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Organization Project Name Details Responsibilities

Convergys IMG The current Key Management system is

India Ltd., not PABP/PCI compliant as it does not
Hyderabad prevent unauthorized substitution of keys,
PCI Standards
splits knowledge, provide secure key
based Key
storage, prevent deletion of old keys and Sr Analyst involved
thus enhancement, developed on top of as Quality Auditor
(Apr 2008 to Jul
the existing Infinys Platform, providing
only a framework for components to
encrypt and decrypt data using symmetric
data encryption

Project to modify Infinys to work in a

clustered environment, after it was
Cluster confirmed that Infinys software cannot be
topographies & upgraded in a clustered setup and thus
Sr Analyst involved in
high availability investigated most common cluster
Project scoping, R&D,
emulations topographies ,test and document them for
(Feb 2008 to Apr functional and OA&M activities as well as
2008) investigated different cluster topographies
with load balancer and emulated failover

Development of a platform to provide a

UI based application that runs on the top
Provisioning of the installation infrastructure at the
framework for Infinys level, such that all the
Sr Analyst involved in
high availability components utilize this framework to
High level design,
of systems install their component as part of the
Development, Testing
(Nov 2007 to Jan Infinys installation, containing
2008) infrastructure to migrate data (Migration
Manager) and to install specified
components as per User choice

Customer Development as per the requirement of Sr Analyst involved in

Segmentation Turk Telecom enabling their resellers to Detailed Design,
by Resellers maintain their customers in the same Development, Testing
(Jul 2007 to Nov Infinys installation, segmenting the
2007) Installer to limit resellers to their specific
data and allowing resellers to be able to
administer the users of their portion of
the application, but be limited which
areas application they can administer to
their users
Enhancement of the unified API
Migration of AAF
framework wherein most of the routine
to use unified Sr Analyst involved in
coding task in J2EE based applications is
API Detailed Design,
automated, which was modified to a web
(Jan 2007 t0 Mar Development, Testing
based system, thus moving the
framework to the UAPI

Implemented the Customer Care facility

to the Combophone, a dual mode phone,
of which the CDMA wireless phone works
in WiFi mode where ever it can find a
Sr Analyst involved in
Customer Care Palantir (a device capable of receiving and
module for transferring voice data over broadband),
discovery, Solution &
Combophone thus reducing the load on the wireless
System Architecture
(Jan 2006 to Mar networks and the Customer Care module
and High Level
2006) includes facility to assign WiFi services to
subscribers with combo phone,
provisioning and de-provisioning the
handset etc

Project to develop an in-house simulator,

simulating the functionalities of the third
party systems, in order to execute
Sr Analyst involved in
rigorous testing of new enhancement
External Min Requirements
requests, from Sprint, on the P2K Billing
Management Analysis,
System, which is at the center of a
System Architecture, High
plethora of third party systems like SPM,
(Jan 2005 to Mar level Design, Detailed
NMS, NPS, P2K etc from multiple vendors
2006) Design,
that include Amdocs, IBM, Comverse,
Development, Testing
Convergys etc and to interact with the
other systems to complete customer

Reliance Performance of the CRM system deployed

Infocom Ltd in a cluster was a problem and unplanned
(Sep 2003 to Dec downtime at Reliance Infocomm was Sr Analyst involved in
2004) regular causing caustic customer reaction, Performance
Performance along with that, the billing system was Analysis, Design Data
tuning of CRM hardly ever able to complete bill runs in Capture
and Billing time; A task force was formed, under a techniques/Real
applications reputed consultant, to identify and correct Metrics, Design
performance issues, reviewing all aspects Corrective Actions &
of the system across subsystems (billing Implement
and rating, provisioning, CRM) and
resolved the issues

Billing system Project for Design and mapping of product Sr Analyst involved in
for Wire-line requirements on Singl.eview using ADC Requirement
suit of Products proprietary 4GL system (Non-generic Analysis, business
requirements were mapped using EPM
scripts) and Develop Interface with rule mapping as well
customer facing (clarify) and provisioning as Design & Develop
system (clarity) and contained in Bea- Products/Rules/Tariff
Tuxedo, in order to enable the client to and interfaces to
provide Wireline suit of products (POT, provide system
ISDN, PaBX, Leased Line, DIA, IPVPN) integration
over fiber optic network

Design enhancements to allow targeted

ad-campaign for customers, enabling the
client to store contact data for its
business-billing customers, storing data
Team Lead involved
per subscriber and including all possible
Multiple in requirement
contact details per subscriber (up to
Contacts data collection, design,
hundred contact records), enhancing the
for ad-campaign development and
existing name and address data model
enabling rapid development, while avoid
data redundancy and providing
Amdocs Ltd, functionalities of add, modify, delete and
USA search contact information
(Oct 2001 to Sep
Modification project for restructuring the
Price Plans & Rates for wire-line services,
on which numerous enhancements made
over a number of releases, adversely Team member
Price Plan
impacting the performance of the system, involved in design,
restructuring for
which was remodeled along with redesign development and
of Rated_feature table implementing testing
planned changes, regression testing the
system and generate performance
statistics using load runner

Amdocs Ltd, Project to develop an integrated UNIX

Cyprus based solution enabling users to file their
(Oct 2001 to request for change through a user-
Sep 2003) friendly GUI system, that allows users to
Make-request navigate UNIX file system to create their Team Lead involved
System request list, accepts details of the change in concept and design
and the change units by inserting into file
based data system and sends a report of
the requests to manager concerned for