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Letter of Intent

Esteemed Juror:

I am a full-time student at Indiana University Southeast. I will graduate in 2009

with my BFA in graphic design. I was introduced to working in kiln-formed glass in
2006 in a 3-D foundations class. Although I have continued to pursue a degree in graphic
design, I have also worked independently fusing and slumping glass in the ceramics
studio at IUS each summer for the past two years. In 2008, the faculty at my university
offered me a unique opportunity. Although there is no glass program offered at my
school, the faculty has decided to allow me to base my entire BFA gallery show and
thesis on kiln-formed glass. In addition, they have provided me with private studio space
and a materials budget. This is extraordinary as I am the only student in the entire
university that works with glass. I have no advisor to teach me glass techniques;
therefore I have read nearly every available book on art glass.
At the beginning of this semester I presented my graphic design advisor with a
proposal for the glass pieces I plan to create along with a mini-lesson on how glass is
fused and slumped in the kiln. Each day I split my time between my required graphic
design projects and my proposed glass projects. I meet with my advisor each week and
discuss what I have learned and I present samples of the pieces I have fired to her. At
each meeting I educate my advisor who has no experience or knowledge of kiln-formed
or flame-worked glass. This has been a tremendous learning experience for us both and I
know I am truly lucky to have the opportunity to build my graduating BFA show around
my passion for studio glass.
I have been chosen to exhibit my work in the IUS Annual Juried Student Art
Exhibition for the past three years and I have won studio awards at each exhibit. In
November 2007 I entered a juried contemporary art exhibition off-campus in Louisville,
Kentucky. The piece I submitted, “Gossip”, was chosen by the juror along with only
nineteen other contemporary works to be exhibited in the Mazin Art Exhibit from
November 2007 thru January 2008. Last year I was awarded the Art & Craft award from
G.A.S., which assisted in funding my trip to Portland, Oregon to attend the 2008 G.A.S.
Attending the G.A.S. conference in Oregon last summer was a life-changing
experience for me. I absorbed so much information in those few short days. The
demonstrations, workshops and lectures I attended have been invaluable in my quest to
learn all things glass. I know the quality of my work has increased immensely. In
addition to all of the information that was shared with me at the conference, the
opportunity to network with so many wonderful glass artists was an invaluable asset for
me. I now have made friends with glass artists from around the world that I will look
forward to seeing again each year at the annual G.A.S. conferences.
In conclusion, I want to express to you that I am passionate about a career as a
studio glass artist and I understand that attending the G.A.S. conference is pertinent in my
growth as a glass artist. I appreciate your time in considering me for a scholarship and
the tremendous opportunity to attend the G.A.S. conference in Corning, New York this