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The Future Modern Islamic Leader

Gregory Morse
1 Introduction
The calls for a Caliphate are ever heard from the increasingly oppressed Ummah whose cries for justice
have yet to be unanswered in this world. Yet the world today is largely different than the world of old
with culture, expectations and details of every aspect of life from the home to transportation to social
structure has evolved with the technology of the modern age. The technology itself is not necessary
forbidden in Islam or inherently bad nor is its conseuences. !ut as "uslims we must adapt our religious
duties and beliefs to the changes and this is a necessity on us so that we can continue to follow a straight
and right path.
2 The Problem is Corruption
The problem with the current world is primarily that corruption and mischief are the norm and justice is
never served. Yet the criminals who are ruling the earth behind the scenes have perfect their system so
that they are generally trained li#e spies to be covert and clever at committing crimes so it is extremely
hard to catch them while they #eep a layer of plausible deniability. Technology has assisted them in
increasing their crimes behind a shield of what they believe is security and comfort$ability.
3 The Leader Must Be niting and !ot "i#isi#e
%e live in a world where divisiveness in the "uslim lands is the distinguishing feature of nearly every
problem and argument or tragedy which occurs. &'( of Islam can be agreed upon by all "uslims and is
so rich and deep that a lifetime is not enough to cover all the information and have a perfect depth of
understanding of just this &'(. Yet the "uslims of our time dwell on the )'( fighting wars over it or
creating conflict and endless tragedy. This )'( should be deeply and legitimately investigated in a
productive and open$hearted and open$minded manner at the various scholarly institutions. Yet an
Islamic leader that will unite this Ummah will need to not subscribe to any sect or give preference to any.
!y simply avoiding the )'( of controversial issues that generally are relegated to historical facts and
preferences to certain historical figures as opposed to the religion itself, the Ummah has the chance of
uniting to its own benefit.
$ The Leader Must Be a Practical %uman
%e do not live in a time where riding camels and horses for transportation is any longer practical and
modern conveyances are certainly appropriate. *eople communicate now with telephones and other long
range mechanisms. Yet humans will still be humans until the day when no one has any friend or helper.
The human side must be ever present. In a world with so many people how can humanity and practicality
be converged+ The leader must be accessible in a personal manner to the people. The greatest leader
"uhammad ,peace be upon him- showed us this to be possible and lived a humanist life despite being the
most spiritually upright. . leader is not only a spiritual leader but a humanist leader. /umanism is in
everything from the facial expressions, touches of friendship or understanding and tone of voice. If the
people do not have access to the leader through some human outlet then the leader can never truly
represent those people. The leader must spend time in the mosue with the people on a daily basis
answering their uestions and needs. The system to limit the time as to be practical must be fair and just
so that everyone gets an opportunity and especially the oppressed or those in most need of help are not
corruptly bloc#ed from the one most able to help them.
& The Leader Must Be Pious
The leader should be respected above all for piety and devotion in faith. If the leader captures the hearts
of the people with faith and not favors or material benefits bestowed, with grace and gentleness not
harshness and ruthlessness, with prayers and not elegant speeches where that which is promised is never
delivered. The loyalty of the following that comes from such a leader will be happy to lay down their
lives and wealth for such a ruler. 0o hidden slavery or coercion mechanisms would need to be used to
create obedience if the love for the ruler is proper.
' The Leader Must Be (espected )or %umility
The leader should set the best example far over every other person. The leader ma#es a greater sacrifice
and thus must live a far more humble life. The life should be as humble as the poorest member of society.
This is a motivation for the leader to create a better situation for the Ummah as if the poorest member of
society has increased their situation then so can the leader while remaining the most humble.
* The Leader Must Bring +ustice
The leader must indiscriminately serve justice. The rich spy families who are the most corrupt in today1s
world will be the great enemies of an authentic Islamic leader and their grips over various economic and
military foundations must be bro#en and immediately they must be detained and punished in the justice
system. The justice must be so complete that every member of society has no fear of spea#ing the truth
#nowing that if the leader finds out about even one situation of injustice, it will be immediately corrected.
, Islam and the mmah -ill "ominate the .orld through
an /0ample to Man1ind
The Ummah is blessed with the most wealth in the world yet the disunity ma#es this wealth largely
meaningless with enslavement physically, mentally or spiritually a disaster in the "uslim world. If the
Ummah joined under a common leader with sincerity, the concentrated wealth along with the great
strategic resources would sha#e the rest of the world and collapse any resistance. The Ummah is blessed
with this wealth and resources which gives the opportunity to be the world leaders and ring about peace
and justice. Yet the world will only accept the Ummah as a natural ruler or in civic terms a trustworthy
empire if the Ummah sets a great example and practices the beautiful religion which they preach.
2 Conclusion
. caliph who unites the 2ast and the %est can indeed achieve justice and harmony here on earth if the
opportunity comes. 3uch an opportunity is on the hori4on given the degraded situation of the current
world. 3o this conclusion will be the heart of the paper as the practical guideline I have come up with
which would show a decent and trustworthy ruler in a world of corruption and injustice.
Thus hereby is presented the first )' days and hopefully soon thereafter the first 5 months of the Islamic
Caliphate which restores justice to a corrupted world.
6ay )7 Turn all leadership offices into buildings which only do business of serving the people and
eliminate any residency parts. The leader should pitch a tent and sleep in the front lawn of the building
until a humble apartment somewhere else in the same town or city is acuired.
6ay 87 9eform the military by meeting military leaders and replacing them to restructure the entire
military program to place faith as the number one priority far above any physical activities.
6ay 57 6esignate prayer rooms in every government and public building with accommodations for all
6ay :7 ;isit the prisons and hospitals and ma#e sure the living conditions and situation is spiritual and
adeuate. 3pend several nights residing in a cell there and conducting all business from there as a
testament to the dedication to justice.
6ay <7 3urprise visits to various government offices to inspect their operations and identify and non$
Islamic practices or verify that the operations are clean and legitimate.
6ay =7 6edicating a large amount of resources to create branch of the government which investigates all
reported cases of oppression or persecution and does all that is possible to ta#e them seriously and come
up with a true resolution. This would be the Islamic intelligence and security branch which would also be
encouraged to investigate itself given the corruption that can creep into such a protector.
6ay >7 2liminate all ban#ing structures that parta#e in usurious dealings and eliminate all debt through
write$offs or payment.
6ay ?7 !egin going after open and public sin activity such as consumption and distribution of alcohol
with charity duty incumbent on those caught.
6ay &7 Increase salaries of all police and judges and wor# other policies to eliminate all corruption from
the justice #eepers of society.
6ay )'7 9emove all statues and portraits from all government buildings and replace them with the name
of .llah and "uhammad.