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Mad Libs
A Day At The Zoo!

Today I went to the zoo. I saw a(n)

_____________(Noun) jumping up and down in its tree.
He _____________(verb, past tense) __________(adverb)
through the large tunnel that led to its _______(adjective)
__________(noun). I got some peanuts and passed
them through the cage to a gigantic gray _______(noun)
towering above my head. Feeding that animal made
me hungry. I went to get a __________(adjective) scoop
of ice cream. It filled my stomach. Afterwards I had to
__________(verb) __________ (adverb) to catch our bus.
When I got home I __________(verb, past tense) my
mom for a __________(adjective) day at the zoo.

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Mad Libs
The Fun Park!

Today, my fabulous camp group went to a (an)

____________ (adjective) amusement park. It was a
fun park with lots of cool ____________ (plural noun)
and enjoyable play structures. When we got there, my
kind counselor shouted loudly, "Everybody off the
____________ (noun)." We all pushed out in a terrible
hurry. My counselor handed out yellow tickets, and
we scurried in. I was so excited! I couldn't figure out
what exciting thing to do first. I saw a scary roller
coaster I really liked so, I ____________ (adverb) ran
over to get in the long line that had about
____________ (number) people in it. When I finally
got on the roller coaster I was ____________ (past
tense verb). In fact I was so nervous my two knees
were knocking together. This was the ____________
(-est adjective) ride I had ever been on! In about two
minutes I heard the crank and grinding of the gears.
That’s when the ride began! When I got to the bottom,
I was a little ____________ (past tense verb) but I
was proud of myself. The rest of the day went
____________ (adverb). It was a(n) ____________
(adjective) day at the fun park.

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Mad Libs
At The Arcade!

When I go to the arcade with my ____________

(plural noun) there are lots of games to play. I spend
lots of time there with my friends. In the game X-Men
you can be different ____________ (plural noun). The
point of the game is to ____________(verb) every
robot. You also need to save people. Then you can
go to the next level.
In the game Star Wars you are Luke Skywalker
and you try to destroy every ____________(noun). In
a car racing/motorcycle racing game you need to beat
every computerized vehicle that you are
____________ (-ing verb) against.
There are a whole lot of other cool games. When
you play some games you win ____________ (plural
noun) for certain scores. Once you're done you can
cash in your tickets to get a big ______(noun). You
can save your ____________ (plural noun) for
another time. When I went to this arcade I didn't
believe how much fun it would be. So far I have had a
lot of fun every time I've been to this great arcade!

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Mad Libs
The First Day of School

One very nice morning near the end of summer,

my mother woke me up at 4:00 A.M. and said, "Wake
up and smell the grass, sleepy head! Today is your
first day of school and you can't be late." I groaned in
my bed for twenty seconds, but eventually I got
dressed. I wore a blue and white striped, long sleeve
_______________(noun) with a collar on it, a red tie,
dark gray pants, white socks, black shoes, and a(n)
_______________(adjective) hat. In ten minutes I made
lunch and ate my breakfast. _______________(number)
minutes later, the bus came. A few minutes later, I
was at school.
In school, I met two really
_______________(adjective) kids. All of us became
friends very fast. That day we had Science, and
luckily my friends and I were at the same
_______________(noun) .My friends' names are
_______________(proper noun) and
_______________(proper noun). In Math we weren't
together, and that really bugged me. We learned what
_______________(plural noun) were, and when to use
them. At snack and recess, we played a game
together. It was extremely fun. At P. E., we were
____________(-ing verb) off of the ropes onto

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_______________(plural noun). I thought it was a very

_______________(adjective) idea. In swimming class,
we needed to swim extremely
_______________(adverb), or else we would have to
swim longer.
Before I knew it, school was over. I grabbed all
my belongings and put them into my backpack. In two
minutes, the bus came. As I stepped into the bus I
shouted, "Goodbye, adios amigos, and shalom," to
my friends. Then I went into the bus. In a flash, I was
back home. This day was an extremely exciting day!

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Mad Libs
In The Jungle!

I walk through the color jungle. I take out my

_______________(adjective) canteen. There's a
________(adjective) parrot with a ______________(adjective)
_______________(noun) in his mouth right there in front
of me in the _________(adjective) trees! I gaze at his
__________(adjective) _______________(noun). A sudden
sound awakes me from my daydream! A panther’s
_______________(verb) in front of my head! I
_______________(verb) his _______________(adjective)
breath. I remember I have a packet of _________(noun)
that makes go into a deep slumber! I
__________(verb)it away from me in front of the
_______________(noun).Yes he's eating it! I
_______________(verb) away through the
____________(adjective) jungle. I meet my parents at the
tent. Phew! It’s been an exciting day in the jungle.

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Mad Libs
Make Me A Video Game!

I, the _______________(adjective) and __________(adjective)

_______________(a first name) has _______________(past tense


_______________(a first name)'s _______________(adjective)

sister and plans to steal her _______________(adjective)

_______________(plural noun)! What are a ________(large

animal) and backpacking __________(small animal) to do?

Before you can help _______________(a girl's name),

you'll have to collect the ___________(adjective)

_______________(plural noun) and _____________(adjective)

_______________(plural noun) that open up the

_______________(number 1-50) worlds connected to a

_______________(first name's) lair. There are

_______________(number) _______________(plural noun) and

_______________(number) _______________(plural noun) in the
game, along with hundreds of other goodies for you to find.

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Mad Libs
Big Mac Who?

Big Mc_______________(a last name) had a _______________(noun),

____(a letter)- ______(3 letter noun), ____(a letter)- _____(3 letter noun) O.

On this _______________(noun) he had some _______________(plural

noun), ____(a letter) -3 ________(3 letter noun),____(a letter)-________(3 letter

noun) O.

With a __________(type of sound)-__________(type of sound) here, and a

__________(type of sound)-__________(type of sound) there, everywhere a

__________(type of sound)-__________(type of sound) ____(a letter)-

________(3 letter noun), ____(a letter)-________(3 letter noun) O.

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Mad Libs
The Great New Toy!

There is a new toy on the market that has everyone saying

____________(exclamation)! It is called the ____________(sound)

____________(adjective) ____________(noun) box, and will be in stores in

____________(a month). The ____________(sound)

____________(adjective) ____________(noun) box is a new gadget that

lets you do just about anything!

It ____________(verb)s, it ____________(verb)s, and it even serves

____________(a beverage)! It is easy to operate and requires no


You can also have it custom made any size up to

____________(number) inches or a ____________ (color) to glow in the

dark at no extra charge! The original product is pocket-sized and

____________ (color). There are ____________(number) jacks on the

product for 6V DC power and for upgrades and add-ons. You can add

head-phones, ____________(plural noun) monitors, ____________(plural

noun), and more! It’s possible to use them all at the same time!

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Mad Libs
My Trip To Disney World!

Last month, I went to Disney World with __________ (friend's name) . We

traveled for __________(number hours) by __________(vehicle). Finally, we

arrived and it was very __________(adjective). There were

__________(adjective) people __________(-ing verb) everywhere. There

were also people dressed up in __________(animal) costumes.

I wish it had been more __________(adjective), but we __________(past

tense verb) anyway. We also went on a(n) __________(adjective) ride

called Magic (noun). _____ (Friends name) nearly fell off a ride and had to be

__________(past tense verb). Later, we went to the hotel and

__________(past tense verb). Next year, I want to go to __________(place),

where we can ________(verb).

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Mad Libs
The Monkey King!

The day I saw the Monkey King __________(verb) was one of the most

interesting days of the year.

After he did that, the king played chess on his brother's

__________(noun) and then combed his __________ (adjective) hair with a

comb made out of old fish bones. Later that same day, I saw the

Monkey King dance __________ (adverb)

in front of an audience of kangaroos and wombats.