From: To: Subject: RE: V/v: FW: V/v: FW: SECOIN agarwood oil Date: Tue, 2 December 2008 02:39 Hello, I received the parcel today.your products are good, very good and I recontact you after having study them. Thanks and best regards. Mr Wallon Ludovic. 1 rue C.Colomb 78200 mantes la jolie FRANCE TEL: 0033130331322 MOB:00667378939

From: Rodriguez Mosende To: Sent: Sunday, April 06, 2008 5:33 PM Subject: Alejandro Rodriguez.

Dear Hong Duong , Yesteday 6 April, I received the Agarwood , Thanks for samples and Service, Sandalwood mixed in Agarwood (SND3a) its very Interesting and Sotisphicated Aroma . I need time to try , but its nice quality and price. Best Wishes, Alejandro Rodriguez Freire Address: 1-13-10-201, Shakujii-cho, Nerima-ku, Tokyo 177-0041, Japan E-mail:

From: Christopher McMahon To: Subject: Agarwood oil / Christopher of white lotus Date: July 27, 2007 1

Dear HongKind greetings! The sample order of agarwood oils and incense arrived safely. The agarwood oils are really lovely and fine. I am going through them one by one and smelling them through all the stages of dryout. They have an amazing tenacity and in the deep dryout phase each displays very fine olfactory characteristics which are unique for each oil. By September I will be ready to place my first modest order. The only problem will be to decide which ones to order. The incense too is lovely. Christopher White Lotus Aromatics 602 S Alder St Port Angeles, WA 98362-6614, USA fax 360-457-9235

From: Christopher McMahon To: Subject: Note from Christopher of white lotus Date: July 2nd & 5th, 2007 Would it be possible to order the 17 different agarwood oil samples in 3 gram amounts before deciding which agarwood oils to order in larger quantities. My friend Michael Marullo is impressed with the quality of your oils ………………. I very much commend you for all your excellent work with agarwood. I totally lost interest in agarwood oil because it is very difficult to come across anyone doing authentic work until I came across you. Christopher White Lotus Aromatics 602 S Alder St Port Angeles, WA 98362-6614, USA fax 360-457-9235

From: Beghidja Nourredine To: Subject: Date: March 20, 2007 Dear Sir,


We received yesterday your sample package and proceeded to its evaluation. Your items are of very good quality, as we had imagined. It is very interesting also the offer of cinnamon slippers and soles because one of our activity is the shoe business. We have a big shop of shoes in the centre of Nice, where, as soon as the tramway works are finished, there will be created one of the greatest business centre of the city. As for cinnamon shoes, we know that in Italy a great shoe manufacturer (Fornarina) has launched summer shoes smelling of vanilla. As we know big shoes traders in Italy with whom we cooperate in France, we would like to have some photos of yours cinnamon products with relative price list (not only shoes, also boxes and anything you can make with it, because we have also a demand for objects for the house for the Algerian market). We would like to know also if you can produce the same articles in another smell or in other models (for the shoes). If, for example, we supply you the photo of the model, could you make it? As for agarwood products, they are really special. We're going to present them to some dealers in the next weeks. It would be interesting to develop a complete range of products agarwood scented, for example, wet-wipes rolled in metal boxes, foam bath and shower, shampoo, deodorant and so on. We know these products from the united arab emirates market and here they would be something new. But we can discuss of it when we meet in Tours in May, inshAllah. For the moment , we wait for your photos of cinnamon products, if you can, with relative prices. We thank you very much for your cooperation and wish you a very nice day. Best regards, Nourredine Beghidja LANTABOUR 101, Bd. de l'Ariane 06300 Nice, France Tel. 0033 493 542951 Mobile: 0033 660 130466

From: Nikolaos Karavidas To: Subject: Agarwood samples, pistacia vera, your samples Date: September 15, 2006 Dear Hong , I had some time to take a “close look” at your samples , they all are very interesting even though the where completely unknown to me . Please find my comments for each one below: AGARWOOD OILS They all smell very interesting . My favorites are MF1 and CFM2 . Give me some time to do some tests as aromatherapy candle and I will give you more details ! INCENSE Your incense smells not that fresh ( delicate )as baieido’s ( Japanese ) , I’ll think that theirs smell fresher probably because of the other ingredients they are mixing in ! I do not know exactly 3

what they add but they claim to use Sandalwood and herbs to ! Herbs maybe “cover” a bit the smell of burned wood … I have make fine ground with Sage leaf and a hint of Mastic * To our nose of course , and different culture ( or habit ) in different flora too… an incense cone , added some Sandalwood powder , grounded resin . The outcome was much fresher* ! comparing to what we are use to smell . Europeans have a their olfactory system then you do ! Of course we have a

I liked your incense quality very much , and I believe that we smell of them a bit closer to what western people like . It will some time , but I believe it is worth for all of us involved ! I am talking about an innovative product among incense , Asian touch ! By the way the wooden package tube is THE MOST EVER SAW !

could help you to bring the be a project which may take know how with an European LUXURIOUS PACKAGING I

BITTER TEA Bitter tea is really bitter ! I have add some honey in it and then the taste was very nice ! Interesting tea , let me work on this too . I will give it to several friends and will await for their response . AGARWOOD TEA Agarwood tea is also very interesting . Somehow mild and delicate ! I will also make several trials to blend it with bitter tea or green or black tea too ! Blending is an excellent idea , exactly like your agarwood oil blends . With my warmest regards Nikolaos Karavidas "benessere " 1, Agiou Mina str. 54625 Thessaloniki , Hellas VAT: EL 105048823 tel./fax: +30 2310566121 e-mail: =====================================


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