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Shree Mahalaxmi Mahayagna from 18th to 23rd November : Consists of 27 Yagna Kundams.

27 couples will
perform this Yagna. Arrangement will be made for Sacred Parikrama [Circumambience] to Yagnasthal to
invoke sacred blessings of Shree Mahalaxmi for peace, prosperity , health and Wealth.

Kalyanotsavam on 24th November : In a first Kalyanotsvam after consecration, a Sacred wedding of Shree
Venkatesha with Shree Mahalakshmi & Shree Padmavathi (Sreedevi & Bhoodevi) will be celebrated with
grandeur. A grand procession comprising 108 couples on either side will perform the wedding with
Pomp & Gaiety amidst thousands of devotees. All Gods and Celestials will grace this occasion. A one time
in life opportunity to watch such a holy event and get blessed.

Daily Sevas: Abhishekam, Lakshaarchana in Ram Tulasi, Krishna Tulasi, Kumkum, Kesar, Lotus n Roses,
Silver n Gold lotus flowers etc., Spl. Alankaram, , Mahamangala Aarathi, Special Sevas like Sri Ramacharya
Mahayagna, Sahsra kalasabhisekham, Sri Chappan bhog, Gosti prasadam [breakfast] Rajbhog [meals]
Ksheera Vasa, Dhanya vasa, Jala Vasa, Vastra Vasa etc of all Vigrahas will be performed during the
Pratistapana programme.

Kalasa Yatra [Procession] 18th November : This sacred Consecration program will start with an attractive
and inspiring procession comprising Idols of all Gods, Srimad Bhagavat puranam and Swamijis
placed/seated in decorated chariots with ladies carrying the holy pot (Kalasam) on their head & the devotees
singing kirtanas as well as dancing to the divine tunes, folk songs etc, in a colorful and splendid view.

Rathotsavam: The sacred wooden chariot will be pulled by the devotees amidst chanting of the name
of Shree Hari Govinda & bhajans of almighty GOD. Seated in the Chariot will be God Venkatesa
along with His Consorts Sridevi & Bhoodevi.

Sacred & Sanctified Shree Yantram & Srivari Vigrahams (Shree Lakshmivenkatesha Kavacha): Silver,
Panchaloha & bronze idols of God Venkatesha & Sree Yantram [Shree Chakram] of different sizes not
exceeding 5” will be made sacred by sanctifying during the Pratistapana & Mahalaxmi Maha Yagna
and in the form of Rakshana and Moksha kavacha will ensure welfare, peace, prosperity, health, wealth and
progress of those devotees who would worship daily at their home.

Rameswari trust presently runs a lower primary school and a spiritual digital library and proposes to
construct an ultra modern“Kalyana Mantapam” and a “Jhalariya Mutt building” (South Branch) comprising
Acharya nivas Poojari nivas, Guest rooms, Kitchen, Store, Dining hall, etc.. on southern side and a beautiful
garden on the northern side of the temple.

An appeal: Thousands of Devotees from all over India will attend the program. Arrangements for their
lodging, boarding [timely Breakfast, meals, tea-coffee etc], local transportation, advertisement, men &
material for management etc, would cost lakhs of Rupees. Hence all above events are at affordable cost and
this advance intimation is to enable the devotees to prepare themselves to participate in any of the 'seva' of
their choice and prosper with health, wealth, name and fame.

“It's a divine occasion to attend & attain”. “ An unique opportunity to participate & progress”.
“Avail Human birth to the best & to the brim”. “ Be liberal and Be liberated”.

Kalyanotsav Mahalakshmi Yagna Kalash Yatra Sriyantra Rathotsav

Contact :
RAMESWARI TRUST, Rameswari Nagar, Hospet Road, Allipur, BELLARY.
Mobile : 9448055715, 9448074595, 9980551092, 9448351008, 9448277872, 9448742082, 9448385290
Visit & Have Darshan at: /
Late Rameswari Bai Office : Hotel Rameswari Complex, Kalamma Street, Bellary.

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