101 Ways to Uplift Your Spirit And of Those Around You

The Spirited Strider Copyright 2009 Barbara A. Clark

Introduction & Dedication This little eBook is the result of an article I wrote several years ago in a moment of inspiration about the various ways we could uplift ourselves and others by giving and being appreciative. I’ve compiled this version using my own photography. While you are all free to pass this along to anyone who you think would benefit from it, all the material is copyrighted. Please leave the booklet intact, without any changes, respecting all aspects of the copyright. This is my first eBook and I’m so excited to share it with you. I’d like to dedicate this to my two precious daughters, Amanda and Andrea. Because of you, I am a better person. I love you! Warmly, Barbara, The Spirited Strider http://spiritedstrider.blogspot.com http://thegabofgratitude.wordpress.com

101 Ways...

1. Smile! 2. Laugh! 3. Sing! 4. Plant trees. 5. Read a book to a child. 6. Give away something from your closet today! 7. Forgive someone. 8. Open the door for someone. 9. Rake leaves in someone else’s yard. 10. If stuck in traffic, let someone go in front of you!

101 Ways... 11. Pay the toll of the person’s car behind you. 12. Give something away each day from your closet for a week! 13. Be peaceful throughout your day. 14. If you like a book, give it away to a complete stranger. 15. Say something nice to your boss. 16. Call someone you haven’t spoken to in awhile. 17. Become a Big Brother/Big Sister to someone who needs it. 18. Volunteer in your local school. 19. Build a sand castle on a beach. 20. Buy a gift card and give it out randomly.

101 Ways... 21. Watch only comedy on television and film. 22. Plant flowers and share them. 23. Save an animal from your local animal shelter. 24. Welcome a new neighbor to your neighborhood. 25. When a coworker is sick, call to find out if s/he needs anything. 26. Make a commitment to say nothing but nice things to people for an entire day. 27. Go to a nursing home and spend some time visiting with the people there. 28. Buy some ice cream and take it to your local daycare or pre-school. 29. Nominate someone for a makeover show. 30. Spend at least 5 minutes of your day, everyday...in silence.

101 Ways... 31. Remember to ask with a “please.” 32. Listen on purpose: look people in the eye and be silent. 33. Write a real letter or note and mail it (the old fashioned way)! 34. Walk or run for a cause you're passionate about. 35. Send a "thank you" card to your local fire department. 36.. Give your extra television at home to a homeless shelter. 37. Bring flowers to your work. 38. Ask a young child what love means. 39. Start your own non-profit organization. 40. Pay for a child in need to go to summer camp.

101 Ways... 41. Give away your frequent flyer miles to someone who needs it. 42. Become involved in whatever religious organization you belong to. 43. Help a friend or family move with no expectations. 44. Ask an elderly person what life was like when they were young. 45. Buy some movie passes and give them to local teenagers. 46. Help bag the groceries of the person behind you in line at the supermarket. 47. If people are gossiping about someone, find something nice to say about that person instead. 48. Give a ride to someone who doesn't own a car. 49. Write a poem to someone who is important to you and give it to them. 50. Write a letter of thank you when you see exceptional service.

101 Ways... 51. Visit a hospital and offer to volunteer. 52. After a snowstorm, shovel your neighbor's sidewalk or even your entire block! 53. Send a "thank you" card to your local police department. 54. Cook something and bring it to work to share. 55. Give up your seat to another on a crowded bus or train! 56. Make an anonymous contribution toward a cause you believe in. 57. Look up a teacher who made a difference in your life and thank him or her. 58. When stranded at the airport, buy some water for a cranky child. 59. Get involved with a prison ministry. 60. Buy a children's magazine subscription for your local children's hospital.

101 Ways... 61. When someone shares their dream with you, make it a point to give them only words of encouragement. 62. Volunteer to help someone with their 50th wedding anniversary celebration. 63. When someone you know turns 50, buy them a membership to AARP! 64. Build a relationship with someone less fortunate than you. 65. Write a letter to a member of our troops. 66. Take a child to the zoo. 67. Give back to whoever helped you in the past. 68. Say "thank you" with genuine gratitude. 69. Cook or bake your favorite dish and give it to your neighbor. 70. Smile whenever you talk on the phone. Even though the other party cannot see you, they will feel your smile!

101 Ways... 71. Contribute money towards the person's bill behind you. 72. Tell anyone who is important to you that you love them. 73. When stranded at the airport, buy a book for someone. 74. Treat others on your birthday. 75. Grow your own herb garden and make herbal oils and vinegars to give as gifts. 76. Send anonymous cash to someone you know who needs it. 77. Organize a children's crayon art drawing drive for display at local nursing homes and in assisted living facilities. 78. Visit a public library and volunteer to help someone learn to read. 79. Forgive yourself and start loving instead. 80. Tell your parents you love them.

101 Ways...

81. Bring your recycled cans and bottles to a recycling center and give them to someone in line. 82. The next time you buy a refreshment, take the extra change and give it as a tip to the person serving you, no matter how big or small. 83. Write a letter of "thanks" to your Congressional representative, even if you don't agree with his or her politics. 84. Read to an elderly person who can no longer do so for him or herself. 85. If you know another language, give some free lessons to someone who wants to learn that language.

101 Ways... 86. Identify a material possession that you have two of and give one away to someone who has none. 87. Give money to the beggars on the street, without worry as to how they will spend it. 88. Organize a free car wash in your neighborhood and give donations to a local charity. 89. Create a "healing" basket for a friend who is feeling down. Include bath or toiletry items, a good book, candles, lotions, a comedy movie, or any other ideas you have that will make the person feel better. 90. Listen to teenagers...really take the time.

101 Ways... 91. Organize the kids at your school to collect extra change for a cause. 92. Donate your vacation or sick time to someone at your place of employment who needs it more than you do. 93. This year, buy all your birthday presents and holiday gifts at the local Goodwill store (or) similar organization that provides jobs for the less fortunate. 94. Write a letter of gratitude to your local newspaper's editorial section, expressing your appreciation for the community you live in. 95. Take the time to write to the boss of the person who gives you exceptional service. Make sure the boss know how much you value their employee.

101 Ways... 96. Always look for at least one positive element in the most negative of situations, no matter how bad it seems or feels. 97. Pick up litter you see on the ground and place it in the appropriate waste or recycling receptacle. 98. Be loving to all you meet! 99. Tell your children you love them and tell them often. 100. Write a love letter to your “significant other” and mail it.

101 Ways...

And last, but definitely not the least,

101. Always start your day by giving thanks for another day!

Barbara A. Clark is an educator, writer, speaker and coach, also known as The Spirited Strider. Her motto is “serving others in love, one step at a time.” Barbara specializes in the law of attraction and EFT techniques. She is employed full-time in the field of international education and is an accomplished cross-cultural trainer. Connect with Barbara on: Twitter: http://twitter.com/spiritedstrider Facebook: http://profile.to/barbara.a.clark Email: spiritedstrider@gmail.com

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