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Department of Health and Human Services

Office for Family Independence
Food Supplement Program (FSP)
Operating Memorandum (OM): 1!"
Date: #une "$% "&1
EBT Photo Card
Note: This is an addition to OM 11-!
"nter#ie$ Noti%i&ation Pro&edures and
Clari%i&ation o% Closure Noti&es! and is spe&i%i&
to the EBT Photo "' Pro&ess
Purpose: 'ffective #uly 1% "&1 placement of photos on '() *enefit cards +ill *e
implemented in all DHHS offices, )he purpose of this guidance is to give direction to staff on
the implementation of the '() photo card initiative,
1( E)pe&tations o% *egional O%%i&es:
• -egional offices +ill esta*lish a process +here*y all cardholders +ho come into
the office +ill *e offered the opportunity to update to a photo '() card, If a
cardholder refuses a photo '()% their card +ill *e replaced +ith a ne+ card that
has a ./o 0hoto1 indicator,
o Staff shall enter a complete case note starting +ith the follo+ing te2t:
.-efused photo, -eason:33333331
o Staff shall refer the names and .41 num*ers of case heads +ho refused to
have their photos ta5en to 0rogram 4dministrators +ho +ill for+ard this
information to 6elly Mills at 7entral Office% on a +ee5ly *asis,
• 4 selected population% identified *y printout% +ill *e re8uired to have a face!to!
face intervie+ unless they already have a photo ID card,
"mportant note: Sta%% is e)pe&ted to ensure that their mailing address is
updated at that time(
• Offices are e2pected to have esta*lished procedures and staffing to ensure that
individuals are moved through the photo process 8uic5ly,
• Staff is e2pected to use scripted materials to ensure consistent communication
regarding the '() 0hoto process,
• 'ach office has dedicated space for the capture of the photo for '() cards,
Sufficient staff +ill *e trained on the photo capture process to ensure coverage,
• Call Centers:
o 'ffective #uly 1% "&1% seven of the larger offices +ill *e on a consolidated
call center,
 If a recipient calls into the call center and tells the call center agent
they are not a*le to attend their scheduled intervie+% the agent +ill
inform them to come into the regional office anytime *et+een 9
am and $ pm to complete the intervie+ process,
 )hey are told that if they do not do this *y the scheduled date of
their intervie+% they +ill receive a letter stating that they are
responsi*le for completing the intervie+ process,
( Timing o% EBT Photo Card "ssuan&es:
• 0hotos +ill not *e ta5en at the time of application, If a ne+ applicant is eligi*le
they +ill receive an '() card +ithout a photo, )heir card +ill *e updated upon
their first re!determination (revie+),
• '() photos +ill *e ta5en at the time of re!determination (revie+)% during their
face!to!face intervie+,
7ase heads of selected households +ill *e scheduled for face!to!face intervie+s in the
regional offices, )hey +ill not *e given an option for a phone intervie+,
)o assist +ith scheduling% a report +ill *e provided that identifies households that
need a face!to!face intervie+,
)he case +ill *e case!noted stating :Face to Face intervie+ scheduled,; )his +ill
8uic5ly identify this case as needing a face to face intervie+ if the client calls the call
center or local office,
*e+uired te)t %or the appointment letter:
In 47'S use the free!form letter% pasting in the follo+ing te2t:
“The review process for Food Supplement requires that an
interview is completed.
For your review, an appointment has been scheduled for
you for a face to face interview:
You will need to contact the above number if you cannot
make this appointment. It is your responsibility to re-
schedule if you miss this interview, which could cause
benefits to be denied or closed.”
,( "nter#ie$
• 4t the time of the intervie+% the case head +ill *e informed that he<she needs to
replace their current '() card +ith a photo '() card,
• Failure to attend an intervie+: if a case head does not come in for the scheduled
face!to!face intervie+% he<she +ill *e sent a /otice of Missed Intervie+ (/OMI),
• Staff shall use the free!form letter and the follo+ing te2t, If the household does
not contact% deny% using appropriate time frames in policy FS!"""! page ":
*e+uired te)t %or the NOM":
In 47'S use the free!form letter% pasting in the follo+ing te2t:
.0reviously% you +ere scheduled for a face!to!face intervie+ appointment,
=ou failed to complete this intervie+( It is your responsi*ility to re!schedule this
intervie+> failure to do so could cause *enefits to *e denied or closed,1
.( *e&eipt o% the EBT Photo Card:
• )he ne+ photo '() card +ill *e sent to the recipient from our central '()
operation% as they are currently,
• )he recipient +ill *e given information a*out ho+ this card replacement process
+or5s and +hat they need to do to activate their ne+ card,
o Once the card is received it +ill need to *e activated *y the recipient%
calling the automated '() line, -ecipients +ill *e encouraged to activate
their ne+ card immediately,
 Once the ne+ card is activated% the old card +ill no longer +or5,
 -ecipients +ill have a ?!day +indo+ to activate their card, If
they do not activate their ne+ card% their original '() card and
their ne+ card +ill cease to +or5, -ecipients +ill then need to
contact the local OFI office to re8uest a ne+ '() card, 4t that
time a ne+ photo card +ill *e re!issued from 7entral Office,