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I’m not posting the next chapter until this chapter gets 15 votes. Even though I don’t normally write, I’m enjoying writing this story so I’m going to continue. But if people don’t vote and comment then I’ll assume its not good and stop writing. Lots of thanks to Dracula who gave me my first (and so far only :P) comment. p.s. Totally not edited! Re- cap I waited for her to get into the car and then closed the door. I walked around to the other side and got in. As soon as we had pulled out of the school parking lot I decided to start my plan. "Do you mind if we stop somewhere and grab something to eat? I'm starved." She gave a frustrated sigh and glared at me. "Do I have a choice?" I smirked. "Nope." She sighed again. "I'd absolutely love to stop somewhere for food." I laughed. Oh yes, this was going to be fun.

Chapter 5 “Oh my God! No way. You like Paramore? So do I!” Wow, Gabriel really wasn’t as bad as I originally thought. We had stopped at a Subway along the way and had ordered three foot long subs. Two of them were for him. He claimed the sports made him hungry. Alright, whatever. Jeez, men. The first surprise I got was when Gabriel paid for my sub. The second surprise came when he allowed me to pick where we would sit. And thirdly? He even pulled my chair out for me. Who knew he had it in him. “Are you gonna eat that?” He pointed at the second half of my foot long chicken sub. I had barely finished my first half. I’m not anorexic (no offense to anyone who is) I just had a big lunch at school. What can I say; I was most certainly not expecting to be eating with Gabriel after school. “No. I’m full.” He smiled. “Good.” And reached across the table and grabbed my sub. I started laughing. He looked at me strangely. “It’s just so many girls would be so jealous of you right now if they could see you. We always say we wish we could eat as much as guys and not gain any weight. I was just imagining Alicia’s face and it cracked me up.” Alicia was the head cheerleader in our school and the biggest slut you would ever meet. Gabriel smirked.

“So that’s why all those girls never ate when I took them on dates. Ugh, and thanks for reminding me about Alicia. She’s decided that she and I would make the cutest couple ever and won’t ever leave me alone. It’s annoying the hell out of me. She’s not really my type.” “What is your type?” He looked at me, starring right into my eyes. “Long black hair, brown eyes, and killer legs. A girl with a brain is always more interesting than a girl that just sits there and giggles. And I like girls with a healthy appetite.” Shit. Please tell me he had NOT just described me. I always strived to keep my grades up and I was not ashamed to eat in front of guys. I could feel myself blush. My heart started to speed up. This should not be happening. I didn’t like this guy! “Interesting. So why do you like sports so much?” I didn’t care how obvious it was I was desperate for a change in the subject. He smiled, knowing the effect he was having on me. “They give me a chance to get my mind of stuff. Besides, they keep me nicely in shape and muscled.” He smirked. “Girls never seem to complain about that part.” I could feel myself blush again. Why couldn’t I stop blushing? “Okay… tell me about your family.” His face immediately shut down, going completely blank. “It’s great. Are you ready to go?” I could tell that was the end of the conversation. What was wrong with his family? What was so bad he couldn’t tell me? “Yeah, I’m ready to go.” He quickly got up and walked out. Well, there went his manners. I wondered what was going on with his family. I made up my mind right there; I was going to find out. Maybe not today, but I would make it my mission to find out eventually. Maybe I would discover his nice side along the way? I got up and pushed my chair in making a loud squeaking sound, causing everyone close to our table to wince. I walked towards the exit, throwing out our garbage and dropping off our tray on my way. I had to go to the bathroom. Oh well, it could wait. Gabriel was waiting for me in the car. As soon as I sat down he started the engine and pulled out of the parking lot. I did up my seat belt and leaned back into the plush leather seat, preparing myself for an awkward ride. “I’m sorry for my mood killer back in there.” He smiled. Well at least he had recovered his good mood. “No problem.” What was up with his mood swings? I decided I would try to continue the conversation. Perhaps I would start with a different subject though. I smiled. “So, where’d you get this car? I love it.” “My mom bought it for me for my seventeenth birthday. I love it too.” His mom? Why just his mom? What about his dad? Somehow I didn’t think now would be the best time to ask. “I love sports cars. When I was little all the other girls use to laugh at me because my room was full of toy cars instead of dolls. I didn’t care though; I never understood what

was so fun about dolls. I did have quite a few teddy bears though. I don’t think I could have survived a single night without them. He laughed. He seemed to really be enjoying himself. Maybe I should give him a chance. He wasn’t as bad as he acted. Suddenly he turned a sharp right, causing me to go flying to the left, slamming into him. “Oof.” He drove like a maniac. “I was the same. My mom used to get so mad because every time she came to clean my room it was littered with toy cars and army men no matter how often she cleaned it. She would buy me a toy, I would play with it for a week, and then it would get shoved under my bed, forgotten. She could have saved thousands of dollars if she hadn’t supported my enthusiasm for toys quite so much.” He was now smiling openly. Suddenly I felt the car come to a stop. We had arrived at my house. “How do you know where I live?” “I asked one of your friends last year.” “Oh.” I started to get out of the car when I noticed he was undoing his seatbelt as well. “Where are you going?” I asked stupidly. He looked at me mockingly. “I’m going to walk you to your door.” “Oh,” I said again, further proving my intelligence. I got out and started walking towards my door. I could feel him right behind me. When we reached my door I turned around. He was right behind me, so when I turned around my face was in his chest. I blushed and I could feel my heart speed up to an incredible rate. I was sure he could hear it. He leaned down so our faces were millimeters apart. If either of us leaned forward the tiniest bit we would be kissing. He breathed out and I could feel his breath on my lips, causing me to shiver. His breath smelled sweet. Oh how badly I wanted to lean in. “I had fun tonight,” he said and straightened up. “Goodbye.” He turned around and walked towards his car. “B-Bye,” I whispered. I waited until he got in his car and drove away before turning around and opening the door. I walked straight towards the stairs and up to my room. I skipped towards my closet to hang up my sweater, surprised at my sudden good mood. “Finally your home. I’ve been waiting for you for hours. We were supposed to study together remember?” I jumped at least six feet in the air and whipped around to face my bed. “Oh, hi Ben.”

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