Kennt ihr noch Thomas Malthus? Die Sliders Folge mit der Todeslottery? Wahrscheinlich nicht ....

With an abundance of food and places to live and with predation and
disease eliminated or minimied! only the animals" behavior with respect to one another remained as
a factor
that might affect the increase in their number. There
could be no escape from the behavioral conse#uences of
rising population density.
$epp %ausg&ste sind was feines ....
'y the end of () *ears the
population had become stabilied at +,- adults. *et adult
mortality was so low that ,!--- adults might have been
e.pected from the observed reproductive rate. The reason
this larger population did not materialie was that infant
mortality was e.tremely high. /ven with only +,- adults
in the enclosure! stress from social interaction led to such
disruption of maternal behavior that few young survived.
%ey mal in 'erlin gewesen ....
The conse#uences of the behavioral pathology we observed were most apparent among the females.
Many after successfully giving birth! fell short in their maternal functions. 0mong the males the
behavior disturbances ranged from se.ual deviation to cannibalism and from frenetic overactivity to
a pathological withdrawal
from which individuals would emerge to eat! drin1 and
move about only when other members of the community
were asleep.
The common source of these disturbances became most
dramatically apparent in the populations of our first series
of three e.periments! in which we observed the development of what we called a behavioral sin1.
Wir nennen das Disco aber irgend wie gef&llt mir so langsam behavirol sin1 auch besser ...
0s many as 2-- of the 3-- in each e.perimental
population would assemble in one pen during periods of
drin1ing. 4ndividuals would rarely drin1 e.cept in the
company of others. 0s a result e.treme population
densities developed in the pen adopted for carousing! leaving
the others with sparse populations.
Metropolis! der 1omische stumm Film der hin und wieder mal auf 0rte l&uft ...
/ating and other biological activities were thereby
transformed into social activities in which the principal
satisfaction was interaction with others. 4n the case of
carousing! this transformation of behavior did not 1eep the
animals from securing ade#uate reproduction. 'ut the same
pathological 5togetherness5 tended to disrupt the ordered
se#uences of activity involved in other vital modes of behavior such as the courting of se. partners!
the building of
nests and th# nursing and care of the young. 4n the e.periments in which the behavioral sin1
developed! infant mortality ran as high as 62 percent among the most disoriented groups in the
Moloch muss 7a nicht immer unbedingt ein Maschinengott sein ... vieleicht ist er heute eher sowas
wie ein blinelnder 8y1lop! der wachsam die wimmelden Massen betrachtet auf ihrer Suche nach
1urweiliger 9l:c1seelig1eit.

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