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... through Bertha Dudde

What did Jesus body consist of? .... .
!othing is i"#ossib$e to %e& your God and 'reator .... ()erything
*ant& ha##ens& and *hat *ant to create instant$y a##ears in
front of %e as an acco"#$ished thought .... ha)e no $i"itations&
neither concerning ideas nor e+ecuted actions& be they of
s#iritua$ or "ateria$ substance. For basica$$y everything is
s#iritua$ substance& regard$ess of *hether you see #hysica$ or
s#iritua$ creations.
But ho* this substance is natured can on$y be ,udged by %e
%yse$f ....
On$y -no* *hether it is s#iritua$ substance *hich had once
fa$$en a*ay fro" %e and had hardened into so$id "atter
or *hether it is %y direct$y e"anated s#iritua$ strength *hich
too- on a sha#e according to %y *i$$&
for can use any strength to change or for" a$$ -inds of *or-s of
creations. can a$so gi)e %y direct$y e"anated strength those
characteristics *hich c$ing to the sinfu$ s#iritua$ being if it& in its
fina$ for" as a hu"an being& she$ters a sou$ for the #ur#ose of
attaining #erfection ....
. body created by %e of non-sinful spiritual substances can&
through My will& e+#erience a state of *ea-ness or incor#orate
characteristics *hich adhere to a$$ other bodies if it ser)es a
s#ecific #ur#ose ....
Everything is *ithin %y will and *ithin %y power ....
But through contact with the world, with matter .... which
is impure spiritual substance .... everything of a pure,
divine nature will always be influenced by the latter and
experience problems& and since Jesus act of /a$)ation
in)o$)ed an e+traordinari$y i"#ortant "ission& i"#ure ad)erse
forces "ade a s#ecia$ effort to e+ert inf$uence on the #ure$y
Di)ine& Jesus external form.
For this di)ine0s#iritua$ e"anation of strength& *hich 1is body
has to be regarded as& did not tae effect by destroying or
preventing everything of an adverse nature .... instead& it
*as sufficient to render the sa"e resistance& $i-e any other
e+terna$ for" shou$d& by #acifying the encroaching s#iritua$
substances and thus *aging the sa"e batt$e against a$$
te"#tations& for as a hu"an being Jesus *anted to e+e"#$ify the
-ind of $ife *hich all fe$$o* hu"an beings shou$d $i)e in order to
re$ease the"se$)es fro" the forces of dar-ness.
1o*e)er& the fact that Jesus body consisted of earth$y "atter
cannot be denied2 nevertheless, this earthly matter was a
product of My love, wisdom and might, its substance was
not taen from a fallen spirit but %y e"anated strength *hich
%y *i$$ co"#ressed into sha#e .... ()en so& the de"ands it
i"#osed on Jesus *ere by no "eans $ess arduous& for as soon as
strength fro" %e co"es to earth .... hence& as soon as #erfect
s#irit enters %y ad)ersarys rea$"& it *i$$ be besieged by
uns#iritua$ substances
and a$$ substances *hich c$ung to Jesus sou$ and "ore or $ess
too- #ossession of the body *ere "eant to be redee"ed. 3hus
1e had to fight so as not to succu"b to the" but *ithout using
1is strength beyond hu"an "eans since 1e *as "eant to ser)e
#eo#$e as an e+a"#$e and& therefore& Jesus the "an *as not
granted any #ri)i$ege due to e+traordinary strength ....
.s a hu"an 1e had to be $i-e a$$ other #eo#$e& and e)en the fact
that 1is body *as a #roduct of %y strength did not gi)e 1i" any
ad)antages in 1is stri)ing for deification ....
t *as nothing "ore than a shac-$e *hich continuous$y
tor"ented 1is sou$& because it *as used to freedo" and the
brightest of $ight and had to ta-e abo)e in dar-ness ....
.nd this dar-ness a$so inundated the body& causing it "uch #ain
*hich *as fe$t by the sou$ and yet it cou$d not be s#ared for the
body. For as a resu$t of 1is $o)e Jesus recognised a$$ corre$ations
and *as resigned to 1is fate& *hich 1e e+act$y foresa* and
through *hich a$one 1e a$ready endured indescribab$e #ain.
!e)erthe$ess& co"#$ete deification could on$y be achie)ed by
e+traordinary suffering and an abundance of $o)e .... .nd the fact
a$one that a #ure body *ithout sin and a sou$ fro" the -ingdo"
of $ight had to reside in the rea$" of the #rince of dar-ness
contributed to*ards that& because they constant$y had to defend
the"se$)es against hi" and his forces& *hich "ade e)ery effort
to te"#t the body into beco"ing sinfu$ in order to cause the
do*nfa$$ of Jesus& the hu"an being& a$beit he did not succeed.
1o*e)er& it *as a hard fight& and yet& Jesus the "an #re)ai$ed
and thus #ro)ided a$$ #eo#$e *ith #roof that through $o)e they
also ac4uire the strength in order to resist a$$ te"#tations by the
ad)ersary. Besides& through 1is crucifi+ion 1e a$so ac4uired the
grace of greater *i$$#o*er for you hu"ans& so that it is possible
for a$$ #eo#$e to re$ease the"se$)es fro" the shac-$e of their
#rison *arden& so that they *i$$ not be at the ad)ersarys "ercy
but find he$# in Jesus 'hrist in Who" they can confide and Who
ne)erthe$ess understands the" as hu"an beings and *i$$ tru$y
snatch the" fro" the ad)ersarys contro$ if they a##ea$ to 1i"&
for 1e -no*s ho* "uch he tor"ents your body in order to
#re)ent your sou$ fro" "aturing .... 1e is a*are that the batt$e
in earth$y $ife is hard because the body sti$$ be$ongs to the
ad)ersary& *ho does not *ant to re$ease it& but Jesus "ade the
sacrifice on the cross for you so that you can beco"e free& 1e
redee"ed you through 1is b$ood so that you *i$$ be re$eased
fro" a$$ sin ....
What did Jesus body consist of? .... .
7/u##$e"ent regarding no. 85868
9ou need ne)er fear "isguided teachings if you turn to %e
direct$y for c$arification. *i$$ a$*ays #ro)ide you *ith the correct
e+#$anation as soon as so"ething is inco"#rehensib$e to you.
For you& *ho sha$$ s#read the truth& "ust a$so be ab$e to refute
e)ery ob,ection& you yourse$)es "ust -no* ho* e)erything
re$ates to each other& other*ise you cannot be true
re#resentati)es of the truth ....
.nd thus you shou$d a$so -no* that a$$ "atter is so$idified
s#iritua$ substance .... s#iritua$ strength& *hich *as once
e"anated by %e as a being and did not fu$fi$ its actua$
#ur#ose .... because these beings refused to be active
according to My will.
!s a result of this refusal the spiritual substance
hardened& that is& it so$idified and ga)e sha#e to this
substance ....
3he hardened substance beca"e "atter ....
"owever, by virtue of My power # can also let matter arise
which has not first gone through the process of hardening
of spiritual substance .... By )irtue of %y *i$$ can so$idify
s#iritua$ strength into a for" .... 3his is *hat did in order to
create a cover of flesh for Myself *hich& ho*e)er& *as not
"eant to be any different fro" that of any other hu"an being&
*ith the e+ce#tion that it did not originate fro" %y ad)ersarys
but ,oined the s#iritua$ substance direct$y to creation& so that it
indeed too the path through the creations which matter
has to tae in order to carry out its serving functions and
thereby gradually develops to the stage where it shall
serve as an abode for a soul ....
()ery #ersons co)er of f$esh is sti$$ at the initia$ stage of
de)e$o#"ent& it is not yet s#iritua$ised and after a #ersons death
it "ust genera$$y sti$$ tra)e$ a )ery $ong #ath of de)e$o#"ent unti$
it "ay she$ter as #art of a sou$ in a body ....
3he ti"e the s#iritua$ substance needed in order to ser)e a sou$
as a body *as a$so granted by %e to this so$idified strength in
order to tra)e$ the #ath through the creations unti$ it *as
#er"itted to ser)e Jesus as an e+terna$ for". For this sou$
re4uired a body *hich *as of the sa"e consistency as any other
hu"an body& because 1e *anted to s#iritua$ise this body as *e$$
and because& through 1is body& 1e *as a$so sub,ect to a$$
te"#tations by i""ature s#irit *hich had ho#ed to gain
inf$uence o)er the sou$ through the body.
3hus& 1is bodys substance *as effecti)e$y non-fallen s#irit& yet
it had travelled through the realm of the fallen spirits& the
body $i-e*ise be$onged to the creation *hich she$ters the fa$$en
beings and during this #ath of de)e$o#"ent had to #ro)e itse$f
a$ready by e+#eriencing and enduring the #ain of its bound&
constrained state .... *hich *as #art of Jesus act of /a$)ation as
*e$$& ne)erthe$ess a$so contributed to*ards the co"#$ete
s#iritua$isation of Jesus body ....
For as a resu$t of the #rocess through creation the body *as as
si"i$ar$y natured as any other hu"an body& and Jesus the "an
had to fight the sa"e batt$es against cra)ings and *ea-nesses&
and yet the body was without sin because it *as intended to
ser)e %e as an abode and a$ready d*e$$ed in Jesus the infant
and at ti"es a$so #ro)ed it to Jesus.
#t must be understandable to you that Jesus spiritualised
body could not have belonged to another original spirit&
that therefore too- care of this #hysica$ body %yse$f and that it
*as an act of %y #o*er and *isdo" .... but that& on the other
hand& its nature had to be such that its s#iritua$isation cou$d a$so
ta-e #$ace in order to substantiate the #rocess of 1is resurrection
and to gi)e #eo#$e the incenti)e to stri)e for the bodys
s#iritua$isation as *e$$.
For this #ur#ose the indi)idua$ substances of Jesus body too- the
#ath through the *or-s of creation too and endured the tor"ent
of constraint& so that Jesus act of /a$)ation *ou$d be a co"#$ete
and utter success .... For then the e+terna$ i""ature forces
e+erted inf$uence on Jesus the "an& they tried to entice the sti$$
*ea- bodi$y substances to beco"e sinfu$& yet Jesus resisted
the"& 1e fought against a$$ te"#tations and si$enced the bodys
e)ery cra)ing& so tru$y& 1is batt$e *as not an easy one des#ite
the fact that he *as *ithout sin ....
!othing *as s#ared 1i" #recise$y because 1e *anted to
e+e"#$ify to his fe$$o* hu"an being ho* to $i)e& 1e *anted to
#ro)ide the e)idence that it is #ossib$e for every #erson to
achie)e the sa"e .... to spiritualise body and soul ....
!e)erthe$ess& e)en if it is not yet entire$y co"#rehensib$e to you&
you shou$d be$ie)e that Jesus body and soul were without
sin and that #recise$y because of this Jesus had to suffer far
"ore& because 1e had entered a sinfu$ region and had to succeed
in the harshest batt$e on earth a #erson *i$$ e)er ha)e to go
through& for everything of an earthly nature besieged "is
body and "is soul, and only "is greater than great love
stood up to these pressures,
for Jesus& the hu"an being& she$tered the fu$$ness of :God *ithin
1i" and together *ith %e 1e *as )ictorious and bro-e the
ad)ersarys #o*er ....
;ub$ished by friends of ne* re)e$ations of God <nfor"ation&
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