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Have you heard the news? Our trail has reached greener meadows with
flowing water. In other words; the economy is coming back! All the
signals are green. Unemployment has fallen and continues to improve.
Factory orders are up. New homes are being built. There has been an
explosion of new retail throughout the region. Counties are seeing a
return of prosperity. The trail ahead looks great.
NNDA, your regional economic development authority, is happy for
this rebounding of success. We have been on the front lines of this
battle and continue to work for the betterment of the Sierra Region, for
all Nevadans. Even during this huge economic recession, we have not
only kept the wheels turning, we have also strengthened our programs,
launched new ones and have become a more lean and effective agency.
As most of you know, we are the contracted agency by the Governors
office to represent him in all things pertaining to economic development
within the Sierra Region. This includes Carson City, Douglas County,
Storey County, Lyon County and Churchill County. In our broad
approach we have worked diligently to improve the entire ecosystem of
business success to create jobs by supporting our existing companies in
the region, attracting new businesses to settle here and helping stand up
new ventures.
NNDAs community of action committees and our involved elected
officials have helped to orchestrate new workforce development
programs, developed capital acquisition pipelines for existing and startup
businesses, taken on the modification of state and local regulations that
hamper business growth and provided many direct and indirect support
functions. In addition to this, the business attraction team has over the
past three years created $1.3 Billion in combined economic impact to the
region. Folks, the grass is getting greener.
However; the job is not done. We still have a ways to go to completely
regain the strengths that we enjoyed in our growth economy. This time,
though, due to the strategic leadership of Governor Sandoval, we will see
a more balanced, diversified and sustainable economy emerge. But folks,
to finish this phase of the job and to establish a continuous improvement
process for our economic development, we need your help. Both time and
treasure are required to keep the growth on target.
I invite you all to contact us at NNDA and find out how you can get
involved. How you can serve on one of our committees and bring your
ideas and talents. If we all work together for the common good of our
region, the rising tide will float all boats, including yours. Lets seize the
success our children and their children deserve.
God Bless,
By Rob Hooper, Executive Director,
Northern Nevada Development Authority
507 N. Carson St. | 775.882.1626 |
Whether youre planning a team-building event
for 20 or a corporate meeting for 400, well do
what it takes to plan, organize and execute a
successful, memorable, stress-free event. Request
a proposal at, or contact the
Banquet Sales Manager directly at (775) 882-1626
ext. 221.
Convenient downtown Carson City location
7,540 square feet of newly renovated
meeting space
State-of-the-art air fltration system
Newly remodeled lodging just steps away
Dear Friend:
Nevada is on the road to recovery. Just a few years ago, Nevadas economy was in
turmoil. As the great recession plagued our country, Nevada was hit especially hard-
--jobs and homes were lost, construction projects were left half completed, and our
growth stopped, practically overnight. These were the toughest economic conditions
Nevadans have experienced in over a generation.
Nevadans are resilient, and together we have made great strides in our ongoing effort
to rebuild our economy and get Nevadans working again. While I will be the first to
admit that there is more work to be done to fully rebuild our economy, I do believe the
clouds of the economic storm have begun to clear.
On day one of taking office, we focused on job creation, economic development, and
job training. As a result of our efforts, Nevadas job growth in 2013 was the strongest
in the nation. Our state has experienced 38 consecutive months of job growth, and our
unemployment rate continues to drop year over year. Over the past three years we
have added 60,700 jobs in Nevada. More businesses are hiring, and new businesses are
seeking to relocate or expand in our great state.
Our partnerships with the local development authorities have been instrumental to
our economic recovery. Having toured hundreds of businesses throughout the state, I
have seen firsthand the struggles and the triumphs of our business community. While
we continue to have positive economic news, there are still too many Nevadans out of
work. Growing jobs in Nevada will continue to be one of my highest priorities. With
that said, we have made much progress together, and I look forward to continuing our
work to make Nevada the best it can be.
All Nevada!
In 1977 Vineburg Machining got started in the high volume
machining industry with nine employees. With continued
growth over the years, computer operated machines (CNC)
were added in 1985 to enhance the companys machining
capabilities. By 1998 the company employed 96 people. In
2000 a recession took its toll and was deepened by 9/11
where the company was down to 36 employees by 2003. With
reorganization efforts at that time it was decided to make
a move to Carson City, NV. due to the many tax benefits,
business climate and lower cost of living the state offered.
This was accomplished by November of 2003 of which a total
of 18 employees and families made the trek.
In the next ten years VMI focused on buying more and
more state-of-the-art equipment that could be operated
on a so called lights out basis. The other focus was on
strengthening our client relationships which would not likely
take their product outside the US to foreign markets.
There were many challenges over the years, but mainly
competition from outside the US made us realize we had to
start looking to create a niche within the market and become
more reliant on high-end products no one else would do.
A major focus was made on how to automate processes by
engaging state-of-the-art equipment as well as pursuing
continuous improvements in all areas of the business to cut costs.
For example, VMI started making basic components for the
hardware and tool industry back in 1977 and is now heavily
involved in producing highly complex products within the
medical, military, architectural hardware and aerospace
industries to name a few.
By Gerd Poppinga, CEO/President,
Vineburg Machining Inc.
The past year has shown many signs
of an accelerating economy in Nevada.
After many hard years of struggling,
families, businesses and our local and
state governments, are starting to see
good things happen.
In time, we eventually reached out to the NNDA for support
and guidance with the many helpful services they offer. Thru
their efforts they helped us attain the necessary capital and
resources needed to grow our business. They also created
a program to help us and others attract skilled employees
which will better our position within the marketplace. We are
looking at a cooperative worker trade program locally with
other manufacturers to bring in young talent as well.
Because of local organizations like the NNDA, together we
engaged high schools and colleges to promote machining
experience and training to supply the workforce with
qualified personnel to help spur growth in northern Nevada.
An example of this is VMIs general manager provides
advanced programming and education at Western Nevada
College in Carson City.
In the near future VMI will be implementing robotics,
advanced software and other technology to help increase
growth and efficiency thanks in part to these strong local
In conclusion, if anyone were to ask us if we were happy with
the move to northern Nevada and the support we received we
would without a shadow of a doubt say we would happily do
it again!
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and Charities
You Can Trust
Better Business Bureau
A 7.5 minute wait at the Department of Motor
Vehicles to get my license
I had a question about my property tax bill and
was given a personal explanation by the Assessor
I walked into the hospital emergency room
in Carson City for non urgent care and
was examined by a courteous doctor within 22
minutes.all this prior to being compelled to
show my insurance card!
Bottom line profits are critical but the
key to Cristeks long term success is
the quality of the people I work with
everyday! Commitment to a culture rich in
opportunities for employee advancement
and quality of life is how we attract and
motivate the best and the brightest people.
Cristeks recent expansion of operations
into Nevada to the Bently Science Park
in Douglas County last year was a major
decision sure to create bottom line results
and strengthen Cristeks employee value
Despite the unique value proposition of
Cristeks Southern California and New
England facilities, in November 2012 the
need for a business friendly manufacturing
location to solidify Cristeks long term
positioning against lower cost competitors
became urgent. While affordability was
a primary consideration, other equally
important factors included quality of
life for employees/families, accessibility
to established Southern California
infrastructure and availability of a
qualified, motivated and stable workforce.
Several years ago, my husband and I fell
in love with Jobs Peak overlooking the
Carson Valley, and after returning several
times to the area, placed Carson Valley on
our shortlist for retirement. It was therefore
natural to include Northern Nevada among
Cristeks options for any planned expansion
facility. The Cristek teams investigation
included the greater Phoenix area, Las
Vegas and Northern Nevada.
Cristeks long term business bank, City
National, initially connected me with a
Carson City client who led me to Ray
Bacon of the Nevada Manufacturers
Association. Ray provided an important
introduction to NNDA which has been a
key asset from the start supplementing
and connecting us with other important
community stakeholders supporting our
journey to Minden, Nevada.
Prior to crunching numbers, first-hand
accounts from local business leaders
about the viability of the region to
support a manufacturer like Cristek
were needed. Without the availability of
great employees, quality manufacturing
infrastructure and the support of the
local government and higher education,
a low cost solution would be worthless.
Nevada Manufacturers Association,
NNDA and City National Bank organized/
hosted a peer to peer business lunch with
other local manufacturing executives.
Our management team could ask tough
questions and receive unvarnished feedback.
The candor and enthusiasm of the attendees
was refreshing and provided a window into
future support and hospitality.
Several weeks later, at a dinner hosted by
American AVK, employees and spouses
previously relocated from Southern
California donated an evening to share
their experiences with a team of visiting
By Cristi Cristich, Founder & President, Cristek Interconnects Inc.
Let me start with sharing some personal experiences over the last year that have
far exceeded my quality of my life expectationsAny current Californians will
find these experiences inconceivable but they really happened to me!
Cristek employee opinion leaders. Cole
& Toni Smith of SNRG stepped in the
following day to provide a relocation
briefing and neighborhood home tour.
Definitions of quality of life slightly
differ; however, for working families,
quality of education, affordability of
housing, safety of the community and the
availability/accessibility of recreational
opportunities are always present.
Northern Nevada was the undisputed
winner on quality of life and as special
needs and follow up issues arose in all
cases, NNDA was able to provide a
reference, a resource or an answer.
The executive and employee due diligence
completed, it was time to finalize the
number crunching. While extremely
affordable when compared to California,
Douglas County was slightly more
expensive than Phoenix and Las Vegas.
Cristek would be making a major
investment (ie: lose money for 2-3 years),
so I wanted to see if the State would be
willing to put some skin in the game.
NNDA was able to fulfill my request
by guiding Cristek through GOEDs
Catalyst Fund process and other training
and tax support that was available to
businesses who provided high quality
jobs and invested in capital equipment.
While the funding is not intended
to subsidize a significant portion of
Cristeks expenses it showed me that
Nevada was open for business and that
they valued Cristek. The performance
based nature of the funding appealed to
my limited government values. Cristek,
NNDA, Douglas County, and The State
of Nevada are leveraging resources to
bring sustainable jobs and economic
growth to the area.
Personal site visits from NNDA and
County officials ensured a streamlined
permitting and build out process for our
facility. When we were ready to recruit
some local talent a call to the Record
Courier yielded an immediate interview
and article about our job fair. Initial
assumptions about the availability of
qualified and enthusiastic workers have
been validated through the quality of
the job fair applicants and our initial
10 employees.
We enable robotic excellence.
Advanced Products for Robotics and Automation
CGI Motion enables robotic excellence across a wide range of robotic and
automation applications. We deliver electromechanical sub-assembly solutions
ranging from medical robotic systems to semiconductor applications. We are
your design and manufacturing partner helping to differentiate your product,
machine or innovation. Our team of problem solving engineers and product
managers can bring your idea to market on time and under budget. Whether
its an improvement on a current design
or groundbreaking new designs, CGI has
the know-how and team to enable robotic
excellence. Connect with us today to
explore what CGI Motion can do for you.
800.568.GEAR (4327)
copyright2012 cgi inc. all rights reserved. 05032012robo
CGI is a proud sponsor of the FIRST

Tech Challenge.
Nevada State EB-5:
By Lynn Beteag, Operations Manager, Nevada State EB-5
Then there are the businesses within each
community where no single industry is
the dominant force for the entire region.
There are businesses of all shapes and sizes
providing all types of products and services;
no two businesses are the same. One thing
that every business in the Sierra Region,
whether it be a startup or an existing firm
looking to expand, does have in common
is at one point or another each one needs
capital. Some are funded privately, some are
funded by banks through traditional loans,
and others are funded by investors looking
for a high return on their investment. More
than likely, most companies are funded
through a combination of different sources.
One opportunity that is available but most
are unaware of is foreign direct investment
(FDI). FDI is often disregarded because it is
difficult to connect with overseas investors.
Most companies or entrepreneurs wouldnt
know where to start when it comes to
finding an investor from another country; It
is a daunting task, but it is exactly what the
Nevada State EB-5 Regional Center does.
The Nevada State EB-5 Regional Center
(NVEB-5) is a non-profit corporation
created to promote economic growth
through foreign investment capital within
the State of Nevada. The program is
designed to pair foreign investors seeking
U.S. residency with projects seeking funding
in Nevada. Having received certification
from the United States Citizenship and
Immigration Service (USCIS) as a qualified
participant in the Immigrant Investor
Program on July 15, 2013, NVEB-5 is
working to connect these investors with
accepted projects. The Nevada State
EB-5 Regional Center was designed and
implemented by officers of the Northern
Nevada Development Authority (NNDA)
and the Hop and Mae Adams Foundation
(HMAF), both non-profit corporations,
whose stated missions are to improve
the economy of Carson City and the
surrounding Sierra Region of Nevada for its
residents benefits.
EB-5 denotes the fifth employment-based
preference immigrant visa category,
which was created by the United States
Congress in 1990, as Section 203 (b) of
the U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act.
This preference is available for qualified
foreigners seeking to invest in a business
that will benefit the U.S. economy and
create or save at least ten full-time jobs
for U.S. workers. The basic amount
required to invest is $1 million, although
that amount is reduced to $500,000 if the
investment is made in a rural area with high
unemployment (Targeted Employment
Area (TEA)). There are 3,000 green cards
reserved each year for foreign nationals who
invest through an EB-5 Regional Center.
USCIS estimates that more the 90% of
EB-5 visas are based on Regional Center
Since 2008 the EB-5 Program has grown
exponentially nationwide thanks in most
part to the strong post-recession demand
for at risk capital in the U.S. and the
supply of unprecedented wealth that now
exists overseas. This new macroeconomic
reality is the environment for which this
innovative regional economic development
policy was designed. With investor petitions
more than doubling between fiscal years
2011 and 2012, program utilization was
at an all-time high. This huge increase
accounted for approximately $2.0 billion in
foreign direct investment in 2012. In 2013
Investor demand was once again at record
levels adding approximately $2.0 billion
The Sierra Region of Northern Nevada is a diverse area. There are
mountains, and valleys, with forests and deserts. There are rural areas
and city areas each with their own diverse populations.
to the over $6.5 billion in EB-5 capital
formation since 2005. Since 2005, over
131,000 American jobs have been created
thanks to the EB-5 Program and the
number is growing every day.
People looking to make an EB-5 investment
must meet strict requirements before
they are approved for the program. The
platform requires the investment made
by the investor to create ten U.S. jobs in
order to qualify. Under the Program, it is
not necessary that the foreign investors
enterprise directly employ ten U.S. workers.
Instead, it is sufficient if ten or more jobs
will be created directly or indirectly as a
result of the investment. Regional Centers
like the NVEB-5 aid foreign investors by
directing and professionally managing their
investment in the designated industry and
geographic focus of the Regional Center.
Before an investor can participate in
a Regional Centers EB-5 investment
program, each investor must independently
petition the United States Citizenship and
Immigration Services (USCIS) for an EB-5
visa. USCIS solely determines whether the
investor qualifies for the EB-5 visa. This
requires a background check, including
detailed review of the sources of the
investors funds, family history, and other
Qualified investors investing through
a Regional Center receive a conditional
green card valid for two years. At the
end of the time the investor files another
application showing that their money was
at risk during the two year period, and
that the jobs have been created. Once
these applications have been approved,
the investor and his/her immediate family
become permanent green card holders and
can later apply to become U.S. citizens.
The whole EB-5 immigration process
can take up to five years depending upon
the timeliness, quality and validity of the
investors submissions.
With a little bit of luck and a lot of hard
work the EB-5 program can benefit both
the investor and the company receiving the
investment. The investor gets a pathway to
citizenship and the business gets the capital
they need to remain or become competitive.
More information about the NVEB-5
programs can be found at
(775) 283-2100
1402 W. King Street
Carson City, NV 89701
for success
Our Community believes:
Every student must be connected with learning beyond the classroom
Multiple pathways will prepare students for careers and college
Student success is enhanced by innovative and creative staff
Families can positively impact their childs education
In promoting student wellness
Nevada Incentives:
By Danny Campos, Vice President of Business Development,
Northern Nevada Development Authority
Nevadas already business friendly
tax structure is made even better
by the incentives offered to
companies creating new jobs. The
State is currently offering two
types of incentives; tax incentive
and training incentives
Nevada offers a sales and use tax abatement
on capital equipment expenditures for
qualifying companies. In order to qualify
for the abatement the company must
meet two of three requirements. The first
requirement is the company can equal or
exceed the average wage in the county
and provide health insurance coverage
to its employees and pay at least 50% of
the employees premium cost. The second
requirement involves creating a minimum
amount of jobs based on the population
of the city or county the business will be
located. The final requirement involves the
company making a large enough capital
investment, again based on the size of the
county. If the company is eligible for the
abatement it reduces the state sales and use
tax rate to 2%.
The State of Nevada realizes it is
competing for your business. No, it is not
looking to sell your companys goods
or services, Nevada wants you to move
your business here, grow here and stay
here. Unlike other states, Nevada wants
to work with your company, not against
it. Governor Brian Sandoval has made
it very clear that his goal is to develop
the States economy and that Nevada
is open for business. Our business
friendly mentality is demonstrated by
our tax structure:
No Corporate Income Tax
No Personal income Tax
No Inventory Tax
No Unitary Tax
No Estate or Gift Tax
No Inheritance Tax
No Special Intangible Tax
The personal property tax abatement can
be up to 50% of the taxes due for up to 10
years on eligible goods. Eligible goods
are capital good which an allowance for
depreciation is authorized pursuant to the
US Internal Revenue code and directly
creates jobs as a result of the use of the
capital goods by the purchaser. Like the
Sales and Use tax abatement the company
must meet two of three requirements to be
considered eligible for the reduction. The
requirements which must be met are the
same. To be considered, a company
must apply for the abatement not
more than one year before the
business begins to develop for
expansion or relocation.
Modified Business Tax
Abatement The modified
business tax abatement allows
for up to a 50% reduction on
the state tax for the first 4 years
operation. It reduces the 1.17%
tax on wages per quarter by 50%.
In order to qualify for the abatement
the company must meet two of the three
requirements set forth in the state law.
the train employees now program is
designed to get new and expanding
companies up to production levels quickly.
The program assists employers with
the screening process, helps employers
develop training objectives and goals,
and it allows for the reimbursement
of 75% of direct training costs up to
$1,000 per employee. To qualify for the
program employers must meet several
requirements. Businesses must hire
at least 10 trainees to participate and
pay at wages 80% of the state average
wage. The company must also provide
health insurance with an option to cover
dependents. The training program must
meet several strict requirements as well.
Job connect is a program that offers no
cost customized recruitment and staffing
to meet your human capital needs. The
program offers access to the largest pool
of available workers in the state. The
program also offers several other
benefits designed to make the hiring
process as easy as possible. When
employees are hired through
job connect the company may
be eligible for the Silver State
Works program which offers
training and retention incentives.
These incentives are as high as
$2,000 per employee.
These incentives are just some of
the great things that Nevada has
to offer. Aside from the favorable tax
structure and incredible incentives,
Nevada has an amazing quality of life.
To learn more about what Nevada can do
for your company and how the Northern
Nevada Development Authority can help
visit or call us at (775) 883-
4413. We would be happy to answer any
questions you may have and discuss more
options for your business.
Nevadas HR Resource For Over 75 Years!
The Nevada Association of Employers devotes time to ensure that
employers are able to compete lawfully, ethically and efciently in the state of Nevada. NAE members receive
sound advice from our responsive, pleasant and experienced staff with expertise in all facets of human
resources, on both federal and state levels, employee relations and training.
For more information, please contact us at 775.329.4241
Nevadas HR Resource since 1938
Under Rob Hoopers leadership the
Northern Nevada Development
Authority has developed a uniquely
Nevada model for promoting the
economic renewal of the Sierra
Region of Nevada. Rob refers to
this as having a Nevadatude
and that brand fits well with the
independent nature, values and
tenacity we espouse here in
rural Nevada.
As with many other Economic
Development organizations:
citizens, business people,
community organizations and
corporations are encouraged
to become investors. These
investors pay a membership fee
for the privilege of association
with their local redevelopment
authority. Members are given the
opportunity to network with others
involved in the organization and
have a portal to the latest economic
developments. While the NNDA
shares some of these features with
other redevelopment agencies the
similarity ends there. The NNDA
welcomes investor involvement
and does not limit participation
to NNDA organized events
only. Their model for investor
participation extends to the
personal involvement of members
towards making our community
a better, and more prosperous,
place to live. The whole goal of
the organization is to retain and
recruit quality businesses and to
lay a foundation of support which
attracts and nurtures responsible
economic development. Who is
better suited to participate in that
goal than the civic leaders, business
owners and citizens who live here
and whose children may one day
be employed by some of the very
businesses we recruit and support?
As for the comparison with
Connections it is the personal
and professional network which we
all tap into which empowers this
concept. For a business to be able to
offer their community quality jobs,
utilize local vendors and contribute
to civic betterment they require
the support of the community. The
NNDAs role in supporting them is
to offer a network of resources that
are available to assist them when
they experience growth issues such
as regulatory concerns, workforce
development needs or require the
assistance of local government.
The NNDA, through their investor
participation model, offers this
resource to local governments and
to the business community. What
is truly unique is that the assistance
comes from investor members who
live in the community and who are
vested in the success of the region
as a whole.
The NNDA investor pool is a
diverse group of people which
consists of engineers, ranchers,
bankers, brokers, educators,
public officials, utility managers,
contractors and many other
specialists. They are all here to
help our region prosper and work
with one another towards the
enhancement of the community.
What they get out of their NNDA
investment is the opportunity to
contribute to the betterment of
Nevada and the honor of being
able to work together with an
incredibly creative and diverse
group of professionals. Best of all
is that an NNDA investor has the
satisfaction of knowing that they
are contributing to improve the
opportunities and quality of life
for their children. That is what a
Nevadatude is all about.
By Greg Dye, General Manager,
Briggs Electric Inc.
I remember a television show
a number of years ago called
Connections which explored the
relationships between seemingly
unconnected inventions or events
which spawned many of the
technologies that we now take
for granted. The show highlighted
the industriousness of civilization
and how the eforts of many
contributed towards the betterment
of society. That is much the way
that our Nevada Style economic
development model works.
The array of workforce programs can present a challenging
puzzle to an organization or individual looking to take advantage
of these excellent services. Where to begin? What is available?
What will best address my specific need?
NNDAs Workforce Education Committee is undertaking an
ambitious project aimed at answering those questions. To open
the project, the committee is planning an event it is dubbing
the Workforce Summit. Planning is in the preliminary stages.
The Summit will be a vehicle for all workforce training and
development providers in the region to come together to gain an
understanding of the available workforce services and programs.
To ensure the entire Sierra Region is represented, two Workforce
Summit sessions are planned for later this summer, one each in
Carson City and Fallon. Participants will be able to interact in a
facilitated format to build a workforce training and development
catalog for the Sierra Region. Additionally, creation of the catalog
will make it possible to determine where gaps in workforce
services may exist. From that output, the committee will develop
an asset map, providing a comprehensive categorized reference.
The asset map will be a key outcome of this process. NNDA will
have a new and valuable tool as will others with a stake in the
Sierra Regions workforce. Training and development providers
will be able to work together to address the gaps identified as the
project progresses.
The committee knows this is not a closed end undertaking. A
viable and useful asset map will remain so only if it is maintained.
The committee sees that maintenance as an ongoing task, part of
its continuing mission.
Committee member Denise Castle of Douglas County Workforce
Development expressed the groups enthusiasm for the project:
We have a clear sense of what is needed and we are pleased to
begin the process of bridging the information gap. The process
is underway.
The Sierra Region enjoys the benet
of a wide range of workforce training
resources. Many organizations, public
and private, are working to develop the
workers the region needs to continue its
growth and provide stable employment
for its residents.
By David Steiger, Director,
Economic Development and Continuing
Education Western Nevada College
(775) 887-9901
NV Lic# C2-41943/B2-57351 CA Lic# C10-297836
Powered by Experience
Lighting Upgrades
Thermal Imaging
Design & Build
Wind Generation
Renewable Energy
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Telecommunication & Data
Access Control/Intrusion
The area has a wide range of companies
that are unique not only to Nevada but the
entire United States. One of the interesting
companies that many people might not know
about is Tahoe Cheese. Located in the heart
of Lyon County just outside of Yerington,
Tahoe Cheese is as unique as they come. The
company specializes in premium artisanal
farmstead cheese.
The word farmstead means farm-made and
it doesnt get any more farm-made than the
cheese this company makes. The cheese
is made adjacent to the dairy from
which the milk comes. It takes
literally seconds for the milk
to go from the cow to the
vat making the cheese
that Tahoe Cheese
makes the freshest in
the United States. In
fact according to David
Green, co-owner of
Tahoe Cheese, no other
cheese company in the
United States takes milk
from the cow and puts it
directly into the vat. Their
closed herd of purebred cows
consistently produce the purest USDA
Grade A raw milk in America. They are
humanely treated, non-confined and live year
round outdoors in the exceptionally fresh, dry
Northern Nevada alpine air. Each of the five
varieties of cheese are guaranteed to be free
from rBST hormones, GMOs, gluten, artificial
colors and additives.
David Green, founder and co-owner of Tahoe
Cheese, initially started his adventure in the
cheese making world in Florida. In desperate
need of a steady supply of fresh milk David
started a nationwide search for a dairy he could
partner with. Northern Nevada Development
Authority worked with David to help find
that partner, Chad Turner of Turner Dairy.
Chad became a co-owner of Tahoe Cheese
and provided the critical access to fresh milk.
According to David Green If it werent for
NNDA we would not have moved our company
to Nevada and be enjoying the successes
that we are. Mr. Green specifically chose
Nevada because Turner Dairy is one of the
few independently owned and operated dairies
on the west coast, most other dairy farms are
corporately owned. This allowed the company
to locate their cheese plant at the dairy and
produce their unique product. The low costs of
doing business in Nevada also helped with the
decision to move.
Currently the operation at Tahoe Cheese is a
pilot program. The company aims to expand
and begin exporting to Asia.
By Andrew Haskin,
Northern Nevada
One of the best things about northern Nevada is the diversity
within the business community. Most people would be
surprised by the businesses that call the Sierra Region home.
During the first quarter of 2014, we have poured over
4,500 ounces of gold and almost 50,000 ounces of silver, as
compared to 2,261 ounces of gold and 15,599 ounces of silver
in the first quarter of 2013, an increase of 100% for gold
ounces produced and over 215% for silver ounces produced
when compared to the comparable quarter in 2013. Comstock
mined approximately 950,000 tons of material (mineralized
material and waste) as it continued transitioning into higher-
grade segments of the mine plan while expeditiously moving
through some higher stripping ratios. Total mineralized
material delivered to the leach pad was over 205,000 tons
and represented some of the highest gold and silver grades
crushed to date. The weighted average for the quarter was
.024 ounces per ton gold and .345 ounces per ton silver, with
March 2014 averaging over .034 ounces of gold per ton and
over .50 ounces of silver per ton.
Comstock Mining has continued reducing costs applicable to
mining, targeting over $6 million in reductions for 2014, as
compared to 2013. We have already realized annual savings of
approximately $1 million from reduced staffing in crushing,
related maintenance, mining and administrative cost
reductions with further opportunities in drilling, blasting,
logistics and administration. For example, the Company saved
nearly 154,000-kilowatt hours per annum by participating in
NV Energys Sure Bet Incentive Program. Costs applicable
to mining have been reduced over the past five quarters, with
first quarter costs of sales, on a cost per ounce basis, at the
lowest since inception, at slightly over $1,000 per ounce.
Our production continues its ramp up, with higher-grade
material now being delivered and gold and silver pours
increasing every week for the past four weeks. Our 2014 goal
remains the doubling year over year production ounces and
increasing cash flow, while reducing costs and achieving a
cash cost applicable to mining of less than $750 per ounce.
Comstock Mining has brought back
responsible gold and silver mining and
over 120 direct jobs in Storey County,
producing Comstock Silver and Gold
again since 2012 and this year is looking to
be a promising year for our Nevada-based
company located near Virginia City.
We have also announced the appointment of Harold Hal
Galbraith as Director of Mining effective March 24, 2014. Mr.
Galbraith brings over 30 years of experience in open pit gold,
silver and copper operations, as well as surface coal mining
operations, maintenance systems, technical services and industrial
engineering support. He has held a variety of positions including,
but not limited to, Mine Manager, Sr. Production Engineer,
Senior Mining Engineer, Senior Projects Engineer as well as
Long and Short Range Mine Planner. Mr. Galbraith holds a
Bachelor of Science in Mining Engineering from the
Pennsylvania State University.
We are pleased to have Hals experience and cost-focused
management on our Comstock team. We have not ever had better
confidence and visibility with our forward mine plan. Sustained
higher grades combined with lower strip ratios expected in the
second half of this year, supports our overall 2014 business objectives.
By Corrado De Gasperis,
President & CEO, Comstock Mining
We help you get the job done!
1055 Glendale Ave. Sparks, NV 89431 775.355.3424
Trafc Control,
Signage and Safety
Graphic Design
Hi-Vis Apparel
Safety Glasses
Arrow Boards
Check out our
website and place
your orders
One of the rst things a company needs when moving to the Sierra Region
is suitable, afordable, high quality space in which to operate. That is where
NNDAs Commercial Real Estate committee comes in. The committee
works in a cooperative fashion to ensure that clients receive the best possible
outcome for their particular situation. Members work deals on a rotation
basis and conduct out of market sales as well. They also bring demand
to the region through cluster development. The Commercial Real Estate
committee is a cornerstone of NNDAs economic development success.
By Roger Diez
Andie Wilson, Principal, NAI Alliance in Carson City. Andie
co-chairs NNDAs Commercial Real Estate committee. Formerly with Coldwell
Banker, Andie and her partner Brad recently affiliated with NAI Alliance in
order to better serve Carson City and the surrounding area. Andie is a recognized
expert in industrial sales, leasing, and multi-family developments. She has been
one of the top producing agents in the office for over fifteen years, and holds the
CCIM (Certified Commercial Investment Member) designation.
Brad Bonkowski, Principal, NAI Alliance in Carson City. Brad has
extensive experience in commercial and residential land purchase and devel-
opment. He is the only member of the Sierra Nevada Association of Realtors to
receive the coveted Realtor of the Year award twice, in 2002 and 2007. Brad also
holds the CCIM designation, and has been active on numerous real estate com-
mittees both as a member and officer. In addition, he currently serves as Carson
City Supervisor, Ward 2.
Chad Coons, Principal, Gillmor Coons Real Estate Group. Chad is a
co-chair of the committee, based in historic Genoa in the Carson Valley. A UNR
alumnus practicing real estate since 2001, Chad holds the CCIM designation and
is a broker in both Nevada and California. He specializes in commercial property
in northern Nevada and South Lake Tahoe and works with wife Gina to provide
clients with everything from horse property to industrial development.
Dan Oster, NAI Alliance in Reno is the Senior Vice President/Principal
and Industrial Specialist in the Reno office. Dan has been in the commercial real
estate field specializing in the sale and leasing of industrial properties since 2004.
Dan is a graduate of the University of Nevada, Reno with Bachelor of Science in
Management, a Masters in Business Administration, and is currently an Adjunct
Professor in the Graduate School of Business there. He teaches an advanced
seminar in Supply Chain Management.
Bruce Robertson, Senior Advisor at Sperry Van Ness in Carson
City, has over 14 years of brokerage experience. Bruce has successfully completed
over 500 commercial real transactions in industrial property, land, retail, office,
and multi-family projects. He holds a Certified Commercial Investment member
(CCIM) designation, and has qualified for the Sperry Van Ness Partners Circle
and Achiever Awards four times since 2007.
Greg Shutt of Avison Young in Reno has been in industrial real estate
since 1998, and has leased millions of square feet of warehousing, manufacturing,
and distribution facilities in northern Nevada. Greg is a member of the Society
of Industrial & Office Realtors (SIOR), a LEED Accredited Professional, and a
CCIM candidate. He has been with Avison Young since 2012, and is recognized
for his expertise in both the local market and his clients industries.
John Uhart is the owner of Uhart Commercial Real Estate Services.
He is a native northern Nevadan, and has been a Nevada real estate broker for
over 35 years. John has held CCIM designation since 1995, and was active pres-
ident of the Northern Nevada CCIM chapter in 1997. Working in the industrial,
land, office, retail, medical, and multifamily markets, Uhart Commercial special-
izes in sales, leasing, asset management, and property management.
Samuel Douglas, with Uhart Commercial Real Estate Services,
has held a Nevada real estate license since 2007. He is a fourth generation
Nevadan and proud graduate of the University of Nevada, Reno with a Bachelor
of Science in Business Administration. In addition to NNDAs Commercial Real
Estate Committee, he is a member of the Sierra Nevada Association of Realtors
and the Northern Nevada CCIM chapter.
Tom Miller is the president of Miller Industrial Properties. The compa-
ny celebrated 21 years in business In April 2014. With a Bachelor of Science de-
gree in Civil Engineering from Syracuse University, Miller switched careers from
construction to commercial real estate in 1993 to start his own firm. He became
a Certified Property Manager in 2008 and received his CCIM designation in
2013. Miller has brokered hundreds of industrial transaction in northern Nevada,
including land, properties, and build to suit
Jack Brower, senior advisor for Sperry Van Ness in northern Nevada,
has extensive experience in industrial, retail, and office properties. A former
restaurant owner, Brower has worked with nationally known restaurant clients.
Brower is a Certified Commercial Investment Member designee and has received
the Sperry Van Ness Achievers award four times, 2004 through 2007. A broker
since 1998 with a sales volume of over $100 million, Brower has been with Sperry
Van Ness since 2003.
Brian Armon is Managing Partner of the Cushman & Wake-
field|Commerce office in Reno. He was previously a Principal with Trinity
Commercial, working with national corporations and individual investors on
leasing, acquisition, and disposition of real estate assets. Armon holds a Bachelor
of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of Nevada, and
is a designated Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) and member
of the Society of Industrial and Office Realtors (SIOR).
Bill Miles is the owner of Miles Construction and has been with the
company since its founding 1986. Miles holds a Nevada General Contractors
License, Class B Unlimited, and a Nevada General Engineering License, Class
A. He has managed a wide variety of projects, including large and small industrial
buildings, government buildings, mining facilities, office buildings, warehouses,
and tenant improvement projects. Miles sits on numerous boards and associations
relating to economic development and building trades.
Group of cute little prescool kids drawing
You Only Get One Chance
at Your Childs Education.
Sierra Lutheran High School
3601 Romans Rd
Please consider
For information, please call or visit us at:
Bethlehem Lutheran School
Serving Preschool through Grade 8
1837 Mountain Street
775-882-5252 Ext 100
Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles. Isaiah 40:31
The Margins Tax
This fact was demonstrated recently in Lyon
County at a commissioner budget meeting,
when the County Manager, Jeff Page,
announced that the county was once again
in the black. This is tremendous news. After
years of being the worst hit county in the
nation, Lyon is regaining its momentum.
This is further true throughout the region.
We are seeing businesses expand, new
businesses arrive, houses being built,
incomes going up The economy is coming
back and it bodes well for all Nevadans.
However, before we get too giddy and order
the hors doeuvres for the celebration party;
STOP, LOOK and LISTEN! Nevada is on
the precipice of a major pit fall. An onerous
and horrible nemesis that could derail our
entire recovery and hurt every family. This
is the Margins Tax. Shortly stated; a very
bad tax for Nevada.
For those not acquainted with the Margins
Tax Initiative, I recommend you spend
a few moments to educate yourself and
those around you. Our mutual futures
may be dependent on it. You can get great
information on it at a web site that was
put up by a group of businesses, chambers
and a diverse group of organizations that
have looked at this tax and have chosen to
fight it. This organization is called NO
on 3: Coalition to Defeat the Margin Tax
Initiative. Their web site address is: www.
The margins tax will appear as a ballot issue
this November. It is a tax that will impact
businesses large and small. It will try to
be sold to you by its supporters as a way to
better fund education, however, this could
not be farther from the truth providing it
the Trojan Horse Virus approach. When
Nevadans go to the polls to vote they could
be fooled into voting for something that is
billed to help our education system but in
reality will not help education but it will shut
down businesses, slow growth and in a cyclic
connectivity hurt education.
The Coalition on their web site provides this
critical information:
Under the Margin Tax Initiative, every
business with total GROSS revenues
exceeding $1 million per year would
be subject to a new 2% Margin Tax
regardless of whether any of that revenue
is actual profit. Overall, it would dump a
massive $750 million increase on the costs of
doing business for Nevada employers. That
would severely damage our states already
struggling economy and job market.
Imposing the initiatives tax on top of the
states existing Modified Business Tax
would create the equivalent of an almost 15%
state corporate income tax nearly twice
as high as the corporate income tax rate in
In fact, for businesses, the Margin Tax
Initiative would make Nevada one of the
highest taxed states in which to operate.
This would severely damage our states
struggling economy, cause the loss of
thousands of existing jobs and make it nearly
impossible to attract new businesses and jobs
to Nevada.
And worse yet there is no guarantee of
more money for education. We all want
to help our schools, but the Margin Tax
Initiative does nothing to guarantee more
money for education.
Technically, the dollars generated from the
measure would be put into the Distributive
School Account, which is used to fund K-12
education. However, under the initiative, the
state legislature could simultaneously take
By Rob Hooper, Executive Director, Northern Nevada Development Authority
The past year has shown many signs of an accelerating economy in Nevada.
After many hard years of struggling, families, businesses and our local and
state governments, are starting to see good things happen.
money from the regular budget away from education to fund
other things. The District Court held in October 2012 that the
initiative does not prevent the Legislature from supplanting
existing educational funds with the margin tax.
The Margins Tax would threaten Jobs. Nevadas unemployment
rate is still one of the highest in the nation and the Margin Tax
Initiative would only make it worse. Large employers like gaming
companies, banks, hospitals, and manufacturing companies
would be forced to lay off workers, and many small businesses
would be forced to downsize or close altogether. This would
damage Nevadas economy and drive unemployment even higher.
Do you want to pay more for your goods? The margins tax
would create increases in consumer costs. The Margin Tax
Initiative would impose a new 2% tax on revenues generated by
almost all types of goods and services sold in Nevada, including:
food, clothing and other retail store products; gas, electricity and
telephone services; prescription medicines sold by pharmacies;
and, medical care provided by doctors and hospitals. Ultimately,
the providers of these goods and services would pass on some or
all of their tax increase to Nevada consumers.
The bottom line is that this is a bad, bad; let me say again,
bad tax. Just the discussion of it is hurting our economy as
companies considering their move to Nevada are on hold to see if
we are really going to have it.
My appeal to you is simple. Get informed, understand the
pending danger, warn all that you know to do the same and then
Vote NO on 3 and lets defeat this tax at the polls.
When Nevadans go to the polls to vote they could be fooled into
voting for something that is billed to help our education system but
in reality will not help education but it will shut down businesses,
slow growth and in a cyclic connectivity hurt education.
990 Ironwood Drive Minden Nevada
(775) 7827171
Charles Zumpft, Esq., is responsible for the content of this advertisement
A Full Service Law Firm Serving
Nevada and California Since 1985
General Business
Family Law
Real Estate
Criminal Defense

T. Scott Brooke Charles S. Zumpft
Adams Hub:
By Rob Griffin, Executive Director, Adams Hub
The ultimate objective of Adams Hub
is to help Carson City become a hub
for innovation and entrepreneurship.
To achieve this goal the following
core services are provided for aspiring
Adams Hub 6,500 sq. ft. two-story facility
amenities include:
Receptionist Mon-Fri, 8AM-5PM
T1 ultra-high speed fiber connection and Wi-Fi
Wi-Fi rooftop work patio
Full-service business center copier, scanner, fax,
Secure server infrastructure
Video surveillance & key card security system
Conference rooms with large HDTV internet-
connected monitors
Fully-outfitted kitchen & endless supply of coffee
Mailboxes with large package delivery acceptance
Shared break-room and secure storage lockers
Historic vault conference room
Clerical support services
For select, qualifying businesses seeking
business coaching and mentorship, Adams Hub
offers dedicated, furnished offices with dedicated,
transferable phone lines.
Higher. Stronger. Faster. The
Olympic motto for athletes and
the mission of Adams Hub for
entrepreneurs are one in the
same. The Adams Hub is a new
initiative of the Hop & Mae Adams
Foundation and is located in the
heart of downtown Carson City at
111 West Proctor Street. As a full-
service business incubator, Adams
Hub ofers an inspired workspace for
entrepreneurial knowledge sharing,
networking, and collaboration to
help launch, grow and accelerate the
success of start-up businesses. Inside
the state-of-the-art facility, Adams
Hub ofers both private ofces as
well as co-working space for local
To cultivate an entrepreneurial culture
in the community, Adams Hub hosts
educational events and workshops,
entrepreneurial speaker series, brown-
bag lunches with successful business
executives, and start-up networking and
mixer events. Future activities designed
to inspire local entrepreneurs to think
bigger and drive innovation, will include
hackathons, idea launch weekends,
business plan competitions, acceleration
programs and more.
Adams Hub incubator program is
designed for entrepreneurs with a
scalable, innovative or technology
business concept, as these businesses
typically create high-paying jobs as they
grow. Start-ups that meet the selection
criteria and are approved by Adams
Hub Selection Advisory Board will also
receive access to Adam Hubs knowledge
network of one-on-one business
coaching and consulting, in addition to
dedicated offices. Adams Hubs mentor
network of successful entrepreneurs,
senior executives, and angel-investors
also assist incubator clients in achieving
their milestones. Mentors provide
advice, act as a sounding board, and
provide the guidance that a start-up
needs at each critical stage of their
Adams Hub also offers a network of
service providers that are critical
to a start-ups needs. We know
entrepreneurs are short on time so
Adams Hub has vetted and selected a
network of providers that are available
for support and consultation.
Finally, Adams Hub assists
entrepreneurs in accessing capital
at each stage of their start-up.
Financial assistance includes helping
entrepreneurs apply for loans, access
angel investors, navigate and apply for
state and federal grants, create crowd-
funding campaigns, and for a few, select
clients, Adams Hub provides up to
$25,000 for incubator program clients to
help get their business launched.
Coffee shops are crowded and distracting.
Executive suites are lonely. And an
entrepreneurs house is not inspiring. Adams
Hubs co-working space is the ultimate
collaborative work environment full of
entrepreneurs, energy, and serendipitous
networking. From freelance designers, to
programmers, and visionaries, members pay
a monthly member fee to make Adams Hub
their business home.
Adams Hubs mission is to help
inspire entrepreneurs with big ideas
and support them in turning their
dreams into reality. Entrepreneurs
building innovative start-ups are the
launching pad for a vibrant economy
and community. Adams Hub will
grow this entrepreneurial culture
to inspire entrepreneurs to dream
bigger, innovate higher and grow
faster, says Steve Neighbors, Trustee
of the Hop & Mae Adams Foundation.
For more information, or to
schedule a tour, visit the website,, or call 775-
222-0001 and ask to speak to Adams
Hub Executive Director, Rob Griffin.
Econic Dev AD7.resized.14.pdf 1 7/3/14 8:51 AM
According to the U.S. Department of Housing and
Urban Development; nationally building permits
are up by 11.2% this year, compared to March of
2013. New housing starts are steadily increasing by
2.8% per month; the highest since 2008.
These are wonderful indicators for the building
industry, and are ringing true in Northern Nevada
as well. Carson City has seen an increase in new
single family residential permits by 1.57%, Douglas
County has increased by 1.77%, Washoe County
saw an increase of 1.04% and the largest increase
was realized in Lyon County with a 2.13% increase.
We are beginning to see the rental vacancy rate
dwindle, causing a broad demand in housing; thus
the need to employ workers again. Construction
related payroll has increase 3.5% since the first
quarter of 2013, although nationally the industry
has only recovered 14.2% of the workforce. This
shows some reservation in the housing sector.
As employment sectors improve the job situation
for millennials, interest rates remain low and
everyone adjusts to new lending standards;
construction is in the forefront for a steady
rebound. This has created the perfect climate to
build now and get the best value for your dollar.
It appears that all signs point to a steady rise
in construction throughout 2014; the
numbers show a hopeful horizon.
By Builders Association of Western Nevada
As we continue our accent out
of the great recession the
construction industry is seeing
hope in the numbers. Slowly we
are hiring back our labor force and
collecting projects along the way.
When evaluating contractor performance, owners
look at budget, design, quality and schedule.
Miles Construction delivers in every area, every
time. Were proud to be called partners in the
construction process. The true measure of our
value is how well we represent the owners interests.
Value Engineering
Construction Management
Tenant Improvements
Green Buildings
Leed Accredited
Address: 61 Industrial Parkway
Carson City, NV 89706
Phone: 755.246.3722
NV Lic.: #0023686A
CA Lic.: #899189
When evaluating contractor performance, owners
look at budget, design, quality and schedule.
Miles Construction delivers in every area, every
time. Were proud to be called partners in the
construction process. The true measure of our
value is how well we represent the owners interests.
Value Engineering
Construction Management
Tenant Improvements
Green Buildings
Leed Accredited
Address: 61 Industrial Parkway
Carson City, NV 89706
Phone: 755.246.3722
NV Lic.: #0023686A
CA Lic.: #899189
When evaluating contractor performance, owners
look at budget, design, quality and schedule.
Miles Construction delivers in every area, every
time. Were proud to be called partners in the
construction process. The true measure of our
value is how well we represent the owners interests.
Value Engineering
Construction Management
Tenant Improvements
Green Buildings
Leed Accredited
Address: 61 Industrial Parkway
Carson City, NV 89706
Phone: 755.246.3722
NV Lic.: #0023686A
CA Lic.: #899189
Pick up ad# 9240719
Proud to manufacture the
best-engineered hydrants & valves
for North America and the world.
Right here in Northern Nevada.
pr gress
for Nevada.
Lets talk about a brighter future.
At Valley Electric Association, we are a nonprot utility cooperative dedicated to accomplishing
meaningful progress for our state. Were working to secure renewable energy contracts that create
jobs for Nevadans. Weve leveraged the latest technology to increase efciency for our members.
Were continually looking for ways to lead the industry, and we do it without raising rates for
our members. That means a more prosperous future for Nevada, and for you.
Together, were doing powerful things.

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