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The Play

Sarah was hoping to get the lead role in the upcoming school
play. Last year she played the role of Darma in the school's production
of My Favorite Day. The audience loved her performance. She received
a huge round of applause at the end of every performance.

This year the school will be putting on a production called My

Crazy Week. Sarah began to practice her lines three times a day for
four weeks before auditions. The week before the audition, she began
to practice with two friends. Sarah practiced the part of Jane. Mike
practiced the part of James, and Amanda practiced the part of Teresa.

When the auditions started, Sarah did an excellent job! Her

outstanding performance won her the role of Jane. As soon as she
learned that she won the part, she ran home to practice for opening

Answer each question.

1. In what play did Sarah play the role of Darma?

a. My Favorite Day b. My Crazy Summer

c. My Worst Day d. My Crazy Week

2. What is the lead role in the upcoming play?

a. James b. Mike

c. Teresa d. Jane

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3. How long before the play did Sarah begin practicing her lines?

a. one week b. three weeks

c. four weeks d. five weeks

4. What part in the upcoming play did Mike practice for?

a. James b. Mike

c. Teresa d. Jane

5. What part in the upcoming play did Amanda practice for?

a. Sarah b. Amanda

c. Teresa d. Jane

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Bobby's Big Birthday Party

When Bobby turned six years old, his mom and dad had a
birthday party for him. Twenty of his closest friends joined in the party.
Everyone wore birthday hats and there was a birthday cake. The
birthday cake was colored in Bobby’s favorite colors of blue and white.

As the day went on, the children played kickball in the back yard.
Bobby played first base. Sally played in the outfield, and Bobby's dad
was the pitcher.

At the end of the party, Bobby asked his parents if he could have
next year's birthday party at the zoo. His parents agreed and everyone

Answer each question.

1. How old is Bobby today?

a. three b. five

c. six d. ten

2. About how many people came to Bobby's birthday party?

a. five b. seven

c. ten d. twenty

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3. Which of the following is a color that Bobby really likes?

a. blue b. green

c. yellow d. brown

4. What game did the party members play?

a. pin the tail b. hide and go seek

c. baseball d. kickball

5. What position did Bobby's dad play in the game?

a. first base b. pitcher

c. shortstop d. outfield

6. Where could you go to find Bobby's next birthday party?

a. school b. the baseball field

c. the kickball stadium d. the zoo

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Answer each question.

1. Who is having a party? _________________

2. Where is the party? _____________________

3. When is the party? ______________________

4. Why are they having a party? ________________

5. May you bring a guest? _______________

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Martin the Monkey

Martin, the monkey, lives in an oak tree at Cragmore Park in Bananaville. He
works for the Banana Telephone Company. He is the best employee they have
because he can climb the telephone poles twice as fast as everyone else.

On Saturdays, Martin pitches for Cragmore Craters Baseball team. The

Caters are a semi-professional team. Martin has become extremely famous for
what he calls his primate pitch. The primate pitch is thrown straight up. The
pitch then comes straight down and travels directly over home plate, at over
one hundred miles per hour.

On Wednesday nights, Martin takes painting lessons with Sarah Able. She
is a famous oil painter who lives in the same town as Martin. Martin is one of
the only artists in the area that paints with his tail.

Answer each question.

1. In what town does Martin live in?

a. Cragmore b. Bananaville

c. Primate d. Able

2. In what town does Sarah Able live in?

a. Cragmore b. Bananaville

c. Primate d. Able

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3. Where does Martin work?

a. the banana factory b. the paint factory

c. the telephone company d. the oil company

4. What semi-professional baseball team does Martin play for?

a. Craters b. Cardinals

c. Drains d. Drabs

5. What position does Martin play on his baseball team?

a. catcher b. outfielder

c. second base d. pitcher

6. Where can you find Martin on Wednesday nights?

a. Banana Telephony Company

b. a baseball game

c. painting

d. tail fishing

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Explain the information on the invitation above.

Who: ___________________
What: __________________
When: __________________
Where: _________________
Why: ___________________

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Autumn is the season that falls between summer and winter.

There are many changes that begin in this fascinating season. Days
become shorter. The leaves of trees turn from green to vibrant red,
yellow and orange. Trees need sunlight to keep their leaves a lively
green. Without sunlight leaves turn into different colors. The grass is no
longer blanketed with dew but with frost, almost every morning, as
temperatures reach the freezing point. Animals start storing up a food
supply to last the long winter months. These changes occur as the as
we adjust from the heat of the summer to the chill of the winter.

Answer each question.

1. Autumn occurs between summer and which other season?

a. January b. spring

c. winter d. solstice

2. Which of the following changes may occur during autumn?

a. days become shorter b. it becomes very hot

c. days become longer d. there is more sunlight

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3. Why do leaves change color during autumn?

a. Leaves don't get enough oxygen. b. Leaves don't get enough light.

c. Leaves don't get enough water. d. Leaves get too much oxygen.

4. What do animals begin doing as preparation for the end of autumn?

a. store extra body fat b. eat less

c. shed fur d. turn colors

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The Hottest Day Ever

I woke up one August morning in a warm sweat. I ran to the

refrigerator to get a cold drink, but the refrigerator was broken and all
the drinks were as hot as me. I walked over to my electric fan, but it
wasn't working either. Then I turned on the television and finally realized
that the electricity in my house was out.

Later that day, I went to the pool to cool off. I dove right in! I swam
eight laps before I tired out. After that, my friend Jeremy bought me an
ice cream cone. I got a vanilla ice cream cone with rainbow sprinkles.

Even though it was really hot, I did have a lot of fun.

Answer each question.

1. What did the narrator want from the refrigerator?

a. a ham sandwich b. a fan

c. a drink d. an apple

2. Why does the electric fan not work?

a. it was broken b. it needed batteries

c. the power was out d. it wasn't oiled

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3. How many laps did it take for the narrator to tire of the pool?

a. two b. four

c. six d. eight

4. Who brought the narrator an ice cream cone?

a. Sarah b. Samantha

c. Joe d. Jeremy

5. What was the flavor of the ice cream?

a. vanilla b. rainbow

c. chocolate d. strawberry

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My Rocket Ship

When I fell asleep, I dreamt about what it would be like to have a rocket
ship. If I had a rocket ship, my first destination would be the Earth's moon,
Luna. When I got to Luna I would jump all around. Due to the little amount of
gravity on Luna, I would be able to jump very high.

After I finished jumping all over the moon, I would fly to Saturn and
travel around Saturn's beautiful rings. On my way to Saturn, I would try to
avoid a number of asteroids. Asteroids are large pieces of rocks and minerals.

In my science class I learned that would take me almost my entire life to

travel to Pluto. Pluto is the last planet in our solar system. Pluto is very far from
the Sun and therefore super cold. I wish I could see Pluto up close.

Answer each question.

1. What is the name of Earth's moon?

a. Moona b. Muna

c. Mooon d. Luna

2. Which of the following is true?

a. You wouldn't be able to jump on the moon.

b. The moon's gravity would allow you to jump high.

c. The Earth has less gravity than it's moon.

d. None of the above.

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3. What is a unique feature of Saturn?

a. It's a moon. b. It has lots of water.

c. It’s bright pink in color. d. It has rings.

4. What are asteroids made of?

a. vitamins b. ice

c. plastic d. rock

5. Why is Pluto a cold planet?

a. It is too close to the Sun. b. It's far away from the Sun.

c. It's outside our solar system. d. It has no moons.

6. Which planet do you think is furthest from the Sun?

a. Luna b. Pluto

c. Earth d. Saturn

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The Post Office

The colony of Massachusetts established the first post office

within the United States in 1639. In 1789 Congress authorized the
Postal Service under the U.S. Constitution. At the time, the nation had
75 local post offices and delivered mail to an area of over 1,875 miles.

Today, the United States Postal Service is an independent

agency responsible for postal regulation and delivery. The Postal
Services main responsibilities are the collection and delivery of printed
material and hard goods. The Postal Service also issues domestic and
foreign money orders. In a single year, the Postal Service handles more
than 160 billion pieces of mail.

Answer each question.

1. What U.S. State is credited with the establishment of the post office?

a. New Hampshire b. Maine

c. Massachusetts d. New Jersey

2. About how long was it between the first official post office and when
the U.S. Congress authorized the Postal Service?

a. 50 years b. 75 years

c. 100 years d. 150 years

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3. How can you send and receive money through the post office?

a. with a postal money order b. with postal crazy bucks

c. with a postal check d. with a postal decoder ring

4. The post office handles just over 160 _________ pieces of mail a

a. thousand b. million

c. billion d. trillion

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Pure water lacks taste and smell. All living things need water in
order to survive. Forty to ninety percent of the weight of all organisms
is water. The human body uses water to remove waste and transport
nutrients throughout the body.

Ancient philosophers thought of water as a true building block

by which all other liquids are measured. This thought was held until
the late eighteenth century when a British chemist by the name of
Cavendish made water by using a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen.
We now know that water is 2 parts hydrogen, (the most abundant
element in our universe), and 1part oxygen, (the element that we
breathe in order to survive).

Answer each question.

1. Which of the following is true?

a. Water smells like apples.

b. All living things need water in order to survive.

c. Water smells like orange juice.

d. None of these.

2. What percentage of your body weight may be water?

a. 70% b. 30%

c. 95% d. 10%

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3. How does water help your body?

a. It protects you from shock. b. It provides your lungs with oxygen.

c. It heals cuts. d. It transports nutrients.

4. What is the most abundant element in the universe?

a. water b. carbon dioxide

c. hydrogen d. oxygen

5. Water is made of hydrogen and what other element?

a. water b. carbon dioxide

c. hydrogen d. oxygen

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Chicago is the third largest city in the United States. Over

three million people live in the two hundred and twenty five mile
area of Chicago.

The world's first skyscraper was constructed in Chicago in

1885. Today, some of the world's tallest and most famous
skyscrapers are found in the city. Located in the heart of the
city is the one hundred and ten story Sears Tower, which is
among one of the most famous skyscrapers ever built.

Chicago is often called the windy city. It’s assumed that this
nickname is due to the city's windy weather, although in the
1990s, 11 major U.S. cities outranked Chicago for average
annual wind speed.

Answer each question.

1. How many cities in the United States are larger than Chicago?

a. one b. two

c. three d. four

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2. Which of the following is true?

a. Chicago is the largest city in the world.

b. Chicago is home to some of the world's tallest skyscrapers.

c. Chicago is the windiest city in the United States.

d. None of the above.

3. How many of people (in millions) live in Chicago?

a. one b. two

c. three d. four

4. What is one of Chicago's most famous skyscrapers?

a. The Sears Tower

b. The Sienna Tower

c. The Times Tower

d. The Empire State Building

5. Write three things that you learned about Chicago.

1. ___________________________________________________________
2. ___________________________________________________________
3. ___________________________________________________________

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London is the largest city in Europe. It has held this

title for over four hundred years. Over seven million
people call London, the capital of the United Kingdom,
home. One in ten people who live in the United Kingdom
live in London. Three hundred fifty thousand people travel
each day into London to work.

Due to London's location, it is a very dry all year.

Although it is dry, London is often very cloudy. On
average it rains mildly just about every other day.

More than a hundred of the world's major companies

have their headquarters in London, making the city a
major world influence. Most people from London work in
a job that involves printing or publishing.

Answer each question.

1. For how long has London been the largest city in Europe?

a. 100 years

b. 200 years

c. 300 years

d. 400 years

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2. London is the capital city of what country?

a. United States b. France

c. United Kingdom d. Spain

3. What of the following is true about London?

a. It's very wet. b. It's very cold.

c. It's very dry. d. It's very hot.

4. Most of the people that work in London work in what industry?

a. construction

b. law enforcement

c. professional soccer

d. publishing

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Just over four million people call Sydney, Australia's capital city,
home. Citizens of Sydney call themselves Sydneysiders. Over thirty
thousand native people of Australia, called Aborigines, live in Sydney. In
the late 1700s Britain sent ships of convicted prisoners to Sydney to
help free up space in overcrowded jails. When released, many prisoners
stay in Sydney adding to the city's diverse population. The Sydney
Opera House is the centerpiece of the city. Many live performances of
ballet, opera, and classical music take place there. The beautiful
architectural design of the opera house has helped it gain international

Sydney is located in the Southern Hemisphere, and therefore its

seasonal pattern is opposite of the Northern Hemisphere. Sydney's
coldest month of the year is July. Snow is extremely rare in the city, but
it does happen occasionally.

Answer each question.

1. Sydney is the capital city of what country?

a. Austria b. Australia

c. Africa d. Antarctica

2. What is the name given to the early natives of Australia?

a. Aborigines b. Australians

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c. Sydneysiders d. Austrians

3. Which country outside of Australia contributed to the large population

of Sydney?

a. Japan b. France

c. Great Britain d. Spain

4. What do you think the picture at the top of the passage represents?
Hint: It's the centerpiece of the city.

a. The Sydney Opera House b. The Sydney Boat House

c. The Sydney Hemisphere d. The Sydney Ballet

5. When it’s the summer season in North America, what season is it in


a. Fall

b. Winter

c. Spring

d. Summer

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Out to Lunch
All morning, all Ted could think about was eating lunch. He got up
late and did not get a chance to eat breakfast before the school bus

Ted was hoping to have a ham sandwich. Ham is Ted's favorite

lunchmeat. Ted also enjoys red apples. He doesn't like the yellow or
green ones.

At lunchtime Ted ran to the cafeteria. When he got in line he

asked for a ham sandwich, but they only had tuna and turkey. Ted is
allergic to tuna, so he asked for the turkey. He ate the sandwich so fast
that he gave himself the hiccups.

Answer each question.

1. Why is Ted so hungry by lunchtime?

a. He hasn't eaten in days. b. He didn't eat breakfast today.

c. He didn't eat lunch yesterday. d. He didn't eat dinner yesterday.

2. What is Ted's favorite lunchmeat?

a. ham b. turkey

c. salami d. bologna

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3. What color apple might you find in Ted's lunch box?

a. yellow b. green

c. red d. Ted doesn't like apples.

4. Which lunch item should Ted never eat?

a. ham b. turkey

c. apples d. tuna

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Carpenters are workers who help construct

and build structures such as buildings, bridges,
and homes. The life of a carpenter is often that of
both difficulty and reward. The reward is the
completion of a job and the outcome of the
structure. The difficult part of being a carpenter is
that many times, each new job brings along a new
The carpenter may also have to travel to many
different locations, many miles away to complete a
Carpenters work with many types of materials
and tools revolving around the construction of
things. Sometimes carpenters have to work in
dangerous environments such as places with very
steep roofs.

Answer each question.

1. Which of following may a carpenter do in a normal day of work?

a. type letters b. package and ship mail

c. answer phones d. help build a bridge

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2. What is unique about a carpenters job?

a. They do the same thing all day.

b. They do something different with each new job they receive.

c. They always work for the same person throughout their career.

d. They wear sandals.

3. What is one skill that would handy to have if you were a carpenter?

a. typing b. cooking

c. wood working d. sewing

4. Write three words that describe a carpenter.

1. _______________________________

2. _______________________________

3. _______________________________

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Dating back to ancient times, humans have expressed emotions,
stories, and sounds through the movement of their bodies. They have
used a variety of dance movements that allow for self-expression. Many
dances will often string several movements together.

Dancers perform in a variety of productions, such as musicals,

folk, ethnic, tap, and pop culture. They also perform in a variety of
venues such as theaters, television, movies, music videos, opera, and
commercials. For the most part, dancers perform in groups. Top
dancers do perform solos as well.

Answer each question.

1. About how old is the art of dance?

a. a few decades b. a few centuries

c. hundreds of years old d. thousands of years old

2. What is a good quality to have as a dancer?

a. a high level of flexibility b. a low level of flexibility

c. a loud voice d. a soft voice

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3. If you were a dancer, on what television program would you likely find
work on?

a. golf television b. news television

c. business television d. music television

4. Most dancers perform in __________.

a. department stores b. solos

c. offices d. groups

5. Write three words that describe a dancer.

1. _______________________________

2. _______________________________

3. _______________________________

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Fire is to blame for countless deaths and billions of

dollars of damage each and every year. Firefighters help
protect people and their property from injury and damage.
Firefighters put their life on the line every time they
respond to a call.

While on duty, firefighters must be ready to respond in

a matter of minutes to just about any disaster that may
occur. At every fire scene, a superior fire officer takes
command and dictates the jobs of all personnel at the
scene. Some firefighters hose lines up to the hydrants.
Others manually operate the pumps to send water to the
hoses. Teams of firefighters also operate the ladders
used to reach high distances in the air.

Answer each question.

1. How many dollars are spent each year to repair the damage of fire?

a. thousands b. hundred-thousands

c. millions d. billions

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2. Which is not true about firefighters?

a. They are brave. b. They put their life in danger.

c. They never put their life in

d. They are highly trained.

3. How long does a firefighter have to prepare for a fire?

a. minutes b. hours

c. days d. weeks

4. Which of the following is not operated by a firefighter at the scene of

a fire?

a. hoses b. cars

c. pumps d. ladders

5. Write three words that describe a firefighter.

1. _______________________________

2. _______________________________

3. _______________________________

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The Big Run

Mary likes to run. Ever since she was in third grade

she has been training to run long distances. Now that
she’s in eighth grade, her parents have agreed to let her
run in the Banana Classic. The Banana Classic is a ten-
kilometer run. It takes place every year in Mattydale. The
winners get a lifetime supply of peanuts and fruit juice
from Paul's Peanut Stand.

Mary practiced for this event by running ten kilometers

twice a day. On the average run, she would finish in thirty
minutes. Last year's winner finished the race in twenty-six
minutes and ten seconds.

On the day of the race, Mary ran faster then she ever
had in past. As she reached the last kilometer she was in
fourth place. She picked up the pace and quickly leaped
into second place. Just as she could see the finish line,
Mary ran as fast as could, in a mad dash, to the finish
line. But, she just wasn't fast enough to get ahead of

Answer each question.

1. About how many years have past since Mary began training for long
runs and when she ran in the Banana Classic?

a. one year b. three years

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c. five years d. eight years

2. How long of a run is the Banana Classic?

a. one kilometer b. five kilometers

c. seven kilometers d. ten kilometers

3. Where is the Banana Classic held?

a. New York b. Rosendale

c. Zilldiale d. Mattydale

4. While training, what was the average amount of time it took Mary to
complete a run the same distance as the Banana Classic?

a. fifteen minutes b. thirty minutes

c. forty minutes d. one hour

5. In what place did Mary finish in the Banana Classic?

a. first b. second

c. fourth d. sixth

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New York

New York is the largest city in the United States. More than eight million
people live in what is called the Big Apple. New York City is also home to the
United Nations. New York city is located in the state of New York. New York
City is home to two hundred and fifty museums, four hundred art galleries,
and the world famous Broadway Street for entertainment.

New York City is the business capital of the world. Many national and
international corporations have their headquarters in New York City. Wall
Street, the world's leading center of finance, the home of the American Stock
Exchange, and the New York Stock Exchange is located in downtown New
York City.

As far as professional sports go, New York City has two of each. Two
professional baseball, basketball, hockey, and football teams are located in
the city.

Answer each question.

1. New York is the largest ______ in the United States.

a. city b. country

c. county d. school

2. New York is home to more than _______ million people.

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Name ___________________________ Date ________________________

a. two b. five

c. eight d. ten

3. Which of the following is a true statement?

a. New York City is a small city.

b. New York City has a large number of arts galleries.

c. New York City has little impact on the world's economy.

d. None of the above.

4. How many stock exchanges reside in New York?

a. none b. one

c. two d. three

5. Which of the following is NOT true?

a. Chicago is smaller than New York.

b. Chicago is larger than New York.

c. A small number of athletic events take place in New York because it

is a city.

d. All of the above are true.

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Going on a Picnic

Savannah and Charlotte worked very hard during the summer to

prepare for the end of summer picnic. Savannah grew tomatoes and
green peppers in her garden. Charlotte, who lives on a farm, had been
growing corn, lettuce, and grapes since the spring.

A week before the picnic both girls harvested and packed their
produce. They decided that all of their hard work deserved a reward.
They charged others for their produce. Savannah charged one dollar for
one tomato or green pepper. Charlotte charged one dollar for a head of
lettuce, fifty cents for an ear of corn, and five cents for a grape.

Answer each question.

1. Savannah grew ________ for the end of summer picnic.

a. tomatoes b. corn

c. lettuce d. apples

2. Charlotte grew ________ for the end of summer picnic.

a. tomatoes b. corn

c. lettuce d. both b & c

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3. Where does Charlotte live?

a. Mattydale b. on a farm

c. in the circus d. on a boat

4. If you were to go to the picnic and purchase 3 tomatoes and 3 ears of

corn from the girls, how much would it cost?

a. $1.50 b. $3.50

c. $4.00 d. $4.50

5. If you were to go to the picnic and purchase 1 tomato, 1 pepper, 2

ears of corn, and 4 grapes from the girls, how much would it cost?

a. $2.20 b. $2.50

c. $3.20 d. $3.50

6. Draw a picture of the picnic.

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All of Kevin's friends were interested in what Kevin's mom did for a
living. She worked for the famous music news magazine Musozine.

While on vacation, Kevin's friend Samantha asked his mom if she

would be interested in helping their school put together their own
magazine. Kevin's mom was more than happy to get involved.
Samantha explained that the school had been trying to put together a
variety magazine on student topics.

On the first day of school, Kevin's mom assigned each student a job
in the magazine. Sarah and Anthony were to work on the entertainment
section. Crissy and Bob were to work on the world news section. Cheryl
was assigned to cover the local news. Rita and Angela were to work on
the sports section. Each student was then asked to write up a rough
draft covering their assigned topic, and bring the story to the next
meeting the following week.

Answer each question.

1. Where does Kevin's mom work?

a. a famous world news magazine

b. a famous sporting news magazine

c. a famous entertainment news magazine

d. a famous music news magazine

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2. Who convinced Kevin's mom to get involved with the school


a. Kevin b. Crissy

c. Samantha d. Cheryl

3. Who was going to be working on the entertainment section of the

school magazine?

a. Kevin b. Crissy

c. Bob d. Sarah

4. Who was going to be working on the sports section of the school


a. Angela b. Rita

c. Bob d. both a & b

5. In the last sentence of the story, what does the word draft mean?

a. someone else's story b. a rough outline of an original story

c. a windy story d. none of the above

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Name ___________________________ Date ________________________

Tiffany's Cookies
Tiffany started baking cookies when she was in fifth grade. By the
time she reached seventh grade, her cookies were locally famous. Her
friends would beg her to make her famous chocolate chip cookies
almost every week.

One day, a local reporter wrote a story about Tiffany and her famous
cookies. The story was later picked up by a national television news
report. The story reported on the number of different recipes Tiffany
baked with and how tasty her cookies were. Upon seeing the story, the
Coco Cookie Company called Tiffany to see if she would sell them her
famous cookie recipe.

Tiffany sold them her oatmeal raisin recipe for twenty thousand
dollars and her pudding cookie recipe for fifty thousand dollars.
However, she refused to sell them her chocolate chip recipe. Tiffany
decided to keep this recipe and start her own company. In August 2002,
she started Tiffany Boom Cookies, Incorporated.

Answer each question.

1. When did Tiffany begin to bake cookies?

a. third grade b. fifth grade

c. seventh grade d. eighth grade

2. What cookie recipe was Tiffany most famous for?

a. sugar cookies b. oatmeal cookies

c. raisin cookies d. chocolate chip cookies

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Name ___________________________ Date ________________________

3. What news story really lead to her big success?

a. local news b. county news

c. state news d. school news

4. What company purchased some of Tiffany's recipes?

a. Alpo cookies b. Bobo Cookies

c. Coco cookies d. none of these

5. How much money did Tiffany make from selling two of her recipes?

a. $20,000.00 b. $40,000.00

c. $65,000.00 d. $75,000.00

6. Design and draw the packaging for Tiffany's famous cookies.

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Name ___________________________ Date ________________________

Answer Sheet
The Play- Autumn London

1. A 1. C 1. D
2. D 2. A 2. C
3. C 3. B 3. C
4. A 4. A 4. D
5. C
The Hottest Day Ever Sydney
Bobby's Big Birthday
Party 1. C 1. B
2. C 2. A
1. C 3. D 3. C
2. D 4. D 4. A
3. A 5. A 5. B
4. D
5. B My Rocket Ship Out to Lunch
6. D
1. D 1. B
2. B 2. A
Matt's Party 3. D 3. C
4. D 4. D
1. Matt 5. B
2. Bob's Bowling Alley Carpenters-
3. April 6th at 6 P.M. The Post Office
4. It's Matt's 11th 1. D
birthday. 1. C 2. B
5. yes 2. D 3. C
3. A 4. Answers will vary.
Martin the Monkey 4. C
1. B Water
2. B 1. D
3. C 1. B 2. A
4. A 2. A 3. D
5. D 3. D 4. D
6. C 4. C 5. Answers will vary.
5. D


1. B
2. B
3. C
4. A

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Name ___________________________ Date ________________________

Holly's Birthday Party Kidozine

1. It's Holly's birthday 1. D

party. 2. C
2. birthday party 3. D
3. March 24 3 P.M.-6 4. D
P.M. 5. B
4. Miler's Field
5. birthday party
Tiffany's Cookies
1. B
1. D 2. D
2. C 3. A
3. A 4. C
4. B 5. D
5. Answers will vary.

The Big Run

1. C
2. D
3. D
4. B
5. B

New York

1. A
2. C
3. B
4. C
5. B

Going on a Picnic

1. A
2. D
3. B
4. D
5. C

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