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Jakarta, June 15

, 2014
Name : Afida Luthfi Yuvana
Student ID : 1106010811

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am Afida Luthfi Yuvana, the student in Faculty of Dentistry, Universitas Indonesia. I have
heard about TMDU Inter-University Exchange Program since I was the 1
year student in my faculty.
With this letter, I would like to express my strong motivation for participation at this Exchange
First, I admire Japan since I was in the high school. Japan is a very sistematic country which has
excellent technology, education, economic, and many others. As an Indonesian youth, I want to learn
many things from Japan to improve my knowledge and skills so that someday I can contribute to
develop my country. By joining this program, I can learn about the technology, facilities, and education
system especially in TMDU as one of the best medical and dental schools in the world.
Second, I have a plan to continue my study abroad. I want to get a doctoral scholarship at this
University and earn a Ph.D, so this programme will really mean a lot for my dream. After studying
abroad, I want to share my knowledge in Indonesia and be a great dentist.
Third, I want to make friends around this world. This is very important to make friends and
build the network outside my country. Nowadays, the collaboration is urgent, so we have to start
sharing knowledge with other universities to create a better future education and service.
The last but not least, I want to introduce Indonesia which is rich of cultures and capable
human resources. I will try my best in showing Indonesian cultures at the cultural night of this
program. I also want to show that actually Indonesia has many intelligent and capable students to
compete in the global world and collaborate with other countries well in the future.
Beside those motivations, I can be a proper candidate for this exchange program because of
my capability to handle problems, social balance, and the necessity to gain an international experience
outside my University. Fortunately, I have been selected as one of the most outstanding students in
my faculty so I want to contribute as the dentistry student representative outside Indonesia. I also
become a head of student representative organization, so I have some responsibilities such as:
controling other students organizations in my faculty, making the concept of new students orientation
program, and doing advocation of students critics and ideas. Those assignments enabled me to
develop strong soft skills and to become responsible young individual.
Thank you very much in advanced for this opportunity and for considering my application. I will
try my best for this program because I believe that it will give good impacts for my University and my
future career in the field of dentistry. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Afida Luthfi Yuvana