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Dear Scholarship Committee,

I am humbled and excited about this opportunity to attend the 2009 GAS
conference in Corning. I have long been hearing about this revered glass conference and
am especially excited about this year’s lineup.
I am currently a student in my final year of Sheridan College’s glass program.
Since beginning at Sheridan, I have had the opportunity to explore and develop skills in
many studio areas; namely, glass blowing, hot casting, engraving, flameworking and a
focus on kiln casting. With my current body of work, I am exploring the combination of
cast and flameworked elements and also experimenting to incorporate new materials such
as textiles and metals.
I have long been admiring artist like Marc Petrovic and Carlos Zervigon whom
have been both inspiring and influential sources for my work. I feel that the fragility of
Petrovic’s bell jar compositions and the vulnerability of Zervigon’s houses are of
particular interest to me as they reflect my interests and share a similar esthetic and
concept. I have also been following Vittorio Constantini’s work. His remarkable
flamework insects have served as a preliminary focus for some of my personal research
and a level of workmanship I aspire to achieve.
Since beginning at Sheridan, I have been dedicated to improving my techniques
and experimenting with new possibilities. I have aimed to maintain a good working
environment and a clean studio and I have worked closely with my peers and faculty to
organize various shows and fundraising efforts. Recently, I have accepted the
responsibility of spearheading the fundraising for our upcoming grad show in May. In
my final year at Sheridan I have also aspired to participate in as many shows and
conferences as possible. Sheridan has propelled my interest with this medium and I feel
that the level of my work and my understanding of the material has evolved significantly.
I am eager to pursue new ideas and further push the boundaries of my techniques and
I am anticipating the opportunity to adapt my skills to my own studio
environment as this year I will be making the exciting shift from student to a working
studio artist. I am hoping that this conference will help ease this difficult transition and
offer me some insight for the trying times ahead. I am looking forward to learning about
techniques, studio set up, and the intricacies of finding a balance between production
work and expressive art.
This year’s gas conference is of particular interest to me as it will be held so close
to home and at such convenient timing after my graduation. I feel that this is the perfect
opportunity to get inspired/encouraged following my three years at Sheridan, not to
mention the prospect of learning from the work of so many celebrated and inspirational
artists from around the world. If not for the GAS conference, I may never again have this
I am especially eager at the opportunity to learn from such skilled international artists as
Martin Rosol, Jiri Harkuba or Elio Quarisa.
I feel that the level of my work and my understanding of the material has evolved
significantly and I am eager to pursue new ideas. I am confident that the 2009 GAS
conference will be inspirational and help prepare me for my future as a working artist.
Given that I will be graduating this year, I may not otherwise have the means to attend if
not for the help of this generous scholarship. I would be very appreciative and humbled
by this opportunity.
Thank you very much for your time and consideration.