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Language Arts Series

Reading Comprehension
Beginning Level, Volume 1 – Places

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Table of Contents
Amsterdam 1

Bangkok 2

Beijing 3

Bombay 4

Cairo 5

Chicago 6

Hong Kong 7

Havana 8

Istanbul 9

Jerusalem 10

London 11

Los Angeles 12

Madrid 13

Mexico City 14

Moscow 15

New York City 16

Ottawa 17

Paris 18

Reykjavik 19

Rome 20

Shanghai 21

Stockholm 22

Sydney 23

Tokyo 24

Zurich 25

Answers 26-27

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Name ____________________________ Date ________________________

Amsterdam is the capital city of the
Netherlands. Due to a great number of
canals and four bridges, it’s broken into about
ninety islands. Three quarters of a million
people live in Amsterdam.
Amsterdam is a major diamond center
of the world. More money changes hands in
Amsterdam than any other city in
Netherlands. Amsterdam was the home of
the renowned 17th-century painter
1. Circle the word Rembrandt; his home is now a museum.
“Amsterdam” every time it During in the early 1940s, Amsterdam
appears in the reading was taken over by the German army for
about five years. The people of Amsterdam
passage. How many times experienced great hardships and the city was
does it appear in the passage? badly damaged, but a number of
improvements have been made to the city.

2. Complete the sentence by writing the correct word in the space provided.

French, German

Amsterdam was once occupied by the ---------------------- army.

3. Circle the correct answer below.

Which famous painter Monet, Renoir, Rembrandt

called Amsterdam home? Picasso, Warhol, Bacon

4. Unscramble the word.

The country in which Amsterdam esethndnrla

is found is _________________.

Answer: ___________________

2002 Teachnology, Inc.

Name ____________________________ Date ________________________

Bangkok is the largest city in
Thailand. It is the capital city of
Thailand. Bangkok has an area of
more than 600 miles. Just under
one million people call Bangkok
English is the secondary
spoken language, to Thai, in
Bangkok. English is an important
language in Bangkok, since tourism
is main source of money for the
In the 1990s more than four
million requests for telephone
service were made. Today, it can
1. Bangkok is very ---------------------- . take up to two years to get home
telephone service. Due to this,
small, large cellular telephones are more
popular than home telephones.

2. Which language is the second most common in Bangkok?

Chinese French

English Spanish

3. Name two largely spoken languages in Bangkok.

Chinese, English, French,

---------------------- Polish, Thai, Spanish -----------------------

4. (Unscramble) It takes a long time in Bangkok to get one of these.

A ____________________

2002 Teachnology, Inc.

Name ____________________________ Date ________________________

Beijing, also known as Peking, is
the capital city of China. It is the second
largest city in China with over six
thousand miles of area. The city is home
to just under fourteen million people.
Mandarin Chinese is the primary
language spoken in Beijing. Mandarin
Chinese is also the official language of
Beijing is home to many great
national monuments, statues, and
temples. The Palace Museum, the
official site for the imperial family over five
hundred years ago, is centrally located in
1. What is another name the city.
for Beijing? South of the Palace Museum is
Tiananmen Square. Tiananmen Square
-------------------------- is the site of large celebrations and
rallies, such as the National Day
celebrations held each year on the 1 st of
Duking, China, Mexico, October.
Bangkok, Peking, Hawaii

2. Write two interesting facts about Beijing.


B. ___________________________________________

3. The official language of China is ___________ Chinese.

Paladin, Mandarin

2002 Teachnology, Inc.

Name ____________________________ Date ________________________

Bombay has long been referred to as
Gateway of India. Bombay is where the
greatest amount of money changes hands
in India. Most technological breakthroughs
that have taken place in India happened in
Bombay. Ships send out and receive more
cargo in Bombay than anywhere else in
Word Box Twelve million people squeeze into
the two hundred thirty-nine mile area of
India Bombay Bombay.
People speak many different
12 Marathi languages in Bombay. Marathi is the most
Hindi soccer commonly spoken language, but only one
third of the population speaks this
239 English language. Other important languages are
Museums Gateway Gujarati, Urdu, and Hindi. English is the
language for business, trade,
manufacturing, education, and politics.
Use the words in the Word Bombay has many attractions for
Box to answer the questions. visitors including museums, theaters,
libraries, and galleries. Cricket, soccer,
and field hockey are very popular sports.

1. What country is Bombay located in?


2. Name a sport that is commonly played in Bombay?


3. When at work, what language often spoken in Bombay?


2002 Teachnology, Inc.

Name ____________________________ Date ________________________


The word Cairo means “the

Victorious” in Arabic. Cairo is the capital
of Egypt and the largest city in Africa. The
city of Cairo covers an area of just over
one hundred and seventy-five miles.
The people of Cairo are known as
Cairenes. There are about seven million
Cairenes found in Egypt.
The Pyramids of Egypt, which were
Circle the word or number that
tombs for the ancient Egyptian royalty,
makes each sentence true. and the statue of the Sphinx, which dates
from about 2500 BC, are probably the
country's most famous monuments. Both
1. Cairo is the capital city of ___. of these attractions are located just west
of Cairo in the suburb of Giza.
China Africa Chicago Despite the desert background
Giza Egypt Iran usually depicted in photographs, the
pyramids are extremely close to Cairo
and are likely to be surrounded by the city
in the near future.
2. The citizens of Cairo are
called __________.

Cairoians Cairoites Eygpters Cairenes

3. The Sphinx is over ___________ years old. (A tricky one)

200 250 500 2000 2500 4000 4500

4. ______ million people live in Cairo.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

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Name ____________________________ Date ________________________

Chicago is the third largest city in
the United States. Over three million
people live in the two hundred and
twenty five mile area of Chicago.
The world's first skyscraper was
constructed in Chicago in 1885.
Today, some of the world’s tallest and
most famous skyscrapers are found in
1. Circle the word
the city. Located in the heart of the
“Chicago” every time it
city is the one hundred and ten story
appears in the reading
Sears Tower, which is among the most
passage. How many times does
famous skyscrapers ever built.
it appear in the passage?
Chicago is often called “The
Windy City”. It is assumed that this is
due to the City’s weather, but in the
1990s 11 major U.S. cities outranked
Chicago for average annual wind
2. Complete the sentence by
writing the correct word in the speed.
space provided.
first, smallest, tallest

In 1885 Chicago was home to the world’s ---------------------- skyscraper.

3. Circle the correct answer below.

What is Chicago’s well-known nickname? The Big Apple, The Big Bear
Bricktown, The Windy City

4. Unscramble the word.

Chicago is famous for these types of ksrapyrsces


Answer: ___________________

2002 Teachnology, Inc.

Name ____________________________ Date ________________________

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is found on the

southeast coast of China and consists
of two hundred and thirty five islands.
For many years Hong Kong was
under British rule, but recently (1997)
the land was given back to China.
It rains frequently in Hong Kong.
1. Circle the words On average, eighty-five inches of rain
“Hong Kong” every time they falls in a year. Due to all the rain, there
appear in the reading is very little farmland and over half of
passage. How many times the available land is swampland.
do they appear in the passage? The total land area of Hong Kong
is just over four hundred miles. Seven
million people live in Hong Kong. Due
2. Complete the sentence by to the small land size, one hundred
writing the correct word in the thousand people live within each mile.
space provided. Geographically Hong Kong is
found midway between Japan and
Hong Kong was recently given Singapore. It also serves a key entry
back to China by the point into China.

---------------------- government.

British, German

3. Circle the correct answer below.

How many people live within 10,000 25,000 50,000

each mile in Hong Kong? 75,000 100,000 200,000

4. Unscramble the word.

Hong Kong is found halfway between Japan pgsiarone

and this country.

Answer: ___________________

2002 Teachnology, Inc.

Name ____________________________ Date ________________________

Havana is the capital city of Cuba.
Located on the island's north coast,
Havana is the largest city in the
Caribbean region.
Havana possesses one of the best
natural harbors in the Caribbean. Due to
Havana’s location, its harbors have long
1. Havana is found in the been a very important to many countries.
The majority of all trade between Cuba
and other countries takes place in
---------------------- . Havana’s harbors.
Just over two and a quarter million
people live within the four hundred
square miles of Havana. The city
Caribbean, experiences very hot and humid days.
Netherlands The city is often cooled by brief but heavy
sea winds.

2. Havana is the capital of which country?

Caribea Jamaica

Cuba Portugal

3. Circle the arrow that indicates the location of Havana within Cuba.


West East


4. (Unscramble) Havana is well known for its great natural _____________.


2002 Teachnology, Inc.

Name ____________________________ Date ________________________

Istanbul, whose population is
over 10 million, is a major port and
trade center. It is the capital of
Turkey and possesses a number of
universities, high schools, libraries
and cultural centers.
Istanbul has long been a
center of economic activity because
of its location being a meeting point
of Asia and Europe. The city serves
as a junction between the land and
sea trade routes.
Istanbul is an old city; you can
1. What is capital city of Turkey? see the remains of many ancient
civilizations and their culture in
-------------------------- harmony with Turkish culture.
The city is a popular resort and
visited by many tourists. The
Televiv, Iraq, Istanbul, Bosporus Bridge, one of the world’s
Kabul, Rome, Turkish largest suspension bridges, is
located in Istanbul.

2. Write two interesting facts about Istanbul.

A. ___________________________________________

B. ___________________________________________

3. Istanbul is a midway point between Europe and ___________.

Africa, Asia

2002 Teachnology, Inc.

Name ____________________________ Date ________________________

Jerusalem is part of Israel.
Israel claims that Jerusalem is the
capital city of Israel, but the United
Nations does not recognize this as
such. This is due to the unique
circumstances under which
Jerusalem has been claimed by
Israel. Palestinians lay claim to
half of eastern Jerusalem,
Word Box including many holy sites.
People of many different
Eastern Israel religious faiths consider Jerusalem
Holy Southern a holy city, and it contains many
sites that are sacred to many
Hindi Soccer
Sacred Palestinians Three quarters of a million
Jewish Gateway people live in the forty-three
square mile city of Jerusalem.
Roughly seventy percent of the
citizens of Jerusalem are of the
Use the words in the Word Jewish faith.
Box to answer the questions.

1. Jerusalem is part of what country?


2. What is the main faith of Jerusalem’s citizens?


3. Which portion of Jerusalem is occupied by Palestinians?


2002 Teachnology, Inc.

Name ____________________________ Date ________________________

London is the largest city in
Europe. It has held this title for
over four hundred years. Over
seven million people call London,
the capital of the United Kingdom,
home. One in ten people who live
in the United Kingdom live in
London. Each day, three hundred
fifty thousand people travel into
London to work.
On average it rains mildly
just about every other day in
London. It is often very cloudy.
1. London is often ---------------------- . Although it rains regularly, London
is one of the driest parts of the
cloudy, hot United Kingdom.
More than a hundred of the
world's major companies have
2. What is the largest city in Europe? their headquarters in London,
making the city a major world
Europa London influence. Many people from
London work in a job related to
Hamburg Paris printing or publishing.

3. Name two words that describe London.

large, poor
---------------------- rainy, small, snowy -----------------------

4. (Unscramble) In London, people have this type of job.


2002 Teachnology, Inc.

Name ____________________________ Date ________________________

Los Angeles
Los Angeles is the most populate
city in California. In fact, the only city in
the United States that has more people
living in it is New York City. Just under
four million people live in Los Angeles.
Los Angeles is noted as the film
making capital of the world. It is
estimated that more than half of the
movies made in the world, originated in
this great city.
Los Angeles features a year round
1. What city in the USA, has warm climate making it a very
more people than Los Angeles? comfortable place to live. Los Angeles
also has mountains of high altitudes
-------------------------- nearby. Due to this, it is possible to
swim in the ocean and ski in the
mountains on the same day.
Chicago, Detroit, Miami, Los Angeles is home to two major
New York, San Francisco league baseball teams, two professional
basketball teams, and two professional
ice hockey teams.

2. Write two interesting facts about Los Angeles.


B. ___________________________________________

3. Circle the underlined word, which makes the sentence correct.

Due to changes in (altitude / weather), it is possible to swim and ski in the

same city naturally in Los Angeles.

2002 Teachnology, Inc.

Name ____________________________ Date ________________________

Madrid is the capital of Spain and is
its largest city. About three million people
live in Madrid.
A person from Madrid is called a
Madrileños. Madrileños mostly live in
apartments or buildings with stores on the
lower level. The people who live in a
building often work together to maintain the
Word Box building. Only a few wealthy people have
the resources to purchase single-family
France houses homes.
Until about 1960, Spain was a very
apartments narrow poor country. Now, most families in Madrid
wide Soccer have modern appliances and even
England Spain automobiles. There are almost one million
automobiles found in the city.
museums closed Madrid is famous for having
extremely narrow roadways. Due to this,
Madrid commonly has a large number of
Use the words in the Word traffic jams.
Box to answer the questions.

1. What country is Madrid located in?


2. Most Madrileños live in what type of dwellings?


3. What type of roadways is common in Madrid?


2002 Teachnology, Inc.

Name ____________________________ Date ________________________

Mexico City
Mexico City is the capital of
Mexico and home to seventeen
million Mexicans. Its population
Circle the word or number that makes it the second largest city in the
makes each sentence true. world. Only Tokyo, Japan, has more
The average altitude in Mexico
1. Which country has a city with a City is seven thousand five hundred
greater population than Mexico
feet. Some areas in Mexico City can
City? have an altitude of well over thirteen
thousand feet. Due to this extremely
Asia Australia France high altitude many people who visit
Japan Israel Russia
Mexico City find it hard to breathe
when they first visit.
One-third of all of Mexico's
colleges and universities are located
2. Many Mexican leaders work at
in Mexico City. Most people who are
______________ in Mexico City.
educated in the capital remain there
airports colleges because universities provide the
restaurants supermarkets primary source of employment for
cultural leaders in Mexico.

3. The air in Mexico City is hard to breathe for most outsiders because of
the high __________________.

altitude sunsets taxes tides

4. ______ million people live in Mexico City.

11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22

2002 Teachnology, Inc.

Name ____________________________ Date ________________________

The Russian emperors, or
tsars, made Moscow their home
until the early 1700s. It also
served as the capital for the Union
of Soviet Socialist Republics
(USSR) from the 1920s until 1991.
Circle the word or picture that All three hundred and fifty
makes each sentence true. square miles of Moscow have long,
cold winters and short summers.
1. Moscow is the capital city of ____. In the heart of Moscow is the
Kremlin, a triangular shaped
China Peru Lima complex surrounded by sixty-six
Georgia England Russia foot walls. The Kremlin also has
twenty surrounding towers.
Just under ten million people
2. Moscow was once the home of live in Moscow. Moscow is the
Russian ____________. largest industrial center in Russia.
More than half of its highly skilled
workers are employed in
royalty beaches
engineering and metalworking jobs
that produce cars, trucks, ball
bearings, and machine tools.

3. Circle the shape of the Kremlin below.

2002 Teachnology, Inc.

Name ____________________________ Date ________________________

New York City

New York City is the largest city

in the United States. More than eight
million people live in the Big Apple.
New York City is also home of the
United Nations.
New York City is located in the
state of New York. New York City is
home to two hundred and fifty
1. Circle the words museums, four hundred art galleries,
“New York City” every time they and the world famous Broadway.
appear in the reading New York City is the business
capital of the world and many national
passage. How many times
do they appear in the passage? and international corporations have
their headquarters in New York City.
2. Complete the sentence by Wall Street is the world's leading
writing the correct word in the center of finance and the home of the
space provided. American Stock Exchange and the
New York Stock Exchange.
New York City is the home of Two professional baseball,
basketball, football teams make their
the ------------------------------------ . home in New York City as well.

United Nations, World’s Biggest Apple

3. Circle the correct answer below.

In which city is Wall Street Chicago, Cincinnati

found? New Jersey, New York

4. Unscramble the word.

New York City is found in this country.

enuitd etsats

Answer:_____________ ________________

2002 Teachnology, Inc.

Name ____________________________ Date ________________________

Three hundred and fifty thousand
people live in Ottawa. One in every five
people employed in Ottawa, work for the
government. Ottawa is the capital city of
Canada; the Canadian Parliament is
located here. Ottawa is thought to be one
of the coldest capital cities in the world.
French and English are the two
primary languages spoken in Ottawa. For
every French speaker, there are four
English speakers.
Every February, Ottawa hosts the
1. The capital city of Canada is Winterlude, which is North America's
largest winter festival. More than six
hundred thousand people visit the
---------------------- . Winterlude. During the festivities, the
frozen Rideau Canal becomes filled with
ice skaters. It is thought to be the longest
Ottawa, Toronto
rink in the world.

2. Who do most people work for in Ottawa.

McDonalds government

hospital canal

3. Name two largely spoken languages in Ottawa.

Chinese, English, French,

---------------------- Polish, Thai, Spanish -----------------------

4. (Unscramble) North America’s largest winter festival is _____________.


2002 Teachnology, Inc.

Name ____________________________ Date ________________________

Paris is the largest city of France.
It is also the capital of France. The city
is mostly flat; the highest point in Paris
is four hundred and twenty feet above
sea level. On a map, the city of Paris
appears to have a circular shape.
1. What is the key symbol Paris is the leading industrial
of Paris? (2 words) center of France. One out of every four
products made in France are made in
-------------------------- 1st Paris. Many French companies have
established their headquarters in the city
During, China, Eiffel as well.
Toward the end of the nineteenth
-------------------------- 2nd century, a long slender tower was
created for the World’s Fair. The tower
was named “The Eiffel”. To this day, the
Castle, Stadium, Tower Eiffel Tower is the key symbol
associated with the city of Paris.
Throughout the early 1940s Paris
was occupied by Germany.

2. Write two interesting facts about Paris.


B. ___________________________________________

3. Circle the shape of the city of Paris below.

2002 Teachnology, Inc.

Name ____________________________ Date ________________________

Reykjavík is the capital city of
Iceland. With a population just over one
hundred thousand, Reykjavík is one the
smaller capital cities of the world.
The heating systems for both
homes and businesses are very unique in
Reykjavík. The city uses the natural hot
springs found within the city as major
source for heating their homes. This
greatly reduces the cities need for
Word Box artificially made power.
The cod-fishing industry supports a
heating water great number of the citizens of the city.
One out of every five workers in
natural smaller Reykjavík is employed by this industry.
machine weapons In 1986, Reykjavík was the site of
weapons disarmament talks between the
cooling peace United States and the USSR. This
fishing Iceland meeting is credited for being a landmark
meeting for creating world peace.

Use the words in the Word

Box to answer the questions.

1. How does the natural hot springs help the homes of residents?


2. What is the major industry in Reykjavík that employs most workers?


3. What country is Reykjavík found in?


2002 Teachnology, Inc.

Name ____________________________ Date ________________________

Rome is the capital city of Italy.
Located inside Rome is Vatican City,
which is the home of the Roman Catholic
Church. The Vatican has been
recognized as an independent state by
the Italian government for over seventy
The majority of Rome’s two million
1. Circle the word and seven hundred thousand citizens
“Rome(‘s)” every time it work either for the Italian government or
appears in the reading the tourism industry.
passage. How many times Because of its great wealth of
does it appear in the passage? artwork and world-renowned artists,
Rome is seen as the major world center
for the creative arts. The museums of
2. Complete the sentence by Rome contain many of greatest works of
writing the correct word in the art ever created. During the sixteenth
space provided. century, legendary artist such as
Michelangelo, Raphael, and Donato
Persian, Vatican Bramante made Rome their home.

The ________________ is
an independent state within

3. Circle the correct answer below.

Monet, Renoir, Rembrandt
Which famous artist called Rome home? Picasso, Raphael, Bacon

4. Unscramble the word.

Many Romans work in this industry. rumsito

Answer: ___________________

2002 Teachnology, Inc.

Name ____________________________ Date ________________________

Shanghai found in eastern China and is
China’s major industrial center.
In the early 1990s, Chinese officials
started making changes in the government
that would make it easier for foreign countries
to do business in Shanghai and other parts of
China. Since that time many foreign
companies have invested time and money
into the city. Shanghai now is home to a
stock market, foreign banks, and many hotels
and restaurants. Shopping centers and
department stores have as began popping up
1. Shanghai is getting all over the city. Many believe that this is a
good indication that Shanghai is improving
---------------------- . Shanghai has hot, rainy summers and
cool, dry winters. Shanghai also gets its
poorer, richer share of typhoons during the summer and fall

2. In which part of China is Shanghai found?

East South

North West

3. During which seasons do typhoons occur in Shanghai?

---------------------- Fall, Spring, -----------------------

Summer, Winter

2002 Teachnology, Inc.

Name ____________________________ Date ________________________

Stockholm is the capital of the
Kingdom of Sweden. The city is home to
three hundred and fifty thousand people
and a stock exchange. The presence of
1. What is another name for the stock exchange makes Stockholm
Stockholm? the major financial center of Sweden.
The most popular attraction in
Stockholm is the Royal Palace, followed
-------------------------- closely by the Wasa Museum featuring
the almost 400 year old crown vessel
“North Ridge”, “North Sea”, The royal family no longer lives at
“Venice of the North” the Royal Palace, which is located
downtown, next to parliament. Instead,
they moved out to the beautiful and
2. Write two interesting peaceful Drottningholms Slott, a 1/2 hour
facts about Stockholm. drive outside of Stockholm.
Often called the “Venice of the
North,” Stockholm houses some of the
A. ______________________ most breathtaking architecture in the
world. The city is built partly on an
______________________ island. Many large bodies of water add
to the beauty of the city. The city is one
of the most well kept cities in the world. It
is thought to be virtually slumless.
B. ______________________


3. The royal family _____________________ in the royal palace.

lives, no longer lives

2002 Teachnology, Inc.

Name ____________________________ Date ________________________


Just over four million people call

Sydney, Australia’s capital city, home.
Citizens of Sydney call themselves
Sydneysiders. Over thirty thousand
native people of Australia called
Aborigines live in Sydney. In the late
1700s, Britain sent ships of convicted
prisoners to Sydney to help free up space
Word Box in overcrowded jails. When released,
many prisoners stay in Sydney adding to
Sydneysiders fall the city’s diverse population.
spring prison The Sydney Opera House is the
churches Aborigines centerpiece of the city. Many live
Oldstrailians summer performances of ballet, opera, and
schools winter classical music take place there. The
beautiful architect of the Opera House
has helped it gain international fame.
Use the words in the Word
Because Sydney is found in the
Box to answer the questions.
Southern Hemisphere, its seasonal
pattern is opposite the Northern
1. What are long time natives of
Hemisphere. Sydney’s coldest month of
Sydney called?
the year is July. Snow is extremely rare
__________________________ in the city.

2. Where did many of the British immigrants to Sydney, in the 1700s, come


3. When it is the spring season in the United States, what season is it in



2002 Teachnology, Inc.

Name ____________________________ Date ________________________

Tokyo is the capital city of Japan.
More people live in Tokyo than any
other city in the world. Twenty-seven
million people live in the city. Tokyo
means “eastern capital.” This is a very
fitting name, since Tokyo is thought of
as the most influential city in the East.
In the heart of Tokyo, the Imperial
Palace can be found. The emperor of
Japan lives in Palace with his family.
This is also where Edo Castle, the
fortress associated with the founding of
Circle the word(s) or number the city, once stood.
that makes each sentence true. Tokyo has a very strong
economy. Eight hundred thousand
1. Which city has a greater businesses employ over eight million
population than Tokyo? workers. Tokyo is also the site for the
headquarters of most private Japanese
New York Paris Madrid companies.
Moscow There is None Larger

2. The emperor of Japan lives in the ___________________.

Command Center Imperial Palace White House

3. The word “Tokyo” means __________________.

“Far East” “Eastern Capital” “Little City”

4. ______ million people live in Tokyo.

21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32

2002 Teachnology, Inc.

Name ____________________________ Date ________________________

Zurich is the largest city in
Switzerland. Just over 1 million people
call this six hundred and eighty square
mile city home. The majority of citizens
speak German.
It is a fertile agricultural region with
orchards, meadows, and forests. Farming
is also an important part of the economy.
But the crops of the farmers do not fulfill
the needs of the city, so citizens must rely
on imported goods from other countries.
1. Circle the word Zurich's major business includes
“Zurich(‘s)” every time it banking, insurance, machine and textile
appears in the reading industries, and tourism industry. Most
passage. How many times people of the workforce are employed in
does it appear in the passage? service industries. Zurich is home to the
world's fourth-ranked stock market (after
New York, London and Tokyo). More gold
2. Complete the sentence by bullion is bought and sold in Zurich than
writing the correct word in the any place in the world.
space provided.

Most citizens of Zurich speak ----------------------- . French, German

3. Circle the correct answer below.

Which business is not banking insurance

largely held in Zurich? tourism publishing

4. Unscramble the word.

More of this is traded in Zurich than anywhere ulolnib

in the world.

Answer: ___________________

2002 Teachnology, Inc.

Page 1 Page 8 Page 12
1. 7 times 1. Caribbean 1. New York
2. German 2. Cuba 2. Any of the following two:
3. Rembrandt 3. North - most populated
4. Netherlands 4. harbors Cailifornian city
- Film Making Capital
Page 2 Page 9 of the world
1. large 1. Istanbul - 4 million people live
2. English 2. Any of the following two: there
3. English, Thai - 10 million people live there - 1/2 of all movies
4. telephone - is a major port and trade made originated in
center L.A.
Page 3 - is a central meeting point - it's warm year
1. Peking between Asia and Europe round
2. Any of the following two: - is home to many - has high and low
- capital city of China educational and social altitudes
- 2nd largest Chinese institutions - you can swim and
city - has many remains of ski there in the same
- 14 million citizens ancient civilizations day
- Madarin Chinese is - has one of the world's - has 6 professional
the primary language largest suspension bridges; sports teams
- Palace Museum the Bosporus Bridge 3. altitude
- Tiananmen Square is 3. Asia
the site of a large Page 13
festival Page 10 1. Spain
3. Madarin 1. Israel 2. apartments
2. Jewish 3. narrow
Page 4 3. Eastern
1. India Page 14
2. soccer Page 11 1. Japan
3. English 1. cloudy 2. colleges
2. London 3. altitude
Page 5 3. large, rainy 4. 17
1. Egypt 4. publishing
2. Cairenes Page 15
3. 4500 1. Russia
4. 7 2. royalty
3. triangle
Page 6
1. 5 Page 16
2. first 1. 7
3. The Windy City 2. United Nations
4. skyscrapers 3. New York
4. United States

Page 7 Page 17
1. 6 1. Ottawa
2. British 2. The Government
3. 100,000 3. English, French
4. Singapore 4. Winterlude

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Page 18 Page 21 Page 24
1. Eiffel Tower 1. richer 1. There is None Larger
2. Any of the following two: 2. east 2. Imperial Palace
- largest city in France 3. summer, fall 3. “Eastern Capital”
- capital city of France 4. 27
- has a circular shape Page 22
- 25% of French 1. “Venice of the North” Page 25
products are made 2. Any of the following two: 1. 4
there - is the capital of the 2. German
- many French Kingdom of Sweden 3. publishing
companies have their - 350,000 residents 4. bullion
headquarters there - has a stock exchange
- Paris was once - the Greatest Attraction is
occupied by Germany the Royal Palace
- the Eiffel Tower is the - the Royal Family no longer
city's symbol lives in the Royal Palace
3. circle - is also called "Venice of the
Page 19 - has beautiful architecture
1. heating - is thought to be virtually
2. fishing slum-less
3. Iceland 3. no longer lives

Page 20 Page 23
1. 6 1. Aborigines
2. Vatican 2. prison
3. Raphael 3. fall
4. tourism

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