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CROSS COUNTRY japan’s year in review NISEKO SURVIVAL GUIDE earn your avalanche stripes KUTCHAN KARAOKE sing up a storm in k-town

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Powderlife finds out a bit more about their plans By Graeme Glen. Sterling Goldman’s back .com . Nick Jackson.Contents GROOMERS NEWS PEOPLE PARTIES ETC 11 Page Seven // Village news and happenings 12 Cross Country // Offbeat news from across Japan 15 Niseko News // Be the first to know 16 News Feature // Darts tkes flight 18 Snap // Faces and fashion on the mountain 19 Flash // Niseko’s nightlife and party scene 20 Nightlife // The day really begins après 21 In the loop // What’s on in Niseko 22 Powder Tools // Essentials for Niseko powder 24 Meet the locals // Introducing Niseko locals 25 Irrashaimase // Great little local businesses FEATURES A WAIST-DEEP LOOK AT NISEKO winter print run 50. Sarah Lilburn. Matthew you like it! 42 Learning Japanese // Japanese for powder people 46 Kutchan // Kutchan Karaoke? Okey Dokey! 48 Real Estate News // The latest on property 53 On The Market // North Field Lodge 54 On The Market // Listings 56 Course Map // Mountain info 58 Walking Map // Must have village directory 59 Phone Directory // Your town pages 61 Local Information // Essential tips and info on Niseko 62 The Last Word On Health // Over protection 170-5 Aza Yamada Kutchan-cho Abuta-gun.powderlife. 広告掲載に関するお問い合わせ advertising inquiries ads@powderlife. Hokkaido 044-0081 tel 0136 22 2000 fax 0136 22 2011 予約購読/既刊 subscriptions / past issues 26 32 36 44 49 51 SKIS VS BOARDS The battle for pride place and powder. white and powdery backcountry MEN WHO RIDE MOUNTAINS Q & A WITH EYAL AGMONI I STAND CORRECTED BACKCOUNTRY You better believe it. Lorne Calhoun. Niseko’s first English language periodical magazine – published every two weeks in Niseko between December and March and once outside winter as Summerlife ニセコ初の定期刊行雑誌。 冬季期間 (12月~3月) は2週間に1回 発行、 冬季期間外はサマーライフとして一回発行。 cover Adrian Camp photographer Glen Claydon 6 powderlife ISSUE 11 december 26 .january 9 2009 www. A THOUSAND WORDS Gallery of the latest action from the slopes. The publication of editorial does not necessarily constitute an endorsement of views or opinions expressed. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission of the publisher is prohibited. Stirling Goldman. The publisher does not accept responsibility for statements made by advertisers. Niseko Photography.powderlife.000+ 出版者 publisher Bevan Colless ベバン・コレス 編集者 managing editor Kristian Lund クリスチャン・ランド デ イ design Geoffrey McRoberts ジェフ マックロバーツ ザ ナ ・ 投稿者 contributors Katherine Bont.just look NISEKO SURVIVAL GUIDE How to survive in Niseko’s vast. No need for words .com ©2008 Niseko Media KK Contents of Powderlife are subject to copyright. sales manager for West Canada Properties info@powderlife. Chika Matsuda Tess Stomski. To ski or to board? That is the Powderlife Niseko Magazine is a Niseko Media Publication パウダーライフマガジンはニセコメディアが出版しています HIKE OUT THE BACK FOR THE REST 35 Music Reviews // Andy Gulverhouse 38 Restaurant Review // Okonomiyaki Jyuu 40 Japanese Cooking // Okonomiyaki . Saoka Wakasugi 写真撮影 photography Glen Claydon Photography.and in even better form than ever Moria mountain holding GK purchased the Moiwa ski resort. It’s the eternal battle. Greg Lund.

. or just want to tell us what a いたいこと はウェブに投稿したい方は、 . Plus all our regular columns. have any ideas for the magazine or Photo: Niseko Photography 8 powderlife ISSUE 11 december 26 .editor’s note.january 9 2009 www. 編集者注. 二   We hope you had a great Christmas and have a fantastic New Year in Niseko. EVERY year. This amazing snow that falls from the sky nearly every day in winter is just one thing that makes Niseko so great. Powderlife Managing Editor kris@powderlife..powderlife. In this issue we take a fresh look at a debate that has been raging since rebellious snowboarders started sliding down mountains – which is better for powder… skiing or boarding?? This is sure to stir up some controversy and we’re looking forward to it. 毎 年 、 界 中 の 人 々 が ホ ワ イトクリス マ ス を 夢 見 ま す。 セ コ で は そ れ が 間 世 二 違 い な く実 現 さ れ る の で す。 間 違 い な くと い う の は 、   クリス マ ス の 朝 は 家 の 前 の 大 量 の 雪 か き か ら 始 まる 、 い うぐ ら い 間 違 い な く雪 が 降 る の で す。 と   冬 の 間 、 日 天 空 か ら 降り続 け る 雪 が 、 セ コと い う 所 を す ば らし い 場 所 毎 二 にして い る 1 つ の 理 由 で あることは 間 違 い な い でしょう。 この 号 で は 、 逆 者 のスノー ボ ーダ ー が 山 に 出 現し始 め て から、 い 間 討 論 さ 反 長 れ てき た   ‘ パ ウダ ースノー は ス キ ーとスノー ボ ード のどちら が 向 い て い る の か?’   に つ い ての 話 題 をとりあ げ ました 。  この 話 題 は 熱 い 討 論 に なること間 違 い な い でしょう。 ま た 、 崩 れ セ ーフティーコ ース の 紹 介 、 本 食 を 代 表 す   雪 日 る 大 人 気 の ‘ お 好 み 焼 き   ’ を 紹 介しま す。 そ れ に 加 えて、 つ も の コラム も   い あります。 読者の声も取り上げていきたいと思っています。  もし二セコについて言 We would like to start publishing readers’ letters. See 皆 様 が 、 セコで 楽しいクリス マスとよい 新 年 を 迎えられ たことと思 います。 皆 様とスロ ープ で お 会 いしましょう ! you on the slopes! Kristian までメールをください。 fabulous place you think Niseko パウダーライフマガジン 編集長 クリスチャン ランド kris@powderlife. In Niseko that white Christmas is guaranteed in spades – usually spade-loads of powder snow you have to shovel off your front step on Christmas morning. so if you’ve got anything on your 今後は、 (二セコのいい所、 悪い所、 なんでもOK! をパウダーライフの雑誌又 ) mind. put it in an email to ed@powderlife. people across the world dream of a white Christmas... new and old. We also take you on an avalanche safety course and introduce you to one of Japan’s favourite foods – okonomiyaki.

and because Christmas is not such a big deal here. email a pic of a car buried in powder. and we guess many others in Niseko. Photos: Niseko Photography Kamimura opens early YUICHI Kamimura – former five-year apprentice for Sydney’s famous celebrity chef. All this can be washed down with a variety of refreshing coffees. New Year’s Niseko style THE Japanese love a good celebration. hot chocolates and juices. like Chris Webb’s above. Well. Yuichi.powderlife. And the rain will have aided in firming up the base for when the inevitable consistent snowfall arrives. Even in a bad season in Niseko we get up towards 10m of snowfall and there are always periods of weeks on end when it snows every day.january 9 2009 ISSUE 11 powderlife 11 . for a second winter season at Kamimura. to ed@ december 26 . who says he has almost spent his entire life in the kitchen. young.” says Yuichi. Not to be missed! January 1 is said to be a very auspicious day in Japan. so check out our events calendar on p21 for a few ideas on how to welcome in the New Year. Tetsuya. But fortunately. For those with a sweet tooth. They used onsen (public hot spring baths) for bathing and survived on one of the cheapest and tastiest meals known to man – Japanese curry rice (which by the way we highly recommend for a lunch at local ski hill restaurants). Six runners up can win a Car Danchi 3 T-shirt. western-style meals. Along with fireworks.30am until 10am. The early seasonal outlook for Hokkaido and most of Japan was low snowfall and above average temperatures. 2 and 3 to give away. We at Powderlife. The powder spells in between have been pretty amazing. Tetsuya’s. and the restaurant starts serving from 6pm. because ‘there wasn’t a spare table’. The man who may just have ‘the sharpest knife in Niseko’ is. ‘Danchi’ means ‘government-sponsored housing’. the New Year is upon us. There are celebrations at every ski resort in Niseko. “I have done dinners many times before. To win. best started by viewing the New Year’s first sunrise (hatsu-hinode)… so long as you didn’t drink too much of that free sake the night before! DVD giveaways WHILE skiing has always been the rich man’s pasttime. In the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. Maybe Tom and Nic should try their luck in Niseko? www. His delectable gourmet breakfast menu boasts a varied selection of tasty. turning any precipitation into a day or two of rain and washing away any gains that had been made. so I thought I would try something different and give gourmet breakfasts a go instead. the most spectacular part of the night will be when more than 100 skiers and snowboarders carrying flaming torches high on the mountainside form the numbers ‘09’. apparently Yuichi’s mentor. live music and taiko drum and there’s a good chance that week is not too far away. Kentucky Fried Christmas IT seems in Japan the jolly old white-bearded man that everyone looks forward to seeing at Christmas in Japan isn’t Santa. and almond and white chocolate cookies. and for that reason vending machines in Japan now come with non-standard plugs! Damn snowboarders… This tradition of travelling and living out of cars is celebrated in Hokkaido filmmaker Neil Hartmann’s classic Car Danchi snowboard movie series. for once they were spot on. The skills that sensei taught student must be good if the rumours are true. At the time of this magazine going to seven By Kristian Lund and Matthew Thomas Slow start but bring on New Year FOR once the weather forecasters were right. Tetsuya Wakuda – is renowned locally for delectable dinners at his restaurant and café. bringing his culinary prowess to Hirafu’s Upper Village. free-spirited Japanese with little cash to buy lift passes and pay for fancy accommodation would travel to ski resorts and live out of their cars. Neil has given Powderlife a complete set of the Car Danchi movies parts 1. chose to ignore these unimaginable predictions as we’re so often let down by the meteorological soothsayers. Such is the rush for KFC at Christmas that Japanese book their fried Chrissie chook ahead of time. The breakfast offers a ‘traditional northern Japanese experience’. and there is no better time to turn one’s fortunes than now. and the premise behind the films is that all featured riders must be living out their cars while filming and travelling Hokkaido searching for perfect powder. while Kamimura’s café is also open for dine-in or take away until 3pm. on the first floor of the Yamashizen West building. In Niseko there’s no shortage of events. will be trying his deft hand at a gourmet breakfast menu. with Yuichi sourcing most of his carefully selected ingredients from Hokkaido. It’s perhaps the most important holiday in Japan and families typically get together to celebrate. teas. it’s Colonel Sanders. but the main event happens at the base of Hirafu. They would cook the rice with rice cookers they plugged in to vending machines in resort car parks. Kamimura also tempts tantalisingly with rich chocolate cakes. aimed at keeping at bay those hunger pains before a big day amongst the powder. Kamimura. New Year (shogatsu or oshogatsu) goes off with a bang. solid weekly dumps of snow were being followed up by warm temperatures. A season can turn on its head within the period of a week. snowboarding has very often been the opposite. before skiing to the bottom. refused celeb couple Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman entry to his world-famous restaurant. on the slopes above the Kogen Hotel. We’ll print the winner’s pic in the next issue of Powderlife. Breakfast is available now from 7. This season.

cross country Offbeat news from across japan The Year’s Best… Research In 2008. an increase of some 12. compared to just 3 percent in 1975 Men who eat lots of fruits and vegetables are half as likely to suffer esophageal cancer as their junk foodDashi was and blu-ray were included in the latest eating brethren edition of Britain’s Chambers Dictionary East Asians tend to examine faces starting with the info@blackdiamondtours. impresario of hipster clothing label A Bathing december 26 . a full 10 percent of Japan’s population resides in Tokyo Japan Post plans to convert its fleet of 21.700 Number of such marriages in 2005 69. 51. an earplug-like device called that provides relief for hay fever sufferers Caffeine has the effect of relieving pain A printer that can develop still images captured from People who are either socially outgoing or high-definition video “nonconformist” tend to have higher obesity rates than average. an increase of www. 32. one half of manzai team Kirin. Chi Chi to Ran (Breasts and Eggs). AFP and Kyodo RESTAURANT & BAR GUIDING Japanese & Western Cuisine Good Tunes. The Japan Times. won acclaim for her performance in NHK’s historical drama Atsuhime and the films Kagehinata ni Saku (Flowers in the Shadows) and Yami no Kodomotachi (Children of the Dark) Athlete: Pitcher Yukiko Ueno.000 from the previous year and the first rise in three years 85. HF Compiled from reports by Japan Niseko Off-Piste Niseko Back Bowls Rusutsu Tours Kokusai Tours Kiroro Tours Backcountry SKIER: JP AUCLAIR PHOTO: DAVID LEVIN reservations@bdlodge.january 9 2009 www.000 People who signed a condolence book at Ueno Zoo for the giant panda Ling Ling.k. gained fame for her convincing act as a baka (airhead) tarento while debuting in a music group and appearing in various TV series and variety shows The year in numbers 127.9 percent from 2006 294 New HIV cases reported in Japan from July to September. the highest quarterly figure ever Menstrual blood can be used to repair heart damage Japanese households increased their energy consumption by 44 percent between 1990 and 2005 Thanks to heat island effect. won his second consecutive gold medal in the 100m breaststroke—and set his second consecutive world record in the process Business: Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son. became an instant success—and instantly rich—after his book chronicling his years as a homeless youth flew off the shelves and became a TV series Women of the Year (According to Vogue Nippon) Actress: Aoi Miyazaki. AP. 87.18 years from 2007 23 Consecutive years that Japanese women have topped the global life expectancy list >10.powderlife. Mainichi Daily News. whereas just about everyone else focuses on the Products eyes and mouth Hot items from 2008 include… Genetics can account for the variances in physical Valentine’s chocolates flavored with garlic and traits between “mainland” and “Ryukyuan” Japanese. The International Herald Tribune/Asahi Shimbun. 26. celebrated the brand’s 15th anniversary by opening shops in LA and Paris Comedian: Hiroshi Tamura.2 Percent of plastic bottles that were recycled in fiscal 2007. 86. an increase of 0. 130 million-year-old fossil unearthed in Ishikawa Prefecture belongs to the world’s oldest plant-eating lizard distance delivery vehicles to zero-emission electric cars The number of motor vehicles owned in Japan declined for the first time since people began keeping track in 1946 The number of Japanese retailers who accept the China Pay credit card has risen 50 percent Men and women of the year The world’s smallest walking robot Polls Survey takers discovered that… The average female high school student uses her cellphone 124 minutes per day 97 percent of Japanese believe it is important to acquire the habit of reading in childhood 61 percent of Chinese feel that relations with Japan have improved. 29. 23. Time. while neurotics are skinner DoCoMo’s breathalyzer-enabled cellphone for truck drivers Men of the Year (According to GQ Japan) Athlete: Swimmer Kosuke Kitajima. remained a step ahead of his competitors by introducing Apple’s i-phone to Japan Producer/designer: Nigo. a.700 Number of international marriages in Japan 27. who died in April at age 22 400 million Number of illegally downloaded music files each year in Japan Trends Over the past 12 months.178 Japan’s population as of March 31.62 degrees during the Eighteen percent of inmates in the nation’s prisons past 50 years are 60 years old or older. 090-2054-8687 12 powderlife ISSUE 11 december 26 .bdlodge. led Japan’s softball team to a surprise gold medal over the US in Beijing Writer: Mieko Kawakami. Japan’s richest man.000 short- An electric bicycle that can travel 150km on a single charge Miso paste featuring beans that have been serenaded with the music of Johann Sebastian Bach A washable business suit An air purifier that eliminates over 99 percent of airborne bird flu virus in ten minutes BLACK DIAMOND Writer/Buddhist nun: Jakucho Setouchi. vinegar such as hair thickness and “whether earwax is dry or wet” A medicine cabinet that sets off an alarm when it’s time for senior citizens to take their pills There is a way to measure the brain waves of a cow to determine whether it is afflicted with BSE The Nose Mask Pit. 0136-44-1144 www. it was noted that… Chinese have surpassed Koreans as Japan’s largest minority group For the first time since 1979. which depicts the travails of a single mother Tarento: Suzanne. academics discovered that… A 30cm-long. but just 10 percent of Japanese think so 40 percent of heavy smokers are unaware of their addiction 45 percent of Japanese feel “uneasy” about using the internet Over 40 percent of married couples in their 60s sleep in separate bedrooms 88 percent of Japanese describe themselves as “happy” STATS 44. received a Nobel Prize modern take on the classic Tale of Genji and authored in physics along with two Japanese colleagues her own keitai shosetsu (cellphone novel).066.january 9 2009 ISSUE 11 powderlife 13 . won the renowned Akutagawa Prize for her second novel. the average January temperature in Tokyo rose 2. 22. crafted a Physicist: Yoichiro Nambu.99 Life expectancy of Japanese women. Vids. Drinks Free Shuttles (call for pickup) Private Terrain Park Pool Table Where have you been this week? www.

all presented on the night. Entry forms are available at Powderlife Café and bars. Pub chef is local character Shin-san. Higashiyama and Annupuri. and peer awards. Entry is ¥1000 and each competitor receives two Red Bulls upon registration. Formerly just a tiny shack that would cram a few dozen drinkers in for late-night parties. The comp will be a free ride session. families. biggest slam. The sales points will be onsen. Hanazono. Managing the bar is Irishman Alan Power who has worked in and run Irish pubs in Tokyo for the past 15 years. Offering food and drink in a smoke-free environment daily from midday. great cuisine. wooden sculptures and furniture. and below Alan. The intention is to jointly develop and travel products and packages to summer visitors and yearround long-stay december 26 . which saw two new bars in Splash and The Brick. located in the middle of the main street in the old building that housed the popular Big Cliff izakaya. with riders and skiers judged on three runs. sickest style. Kicking off at 5pm on December 28. food and nature. who also gave the Dragon Bar it’s incredible overhaul last year. Locals have applauded owners Roger Donazzon and Wayne Lazarus for the move as it adds another summer food and entertainment venue which will boost Hirafu’s perennial tourist appeal. The ANA group is hoping to bolster its Hokkaido routes with the program using NPB's information. Complete with Guinness shipped in from Dublin. and array of natural hot springs’. Not be outdone by the lower village last season. Paddy’s and Jam Bar boost Hirafu pub scene THE Hirafu pubscape has gone from strength to strength this year with all the old favourites returning. who has worked for the Grand Hirafu resort and at one stage owned his own Italian restaurant. all in a Mexican and Mediteranean style. and several impressive new additions. and counsel to create travel packages targeting non-Hokkaido Japanese. in particular seniors.niseko news Shinya Katou (right). the makeover is nothing short of spectacular as the rustic old restaurant has become an Irish bar to match any around the world (and maybe even outdo many in Ireland itself?!). It has to be seen to be truly appreciated. the upper village has this year stepped up to the plate.powderlife. All skill levels are welcome and there will be prizes for the top three place getters. Wayne & Shin Rail jam kicks off season of comps LOCAL boarders and skiers are getting ready for a night of clean lines and good times as the Après Bar and friends throw down a free ride rail jam. Niseko was chosen above a variety of other Japanese resorts because of its ‘natural beauty. and moved to Niseko with his wife and two daughters especially to run the pub. it’s now an impressive building with an amazing new interior created by well-known local carpenter Kuwa-san. Just a snowball’s throw away from Paddy’s. www. The entry form needs to be filled out and taken to the Après Bar. it will be one of the first foreign-owned Hirafu entertainment venues to open year-round. retail outlets and restaurants around Hirafu. Paddy McGinty’s Irish Bar stands out like a beacon to thirsty skiers and boarders. while spectators are encourage to head on in to the Après Bar where they can keep an eye on the proceedings from the floor to ceiling windows. Local rippers are encouraged to sign up and take part. Jam Bar has a funky mix of rainbow colours. Shin-san is chairman and teacher at the local children’s mogul school and competed when he was young. Airline set to help promote Niseko JAPAN’S largest domestic air carrier All Nippon Airways (ANA) has signed an agreement with the Niseko Promotion Board (NPB) with the aim of attracting more domestic tourists to the region.january 9 2009 ISSUE 11 powderlife 15 . old favourite the Jam Bar underwent a complete overhaul over the summer and has sprung up as a completely new building. it will be the first of a packed calendar of on-snow events this season. advice. and women in their 20s and 30s. Owner Shinya Katou loves a good party and is famous for his Guru-Guru parties and ¥1000 nomihodais (all you can drink) that last until the alcohol runs out… and he always makes sure he has enough to last almost until dawn.

Pissed By The Start. not the winner. AIM.powderlife.. a drink Az from Niseko Photography have even had to turn arguably more effective than a tranquiliser dart in away unlucky.” chimes Brett. Afraid Of The Dart (that’d be WITHOUT going too berserk on the puns. shoulder-to-shoulder as darts takes a stranglehold on starring 42 Below’s feijoa vodka.” a modest man once bitten. but it’s nice to see them all gel and get . to what can we attribute this newfound Paralyser is designed to caress our taste buds. sounding a fear of a and I are ‘cultural landscape architects’. and that he buys two new ones each year moment. racially sound Black and White Russian. Matt reveals to Powderlife.” says Az. Thankfully. Wild Bill’s (that’s more proudly. from the trophy mantle that since last year’s final has resided in Kutchan’s Café Kaku? Who will walk away with all the glory and bragging rights for another season? Only time will tell. but may your darts fly straight and true. Photos: Niseko Photography DART UP . because it is (pool is Brett’s game) – says the general mood for the only thing in the entire village that every person darts this year is ‘off the Richter scale’.. “The So. and there is no damn snow..” So. even if it’s only for three nights a week. we move away from the milk-curdling... Many agree this at Bill’s on game nights. A Hirafu history with the first ever all-girl and allformidable 24 teams were the result of a bumper Japanese girl teams. INSTIGATORS. FIRE .niseko news Darts takes flight First points on the board and company can get involved in. who will it be to knock last year’s premiers. many try their hand each week. so darts is all that is keeping anything afloat here. and that’s just unreal!” And what’s not to like about strokes of genius in team-naming this year – gems like Humphrey Bodart. Let the crooked trash talk begin. Tournament instigators Matt and awaits the winners of each night’s play.. after the first round of matches earlier this month. the third Powderlife’s darts arm). some take their darts very seriously. taking down livestock. All the company owners compete with each other in this village. than double last year’s team total. the recognisable from the humble beginnings at Pow Pow infamous ‘Paralyser’ bucket o’ booze appallingly Café two years ago). for less than 10 teams in the first two seasons. A perpetually pinkWild Bill’s owner Brett – who admits to knowing beanied Az adds: “I think because we hyped it up this ‘nada’ about darts. By Matthew Thomas Pissed By The End. The Mount Hotham-inspired annual Niseko Hirafu International Darts Grand Slam darts event (or so legend has it) this year even makes has really snowballed and taken flight this year. while penchant for lobbing glorified pins? “It’s because Az stinging us in the brain. twice shy.january 9 2009 www. to this This year. READY. of course.” boasts Matt tournament’s home ground. “Everyone likes darts. a virgin dart board. 16 powderlife ISSUE 11 december 26 . would-be dart-smiths for lack of space.. and there is nothing else to do here at the are round. I’m just stoked to play darts – we have created something that everyone enjoys. Dart Vaders and. “No one has any cash to burn. and turn to a Wednesdays and Thursdays. Dart Attack. “It is really getting a good cross early December registration night at the seven-week section of the Hirafu community. It’s nothing short of seemingly endless and potent Mohito-based bevvy. Az and Matt GAME FACE . “Players are pretty serious this season – there is no questioning that. besides the fact that the boards year. and barely Much to the entrants’ delight or dismay.” he says. year spanning across three evenings on Tuesdays. drink should be fed to the loser.. The Paralyser is It’s already ballooned from being one night a week served after sharp objects stop flying through the air.

black. both Aprè s Bar barten they ’ll be on ders. but it is in fact the 2008-09 AK release from Burton. think the job on N YE. FLASH ko. “People can see me coming down the mountain from a long way away. “There are many.january 9 2009 www. on N Geoffre y. r a ski in Nise e mainland fo g and surfing led up from th el g travellin and Keiko trav w Year by goin Chie. YE – getti Suan an ng to d geth Pamela er w ith f from Sin rien ds. which can be seen from great distances. e in hav s will e fire w n pla g som in see Après Bar Rubik’s Cube Party Mar y. K will be nd the U show at stralia a orld NYE om Au t our d Ruth fr e Waterw check ou Deb an irls in th t came to s stunt g a . In on NY o watch TV yt f amil Little Ryoji will probably be wrapped up in bed for the countdown but Ryoko from the Alpen Kids Room says she is going to watch the on-snow celebrations at the base of Hirafu ski hill. december 26 . Mountain style d lan heir Fin t rom ure us s and af ind ut ass stume L nd et. and was snapped by Powderlife making a rapid beeline down Hirafu in what can only be described as a bright blue. Tamaki ost of their Ne making the m They ’ll be back home. pink and yellow streak. dri e doing nkin g an what mo d be ing m st will d o err y ! Phot seko os: Ni Photo y g raph 18 ty a par e p for en ’t u me with th ar yushu ing at ho a in K y ukuok en and sta mF up fro to an ons uro aisab going le! and D ’ll be nsib chiro stead they Yoi respo . green. orld ’ in N ‘Snow W Aidan and Ka ii. probably at the DISCO is not dead and fluoro is the future. but if th decent hour ey knock of they ’ll be ‘g f at a etting on it… Après Bar’. e gapore ar ating . The 25-year-old Osaka shredder recently graced Niseko with his fine fluorescent form.” he says.Powderlife asked visitors what they will be doing on New Years . scream Mitsuyuki Ohashi’s loud jacket and pants.powderlife.january 9 2009 ISSUE 11 powderlife 19 powderlife ISSUE 11 december 26 . bu working in Osaka l Studios Universa iseko. many colours on my clothes and I like standing out. How E.powderlife. b zy co y er a ra Und t to do p in c own wha ing u D s from cided dres Clea n ’t de volve orks.” Mitsuyuki’s get up may seem retro and like something out of the ‘80s or ‘90s.

Annupuri. 1January 13:00 Hirafu.skihanazono. 1月1日 (木) 餅つき 比羅夫スキー場 アルペンホテル アルペンホテル内でもちつきがおこなわ れます。 午後1時ごろのスタートです。 Wednesday December 31 Après Bar New Year’s Eve Masquerade Ball Après Bar will be transformed this year into a Masquerade Ball.000 rice cakes and fireworks.skihanazono. Join a team of 4 and race around the snow www. Fat Freddy’s Drop & more DJ Lippo – Good Vibrations From 11pm Hirafu New Years Eve Torch Run.3000円 お早目の予約を Boarders and skiers of all levels お勧めします。 Tel:0136-21-5021 Thursday. play 3 sets of acoustic music and offer the mic and guitars for anyone who wants to get up & jam in the loop What’s on in Niseko 12月27日  (土) レッ ドバー&レストランがオープンしま す。 ネパール人シェフが腕を振るった本 物のヘルシー料理が自慢です。 Wednesday. Watch out. アンヌプリスキー場 たいまつ滑走 新年 ・ カウントダウン花火 23時45分からたいまつ Free sake service. Gondola operates from 7am to 8:20am. Sunday December 28 Yosaku Dance Event “Link Up Vol.000 for lift pass. 10:00 Tuesday.january 9 2009 www.000円 Reservation required. Red Bar Friday. Every Sunday outside Hokkaido Tracks office (next to Seicomart) 3:30pm for 30min 12月28日 (日) 太鼓演奏会 場所はセイコーマートの横、 北海道トラッ クス前にて地元太鼓グループによる演奏 会があります。 時間は3 30pmから30分間程の演奏 : です。 Saturday January 10 Snow Tube & Tobboggan Championships at Hanazono Outside Hanazono 308.sekkaniseko. this is always a sell-out night. Tea & Petit Fors ¥ 1月10日  (土) 花園スノーチューブ&そり大会 花園スキー場、 花園308 1pm 4人組を作ってレースに参加しよう ! お問い合わせ www. Chicken. First gondola will start at 7am. ¥1. Come along and check out the action! www.Free Sake. Tel:0136-21-5021 誰も滑っていないゲレンデをどうぞお楽 www. Entry Fee 1. New Years Eve Countdown and the annual torch run as hundreds of skiers holding burning torches form a 12月30日 (火) giant ‘09’ and descend Mt. With the only and best indoor location to view the flare run & fireworks. 30 December Snow Monster/Sculpture Competition and Giant Pass The Parcel Hirafu Ski Resort. 1January .Nightlife Saturday December 27 Loaf Lounge New Moon Party 9:00pm House music Y1000 with 1 drink Thursday January 8th NYE Wednesday December 31 Yuki Bar Count down party Half Note Jazz Concert 9:00pm Free Admission Paddy McGinty’s Irish Pub Cricket will be shown on TV screens over the new year.powderlife. Call at Shu at 090-8907-9399 1pm. Mix スキーヤー達が2009年の文字を描きなが Leaf Salad. Y1000 with 1 drink included december 26 . healthy dishes. Celebrate New Years count down with fireworks! Thursday.9-Every Friday DJ night see Nestor on the night for registration. Alpen Hotel Traditional ochi pounding. Be the first one to enjoy the powder snow. 1月1日 (木) 1月4日 (日) アンヌプリスキー場 新年初すべり 7:00am-8 20am アンヌプリゴンドラ : 料金は1000円 2009年の朝一リフトに乗る のは誰か? ゴンドラ営業は朝の7時オープ ンです。 Sunday. 28 Dec. Tables of 4-5. Beef 奏や千個の餅まき、 そして毎年恒例のたい Carpaccio. Thursday-Sunday. Tables of 4-5. December 28 Taiko Drum Performances Free traditional Japanese drum performances. Japanese Drum performance.000 /person 運行をします。 リフト料金 1. Slow Roast Tokkachi Beef. Players of all 10:00pm skill levels invited. 20 powderlife ISSUE 11 december 26 . include first drink free and Masquerade Mask. Good Vibrations Festival & Sounds on Sunday (Syd) Sunday January 4th Après Ski DJs & Niseko Poker League 3:30pm – 6:30pm . first drink Y300 for players. 31December Annpuri Ski Resort Torch run and Count down with Fireworks Torch run starts at レモニー ヒュッテキングベルの外 10時から毎年恒例の鏡割りが行な われます。 お酒は無料サービスなの で飲みすぎに注意 ! Sunday December 28 Après Bar Niseko Poker League 8:00pm Y500 Buy in.january 9 2009 ISSUE 11 powderlife 21 . 27December Build your own snow monster or Red Bar & Restaurant will open. along with football from the English Premier League. Y1000 entry (2 x free Red Bulls). Loaf Lounge Jyaga one party (Hokkaido Potato) 1free French fries Live Music & Open Mic 3:30pm – 6:30pm: Resident Thursday musos Kaii & Aiden. 12月31日 (水) 比羅夫スキー場 大晦日たいまつ滑走 場所 比羅夫スキー場 : イベントスタートは23 00~ アプレバー : Wednesday. Mochi pounding festival will get started in Dragon.12 Annupuri Ski Resort –Hokkaido Ski & Snowboard Week Nukku Annpuri rental and Annupuri ski school lesson is 10% off 1月4日 (日)  ~ 12日 (月) アンヌプリスキー場-北海道スキ ー&スノーボード週間 ヌックアンヌプリ内のレンタル料金、 アンヌプリスキースクールのレッス ン料が10%OFFになります。 welcome.5” 10:00pm Y2000 More info. throwing 1. More info at www.3pm 花園スキー場 花園308の前 この機会に雪の彫刻を作ってみませんか。 28-31December. first drink Y300 for players. Thursday.DJs spinning for your Après Ski Enjoyment! 8:00pm – Poker Y500 Buy in. 1January. Ph phy o Photogra otos: Nisek Wednesday January 7th Live Music & Open Mic @ Après Bar 3:30pm – 6:30pm: Resident Tuesday strummer Christian. Hokkaido Oyster. Y1000 for lift ticket.10pm 北海道産の食材をふんだん 1:00pm – 5:00pm に使ったコースディナーを用意しておりま Après Bar Rail Jam す。 料金は一人1. Outdoor Bar and BBQ food for spectators. Players of all skill levels invited. 31 December 羊蹄太鼓の演 NYE at Sekka J-Sekka Dining 6pm – 10pm の外でのライブミュージック、 花火、 ニューイヤーズイ Glass of Bubbles. More info www. : com Wednesday. Children. 0:00 After 108 bells on New Years 12月28日 (日)1月1日 、 (木) 4日 ~ (日) アンヌプリスキー場 ゴンドラ早朝運行 ゴンドラを早朝7時から8時20分まで特別 Coffee. December 31 Friday January 9th Après Bar Nomi Hodai!! That means all you can drink from 8:00pm – 10:00pm for just Y2000!! All you can drink good times with Playstations. We have selected 2 accomplished. Have taste of Japanese New Year.skihanazono. Outside the King Bell Hut Sake Cask Opening Ceremony on mountain to welcome in the New Year. Register anytime at the Après Bar. Hirafu. 1-4 January Annpuri First Run 7:00am-8:20am Be the first to ski down Niseko’s Mt Annupuri in 2009. Nepalese chefs create authentic and adults can join in. スノーモンスター 雪の彫刻、 ・ 雪像大会 Torch run registration desk from 1pm. Tickets Y1500 available from the bar. party rocking DJs for your NYE soundtrack: DJ Somatik – resident @ The Loft (Syd) & has DJ’d alongside Roy Ayers. students. for those 滑走がはじまります。 その後、 新年と同時に trees!! 1月1日  (木) 花火を打ち上げます。 比羅夫スキー場 ニューイヤーズセ Got an event on between January 10 and 23? Email us to get it on this page in Issue 3.sekkaniseko.3pm Hanazono .com しみ下さい。 12月 31日 (水) J-Sekka Dining ニューイヤーズメニュー Sunday December 286pm . Y500 Mini Pizzas and DJs spinning from 7:00pm – 11:00pm. Skilled amazing sculpture.powderlife.skihanazono. out January 10. Pre Dessert (its our secret) NIKI Raspberry & Sambucca Semi-Freddo らスキー場を降りてきます。 子供から大人まで楽しめるイベントです。 お問い合わせ www. see Nestor on the night for registration. 1 Jan-Sunday 4 Jan Annupuri Ski Resort Early Morning Gondola Operation. Outside Hanazono 308 Saturday. outside Apres Bar Gather on the slopes outside the Apres Bar for live music. Kanpai! 1月1日 (木): 0 00除夜の鐘が終わると同時 にDRAGON では餅つき大会が始まりま す。 お酒もふるまわれます。 新年の始まりは ドラゴンで ! January 4 . January 2. Tea Hokkaido Diver ブのカウントダウン、 まつ滑走がご覧いただけます。 さんの たく Scallops. plays 2 sets of acoustic music and offers the mic and guitars for anyone who wants to jam Surely the Après Bar aren’t the only place putting on regular parties?! Tell us about your nightlife event @ www.

000 (US$230). and rides…well.a true powder monster . The 9mm ThermoPlus felt liner is removable.powderlife. Call 011 828 1111. powderlife ISSUE 11 december 26 .Women’s FACE december 26 . Add a fresh waxing to the bottom and you’ll really know about it. they even have metal shanks across the heel and ball of your foot give you sturdy footing on the ice. Tokyo. By Bevan Colless and Matthew Thomas Sorel Caribou THE ‘well-heeled’ locals here in Niseko don’t wear heels at all. meaning minimal stress and burn on your back leg. fur-trimmed Canada Goose Mystique Parka uses Arctic-Tech fabric and premium down fill to subdue the coldest gusts on your next snowbound location. chic. so you’re unlikely to be skiing at warp speed for long. You can even tuck your jeans into them if you’re wading through deep stuff. with extra grip and a smidgen of style points. Available from Daimaru Department Store.m. Line Sir Francis Bacon COULD this be the perfect Niseko ski? While we know Niseko has got the deep. Available from Fusion . The Powder Fly II wood core absorbs the chatter for a smooth and controlled ride. the Supermodel . Filled with top quality goose down all the way from the hem to the hood (no 70 per cent duck feathers here!) it is cut as flattering and feminine as a long down jacket can be. Who wants to peel off four layers every time you walk into a new place? If you love the winter life you need a warm down jacket that can be peeled off in a second to reveal your nightlife-ready kit underneath. sintered WFO base will keep you hauling along when you break out of the steeps and rip across a wide-open bowl. A fatter nose and skinnier tail sits you right up out of the pow-pow. tapered shape and a short 2. Call 0136 21 6633. Available from Victoria Sports Kanda. This is exactly what the SFB delivers. looks as good as its namesake.5cm stance setback to give you bountiful float in the fluffy stuff. restaurants and bars at night. the full-length. whether you prefer regular or EST bindings. New this year. The Supermodel. to rip in Niseko you want a fat ski with a bit of flex to make it a playful powder ski that will pop a bend when you need it. One of only two skis that got a perfect 10 in Freeskier’s ‘09 test. RRP: ¥75.powderlife. Burton Supermodel BURTON’S beauty. A ridiculously fast. and your ski jacket does not cut it in the streets. and is one of the lightest skis out there. Burton added an ICS ‘The Channel’ system to give you nearly limitless stance options. and includes Carbon I-Beam reinforcements to increase handling for a precision cruise down the mountain. Think gum boot with oodles of street cred that are extra warm. with a waterproof full-grain leather upper attached to a vulcanised rubber bottom.january 9 2009 ISSUE 11 powderlife 22 23 .boasts a directional.000 (US$1085 approx). Initially designed for Rebecca Romijn to wear off-camera during the filming of X-Men 2. Canada Goose makes just about the best down jackets you can get. It floats on anything. If the Mystique Parka can keep an actress wearing little more than blue body paint warm in arctic shooting conditions. The Supermodel: snowboarding has never been more attractive. shall we? Almost specifically designed for Niseko’s deep and powdery natural mountain conditions.january 9 2009 www. Hirafu and Hanazono. or pull them over the top for a token effort at p. Rated to -40 degrees celsius. They wear Sorel Caribous. Layering is for the daytime on the hill. let’s stop there.600 (US$860 approx). So. Call 03 3295 2955. so you can dry them out between uses. RRP ¥89. it’s capable of handling whatever Niseko can throw in your direction.Canada Goose Mystique Parka . it only has patches of the steep. www. yet still carves the groomers.000 (US$1015). and the Mystique parka is its warmest. RRP: ¥20. RRP ¥95. and find that you are constantly left waiting for friends to catch up after you’ve left them in your powdery wake.

. The pro-ski shop’s オ ープンしました 。 当 初 からスタッフとして 働 い   current manager and local legend Toki-san (right) has been て い て、 在 は マ ネ ージャー をして いるトキ さん 現 there since the beginning. Started 15 years ago by セコ 3 4 3 ” は 、 セコ の パウダ ーとス キ ー をよく知 ニ Odaijima-san (left). he dreamed of owning his own accommodation in the the locals By Chika Matsuda Pelican Burger ペリカンバーガー welcome irasshaimase Without a doubt. beanie. colour Purple brand None food Curry restaurant Loft Club bar Home onsen Koikawa Onsen ski run Strawberry Fields how long will you be in niseko? I don’t know yet where else in the world do you want to go skiing? Whistler what does niseko need? More Japanese people and locals niseko secret? Lots of stink bugs in autumn means lots of snow in winter what’s your life philosophy? Enjoy life’s little pleasures 名前 ナカノ コウタ 年齢 27 出身地 札幌 ニセコに来てどのく らいですか? 6年目 パウダースノーは好きですか? 大好きです スキーヤー? スノーボーダー? スノーボーダー スキー歴/ボード歴 15シーズン 夏には何をしてましたか? ゴル フ、 サッカー、 交通事故。。 。 話す言語は? 日本語 海外には行った事ありますか? ないです 次はどこに行きたいですか? 外国に行きたいです 好きな… 色は? 紫 ブランドは? ノーブランド 食べ物は? カレー好きです レストランは? ロフトクラブ バーは? 自宅 温泉は? 鯉川温泉 コースは? ストロベリー ニセコ以外でどこのスキー場に 行きたいですか? ウィスラー  ブラッコム ニセコにはどのく らいいる予定で すか?わかりません ニセコに今無い物で、 必要だと思 うものは? 日本人と地元の人 ニセコの秘密は? カメムシ予報 あなたの人生観は? 小さな幸せ を楽しむこと SKI SHOP MANAGER Nabe name Yoshihiro Watanabe age 37 hometown Rankoshi how long has your family lived here? More than 100 years do you like powder? No ski/board? Ski how long have you been skiing for? We learn how to ski when we’re in school what languages do you speak? I’m Japanese so I speak Japanese trips overseas? None where do you want to go next? Nowhere favourite. 今年7月にペリカンバーガーをオープンしました。 ペリカン While Pelican’s front door is human sized. deep powって いるオ ー ナ ー の 小 田 島 さん が 1 5 年 前 に お 店 を der. dog food restaurant A bowl of dogfood bar I love a bowl of chai tea onsen I love drying off after onsen ski run Zangi Course how long will you be in niseko? As long as I’m the mascot what does niseko need? Dog socks niseko secret? You can see me! what’s your life philosophy? Eat well. ニセコ343 24 powderlife ISSUE 11 december 26 .. and skiing deep powder in Niseko. it would have to 後ろには羊蹄山、 そしてアルペンの温度計が、 ニセコでもっ be the most photographed landmark in Niseko.. colour Yellow brand North Face food Fish eggs restaurant None bar None onsen Ikoinomura ski run Super Course how long will you be in niseko? Until I die where else in the world do you want to go skiing? Whistler what does niseko need? More transport infrastructure niseko secret? You can sometimes tanuki (Japanese raccoons) crossing the road what’s your life philosophy? Effort will always pay off 名前 ワタナベ ヨシヒロ 年齢 37 出身地 蘭越 ニセコに来てどのく らいですか? 明治時代く らいから パウダースノーは好きですか? NO スキーヤー? スノーボーダ ー? スキー スキー歴/ボード歴 学校では小さいときから体育授業 なぜニセコに来たのですか? 住みたいから 夏には何をしてましたか? 仕事 話す言語は?日本人なので日本語 海外には行った事ありますか? なし 次はどこに行きたいですか? 特になし 好きな… 色は? 黄色 ブランドは?ノースフェイス 食べ物は? 魚卵 レストランは? なし バーは? なし 温泉は? いこいの村 コースは スーパーコース ? ニセコ以外でどこのスキー場に行 きたいですか?ウィスラー ニセコにはどのく らいいる予定で すか? 死ぬまで ニセコに今無い物で、 必要だと思 うものは? 交通のインフラ ニセ コの秘密は? タヌキが道を横切 っている姿が見られる あなたの人生観は? 成せばどう にか成るもんだ SKI PATROL Zangi name Zangi age 11 months hometown Sapporo time in niseko 9 months do you like powder? Yes! ski/board? Patrol how long have you been skiing for? 1 month why did you come to niseko? I was destined to be the mascot dog here what did you do in summer? Ran around in the dog run at Pure what languages do you speak? Ruff Ruff! trips overseas? Not yet where do you want to go next? Somewhere warm favourite.. after テリアの建築に2年もの歳月をかけた後、 渡辺仙司さんは spending two years designing and building the interior. which he and his wife run year-round. Toki-san has been a the coach for は 、 前 、 以 フリースタイルス キ ーとモ ーグ ルス キ ー the national freestyle and mogul ski teams. sleep well 名前 ザンギ 年齢 11カ月 出身地 札幌 ニセコに来てどのく らいですか? 9カ月 パウ ダースノーは好きですか はい ? スキーヤー? スノーボーダー? パトロール巡回 2足の足 スキー歴/ボード歴 1カ月 なぜニセコに来たのですか?  マスコッ ト犬の宿命を受けて 夏には何をしてましたか? ピ ア ュ 内の グランで走 まわってま ドッ り した 話す言語は? ワン 海外には行った事あ ますか ま り ? だです 次はどこに行きたいですか?今、 寒いので暖かい所 好きな…色は? 赤 ブランドは? ぺディグリーチャム 食べ物は? ソファー、 帽子、 靴下、 雪、 ドックブード レストランは? 大盛りのドックフードお願いしま す バーは? “チャイ”をどんぶり いっぱい飲むことが大好きです コースは? ザンギコース ニセ コ以外でどこのスキー場に行き たいですか?ここが一番好き ニセコにはどのく らいいる予定 ですか? マスコッ トでいる限り ずーっと ニセコに今無い物で、 必要だと思 うものは? 犬専用くつ下 ニセコの秘密は? 私に会えるこ とあなたの人生観は?よく食べ、 よく遊び、 よく寝る Pension Ramina Like many in Niseko. Toki-san is happy to 合った 商 品 を 幅 広く取り揃えて い ま す。 ニ セコ   have them. Ramina Pension owner ShunichiFujimine is living the dream. It’s a huge wooden mountain lodge just outside Hirafu.. it doesn’t ニ セコ のス キ ー 専 門 店 の 草 分 け 的 存 在 で ある “ ニ come any greener than Niseko 343. Seven years ago he quit his job as a businessman and opened Ramina. soccer. So you とも有名な撮影スポッ トになっています。 そんなクールな know the hamburger joint its creator has created in バーのオーナーが倶知安にハンバーガーのお店を作れば Kutchan town is also going to carry a crate load of www.powderlife. snow. ‘ra’ means heart and ‘mina’ means december 26 . but prefers to specialise in what he knows best – 3 4 3 は 北 海 道トラックスとカフェ  キラの 向 か い に powder skiing. It’s a lot more work than he imagined. colour Red brand Pedigree Chum food Couch. Toki and the crew should be your first port of call. fell in love with Mt Yotei and the local mountains.powderlife. Niseko 343 is opposite Hokkaido Tracks and あります。 Café Kila. www. Since his university days more than 30 years ago. After taking in the surrounds you should order 気を十分堪能したら、 創作バーガーをオーダーしてみたら one of their creative burgers. Pelcian Burger is opposite いかがですか? 渡辺さんのお勧めは冬にぴったりのクリ the 7-Eleven. By the way. スタッフ が お 手 伝 いしま す。 セコ のフィー ルド に ニ And as for those damn snowboarders. play well. ーミーマッシュルーム ハンバーガーです。 By Saoka Wakasugi LIFTIE Naka-chan name Kouta Nakano age 27 hometown Sapporo time in niseko 6 years do you like powder? I love it! ski/board? Snowboarder how long have you been snowboarding for? 15 seasons why did you do in summer? Golf. After 蔵庫のドアになっている、 ギュウタスに違いないでしょ う。 Mt Yotei and the Alpen thermometer.january 9 2009 ISSUE 11 powderlife 25 . He had lived near the mainland ski resorts around Nagano and Yuzawa but after coming to Niseko. If you’re looking 全 日 本 チ ー ム の コ ー チ をして い た 経 験 もありま す。 to get deep in Niseko and want to be looked after by local   ニ セコで の 滑りをとことん 楽しみ た い なら、 元 地 experts. in the local indigneous Ainu people’s dialect. but he loves meeting so many people from all over the world.. Gyu+ (the bar with the mini fridge 比羅夫で一番クールなバーといったら、 入り口が小さい冷 door as its entrance) is the coolest bar in town.january 9 2009 www.niseko343... and had a car crash what languages do you speak? Japanese trips overseas? None where do you want to go next? anywhere overseas Niseko ski stores. かっこいい店に間違えないでしょう。 お店のデザインとイン Hisashi Watanabe opened Pelican Burger in July. Watanabeバーガーの入り口は人間サイズです、 正面から奥の壁まで san’s touch is evident from the front façade to the back 渡辺さんのこだわりにあふれたお店になっています。 雰囲 walls. ラ ミ ー ナ ペ ン ション の オ ー ナ ー の 藤 峯   俊 一 さ ん は 3 0 年 以 上 前 の 学 生 時 代 か ら 、山 で ペ ン シ ョ ン を 持 つ の が 夢 で し た 。長 野 や 湯 沢 と い っ た ス キ ー リゾ ート の 近 くに 住 ん だ あ と ニ セ コ 、羊 蹄 山 の 山 々 が 他 に は な い 山 の 懐 の 深 さ の 魅 力 を 持 っ て い る こ と に 感 銘 を 受 け 、7 年 前 に ラ ミ ー ナ ペ ン ション を オ ー プ ン さ せ まし た 。 木 の ぬ くも り が 感 じ ら れ る 大 き な 宿 は 比 羅 夫 の と な り に あ り 、奥 さ ん と 一 緒 に 一 年 中 営 業 し て い ま す 。仕 事 は 想 像 以 上 に 大 変 で す が 、 世 界 中 か ら 来 る お 客 様 と 交 流 し 、ニ セ コ の 魅 力 を 伝 える の を 楽し ん で い ま す。 ラミーナ ペンシ ン ョ Niseko 343 When it comes to grass roots. Niseko 343 knows Niseko.

Five years ago.” 26 powderlife ISSUE 11 december 26 . arguably POWDER www.january 9 2009 www. Bevan also got his first taste of Niseko powder that year. surfers and bodyboarders vs boards: The battle for pride. IT’S the eternal battle. “But I did see them (snowboarders) slicing through some slush (Aussie powder) at Perisher in a way that we never could on the thin skis we were using then..” he says. not really. but when I look at a skier going through deep powder. They just sometimes plain and simple get on each other’s nerves.. when I see a snowboarder ripping through powder . At the end of the day. These days. so I didn’t like the idea of changing. in powder for me it’s definitely a snowboard – ultimately when you’re on a snowboard you float through the powder. This heated debate has even translated into fisticuffs. HAILING from Canada. given the chance. skiers are renowned for forming a snowboarder’s worst nightmare – the mogul.” When it comes to shredding through the pow-pow. Conflict such as this is not something unique to the snow. we do still live in a world far from a utopia. there are still four major resorts that say ‘no’ to snowboarding – Deer Valley. The list goes on… We digress. But how times have changed. As far as terrain goes. Skiers are popularly considered to be your traditional. on Japan’s mainland. though. I generally ski because you can get around better – there’s no equivalent on a snowboard to allow you to get around the back country. click your heals down and you’re ready to go.january 9 2009 ISSUE 11 powderlife 27 . There are a whole gamut of sports where there exists a fundamental divide between genres – even if many of their goals are inherently similar. and will never. Then. Trevor and Ross from Pro Powder joust it out. Melting from snow to the water. adding fuel to the fire and giving the debate more momentum. In his 20s he spent more time strapping into snowboards than clicking into skis. when it comes to the crunch. he’s usually on skis for the ease of getting around the backcountry and hiking mountains – there’s no need for snowshoes and he’s much more mobile. unlike between warriors Trevor Dobson and Ross Monaghan. To ski or to board? That is the question. We thought we would leave it to those who are passionate about their chosen discipline for slicing through Niseko’s plentiful powder. and karate and tae kwon do..” SNOW SAMURAIS .” So. However. would Bevan ever make the dirty switch? “No. Mad River Glen and Taos Ski Valley. “I’m a hardcore skier. I obviously can’t do that. though. from Pro Powder guides.and never looked back. Photo: Glen Claydon The powder and the passion: Locals speak from experience… When selecting your powder weapon of choice. For decades now it’s been heatedly argued out in bars après ski…or should that be après board? Traditionally. the United States. he jumps back on the board. snowboarding is Andrew’s favoured form of sliding down the mountain.” says Bevan. it looks like hard work. but snowboarders tend to surf the mountain and go across it. and skiers in Niseko complain that tracks left by boards in powder make a run difficult to ski through. as do waterskiers and wakeboarders. snowboarding was always going to be my thing. if you’ve got a split board you still have changeover time when “I love going up the mountain on skis. There are many stories of ice hockey-style fights breaking out on the mountain – even in the peaceful powder paradise that is Niseko. antisnowboarding resorts. There are more than just differences of opinion that spark such a clash. His first time bound into a board was back in the heyday of snowboards. even to this day there are many ski resorts around the world that still don’t allow boarders on their slopes. I’m a hard core skier and will never. In that time he has snowboarded for about four days. underlying conflict between the two breeds of snow creatures – even if it is not so visible and obvious in this day and age.Skis place…and powder. The invisible divide between skiers and snowboarders has existed for many years. so I found it hard to see myself as a skier after making fun of them in my youth. of course. Believe it or not. Conversely. “By the time snowboarding came around I was already a proficient skier. road cycling and mountain biking. “If I could download the ability to ski really well into my brain. “Skiers go down the fall line of the hill and can do more fresh turns side-byside.” he says. ever convert” mountain in different ways and I just feel skiing is more compact and graceful. it doesn’t really look like as much fun. riding in Gunma. While he loves both. where we all know there is still often a deep-seeded. I’d definitely illegally download that program. there’s one interesting and relevant little aspect in particular that we decided to put to the test: What’s better for Niseko powder . which whet his appetite and saw him settling here years later for the 2006-07 season. He started skiing when he was four years old. and he also likes the extra accessibility skis afford him. there’s rugby and football (soccer) december 26 . snowboard giant Burton recently put out a US$5000 bounty for any snowboarder who rode the slopes of elitist. well-to-do snow riders. who rides a locally invented and produced Gentemstick. there was much more animosity that existed between skiers and boarders. In the land of the free. it’s more suited to riding powder. it was undisputable that snowboards were the ultimate powder tool. It doesn’t matter what system you use – if you’ve got a regular board you’ve got snowshoes on your back. but then when I get to the top I wish I had my board” you have to put it back together and rotate the bindings. Black Diamond Tours guide and co-owner Andrew Spragg grew up riding mountains. boarders are blamed for pushing the snow to the side of the slopes so the piste becomes bare. “When it comes to guiding. Although. but then when I get to the top I wish I had my board.” he says. in the picture below. These days. To retort in the typical rebellious nature of boarders.I know it’s one of the best feelings in the world. it is a level playing field. However.and I know the feeling myself . But when it comes to his free time. so can’t see myself going back to be a beginner again – there aren’t enough days in winter. while boarders will always have the label of being ‘the rebel’. with the advent of fat powder skis. Bevan. whereas snowboarding is more free-form. But soon after that. I reckon I would feel like I was wasting a day if I went skiing. “Skiers and boarders go down the ier k B POWDERLIFE’S publisher. the two ‘races’ live in harmony…of sorts. With skis all you have to do is take your skins off. physiotherapist and powder hound Bevan Colless kicked off his snowboarding career in 1994 . but these days he ends up doing a lot of both – mainly snowboarding in his free time and skiing when guiding in the backcountry. oa er rd oth B “Ripping through powder on a snowboard is one of the best feelings in the world” “I grew up in a working class family and my brothers used to always say skiers were wankers. there are many things to consider. says snowboarding wins hands down. ever convert”.… By Kristian Lund and Matthew Thomas breathing new life into the ski industry. and never in good conditions.” he responds. Now the difference isn’t so great between the two. before first jumping on a board when he was 15. When guiding. But overall.powderlife. It’s almost a tired old cliché.skis or boards? S HOKKAIDO Tracks founder Simon Robinson has been skiing regularly for 35 years. the first parabolic skis came out and they gave skiers the ability to get through terrain in a very similar way to snowboarders. unidentified boarder throwing some spray. “I knew when I tried it the first time. “I’ve never skied in powder. Alta. who admits to skiing a total of seven days in his entire life.” Simon likes the fact that it takes a long time to be able to become proficient enough on skis to be able to ski powder and go into the backcountry. Snowboards had a huge influence on skis. also have their differences of opinion. “I love going up the mountain on skis because it’s so quick and easy.

I also think you can make more turns when you’re skiing than you can when you’re boarding. * Skiing deep powder is harder work and you need to be fitter and stronger. I used to ski. but when it comes to what’s better in the powder. there was only one choice for me. I still ski two or three times a year. * Harder to get up when you fall in powder. Powderlife took to the slopes to ask the public what craft they thought was best suited to the powder – and why? Emi. hill that snowboarders can’t reach.” What are the negatives that come with snowboarding? Access.powderlife. just add skins and you can climb a mountain. Australia: “I haven’t really ridden skis in deep powder before. both would be okay. POWDER POP . I’ve taken up tele-marking now. Minimises burn in rear leg. the powder. and the reasons behind their choices of snow transport. I found one of my skis I lost in pow. * Beginners can generally become more proficient in the powder faster. * Harder to become powder proficient in a short time – have to be a pretty high-level skier to handle deep powder well. Falling in powder and doing ‘the turtle’ is pretty average. that skis are more of a long-term challenge in powder. * Boards are easier to control in deep snow. there weren’t any snowboards around. The final say: Can’t we all just live in powdery peace? FOR those who want to fight it out. I can be going up a ridge line with skiers and they’ll skin up and get to the top an hour before me while I’m floundering away in my snow shoes in the powder. Tighter ‘DIN’ settings on your boots in the powder. I find it a little easier on my body. *Skiers can generally get deeper into.I don’t have a board at the moment. but once I rode. 28 powderlife ISSUE 11 december 26 .. INSTRUCTORS Trevor Dobson and Ross Monaghan (pictured left) may be brothers in business. though.january 9 2009 www. It must be said. that at the end of the day. and go faster www. I am a ski instructor and ski in my spare time.” .” What is it you enjoy most about snowboarding? “I love the feeling of carving a turn in powder. as it’s really hard to get through. so my boarding days are becoming fewer and they know a bit about getting through the fluffy stuff. they can’t help but face off.powderlife.. There should be a larger difference between ‘effective edge’ (the length of the board touching the ground) and actual length of the december 26 . and are only practical when going down. hard-to-attain positive. Photo: Glen Claydon. changing direction in style. with all the falling down and getting up all the time. * You can’t skin up a mountain without a split board. you’re probably having a pretty darn good time regardless… Bindings should be set back. it’s what you enjoy doing that counts. and sometimes turn up a piece or two short.” voice of the Skiers and boarders in Niseko have their say… Skis: Fatter skis for more surface area. so skis don’t separate from the bindings as easily. Tokyo: “I’ve never tried skiing. You need to walk or ‘skate’ on flat terrain. founder and owner of Niseko’s Pro Powder. so we have a much wider selection of terrain to ski. it doesn’t matter what you’re riding.” Stiffness in the ski around the bindings gives more security and faster response. on whatever mountain you choose. * The ‘old school’ factor. * Can require more powder-specific equipment than boarding. not being able to see where you’re going. * The ‘cool’ factor. but I would like to try snowboarding in the deep powder . Another thing would be when you bail. And if you’re getting amongst the powder in Niseko. I love hitting jumps of natural hits in powder. Kanazawa: “I have skied all my life. www. if you completely ‘yard sale’ you can spend a long time looking for your gear. and see where things go..january 9 2009 ISSUE 11 powderlife 29 Narrow or swallow tail means easier. I hear that story all the time. Think of a turtle. Flexibility at ends gives more pop in the pow. Every turn you feel as if the snow is rolling around your shoulders and you get face shots. and when did you start getting serious about being an instructor? “I have been boarding for 12 – start a forum discussion. Hong Kong: Joanne. I have worked the past three seasons as an instructor trainer in various resorts in British Columbia in Canada. getting a face shot. I don’t see any difference because regardless of what you ride. flapping away and trying to get up. When I ride skis in powder.” David. that decided to turn up after the winter in May.” What advantages do skiers have over boarders in Niseko? “The access is a big bonus for skiers. so I don’t know really. When I come off the peak I can rip four or five massive turns on skis and still maintain my speed. since I was 13 years old. and snowboarder Ross. Trevor.Face off. it’s what you’re doing out there that should do all the talking. people The Yuyu. but everyone says it is easier to stay on top of the powder on a board. Cons * Harder work when hiking the back country. so I started skiing when I was five years old. At that time. Powderlife sat down for a Q & A with Trevor and Ross to find out a little more about their powder-coated lives. * Less chance of knee injuries. but I’ll always be first and foremost a boarder. I knew that it was for me. However. which gives float in powder snow. that was enough to make me convert and I haven’t looked back. because you also need to carry snowshoes and poles. Means board is designed to mainly travel in one direction – forwards. I had learnt to ski first.” * Larger surface area means better float in the powder. This means a larger part of the board rises up out of the powder. And we don’t have to worry about the flat spots at the bottom of our runs like snowboarders do. but I think snowboarding is better in powder. Powder-specific boards will have holes drilled further back in the board. some who reach this high level see it as a rewarding. * Wear out the mountain’s snow faster.” When did you realise you were forever going to be a snowboarder? “I was hooked the first time I ever rode a snowboard. too. Two years ago. though. Boards: Fat nose so front end stays out of powder. The landings are like bouncing off pillows. or just simply vote. you can do so diplomatically at our website’s Noticeboard forum at www. Australia: “Skiing is definitely better in the powder – is there any question? I’ve never tried to snowboard before – and I’m too old to learn . and I still board occasionally. but usually when the conditions aren’t great.powderlife.” Jonathan. But in saying that I would like to give skis a try in the powder.” Pros and cons Breaking it down… Pros When it comes to skiing and snowboarding.. TREVOR When did you start skiing? “I grew up 10 minutes from a ski slope. neither is perfect . skier. too. “For an older bloke riding in powder. I think snowboarding is harder work for me. I couldn’t achieve that on a board.powderlife. Slashing lines off a bank or covering a tree in powder is all so much fun. specialise in teaching both skiers and boarders specifically how to ride in powder . one in the company’s small yet skilled team of instructors. too.” What are the disadvantages of skiing? “Going too deep in the powder can sometimes be a negative. too.” What is best about skiing Niseko powder? “It’s so light here that on skis you can really get deep into the snow. but when it comes to their choices in snow craft. Australia: “I don’t know much about skiing. but when I first got some powder on a snowboard.but I have a good friend who went from skis to snowboard and back to skis again because they learned all there was to learn. which saves you from losing your skis in powder. as there is only one plank to worry about. Have your say What’s better for powder skis or boards? Vote online and see results next issue. * Boards are not good in flat areas of the back country. Cons * You can get too deep in the powder.” Directional. I just don’t get that same feeling when I snowboard. We can get to places and carve lines on the Pros Skiing: *Easier to get around in the back country – no showshoes required. and it can get quite hard to ride through such depth. and am learning to tele-mark. more responsive carving.each have their positives and negatives… Snowboarding: ROSS When did you start snowboarding. but I have boarded in China and Korea and I think snowboarding would be better in the deep powder because there is more surface area on a board. Really. Hitting dead spots at the bottom of runs is also not much fun. I have snowboarded quite a bit over the years.

rider Adrian Camp photo Glen Claydon .

. Photo: Niseko Photography sand thou …A Photo: Niseko Photography Photo: Niseko Photography Photo: Glen Claydon Photo: Niseko Photography Photo: Niseko Photography Photo: Niseko Photography ..taking turns at Hanazono.words EARLY-SEASON MUSHROOMS.

Oasis . www.Milk 3. but with this album. Razorlight . Kanye said.january 9 2009 ISSUE 11 powderlife 35 . Seeing Sounds is a very funk-influenced album with 1930s swing drumbeats all through it. Every song from Intro right through had me tapping along with the beat.Panic 9. Kings of Leon . N. they have really shown that they are more than serious with continuing what they are doing. I’m afraid to say that Kanye West’s new album has surpassed its predecessor with ease.D sound. 982.In The Morning 4. and close high school friend and rock demon Jesse Hughes. 15° back GNU 11up/ Burton Cartels Backcountry trees FS Indy 180 Four months Three years Andy’s iPod Top 10 1. I reviewed Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter.Guns Don’t Kill People 10. width and angle: 57cm.D. Notorious BIG . Heart On is comparable to the Foo Fighters of the ‘90s. Dolly Parton . Strokes . This dull and lifeless album is not what Kanye is known for. going from a heavy. a newly arrived local shredder from England who hits the bars just as hard as he hits the slopes. Heart On.E. The lyrics were unsyncopated and unusual.E. It had a synth-vocal overlay that annoyed the s*!# out of me. These guys are truly flying the flag for old school rock and roll. The remixes are even great. Name Born Stance Setup Favourite terrain Favourite move Time in Niseko Time riding? Andy ‘Nasher’ Gulverhouse 2/10/72 Stance. just a whole steaming heap of my eyes anyway. I can’t really fault it…Genius! Rating: 4 ‘Buy This Album Legallys’ out of december 26 .R.I mean really! Eagles of Death Metal was formed by frontman of Queens of the Stone Age Josh Homme. all without losing that N.powderlife. 808 & Heartbreaks. Kings of Leon .Wonderwall Album reviews Kanye West. then on to a melodic rock tune. 2008 FANS of dirty rock would really. They started the Eagles as a gimmick band as a side project for QOTSA. really enjoy this . Rating: 1 ‘That’s All It’s Worths’ out of 5. 2008 THE is the hip-hop album of the year .Juicy 6. with great guitar riffs and lyrics sung the way rock lyrics should be. “I am the No. there’s no heavy bass lines with catchy hooks.Sun in my Eyes 8.By Nick Jackson powder tracks Andy Gulverhouse Powderlife caught up with Andy Gulverhouse.Jolene 5. We find out what makes him tick. The variation of the album is also great. thumping club tune.The Bucket 7. there’s no flamboyant self-promoting. 2008 LAST issue. he would be fighting it out to stay in front of Peter Andre.R. Goldie Looking Chains . but that just made it all the better. Eagles of Death Metal. Rating: 4 ‘Moustachioed Rock Gods Playing Guitar Hero at 3am Swigging Jack Daniels’ out of 5. Hed Kandi . Seeing Sounds.Someday 2. but after this album. 15° front. who sits somewhere at a lowly No. 1 human on Earth in the music industry”. The Smiths .

But. YOU will never be 100 per cent safe in the back country. a movie and presentation fleshed out the technical side Day 1: of things . going out there unless you are with someone who • If an avalanche does come down around you.both from guiding company. First of all. These were telltale signs of the stability. mean beacons and probes – objects all foreign to me prior you should basically get the hell out of there. Powderlife associate editor Matthew Thomas digs a snow pit. wind and rain are doing. we put all our newfound knowledge into action. locate those trapped within. and even sounds of snow. such as 45 degrees out of the avalanche’s path. It is harder than it ever again. This knowledge was worthwhile.. you can go to measures to minimise the risks and ensure you are as safe as possible out there. and the most obvious. such as gullies. practical. the day you think you know everything is they day you stop learning. while nursing a couple of well-deserved Kirins. be aware of cornices and convex slopes and also areas where the snow might build up below you on the mountain. wind over 15m/s is cause for concern. We drove half-an-hour outside Niseko to a mountain called Iwa Annapuri. this weekend did provide me with the stepping stone I needed. Chuck and Watanabe san instructed us how to test and assess the snow pack for weaknesses by literally cutting apart the snow and looking at its ‘history’. ‘whoomphing’ noises.. Alternately check the regular and accurate hokkaidopowderguides. quite the contrary. 36 powderlife ISSUE 11 december 26 .. alongside Japanese guide. • On the terrain side. believe me – which is why I wasn’t surprised to hear that it is quite common for many to venture into the back country with a beacon and absolutely no idea of how to work the thing. avalanches are some of the most powerful forces of nature known to man. snow-coated field. This is especially necessary when skiing. at http://niseko. weather and terrain. burying himself in a creek bed in minus-three-degree temperatures.mainly focussing on environmental aspects of avalanches. we then took the gondola to the top of Higashiyama. Chuck Olbery.powderlife. Day 2: Today. board or snowshoes. we boarded and skied down in some of the freshest thigh-deep powder I’ve had all season. To close out the course. We were then taught the right way to use a probe. have one person at the top and one person at transmitting before you head out. we were taught how to preventative side. • Before you head out. niseko survival guide I’m not ignorant enough to make myself believe this course equipped me with all I need to know about snow disaster. skiing or riding down in avalanche zones. As they say. worse or the same. Without time for preparation. Know what’s dangerous and what are the ‘red lights’ for the snow pack. you’re going to be home.Earning your avalanche stripes By Matthew Thomas A POINT IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION . and temps at zero or • Have the right equipment – at the very least a above degrees celsius. Follow up courses and more experience in the back country will certainly be on the horizon.. Going into the Canadian Avalanche Assocation-recognised class with basically no prior knowledge or experience. then. we were thrown into an avalanche simulation exercise. call this person and let them know when you arrive home safely. knows how to extricate you from an avalanche. say our guides. If you’re know how to use it. comforting setting of upper Hirafu’s Après Bar. initially head out back. it gave me a thirst to seek more. such as hollow sounds under foot..january 9 2009 www. and we were the only ones who could get them out. Then. it was much like peeling back the skin of an onion. Hokkaido Powder Guides. don’t have ski poles tied • Have an experienced partner who also knows how around wrists because they can act as anchors if you to use all of the gear. Chuck. and how to minimise the damage or deadliness of an avalanche should it strike. Later on in the night. better. is used to probe through the snow to DIGGING DEEP . in the warm. The class was led by experienced Furano local and regular visitor to Niseko. what kinds of snow. Alternately. cracking around skis. know beforehand safe areas to escape or retreat to. email back country. and I’m glad to now say I know how to perform these tests myself. Besides the hike being a rude shock to the system by way of snow fitness and strength (in parts I was sinking in snow up to my waist – the curse of the large-framed man).the only ones who remained above snow level. * Hokkaido Powder Guides is holding another • Check on avalanche conditions at the time by avalanche course in January. recent avalanches in the area you plan to visit.. BREATHER . smothering. Nori Watanabe . armed to the teeth with shovels and snow saws. beacon. along with affording me a healthy respect for the snow that I never really had until now. the class watches as Chuck tests the snow. entry-level understanding of how to prevent avalanche disasters. ironically. As we learned. – where you’re going. Akio * Check out the next fortnight’s edition of Powderlife Shinya. or looking at the age rings of an old tree. in close to 10 minutes – considering the situation.january 9 2009 ISSUE 11 powderlife 37 . of the mountain were avalanche traps. I will never go riding or hiking nonsensical bleeps and flashes on the dial soon and look up only to see simply snow and a mountain turned to coherent directions. a lone snowboarderz enjoys some solo time with just him and nature. we got a nifty little Canadian Avalanche Association certificate for our troubles. looks. all in all. a very good time. I RECENTLY went along to a weekend recreational avalanche course with seven other keen students from all over Hokkaido. retracing our tracks. where our group hiked. Know what the snow. or not. an object which. The fact that you can be severely injured or die out there is.nadare. we were taken out into a snowy field. make sure beacons are time. our group needed to come up with the best plan of action. Plus. and behind a clump of trees. deadly and fast as they reach speeds of up to 200km/h. These snow pack tests were only something I had seen in skiing and snowboarding movies. We learned what angle grade and parts After a briefing. students stop for a break after riding fresh tracks from the peak of Iwaonupuri. checking avalanche reports posted on gates of the call 0167 225 655 or 080 3492 0433. a fact of life. or a whether these conditions will make stability trends high point on the PAYING ATTENTION . • Travel safely in avalanche-prone terrain. and were then asked to factors. in order to make a safe and sound decision to track them all down. what you’re doing and when A PRIVATE MOMENT . On the to this Showing dedication and sacrifice to his craft. rain on new snow..powderlife. along with armed only with a backpack filled with shovels. or ask guides. We were. check the weather forecast. For more information. or instability. then employ all our new knowledge. who were also thirsty for knowledge. • Think about the snow pack.. Chuck Olbery’s top tips for avalanche • Red lights for the weather are 2. thankfully. It is useless and dangerous are caught. I now see so much more. www. boarding or hiking the back country of avalanche-prone Hokkaido.5cm per hour or safety 30cm overnight of snowfall. Chuck became a human icicle. for survival tips for when you actually get stuck in an • Make sure someone knows your plans for the day avalanche. where. gloves and poles littered the site – we needed to track down all the beacons that had been cunningly buried beneath more than a metre of powder by our guides. The different types of snow beneath the surface – a variance of rock-solid ice. as after all. Chuck demonstrates to hikers that there is more to the back country than meets the eye. a group of people on a mountain struck by an avalanche . by its namesake. This was proof and affirmation that what we learned actually worked. However. behind or under a rock. of the snow. internet postings by experienced Niseko local. the two-day intensive course gave me a comprehensive. An unknown number of victims were stuck below in a snow death trap. this was a practical way of putting into action all we learned the day december 26 . After lunch. With the snow all messed up and debris everywhere – skis. go one at a • In the car park. probe and shove – and more importantly. powder and sugar-like granules – were fascinating. all of a sudden. friends or patrol about info@hokkaidopowderguides. we also learned how to read the operate a beacon by burying several of them in a weather forecasts and assess other environmental or check www. the bottom spotting you.. I’m pleased to say we tracked down the all beacons and.

blogspot. For more great reviews and a whole lot more about food. it’s so rich and so savoury it fills your mouth with umami. The okonomiyaki is topped with Japanese Worcester sauce.january 9 2009 www. The other we go for is the thinly sliced pork belly. There’s an English version of the menu so no pantomime www.there are only a few tables spare when we AUSTRALIAN BOTTLESHOP PRICES Top quality Western Australian wine Delivered to your Niseko accommodation next day Pay in $AUD on your credit card No fees. pickled ginger and tempura december 26 . our table grill is turned on to warm for the arrival of the treats. all the conversation ends and only the need to consume another mouthful exists. Sitting on one corner slowly bubbling away all night is a pot of the beef tendon. kewpie and bonito shavings so fine they dance and wave in the heat given off from the okonomiyaki with the still soft egg sitting below. When they’re just about done. the spiritual home of the okonomiyaki. so we opted to find out by ordering a mix okonomiyaki. we should have known we were full but there was the possibility we were still hungry. prawn and squid. Really. These are left to cook as we sit and squirm in hunger with the delicious aromas wafting around and our food with in touching distance. In the end we go for the beef tendon on the negiyaki and the pork belly on the okonomiyaki. Worcester and mayo. followed by the Tel: 080 6066 4321 38 powderlife ISSUE 11 december 26 . so it was a genuine piece that we were going to try. Annupuri and Niseko town. Leaving our shoes in the rack and having a good laugh at trying to fit into the inside slippers (you’d think there’d be one pair of size 12 slippers somewhere in Japan!?) we plonk down at a table. We love a good yaki (fried dish) and many a time have whipped one up at home from my step mom Akiko’s recipe. check out Kat and Kim’s blog @ www. lemon and tempura flakes. with its thick batter. not just one item in a list on many on a food court menu.nisekowinesupply. The tendons are melt in the mouth and the kim chii is not so strong that it overpowers but just lets you know it’s there. We seem to enter a fugue state. You know it’s good when your can’t eat any more. All done and ready to explode we leave. aonori. Located midway between Higashiyama. okonomiyayi is the star of the restaurant. but you’re already planning to . and thinking about what flavors and styles to try. mmm! We watch as the okonomiyaki batter is the first to be poured on to the grill. The table has a flat grill in the center to keep the goodies warm and is set with essential okonomiyaki tools.bigfoodsmallworld. but now we’re faced with another choice – the standard okonomiyaki base. decisions. it’s kind of all by its lonesome. no conversions Enquire about Japan based Membership or wholesale buying www. then a mountain of spring onion. or nariyaki. and the okonomiyaki flipped over onto that. The negiyaki is topped with a slice of lemon and both are brought to the table and placed on the grill. but it is only a few bites in when we realise in fact we are full. but this doesn’t seem to have slowed business . We are both immediately drawn to the beef tendon and kim chii combination so we know that’s going to feature soon in our future.powderlife. It’s just as delicious as the first two. Next to it the negi batter is poured on too before being topped with the tendon and kim chii. lemon and tempura flakes. and we loved hearing about the restaurants in Japan that served this dish and nothing else. a thinner base topped with spring onion.january 9 2009 ISSUE 11 powderlife 39 . All too quickly we are finished. The owners of Okonomiyaki Jyuu are from Osaka. As this is done. As soon as the okonomiyaki and negiyaki are half cooked.. The tempura flakes have been cooked in to a crispy golden crust covering it. AT Jyuu. negiyaki.powderlife.. an egg is cracked onto the grill. really full! It seems sad to leave something so delicious uneaten. a thin base with garlic chive. already making plans for our next visit. I was concerned that they might over cook on the grill but after the first bite there was no concern that they would be around long enough for that to happen. We tried the negiyaki first. Decisions. they’re flipped over. so we give it our best review By Kat and Kim Okonomiyaki Jyuu Sekka chefs Kat and Kim introduce us to Okonomiyaki at Jyuu. The order travels not far. in fact only two meters away to three huge flat grills where the magic is performed. The okonomiyaki is a beast of a completely different kind. This comes with pork.

kimuchee. Cook until base is golden brown (approx. tempura flakes or ‘whatever you like. mushroom. spring onion. okonomiyaki can now be found all over Japan and with its crisp outer layer and moist filling.january 9 2009 ISSUE 11 powderlife 41 . followed by Japanese mayonnaise.powderlife. kimchi. 4. 40 powderlife ISSUE 11 december 26 . cheese. white button). will satisfy the taste buds of any hungry www. squid. any other toppings and mix lightly. Said to have originated in december 26 . Be careful not to add too many toppings.powderlife. Spread these sauces over the entire surface of the pancake and don’t be shy with the sauce. Pickled ginger. Lunch. 1 egg. a pinch of seaweed flakes.’ When cooked. 3. shrimp. cabbage. Finally top it off with aonori and bonito flakes if you like and serve immediately. Itadakimasu!! 343 Enjoy great food anytime of day in a family friendly atmosphere. shrimp. To make the batter whisk the flour. okonomiyaki. Try making okonimiyaki and sharing it in the centre of the table as part of a casual Japanese dinner with friends. stock powder and water in a mixing bowl. Ingredients (serves 4 people) 1 ¾ cup flour 350ml water ½ pack (4g) sea kelp (konbu) stock powder ½ pack (2 ½g) bonito fish stock powder ¼ cabbage 1 leek 4 eggs (one per pancake) 1 tablespoon dry sea weed flakes (aonori) 2 tablespoons fried tempura balls (tenkasu) Japanese mayonnaise to taste Okonomiyaki sauce to taste Topping ideas: Mushrooms (shimeji. most commonly you like it! Tess Stomski from Niseko Gourmet fine dining and Sachiko from Niseko Gourmet Japanese cooking workshops share their okonomiyaki recipe. scallops. Okonomi means ‘as you like’ referring to the ingredients that are mixed with the batter to make this Japanese savoury pancake. rice cake. okonomiyaki is topped with Japanese mayonnaise. 6. Mix well until all ingredients are blended together to form a smooth batter. ‘Yaki’ refers to the grilling of the pancake after it has been mixed with your choice of ingredients. Apres Ski and of course Dinner. nori flakes and pickled ginger. okonomiyaki sauce. Cut cabbage and leek into bite size pieces. Once the pancake is cooked (approximately 5 to 10 minutes) you can then top the pancake with okonimiyaki sauce (similar to Worcestershire sauce but thicker and sweeter). 10 minutes). In a separate mixing bowl take 1 ladle (100ml) of batter. bonito fish flakes. Breakfast. squid.january 9 2009 www. Coat all ingredients well with batter. a few pieces of leek. maitake. as well as any other toppings cut to the same size. 1 handful of cabbage. Flip over and lightly flatten out the pancake with a spatula. Pork or bacon. 2. bonito flakes 1. 5. Once hot place the mixed ingredients into the center and spread out into a 15 to 20cm circle.japanese cooking Okonomiyaki . some tempura balls. Heat one teaspoon of vegetable oil in a fry pan on medium heat. Don’t press too hard or you will crack the pancake.

When you meet your friend at the bottom of the run. Ii yuki da ne means: the snow’s good. in this lesson we give you some language to use when you’re on the mountain talking about – and enjoying – the snow. If you come across someone lying in the snow and you’re wondering if they’re injured. but just need to put away your camera. 3. here are some other things to complain about: tsukareata (I’m tired). say: abunai! (that’s dangerous!). ask them: dou datta? (how was it?). Yuku ga futteru (it’s snowing). When they show you. try the shortened version: akeome! Special bonus points if you can remember the full new year greeting: akemashite omedetou gozaimasu. Furu 降る to snow There is certainly a lot of snow in Niseko – but it doesn’t always snow 24/7. 6. You’re almost ready. Try taking your map to one of the mountain staff and asking: koko doko? (where are we on this map?). Futteru? (Is it snowing?). studio tdes produces a daily online English language show. When you’re busting for the loo. sugoku samui (yeah. And since we’re guessing you’ll spend most of your holiday on the mountain. Mada (not yet). ask someone: toile wa doko desu ka? (where is the toilet?). Note: if you’re talking about a particular body part. isn’t it?). Samui ne! (it’s cold. snowboard Suberu means slide and is also the verb most commonly used to talk about skiing or snowboarding. Akeome! あけおめ ! Happy New Year! If you want to be with a crowd of people on New Year’s Eve. if you want attempt a conversation. Need more practice? Have fun learning basic Japanese every Sunday afternoon with tdes. based in Kutchan: www. Doko? どこ ? where You stare at your map and up at the mountain and back at the map … and still have no idea where you are. sometimes it’s colder than usual. When you’re ready. ask: boots dou? (how are your boots?).january 9 2009 www. Later you’re standing at the top of the mountain and they ask if you’re ready to take off: ikou ka? (shall we go?). Niseko Yurt Village Time: 4pm to 5pm Entry: 1000 yen (includes 1 drink) More info: december 26 . If someone asks you and you’re not OK. Daijoubu? OK 大丈夫? 1.thedailyenglishshow. Futtenai (It’s not snowing). you can say: tasukete (help me). (it’s really good today). 2. Yell: matte! (wait). Gangan futteru (it’s snowing hard). If you’re not feeling cold. onaka suita (I’m hungry). standing on the slopes watching the giant flaming 09 is the place to be. they’ll answer: daijoubu (yeah. The roads in Hirafu are very slippery. Matte まって wait Your friend rides off while you’re still adjusting your boots and you want them to wait. say: domou arigatou gozaimasu (thank you very much). isn’t it?). Dame is used for telling someone not to do something. Tsumasaki ga tsumetai (my toes are cold. 9. kyou sugoku ii. Dou is also useful. try pointing to the injured body part and saying: itai (it hurts). you need a different word for cold: tsumetai. it’s easy to slip over). Suberu 滑る ski. 4. Dame! だめ! Don’t … ! If someone skis after you yelling “dame!” – chances are you’ve done something against the rules. in which case. and when it starts and stops it’s always something to talk about. Then buy them a beer. so people will warn you: suberi yasui kara kiotsukete (be careful. 3. Kotoshi mo yoroshiku onegaishimasu.Japanese for powder people by studio tdes Lesson 2: Japanese for the mountain CHANCES www. Dou? どう? how. . what You can ask questions in Japanese just by raising your voice at the end of a statement. isn’t it? Also try: saikou da ne (it’s awesome). Subetta? (did you go boarding/skiing today?) Subbetta yo (yes). say: ikou! (let’s go!). ask them: daijoubu? (are you OK?) They might just be having a rest. you can say: daijoubu janai (I’m not OK). So. Yannderu (it has stopped).) Yubi ga tsumetai (my fingers are cold). If they’ve just bought new boots and are wearing them for the first time. they’ll probably ask you something like: doko kara kitano? (where are you from?). or attaching ka. Say: chotto matte (hang on a sec).powderlife. Samui 寒い cold It’s winter in Niseko. Furanai kanaa (I wish it would snow). your best bet is to find a Japanese person and ask them to say the words and repeat after them. it’s really cold).powderlife. kimochi ii (feels great!). of course it’s cold! Still. After you strike up a conversation with someone about the weather. We’ll teach useful words and phrases for English-speaking tourists in Niseko.january 9 2009 ISSUE 11 powderlife 43 42 powderlife ISSUE 11 december 26 . Ii いい good Ii is one of many words you can use to describe the amazing run you’ve just had or the yuki (snow). Pronunciation guide: Since this magazine can’t talk. You ordered soba for lunch and your friend is slurping down a bowl of udon – ask them how it is: dou? oishii? (is it good?) 7. If you’re injured and want to get your point across in the simplest way possible. harahetta (I’m hungry – boys version). especially when it’s windy and you’re sitting in a chairlift without a hood. If you need help. or telling someone off. talking about the snow is probably a good place to start. 5. you came to Niseko for the snow – and so did the person sitting opposite you in the gondola. If you want to tell someone off for almost poking your eye out with their ski pole. After the countdown wish everyone a happy new year: akemashite omedetou gozaimasu! (happy new year!) If you can’t remember the whole thing. I’m fine). ii condition da ne (the snow’s great today. Day: Every Sunday Place: Samurai Bar.

opposed to feet strapped in…you MAY be considered. Or got a question for a man who knows? Fire it to stirling@powderlife. or should I say ‘Goldman-digging’ wives. As a favour I * Females – profile picture dependent. don’t sweat it regarding the financial name’s Stirling Goldman. my dominance with the best at night – well. Get it. I ask you to try your luck and look me up – the So bankers. SO. the joke was on them. and who reap the rewards of the great man to seek some ability to ski like he does. So it is a winAnd with this come decent dollars and a steady win for them. the sound of cash register straight.Men who ride Mountains By Stirling Goldman Hailing from the extreme terrain of Mt Baw Baw in Australia. if Stirls doesn’t ski. It was a common scenario and bored me to tears. I think I come in third on the rich list of Australian athletes behind I remember the ‘90s recession back in Australia. situation. you need to do shorter would run the risk of the women keeping the what he does on a regular basis. Stirling Goldman was bred on waist-deep. highflying job. It goes as follows: poster for themselves under their beds. The Jenny. man-made powder and extra steep chutes. For Stirls the rent. has decided to settle here for good. A: Patty my boy. It was laughable for the Stirls. I ski therefore I am Stirls. Baw Baw numbers soared. Stirling Goldman: a man who rides mountains. my focus. and divorced by then. Goldman is not stupid. my what I do best during the New York and Paris. he is a sponsor’s dream. Naturally. and their ‘golddigging’. they looked to my money is redirected via my residence in Monaco. solace in these tough economic times. in my ear trying to get a piece of a real man. The suit has sure aged. So. my 22 bedroom skiing perspective. Sure there are fewer ladies about but there Patrick. closest I have come. As always. food and clothing come second to lift tickets and chalets. You know you want to. my Sydney Harbour win-win for Stirls. If you can one hour of work. Stirling never sells out. Of course I haven’t paid for either since I was three years old. dropped my appearance fee and just charged for the * Males – a somewhat more difficult task. consume 40 beers. Stirling soon sensed that both local and international punters needed to be taught a thing or two and luckily for us. Stirls will still look good and your partners will still have a crush on me. Bentley and Porsche. Stirling to save the day. is almost enough to cause me to get on the phone to my old mate Barack and give him my pearls for how to sort this mess out. And as for what I do Ferrari. profits were backwards. It may take five years and you may be broke Look him up on Facebook. If you want the truth. but in those days I used to ski on must say there is a fairly strict criteria become a 300s and the photo had to be family friendly. All Q: Stirling. Q: Stirling. However. people often look at Goldman and think he is just a ski bum – you know. but I would if I had to. Imagine all the broken hearts and disappointed fans. let me set the record Cha Ching! What was that. and Stirls became tired of being told jump on a snow board and land with your hands as how good he was. my and more room for me to do what I do best – at least apartments in London. Of course. I must admit it is somewhat painful being approached by punters at the best of times. The beauty of the markets is that they are cyclical and you will have a job and share portfolio Wanna see if Stirling will accept you as a friend? again. on coming. though. yet this was the opening? Stirls thinks so. then go down to Kutchan and ride the ski through the roof. which is good as it is nice to ‘give’ stream of royalties that means the good times keep something back to the resort and to skiing in general. For to be a friend of Stirls. and recently moved to Niseko. for Baw Baw management were worried the profit an international man of the winter as I am. Also. but I have not. how do you keep your finances in check during these times? Patrick. So how do you deal with the credit crunch? You see. For with a face and body of the gods. you muppet? Stirling doesn’t do or need a suit. Jenny. those rumours are true. It just wouldn’t be fair. Then these same people What people do not understand is that from a hear about my chalet in Chamonix. or not to roll in Niseko just because the yen is strong. the global markets slide means a palace in the Caribbean. most of margins would be grim. Fortunately for the wannabes. any friend. recently I have been approached by many people wondering how to deal with the ‘credit crunch’ and global financial crisis. I cannot choose not to go on a skiing trip. For it was Baw Baw and they needed me. rumour has it you are now on I will say is that there were some strategically placed Facebook? Is this true? Can I be your friend? 210cm ultra thin skis and Stirls in the raw. Some things never change. He is financially are always the seasonal workers and Niseko regulars secure. So I did a shoot at the Baw Baw peak.powderlife. photographers wanted to use a shorter ski so the A: Well. A few seasons ago these were the kind of people trying to bribe their way into VIP status next to Stirls at the bar. Stirling has conquered the most beastly mountains across the world. Sydney. ski down from the peak on one ski but it paid off. too. Being sidled up to by a pin-stripe suit-wearing investment banker drowning his sorrows at 2am. Now. let’s just say I have to just change ladies…and all of a sudden want to be my friend. There are less people on the hill waterfront with private yacht mooring. Loud-mouth Stirls wannabes bragging about their latest big deal. asking the Stirls how he does what he does. $30K was still a big risk for them. I punters could relate. for it meant a steady supply of free beers for me all night. a larrikin who just looks for good times. But it’s even more painful when they are looking for financial advice. I don’t roll with married women.january 9 2009 www. Tokyo. Stirls may as well not exist. Stirling does what he does because he has to. Greg and Harry (Norman and Kewell).com . The last time I wore one was for the Armani shoot I did back in the ’89-‘90 season. flashy houses and how good they were at skiing. but there will still be snow in Niseko. 44 powderlife ISSUE 11 december 26 .

However. Drinks are extra but very reasonable. this time located above the Ramen bar in the Max Value car park. for which you pay an extra fee or you can buy them drinks. just a 10-minute bus ride away is an authentic little rural Japanese town. Kutchan . and the one larger room is ¥ Kutchan Night-Go Bus ¥100 for an unlimited pass Kutchan Karaoke? Okey Dokey! By Bevan Colless THERE is a ‘must do’ list when visiting many countries. with just your friends as an audience. next to Blue Cielo. but in years gone by it has been quite a thriving little entertainment district on the back of past ski booms in Niseko. here are some picks for the best karaoke bars in ‘the Kooch’. They do have costumes you can borrow if you feel like dressing up. They are open from 8pm to december 26 . sing karaoke with a group of friends . Drinks are extra. there are countless .000 people. Both are available in Kutchan. Kutchan is the service town for surrounding rural villages in the region. could well be one of the best experiences of your trip. including Niseko. Nozomi II have the most English songs in their system. or ¥1.000. Take a hot spring bath – check. for two people ¥735. For those not after a party. (usually ¥500). has a stage that you can get up on to do your thing. it’s karaoke booth-style. or ¥3.unique little restaurants to choose from. just around the corner from the Loaf Lounge. You can choose from ¥2. Nozomi II 8:00am ~ 8:00pm [closed on tuesdays] ph: 0136-22-0050 This is a bar-style karaoke and is great fun and great value. The western take on karaoke has been to perform in front of the whole bar. Do Re Mi Once again. For the younger crowd at least one night exploring the back alleys of Kutchan for a quirky little bar or karaoke joint is a must . So. which is often as late as 7am. Shukin. Hiroko Snack. They open at 9pm.january 9 2009 ISSUE 11 powderlife 47 . but therein lies its charm. 5.000. Karaoke is usually about ¥200 per song. For ideas about where to head check out www. After 8pm.january 9 2009 www.kutchan k-town WHILE Niseko becomes a thriving modern international ski resort in winter. and this includes a small snack. but traditional Japanese style is in a ‘booth’ or ‘box’.affectionately known by foreigners as K-town. the two rooms are ¥2. Snack Bars All ‘snack bars’ have karaoke.powderlife.possibly a hundred or more . it’s often the ones who start out shy that end up being the hardest to pry from the microphone – especially after a few jars of liquid courage. and Japan is no different. Look for the red sign just a around the corner. so you can pour your own drinks from your bottle. a few doors down from Café Kaku on Miyako Dori. the funky little traditional Japanese town located just a 10-minute bus ride from Hirafu village. They have two small rooms and one large room. ‘Snack bars’ are a style of hostess bar that charge a small entry fee.000. 46 powderlife ISSUE 11 december 26 . but can open earlier on request. It’s the closest ‘big’ town to Niseko with a population of about 15.powderlife. For hourly use of the booth for one person it costs ¥735. You have the option of having a lady sit with www. according to the ‘Monk with Spunk’… 1. Between 4pm and 8pm the small rooms are ¥500 per hour and the large room is ¥1.000 all you can drink for two hours. so if you’re a bit shy.000. eat lots of Japanese food – check. Kutchan’s nightlife these days is pretty tame compared to what most foreigner visitors would be used to. 2. Use of the karaoke room is ¥600 per hour for one person. They usually have a ‘bottle keep’ system. Mikan-sei is very popular with high school students for its afternoon special.200 if you want beer included.000 all you can drink until they close. Mikan-sei Another booth-style karaoke above Wai Wai Okonomiyaki.powderlife.000 and hour for spirits. Niseko has its own fantastic hub of great karaoke bars and booths in Kutchan. and have an all you can drink for ¥1. No one knows Kutchan like long-time resident and owner of Café Kaku. and three to five people it’s ¥1. Songoku A private booth-style karaoke in the Wakayama building right across Miyako dori fom Be and World Sports Bar. They’ll even pick you up and take you home for free if you give Eiji a call 090 6263 2328. take a bullet train – check. you don’t need to get up in front of strangers.check. 3.

so the idea is to develop here a high class. What are you planning as your target market for the resort? Moiwa being the most traditionally famous resort as it is the oldest place in the region we would really like to target a lot of Japanese. Hooker is looking to open 35 franchises in Hokkaido and a total of 70 throughout Japan over the next three years. I understand that you will be trying to link Moiwa with the Niseko United. have announced plans for a new large scale. The development will take place on about 50 ha of vacant land to the south east of the current resort property.” says Holmes. “Our goal is to create an international resort. Construction is planned to continue over a period of more than 10 years. We’ve been working together for about a year already but we’ve decided to formalize things in this new venture. Kicking off the new arrivals is Tracks Real Estate. sales manager Grant Mitchell said it already had a healthy stock of more than forty properties. In General we wish Moiwa to be the natural choice for kids and families as well as beginner skiers to choose. “Worldwide. working with Makoto’s construction experience in Niigata and Niseko. General manager Luke Hurford says planning for the new development is well under way. we hope that this time we will be lucky enough to join the pack. just exchanging name cards. The plans released are proposing restaurants and a village shopping promenade similar to those of the great mountain resorts throughout the world. which right now is untapped because of many difficulties with the previous owners. However. we will work towards that goal but with room to allow more advance skiers to enjoy our slops. and some 40 villas. JBuild Niseko. Rob Holmes will be at the helm as head of sales. apartments) and take clients from inception to completion. We hope we will be able to achieve our goal which is to connect with the Niseko united. management of construction projects. One of the key points is that Moiwa is very attractive in the summer which is why Kanronomori is full all of the time. This will appeal to the growing Asian market. What differences will we see in Moiwa this season? This season won’t see great changes. From our understanding there has some bad air with the previous players.” says Mitchell. the first branch in Japan. We just took over the resort in the first week of December. golf and summer activity facilities in the Higashiyama area. What are some of your long term goals for the resort? We are very lucky to have Riccardo Tossani of Riccardo Tossani Architecture to develop a masterplan for us. and even fewer have the quality of Hirafu’s real estate. Powderlife Magazine caught up with the fund representative Mr. beneficial service to both vendor and purchaser.” L. We hope that with their help and others. and other leisure facilities such as a skating rink and an onsen (hot spring). How do you think the towers and Kanronomori will play into future of the resort? Kanronomori is a vital part of the future. We met with Niseko town council today and clearly stated that we want to see Niseko growing.000 condominium apartments and free standing villas. At the same time we would also like to see more foreigners come to this very cozy and nice part of the mountain. Eyal Agmoni to find out a bit more about their company and their plans for the future of Moiwa. Their main focus will be on design and construction. Eyal Agmoni Photo: Niseko Photography Tell me a about Moria mountain holding GK? Niseko Village. “We’ll work on smaller jobs (renovations. they are still in the bankruptcy court so there are some issues there. He discovered Niseko five years ago and settled here in early www.powderlife.january 9 2009 www. we definitely would like to develop the existing facilities which of course include everything that is already there. Included in these plans are three new high-speed lifts. What steps have already been taken to make this happen? Right now we are doing what is called an Isatsu visit. Other plans include the development of a new ski area especially catering for beginners over the next two to three years. McGregor is a licensed Australian builder who has been working in construction in Japan for the past 18 years. We would like to be more integrated into the mountain and the other operators to try and get more people exposed to this side of the mountain. retaining and enhancing the charming and priceless elements of the Niseko. whose sister companies Hokkaido Tracks Development and Hokkaido Tracks Management were local pioneers in their fields. ski. An ex project manager with Hokkaido Tracks. directly connecting with it. McGregor decided he would venture out on his own and offer his construction services which include december 26 . The office will be located in the Downtown Café building at the end of the main drag on the second floor. Photo: Niseko Photography Moria mountain holding is a Japanese company based in Tokyo created solely for the purpose of holding the Moiwa ski resort. Makoto Begley and Michael Davenport will be joint operators of North Star Projects. Hokkaido and Japanese culture as well as providing the activities. Regarding the towers we are not sure. and Davenport’s experience working for a development company and overseeing several construction projects in Niseko. very up market resort development on land adjoining their current operations. extensions) through to much larger jobs (new houses. the first in Hokkaido to incorporate chairs for six skiers (the widest currently being quad lifts). “We are both bilingual. We want to bring them in and we would like to hopefully connect.powderlife. the Wonderland Chair. “This and the fact that we have in-depth local knowledge and a combined experience in Hokkaido of over 40 years puts us in an excellent position to provide a vibrant. The idea is definitely to grow the whole area to a world class resort. While this is TRE’s first season. In addition to commercial and leisure facilities. Q&A with real estate feature Interview by Lorne Calhoun Earlier this month Moria mountain holding GK purchased the Moiwa ski resort. We know that there have been attempts in the past for previous owners to connect. This is in addition to a multipurpose centre for staging events of various kinds. The resort appears primarily aimed at attracting a domestic Japanese clientele. pre-purchase inspections and general consulting. it has both seasons attraction. dining and entertainment and lifestyle elements which are the benchmark of any great international mountain resort. particularly the free-spending recently retired ‘silver’ market. It is part of a group of companies owned by a private equity fund. I am the representative in Japan for the fund. have good connections in the area and it made sense to work together. with the first stage hopefully commencing by Autumn of 2009. which has very little ski experience. top notch resort with maybe a famous operator who will help us to maintain it. Is this the first ski resort your company has taken on? Absolutely. New Niseko real estate companies SEVERAL new real estate companies have been formed in Niseko in over the past year. operators of hotels. In that time he was hands on for over 250 various projects. The Moiwa towers were not part of you purchase.” says Davenport.J. but there are many ideas that people are talking to us about that we are looking forward to.” he says. India Papua New Guinea and the United Arab Emirates. 48 powderlife ISSUE 11 december 26 . LJ Hooker has a nationwide presence in Australia as well as franchises in 13 countries including China. there have been many good people here to help us put everything together.real estate news By Lorne Calhoun Niseko Village announces major new development plans NISEKO Village.january 9 2009 ISSUE 11 powderlife 49 . they are proposing to build a total of over 1. and reconstruction of one existing Niseko Village lift. “We believe that despite the recent economic downturn there is still huge potential for development and sales in Niseko. or/and other resorts. It has 800 franchises in total. as well as approximately 800 condominium apartments and 182 town houses in low to medium rise configuration. LJ Hooker moves into Niseko AUSTRALIAN real estate giant LJ Hooker will be opening a Niseko branch soon. TRE’s listings range from luxurious penthouses to more modest apartments and feature a selection of houses in fashionable Middle Hirafu.” Jason McGregor has just started his own company. few ski resorts can rival Niseko. and should begin to take shape in three to four years’ time. Our first mission was to make sure the lifts opened on time for the season.

nor does it require a gimp suit and a spell on a throne of humiliation. above all else. ‘is Niseko a bubble?’. How does all this affect investors? If you are a short-term market player out for a quick profit. the people with vision and a deep love for the area.powderlife. The poster child for ski resort development. A ‘period of correction’. we find that investors are playing it safe and as a result Niseko is now entering a period of correction. This offers tremendous bargains to the Asian market. Thus.600. I stated that Niseko was not a bubble. enjoy the snow and all that Niseko has to offer. sales manager for West Canada Properties LAST year. in Canada’s British Columbia.000 up to US$1.powderlife. The quality of these services are becoming more and more sophisticated to match the needs of the more sophisticated Asian customers we find coming here. Whistler. for the uninitiated. In fact. balance is maintained. More and more services are opening. However. So. As sure as the sun will rise tomorrow. Many of the Australians who are being priced out of the market by the exchange rates are looking to capitalise on exchange rates by selling their Japan assets. giving the tourists more options. long-term vision and a deep understanding that essentially nothing has really changed in Niseko. This has held true despite the recent battering of the world economy. and Singapore and Thailand by 10 per cent. has endured no less than five since 1978 and is still going strong as ever. nor could it become a bubble due to the fact that growth has been fueled by private investment and not leveraged. does not go where there is no possibility of a return. you should have gotten out last year. even if you buy in today you are still getting in very close to the bottom. in answer to the question. the longer term rewards will still be sweet. Visitors from Hong Kong are up 42 per cent. Keep in mind that this has happened over 30 years. www. and Niseko is only in its fifth year of growth. 50 powderlife ISSUE 11 december 26 . but the good news is they are being replaced.january 9 2009 www. generally. Photo: Niseko Photography I stand ‘corrected’ By Graeme Glen. Exchange rates have reduced the numbers of Australian visitors. the snow will fall in Niseko.january 9 2009 ISSUE 11 powderlife 51 . enjoy your stay.real estate views Hirafu Village. Private money. does not involve wearing a dunce cap and standing in the corner of the classroom. This provides an unbeatable destination for skiers for which there will always be a market. things are getting better in Niseko. if you didn’t you’ll have to hold on till the markets recover confidence. So. What it does require to deal with a market correction is december 26 . But for the long-term player. the average price for plots and chalets went from US$150. Periods of correction are nothing new to ski resorts. From 1978 to 2007.000. world economic chaos aside. The basic element of Niseko’s initial success has not disappeared.

and all have Finnish saunas. in Izuimkyo 2 – utilises the sharing concept of fractional ownership. “Our ownership system allows you to match the percentage of your legal ownership with the amount of time that you plan to spend skiing in Japan each season. These facilities are made all the sweeter with views of Mt Yotei and Hirafu so there’s no mistaking where you are. million (around US $1.” says Tim. “Fractional ownership is different to time share.january 9 2009 www. A lot of people are balking at US $330. “I guess when a lot of people come here they think it would be fantastic to own a property. “In the case of a traditional time share. lodge.5 million (around US $16. so as the time share elapses. with any income generated put back in a pool for investors to use as secondary income. but the problem is that is not always affordable for some. high-speed fibre optic wireless internet access. something its creators say is novel for the Niseko region. such as a mini-bus for morning first tracks. comfort premium bedding and towels. a lounge with wood-burner fire. “We are also looking at operating during the summer. In our case. Other and style at this Hirafu amenities featured are two saunas. each investor gets access to all a selected two-to-four-share bedroom and access to all the lodge the lodge facilities.000).powderlife. but don’t own the actual property. each investor effectively owns a part of the title to the North Field freehold property. But this is not to be confused with time share. Each room also has exclusive use of a fridge. each investor actually owns a valuable legal share in the freehold property. room heater. For each investor.000) and ¥120 Field Lodge. With the fractional ownership concept. a café and restaurant with its own chef.with a 25-bed licence – boasts nine shared western-style bedrooms.” says Tim Kennedy. As part of the ownership package.january 9 2009 ISSUE 11 powderlife 53 . North Field Lodge – located a snowball’s throw away from Hirafu’s ski lifts.1 million (around US $23.200). so we are giving people the opportunity to get a foothold into the Niseko property market for a much smaller amount of money.By Matthew Thomas on the market North Field Lodge A LUXURY lodge in Hirafu’s East Village is giving investors the chance to buy a slice of Niseko’s world-famous winter playground – but at a fraction of the usual cost. with fellow director and business partner. Also included is access to all lodge facilities. washing machines and dryers..3 million). bars and restaurants. Shared ownership allows the investor to enjoy the benefits of owning a freehold Niseko property for much less than the normal cost of buying a free-standing house or apartment. While North Field lodge isn’t marketed purely for its investment potential – rather as a lifestyle choice – Tim says that if owners choose to rent out their share.” Buyers will be able to use the lodge rent-free for a variety of time periods – 11. The most affordable portion of the lodge is priced at around ¥1. says Tim. “This is making that sometimes expensive lifestyle accessible for people that otherwise would not have been able to afford it. 44 or 88-night stays. North Field Lodge december 26 . owners usually only share part of a leasehold. it may still return around 5 per cent per annum.. and has since spread world-wide.. shops.powderlife. two Japanese reticulated onsen-style baths.” says Tim. 52 powderlife ISSUE 11 december 26 . flat-screen satellite television. seven of which have en suites.000 for a property that they will only use for a few weeks of the year. Rob Buffier. the buyer can own a share of North Field Lodge for an average price of ¥2. because with fractional ownership. managing director of North Field Lodge.” he says. Rob range in price between ¥40 million Buffier outside North (around US $433. offered by Japan Powder Lodges.” Fractional ownership is a concept that began in North America’s Rocky Mountains in the early ‘90s. and evening meals and excursions. LAP OF LUXURY . the lease becomes less valuable. Most Hirafu houses and apartments FAIR SHARE . wardrobe.

The apartments are rented year round and provide a steady annual income stream. these properties offer great value to the discerning buyer.on the market listings The Berg Apartments ¥120 million 795 m2 (240 tsubos) The Berg Apartments are located on a quiet street in the heart of the upper village above Seicomart.It is also possible to purchase The Sakura House next door.january 9 2009 www. the gradient allows for up to seven levels to the maximum height. one Ridgerunner Real Estate 54 powderlife ISSUE 11 december 26 . separate toilet and an open plan. The astute investor can . dining/kitchen area. to increase the strategic value of your investment. within easy walking distance to Niseko’s best restaurants. With generous plot sizes and treed outlooks. two-level apartments.powderlife. buy now and secure the winter returns for yourself. and the Ace family lift. Contact: Derek Kennewell Phone: +81 (0)90 2818 7408 Email: derek@rad-development. It has great views of Mt Yotei and the ski hill. bars. Each apartment has a loft bedroom that sleeps four people. and at this price they will sell . mobile:0806 098 7882 Ekimne Estate Properties From ¥55 million Beautifully constructed homes in the new Ekimne estate in the Hirafu lower village. with easy access to the village proper. but without the crush. Tranquility is assured in this unrivalled location. As a redevelopment site. where as other flat sites will only be approved for six levels. The Berg apartments are priced at 500 000 yen per tsubo. renovate or landbank this strategically located block of three. This part of town doesn’t have to come with a million dollar price tag! Coming together with fantastic rental packages. Hirafu Upper Village 150mts to lift Contact Ruskin McLennan from Niseko Property for more information ruskin@nisekoproperty.


Reservation required Mina Mina ミナミナ 23 4471 [MAP D2] Mokoraya もこらや 090 8279 0598 [MAP F3] Mozart モーツァルト 090 2699 6387 [MAP E4] Nami Chan Chi 波ちゃん家 21 2258 [Kutchan] Nathan’s Hotdogs ネイサンズ ホッ トドッグ 21 3121 [MAP E3] Niseko Gourmet ニセコ ゴメイ 080 5584 1313 Niseko Pizza ニセコ ピザ 21 6888 [MAP D2] Paddy McGintys パディーマッギンティーズ 55 8020 [MAP C2] Rosso Rosso ロッ ソロッ ソ 21 7100 [MAP B3] Casual steak house with a contemporary flavour. Hirafu Fleur 創作料理ヒラフール 23 3306 [MAP E1] Ichimura Soba 蕎麦屋 いちむら 23 0603 [MAP F3] if… Café カフェ イフ 22 4770 [MAP B3] Jam Café Bar ジャム (カフェバー) 23 0700 [MAP D2] Japanese Kitchen Bouken 冒険家族 22 3759 Java Bar and Café ジャバ バー&カフェ 090 2871 6781 [MAP D3] Bang Bang バンバン 22 4292 [MAP C1] Owner Masai Saito chooses the best ingredients in Japan. See you there! Yawaraya やわらや 23 3810 [MAP C3] Youtei Yakiniku 焼肉ようてい 22 0109 [MAP E1] Yuki Bar and Café 雪場カフェ 22 0234 [MAP D2] Yummy’s ヤミーズ 21 2239 [MAP C3] JoJo’s Café and Bar ジ ョズ ョジ (カフ ェ&バー) 23 2093 [MAP E3] A 13 cm Original Burger. Your fine dining solutions. cafes and eateries A-Bu-Cha 阿武茶 22 5620 [MAP C2] B’s Café and Bar ビーズ カフェ&バー 22 1480 [MAP D1] Hana Jizoh Bakery 花地蔵 23 0331 [MAP F4] Amazing sweet and savoury breads and pastries.powderlife. Blo Blo Bar ブロー ブロー バー 22-12-69 [MAP D1] Bouken Kazoku 冒険家族 22 3759 Chidori 千鳥 23 2831 [MAP F4] Curry Goya カレー小屋 23 3688 [MAP F4] Downtown ダウンタウン 23 3354 [MAP B3] WIld Bill’s ワイルドビルズ 22 5652 [MAP D2] Come for dinner. More than 30 beers on tap or in bottles. One of Hirafu’s most popular izakayas. tender wagyu and Kobe beef. potato gnocchi and fries from local potatoes. stay for drinks. Payoka パヨカ 22 0117 [MAP E1] Piccolo House ピッコロハウス (カフェ&バー) 23 0311 [MAP E2] www. Juicy. Kila 姫羅 070 6646 4715 [MAP C2] Komekichi Onigiri Café 米吉 (おにぎりかふぇ) 22 1105 [MAP F1] Kumagoro く まごろう 23 3381 [MAP B3] Loaf Lounge ローフラウンジ 22 1022 [Kutchan] Specialities Buta don ¥850 Tempura Set ¥1500 Sashimi ¥1500 Maru まる 22 5020 [MAP E3] Traditional Japanese ‘donburi’ restaurant. Barunba バルンバ 090 8907 9399 [MAP B2] Menu Selections Salmon pizza 1300 VenisonHamburg1250 Pasta 1000~ Buffalo wings 600 Black Diamond Lodge Restaurant ブラッ クダイモンドロッジレス トラン 0136 44 1144 [Higashiyama] Just 300m ski or bus from the Hilton Niseko Villlage. Shokusai Hirafu 食彩 比羅夫 22 1105 [MAP C1] Shunsai 旬彩 23 1882 [Kutchan] Slalom スラローム 22 1105 [MAP C1] Spur Chinese Restaurant シュプール (中華レストラン) 22 1105 [MAP C1] Tsubara Tsubara つばらつばら 23 1116 [MAP E4] Restaurants.“ Fujizushi Sushi ふじ鮨 23 2661 [MAP B3] Gentem Café 玄天カフェ 23 3154 [MAP B1] Grandpapa グランパパ 0136 23 2244 [MAP B3] Graubunden グラウビュンデン 23 3371 [MAP E4] Dragon Wine and Food Bar ドラゴン ワイン&バー 21 7700 [MAP B2] Raku Izakaya 楽 居酒屋 22 6638 [MAP C3] Rin Izakaya りん 居酒屋 22 1444 [MAP B3] Senchou 1 Izakaya 船長 (居酒屋) 22 2001 [MAP B3] Senchou 2 Seafood Izakaya 海山屋  (海鮮居酒屋) 22 5454 [MAP C2] Kamimura カミムラ 21 2288 [MAP D2] Just 300m ski or bus from the Hilton Niseko Villlage. Pick up available. Check out or great Western and Japanese december 26 . 11:30am-2pm/5-11pm. Check out or great Western and Japanese menu. Must try! Get the free village shuttle to bus stop G. variety of imported wines. Generous portions of food Jyuu Okonomiyaki じゅう 44 2336 [Higashiyama] Kakashi かかし 23 2622 [MAP D2] Kame 亀 22 0339 [MAP E3] Paul’s Cafe Niseko ポールズカフ ェー 090 9524 4968 [MAP C3] Specialising in Belgian beer and rotisserie chicken. Hirafu’s most popular bar and Tex-Mex cuisine directory Hotels Hotel J-First Niseko ホテルJファーストニセコ 22 2350 [MAP E1] Hotel Niseko Alpen ホテルニセコアルペン 22 1105 [MAP D1] Hotel Niseko Scot ホテルニセコスコッ ト 23 2311 [MAP E1] Niseko Kogen Hotel ニセコ高原ホテル 22 0117 [MAP E1] Niseko Park Hotel ニセコパークホテル 22 2122 [MAP C2] Niseko Prince Hotel Hirafu-tei ニセコプリンスホテルひらふ亭 23 2239 [MAP C1] Yamada Onsen Hotel 山田温泉ホテル 22 0476 [MAP E1] EN in-house fine dining 宴 インハウス フ ァイン ダイニング 55 8100 [MAP D3] Relax while our in-house chef does all the work. Belgian Waffles.january 9 2009 ISSUE 11 powderlife 59 .

..... If you have a laptop. South 3-jo West3..... Buses depart about every 30 minutes from the airport to Niseko.850 for a round trip.. but take care www. Kam.............. At present there is no doctor in Hirafu and TOURIST INFORMATION Niseko Physio is the only medical service Kutchan Tourism Information centre available in walking distance of the slopes.....03 5728 5200 CAR RENTAL Call for an appointment or just drop in.prai. Walking with two ski stocks is a great idea and protect yourself instead of the objects being carried........... Most small bars and restaurants in Niseko do not accept credit cards... Wear shoes with good grip..011-231-0500 Donan buses www. Ski schools NAC Niseko Adventure Centre NAC アドベンチャー センター 23 2093 [MAP E3] Niseko Hirafu Ski and Snowboard School ニセコヒ フスキーア ドスノーボー ラ ン ドスール 22 0921 [MAP D1] NISS Niseko International Snowsports School ニ .. it takes two to three hours..0136 44 2635 EMERGENCIES Police ....... The kazak card is the highest selling body well before you go in to the bath. and drinking in Kutchan...... Licensed auction dealer ........ Toll-free: 0120 lowed...... X-ray. buy and attach rubber sole covers with metal studs. keep both hands out of your pockets and free for balance.. you can ask many higher watt items without a problem at JR information desk.. Stamps and the Finally dry your body well before you walk post office box are at Piz Gloria convenience back into the changing room........ Prai Taxi charges valuables in a locker.......... It will take you most of the day.Calling Cards 8756...brastel..000 for a through.. Mazda and Orix have Visa Card.24 hours.. wash and scrub your tralia... Take a little towel only Kazak Rates from ¥20 for one minute to Ausinto the onsen with you...0120 029 222 British Airways..600 for an unreserved seat. you can try finding the free wireless hotspots in cafes and bars around the village... 1-4. staffed with Australian physiotherapy 0136 22 1121 graduates from North Sydney Orthopaedic The Niseko Grand Hirafu Welcome Centre and Sports Medicine Centre (Australia’s lead. will need to go into december 26 ..... Make Diamond Lodge : 0136-44-1144 sure the windscreen and back and side windows are thoroughly de-iced on the outside TAXI A standard taxi from Chitose to Hirafu will and de-steamed on the inside before setting cost about ¥30. The safest places are in large Kutchan or wear your shoes on tatami mats or in most indoor residences. There is likely to have an emergency earthquake pack.. You can use and the cost is about ¥2..... Kazak card is availcan fill your towel with cold water before you able from your hotel front desk....... You must know the location and received national media attention in Japan.. goodbye and excuse me. any of the following prefixes.... Primary care also available. Niseko station.. Niseko 011-231-0118 (drop off and pick may be more convenient to change with your hotel...00531 44 0022 offices in the Niseko area.. For longer term it becomes. year round activities....... They can and taping. Niseko 0136-43-2929 DRIVING Orix Rent a Car : Chitose airport 0123-22. Nippon Rentacar.. Please bring your passport ....0135-44-2104 schools.011-242-2040 Chuo Buses www........ renting can be convenient as it allows you to take a trip to Kutchan to stock up the fridge before returning the car..cheques at banks or at Kutchan post office.... Try Pow Pow. unless made from a mopai is the Japanese word for cheers – use it bile phone... The deeper the bow...... name to get a number.... hello.0123-45-7011 In the event of an earthquake...............0136-21-5616 (Izakaya) meals are ordered for the table and Soft Bank.... INTER-RESORT TRANSPORT A shuttle bus connects the Grand Hirafu. All trains run through Sapporo and ELECTRICITY Otaru... Australian trained winter sports physiotherapists....500 www...0134-22-0771 falling objects..scribers get five free minutes...4WD and sports vehicles.... Kutchan-cho Tel: 0136-22-1141 WALKING ON ICY ROADS About 1/3 of all injuries in Hirafu are caused by people falling on the street............... The Tokyo to Chitose route is the busiest domestic route in the world........ Do not eat while walking......... Highly qualified massage therapists Real estate Hokkaido Tracks Development 北海道トラックス 開発 21 7202 [MAP C2] Hokkaido Real Estate 北海道リアルエステート 080 5587 5052 [MAP C2] NISADE ニセード 22 0038 [MAP C2] Niseko Life Plan ニセコ ライフ プラン 44 3584 [Higashiyama] Niseko Property ニセコ プロパティー 21 5060 [MAP D2] NRE Niseko Real Estate ニセコ リアルエステート 21 7722 [MAP D2] Niseko Realty Sales ニセコ レアルティー セールズ 23 2221 [MAP C2] Niseko RDC ニセコ RDC 23 4844 [MAP B2] Ridgerunner リッジランナー 21 6220 [MAP C2] If you are comfortable driving in the snow.....jrhokkaido.. shop. activities Niseko Rusutsu Sapporo Hokkaido Backcountry Black Diamond Tours Black Diamond Tours ブラッ ク ダイアモン ド ツアー 090-2054-8687 Let us privately guide you through Hokkaido’s best powder stashes and out of the way places....... www.... visitors not on a full travel package have a few options to complete this last leg of their journey to Niseko and back.....january 9 2009 www..............donanbus...... ease off the accelerator Unfortunately there is no direct train from and steer slightly into the direction of the skid Chitose to Kutchan station (the closest major until you gain control.operators.......... post 9am to 5pm on weekends and holidays.......... including a rest stop halfway and a dropoff at Rusutsu.... Taxis Kutchan hire... the more polite hire a phone from IXSM travel 0136 21 5855 or Go Mobile 03 4496 4344..... Piz Gloria enter the onsen. Known for its flat 24 hour rates as low ¥6 per minute GARBAGE Hokkaido has some of the strictest garbage to Australia from any type of phone using a separation rules in the world........... Maintain at least a five-second gap jumbo (8-10 people).... you can contact Black DiaYou can exchange your money into Yen at the mond Lodge in Higashiyama.... 60 powderlife ISSUE 11 december 26 .. available from DRINKING convenience stores or at some phone card It is tradition in Japan to pour from a bottle dispensers in some booths......... vehicle skids. Many recent buildings have it is best to call the numbers below or visit: 240v with Australian shaped plugs. follow the signs on the bins to cellent customer service available in over 20 languages and the card is available at several the letter..... House... Kutchan Night Bus A free bus runs from Grand Hirafu ski area to Kutchan station every way and ¥3...011-219-4411 BANKING Yes.0120 255 971 Korean Air.....03 5159 1700 China Airlines.........0570-000-911 Ueda Orthopedic Clinic A privately run orthopaedic clinic providing more time efficient service than the hospital. Ph......... instead... Your accommodation is Japan is perhaps the most courteous country in the world. braces chures and transport information.... readily! Also please remember to stay well Directory Assistance behaved when under the They take about three hours.... After bathing rinse off under the shower. your 659 534..03-5285-8185 Japan English Helpline (nationwide emergency assistance)...... Please try to non-toll free access number..... A bow can MOBILE PHONES be used to say thank you..... Do not put your towel into convenience store and from most inbound the onsen water – leave it on your head and tour operators..... If you have a 12-point ticket....... You card in the Niseko area.... and café....... ビー 556 905 Blo Blo Bar ブロブロ バー ・ 22 1269 [MAP D1] Dragon Wine and Food Bar ドラゴン ワイン&フードバー 21 7700 [MAP B2] Fridge Door Bar (Gyu +) ギュウタスバー 23 1432 [MAP B3] Full Note フルノート 232 727 [MAP C3] Jam Café Bar ジャム 23 0700 [MAP D2] Java Bar and Café ジャババー&カフェ 090 2871 6781 [MAP D3] Masukotto マスコッ ト 23 1101 [MAP C2] Paddy McGintys パディーマッギンティーズ 55 8020 [MAP C2] Splash スプラッシュ 23 1688 [MAP C3] The Brick ブリック 22 3444 [MAP D3] Wild Bill’s ワイルドビルズ 22 5652 [MAP D2] Yuki Bar and Café 雪場カフェ 22 0234 [MAP B2] Local information SAS Scott Adventure Sports SASスコッ トアドベンチャースポーツ 21 3333 [MAP B2] Sun Sports Land サン スポーツ ランド 23 3220 [MAP A3] Tracks Real Estate トラックスリアルエステート 226 977 [MAP E2] West Canada Homes ウエストカナダホームズ 21 2226 [MAP E2] Tours..........NisekoPhysio.. ¥2.. the Welcome Centre has a wide range of broSports Telephone you’ve arrived without a booking – you risk taker you........ Demo デモ 21 66 77 [MAP C2] NBS Niseko Base Sports NBS ニセコ ベース スポーツ 21 5050 [MAP B2] Grand Hirafu Ski Hire グランドヒラフスキハイヤー 0136 22 0109 [MAP D1] Accommodation providers The Australian snowsports club with its own Niseko lodge Australian Alpine Club Niseko オース トラリアンアルパインクラブニセコ 223 006 [MAP E4] The lodge has eight western style guest rooms Membership is available for A$6. Look for the red “T” 0136 22 0109....000 off – don’t simply clear a ‘porthole’ to look for a small taxi (3-4 people) or ¥33................. NAC Niseko Adventure Centre NACニセコ ア ドベンチャーセンター 23 2093 [MAP E3] Lessons and winter mountain tours. walk slowly and never run.........03 3570 8657 Cathay Pacific.0120 207 020 Singapore Airlines......... stay out of elSapporo.. Black thing to remember is to drive slowly. Niseko Pottery Club ニセコ陶芸クラブ 23 4844 [MAP A3] Niseko Snowmobile Adventures ニセコスノーモービルアドベンチャー 21 5001 NOASC ノアスク 23 1688 [MAP C3] Paint Ball Field Niseko ペイントボールフィールドニセコ 23 2111 [MAP E4] 0919...000......... You can also withdraw from the 24-hour Citibank ATM at 3F Chitose airport and the 7-Eleven near Kutchan station........ For fractures or non musculo-skeletal cases you Located on Eki-mae Dori opposite Best Denki............ TIPPING 0041 (ITJ) and 0061 (IDC).セ イ タ シナ ス ー ポ ツ ク ル スニ コ ン ナ ョ ル ノ ス ー ス ー 21 6688 [MAP F1] NBS Niseko Base Sports NBS ニセコ ベース スポーツ 21 5050 [MAP B2] Niseko Sessions ニセコ セッション 080 6070 2780 [MAP B2] SAS Scott Adventure Sports SAS スコッ トアドベンチャー スポーツ 21 3333 [MAP B2] Call for an appointment or just drop in...03 5520 0333 JAL.. Izumikyo (Hirafu) 0134-25-0543.. No appointment necessary. You can also exchange USD travellers up in Niseko only available on weekdays) Nippon Rent a Car : Chitose airport 0123-26......0136 22 1171 Niseko hire. Whiteliner Buses www..... Others need ¥500 for adult and ¥300 for child per ride..... Remember you are an ambassador for your International Calls International direct dial can be made using country at all times while you are abroad...000yen/wk Niseko Auto Rentals and Sales ニセコオートセールズアン ドレンタル 090-2055-6074 [Higashiyama] Niseko Auto can assist you with local sales and export...119 Emergency Interpretation.... Address: North 4 East 1-2.......aacniseko. use the post office in Kutchan open 8. Appointments preferred but not also help with booking accommodation if essential.......000 for six ...... They will cost you.......03 3503 3311 United Airlines..require the “0136”...whitelinerbuses... B1 Chitose airport..japanrail..... stand in a door frame and watch for Otaru... Rental short / long term leasing export / import/moving assistance 7 pass 4wd from 45. but larger hotels......0136-21-6868 with your first drink which may or may not be TELECOMMUNICATIONS billed... Call 011 207 5166 or between you and the vehicle in front... If you can’t speak the newly opened tourist information centre Japanese you will need to bring a translator provides an excellent English speaking service for visitors.. You can a AIRLINES ANA...When driving on icy roads the number one 0543.......... locations in Hirafu and can be recharged at ONSEN (HOT SPRING BATH) IXSM travel or by your credit card................. stays the three big carriers have stores in EATING Kutchan: At most casual dining Japanese restaurants au.... 001 (KDDI).. Although tipping is not generally done in Ja.... sorry. eating.. Plugs are the flat www2. American Express........ Most of the cards with Cirrus and PLUS marks are accepted at these places......... not to let your speed creep up.. 0136 22 0399............... Rest your chopsticks across the top of Domestic Calls the bowl or plate – never leave them sticking Green and grey public phones take coins or out of the rice! pre paid telephone cards.. Never brake if the This is the most scenic way to get to Niseko.... The buses disembark at six designated bus stops within the greater Niseko United Resort.... Poor be. Niseko Powder Boards ニセコパウダーボード 0901 384 5772 [MAP D3] Niseko 343 ニセコ343 23 0343 [MAP C3] Rhythm & Beats リズム&ビート 22-0165 [MAP E2] SAS Scott Adventure Sports SASスコッ トアドベンチャースポーツ 21 3333 [MAP B2] Sports Rent Ciao スポーツ レンタル チャオ 22 5178 [MAP F2] CREDIT CARDS Japan is still a predominantly cash society.......... They have an X-ray............... You will find two different points to get off at each of the main ski areas... www. The journey takes about three hours Standard voltage is 100v AC..... www...0120 020 120 MasterCard.. parks etc...... store..0123-46-5701 Hokkaido Resort Liner www..........At the main bus stop in Hirafu parking lot ing knee clinic)....... It is impolite not to return 3G phones only will work in Japan... back and neck pain. indoor climbing wall....html The train schedules are subject to change so two blades type................0136-21-2588 directory Bars Après Bar アプレバー 23 2311 [MAP E1] Bar Lair バー レイアー ・ 22 0588 [MAP D1] Barunba バルンバ 090 8907 9399 [MAP C3] Be................03 3213 1174 Thai Airways.. One way hire from Chitose to Hirafu is about ¥7...... See the timetable on the course map for more information....... It is the largest airport in Japan by land mass......0120 114 466 BUS The bus is the most convenient and commonly used form of transport from the airport....... Take small steps..... EARTHQUAKES Airport..0136-22-1310 open areas such as parking lots of ski but round cornered cards are not...0136 22 1212 Misora hire... info@ nisekomassage............011-222-7111 evators........ ing card service is available in Niseko.0088 21 2001 Deep powder tours ディープパウダーツアーズ 21 5827 [MAP D2] Hokkaido Tracks 北海道トラックス 23 3503 [MAP C2] Hokkaido Travel 北海道トラベル 233 327 [MAP C2] Holiday Niseko ホリデー ニセコ 21 6221 [MAP A3] Izumikyo 泉卿 23 3301 [MAP D4] NISADE ニセード 22 0038 [MAP C2] Niseko Ground Service ニセコグランドサービス 21 2503 [MAP C2] Niseko Management Service ニセコマネジメントサービス 21 5020 [MAP D3] Niseko Powder Connection ニセコパウダーコネクション 21 2500 [MAP D2] Outdoor Travel Japan アウトドア トラベル ジャパン 21 2171 [MAP C3] Ski Japan スキージャパン 22 4611 [MAP D3] The Niseko Company ザ ニセコ カンパニー 21 2226 [MAP F2] a private company bus which costs ¥500 and a free shuttle bus which is included in your all mountain pass.300 ..powderlife..... the Java Bar or B’s café....access-n. due to icy roads and no direct train route..45am to 7pm on weekdays..110 Ambulance and Fire..... restaurants and hotels often Kutchan Kousei Hospital The major hospital servicing the area is located 4 blocks from the main intersection of www..html..chuo-bus......... Getting From New Chitose To Niseko On arrival at Chitose international airport............january 9 2009 ISSUE 11 powderlife 61 but higher wattage devices such as hair dryers may not run on full power.. Say excuse me (sumimasen) and thank you (arrigato) regularly....... For other services you will need to go to MEDICAL SERVICES the post office in Kutchan.Dial 104 (toll call) and then ask for an Enghaviour by drunken Australians in Niseko has lish speaker..... Brake gently to TRAIN avoid locking the wheels. Brastel has exfollow them........ Local calls don’t into your guest’s small glass regularly.... New subBuy a ticket.. squeeze the cold water out when you get too 0123 36 4000 hot (it’s best not to bring drinks into the onPOST OFFICES sen). Although the trip is only bank.. strip down – no swim suits al... Use a high gear to avoid wheel spin.. Kutchan 0136-22-1386 ETIQUETTE INTERNET Most accommodation in Niseko will have internet access.. one point per trip is needed. we all know Hirafu needs an international ATM! Until then........ Deep Powder Tours ディープ パウダー ツアー 0136 21 5827 [MAP D2] Good Sports グッ ドスポーツ 23 4560 [MAP C1] Fuga Pottery Factory 陶工房風雅 22 1731 IXSM Travel イクシム トラベル 21 5855 [MAP D4] AIRPORT New Chitose Airport 0123 23 0111 www.. keep your clothes in a basket..... If you want a reserved New Chitose was opened in 1991 and became Japan’s first 24-hour airport in 1994. medical dispensary.......... station).. and most inbound travel Mazda Rent a Car : Chitose airport 0123-45.... Higashiyama and Annupuri ski areas.......... You will often receive a small snack NTT DoCoMo... They dispense brochures and can Niseko Physio Located on the second floor of Australia help you book accommodation.. a slightly ageing MRI and medical Niseko Massage ニセコマサージ 22 0399 [MAP B2] Professional Sports and Relaxation Massage in Five Star Luxury. It services Sapporo and Niseko with direct international flights from various Asian cities and Australia..... Step out from Hirafu village and enjoy orthopaedics cases taken in the morning only... If you want a car CURRENCY only in Niseko....... some restaurants and bars will include a Brastel The most popular international callservice fee for 0136 22 0399 Niseko Physio ニセコフ ジオ ィ 22 0399 [MAP B2] Your English speaking sports injury centre in Hirafu..

holiday . I know many dieticians would sooner cut off their tongues than admit the truth. A University of Illinois study found that frozen beans retained twice as much Vitamin C as fresh beans purchased at a grocery store. theflyingpig.. Don’t use a non-stick pan.800. But it really shouldn’t be that way.the last word on health Frozen food By Bevan Colless STUMBLING back into your lodge after a day in the powder. The perfect quick breakfast to slam down when you wake up t 8am and you’re trying to get out the door for first lifts. All in all. that something could be more healthy than fresh . That’s too fast for bacteria to reproduce much. Correctly frozen meat can literally last a life time and longer without spoiling. Defrosting frozen food is best done on a heavy Emi Yokoyama unheated metal surface (that space-age metal defrosting surface you saw on the late night TV shopping is. Burgers made from that mammoth meat wouldn’t kill you. and that ready-to-drink orange juice can lose nearly all of its Vitamin C content by the expiration date. will always try to escape to the coldest place. which is normally the wall of the freezer. The reason frozen food can be better for you is that it is usually picked at the peak of its ripeness. Freezing your own food is also a pretty good idea. they should be. A handful of Mammoth jerky might just keep you riding from the afternoon into the nighter without a you can buy a massive bag of mixed berries for about ¥1. or a glass of wine and cheese. The mixed frozen fruit bag containing frozen chunks of mangos. Yes. Metal is one of the most efficient conductors of heat. and investing in a sealing machine is a great idea. Tip a handful or two with some soy milk yogurt and honey to make the best and healthiest smoothie you could wish for – bursting with anti-oxidants’ and vitamins and ready in about one minute. so it absorbs warmth from the room air and delivers it to the meat. and they now maintain a pretty good percentage of their nutritional value. Looking at an empty ice tray. tired and hungry.. which will thaw in about an hour. Sealing the package that your food is kept in is the key. Mammoth flesh preserved in ice was discovered just across the way from Niseko in Siberia and it kept for at least 15. a tin of ground coffee and a three-year-old bottle of vodka is not exactly a tough temptation to resist. as the surface coating can block some of the heat. and it is a fantastic investment. The freezing plants are generally located very close to the farms and fruit can be transported from the farmer and snap-frozen in less than a day. but generally still don’t quite match freshly cooked food. But once you’re done with your ski trip and are back to ‘normal’ life it’s time to start Bevan Colless taking more responsibility Is a physiotherapist and exercise physiologist who with your food choices. I’m sure most people know that most fruit and vegetables we buy these days do not have as much flavour as they did 20 years ago. Clarence Birdseye was the forefather of the frozen food movement when he had a brainstorm while observing and copying eskimos he observed while working in Labrador.powderlife. Niseko Physio.000 years. Massive leaps in the techniques used in the freezing of fresh food mean that frozen fruit and vegetables can often be healthier than fresh. paw paw. is likely to see your thoughts turn to chips and beer. although they probably wouldn’t be too tasty.keep a large percentage of both . including the ones inside the food. if you’re here for a few weeks or the season how do you get your stock of the frozen stuff? In Sapporo’s Costco (or online at www. A big part of the reason for this is that produce is not allowed to ripen before being picked. pineapple and strawberries makes a great desert or snack. The flatter the food. and if they aren’t. If you’re still trying to master the fridge stare-down – you know how it goes – opening the door and trying not to be drawn the big block of chocolate waiting on the door shelf. They do not have to be transported across the country or world and sit on a shelf before making it to the consumer. but also greatly decreases the nutritional value. No doubt the freezer stare-down is less challenging for most. as the food has more surface contact with the pan. while frozen OJ loses only about half by the time you mix it. Water molecules.january 9 2009 www.aluminum). and can also be used for smoothies. Birdseye went on to make his fortune in frozen food and was posthumously inducted into the Inventors Hall of Fame. This not only reduces the taste. Frozen food is back in a big way. If there is one device that I reckon is the most underutilised in your kitchen it’d have to be the freezer. particularly if you work long hours and need something healthy in a hurry when you get in from a day at work. the faster the thaw. Almost all fruit and vegetables are picked long before they should be and complete their ripening process while in transit.a nice caveat for you before you order the Hanazono crab ramen for lunch. Or at has spent six years in Japan least you can start planning operating Tokyo Physio and to while you’re on your skiing as of 2006. He noted that quickly freezing food prevents the formation of the large ice crystals that until then had caused damage to the cells in all slowly frozen fruits and vegetables. my advice for your holidays and your food is surprisingly similar . 62 powderlife ISSUE 11 december 26 . Frozen food gems So. Everyone’s doing it. The infamous frozen TV dinners have also improved their freezing technology considerably.but sometimes the truth hurts. Canada in 1924.