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The current design is an Embedded application which is used

to calculate the speed of the motor without the need of

tachometer. In this application IR frequencies are used to
calculate the speed of the motor. Place the tx and rx in such a
way that the IR transmitter continuously generates the
infrared rays and the receiver receives it. To the motor shaft
arrange one circular arrangement having a small hole and
position it exactly at the middle of tx and rx arrangement in
such a way that when the shaft rotates, only at one point the ir
rays falls on the rx.
Now make the motor to run at some speed. As usual the
IR receiver receives the IR signals from the transmitter when
the motor was running for every one complete rotation. The IR
receiver(TSOP) sends these data to the micro controller, the
controller compares the data and calculates the speed of
motor. Speed(in rpm) was displayed on the display unit(LCD).
This method of calculating speed is very inexpensive and
cheap when compared to the tachometers available in the
Circuit diagram:


The microcontroller ATMEL(8051) consists of 4 ports. They are

port0, port1, port2, and port3.Port1 have 8 pins. Each pin is connected to
LCD data lines. the controller resistor (i.e) rs, rw, en Pins are connected to
Port 3.5 to Port 3.7. connect 10 K Ohm pull up resistor to the Port 0. P0.0
are connected to Push button. Port 3.4 are connected to TSOP. 40th and 31st
pins are connected to (+5V) VCC ,20th pin to GND. Pin 18th and 19th are
connected to crystal oscillator (11.0592 MHz).8.2k ohm resistor are
connected to 9th Pin of microcontroller and another end is GND.10uf
capacitor +ve terminal is connected to +VCC(+5V),-ve terminal is GND.

The 1st pin of the LCD connected to the ground. 2nd pin is power
supply which is connected to +Vcc (+5V) the 3rd pin for variable resistor
which is used to adjust the contrast of the LCD. 4th pin for reset then (7- 14)
pins are data bus lines which is used for data and command transfer. If the
LCD has a backlight it will be powered by pin 15 & pin 16.

When RS = 0 instruction code data (command) is given to the LCD. If

RS = 1 the data is given to LCD through the data bus line. Pin 5 for R/W if
R/W = 1 then read operation take place then R/W = 0 write operation take
place. Pin 6th used for enable the LCD. RS is connected to the port 3.5,R/W
is connected to the port 3.6, EN is connected to the port 3.7.

555 IC it is a timer IC. It consist of 8 pins. 1 st pin is given to ground. 8th pin
are VCC. 2nd pin are connected to 6th pin. 10uf capacitor are connected to 6th
and GND. 6th pin are connected to 10k variable resistor 1st pin. 2nd pin are
connected to 150 OHM resistor the other end are connected to VCC. 3rd pin
are connected to 120 ohm resistor the other end connected to +VE IR
transmitter the other end are connected to GND.






The block diagram of wireless tachometer is shown , it consists of power

supply unit, display unit, tsop, 555 timer, ir transmitter & micro controller.

This project based on micro controller , the power was passed to the micro
controller through the help of power supply unit.

The data passed to the ir transmitter through the help of 555 timer, then ir
transmitter send the data through wireless, tsop will receive the data and
move towards to the micro controller unit.

The micro controller unit will send the data into display unit, display unit
will display the message of received data from micro controller.