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All I can remember about my childhood days was that I was

always curious and experimental. I usually dismantle all the
toys within one week of purchase and try to understand how
they function. I have always been driven by an urge to know
the how and why of things, often letting curiosity get the better
of me. My father is a scientist in Indian Space Research
Organization (ISRO) and he encouraged me and helped me
understand science better. At about 12 years, my dad
introduced me the field of electronics and I was fascinated by
radio frequency transmitters and I designed a number of
circuits on my own. My interest in biology began when I learnt
about plant hormones. I bought these chemicals and I started
experimenting with plants. Every year during the Science Fair
held in school, I made innovative models and I had received
compliments from my teachers and friends.

I completed my Higher Secondary Education with 99.5% in

Chemistry and 98.5% in Biology. Then I took up my
undergraduate study in the field of Industrial Biotechnology in
ANNA UNIVERSITY which has less than 1% acceptance rate. I
have benefitted from the breadth of the University’s syllabi
content that has given me comprehensive exposure to the core
areas of biology and endowed a strong conceptual
understanding of the field. Various courses like Biochemistry,
Cell biology, Genetic Engineering, Molecular biology, Plant
biotechnology, Immunology, Bio-organic Chemistry,
Bioinformatics, Bioprocess Engineering, Neurobiology,
Genomics and Proteomics, Microbiology and Protein
Engineering have provided me a robust footing in the
theoretical concepts of biological sciences.

I have been working during the semester holidays on

the guidance of our Organic Chemistry Professor Dr. P. Gautam,
during which we isolated halophilic strains and studied their
efficiency with regard to electricity generation and hydrogen
production from waste water. I have attended a course on
Nanotechnology conducted by Nanotechnology Sensitization
Programme, Delhi and I have submitted an article on
“NANOTECHNOLOGY AND MEDICINE”. I have also submitted a
MICROBES” in M.G.R University, Chennai. My final year project
is on “THERAPEUTIC VACCINES “under the guidance of Dr. V.

Wars have been fought between the world of microorganisms

and Molecular biologists. Many dreadful diseases which
appeared to be invincible have now been conquered and wiped
clean from the book of mankind. But still there are certain
diseases which still threaten the welfare of mankind. Diseases
like AIDS and Cancer kill millions every year. Patients miserably
count their end of days with dismay without a single spark of
hope. Apart from the pain and physical strains induced by the
disease, the mental agony that no cure is available till date
hurts them the most.

I am interested in the areas of Drug discovery and Cancer

research and I believe that someday I would have this disease
eradicated from the face of earth. I know that the scenario is
not that simple as it appears. There are large numbers of
variables in interconnected pathways and I believe that the
days I spend in your institution will help me in better
understanding of these complex pathways involved and provide
me with sufficient knowledge to guide me during the pursuit. I
look forward to graduate study as a means to refine my
knowledge and skills and I believe that it would steer me to my
goal, as a research professional.

Biological Sciences is in its nascent stage in India and is

growing, however it is not the scenario worldwide. There are
not many opportunities for me here in India, hence I would like
to complete my doctoral program and then do a post-doctoral
fellowship and pursue in the field of Research and
Development. The journey ahead promises to be a challenging
one, it may no doubt be arduous and demanding at times. But
then the thrill one gets when one discovers something new at
the frontiers of human knowledge however small the
contribution may be is unparalleled.

My only ambition in life is to leave the world in a better and

advanced form and make a mark in history for myself. I humbly
request you to provide me the opportunity to realise my goal.