Turns the target into a chicken for 15
sec. Well, that is assuming the Binds when equipped
transmogrification polarity has not been Feet Leather
reversed. 196 Armor
Cooldown: 5 min +36 Stamina
Not only can you turn your opponent into Durability 50 / 50
a chicken with this trinket, but it gives you Requires Engineering (330)
an incredible 45 stamina. The Poultryizer Equip: Increases attack power by 50.
works on both players and mobs. Use: Engage the rocket boots to greatly
increase your speed. You probably won't be
Nigh Invulnerability Belt
still standing when you get there though.
Binds when equipped Cooldown: 5 min
Waist Cloth What the tooltip doesn't say is that these
223 Armor boots rocket you along at 300% movement
+21 Stamina speed for five seconds. That makes you the
Durability 30 / 30 fastest thing in the game. You can cross from
Requires Engineering (350) flagroom to flagroom of WSG and all anyone
will see is a blur.

- 84 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

+13 Intellect
Meta Socket
Furious Gizmatic Goggles
Blue Socket
You can make eleven truly epic goggles. Socket Bonus: +4 Spell Critical Strike
These headpieces are the equivalent of Tier 5 Rating
gear. Equip: Improves spell critical strike rating
Binds when picked up by 39 (1.8%).
Head Plate Equip: Increases healing done by spells
1296 Armor and effects by up to 101.
+48 Strength Equip: Allows the detection of objects that
+28 Stamina are slightly out of phase, such as the arcane
Meta Socket vortexes of Netherstorm.
Blue Socket Equip: Slightly increases your stealth
Socket Bonus: +4 Critical Strike Rating detection.
Durability 100 / 100 Use: Allows you to look far into the
Requires Engineering (350) distance.
Equip: Improves hit rating by 13 (0.8%).
Equip: Improves critical strike rating by 38
Tankatronic Goggles
Equip: Allows the detection of objects that Binds when picked up
are slightly out of phase, such as the arcane Head Plate
vortexes of Netherstorm. 1296 Armor
Equip: Slightly increases your stealth +67 Stamina
detection. Meta Socket
Use: Allows you to look far into the Yellow Socket
distance. Socket Bonus: +6 Stamina
Let's look at some of the other epic goggles. Equip: Increases defense rating by +38
Justicebringer 2000 Specs
Equip: Increases your dodge rating by 22
Head Plate (1.2%).
1296 Armor Equip: Improves hit rating by 13 (0.8%).
+29 Stamina

- 85 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

Equip: Allows the detection of objects that

are slightly out of phase, such as the arcane
vortexes of Netherstorm.
Equip: Slightly increases your stealth
Use: Allows you to look far into the

Destruction Holo-gogs

Binds when picked up

Head Cloth
174 Armor
+22 Stamina
+24 Intellect
Meta Socket
Blue Socket
Socket Bonus: +5 Spell Damage
Equip: Improves spell critical strike rating
by 29 (1.3%).
Equip: Increases damage and healing done
by magical spells and effects by up to 64.
Equip: Allows the detection of objects that
are slightly out of phase, such as the arcane
vortexes of Netherstorm.
Equip: Slightly increases your stealth
Use: Allows you to look far into the
Look up a source such as Thottbot or
Wowhead for more info on these epic

- 86 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

● Elixir of Major Strength. Requires

Alchemy Level 50. Use: Increases Strength by
35 for 1 hour. Battle Elixir.
Alchemy buffs are like enchants in a bottle. ● Insane Strength Potion. Requires Level
Alchemy is more than just quaffing a health 50. Use: Increases your Strength by
or mana potion. There are many wonderful 120 and decreases your defense
buffs available, as well as instant abilities. rating by 75 for 15 sec. (Notice that
Not to mention that Alchemy buffs stack with this one is NOT an elixir. You can pop
Cooking buffs. it any time you need it.)
First we need to define a couple of terms. A ● Fel Strength Elixir. Requires Level 60.
Battle Elixir grants a buff that typically buffs Use: Increases attack power by 90
an offensive ability. A Guardian Elixir grants and decreases stamina by 10 for 1
a buff that typically buffs a passive ability. hour. Battle Elixir.
You can use a Battle and a Guardian Elixir at As you can see by looking over the above,
the same time. Elixirs wear off when you die, these Battle Elixirs can significantly buff your
or when their time limit is reached. A Flask is attack.
a top-level potion that grants an amazing
buff, and persists through death. Flasks take
Defense Potions
the place of both Battle and Guardian Elixirs.
Let's take a look at some of the potions that These are Guardian Elixirs, which means
will give you PVP superiority. you can use them with the Strength Elixirs.
● Elixir of Minor Defense. Use:
Increases armor by 50 for 1 hour.
Strength Potions
Guardian Elixir.
Strength potions are great for melee ● Elixir of Defense. Requires Level 16.
characters. Use: Increases armor by 150 for 1
● Elixir of Lion's Strength. Use: hour. Guardian Elixir.
Increases Strength by 4 for 1 hour. ● Elixir of Greater Defense. Requires
Battle Elixir. Level 29. Use: Increases armor by 250
● Elixir of Ogre's Strength. Requires for 1 hour. Guardian Elixir.
Level 20. Use: Increases Strength by 8
for 1 hour. Battle Elixir.

- 87 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

● Elixir of Superior Defense. Requires Mana Potions

Level 43. Use: Increases armor by 450
for 1 hour. Guardian Elixir. These potions are great for PVP. These are
● Elixir of Major Defense. Requires not elixirs, they don't stack with anything, so
Level 55. Use: Increases armor by 550 you quaff then when needed, and then have
for 1 hour. Guardian Elixir. a five minute cool down.
● Minor Mana Potion. Requires Level 5.
Use: Restores 140 to 180 mana.
Troll's Blood Potions
● Lesser Mana Potion. Requires Level
These potions may not be the best 14. Use: Restores 280 to 360 mana.
Guardian Elixirs for PVP. With three other ● Mana Potion. Requires Level 22. Use:
players whacking on your, you're likely to go Restores 455 to 585 mana.
down. But they do help when you're running ● Greater Mana Potion. Requires Level
a flag or are fighting one on one. 31. Use: Restores 700 to 900 mana.
● Weak Troll's Blood Potion. Use: ● Superior Mana Potion. Requires Level
Regenerate 2 health every 5 sec for 1 41. Use: Restores 900 to 1500 mana.
hour. Guardian Elixir. ● Major Mana Potion. Requires Level
● Strong Troll's Blood Potion. Requires 49. Use: Restores 1350 to 2250 mana.
Level 15. Use: Regenerate 6 health ● Unstable Mana Potion. Requires Level
every 5 sec for 1 hour. Guardian 55. Use: Restores 1350 to 2250 mana.
Elixir. ● Super Mana Potion. Requires Level
● Mighty Troll's Blood Potion. Requires 55. Use: Restores 1800 to 3000 mana.
Level 26. Use: Regenerate 12 health ● Fel Mana Potion. Requires Level 60.
every 5 sec for 1 hour. Guardian Use: Restores 3200 mana over 24 sec,
Elixir. but at a cost. Also reduces spell
● Major Troll's Blood Potion. Requires damage by 25 and healing done by
Level 53. Use: Regenerate 20 health 50 for 15 min.
every 5 sec for 1 hour. Guardian

- 88 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

Rejuvenation Potions ● Elixir of Major Fortitude. Requires

Level 50. Use: Increases maximum
These potions are great for casters of all health by 250 and restores 10 health
stripes. Quaffing one of these can keep you every 5 seconds for 1 hour. Guardian
up when you're about to die, or are out of Elixir.
mana and can't do anything.
Minor Rejuvenation Potion. Requires
Agility Potions

Level 5. Use: Restores 90 to 150 mana

and 90 to 150 health. For Agility dependent classes (Rogues
● Major Rejuvenation Potion. Requires especially) these potions are a significant
Level 50. Use: Restores 1440 to 1760 advantage in PVP.
mana and health. ● Elixir of Minor Agility. Requires Level
● Super Rejuvenation Potion. Requires 2. Use: Increases Agility by 4 for 1
Level 65. Use: Restores 1650 to 2750 hour. Battle Elixir.
mana and health. ● Elixir of Lesser Agility. Requires Level
18. Use: Increases Agility by 8 for 1
hour. Battle Elixir.
Fortitude Potions
● Elixir of Agility. Requires Level 27.
27 or 120 extra health from these Use: Increases Agility by 15 for 1
Guardian Elixirs may not seem to be all that hour. Battle Elixir.
great. But remember we're going to stack this ● Elixir of Greater Agility. Requires
with Enchants and Cooking buffs. Once Level 38. Use: Increases Agility by 25
everything is said and done, you will have for 1 hour. Battle Elixir.
significantly more health that other players. ● Elixir of Major Agility. Requires Level
● Elixir of Minor Fortitude. Requires 55. Use: Increases your Agility by 35
Level 2. Use: Increases the player's and your critical strike rating by 20
maximum health by 27 for 1 hour. (0.9%) for 1 hour. Battle Elixir.
Guardian Elixir.
Elixir of Fortitude. Requires Level 25.
Healing Potions

Use: Increases the player's maximum

health by 120 for 1 hour. Guardian These are vital for PVP. You can drink one
Elixir. on the run for instant health.

- 89 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

Minor Healing Potion. Use: Restores

Rage Potions

70 to 90 health.
● Lesser Healing Potion. Requires Level This potion is for Warriors only.
3. Use: Restores 140 to 180 health. Sometimes Rage is needed in a hurry,
● Healing Potion. Requires Level 12. popping one of these makes some abilities
Use: Restores 280 to 360 health. available to the Warrior.
● Greater Healing Potion. Requires ● Rage Potion. Classes: Warrior.
Level 21. Use: Restores 455 to 585 Requires Level 4. Use: Increases Rage
health. by 20 to 40.
● Superior Healing Potion. Requires ● Great Rage Potion. Classes: Warrior.
Level 35. Use: Restores 700 to 900 Requires Level 25. Use: Increases Rage
health. by 30 to 60.
● Major Healing Potion. Requires Level ● Mighty Rage Potion. Classes: Warrior.
45. Use: Restores 1050 to 1750 Requires Level 46. Use: Increases Rage
health. by 45 to 75 and increases Strength by
● Super Healing Potion. Requires Level 60 for 20 sec.
55. Use: Restores 1500 to 2500
Wisdom Potions

These are great for casters.

Swiftness Potion
● Elixir of Wisdom. Requires Level 10.
This gives every class the sprint of a Rogue. Use: Increases Intellect by 6 for 1
Great for carrying the flag, chasing a flag hour. Guardian Elixir.
carrier, getting away from someone, catching ● Flask of Distilled Wisdom. Requires
someone to kill them, and so on. Level 50. Use: Increases the player's
● Requires Level 5. Use: Increases run Intellect by 65 for 2 hrs. Counts as
speed by 50% for 15 sec. both a Battle and Guardian elixir.
This effect persists through death.
● Elixir of Draenic Wisdom. Requires
Level 50. Use: Increases Intellect and
Spirit by 30 for 1 hour. Guardian

- 90 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

Free Action Potion ● Lesser Invisibility Potion. Requires

Level 23. Use: Gives the imbiber lesser
This potion, used right, makes you rule in invisibility for 15 sec.
PVP. Half of PVP play is crowd control, ● Invisibility Potion. Requires Level 37.
slowing down or incapacitating enemy Use: Gives the imbiber invisibility for
players. This potion, timed right, reduces 18 sec.
much of what the enemy can do to you.
For example, pop this, grab the flag, and
Shadow Oil
run. Mages, Hunters, Warlocks, and Rogues
will try in vain to stop you. (To further This is free extra damage for melee
humiliate them, create a taunt macro that fighters (not for Feral Druids, a weapon has
does a to be used.)
/bye It'll probably go off every 7-9 hits. For a
or dagger Rogue, that's a ton of extra damage.
/mock ● Requires Level 24. Use: When applied
to your target, and then spam it as you run to a melee weapon it gives a 15%
away. chance of casting Shadowbolt III at
● Free Action Potion. Requires Level 20. the opponent when it hits. Lasts 30
Use: Makes you immune to Stun and minutes.
Movement Impairing effects for the
next 30 sec. Does not remove effects
Frost Oil
already on the imbiber.
● Requires Level 30. Use: When applied
to a melee weapon it gives a 10%
Invisibility Potions
chance of casting Frostbolt at the
Being invisible in PVP can have all sorts of opponent when it hits. Lasts 30
advantages. You cannot use this when in minutes.
combat, and any hostile action will break it. This one does damage, like the Shadow Oil
Unlike stealth, no one can see you, and you potion. Frostbolt has the added benefit of
move at normal speed. slowing your victim's movement speed,
which is death in PVP.

- 91 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

Oil of Immolation Elixir of Giants

● Requires Level 31. Use: Does 50 fire ● Requires Level 38. Use: Increases your
damage to any enemies within a 5 Strength by 25 for 1 hour. Battle
yard radius around the caster every 3 Elixir.
seconds for 15 sec. Many melee and hybrid classes will get
This is fire AOE damage in a bottle. This extra attack power from this potion.
can be handy to damage stealthed enemies,
making them reveal themselves.
Limited Invulnerability Potion

Requires Level 45. Use: Reduces

Magic Resistance Potion

physical damage taken by 120 for 8

● Requires Level 32. Use: Increases your sec.
resistance to all schools of magic by This is a “I Win” potion when one-on-one
50 for 3 min. with another melee player. As they wait to
Depending on on what magic resistance rezz, they'll wonder why they didn't even
you already have, this potion can make you hurt you.
untouchable (for a very short time) by your
caster enemies.
Elixir of the Sages

Requires Level 44. Use: Increases

Arcane Elixir

Intellect and Spirit by 18 for 1 hour.

● Requires Level 37. Use: Increases spell Guardian Elixir.
damage by up to 20 for 30 min. Battle This elixir increases all the important
Elixir. caster attributes.
● Greater Arcane Elixir. Requires Level
47. Use: Increases spell damage by up
Elixir of Brute Force
to 35 for 1 hour. Battle Elixir.
Lots of extra spell damage for casters. ● Requires Level 45. Use: Increases
Strength and Stamina by 18 for 1
hour. Battle Elixir.

- 92 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

Let's look at the example of a Druid with a

Onslaught Elixir
Feral build. This potion will add 180 health
and 36 attack power. That's quite an edge. ● Requires Level 50. Use: Increases
attack power by 60 for 1 hour. Battle
Elixir of the Mongoose
60 extra attack power equals a lot of extra
● Requires Level 46. Use: Increases damage for melee players.
Agility by 25 and critical strike rating
by 28 (2.2%@56) for 1 hour. Battle
Adept's Elixir
Made for Rogues to be even more pwnfull ● Requires Level 50. Use: Increases spell
that before. Warriors and hybrids will also damage and healing by up to 24 and
benefit from this potion. spell critical strike rating by 24 for 1
hour. Battle Elixir.
A great Battle Elixir for casters.
Living Action Potion

Requires Level 47. Use: Makes you

Elixir of Camouflage

immune to Stun and Movement

Impairing effects for the next 5 sec. ● Requires Level 50. Use: Imbiber
Also removes existing Stun and cannot be tracked for 1 hour.
Movement Impairing effects. Hunters and Druids in Feral form can
This is a Get Out of Jail Free Card. This track you on their minimap. Pop one of these
potion not only makes you immune to stun and you can escape their scrutiny.
and movement impairing effects, it also
removes existing stuns and movement
Elixir of Mastery
● Requires Level 50. Use: Increases all
Stats by 15 for 1 hour. Battle Elixir.
Taking this elixir is equivalent to being
one or two character levels higher.

- 93 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

Elixir of Ironskin

● Requires Level 55. Use: Increases

Resilience Rating by 30 for 1 hour.
Guardian Elixir.
Using this elixir can make up for a lack of
Resilience gear, or can be the extra nudge to
make you nearly immune to critical hits.

Haste Potion

● Requires Level 60. Use: Increases

haste rating by 400 (38.0%) for 15
For melee players, you'll be hitting faster
and more when you pop this potion. Great
for sudden death up, up close and personal
fights, or to take down a caster that is
channelling some spell at you.

- 94 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

Murloc Fin Soup

● Requires Level 15. Use: Restores 552

ooking allows you to make food
health over 24 sec. If you spend at
that will quickly restore your
least 10 seconds eating you will
health over a few seconds (as well
become well fed and gain 6 Stamina
as other buffs). For PVP, (and really for any
and Spirit for 15 min.
situation where you need a little more
This food buff gives low-level characters
power) some food that you cook (or buy in
60 health. When your health is probably
the AH) will also give you a buff. These buffs
around 200-300, this is an amazing
stack with potion buffs.
Cooking is a secondary profession. That Also see: Redridge Goulash, Seasoned Wolf
means everyone can level it without it Kabob, Crispy Lizard Tail, Gooey Spider Cake,
costing a primary profession slot. So have Big Bear Steak, and other recipes for the
your PVP character (or an alt) gain a high- same buff.
level skill in cooking.
Let's take a look at some of the food that
Tasty Lion Steak
gives you buffs.
● Requires Level 20. Use: Restores 874
health over 27 sec. If you spend at
Smoked Sagefish
least 10 seconds eating you will
● Requires Level 10. Use: Restores 378 become well fed and gain 8 Stamina
health and 567 mana over 21 sec. If and Spirit for 15 min.
you spend at least 10 seconds eating For the level 20-29 bracket, this food
you will become well fed and gain 3 provides a 80 health buff and increases Spirit
Mana every 5 seconds for 15 min. by 8.
This is great for low-level PVP for casters. Note that there are many other recipes that
The 3 mana every five seconds buff helps provide the exact same buff as the Tasty Lion
them keep the spells going. Steak. Look for recipes in the Auction House,
as well as buy them from Cooking trainers.

- 95 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

Dragonbreath Chili Nightfin Soup

● Requires Level 35. Use: Occasionally ● Requires Level 35. Use: Restores 874
belch flame at enemies struck in health over 27 sec. Also restores 8
melee for the next 10 min. Mana every 5 seconds for 10 min.
This has great surprise value in PVP. A If you are a caster, this recipe can
huge jet of flame erupts from your mouth, compliment a mana enchant on your gear to
blasting whoever is in front of you. This is make sure you never run out of mana.
best for melee players who get close to their
opponents. Damage for a level 30 or so
Poached Sunscale Salmon
character can be in the 50-70 range per
burp, and the burp can crit. ● Requires Level 35. Use: Restores 874
health over 27 sec. Also restores 6
health every 5 seconds for 10 min.
Heavy Kodo Stew
Here's a health regeneration buff, a great
● Requires Level 35. Use: Restores 1392 buff for melee players.
health over 30 sec. If you spend at
least 10 seconds eating you will
Buzzard Bites
become well fed and gain 12 Stamina
and Spirit for 15 min. ● Requires Level 55. Use: Restores 4320
Now the bonus for level 35 characters and health over 30 sec. If you spend at
above is 12 Stamina and Spirit. Several other least 10 seconds eating you will
recipes have this same buff. become well fed and gain 20 Stamina
and Spirit for 30 min.
Now level 55 characters and above can get
Grilled Squid
a 20 Stamina and Spirit buff for 30 minutes.
● Requires Level 35. Use: Restores 874 That's 200 life and quicker health/mana
health over 27 sec. If you eat for 10 regeneration.
seconds will also increase your Agility
by 10 for 10 min.
Rogues may prefer this recipe for the
stamina buff.

- 96 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

Smoked Desert Dumplings Blackened Basilisk

● Requires Level 45. Use: Restores 2148 ● Requires Level 55. Use: Restores 7500
health over 30 sec. If you spend at health over 30 sec. If you spend at
least 10 seconds eating you will least 10 seconds eating you will
become well fed and gain 20 Strength become well fed and gain 23 Spell
for 15 min. Damage and 20 Spirit for 30 min.
This is a Strength buff, great for increasing A great buff for any caster. This is a
your attack power. favorite for raiders, but it also works great
for PVPers.

Dirge's Kickin' Chimaerok Chops

Grilled Mudfish
● Requires Level 55. Use: Restores 4320
health over 30 sec. If you spend at ● Requires Level 55. Use: Restores 7500
least 10 seconds eating you will health over 30 sec. If you spend at
become well fed and gain 25 Stamina least 10 seconds eating you will
for 15 min. become well fed and gain 20 Agility
This 250 life buff can compensate for and Spirit for 30 min.
weakness in your gear, or give you enough Another great buff for Rogues, and also
life to outlast your opponents. any class that can use an Agility buff to their
crit and dodge chances.

Blackened Sporefish
Golden Fish Sticks
● Requires Level 55. Use: Restores 4320
health over 30 sec. If you spend at ● Requires Level 55. Use: Restores 7500
least 10 seconds eating you will health over 30 sec. If you spend at
become well fed and gain 20 Stamina least 10 seconds eating you will
and 8 Mana every 5 seconds for 30 become well fed and increase healing
min. done by 44 and Spirit by 20 for 30
This buff to Stamina and Mana is great for min.
Warlocks. Here's a great buff for healers.

- 97 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

Spicy Crawdad ● Elixir of Draenic Wisdom (+30

Intellect and +30 Spirit) Guardian
● Requires Level 55. Use: Restores 7500 Elixir from Alchemy
health over 30 sec. If you spend at ● Blackened Basilisk (+23 spell damage
least 10 seconds eating you will +20 Spirit) from Cooking
become well fed and gain 30 Stamina ● Enchant Cloak - Spell Penetration 20
and 20 Spirit for 30 min. Spell Penetration from Enchanting
You get an extra 300 health and 20 Spirit ● Enchant Chest - Major Resilience +15
towards regeneration with the Spicy Resilience from Enchanting
Crawdad. ● Enchant Bracer - Spellpower +15
Spell damage from Enchanting
Enchant Gloves - Major Spellpower
Cooking Daily Quests

+20 Spell damage from Enchanting

Daily cooking quests are now available ● Enchant Boots - Boar's Speed +9
from The Rokk in Shattrath City! In addition Stamina +8% speed increase
to gold, you can receive random cooking ● Enchant Weapon - Major Spellpower
reagents and new recipes as a reward for +40 Spell Damage
completing these quests. ● +45 Stamina - Gnomish Poultryizer
from Engineering
Remember, all of this is added to the
The Big Picture bonuses granted by your gear.
Here's what you'll get:
Now that we've discussed the elements of ● +195 damage with fire spells
getting buffed up for PVP, let's look at putting ● +300 mana
them all together. ● +50 to regeneration (in battle and
We'll look at how we'd buff up a caster. casting!)
Use the following buffs: ● +20 to spell penetration
● Superior Wizard Oil (+42 spell ● +15 to resisting critical hits
damage) from Enchanting ● +610 health
● Elixir of Major Fire Power (+55 fire
damage) Battle Elixir from Alchemy

- 98 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

These buffs on top of good gear would ● Abilities/ spells /items with cooldowns
make a caster an engine of destruction. With longer than 15 minutes cannot be
the wide variety of the various buffs we've used while in the arena. This also
discussed, you can configure any character applies to resurrection. (Some
for any purpose. Healing, melee, crowd Engineering gizmos won't work.)
control, damage; you can play it how you ● When players enter the Arena, all
like with amazing power. cooldowns on spells or items that
have 15 minutes or less are reset. This
allows them to have all their abilities
Battleground Buffs
available when the fight begins.
Spell buffs at the start of a BG and upon For Arena play your Enchanting buffs are
rezzing in a BG are free. Those of you with more important than ever.
buffs to give should slap them on your entire

The Arena

The rules for preparing for Arena PVP are

different from Battlegrounds PVP.
One you enter the Arena instance, your
health, mana, and energy are maxed (even if
you were dead). Buffs, conjured items, and
pets are removed.
You have 60 seconds to get ready, which
includes summoning pets, applying buffs,
making soul stones, and so on.
Here's more from the official site:
● No consumables other than bandages
and conjured items can be used while
in the arena. (No food or alchemy
buffs allowed.)

- 99 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

than Thottbots. Generally, WOWwiki gives

WEB SITE LINKS YOU you the big picture while Thottbot supplies
greater detail. Also, WOWwiki will have lore
NEED information for those of you who like the
back story to the game.
n this section are links to support

I the information in the chapters

above. Any serious effort to
master World of Warcraft will require you to
Allakhazam is much like Thottbot. Many
WOW players like it better for the layout and
become familiar with these web sites.
WOWhead is another WOW database web
site. You can search for items you are
All Purpose Links interested in, and read comments from other
These links are great for everything:
questing, crafting, making gold, even getting
maps of zones and instances. Crafting Links
Some people consider Thottbot the best The previous web sites are great for
WOW web site out there. You enter a search helping you locate crafting information. The
term (name, item, quest, zone; spell it right!) web sites in this section are even better for
and you'll get info on that item. Even better, crafting. They go into more detail.
other players usually have entered comments
about how, where, or what worked for them. Recipes lists, crafting guides, and more can
(Beware of the occasional bit of rough be found at Crafter's Tome.
language.) Lootables offers guides, item search, and
Where Thottbot is more of an item more.
database, WOWwiki is more of an
encyclopedia. Like any 'wiki', WOWwiki is
user updated; anyone can create or update
an entry. The search engine is more forgiving

- 100 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

House is: you have to do the background

PVP Links
work to get stuff to put in there! So even if
It's a great idea to look up techniques and you can turn hundreds of gold a day, you still
strategies for PVPing. Here's a list of sites have to work hours and hours to get your
that'll give you the knowledge to go along materials.
with your gear and buffs to rule in PVP. For gold making tips online, many of the sites we've already mentioned are great. For
Despite the name, the above site is great example, WOWwiki lists the vendor prices of
for Rogues. Twinking your Rogue is covered most items. You can check out any items you
here in great detail. aren't familiar with and find out who uses it for what, and how much it vendors for. Then,
The player forums of PVP Scene are a great armed with this knowledge, check the prices
source for PVP strategies by class, with a lot and quantities in the Auction House for the
of attention paid for Arena contests. item and set your prices accordingly.
Official WOW Forums WOWwiki also lists routes you can run for
The official WOW forums feature a forum Mining and Herbalism.
devoted to PVP playing. This is a great place One of the best WOW blogs,
to read what others say, and to post questions quite often touches on
of your own. these topics. WOW insider is worth checking
Bring your thick skin to the forums. out every day. Quite often PVP strategies,
There's plenty of jerks there, as well as many crafting tips, or gold-making secrets are
friendly and helpful players. discussed in their columns.
The above link is a great guide to your
Gold-Making Links farming efforts. Check it out!

The secrets to making gold are not-so-

secret. We've discussed the worthwhile
secrets already in this guide. If someone
claims to be able to make a thousand gold in
a day, they are either Auction House masters,
or lying. And the thing about the Auction

- 101 -
Unofficial World of Warcraft Profession Guide

Make or buy Guardian and Battle


Learn to play! PVP takes a whole

separate skill set from questing and/or


e hope you have found this guide
useful. Being rich, and being
powerful in PVP are much better
You can level any profession quickly and
than being broke and being constantly
at a cost once you've hit level 70 and know
ganked in PVP.
how to make gold. Let's look at some
Let's recap some of the recommendations recommendations we've made:
we've made. ● Compliment your class with your
● Use your profession to enrich yourself
PVP ● Use your profession to have fun
● Use your profession to contribute to
Since you've chosen to play PVP, you might your guild (potions, gold, crafted
as well do what it takes to excel. We've given items, and so on)
you the tools in this guide to excel. ● Improve your PVP with your
Take to heart the the advice of “Old Blood profession
and Guts” General George S. Patton Jr.: Good luck in all your Azertoth
“May God have mercy upon my enemies, adventurings!
because I won't.”
The tools we've given you here will allow
you to visit your enemies with ruin and
● Get the best enchants for your gear

● Get your cooking skill up so you can

make goodies with buffs (Spider

Sausage! Mmmmm!)

- 102 -