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The Seahorse Effect 2

Author: blood-gem
Host: LJ

A very special thank you to the ever-awesome Squidgeesushi for betaing this.


Hitsugaya’s small, slender body lay curled into Matsumoto’s longer one. She was on her back,
limbs sprawled. His head was pillowed on her chest, face snuggled into the side of one huge
breast. One slim hand fisted in the folds of her sleep yukata. His long, thick eyelashes were
closed, dark against his pale skin. One lithe, little leg was thrown over both of hers.

He was fast asleep, worn out from the paperwork and yelling at her all day. She, however, was
wide awake. After half heartedly doodling on and pecking at her own paperwork, she’d fallen
asleep mid-afternoon. As a result of her earlier nap, Matsumoto couldn’t fall asleep. She wanted to
visit Renji, Ikkaku, or one of the other night owls of Seireitei and go out for a friendly drink or
two. Or three or four.

She wanted a drink, however Hitsugaya was so cute and sweet snuggled against her. His face was
relaxed and peaceful in sleep; gone was his constant scowl. He looked younger, more carefree-
almost innocent and angelic. He breathed deeply; she felt his chest rise and fall evenly against

Matsumoto felt all of his warm, slender body tucked into hers, and the press of his body against
hers reminded her of the show she had seen at Orihime’s house. Male seahorses got pregnant.
They carried and birthed the babies. She found that fact absolutely fascinating to the point of
obsession. The idea of her and Hitsugaya as seahorses, Hitsugaya pregnant, would not leave her
mind. She pictured his flat little belly stretching, rounding, and growing big with their babies

She grinned in the darkness at the image in her head. It was so odd, fascinating, absurd, and
funny at the same time. Hitsugaya made a soft sound in his sleep and shifted against her,
snuggling closer. She, in turn, stretched her long, curvy body, and reached up to pull her pillow
further under her head.

Matsumoto plumped it up, wanting to go to sleep. It was round and plush under her head. She
stared in sleepless boredom at the darkened ceiling, listening to Hitsugaya’s soft breathing besides
her whilst visions of pregnant seahorses danced in her head. Something in her mind clicked, and
she gasped softly. Her blue eyes lit up with pleasure and her grin went from ear to ear.

It was an absolutely delicious idea. But dare she do it? She knew she could pull it off, but if he
woke up, she’d be dead. Well, more dead than she already was. Matsumoto glanced down at
Hitsugaya- he was fast asleep, worn out from all the paperwork and being grouchy all day. The
chances of him waking up were slim. She would do it- it definitely was worth the risk.

Suppressing an excited squeal, Matsumoto slipped away from him. Hitsugaya stirred as her
enveloping warmth left him, but she ran her long fingers through his thick, soft hair until he
settled back down. Grinning like the Chesire cat, she slunk to a nearby dresser and pulled out the
digital camera she’d brought back from the living world.

She shivered in anticipation, biting back a delighted squeal as she tip-toed over to their shared
futon. This was going to be better than the time she played dress up with his gigai, or when she
tucked a chibi Hyourinmaru plushy under his arm and put a pacifier in the sleeping taichou’s
mouth then took a picture. She smiled reminiscently; that was her favorite photo. She still had it
on her camera. It was too bad they didn’t have computers in Soul Society- she’d have it as her
screensaver, too. And background.

Matsumoto grinned madly as she knelt by Hitsugaya’s side. This was more exciting than both
those incidents. She set the camera down and gingerly, untied his yukata. She was glad it was
summer, because there were no blankets to get in her way. Exposing his pale stomach, she bit her
lip to keep from snickering as she picked up her round, plump pillow and laid it gently on his
concave belly.

At the touch of the pillow on his bare skin, Hitsguaya stirred, his cark, long lashes fluttering.
Matsumoto held her breath, afraid to move or breathe. He was still once more and she visibly
relaxed in relief, tense muscles loosening. She allowed herself to breathe again.

She briefly contemplated retreating and returning to bed, however she’d come so far and if she
gave up now, she’d be kicking herself in the morning. The idea was just too delicious to pass up.
Besides, curiosity never killed this kitty, although a certain frosty little taichou might. Satisfaction
would bring her back, though.

Slowly, carefully, Matsumoto brought his yukata up and over the pillow, then gingerly, tied the
robe to make it look as if he were, indeed, heavy with child. Close inspection would reveal the
charade, but all she had to do was find just the right angle with the camera and…Bingo. One very
pregnant Shiro-chan.

At the flash and click of the camera, Hitsugaya moaned softly, opening sleep-fogged teal eyes half
way. “Uhhh…Rangiku…what the hell…?”

Matsumoto jumped and quickly stashed the camera behind her back, pushing it off the futon. She
grinned toothily. “Er-I was just coming back from the bathroom and I saw how adorable you were,
all asleep like that. I just couldn’t resist; I had to take a picture.” She smiled forcefully and hoped
he bought it. Fortunately for her, he was too sleepy, his mind not fully awake, to catch her guilty

Hitsugaya was slipping back into sleep, much to her relief. Her poor little taichou- all that
paperwork really drained him. “Better not…be a stupid…pacifier…again…I’ll…kill you…” He
mumbled, words slurred as his large eyes drifted shut.

Matsumoto lay beside him and pulled his slender body close. “Oh, I can honestly promise that’s
not it.” In the darkness, her goofy grin turned into a very satisfied smirk as Hitsugaya settled in
her arms. He sighed softly and nuzzled against her. She waited a while until she was sure he was
fully asleep before slowly and cautiously removing the pillow from his yukata. He was so tired, did
not even noticed it.

Excessively pleased with herself and her work, imagination fully satisfied, Matsumoto smiled in the
dark to herself. This topped everything she’d done in the past, including the time she’d dressed a
sick Hitsugaya up in an pink yukata that Hinamori had outgrown.

Hitsugaya tucked his head into the crook of her neck, and Matsumoto massaged his flat stomach.
This really was the best idea she had ever had; she just had to be careful not to let this prank get
out of hand.

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