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Arco Iris Homestay

Welcome to Arco Iris!!

"Arco Iris”, meaning "Rainbow" in

Portuguese, is a 120 + years old elegantly
restored colonial house in Curtorim, a
quiet hamlet in South Goa, about 7 kms
from Margao. The house is built on a
sprawling, terraced, 1.5 acre property,
overlooking Corjim, a seasonal lake. The
Zuari flows about a km away from Arco
Iris. The proximity to the lake, the river
and the abundant greenery in and around
the property ensures a scenic, tranquil
ambience right through the year.

Curtorim is dotted with seasonal lakes and paddy fields and has often been referred to as the “Granary
of Goa”. Besides being popular with bird watchers as a destination, and naturalists owing to its relative
proximity to all the wildlife sanctuaries in the state, Curtorim and adjoining villages like Rachol and
Chandor house several places of considerable historical interest and archaeological value.

The house itself, measuring about 7,000 sq feet, comprises an “entrada” (foyer), “sala” (living room),
dining room, five bedrooms with en suite bathrooms (four on the ground floor and one on the first
floor), lounge, library, fully equipped modern kitchen, utility area, two store rooms and accommodation
for the support staff. Three of the bedrooms open into private balconies. There is a “balcao” (balcony)
and gallery in front and a courtyard in the rear. A 100 year old well stands guard on the periphery of the
rear courtyard and rounds up the “retro” setting.

Our family of Bennita (“Beni”), Ganesh (“Gani”), Trusha and Trikaya (“T&T”), resides on the premises.
We provide boarding and breakfast to our guests. Upon prior request guests can partake our home
prepared lunch or dinner. We will be glad to offer our guests assistance in making transport
arrangements, choosing between sight -seeing options and other leisure activities, or just about
anything else which will make their stay in Goa memorable. Page 1
Arco Iris Homestay

About the hosts

We, Bennita and Ganesh will be your hosts during your stay in Arco Iris.

After having spent the better part of our lives inhaling the dust and fumes of Indian urbania, Bennita,
the Goan half of our team decided that there was no place like Goa to spend the remainder of our lives.
Since Gani was only too happy to second the opinion, our shift to Goa was considered, contemplated,
decided and executed in double-quick time.

After having decided to make Goa our home, it took us considerable amount of time and energy to
locate the property that would satisfy our myriad requirements. It was after a long and arduous search
of more than a year that we chanced upon Arco and instinctively knew that the search had ended. Post
completion of the legal formalities, considering that the house had been unoccupied for close to three
decades, it took us another two years to restore the house to its present condition.

Arco has been our home since May 2009. After having experienced the serenity of life in Arco for the
last six months, we thought it would be a shame if the pleasures of living in a quaint hamlet in Goa are
not shared with other like-minded people, yearning for an interlude in their hectic lives, and therefore
the decision to open our doors to guests. Page 2
Arco Iris Homestay

About Arco Iris

Arco Iris nestles between verdant fields and wooded areas. The front edge of the property abuts the
Corjem seasonal lake which supplements the water requirements of the surrounding paddy fields.

The house is styled along colonial Portuguese lines with a high plinth, imposing columns, high ceilings
and offers excellent year-round natural ventilation. The house has been restored and renovated true to
its heritage and without compromising the modern day requirement for convenience and comfort.
During the restoration process, all efforts have been made to preserve the original materials which have
gone into the construction of the house by using them, at times, for alternate purposes. For instance,
the cement railings originally used in the balcao has been shifted to the balconies, wooden planks from
erstwhile doors have found their way to the dining table. The end result is a house which reflects a
judicious and tasteful blend of modern conveniences and traditional designs.

The “balcao” or the balcony, is the most social part of the house where any daily activity, be it catching
up with neighbours, reading the morning newspapers, eating , or just plain lazing can be carried out.
The “sala” or the high ceilinged living room is reserved for formally receiving and entertaining visitors.
The dining room is dominated by the dining table which can comfortably seat 8. All the bedrooms and
the lounge have been suitably modified to accommodate ensuite bathrooms with all modern amenities.
The colours of the bedrooms have been designed keeping in mind the colours of the rainbow, and
therefore we can offer you a choice of yellow, blue, green, violet, orange and indigo rooms. Page 3
Arco Iris Homestay


• Spacious, non AC rooms

• Ensuite bathrooms
• Hot and cold running water in the bathrooms
• Tea/ coffee machines
• Complimentary breakfast
• Complimentary daily newspaper
• Welcome drink and fruit basket
• Common TV/ DVD
• Library access
• Complimentary Broad band connectivity
• Laundry service
• Board games
• Luggage holding facility
• Doctor on call
• Car rental
• Airport transfers
• Home cooked lunch/ dinner at additional cost
• in-house “Moderation Bar” Page 4
Arco Iris Homestay


• Walk to St Alex Church, about 2 kms from Arco Iris along tree lined country roads. The church,
which dominates the topography of Curtorim is one of the oldest churches in India having been
built in 1597.
• Cycle to Rachol seminary , about 8 kms from Arco Iris, crossing the Curtorim and Maina lakes
along the route. The seminary is one of the oldest in Asia and affords an opportunity to interact
with the seminarians. The seminary also houses a library, which is open to the public and boasts
an extensive collection of books on philosophy and theology.
• Visit to Braganza Mansion, a magnificent country mansion in the village of Chandor. A member
of the family will take you around for a guided tour of the mansion.
• A heritage walk in and around Chandor which will cover the places of archaeological value.
Chandor is about 5 kms from Arco Iris.
• Walk to the Zuari River and go on a boat ride
• Visit to the Big Foot museum and drop in at the Figueirado’s for tea.
• Visit the 400 year old Palacio De Deao, about 15 kms away from Arco Iris. The garden around
the palace is possibly the best in the state. With prior appointment it is possible to have a cozy
candlelit dinner.
• Spend an evening at the Colva/ Benualim/ Varca beach. Colva, the closest beach is about 12 kms
from Arco Iris.
• Visit the famous Mangeshi and Datta Mandir temples
• Picnic on the banks of the Zuari
• Wildlife safaris in the protected areas of Cotigao, Mahavir, Bondla or Mhadei.
• Birding around the Maina, Curtorim, Corjem and Carombolim lakes
• Walking in and around Curtorim
• Fishing in the Zuari river along with local fishermen
• Cycle to Raia, Loutolim, Chandor, Margao
• Nature Photography Page 5
Arco Iris Homestay


1. Margao Railway Station – 12 kms

2. Dabolim International Airport – 35 kms
3. Nearest shopping area – 7 kms
4. Colva beach – 14 kms
5. Panjim – 40 kms

Contact Us

Arco Iris 1384, Sinai Bagh, Curtorim, Goa 409720

+919604964482, +918322786800, Page 6

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