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Ravi Sankar V.V.

Mobile No: 9963338636

Career Objective:
To work in a globally competitive environment on challenging assignments that shall yield the twin
benefits of job satisfaction and a steady-paced professional growth.

Educational Qualifications:

University / Year of
Course / Specialization Name of the Institution Aggregate
Board passing
JNT University P.B.R. VITS, Kavali 66.1% 2003-07
Board of
Narayana jr College,
Intermediate Intermediate 67.01% 2000-02
Education, A.P.
Board of
St.josephs Eng Medium
S.S.C Secondary 69.07% 2000
High School,Nellore
Education, A.P.

Technical Skills:

Operating Systems : Windows 2000 ,Windows Xp.
Languages : C, Core Java.
ServiceTechnologies : Jdbc,Hibernate
WebTechnologies : Servlets,Jsp,Struts
RDBMS : Oracle9i.
Scripting Languages : JavaScript.
Markup Languages : Xml,Html.

Good communication skills.
Perseverance and strong will.
Team player.
Passionate & amicable.

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A Mobile No: 9963338636 SANKAR V.vva@gmail.V. V. Ravi Sankar V.A Page 1 of 2 .