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Title: Teenage Rebellion

Rating: PG-13
Pairing/Character/s: Hitsugaya, Matsumoto
Author: peroxidepest17
Host: FF
Word Count: 661
Warning/s: OOC stupidity, but no spoilers.
Summary: Hitsugaya’s growing up.
Dedication: JaB…. TALK ABOUT BOOBS. :P
A/N: I dunno. I just, I have no idea. I blame it on Pre-final hysteria. You know, the quietly
seething, waiting to break out at any moment hysteria. Because that’s what I have right now.
OMG Final tomorrow at 9am SO SCREWED. But yeah, here’s fic. Sort of. I’ll stop rambling now.

Matsumoto was beginning to believe that her captain had…

…well, he’d reached an age.
Though to be fair, his work was flawless as always, and as the days passed he only became
stronger and stronger.
But there were just…some thingsshe supposed all teenage boys were susceptible to, no matter
how seemingly responsible.
“Taichou! Don’t just leave your dirty socks lying around, that’s disgusting!”
“Don’t touch them then,” he replied easily, not looking up from whatever book he was reading
She frowned at him. “I don’t plan on touching them, but they shouldn’t just be sitting in the
hallway, what if we have visitors?”
“Then tell them not to touch them either.”
She wanted to rip out her hair. Sure, he’d been a little smartass before, but she’d always figured it
was natural for him and in no way intentional. Nowadays it was like he was trying to be
“Hmmm?” He still wasn’t looking up.
She knew she wasn’t his mom. She didn’t want to be anyone’s mom. Ever. But right now she
really wanted to just grab him and throw him over her knee and give him a good spanking. And
not in the fun way, either.
She just didn’t know how to deal with kids.
Except…she paused, looking thoughtfully at the white-haired boy rebelliously reading his human-
world comic book in the middle of a workday. Except… he wasn’t a kid anymore.
He was a teenager now.
And teenagers were always in possession of two things.
Angst and hormones.
Hormones she could deal with.
Smiling to herself, she planted herself on his desk crossing her legs and getting close enough to
peer at the text of his comic from beside him. “Mmmm…whatcha reading?”
He blinked and chanced a look at her from the corner of his vision.
Which meant he got an eyeful of cleavage that adult men had trouble dealing with. She sat up a
little straighter at just the right moment and smirked to herself when she felt the side of his cheek
come in contact with her exposed skin.
“Ah…I’m uh…”
“Reading…” he ground out, inching sideways a little bit.
“Manga, eh? Looks interesting!” the older vice-captain pressed, tossing some hair over her
shoulder and smiling indolently at him.
“I’ll lend it to you later,” the young captain muttered, cheeks pinking slightly as he shifted in his
chair to create more distance between his face and her… friends.
She leaned forward some more, putting a hand on his shoulder so she could murmur into his ear.
His eye twitched. “Ah…what?”
“Since we’ve got some free time today…why don’t you and I…”
“Well, I was thinking, we’ve never, you know…”
“Together… we haven’t…” she trailed off purposefully, voice low in his ear.
His eyes went as wide as saucers, face turning red as he clutched the manga to him like it would
protect him from her predatory advances. “What? We’ve never what?”
“You know,” she pressed, running a hand along the side of her neck and then down her collarbone
a little bit, just enough to make him swallow.
“You and I… we haven’t had the chance yet… to… well… tidy up the office together.”
He blinked at her.
She laughed and plucked the manga out of his disbelieving fingers, and closing it, slid it down the
front of her robe. “So, let’s get started, shall we?” she suggested, hopping off the desk gracefully.
He glared. “That was dirty.”
“Dirty? How so? I just wanted to clean up together since we had time. Ne… what were you
thinking about, taichou?”
He glowered and looked away, getting to his feet. “Let’s clean already then.”
She smiled sweetly and reached out to ruffle his hair. “Wonderful suggestion, sir. How about we
start with those socks?”
He flushed and grudgingly complied.
Matsumoto decided that maybe teenagers weren’t so bad after all.
And like this, they could even be considered a little bit cute.