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RSP vs. Crime

Intramural Woes
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Athletic Morals
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Th Other Side of Ston

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rook hl
By Nicole Pesce ·· r .· ·
In the basement of the Sports Complex, the semester in advance, the sports clu ; r me toston btyie iae &won uo
Campus Recreation Office buzzes with activity. The denied the space to work out or pl oiced a similar opinion.
phone keeps ringing, and students periodically poke fencing team needs a place within tt e board provides some benefit
their heads into the outer office to ask permission to where they can store their equipm organizing club fairs and such,
use a facility or to pick up schedules for fitness class- Cargil said. "Right now, they are us Ahere clubs get a chance to
es. the lockers in the locker room." T recruit," he said. "With other
Overseeing the sports clubs and intramurals new wrestling club needs to use tl events, I can't say too much."
is no easy task. There are now 21 sports clubs on cam- matt room, which the six martial ar One failure of the board
pus, and these clubs are competing for space with the clubs also use, and the crew team h was an attempt to organize an
varsity teams, which receive priority in using facilities no place to practice indoors in fo iwards banquet for the club
on campus. "I feel like I can't help sometimes," said weather. ports. The board was unable to
Shawn Cargil, the graduate assistant of Campus When Campus Recreation tool .g to hold the event. Turchiano
Recreation. "I don't hav control over thefacil- control of the sports clubs two years failure of the banquet was a
ities.". ago; Marie Turchiano, the assistant )f "no real interest from the
Campus Recreation does not have control either director of Campus Recreation, fol- Ng, in turn, argued that his
over the facilities or over the money that the clubs lowed other universities and created ras "never very informed about
receive from the undergraduate student activity fee. an advisory board for idubs at Stor board."
Sometimes when a club approaches the department Brook. Members from each club me Although the board will
for help, Cargil and his colleagues find that their monthly to raise their conflicts and I mntinue to meet this semester,
hands are tied. "It's a catch-22," Cargil said. "We suggestions and solutions from argil said he and Turchiano are
want more studenit participation, yet there are rot Turchiano and leaders of the other cli linking of having representa-
enough facilities. The more sports clubs we get, the nrrr attendancr and narticination es meet with them one-on-one,
less facilities we have." mized the board's effectiveness. Last semester, the hoping this will be more effective. "We're trying to
Campus Recreation has control only over the board met only two or three times. build a base to get clubs more united," Turchiano
dance studio in the basement of the Student Activities The presidents of many sports clubs said they said. In the meantime, the clubs will continue to work
Center. The main areas that the sports clubs want to failed to see the effectiveness of the board. "There with what facilities are available to them.
use are in the gym. Varsity teams get priority over wasn't much that the board could give to clubs," said "Racquetball courts are not the greatest place to do
club sports, however, and even with facilities requests Randy Ng, captain of the crew team. "Space and facil- Tae Kwon Do," Kaplan said, "But I'm sure all of the
from the Campus Rec office, which can be made a ities is out of their jurisdiction." Daniel Kaplan, the dubs experience the same sort of thing."

• • • ' a pf0 -

'I satMevi
sgm-- li vary
By Mo Abraham
Michael S. Harper, winner of the Melville hospital near the accident. "Last Affair" is a classic
Cane Award of the Poetry Society of America, read Harper poem, with Eilotesque medical references
some poetry on March 3rd at the Javits Room in the that are jarring ("Disarticulated/arm torn out, large
Melville Library. Most of these selections were veins cross/her shoulder intact,/her tourniquet"),
from "The Vintage Book of African-American ominous wordplay ("her blood in all-white big
Poetry," that he edited wvith Anthony Walton, and bands", which refers to a popular Caucasian big
"Songlines in Michaeltree", which contains selec- band jazz and a blend:of free verse and rhyme
tions new and old of Harper's inimitable jazz ("Can't you see/What love and heartache's done to
poems and ballads. me/I'm not the same as Iused to be/This is my last
Wearing a black v-neck sweater, a affair").
navy blue dress shirt and a black European beret Then, he leafed through his man-
with a Langston Hughes pin, Harper read Langston uscript that contained an epic poem about Toni
Hughes's "The Negro Speaks of Rivers." This was Morrison's Beloved in the form of a South African
the first poem he read from the anthology of praise poem cycle. "Chloe Black Pastoral
African-American poetry. Harper's smooth, rich Luminous, Especially One Beloved"(Chloe was
voice was perfect for this lyric about African histo- Toni Morrison's name originally) contains two
ry. After that, he read Gwendolyn Brooks' "To an arresting lines: ""Refugees of the ores/And making
Old Black Woman, Homeless and Indistinct". This plates of toxic steel/In the nation's skyline", which
three-part work, though tinged with class resent- makes us ponder who built the World Trade Center
ment, is more plaintive than bilious ("Folks used to as well as who tore it down; "I put my hand on the
say 'She draws such handsome horses, cows and stencil of your rectitude...Stellae as bright as day", program Book Note; she enjoyed his introduction
houses'/Folks used to say 'That child is going far"). a stellae being an Egyptian: writing implement of so much, she wanted to keep it. He pretended that
This was another remarkable reading of a poem by the dynastic order from Osiris, which is a curious the piece of paper he was reading off of was blank,
an African-American legend. Moving on to living symbol of the power of African letters even in but then gave it to her. At the University of Iowa
legends, Harper read Rita Dove's "Canary", which ancient times. A tribute to Gwendolyn Brooks, who Writer's workshop, his professor Phillip Roth said
was written for him. After grumbling that he usual- died in 2000, followed "Chloe.. " titled "Zen: The Harper wrote "pornographic little novellas" (this
ly hates poems dedicated to him, he acknowledged Train Ride Home", where he praised how she from the man who wrote Portnoy's Complaint, a
that this was a stunning exception. One line was "parsed [her] worst and best thoughts on the train." novel about masturbation).
unforgettable: "If you can't be free, be a mystery." Before closing with "55: The Harper chided John Berryman for using
The last poem he read from this collection was Journey Motif in My Sister's Birthday Song June 6, the minstrel tradition for his poems, which Harper
Sterling Brown's "After Winter", a ballad about 1998" he delivered his coup de grace, "If You Don't felt was insensitive. The funniest (and dirtiest)
freedom and African-Americans buying land. Force It", a dramatic monologue in the voice of the piece of gossip was the one about Josephine Baker
Harper tells the audience before late jazz bassist Roy Brown. Ostensibly about and Bessie Smith, Josephine Baker interviewed
reading the poem that Brown's father was a freed Brown's advice to players to play their chords in Bessie Smith, who gave her three pieces of advice:
slave who owned land in Maryland. tune with the rest of the band ("To show off is to keep dresses clean with talcum powder; keep plen-
Opening "Songlines in burigle"), "If You Don't Force It" can also read as ty of bathtub gin (this was during the Prohibition);
Michaeltree", Harper mentioned a disturbing chap- advice to the performance poets of late who spit out don't fuck musicians. These stories all seem like tall
ter in African-American history before reading flurries of internally rhymed invectives that might tales, legends that Harper was creating on the spot,
"Last Affair: Bessie's Blue Song". Bessie Smith, the display vocal dexterity, but don't allow the melody which is what made them so uncanny. One thing is
poem's focus, was hit by an automobile severing of the poem to surface, like Harper's wise, gentle for sure; the humor was not forced, even though the
her arm from her body. She bled to death because voice does. stories and the poems were a force all their own.
the ambulance took her to an African-American With that calm voice, Harper
hospital, which was away further than the white dished some tantalizing literary gossip between
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Liberal Bias
-:·· ; ...-

By Beverly Bryan
One of the conservative political establish- one Republican.' "That this in itself represents a nar- Ibrahi
ment's favorite pastimes is to complain about the lib- rowing of options doesn't seem to have occurred to A 1
eral bias in the media. The question of whether the him," she writes. Blind faith such as his in the power Maras]
press has a liberal slant (whatever that means exact- of capitalism to make the world a better place is as This
ly) or not has been treated as a legitimate issue in my breathtaking as it is depressing. t h
journalism classes. Newspapers such as Newsday Television is a medium that attracts those inform
worry that they are not sufficiently in touch with who wish to manipulate the uninformed. The for- tio
t i o
their readership, which they presume is politically mat of television news lends itself to spin. Its Coli
mainstream. They are concerned about appearing ephemeral nature shapes political dialogue in this Powe
leftist and therefore unreliable as a source of infor- country like nothing else. This is not a positive thing. preser
mation. This is strange because one hears so little If one were looking for subtlety in political ed in I
about whether or not there is a dangerous conserva- news coverage her best bet would be Europe-or tepid
tive bias in the media when the case can certainly be non-commercial radio. Public radio news formats receiv
made that there is. allow for depth of coverage that is apparently pro- spee<
Fox News advertises on the basis of their hibitive for television. The story segments are longer to me unitea I iNaons. ine story never acrueveu
independent perspective. Fox Chairman Roger Ailes but that doesn't explain why National Public Radio much of a profile in major news sources but Free
worked as a media advisor for George Bush the first. gives so much more airtime to international stories Speech Radio News interviewed Al-Marashi.
After September 11th he wrote a memo to his son and so much less to celebrities. Not having to sweat One explanation for such differences in
advising him on how to handle the public's sup- over profitability might have something to do with news values is fear on the part of mainstream news
posed desire for revenge. "The American public it. outlets of losing their credibility by being labeled
would tolerate waiting and would be patient, but Even NPR is not free of conservative bias. "liberal". Being labeled "conservative" doesn't have
only as long as they were convinced that Bush was Groups such as FAIR (Fairness And Accuracy In the same power to terrify. It's because that the con-
using the harshest measures possible," Bob Reporting) have criticized NPR for under-reporting servative strategy of crying liberal is an effective one.
Woodward wrote of the memo in his work "Bush at the extreme brutality of the Israeli occupation. There Eric Alterman in his article, "What Liberal Media?",
War". Ana Marie Cox brought up this inappropriate are smaller more independent radio news programs appearing in a recent issue of The Nation quotes
relationship between the network and the White even less afraid of being labeled as liberal such as Rich Bond, who was chair of the Republican Party
House in an article on the subject of media bias Free Speech Radio News and Democracy Now! pro- during the 1992 election, on separate occasions com-
appearing in this past December's issue of In These duced by Pacifica Radio that cover the Israeli- plaining about liberal bias and explaining it as a tac-
Tinmes. Palestinian conflict in a way that reveals far more tic. In '92 he accused the media as a whole of rooting
She also brought up the point that the peo- fully the human cost of the occupation. They also air for Clinton but also said, "There is some strategy to
ple running the FCC don't seem to understand the stories such as the recent violent repression of anti- it [bashing the 'liberal' media].... If you watch any
problems presented by the concentration of large war protesters in the Jordanian capitol Amman that great coach, what they try do is 'work the refs.'
news outlets in the hands of a powerful few. "(FCC) don't make it into the mainstream. Maybe the ref will cut you a little slack on the next
Chairman Michael Powell recently told the New One such over-looked story was the sup- one."
York Times: 'Common ownership can lead to more posedly new and super-secret evidence of weapons The content in the brackets is Alterman's.
diversity. What does the owner get for having of mass destruction in Iraq in an intelligence dossier If there really was an ideologically ground-
duplicative products? I don't know why you'd want released by the British Government. Some of the ed leftist conspiracy at work in the American media
to have two newspapers that say the same thing. I information was plagiarized from and article pub- establishment the refs would not be so easy to work.
would say, 'Let's make one Democratic, let's make lished in an academic journal by a man named



War Tweve Years ater


By Mitchel Cohen
"We have before us the opportunity to forge for Yugoslavia; depleted uranium is thought to be a Relations, and Rockefeller-founded Trilateral
ourselves and for future generations a New contributing factor in the illnesses of tens of Commission to secure new political as well as
World Order, a world where the rule of law, not thousands of US soldiers who had handled or economic conditions for the ongoing production
the law of ihe jungle, governs the conduct of become exposed to the material. The question of oil (and other commodities). For the first time,
nations." then as well as now is "Why did the US govern- the U.S. government, acting as the "executive
- President George H.W. Bush, Sept. 11, 1990 ment think all of this was, and remains, neces- arm of the ruling class" -- succeeded in forcing
sary? What strategic goals were they actually all the severely divided factions and competing
On September 11th 1990, U.S. President trying to accomplish?" interests of the capitalist class into line behind a
George H.W. Bush, upholding "democracy" and What are we to make of George Bush's assertion strategy for the globalization of capital: the
"peace," declared his "New World Order" in a that the war had "nothing to do with oil"? As "New World Order";
speech before the US Congress. He was soon to much as the U.S. wanted the Gulf States to line
rain thousands of tons of napalm, air-fuel explo- up behind Saudi Arabia as the industry's price- And,
sives, p posphorous bombs, cluster bombs and setter and steady prices at around $26 a barrel, it - The success of the New World Order
uranium-encased shells upon Iraq, killing thou- did not need the violent, brutal bombardment to depended upon crushing all eruptions of work-
sands, terrorizing the country. Seven years later, accomplish that. Nor was the slaughter neces- ing class uprisings in the Gulf region, most visi-
President Bill Clinton did George Bush one bet- sary to secure immediate profits for the oil com- bly in Iran and Iraq, keeping them from spread-
ter -- he actually signed a top secret directive panies, assert control over a larger share of the ing to other countries, breaking up the increas-
authorizing first use of nuclear weapons against world's oil resources, defend the hundreds of bil- ingly organized oil proletariat and replacing
Iraq "under certain circumstances." lions of dollars deposited in U.S. banks by Saudi them with workers from even more desperate
By the end of February 1998, two Los Arabia and Kuwait, or test out new weapons sys- and unorganized areas of the world.
Angeles-class submarines carrying nuclear war- tems-- all rationales we are hearing again today Fundamental to this, of course, is control
heads atop Tomahawk missiles had arrived in from the peace movement, which is trying to over the oilfields. Please note, we are not talking
the Gulf. Each missile was encased in- so-called make sense of what is going on. From the long- here about going to war to generate huge imme-
"depleted" uranium. The non-nuclear version of term perspective of capital, the war was not diate profits for oil companies (even though that
these weapons, also coated with depleted urani- needed to achieve those results; these were sec- is one result. Individual corporations will again
um, are now being used by the US in ondary plumbs, achievable through other meas- profit handsomely, and we will all continue to be
Afghanistan. ures. distracted from Enron, WorldCom, and the col-
Depleted uranium had been used extensively in The war was about two things, and we lapse of the U.S. economy).
the Gulf war and in the bombardment of need to look at the current plans to bombard and On the one hand the longstanding con-
Yugoslavia, irradiating food and water supplies occupy Iraq within this context: tradictions within the U.S. capitalist class
and poisoning the land for millennia. Childhood - The war enabled the international
cancers have skyrocketed in Iraq and in banking and oil companies, Council on Foreign SContinued on page 18
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Stonv rook Wants You To DcutIve •ar

Dle Daniel Hofer

I - - - - I-- · ;-· -BL ~Pt ---
~ II -s p--~a~-uc_ -- ~ --- ·- - --I-- -- s~-r& e--s ---
~-------~---. L B
--- ·-~- s
- ~I I ', , ~ -~ -~-~ ,, ~-~- - ---- ~-
-- Mismanaging Editor
Dustin Herlich
This campus has it in for its resident stu- drips through the ceiling for no good reason and
dents. There is no 6ther explanation for the pipes burst and pieces of ceiling fall your head? Associate Editor
absolute unacceptable lack f mintenance on this Oh, wait, it's called the Student Union. The only Michael Prazak
campus, and overall lack of quality of life reason they probably put media in this building is
imposed on us through negligence. It's a miracle because they know it will collapse, taking any Business Manager
Diana Post
that the university is not hit with lawsuits by the opposing voice to the grave.
dozen after every episode of bad weather, and There is no secret that the food on campus News Editor
after every case of food poisoning. is deadly. Let's face it, they have us by the balls, Joe Filippazzo
There is no attention given to walkways, we paid for meal plans, and humans have to eat
sidewalks and steps where there is ice and snow. to stay alive. If there were more cooking build- Ass. News Editor
People slip, fall and hurt themselves constantly. ings, life might be different, but it's not. It just Jackie Hayes
There is no attention given to public safety, no might take a violent, Botchulism death for them
matter what the administration would like you to to do anything about the food. The less they pay Features Editor
Joe Hughes
believe. There is no excuse for not even shoveling attention to our quality of life, the more they can
any kind of path for two days around the dorms. control us through repression and increase our Arts Editor
There is even less of an excuse for not putting salt apathy. The only choice we really have is to rebel. Sam Goldman
and sand down on paths. Sure, there are literally We must stand up, and fight the good
mounds of salt in places on pathways, but usual- fight. Believe it or not, there are places you can Photo Editor
ly in dry spots, and not near ice and snow. Where file complaints to. Don't stand by idly; let your Ceci Norman
there once was sidewalk, there is now only sheets voice be heard. Every dining hall has com-
of ice. In warmer weather, there is even less ment/complaint boxes, and the campus dining koppi edetur
attention to detail. Grass dying? Paths deterio- web site has a feedback form (www.campudin- Sir McNobody
rating? Just cover it all up with some nice, low Environmental Health and Safety also
quality mulch and hope no one says something. has a web site which lists contact info. Call, E- Production Mngr.
Roads around campus a mess, sidewalks are mail, complain. Let's work together to improve Adam Schlagman
death traps, and stairs are now amusement park quality of life.
rides. What's next? A building where water Webmaster
Rich Drummond

Just when you thought you couldn't

Death: 1, Mr. Rogers: 0 of., l & Ombudsman

successful children's programs ever for over

hate stomach cancer more, it decides to take 30 years. What's funny about the show [ason Amoroso, Jeff Blanch, Bev Bryan,
from us one of the most entertaining men in though is that if we watched it now, in our Tim Connors, Mike Fabbri, Aaron
television history. As most of you have twenties, it would just be kind of boring and Feingold, Chris Genarri, Rob Gilheany,
probably heard, Mr. Rogers, the incarnation Bill Gioconda, Glenn "Squirrel" Given,
the puppets would seem sort of creepy. But Pam Gradowitz, Adam Keamey,
of warm and fuzzy, has passed away on 15 or so years ago, we would be mesmerized Gregory Knopp, Brian Libfeld, Jamie
Thursday, February 27th at the age of 74. for a solid hour. He was the most gentle per- Mignone, Walter Moss, Ejima Oyibo,
Our reaction to the news was probably the Scott Perl, Andrew Pernick, Derrick
son you could find on TV. Mr. Rogers was Prince, Ana Maria Ramirez, Brian
same as everyone else's. "WHAT? Aw man, like the moon. You didn't really think about "Scoop" Schneider, Chris Sorochin,
I grew up with him!" But you can't really him when he wasn't there, but when he Amberly Timperio, Doug Williams,
remember a specific episode or an exact showed up, he would light up the sky and Jon Vaillancourt, Nina Zakharenko
quote, right? Maybe you remember the train you couldn't take your eyes off him. Right The Stony Brook Press is published fortnight-
that brought the mail or the puppets King before the last episode aired, he explained ly during the academic year and twice dur-
ing the summer intersession by The Stony
Friday XIII and X the Owl. You try to his motive for the show. "I think what I Brook Press,a student run and student fund-
remember something particular but you just wanted to do was to give the message that ed non-profit organization. The opinions
expressed in letters, articles and viewpoints
end up singing, "It's a beautiful day in the there are many ways to say 'I love you.'" do not necessarily reflect those of The Stony
Brook Press. Advertising policy does not nec-
neighborhood..." Or perhaps just how he Mr. Rogers was great because he did- essarily reflect editorial policy. For more
changed his cardigan sweater and sneakers n't shove morality down kids" throats. information on advertising and deadlines
call (631)632-6451. Staff meetings are held
in every episode. If this sounds about right Rather, he plainly demonstrated all the good Wednesdays at 1:00 pm. First copy free. For
additional copies contact the Business
it's because the details of Mr. Rogers' stuff the world had to offer and explained all Manager.
Neighborhood never really mattered that the bad stuff in terms us kids could under-
The Stony Brook Press
much. It was only the love that radiated stand - puppets. He loved us even though Suites 060 & 061
from the television when Fred Rogers was he couldn't see us. And he's made millions Student Union
SUNY at Stony Brook
on that was most significant. of children, including us kids at The Press, Stony Brook, NY 11794-3200
Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood first aired just a little bit better. (631) 632-6451 Voice
(631) 632-4137 Fax
on PBS in 1969 and ran as one of the most e-mail:
rage- Lf'
Letter: Yay for Stone Underwear
Dear Stony Brook Press, If NASA wants to pursue real knowledge, they
There was a disturbing editorial in Feb. 27th should send un-manned, non-nuclear rockets to
The Stony Brook Press. It was about the Feb. 1 Mars and Europa (a moon of Jupiter) to bring soil
Columbia space shuttle destruction and entitled, samples back to Earth to see if there's life there. That
"The Pursuit Of Knowledge Is Worth The Risk" by should be followed by manned missions to those
Scott Perl. places. That would be "worth the risk."
Scott Perl called people who don't think space
travel as worth the risk as "uneducated morons, who Sincerely, Maury Hirschkorn
would prefer to live inprehistoric times because a Stony Brook student
that's where we would be if no onetook a risk."
Let me educate Scott Perl about this shuttle's
mission. The crew of Columbia carried out a 16-day
mission in space, doing tests to determine how
weightlessness affects rats, garden orb weaver spi-
ders, silkworms, cocoons, Medaka fish eggs, carpen-
ter bees, harvester ants, fish, flowers and bacteria.
The problem is that studying how weightless-
ness affects animals, plants and insects were done on
shuttle missions before this. Also, the same experi-
ments could be done in space without humans
aboard at a fraction of the cost. Each manned shut-
tle costs around a billion dollars; Most of the money
goes for lifesupport.
Columbia's real mission was to help Israel's
image by putting an Israeli into space with

-- ---- -- cI I
--- Letter:
I More
s -I Blow.
,_L Less Ho i L

Hey you guys!! very religious and they raised me to believe

Your paper is great and in the same vein as pornography is bad. So I justified blow-up dolls
your greatness I would like to share this great because it wasn't a real woman! But because my
story. I first felt compelled to write this letter mom always cleaned my room I could never have
when I counted 6 pictures of a blow-up doll in a blow-up doll, I learned to love the pictures. You
your last issue. I too am obsessed with pics of guys must have so much fun blowing it up and
blow-up dolls... just looking at the pictures I can being so rough with it! Thank you and keep the
hear the plastic screech as my hand slides down pictures coming... or i might just sneak into your
her leg as if telling me not to let go. Yum. I just. office!
wish it was in color like the Statesman, that would
be so hot. Anyway, the story goes, my family is -Unnamed
lIT -~ -------~1~I-~B-
- - ~ ~ IrC-~- -- ,3 ·-. p - ~ - I _ _ · · m
u Wanna Know Where You
an Stick Your Opinions?
(hint: It Rhymes With "Stained-Glasshole")
Page 5

Alarm at Roth -
uad eads to arIe Response
· I

By Sohail Ahmed
At 12:20 AM on February 27, a call went draw the line at damagii
out over the Residential Safety Program two-way any RSP proper
radio with a familiar crackle. "Unit 20 to head- though", says Allc
quarters please be advised someone has thrown "When he crossed th
down my books." A few seconds later with line, I knew I had to t
greater urgency, "Unit 20 to headquarters, please that ass."
be advised someone has thrown over my desk, "Unit 20 to headquart(
and chair!"...Silence. please be advised...he d
RSP units from around campus quickly it again."
respond to an emergency call from one of their Within 10 mi
own with surprising swiftness and no hesitation utes of the first incidel
on the cold and icy night. "I ran outside to go the assailant apparent
check on my friend but RSP was already there", returned to the RSP de
says next-door resident Imran Arif. It was amaz- and repeated his , earii
ing how quickly they came from all corners of the. actions, again in apparel
campus. Some of the ones there weren't even on ly good hum.
duty." Other eyewitnesses confirmed that there Eyewitness Imran Arif,
were indeed over a dozen RSP and 2 squad cars resident of Gershw
on the scene within minutes. College recalled hearing
Late Thursday night, the quiet quad bet- 'Please be advised, st
ter known for treacherous and icy pathways and nPrf haq mr7vpdi ton (prs

the occasional flesh eating food borne pathogens apparently given serious consideration, others on
eye out fdr him...the scumbag. I was ready to
was the scene of the fairly rare incident.. campus expressed a lighter view of the situation.
put up my dukes." After the call was relayed,
Apparently, a weeklong dispute along the lines A student from the undergraduate residential
RSP were able to swiftly identify and apprehend-
of what turned out to be a dare amongst suitem- ed Caminero while he attempted to flee on foot to population, Vladimir Promitsky, upon hearing of
ates was what prompted the alarm in the nor- Gershwin College. the incidents responded, "I think RSP are a waste
mally quiet Roth Quad. The attacker, Josias "This time when I ran outside, I ran into of money. They are useless. Oh and make up a
Caminero, a 5'11" 165 pound male in his teens fake name for me."
a little trouble because there were two RSP
hailing from the Gershwin building approached patrolling there...they repeatedly told me to Responding to comments that the situa-
on-duty RSP Mohammad Alloo and threw down stop," recalls Caminero. I tried to act as if I did- tion was never very serious and seemed reminis-
his books in the Whitman College lobby. After n't know that they were talking to me but they cent of something out of the popular television
being warned, Caminero apparently grew further kept insisting, so I had to stop. Two more series COPS, the coordinator for RSP on the
agitated and proceeded to throw over the RSP showed up and then the University Police North Campus, Vincent, responded with a sober-
desk and chair. This is when a call went out and arrived and soon there was a whole crowd. I ing perspective. "This is a one sided view. I
all units within the vicinity responded. "If an couldn't believe a little humor would turn into don't find anything humorous about it. When
RSP or anyone else for that matter is in danger it all this." Told by University Police that there are there's a situation out in the field and when a
is our job to get them the necessary help," says actually serious things going on within the cam- staff member calls for help we take it very seri-
recently recruited RSP, Eric Bredhoff. When pus and further fooling around would not be tol- ously. When we work we are sometimes taxed
asked about what kind of work the job entails, eratdd, Caminero was released with a warning; for manpower at even full capacity because units
Bredhoff replied with, "Its not like we give out though further action may be taken. have to be drawn from other places." The RSP
traffic tickets or anything. Hey don't quote me The incident stemmed from a confronta- coordinator added that the Residential Safety
on that." He is currently being reviewed for his tion Caminero and Alloo had while Alloo was off Program is a valuable presence on the campus.
comments. duty in the library almost a week ago. "He just "We're out there doing more than just closing
Though responding to the call within came up to me and threw down my books while doors. Our presence alone is a deterrence to
minutes, authorities were unable to apprehend I was being tutored. Who does something like crime."
Caminero on the scene as he had apparently fled that for no reason? He's also looked at me funny The focal point of the response, Alloo
to seek refuge with a friend in Whitman College. a few times. I've learned my lesson though. I mentioned that it felt pretty good to be an RSP
When asked whether he wished to press charges, know the Residential Safety Program performs a member. "This whole situation though unfortu-
RSP Alloo refused on the grounds that he wasn't valuable service on this campus and you can be nate, showed that RSP have a real camaraderie
ever in real danger. "I knew him so I wasn't ever certain I won't be joking around like that again," and can really do something in the unfortunate
afraid for myself physically...I told him I would said Caminero. case of any real danger."
How many girls ot raed -on I J/
By Joe Flip
At first my hammer doesn't believe it. towards the baseball fields. Butch called in the pathways one by one. The night his sister disap-
Confused and disturbed as he is though, he pass- report and a squad car showed up shortly after. peared was a Friday too. He hates this life but
es it on to the anvil. Struck dumb for but a The police decided that they would head RSP is the only thing that keeps him sane. It's the
moment, my reluctant and shameful anvil gath- towards the train station while Butch and only thing that stops the flood of memories. It'
ers his faculties and transmits the news to the Chachie checked out the baseball fields. The the only thing that keeps him from hunting down
juxtaposed stirrup. The stirrup, overwrought police also radioed the Long Island Railroad and his father... that son of a bitch bastard.
with this sense of duty and unwavering alle- instructed them to not make any stops at the The woman brushed aside her auburn
giance to his beloved inner ear, fully understands Stony Brook station in case the man tried to locks that seemed dry and tame even in the
that he must be the bearer of bad news. He whis- escape. vicious night's storm. Chachie noticed that she
pers the message to the cochlea, averts his eyes, Within minutes of arriving at the fields, had been relatively calm for a woman with her
and quietly hates himself. My cochlea remains Butch and Chachie spotted a man that fit the pants torn half off. Her story was a graphic
motionless. He deeply inhales as the deplorable girl's description exactly, pacing back and forth, account of horror, groping, struggle and, dlti-
news that has befallen him settles in and a single, As they approached the man to investigate, mately, pant ripping. Soon the blue and red
pathetic tear rolls down his cheek. The cochlea Butch's walkie-talkie sounded and alerted the lights of 6 squad cars lit up the night, casting a
vomits up his innards. man to RSP's presence. He immediately turned crimson glow on the angelic face of Chachie.
If the membranes of one's auditory canal and gave chase. Butch and Chachie pursued. Butch had never really noticed his rather hand-
could weep, the preceding narrative would be an After running full speed across the diamonds some partners likeness to a young, clean-shaven
all too familiar scenario - especially if you were and along the path behind the football field, the Burt Reynolds. The police were passing by the
at the receiving end of the horrible game of "tele- suspect hopped a fence and made his way to SAC and noticed that it was 9:15pm and Butch
phone" I found myself in on Saturday evening. Route 25A. Butch and Chachie stayed on his trail and Chachie were no where to be found.
Basically, I heard three different stories as to until he crossed the road and entered the woods Something was up.
what made Friday, February 28 probably one of on the opposite side of 25A. By this time, rein- The jittered, half naked woman
the biggest news days of the year. And for once, forcements from the police department showed described her assailant as a 47 year old man with
it wasn't because the Wang Center opened for the up.- facial hair and a cream colored cape. Her atten-
8th time. To preserve anonymity, the devoted With the K-9 Unit in place, the police tion to detail was impeccable and her skin had
men and women of.RSP will not have their real entered the woods where the man was seen last. the slightest scent of cinnamon to it. The police
names mentioned. Instead our protagonists will Within minutes, the police emerged with the sus- force immediately jumped in their cars. There
be referred to as Butch and Chachie. The follow- pect in custody. He had been placed under arrest was no time for seatbelt. They sped over to the
ing are the three versions of Friday's events that and taken away by the authorities. train tracks and formed an automotive road
I heard. Version 2: It was a typical night that Friday. A lit- block. That train wasn't going anywhere.
Version 1: It was a typical night that tle too typical for Chachie's taste. The air had a Meanwhile, Butch and Chachie ran to the base-
Friday. Butch and Chachie were making their cold, sharp bite like a malnourished Doberman ball fields. They ran until their legs cried. They
usual rounds by the Student Union at approxi- who turned on his master. The pavement was ran until their lungs bled. They ran until they
mately 9:15pm when three girls frantically frigid, iced over and unforgiving like the woman urinated themselves. They ran until they saw the
approached them. One girl quickly explained to who walked out of Chachie's life just as quickly assailant. Then they stopped running. He
the RSP officers that she had just been attacked. as she came into it. Yeah... He was in love once. looked into Butch's eyes and tossed a canister of
Chachie called in the assault and waited for the Love... humph. But now this duty ; this obliga- tear gas at the RSP lieutenants then ran. Chachie
police to show up. A few minutes later, an officer tion, was all that mattered. Burnt coffee, stale took some stray buckshot to the abdomen and
showed up and got a detailed description of the croissants and this life, this curse, was the only went down like a sack of shot potatoes. Butch
assailant from the girl. He was described as an thing that kept him going now. threw his partner over his shoulder and began
older man, maybe in his thirties,'with facial hair The goldenrod knights trudged through the bit- the chase. The caped man jumped a fence and
and of average height with a creain colored jack- ter elements towards the Student Union which Butch was right behind him. They ran to Middle
et. seemed an eternity away. The storm fired dag- Country Road where the assailant abruptly
She went on to tell the police how the gers of ice upon their mortal vessels and Butch stopped in front of an abandoned house. Butch
man seemed drunk as he staggered up to the could swear he heard the black sky laughing. heard laughter once more but it definitely wasn't
group of girls and grabbed the inner thigh of one Maybe it was the fact that he hadn't had a real the night this time. Butch put down Chachie and
of them. Instantly, the girls fought off the man night's sleep in months or maybe it was just the thought to himself. That voice is so familiar...
a amphetamines wearing off, clearing his synaptic

AL- - -
o-w M-anv C-i~rls GCot Rpdon Friday?
-.. ·

V -- -FmrQ - y i


Continued from page 7 the caped man's legs. He was broken but not was an evening Butch would remember gladly -
beaten as he struggled to pull his paralyzed body the evening justice was served... COLD!
and this house... oh God, this house!
into the nearby woods: Butch began to approach Version 3: Yo. I heard some girl got grabbed or
"Look familiar, Butch!" the man shouted.
"Father? Is it really you? After all these years of
the bleeding shell of a man that used to be his raped or something. You wanna go get Deng
father when, all of a sudden, he was struck with Lee's?
RSP?" Butch cried.
the worst leg cramp man has ever known. He fell Now I leave it up to you, the reader, to
"Your sister used to be in RSP, you
to the floor and watched helplessly as his dad got decide which you think is the real story. If there
know." Replied the caped man with a slight
away once more. was a moral of any kind to this article, I'm defi-
twitch in his face that might have been mistaken
All seemed lost until the K-9 unit nitely not going to tell you what it was. You
for a smile... in hell. At that moment, Butch
showed up. A team of the 11 most savage dogs shouldn't believe everything people say. You
could feel himself go insane.
Long Island could dredge up pounced upon the should believe facts. And where does one get
bloodied cape that clothed the assailant's crip- facts? Well, you can find them in the club. Bottle
Butch took out his service piece and
pled torso. They ate his organs then took a cute full of bub. Look, mommy, I got the facts if
emptied the magazine into his father's neck. Just
little doggie nap in his skin. Chachie was going you're into getting learned.
then an out of control squad car screeched onto
to be alright and Butch could sleep at last. This
the scene, spun 920 degrees and shattered both of

SReally DonIt Iike Pataki (A K.A.

By Jackie Hayes
Abanv Dav) aJ
At 5:30 a.m. on February 25th, approxi- seems to be more concerned with attracting busi- support programs. Volker commented that a
mately 600 students loaded into buses bound for nesses than improving public education. It is tuition hike was inevitable stating, "We haven't
Albany. Albany Day has been an annual event obvious in this year's budget proposal where he raised tuition in seven years. If we had raised
for the past several years. In contrast to prior proposed millions to be cut for education and tuition every year incrementally, this is what it
years, representatives this year are faced with an health care at the same time he proposed tax cuts would be." Although there has not been a formal
$11 million deficit. Pataki has proposed to fill for some businesses. In his state of the State tuition hike, tuition increases have been hidden
this deficit by making cuts to social welfare serv- address on January 8, 2003, Pata
ices including health care and education. Stony "Students from across the country and
Brook students and staff attended Albany Day to the globe today come to New York tc
lobby for Stony Brook, and make the case for one of our world class colleges or u
higher education. ties." Although he acknowledges the
After assembling in groups of 10 to 15, tance of our colleges and universities,
headed by a Stony Brook staff member, students not specify any plans to improve or eve
proceeded to their appointments with represen- tain these standards of higher educatiol
tatives. Our first appointment was with in his speech he expresses the impori
Assemblyman Peter J. Abbate, Jr., who seemed New York businesses stating, "That is
sympathetic to students. Every student in the budget I propose will not delay the
group voiced their concerns for next year, and we've already passed. It will, in fact, a
described the effects the proposed cuts would targeted tax incentives to attract ad
have on them personally. Eleven of the twenty- investment and good, high-tech jobs."
two students were EOP students and almost incentives, most likely, will be either n
everyone in the room depended on TAP, EOP, cuts for businesses or complete tax brea
HEOP, STEP or CSTEP to fund all or part of their last tuition hike in 1995 caused a 30,000-drop in students at university centers paid an average of
education. In regards to these programs, Peter enrollment in SUNY schools. If the proposed cuts $532.42 in annual fees. In 2002, they paid approx-
Abbate stated, "The college access programs like and tuition hike are passed, it is tough to project imately $1260.87, which worked out to an aver-
EOP, HEOP, STEP or CSTEP that's been just about how many students will be forced out of the age annual increase of $104.05. In regards to TAP,
an annual battle. Unfortunately, sorry to say, SUNY system. But the amount is likely too be EOP, CSTEP, and STEP, Volker did not feel these
what that means is that we're always fighting just higher than in 1995. Although Pataki stresses the programs would be cut stating, "All the poor pro-
to save those programs rather than advancing importance of attracting business, he seems to grams will be fine." Perhaps Volker does not
them and putting even more money into them, forget that these businesses will require a well- realize that an estimated 299,100 students depend
which is the way it should be. And these are all educated work force. Pataki continues stating, on TAP alone. A total of 403,000 students attend
proven, valued programs. I've never heard even "The budget plan I will put forward in three SUNY schools meaning over half depend on TAP,
the governor try to make an argument against the weeks will spend less money than we did last not factoring in the students who depend on EOP,
value of these programs. He just cuts them out year... we'll look to privatize certain state assets. HEOP, STEP, and CSTEP. "The poor programs"
every year forcing us to go in and battle just to It is unclear as to which state assets Pataki is to which Volker refers are programs that over
stay where we are, not to get ahead, just to keep looking to privatize. He could be referring to 70% of SUNY students depend on. After the
what we've got, and it shouldn't be that way." state-owned businesses, prisons, or possibly uni- meeting with Volker, we, met with 3 other repre-
Pataki has proposed: cuts to 'higher education versities. Abbate states, "We've got a governor sentatives of varying perspectives. At the end of
every year since 1995, yet most of his cuts were whose philosophy seems to be to privatize public the day we met in a conference room with the
rejected. Abbate stated,'This isfriot a governor education." Hopefully Pataki will not see anoth- other students and staff to hear a few short
who is in support of public education." Pataki er term in office, and will not see his goals of pri- speeches, including one from President Shirley
Spublic education realized. Strum Kenny.
concluded stating, "We're not just On the bus ride home Jessica
about some philosophical issue, Worthington, Junior at Stony Brook, commented,
lking about people's lives." After "We barely got to talk to actual representatives, it
g Abbate for his time, the group was all interns." The majority of students
ed to their next appointment with expressed similar frustration about talking with
Volker, former Senator and Vice interns instead of the actual representatives.
Majority. Many had hoped representatives would reserve
Dale M Volker was not as sym- time to hear students' and staffs' concerns since
as Abbate to SUNY student's con- Stony Brook lobbies only one day out of the year.
He acknowledged our concerns It is impossible to say how much Albany Day
"SUNY obviously has a prob- effects policy making yet it is important that stu-
it everybody has to take some dents go. Seven hundred students and staff
hit." Yet everybody is not taking a flooding into the State Capitol is a statement in
itaki's cuts are aimed solely at and of itself.
:are, education,- and other A*public
Page 8
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towte th crTd
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i ....
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Page 9
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MD W411

Page 10
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f14 m. 9 6V 4p

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·.·.·r.·.·- ··--.........
-777777··:U ^ «7Lcft
' :' SRi OK-

Page 11
S-iS19lt~e~d ~sstfo·t-
a""E"P" ;rb~


Page 12
My Fat Fei Long Style
will wreck you quick, into the
emergency room
My Shien Kyaku is
beautiful and deadly like
assassin Geisha Was Jeus
Come to the Arcade
and bring your whack fightingstyle canL L e
so I can house you 1
into Ded
Fo; WO
mon-sat L (Who Wants Jesus' Dick?)
6-11 I

"Take this cup all of you and drink it. This is

the cup of my roofies- I mean blood! Blood!"

pool 4 extra holes for you to stick

tmes L your dick in
"Hey, you know, Nietzsche didn't believe in me,
:kins E7
mw~w W
MP=, Im
until I fucked his mom with my metal dildo"

6 Oh cum on all ye faithful!

"So ya knwI'm a carpenter. That means I

5 handle the wood better than anyone."

3 Dies ire rquem,Let's fuck!

·.1 ·: I·
Fear & Lonatinr on the Phish Trail if' a.
By Amberly Timperio
It was a perilous journey last Friday night, At first we shared some beers - Guinness and keep their shit wired tight? I don't know, youth and
wading through mysterious drug-addled hordes, Fuller's London Porter. Raph bought some Goo inexperience, I suppose.
bottleneck consumerism, and the occasional 5-0 Balls from a young maid with pigtails, carrying After thawing out in the car, the heat on full blast,
shake-down. I was on my way to see Phish, the them around in a large basket festooned with a red we assessed our situation and decided to hang out
iiber-band with the Dead cult following - a band I ribbon. "Each individually wrapped for her pleas- a little until the second set, when we could poten-
had never seen - with my two companions, Jim and ure," said the girl, who looked remarkably like tially sneak in. Good plan. We dined a little, and
Raphael. Raph, a redhead, is a wonderful woman, Rose McGowan. Goo Balls, as I learned later, are discussed the trench-heap state of political affairs,
full of life. Jim, equal parts height and enthusiasm, these lovely baseball-sized treats filled with choco- hockey and the probability, of a decent fourth
greeted me as I hopped in the car for the excursion. late, peanut butter, rice crispees, and marijuana. Jim installment of Indiana Jones. We made big plans for
Jim was in good spirits, as always; Raph bought a few rice crispees treats with a little of the the summer, concocting fanciful schemes for
was equally excited, although she had never seen extra love inside, and a beautiful glass 'sculpture' Boston and Toronto. For a second the future didn't
Phish before either. They had smoked some man- with blue and faint yellow swirls. have the black war cloud hanging over, Dubya
ner of marijuana before exiting the vehicle. We tried for a time getting tickets, but the situation Dubya III.
"We must get ready for the onslaught," Raph gazed was desperate and the masses were dry. "My Later on we hoofed it back to the tents, and
as she exhaled several rings. "I don't want to leave grandmother's Volkswagen for an extra," just was- upon nearing the arena saw eight cops on horses,
empty-handed." n't working. People had made signs offering up just poised to unleash maylee. Why? Well, that's a
As it was, we.didn't have tickets for the pipes, drugs, beer, even sexual favors of all kinds good question. Obviously, Phish fans are known for
nights show; we planned on buying them from for an extra. But no orie was buying from the their violence. (That little old lady that got beat up
some pleasant soul who had extras. Barring that, a scalpers, that much was clear. The Guinea lunks last week - the dude was certainly a stoner with an
scalper would have to do. Jim was ready. He had (and I can say that because I'm Italian) stood out antelope shirt.) The most forceful thing I saw all
just about every CD of Phish, consisting of nearly like a sore thumb, and they eyed each other furtive- night was probably the woman selling jambalaya
his entire live library, a fat black case labeled and ly in the cold. I would venture to say that Phish squeezing her own breast.
categorized by date, show and sometimes lender. fans are not the richest people on the ladder. We carefully walked around the side of the
We listened and lounged in the warm car. Speaking of which, besides the warmth of the mini building, with one dilated eye fixed firmly on the
Upon our exit, we found, much to our horror, that freak community, the strongest impression I left horse heat and tried not to look like the conspicu-
everyone else was trying in vain to buy tickets as with was that consumerism is certainly not dead. ous crazies that we are. Seizing the opportunity to
well. It was a madhouse. And the lousy scalpers High level hawkers of all kinds barraged our ears. circumvent the law, we slipped through an opening
wanted $150 per ticket. "Whose got my extra," was They were everywhere. Everything was for sale. in the guardrail along the east gate. The blood
a common refrain among the wandering downcast One short woman standing on a chair on the side- rushed. Raph was convinced that at any moment,
Phish-heads. (That and "Whose got my fresh lines yelled, "Homemade jambalaya and my we would feel the long arm of the law snapping us
nugs?") breasts for 3 bucks. They're both fresh and hot." back to Siberia, but surprisingly the scheme
Our hearts weighed heavy, but we would Although she made us all laugh, it seems that no worked. We followed the magical sounds and
not give up. Raph's grandmother had sent her one took her up on the offer. joined the other peace-loving citizens through the
some money, which she promptly spent on a whole Jim and Raph's treats were starting to kick in. It was curtain to their version of Utopia.
galaxy of drugs when we arrived at the venue. high time to come to terms with the fact that we The songs were glorious, the band unfor-
Within four minutes of entering the grounds, full of probably wouldn't be purchasing any tickets, gettable.
every manner of hippie-child, dreadlocked and which left that money free for drugs. Jim scored We left the show in a state of euphoria, our ears still
long-haired, dogs, little kids, and showmen, we some opium; Raph some weed, and they both went full of cotton, but certainly not ready to call it a
made our way to the tents - many, many white tents in on shrooms. night. After frightening a few passerby with our
that blended into the mountains of plowed snow. At this point, a reassessment of the delirious laughter, members of our party decided
The natives were selling everything from vegetari- evening was in order. We headed back to the car to to eat some shrooms, and watch 'Lord of the Rings'
an food fired on metal skillets and hot chocolate, to warm up and peruse our booty. (I bumped into my at a nearby multiplex.
shirts, cigarettes, glass dildos, $2 beers, friend Barry - he says 'hi'.) On the way back to the Afterward, I drifted during the ride back, visions of
Jagermeister shots and drug-related paraphernalia. Marriott parking lot (where we parked for free), a Legolas swooping around his horse, my friends
Immediately, boys in hoods passed us at intervals, chick in front of me passed out, and her friends and their hi-jinx, thousands of colorful fans, the
speaking under their breath, extolling whatever were carrying her. Not two minutes later I saw band, cops, and passed-out amateurs, all swirling
drug they had for sale. It was a paradise of uppers, another girl unconscious, eyes rolled in the back of in my head.
dowers, laughers and screamers. Marijuana, hash, her head, her people helping her to safety. I just And here I was ... just another freak in the
tabs, shrooms, chocolate shrooms, opium, mollies, shook my head, as the slow-moving ambulance Freak Kingdom.
whatever you wanted, seemingly came right to pressed past. It disappoints me to see irresponsible
you. drug use, and why is it always chicks who can't

Page -I4
By Andrew Pernick
This EP Means Everything .J L0
In our age of Pop and Punk, Rap and sized strings instead of the electric bass and gui- final sung note ring out in from the depths of his
R&B, the singer-songwriters are often maligned tars. And it would not be a Matt Nathanson song soul, conveying perfectly the lyrics' lament of
as remnants of old-school music. Enter Matt witfout exceptional verse. For example, the desperation and loneliness.
Nathanson, brilliant lyricist and musician, rising lead-in for the second chorus, "and too scared to "Bent", the ultimate song for the recent-
star for our fast-paced, instant gratification cul- let go I had my arms thread through the pretty ly dumped, begs to be used as a personal anthem.
ture and a consummate performer. "When holes of your most romantic line" results in The instrumentation, featuring the talents of
Everything Meant Everything", an EP featuring whimsical bemusement while still being power- background vocalist Emm Gryner, is intoxicat-
five of his latest songs, demonstrates his true ful and relevant. ing. The lyrics are the
genius with this perfect album. "Princess", a so inner monologue of a
The first track, "Pretty the World", is a what cynical look at depressed ex-boyfriend
perfect love song for the jaded amongst us. thoughts running thro and- are perfect due to
Through a slightly syncopated overlay of electric a girl's head at a part 3 their honesty, raw emo-
and acoustic guitars, backed by a strong driving perhaps the most diffi tion and the sheer power
drum beat, the song quickly elevates the listen- song to comprehend. of the imagery. The unan-
er's pulse to the piece's quick tempo. But it is the lyrics, although initi swered question, "now
lyrics, not the brilliance in the instrumentation, abstract, become clear that it's over, should I
that makes this a.great song. "They tied off your the time the final vers thank you for that dear?",
arms, with all your pretty charms and the same sung. "Oh princess, yo says more in the delivery
bad lines that always get you" croons Nathanson ready for greatfiess, than the words alone ever
with perfect pitch. "I never thought that I could edited and weight could. The track con-
be who'I am, I never thought that I could see never more alive", tat cludes by wishing us
where I was, I always thought that all this was Nathanson in a sarca "goodnight, farewell!"
just wasn't me, I always thought that all this was look at self-censors] while at the same time
could never be" proclaim Nathanson and Jonah The on .downside on asking the listener if this is
Matranga, plunging the listener into mixed feel- track is the tempor "everything you wanted".
ings of surprise, panic, confusion and elation. unease it instills in sorr novacabularvr qullfficirnt to
The chorus and bridge are shining examples of the lyrics, but in most cases this downside soon give high enough praise for this great EP.
how a two-part harmony should sound, clear gives way to the song's unique charm and wit. Simply put, this IEP is perfect; the blend of emo-
and distinct. The final two tracks are a departure from tional power, brilliant lyrics and innovative yet
Building upon the previous track, "Fall the prior three. This shift is evident from the first comfortably familiar instrumentation is breath-
to Pieces" is an extra heEPing of musical joy. note of the fourth track, "The Weight of it All", an taking. This is the ultimate counterexample for
Sung almost entirely as a solo by Matt acoustic piece reminiscent of Dave Matthew's anyone who thinks there are no great singer-
Nathanson, its strength lies in its familiarity. The early works. The beauty of this track is in the songwriters anymore. "When Everything Meant
instrumentation and vocal score are akin to the subtly gentle contrast between the serenity of the Everything", available at
best elements in modern rock bands. But just as music and the somewhat bitter, quietly sad lyrics., is more than worth its
the listener becomes completely comfortable "But you don't know me at all", we are constant- $5 price tag; due to the sublime quality of the
with the song's patterns, the bridge throws all ly reminded. It is also in this track where we are music on the EP, it is clearly worth ten times as
expectations out the proverbial window due to first exposed to Matt Nathanson's incredible, much.
the use of distortion on lead vocal and synthe- almost superhuman vocal range as he lets the

: 1 I

By Doug Williams
Blodline Music
Hello World! I'm back. It's been a long, many who have already heard it believe will be opinions on the current state of the music indus-
cold winter and I can't wait for spring break. I an international hit. The song is a piece based on try and where he thinks it's heading. Okay, and
don't have any wild plans, but it will be nice to peace and will hopefully attract the attention of one last plug to promote my own music; 'Doug
get a chance to catch up on some school proj- music publishers across the map. It has already Williams Live!' has finally got the thumbs-up
ects...such is life. Locally, on the rock scene, I had gained worthy praise from Pinella Music from One Time Records (OTR) to be released this
the chance of checking out The Mutha Funkas G~iup's CEO and Founder, Oscar Pinella. "It is a summer. I am very excited about this as it kind
and Hot Tin Roof at Club Blue in Rocky Point. very catchy song with a great beat," says Oscar in of wraps up the past five or so years of my work
What a' smokin' hot show! I'm gonna save my regards to the upbeat could-be anthem entitled, and compiles it all to one CD. All the tracks were
MF'ers stories for the future, as I plan on check- 'Mushroom People'. To hear the original recorded live at various spots, mostly on Long
ing them out again at King's Club in Centereach. ' VL
J.l CjUJIl:
--- A--- "T - - - 1 .1 -I .1
ougn tnere are two
on March 21. One thing I will mention at this o n t recorded at a small
time is that they are very entertaining and the ub in San Francisco
music is quite enjoyable. On the softer side of and it won't be long bef 3 with John Saint
things, I've been busy working on my own mate- .you have the song stuck on vocals. All of
rial. The Coffeemen is my latest personal musi- your head. And just to g ks are, for the most
cal endeavor that strikes just the right chord for you a little information nixed and edited
me at this time in my career. At this point in its the previously meritior te compilation is
primal evolution, The Coffeemen is comprised of company, here is the ba for mastering and
Jimmy Bosko and myself, both playing guitar purpose that the Pine tion, as early as
and harmonizing vocally. Jimmy is a seasoned Music Group exists. st.....So far, 2003 has
musician with a fine tenor voice, which is used The Pinella Mu trying year for our
for most of the lead vocal parts in the songs that Group was established ly and the overall
we do. Our mission is to provide quiet, relaxing 2001 to assist songwrit our nation, as well
and enjoyable background music at such venues in their spiritual jourr state of our state,
as coffeehouses and restaurants. The style of our toward stardom, to all e freakin' state of
music is in the same vein as The Everly Brothers world artists to sing beai npus, but let's all
and The Beatles, but touches on several different ful and meaningful soi gether and make it
influences of various sorts. It is my hopes that and to develop an effect Sthe many compli-
The Coffeemen will be serving up quality coffee business partnership t] that life seems to
style music for years to come. helps record compan upon us. No mat-
Another brush with genius that 'has identify new songs for th Syou slice it, this is
inspired me recently was the opportunity to company's artist rosters. rid; the only world
work with Snake Russo from The Pit in Central will be setting up an int e here and now.
Islip. It was within his recording studio that he view with Mr. Pinella la
and I spontaneously came up with a song that this spring to ask him

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Intelligence Isn't Always Measured In

By Sam Goldman
Wins And Losses
When you think of athletes, what do you on the American flag. This has understandably Sports Illustrated, and local media have all fea-
think of? Talent probably. Skill. Glory. Money. shocked and angered many, and prompted a dis- tured her in stories. To their credit; the college
What about intelligence? Intelligence is just as cussion of whether a sporting event is a place to administration has been totally supportive of her.
important as any physical attribute. And it's often make a political statement. And even her teammates, who at times have
what separates the winners, the great athletes, At a game at the United States Merchant understandably felt that both they and the team
from the merely talented ones. Marine Academy, where three of the team's players have been marginalized, have stuck with her
College basketball has, for many years are scheduled to be shipped out in two weeks to through the firestorm.
now, been thought of as a place where intelligence,
io, IILI•
lnl +knvntf--n
nr~ lnrh-k
Jre reciL 1y, LIL•t lai% I
undetermined locations, Toni Smith was met with
C· -Ir~~ 1Cr -L .. n-M-
kov !3+
+kn Ox),,O-n+
The simple fact is, once you play the
11L L
aIL eveILL, LL

tioned. There are routinely nmie Smith knew that when he held
ers taking fluff courses, or fist in protest at the 1968 Olympics.
dents take exams for them, believe that above statement, or
letic directors push teachers Lbelieve in the impending war or
dents in order to keep their ther you believe that Toni Smith is
gibility. Some stories are trt or wrong - it's all really, at some
tunately; others, howev( t, irrelevant. Hell, even I'm not sure
products of a skeptical publ agree with her. What matters is that
stereotypes jocks as dumba, it is her right - given by God and
Recently, events at country - to make her political
New York State colleges h beliefs known is this fashion, and
shown both ends of the spe she should be allowed to, for as long
trum. is she wants to. Her decision, right
First, we will visit Olean r wrong, is not stupid, or ignorant,
New York. St. Bonaventure s some people would like to believe
is one of the smallest naybe need to believe). She is sociol-
schools in-America to have r
major, and she understands what
a Division I basketbal loing, and why she is doing it, and,
squad. Their Bonnies play above, she can state it eloquently.
the Atlantic-10 conference. T ere are two stories, one involving
son, Bonnies coach Jan v :isions, the other involving bone-
Kolff conspired with the ur Ls Stony Brook University continues
president, Robert Wicker Division I athletics, we can only
bring in forward Jamil Ter listration, the coaches, and the play-
junior college. The proble in do more of the former, and less of
Terrell never received an asE
minimum requirement for a
,%1 T1t T 1,
luucentI to play u- noops. vvicKennelser oypassec bteven:
his school's own admissions department to wel- a former war x
come Terrell to St. Bonaventure with a welding cer- onto the court
tificate. Nothing more. the .national a
The Atlantic-10 conference eventually and shoved it ir
found out. Terrell was ruled ineligible. The Bonnies face, daring her
have been forced to forfeit their six conference vic- at it.
tories. Furthermnore, they have been denied a So why
chance to play in the annual A-10 tournament, and is Toni Smith
further punishment may come from the NCAA. what she's doin
But wait; there's more. told a thror
The St. Bonaventure team, finding out the reporters at a pre
punishment, decided to quit on its season. They ference, "The
forfeited the remaining two games, against Dayton means to me; f
and Massachusetts, packed up and went home, means it stands
and the school, instead of forcing the team to play, millions and mill
or getting a couple of students together to field a indigenous peop
team, let them go, and actually supported their were massacre
decision to quit. Ihis has angered the conference to claim it. It mea
such an extent that, after 20 years in the A-10, the millions of
Bonnies may be shown the door. enslaved in or
So who was stupid? Everybody. build it up. A
Wickenheiser broke the rules. There was no gray means the milli
area, no "well, I thought I was doing the right those who art
thing" here. He broke the rules, and he, did so oppressed in ord(
brazenly, because coach van Breda.Kolff decided to prosper. It als
he had to have Terrell, no matter what. This offense stand for those
is unforgivable, but it was even worse was to see fought. They gav
the players quit. I am sure any SBU athlete in any lives in order f<
sport reading this would agree: whatever happens, country to prosp
no matter how bad the season is, the one thingyou I don't think ti
don't do is quit: Ever. College basketball, like col- any specific pur
lege sports in general, is not just about wins and should comprom
losses, it's about how you play the game, or in this beliefs to accomr
case, decide not to play at all. people's pe
The other story is not necessarily better, or offenses towards
happier. It's just different. By now many of you family or howev(
have heard the controversy regarding Toni Smith. feel defending th4
If not, here's a recap: Toni Smith is a senior forward Toni S
for the Manhattanville College Division III silent protest ha
women's basketball team. Before each game, when tured the attent
the national anthem is played, she turns her back the nation; ESPN,
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oNew irside-Rpyding Pro ram T. ight
By Clara Pelaez .
New York City,'the city that never sleeps, Why are not the same incentives given to plastic mayor Bloomberg's office is extremely shortsight-
one of the most cosmopolitan and advanced cities and glass recycling programs? It has proven to be ed and will be ineffective..
in the world, took a giant step backwards when a profitable business in other states; how else Education of the public appears to have
Mayor Michael Bloomberg decided that the city's could we explain the tripling number of plastic been overlooked when designing the new curb-
curb ide-recycling program would no longer recycling companies since 1990,-a number provid- side-recycling program. This is a major mistake
include. plastics or glass. Does it sound hard to
. . -. *
.. , . .. . . . . . . - .
ed by Thomas Metzeer from the American Plastics since education
--_ __ _ of
__ - - ^public
_ the . __ __ is the
-__- foundation
__------- - - - of
believe? It sure does, but the new regulation, ig. The recycling program in New York
started on July 1st of 2002; are just "tempora arted about sixteen years ago, according to
according to the administration. )oherty, NYC Sanitation Commissioner.
They seem to have it all under contrc Syears have not been enough to make col-
shut down plastics recycling for a year and of recyclables as effective as it could be.
recycling for two years, after that, we will ir long and how much will it take to re-edu-
ment more efficient programs accordingly. the public after glass and plastics are
Is it really that easy? No it is not. According luded in the curbside-recycling program
Marjorie J. Clarke, Vice Chair of Citywi( ice again?
Recycling Advisory Board, "recycling partici ducation of the public cannot be stopped;
pation depends on public trust, habits, an nstead, it should be reinforced. Any invest-
motivation, all of which can easily be disrupt nent made in education will be recovered
ed." How realistic are the goals proposed b' vhen efficiency increases. According to
Major Bloomberg? 4arjorie J. Clarke, "recycling education
The exclusion of plastics and glas icreases capture rate, diversion rate and
from the city's curbside-recycling program is 'oductivity." This is the way to start. You
result of budget deficits. It has been argu nt to make recycling effective, productive
that plastic and glass recycling is very expens efficient? Invest in public education cam-
"Metal, plastic and glass recycling has been ii is; guess who makes it happen? Yes, the
cient. Some 40 percent of the material the cit The pillars of waste management, accord-
lects is disposed of because it is not marketa * a report from the United Nations
said Steven Lawitts, deputy commissioner c nment Programme, are: avoiding, reducing,
Sanitation Department. Could it not be ar ig and disposing. An educated public will
that the only reason why these markets seem ethe raw materials for recycling businesses.
inefficient is because the citv dnp nnt oivp pn 11prohch>ldel " n-urithi
l-l-^ bli ith hi h
incentives to plastic and glass recycling compa- et deficits by cutting down programs as essential quality recycling education and incentives for the
nies? Incentives given to paper companies for uti- as recycling, they should be managed more realis- recycling industry, instead of short-term money
lizing NYC recyclables helped increase efficiency tically, and keep in mind the long-term effects of saving policies.
in the paper recycling industries, confirms Clarke. policy modifications. The solution proposed by

Recvcling in New York Citv

iy rIlenilCAd aidj
The suspension of New York city's plas- rid of garbage costs the city $65 a ton, while tak- as it's recycling will resume in July 2004.
tic and glass recycling program, due to the city's ing plastics and glass to sorting centers costs $110 (Cooper, NY Times, City to Resume Recycling of
large deficit is more of an aggravation rather a ton. Since there is not much demand for recy- Plastics, 1/14/03)
than a money-saving approach. The argument cled glass and plastic, he said, many of those jars More good news as the American
for stopping the collection of these recyclable and bottles wound up in landfills anyway. Plastics Council applauds the decision to resume
materials is on the other hand very reasonable.
The fact is that most of the sorted plastics and
elass were not beine
(Cooper, NY Times, Sort it Wrong and Garbage
Sfays at Curb, 7/28/02) These implementations
nf the qllqtnpnnQinn A tPrP
11 nf f
afC Pa-1nn anvrlir'
the recycling program. According to the APC,
"nationally recyclers have the capacity to process
Jv pJcen ... L 111 pUo -oIJ LsumerL

hey currently are collecting. And there is a


cant market for recycled resins, now used

duce a long list of everyday products. So it
Luckily, a bid by a New Jersey surprising the city found an economically
recycling company to pay the way to market these plastics." (Metzger,
city $5.15 per ton of plastics York City to Resume Plastics Recycling,
Sand metal
All in all this suspension did not make
sense, as it will resume in a few months
ty. While the people of New York City are
g for things to go back the way they were,
nitation trucks are busy picking up metal
aving "contaminated" bags of plastic on
rb until it is sorted properly. Some people
get fines for their deviant behavior. So
money was pumped into the recycling
iign in which "the city spent millions on
sion commercials teaching people to sepa-
glass and plastic, including one that fea-
ed Joe Torre, the Yankees manager, and
dolph W. Giuliani." (Cooper, NY Times,
rt it Wrong and Garbage Stays at Curb,
02) So over all I think we all can agree that
Smoney has been wasted which could have

ones who the .;.
ut to better use like back in people's pock-

have insign
ter all we are the iny6ritbrs, the risk takers,
o--- ---- - -r- ---- ~-Y----- · ------
IU \LV r-
Times, City to Resume Recycling of Plastics,
1/14/03) Mayor Bloomberg has said that getting
6%:L 1.0 .Ill CIbAIUVCUL. imUi ICI1S
company, the city can resume it's recycling of
plastics. Glass will hopefully have a similar fate,
L) LIins

Iods tain adeaner environment.

to main
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Why Class Anaysis atrs Tu
War Twelve Years Ilater
w w-w

Continued from page 3 galvanizing the country. This was accomplished UN structiral adjustment programs, debt service
between trilateralist (world bankers, oil cartels), by the war with neighboring Iraq that lasted for payments, enterprise zones, the IMF, World
construction, manufacturing, agribusiness, and 8 long years, killing more than 1 million Iranian Bank, WTO, NAFTA, GATT, U.S. Agency for
aerospace/armaments/"defense" industries -- and Iraqi people. International Development and what today we
all with their own competing sets of economic From Khomeini's position, the war call NGOs -- non-governmental organizations,
and political interests -- had again propelled con- between Iran and Iraq served as a means to the so-called "progressive" arm of globalization
flicting, even chaotic, government policies. And defeat an insurgent working class movement at -- are the resulting mechanisms through which
on the other, within Iraq - as had been the case home. It enabled Khomeini to concentrate the the New World Order is implemented. (5) Today,
in Iran eleven years earlier -- leftist-led uprisings power of the State in the hands of ultra-religious we are seeing various sectoral tensions being
were threatening to destabilize the centralized fanatics (an outcome welcomed by the U.S. gov- played out at the UN Security Council. Whether
nation-state itself, with the potential to launch a ernment as the lesser of two evils, representing the massive outpouring of global antiwar senti-
powerful communist push throughout the the long-term interests of the oligarchy); and, ment has helped bring about a rupture in the
region. Crushing those uprisings became a prior- from Saddam Hussein's position, the war served New World Order consensus promulgated by
ity for the US and a main reason for the U.S. gov- as a means to reap the material benefits of doing George Bush, Sr. (which would be irony worthy
ernment's promotion, funding and arming of the U.S.'s bidding in the region and, similarly, to of Sophocles, or should we say, "Carlyle") and
Iraq in its long war with Iran. crush rising working class movements in Iraq, give new meaning to Oedipus Rex, so to speak,
I n 1978 and 1979 the Iranian revolution particularly around Basra, Nasria and Hilah *inwhich the son wrecks the neo-liberal strategy
had bubbled up from the grassroots and ejected where, for decades, there had been strong of the father, or is only a slightly chaotic blip
the Shah -- the main supporter of Israel in the Stalinist as well as council communist move- within that still hegemonic framework remains
region and the U.S. government's military ments, and among the Kurds in the North. The to be seen. It is this concern that is occupying the
strongman in the Arab and Western Asian oil- ruling clique in Iraq used U.S. aid to consolidate various global strategists, as is evidenced by
producing world. One of the key features of the the power of Iraq's fascist state through the ter- their slightly nuanced and grating statements.
Iranian revolution -- one not shown on American ror of Saddam's brownshirts -- the Republican If the anti-globalization movement can more
TV, which focused solely on the student Guards. (More about them shortly.) deeply influence the direction of the anti-war
takeovers in Iran's capital city, Teheran, and the How could the U.S. play off the various movement, we may be seeing the end of this
taking of 52 hostages (1) -- was the rebellion of forces in the Middle East? When should it period of neo-liberalism and the beginnings of
the oil workers; some 80,000 strong. befriend one sector, attack another? How could it mass movements for revolutionary economic,
With the involvement of two million maintain the Saudi rulers' allegiance as U.S. cap- ecological and social transformation, worldwide.
people living in oil towns, striking workers shut ital's primary ally in the region along with
down the massive Iranian petroleum industry. Israel? These have ever been the source of debate End Part One
"The U.S. engineered an attempt to get oil flow- in Washington. Here we come to a main argu-
ing again by staffing the fields and refineries ment I am making: There is no monolithic U.S.
with 10,000 naval cadets trained for this purpose. policy that benefits all sectors of the ruling class NOTES
The strikebreaking effort failed. The striking equally. The alignment of members of the U.S.
workers refused to send oil to Israel and South President's cabinet with different sectors of capi- 1. ABC's Nightline, with Ted Koppel, was born as
Africa. Yet through a strong and intricate net- tal helps explain the differences in approach and a means of documenting the hostage crisis day
work of peoples' committees called Shura in even outright policy struggles between Baker by day.
Pharsi, oil products were distributed throughout and Cheney in 1990, or Haig, Shultz and
Iran, though not to the Shah's military. Weinberger a decade earlier (4) -- and, for that 2. Terisa Turner, "The 1991 Gulf War and Popular
(2The Iranian oil workers were irreplace- matter, between Clinton/Gore and Struggles," in Arise Ye Mighty People! Gender,
able in the dangerous and highly technical oper- Bush/Cheney in 2000. -Class & Race in Popular Struggles, Terisa Turner
ations of the oil system. They immediately coor- Support for sanctions against Iraq and and Bryan Furguson, eds. Africa World Press,
dinated amongst themselves a national opera- for the U.N. Security Council resolutions had Inc., Trenton, NJ.
tion, using the organization and communications been a prime strategy of the big oil and banking
technology of the industry itself. sector, reflecting its own long-range economic 3. Turner, ibid., and Terisa Turner, "The politics
Iranian society during the revolutionary - and political interests, and its reliance upon mil- of world resource development in the 1990s,"
period was democratically run from the grass- itary" assistance_ to Israel. Military support for International Oil Working Group, New York,
roots by decentralized popular committees Saudi Arabia, on the other hand, had long been a_ 1990.
(Komitehs or Shurai) for approximately two strategy of the aerospace and construction com-
years. These Shura formed in late 1978 in all sec- panies, such as Bechtel and Northrop, with enor- 4. See, for example, Mitchel Cohen,"Class Wars:
tors of society: the schools, the military and -mous projects in that country and billions of dol- Haig, Israel & the U.S. •Government," in Red
media, the oil industry, among the rural Kurds lars at stake. In contrast to the first term of -Balloon Newsletter, October 1981. Haig repre-
and in the civil service as well as in local neigh- Reagan's presidency (in whose cabinet the sented the strong pro-Israel position of the trilat-
borhoods. Garbage collection, bread baking and Bechtel corporation played an inordinately pow- eralists; Shultz and Weinberger, who had been
distribution, education and publishing, muni- erful and, except for Gen. Haig, a controlling officers of the Bechtel Corporation, represented
tions manufacture and international relations role), all camps had strong presence in the first the position favoring arms to Saudi Arabia,
were some of the social activities that these radi- Bush Administration. (After the Gulf war and which was strongly protested by Israel, even
cal democratic committees carried out. (3) still under George Bush's presidency, Bechtel though they, too, did not take an anti-Israel line
The Ayatollah Khomeini's aim in return- was awarded multi-billion dollar contracts for directly.
ing to Iraq after the upsurge from his exile in the reconstruction of Kuwait. Bush used the
Paris was to reassert the power of the bazaari, power of his office to basically cajole, coerce and -5. See Mitchel Cohen, "The L.A. Rebellion and
the mullahs and the national bourgeoisie in Iran bribe the different sectors of capital into getting the World Bank," in The Capitalist Infesto: What
- the basis for his authority. In this way, the sit- in line behind his policy of the New World Is The Existential Vacuum ... & Does It Come
uation in Iran 24 years ago is very similar to that Order/globalization of capital, just as his son is With Attachments?, and also Mitchel Cohen,
in Afghanistan under the Taliban. Even while currently attempting to do with members of the Haiti and Somalia: The International Trade in
declaring the United States to be "the Great Security Council.) Bush's successful cooptation Toxic Waste for further development and case
Satan," the Islamic fundamentalist Khomeini of the right-wing of capital, which had histori- study applications of NGOs in practice and the
crushed the neighborhood and workers' councils cally been hostile to the United Nations, and dis- development of a new global division of labor to
that were serving to democratize the society as ciplining the entire capitalist class behind the which the Gulf war was central.
well as the oil industry (to the consternation of dominant strategy of seeking U.S. capital's
the oil companies) by reactivating the Shah's expansion through U.N. mechanisms was quite
SAVAK - the savage secret police that had been an extraordinary feat of political manipulation
trained a generation earlier by Gen. H. Norman with long term political consequences.
Schwarzkopf's father. To gain the upper hand The Gulf War was the hammer needed to
over the Shura, Khomeini needed a means for accomplish that objective. The alphabet soup of

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What? There's A TV
Station On Campus?



By Adam Schlagman
RobocoN? More like RoboIflo -I
I recently had the opportunity to review hostage. The horrible acting is evident from the Machine w
a DVD of Robocop: Dark Justice, which is sched- beginning of the movie to the end. I can't say like Skeletc
uled to be released by Lions Gate Films later this that the script could have made the actors seem from H
month. Unlikemost reviews, I am going to start any better. There are such amazing lines as "We Man reinca
with the good things about the DVD first. Now do not negotiate, we detonate." nated as
that that is done with, let's move on to the bad SMy friend who was watching with me old fat as
things. actually left since they thought the movie was so hole, whii
First off let's examine the DVD features. bad. The movie includes many flashbacks of had nothir
These are laughable; the DVD may as well have when Robocop was Officer Murphy before the to do wi
been videotape; The DVD menu has no sound unfortunate accident. The flashbacks are done the who
and the only features it has are "play movie," very poorly at the beginning, but then gradually movie. I w
"scene selection," and "subtitles," with the great improve, as does the whole movie. The movie just waitir
choices of English or Spanish. Miraculously starts off truly horribly and could be compared to for Roboct
there is a semi-Easter egg in the top right corner the old school Punisher movie. Fortunately the to yell "I
when Lions Gate Films is highlighted. This movie keeps getting better, but that doesn't mean the power
"super-hidden" Easter egg plays a trailer adver- that the movie ever actually gets good. The Grayskull!"
tising for this Robocop movie and three future movie seems more like a set-up for the three A i
ones; Robocop: Meltdown, Robocop: future Robocop movies due out by Lions Gate. in all, tl
Resurrection, and Robocop: Crash and Burn. Makes you wonder if they are all straight to was a poor
Now, lets move on no the movie. The video for a reason. made movie,
movie opens up with a terrorist organization The best part of the movie though was with bad acting and a bad script. Avoid this
know as "The Bombs," (yes that is really what laughing at a character named Bone Machine. movie unless you want to hear Bone Machine
they call themselves), holding a group of citizens He wore a skull mask and laughed a lot. Bone yell "You're boned baby!"
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i• .. i,. i