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Health, considered to be a goal for public health in general is important to every

population same as it is to a rural or urban community.

For the following days, we students of De La Salle – HSI, conducted a community

diagnosis to Barangay Sabang, situated in Naic, Cavite. Far from the urbanization of the city,
this small rural community is composed of a mixture of common yet poor families and those
who are can afford. Small farms and agricultural livelihood can be seen in the community.
Houses on the other side of the area are sticking together thus ways of entering are through
small “eskinitas”. The barangay itself is a mixture of concrete made to nipa houses. Children
are always seen around playing, even to the dangerous highway situated in the area. The
highway divides the community into two; this road is sign of danger to people in community
because it serves as way for delivery or 10-wheeled trucks.

A community diagnosis is needed for the area to see if people in the community are
living in a healthy way. Through observation of population, environment and other factors we
can be able to diagnose this barangay.

Each member was assigned to different families to be able to collect and research the
barangay more thoroughly. A small interaction to a family is enough to be able to survey the
said area. Also a keen observatory eye is enough to survey the area. Through our stay of
about 5 weeks every Tuesday we can collect data that can be very helpful to the observation.
Same as the interaction with the families and new bonds that can be formed we will be able to
diagnose Barangay Sabang by its Demographic, Socio-economic, Cultural, Environmental,
and Health-Related and Political variables.

These variables are important to be observed in the community because they affect
greatly the ways of healthy living. Health defined by WHO, as “a state of complete physical,
mental and social well being and not merely the absence of disease.” We must see that health
is affected by the outcome of interaction of variables and these variables are what we must
consider. And in the process would give us ways to intervene such situation.

This community diagnosis is a compilation of what was observed during the period
of stay by the breakdown of the variables and the interventions done to prevent and promote

The group’s goal is to provide healthy and appropriate living starting from the
families assigned to us and in the end can be for the whole community itself.