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An initiative for a better environment

- An environmentally
responsible company

Our Mission, Vision and our

values highlight our desire for
to the environment and the fact that we
are working towards sustainable
development in a broad sense –
environmentally, socially and financially.
The Mission

Grundfos is one of the world’s

leading pump manufacturers

It is our mission - the basis of our

existence - to successfully develop,
produce and sell high-quality pumps
and pumping systems worldwide,
contributing to a better quality of life
and a healthy environment.
The Vision

Our vision - the future we are

striving for - is:

Our customers acknowledge us as

the leading producer and partner
when it comes to high-quality
pumps – both in terms of
performance and the
Grundfos Environmental policy

Significance of Responsibility
At Grundfos, we understand the significance
of responsibility – to the environment and to
the people we live, work and deal with.

Concern for the environment is

interwoven into each of our business
practices and is inseparable from all of our

Design sustainable solutions that go full

cycle. We look carefully into our choice of
materials and we design recyclable
products. Each new generation of pumps
further reduces energy consumption.
Environmental Management Worldwide

USA China

ISO and EMAS certified production company

ISO certified production company
Grundfos and the initiatives
to improve the Global Envt.
A good working environment ensuring
happy workers
Grundfos as a Group company regularly assess
the working environment by focusing on – General
environmental issues, noise pollution, safety at
work and the individual employees are
encouraged to come up with ideas for
improvements and thus help to drive the
improvement process in the environmental field.

The Environment and Innovation go hand

in hand
Vision and innovation are required when putting
into practice our responsibility towards the
environment. Through efforts directed at both the
internal and external environment we are able to
identity areas of potential improvement. Based on
this process, improved courses of action can
flourish within the company, and through
innovation and forward thinking we can contribute
new and even more environmentally friendly
An initiative
at Grundfos India

At Grundfos India, One

such initiative towards
better environmental
practice is this Green
What is a Green Building?

“A Green Building is one that is

environmentally responsible and
a healthy place to live and work

Source: CII - GBC

How can a building be
environmentally responsible?

By addressing energy efficiency

through paying attention to critical
areas like –
Energy efficient appliances
Building envelope
By implementing best waste
management practices.

Source: CII - GBC

Grundfos Gold LEED Rating Green building

Inaugurated: 25th March 2005 Building Cost: 6.4 Cr Administration area:2000 m2

*10% increase in building costs due to Green features
Benefits of Grundfos Green

Consumes 40% less water in


Consumes 28% less energy

Enhances health and safety

of occupants
Salient features of Grundfos
Green Building

Indoor Environmental Quality

.Environment Tobacco Smoke Control:
No smoking is allowed in the entire building
Continuously monitor and maintain fresh air in all
occupied areas ( around 15-20 CFM/person)
•CO2 Monitoring: Sensors at various locations to
monitor CO2 level in all occupied areas.
(differential of 530 ppm above ambient)
•Low Emitting Materials: Low VOC Sealant
/carpets / composite woods / paints have been
used to maintain the indoor environmental quality
(VOC contents < 50g/l)
•Daylight & views: 95% of building lit by natural
light and Views through windows for at least 95%
of regularly occupied areas
.High efficiency fresh air filters – 0.5 micron
Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

According to the U.S. Green Building Council, “LEED

provides a complete framework for assessing building
performance and meeting sustainability goals. Based
on well-founded scientific standards, LEED emphasizes
state-of-the-art strategies for sustainable site
development, water savings, energy efficiency,
materials selection and indoor environmental quality.
LEED recognizes achievements and promotes expertise
in green building through a comprehensive system
offering project certification, professional accreditation,
training and practical resources.”
Green features...

Daylight windows CO2 sensors

Air filters inside CO2 sensor panel

Salient features of Grundfos
Green Building

Energy & Atmosphere

Envelope: Double skin brick wall with 25mm
air cavity Double-glazed Parasol Green glass
from St. Gobain (low U 2.8 watts/sqm/deg.kelvin) to
minimize the heat ingress in to the building

HVAC: HFC based high COP Carrier Chillers of

high COP (2.7) with thermal storage system to
minimize peak & connected load.
No use of HCFCs or Halons. Chillers with R407c
Refrigerants has been included.
Optimum energy consumption: The building
would consume 28% less energy, compared to
conventional building
Green features...

Double Glazed Low UGlass

Double brick wall

Thermal Storage system Chillers

Salient features of Grundfos
Green Building
Materials & Resource
Resource Reuse:
More than 10% of the building materials are
refurbished /salvaged from old offices (staff
workstations) to minimize
the use of virgin materials

•Recycled Content:
More than 60% of materials used in the building
has got high % recycled content eg., Al, Steel, Glass,
Brick, Fly ash cement, MDF wood.

•Regional materials:
More than 60% of the building materials are
sourced within 500 miles from the project site
to support the local economy and minimize
the transportation leading to automobile pollution

•Rapidly renewable materials: Regional materials:

Building uses MDF wood, which is made of rapidly Tiles, Cement, Steel, Al, MDF, Granite, Brick, False Ceiling

renewable materials like eucalyptus and others

Green features...

Acoustic ceiling MDF wood furniture

Sky light
Salient features of
Grundfos Green Building

Water Efficiency

Water Efficient Landscaping:

Zero discharge building (100% waste water
Native plants to minimize water requirement for
High efficiency irrigation system like sprinklers
for lawn & drip irrigation for trees and shrubs.
Water Use Reduction:
40% reduction in water usage in toilets by using
water efficient fittings – dual flush toilet, sensor
based urinals & waterless urinals, low flow
fixtures etc.
Green features...

Sprinkler Drip STP

Dual flush toilet Toilet sensor Waterless urinals

Salient features of
Grundfos Green Building

Sites Ecology
•Limiting building foot print to have more open
spaces for landscaping
• Shower & changing facilities for the bicyclists,
battery operated vehicle’s charging facility
• Rainwater recharge pits to ensure zero
discharge to municipal drainage
• Most non-roof impervious surfaces around the
building are shaded by the use of mature
vegetation to minimize the heat island effect
Green features...

Rainwater recharge pit

Battery recharge

Shading impervious areas Landscape

LEED Report

Out of possible 69 points, Grundfos achieved 42 points thereby achieving GOLD LEED rating. The LEED Report is totaled as

Environmental Category Total possible Achieved

points points
Sustainable Sites 14 9

Water efficiency 5 3

Energy & Atmosphere 17 5

Materials & Resource 13 9

Indoor environmental quality 15 12

Innovation & Design process 5 4

Total Points 69 42
“The overall goal at Grundfos is that
this generation delivers Planet Earth
to the
next generation, it should be a
cleaner and
more energizing place than the place
we inherited.”

Thank You