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"Being Cloud Ready" is the need of the emerging information technology.

Cloud computing is changing

the way the IT is getting deployed in the world and bring about profound changes in the technology and the
role of various stakeholders.
There is a need to focus on cloud technology at our academic institutions to build a large
work force to be ready to adopt to these changing times as well as contribute effectively to
this emerging trend . There has been a rapid adoption of cloud computing as a fundamental
shift in the delivery model of Information technology.
Heres an opportunity to learn and understand the latest and upcoming trends in cloud computing world.
This workshop gives you an insight into the key trends and technologies of cloud technology and helps you
understand how best it can be adopted in academia.
IBM India University elations is glad to announce a ! day "aculty esidency #rogram on $Cloud
Computing$. %our participation at this event is conformed and this guide will help you to get aware of
the topics covered over the three day event.
The 3 day event will cover sessions on emerging topics like IaaS , Openstack, Private Clouds, Hybrid
and Public Cloud doption Cloud Security and nalytics, !evops, Plat"orm as a Service by Senior
Technical Sta"" "rom I#$ %esearch, Product !evelopment and live e&periences o" rchitects "rom
Services' select speakers "rom cademia will cover the work they are doing in collaboration with
Industry and in particular on Open Cloud Technologies' The event will cover live demos and case
studies o" cloud technologies in use by customers and I#$ internally, a site tour to the !ata Center in
Pune and events that get interactive like ( )a panel discussion) or )meet the e&perts) over a poster
session' !uring this event we look "orward to a valuable dialogue between I#$ and the cademia and
help identi"y opportunities "or "uture collaboration with the institutes'
IBM Cloud "aculty esidency #rogram is being hosted at &mbassy Tech 'one (ab in #une) MH. To help
facilitate your stay this reference guide will provide directions) local accommodations and points of interests.
Contact Information
Embassy Tech Zone, Hinjewadi hase !
une "##$%&
EBC 'ain (ine) *+,#- "!$.!%!## or
/n0itha atil 1 *+,#- ,2 3$% &%%%,
Hours of operation are Monday through "riday)
*+,, a.m. to -.,, p.m. I.T
4e5art /ir5ort towards west through # roundabout *#6$0m !mins-6
/ Continue to pass Indian 0il petrol pump.12.3 k m4
/ /t the roundabout, ta0e the #st e7it onto /landi rd89t :yaneshwar Rd, pass by 5edarnath Hospital on the left 1 ,.6 km 2min4
/ Turn right towards Tank d 1,.3 km 2 min4. Continue straight onto Tank d #ass by 0rdinance "actory Club 1on the right in 2.7 km4 8lso
known as #hule 9agar oad1or T0 oad4
/ Turn left towards :eneral Thimayya d 1 2.7 km 7 mins4
/ Continue straight onto :eneral Thimayya d1 ,.2 km 2min4
/ Turn left onto &lphinston d) pass by Bata stores 1 on the right in ;3, m4
/ Continue to (a<manrao 5irloskar d) .light right onto =una Mumbai #une Mahamarg
/ Continue onto Harris Bridge > Turn left on .angam oad.
/ 5eep left to stay on .angam oad
/ Turn towards #?@ d > continue onto #?@ Colony d
/ Turn right onto 8undhAavet d > then a left onto ?akad oad
/ 8t .tate bank 8TM) continue onto HinBewadi oad
/ Continue to Boin onto #hase 7 oad
/ 5eep straight until you find ?I#0 on the right hand side also called as ?ipro circle
/ Take a right turn > keep going up beside ?I#0
/ Take a right turn again > head straight
/ Turn right IBM is on the right
EBC Guest parking is available in the front of the building; additional parking is also available in the basement of the building.
Date Time
Unit Speaker / Owner Topic
June 25th,
9:00 9:15 AM Registrations
9:15 9:45 AM Mahesh Paradkar Introductions & Progra !"er"ie#
9:45 10:$0 AM %rini"as &u'karni ()ecuti"e &e*note +'oud : ,eginning o- the ne# era
10.$0 11:$0 AM IR/ Akshat 0era
%e'- Managing 1ata +enters: 2he ne)t generation o-
11:$0 12:00 2ea 3reak
12:00 4 1.00 PM %56 &ausha' &a7adia +'oud %ecurit*
1:00 2:00 PM /unch
2:00 $:00 PM %26 %anket %ang#ikar In-rastructure as a ser"ice and !7en%tack
$:00 $:$0 PM 2ea 3reak
$:$0 4:$0 PM %56 6irish +ha8e 2aking I2 !7erations Ana'*tics to +'oud
4:$0 5:$0 PM I%/ I2 Push7endra Pande* I%/ I2 +'oud and /a, In-ra #a'kthrough

June 29
9:$0 10.$0 AM IR/ Panka: 1hoo'ia
%o-t#are Architecture Reconstruction and
2rans-oration -or +'oud +o7uting ;%hortcut<
10.$0 11.$0 AM %26 (sha %eth Po#er&0M and Po#er0+
11:$0 12.00 2ea 3reak
12.00 1:00 PM 62% %u,rat & &anungo Ado7ting +'oud +o7uting #ith %o-t/a*er
1:00 2:00 PM /unch
2:00 $:15 PM %56 Mario 3riggs Paa% Pers7ecti"es I3M 3'uei)
$:15 $:$0 PM 2ea 3reak
$:$0 4:$0 PM Acadeia Presentations
4:$0 5:$0 PM +ross 3= %ki''s -or the +'oud Age Pane' 1iscussion
9:00 PM !n#ards Poster %essions & 1inner

June 2>
9:$0 11:00 AM %56
0i:a* %ukthankar ? Rahu'
@ea !7enstack & 1isaster Reco"er*
11:00 11:$0 AM 2ea 3reak
11:$0 1:00 AM 62% Ashoka % Rao RedeAning I2 #ith +'oud
1:00 2:00 PM /unch
2:00 $:15 PM %26 Akash 6un:a' @et#orking in the c'oud
$:15 $:$0 PM 2ea 3reak
$:$0 4:$0 PM %56 0i:a* %ukthankar 1e"!7s 2he +'oud Pers7ecti"e
4.$045.$0 PM +'osing
1etai'ed Agenda
Title : Executive Keynote Cloud : beginning of the new era
Date and Time : June 25
, 10.00 AM 10.45 AM
Speaker Bio:
.rinivas 5ulkarni is IBM @istinguished &ngineer and :IC Technical (eader) responsible for Technical
&minence development in :lobally Integrated @elivery division of IBM :lobal Business .ervices.
.rinivas is working with IBM for more than 2- years and has consulted several IBM customers) from
enterprises to startAups) across the world for business and technology transformation. His e<periences
ranges from embedded devices programming to enterprise architecture.
.rinivas is an &<ecutive ICT 8rchitect) with specialiDation in &nterprise 8rchitecture) .ervice 0riented
8rchitecture 1Consulting) @esign and @elivery4) Business #rocess Management) and Business
.rinivas currently heads the 8siaA#acific 8rchitect #rofession office in IBM. .rinivas is member of IBM
8cademy of Technology and founder member of Technical &<perts Council in India
Title : Self Managing Data Centers: The next generation of clouds
Date and Time: June 25
,22+23 8M E 27.23 AM
A,stract :
+'oud co7uting has ade creation o- "irtua' ser"ers a chi'dBs 7'a*. Manageent
o- these ser"ers is sti'' anua'. +reation 7'a*s a "er* sa'' 7art in the 'i-e c*c'e o-
a ser"er. %e'-4anaging data centres can correct this ske#, #here #e are creating
ser"ers uch -aster than #e can anage 'eading to huge stress on data centre
%7eaker 3io:
Akshat 0era is a senior research scientist and Master In"entor at I3M Research 4
India. Ce a'so 'eads the 1istri,uted %*stes Research grou7 at I3M Research 4
India. Cis research interests inc'ude 7o#er and "irtua'iDation anageent,
a'gorithic o7tiiDation, #e, ser"er resource a''ocation, storage anageent.
Cis current research 'ooks at ,ui'ding 8e)i,'e, e'astic, odu'ar, sca'a,'e and
7rograa,'e co7ute in-rastructure. Ce has #ritten ore than 40 7a7ers at to7
internationa' con-erences and :ourna's and ho'ds or has a77'ied -or ore than $0
1uration : 1 hr
Title : Cloud Security
1ate and 2ie: June 25
, 27.23A 2.,, #M
A,stract :
%ecurit* has re7eated'* ,een cited as a 7riar* concern re'ated to c'oud ado7tion. 3ut as
enter7rises continue to ado7t c'oud in 'arger nu,ers, #eEre ,eginning to see changes. 5hen
organiDations e)aine #hat ste7s the* need to take to 'e"erage c'oud techno'og*, it ,ecoes
c'ear that ,est 7ractices and 7o'icies the*Ed a77'ied in traditiona' I2 en"ironents can a'so ,e
rea'iDed in c'oud en"ironents. 5hi'e ado7ting c'oud techno'ogies and ser"ices, organiDations
need to connect secure'* to %aa% a77'ications, in order -or the to engage #ith custoers in
inno"ati"e #a*s. 2heir I2 teas are o7tiiDing in-rastructure ,* ado7ting co7uting ca7a,i'ities
-ro the c'oud, ena,'ing a continuu o- 7rotection -ro 7ri"ate c'oud to 7u,'ic c'ouds. 5eE''
discuss ho# *ou can conAdent'* ado7t c'oud and anage e"o'"ing securit* architectures. FouE''
'earn ho# c'oud 7ro"ides o77ortunities to reassess and enhance *our securit* 7osture and 7rotect
*our "a'ua,'e I2 assets.
%7eaker 3io :
&ausha' &a7adia is an Architect #orking #ith the +2!Es oGce, I3M %ecurit* %*stes 1i"ision. Ce
has #orked in the %ecurit* 1oain -or ore than 1> *ears. Ce has in the 7ast #orked e)tensi"e'*
in the area o- Identit* and Access Manageent, 5e, a77'ication %ecurit* and @et#ork 7enetration
testing. Ce current'* -ocuses on strategic in"estigations and de"e'o7ing 7rotot*7es in the area o-
+*,er %ecurit*, 3ig 1ata, Internet Hraud and +'oud %ecurit*.
1uration: 45 in
2it'e : Infrastructure as a service and OpenStack
1ate and tie: June 25
, 2.00 PM 4$.00 PM
A,stract :
!7en%tack is gro#ing 7o7u'ar c'oud anageent techno'og* #ith its 8e)i,'e and sca'a,'e
architecture. 2he session #i'' co"er essence o- the !7en%tack, its co7onents and ser"ices a'ong
#ith a deonstration o- ho# does !7en%tack oIers in-rastructure as a ser"ice. 2he conce7ts o-
!7en%tack #i'' ,e re-erred and used in se"era' -urther sessions in this 7rogra
%7eaker 3io:
%anket %ang#ikar is c'oud and "irtua'iDation e)7ert -ro I3M ha"ing A'ed se"era' 7atents in the
associated #ork area. %anket has Masters in %o-t#are (ngineering and e)7osure o- c'oud s*stes
anageent doain -or 11 *ears. Ce has ,een 'eading teas on storage and net#ork
anageent a77'ications in c'oud s7ace and #orks on sur-acing cutting age techno'ogies to
custoers. %anket has 7resented "arious technica' 7a7ers and 7roduct deos in con-erences and
to stakeho'ders and custoers
1uration : 1hr
Title) Taking IT Operations nalytics to Cloud
@ate and Time+ =une 73
) !.!, #MA;.!, #M
8bstract +
2he session #ou'd introduce I2 !7erations Ana'*tics as a 3ig 1ata 7ro,'e. 5e #ou'd then co"er
the !redict" Searc#" and Optimi$e as7ects o- I2 !7erations Ana'*tics and descri,e "arious use
cases thereo-. 5e #ou'd sho# a g'ier o- I3M %o-t#are 7roducts in this s7ace and then co"er our
:ourne* and e)7eriences o- taking these to c'oud. 5e descri,e the P'at-or as a %er"ice ;Paa% 4
3'uei)< and %o-t#are as a %er"ice ;%aa% 4 %er"ice (ngage< oIering and conc'ude #ith soe
as7ects o- our roada7.
.peaker Bio+
6irish +ha8e is a e,er o- the I2 !7erations 7roduct 1e"e'o7ent tea in +'oud and %arter
In-rastructure di"ision o- I3M %o-t#are 6rou7. Ce dri"es the architecture and design o- the 7roduct
and #orks "er* c'ose'* #ith Research and other di"isions in %o-t#are 6rou7. Ce is #ith I3M -or the
'ast 15 *ears out o- #hich the a:or 7art, 11 *ears, as a Research %taI Me,er in I3M Research
India. Ce is #ith the %o-t#are 6rou7 since 2010 dri"ing 7roducts in a'' the the three ;7redict,
search, and o7tiiDe< strategic areas o- I2 !7erations Ana'*tics. 6irish ho'ds Master -ro II2
3o,a* and M3A -ro HM% 1e'hi.
@uration+2 hr
Title ) I9( IT Cloud and (ab Infra wal0through * need details -
@ate and Time + =une 73
) ;.!, E 3.!, #M
8bstract +
.peaker BI0 + #ushpendra pandey
@uration + 2 hr
Title) Software Architecture Reconstruction and Transformation for Cloud Computing
@ate and Time+ =une 7-
)*.!, am E 2,.!, am
The Project aims at creating tools and supporting processes for the transformation of large
software systems to systems suitale for cloud infrastructures!
"e are loo#ing at a usiness$dri%en, architecture$centric approach that is end$to$end supported
y tools and methods for software de%elopment! &n this tal# & will discuss the types of prolems to
e'pect when migrating legacy systems to (loud ased Paa) such as *lueMi', the research
challenges in automating such migrations, and %arious categories of solutions we are
e'perimenting with!
.peaker Bio+
Pan#aj @hoolia is a researcher in the Programming +anguages and )oftware ,ngineering
department at &*M -esearch $ &ndia! .is research interests are in the area of enhancing
producti%ity at %arious tas#s in the software de%elopment and maintenance lifecycle! Till date he
has in%estigated the areas of Model Dri%en ,ngineering, software analysis and deugging! .is
current research focus is on De%/ps and (loud programming models, in particular comprehending
and migrating legacy applications to (loud ased platforms!
@uration+ 2 hr
Titile ) %ede&ning IT wit# Cloud
@ate and Time+ =une 7-
) 2,.!, 8M E 22.!, 8M
FComputation as an utilityF IBM has been repeatedly demonstrating itFs capability in having
this concept achieved. Irrespective of the diverse business nature of clients) IBM has been
helping them reinvent their business with IBM Cloud. This presentation elaborates on some
of such challenging engagements IBM has been involved with. ?hether integrating with inA
house applications) business partners or even other clouds) IBM has standard Cloud
solutions for every need. This session shares the e<periences garnered out of few comple<
cloud engagements implemented through IBMFs differentiating cloud solutions
.peaker Bio+
Ashoka % Rao has ,een #orking as a %enior +'oud %o'ution Architect #ith I3M since the 'ast 4 Fears
and in"o'"ed in so'utioning the co7'e) c'oud o77ortunities. Prior to this, Ashoka Rao #as 7art o-
the %*stes & 2echno'og* 6rou7 o- I3M and #as in"o'"ed #ith design and de"e'o7ent o- code on
!7en %ource. 3e-ore I3M, Ashoka has ,een #ith "arious co7anies and has e)7erience on
2e'eco & @et#orking doain
@uration+ 2 hr
Title) aa9 ers5ecti;es < IB' Bluemi7
@ate and Time + =une 7-
) 27.,, E 2.,, #M
Take a look at how cloud computing has transformed the development lifecycle. 9ew tools and techniGues are
being created that reduce the time it takes developers to go from idea to app. ?ith #aa.) developers can access
the right runtimes and services to take them through the application development lifecycle faster and more
efficiently than ever before. ?hat used to take weeks and months) can now happen in days or even hour.
BlueMi< is one of IBMHs newest #aa. offerings. It is an implementation of IBMHs open cloud architecture that will
enable developers to rapidly build) deploy and manage cloud applications) as well as access a growing
ecosystem of IBM services. This demo illustrates how a developer at a retail chain can use BlueMi< to e<tend a
mobile app that helps sales associates asses inventory for customers
.peaker Bio+
Mario 3riggs is an I3M %2%M and 'eads the 1ata,ase A77'ication 1e"e'o7ent -or I3M 132 in
+'oud and inc'uding PCP, Ru,*?Rai's, P*thon?1:ango?%J/A'che*, @ode.:s and Ja"a data access
-rae#orks. Ce has 1> *ears o- e)7erience in so-t#are de"e'o7ent #ith an* o- those *ears
s7ent in the area o- data access, re'ationa' engines, and a77'ication4data,ase 7er-orance
@uration + 2 hr
Title : /do5ting Cloud Com5uting with 9oft(ayer
1ate and 2ie : June 29
, 2.00 $.15 PM
2his ta'k #ou'd inc'ude
Close 'ook at Soft'ayer and discussion on
*ompute, !et"ork, Stora#e
*S$%tem Mana#ement: &'o(a' )oad Ba'an*in#, Ba*kup, Di%a%ter +e*o,er$, D!
*Mana#ed Ser,i*e%
*A-. /*onom$, SD/0A11init$
*So1t)a$er -artner% /d#e*a%t, +i#htS*a'e, +a*emi, T"inStrata
*+e*ent So1t)a$er 2in%
*.BM 311erin#% on So1t)a$er B'ueMi4, Marketp'a*e, Mo(i'it$, hM- "ith 3penSta*k
Soft'ayer: (ey Di)erentiators
%7eaker 3io:
.ubtrat is #rincipal Consulting 8rchitect) Cloud Computing in IBM :lobal Technology .ervices 0rganiDation and
has been responsible for @esign and Management of Information Technology infrastructure architecture and
services) since last 7; years. His area of e<pertise has been in @atacenter) Cloud Computing) .torage) 9etwork)
.ecurity) Messaging) and Business Continuity.
1uration : 1.25hr
Title : =5enstac0 > 4isaster Reco;ery
1ate and tie : June 2>
, 9.$0 11.00 a
A,stract :
(nter7rise a'#a*s #ant that the I2 so'ution the* de7'o* in their 1ata +enter is 7rotected -ro the
natura' disasters 8oods, earthKuakes and c*c'ones
is essentia' -or ission critica' a77'ication, Hai'ure to 7rotect a critica' I2 tasks can 'ead to
signiAcant 'oss o- re"enue or can e"en 'ead to
going out o- ,usiness.
2he +'oud Mgt P'at-ors 'ike !7enstack do 7ro"ide an o77ortunit* to ans#er this Kuer* -or the
2his session #ou'd deonstrate ho# #e 'e"erage e)terna' storage re7'ication techno'og* to create
a 1isaster Reco"er* %o'ution -or an !7enstack #ork'oad.
2he session #ou'd conc'ude #ith a deo #hich #i'' sho#case ho# %A@ 0o'ue +ontro''er ;%0+<
re7'ication techno'og* can ,e 'e"eraged #ith !7enstack +inder
ser"ices to 7ro"ide 1R -or a #ork'oad.
%7eaker 3io : IiBay .ukthankar and ahul 9ema
5i6a$ .ukthankar i% 'eadin# Ti,o'i Seri*e Automation Mana#er and ha% "orked "ith .BM7% *u%tomer% on adoption o1
.BM7% 'oud 311erin#% and "ith initia' te*hni*a' a%%e%%ment. 8e "a% a'%o re%pon%i('e 1or dri,in# the 'oud pro#ram% in
.BM So1t"are 'a( and ena('in# .BM9% partner :&'o(a' S$%tem .nte#rator%; to pur%ue .BM te*hno'o#$ in 'oud So'ution%.
5i6a$ ho'd% mu'tip'e patent% in the area% o1 'oud omputin#. 8e ha% %poken at ,ariou% .nternationa' *on1eren*e% 'ike
AM, 'oudamp, ./// on1eren*e on 'oud omputin# and Di%tri(uted S$%tem%. 8e ha% (een 'oud e,an#e'i%t and
%peaker at man$ A*ademia e,ent%.
+ahu' !ema i% an Senior Sta11 So1t"are /n#ineer "ith .BM .ndia So1t"are )a(% "orkin#
in 'oud and Smarter .n1ra%tru*ture di,i%ion "here he *ontri(ute% to"ard% *'oud %o'ution.
8e a'%o *ontri(ute% to"ard% *on%u'tin# in the 'oud Spa*e and he'p *u%tomer% (ui'd
(etter and *uttin# ed#e *'oud %o'ution% . 8e ha% 'ed ,ariou% ena('ement in 'oud Domain
1or ,ariou% -artner% and u%tomer% on .BM 'oud So'ution%. An /4pert on < S.
o11erin#% in the automation area. 8e ha% (een "orkin# "ith .BM 1or the pa%t = $ear% a1ter
#raduation 1rom !...T Si'*har

1uration : 1.5 hrs
Title : !ower(*+ and !ower*C
1ate and 2ie : June 2>
, 11.$041.00 PM
A,stract :
I3M Po#er %*stes #i'' 'aunch these'"es in a ne# -or to ,ring ad"antages o- their securit* and
co7uting 7o#er in &0M ,ased "irtua'iDation. 2he session #i'' co"er o"er"ie# o- this Po#er&0M
and detai's o- Po#er0+ 4 a "irtua'iDation anageent 7roduct -or Po#er %*stes -eaturing
si7'icit* and great user e)7erience.
%7eaker 3io :
(sha %eth, #ith LM *ears o- e)7erience at I3M in s*stes anageent 7ort-o'io, has ,een
#orking on de"e'o7ent o- Po#er0+ -eatures on Po#er&0M. %he has e)7erience o- de"e'o7ing
co''a,orati"e and inno"ati"e so'utions in c'oud s7ace and has a'so ,een an esteeed contri,utor
to the uni"ersit* re'ations.
1uration : 1.5 hrs.
Title : 4e;=5s < The Cloud ers5ecti;e
1ate and tie : June 2>
, 2.00 PM $.15 PM
+'oud co7uting, Agi'e de"e'o7ent, and 1e"!7s are inter'ocking 7arts o- a strateg* -or
trans-oring I2 into a ,usiness ada7ta,i'it* ena,'er.
I- c'oud is an instruent, then 1e"!7s is the usician that 7'a*s it. 2ogether, the* he'7 I2 shi-t its
e7hasis -ro asking Kuestions 'ike
ho# 'ong can #e go #ithout an outageNO to Pho# o-ten can #e de'i"er ne# -unctiona'it*NO or
Pho# Kuick'* can #e de7'o* a ne# ser"iceNQ
2his session #ou'd e)7'ain 5hat is the re'ationshi7 ,et#een +'oud +o7uting and 1e"!7sN Is
1e"!7s rea''* :ust PI2 -or the +'oudON +an *ou on'*
do 1e"!7s in the c'oudN +an *ou on'* do c'oud using 1e"!7sN 2he ans#er to a'' three Kuestions is
PnoO. +'oud and 1e"!7s are inde7endent ,ut utua''*
rein-orcing strategies -or de'i"ering ,usiness "a'ue through I2.
%7eaker 3io :
5i6a$ Sukthankar i% 'eadin# Ti,o'i Seri*e Automation Mana#er and ha% "orked "ith .BM7% *u%tomer%
on adoption o1 .BM7% 'oud 311erin#% and "ith initia' te*hni*a' a%%e%%ment. 8e "a% a'%o re%pon%i('e
1or dri,in# the 'oud pro#ram% in .BM So1t"are 'a( and ena('in# .BM9% partner :&'o(a' S$%tem
.nte#rator%; to pur%ue .BM te*hno'o#$ in 'oud So'ution%. 5i6a$ ho'd% mu'tip'e patent% in the area% o1
'oud omputin#. 8e ha% %poken at ,ariou% .nternationa' *on1eren*e% 'ike AM, 'oudamp, .///
on1eren*e on 'oud omputin# and Di%tri(uted S$%tem%. 8e ha% (een 'oud e,an#e'i%t and %peaker
at man$ A*ademia e,ent%.
1uration : 1.25 hrs
Title :,etworking in t#e cloud
1ate and 2ie : June 2>
, $.$0 4.$0 PM
A,stract :
@et#orking is t*7ica''* ost 7ain-u' and tie consuing as7ect o- c'oud de7'o*ent. In this
session, #e #i'' e)7'ore coon net#orking trends in !7en%tack ,ased c'ouds and ho# and #h*
!7en0%#itch is getting 7o7u'ar -or diIerent t*7e o- net#orks. 5e #i'' a'so see a deo o- ho# it
#orks and a'so a ,rie- o"er"ie# o- %o-t#are 1eAned @et#orking in c'oud.
%7eaker 3io :
Akash 0 6un:a' is ha"ing 10 *ears o- e)7erience in c'oud, net#ork and ('eent anageent
s*stes in the te'eco and %ecurit* +o7'iance anageent. Ce has ,een #orking -or I3M India
%o-t#are /a, since 2012 on %ecurit* +o7'iance 7roduct -or @et#ork and !% and the !7enstack
,ased c'oud so-t#are 7roduct. Ce is 7resent'* 'eading the net#ork setu7 -or !7en0%#itch in an
!7enstack ,ased c'oud.
1uration : 1 hr
-our Stay at IB+
Hotel "ormule2 #une HinBewadi
J Home
Cote' Horu'e1 Pune Cin:e#adi
HinBewadi main road) #hase2 #une A ;22,36) Maharashtra) India
#hone+ K*2 7, ;77,*222) "a<+ K*2 7, ;77,*22!

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J ?now The CityH@ER(IA? "htt5)88www6hotelformule#6in80now.the.city8!"" ?now The City
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.ituated amidst the business and IT hub of #une) HinBewadi) Hotel "ormule2 makes for an ideal stay for
business travellers) students and sports groups.
This 2,; room hotel is located close to Balevadi .ports Comple< and .ahara Cricket .tadium and only 3 5M
away from Mumbai #une &<pressway.
Hotel "ormule2 #une HinBewadi offers complimentary ?iA"i) refreshing breakfast) flat screen television with multi
channels) 7;C6 vending machines for all your basic needs. The hotel is centrally air conditioned. The hotel
features an outdoor seating area for a rela<ed evening and also a gaming Done.
The hotel also features an out sourced Cafe) which is open all day for meals and refreshing drinks.
Hotel "ormule2 #une HinBewadi is the best value est 8ssured hotel providing a great sleep and shower
%our stay includes+
2. oom stay
7. Breakfast Buffet
!. ?ifi C Internet access
;. @inner Buffet
3. @aily pick up and drop to and from IBM
-our Buddies at IB+
1. 2raining Roo in-oration, Cote' 3ookings, 2rans7ortation -ro Cote' to (2R and ,ack, I3M
"isitorBs ,adges, /a7to7s, Re-reshents, /unch %harishtha +hatter:ee ;
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4. Heed,ack -ors4 &rishna ;krgkuarSin.i,.co<
5. /oca' +ontact -or an* 'ogistics4 Ankitha Pati' ;anki7atiSin.i,.co <
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'o'o CafC
Courtyard by Marriott
#; aBiv :andhi Infotech #ark #hase 2) HinBewadi) #une
Telephone+ K*2 7, !,36,;!!
'ainland China
HinBewadi Main oad)
9e<t to Courtyard by Marriott Hotel) HinBewadi) #une
Telephone+ K*2 7, -36!***7)
K*2 7, ;77,!MMM
D 95ices
@oubletree By Hilton
CA!7) Tata Motors oad
Chinchwad) #uneA ;22 ,2*
Telephone+ K*2 7, -6!2!!!!
Citrus CafC
(emontree Hotel
aBiv :andhi Infotech #ark) #hase I) HinBewadi) #une
Telephone+ K*2 7, ;;7!7!7!
'eBBa ,
Continetal 9orth India
0pposite 5#IT Cummins) :#I IT #ark) #hase 2) HinBewadi) #une
Telephone+ K*2 *-7!;;2M2M) K*2 *,223-2M2M
(ittle Italy
9ear @HMart) HinBewadi) #une
Telephone+ K*2 7, !,36,;!!
=rganiBing team
9harmishtha Chatterjee
4e;0ant /ggarwal
'ahesh arad0ar
raja0ta Bor0ar
* lease add more names if I ha;e missed any -