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Quantitative Aptitude I

1. In employment exchange, if 40% of the job-seekers are

graduates, 20% are post-graduate and the remaining 6000 are
non-graduates, how many post graduates are there?

a. 6000

b. 3000

c. 9000

d. 12000

e. None of these

2. A factory union collected funds from its 120 employees. The

amount contributed by each male and each female employee
was equal to their respective total number in the company.
The manager’s contribution was equal to the number of
employees in the company. If the proportion of female and
male employee was 4:1, what was the amount collected?

a. Rs.9912

b. Rs.9792

c. Rs.9216

d. Cannot be determined

e. None of these

3. Ajay spends 25% of his monthly income on conveyance, 2/3

of the remaining income on his household expenses. If he
saves Rs.1800 per month, how much he spend on
a. Rs.1800

b. Rs.720

c. Rs.2500

d. Rs.1440

e. None of these

4. In the following number series, find out the number which

will come next – 76, 60, 56, 40, 36, 20?

a. 16

b. 36

c. 24

d. 4

e. None of these

5. With a raise of Rs.2000 A’s monthly salary was Rs.12000.

What is the percent increase in his salary?

a. 20%

b. 25%

c. 48%

d. 60%

e. None of these

6. The price of wheat increases by 60 paisa per Kg every year,

while the price of rice increases by 20 paisa every year. If the
price of wheat and rice in 1995 was Rs.10.40 and Rs.12.60
respectively, in which year will wheat cost more than the

a. 1997

b. 1998

c. 1999

d. 2000

e. None of these

7. In a bank 30% employees opted for pension and 50%

employees opted for provident fund. The rest were uncertain.
If the difference between those who opted for provident fund
and those who were uncertain was 1440, how many
employees were there in the bank?

a. 7200

b. 2400

c. 2880

d. 4800

e. None of these

8. A sales man was employed on a monthly salary for Rs.3000.

He was entitled for 15% commission on the monthly sale.
How much sale should he do if he wants a monthly income
of Rs.12000?

a. Rs.60,000

b. Rs.54,000
c. Rs.48,000

d. Rs.42,000

e. None of these

9. A started a business investing Rs.50,000. After 4months B

joined him by investing equal amount as initially invested by
A. In what proportion will the profit be distributed between A
& B at the end of the year?

a. 1:1

b. 2:1

c. 2:3

d. 3:2

e. None of these

10. A car takes 5 hours to cover a distance of 300 Kms.

How much should the speed be to cover the same distance in
4/5 of the previous time?

a. 48 Kmph

b. 120 Kmph

c. 60 Kmph

d. 75 Kmph

e. None of these

11. In the following number series find out the number

which will come next: 62, 63, 67, 76, 92, 117,?

a. 132
b. 137

c. 149

d. 153

e. None of these

12. X bought a car and got 15% of its original price as

dealer’s discount. He then sold it with 20% profit on his
purchase price. What percentage profit did he get on the
original price of the car?

a. 2%

b. 12%

c. 5%

d. 17%

e. None of these

13. In a company, monthly salary of staff and executives

are in the ratio of 3:5. Staff clerk contributes 2% and each
executive contributes 3% of his salary to the welfare fund. If
each executive’s contribution is Rs.210, What will be the
staff salary?

a. Rs.4200

b. Rs.5200

c. Rs.7000

d. Rs.4000

e. None of these
14. In the following number series, find the wrong number:
6, 18, 36, 108, 216, 648, 1290, 3888

a. 36

b. 108

c. 216

d. 648

e. 1290

15. X earns Rs. 2300 per month. He spends Rs. 1200 on

rations, Rs.630 on conveyance, 10% of his monthly income
on luxuries and saves the remaining amount. How much
money will he save in one year?

a. Rs.230

b. Rs.288

c. Rs.260

d. Rs.240

e. None of these

16. A rectangular hall 60 meters long and 40 meters broad

is to be tiled with square tiles of 0.4metres side. If each tile
cost Rs.5, find the total cost of the tiles?

a. Rs.60000

b. Rs.750

c. Rs.75000

d. Rs.12000
e. None of these

17. A 500 litre water tank was filled by adding 59 litres of

water and as many buckets of water as each bucket had the
capacity. What was the capacity of each bucket?

a. 22 litres

b. 21 litres

c. 20 litres

d. Cannot be determined

e. None of these

18. Fourteen lathes can grins500 pistons in 12 hours. After

four hours production, two more lathes were added. How
long will it take to complete the production of 500 units?

a. 9 hours

b. 5 hours

c. 6 hours

d. 7 hours

e. None of these

19. A man purchased a second hand moped for Rs. 4,800

and spent 20% of the cost on its repairs, if he wants to earn
Rs.1,440 as net profit on it, how much percentage should he
add to its purchase price?

a. 25%
b. 24%

c. 50%

d. 48%

e. None of these

20. A purchases a typewriter for Rs. 9600 and spent 20%

of the cost on its repairs. If he wants to earn Rs.2,880 as net
profit on it, how much percentage should he add to its
purchase price of the typewriter?

a. 100%

b. 96%

c. 50%

d. 48%

e. None of these

21. The sum of three numbers is 174.The ratio of second

number to the third number is 9:16 and the ratio of first to the
third number is 1:4. Find the second number?

a. 24

b. 54

c. 96

d. Cannot be determined

e. None of these
22. A man purchased an old house for Rs. 20 lacs. He spent
30% of the cost in developing and dividing it into sixty
apartments. If he wants to earn 35% profit on his total
investment, how much price should he charge per flat?

a. Rs.87,750

b. Rs.88,000

c. Rs.8,77,500

d. Rs.88,750

e. None of these

23. The average of coconuts offered in a temple in a week

was 75. The average offering in six days excluding Saturday
was 72. How many coconuts were offered on Saturday?

a. 93

b. 72

c. 90

d. Cannot be determined

e. None of these

24. If the cost of paint is Rs.120 per kg. Covers 25sq.m,

how much will it cost to paint the inner walls and the ceiling
of a room measuring 10 m. each side?

a. Rs.3,000

b. Rs.2,880
c. Rs.1,500

d. Rs.1,440

e. None of these

25. If X borrowed money at 14% per annum at simple

interest, and after four years if he repaid 11,700, how much
did he borrow?

a. Rs.11,000

b. Rs.8,500

c. Rs.6,500

d. Rs.7,500

e. None of these

26. P is as much heavier than Q as he is lighter than R. If

the total weight of Q and R is 140kg. What is the weight of P

a. 70kg

b. 65kg

c. 55kg

d. Data inadequate

e. None of these
27. In the following number series, find the wrong number:
250, 50, 200, 40, 160, 30, 128

a. 30

b. 40

c. 50

d. 128

e. 200

28. A man spends Rs.1,810 for buying cassettes at Rs.240

each and books at Rs.65 each. What will be the ratio of
cassettes to books when maximum numbers of cassettes are

a. 3:6

b. 2:7

c. 7:3

d. Cannot be determined

e. None of these

29. In a family there are 5 members. A,B,C,D & E. Who

among them is the eldest? To find the answer which of the
following information given in statements (i) & (ii) is/are

(i) B is elder to A & E.

(ii) C is elder to D but younger to E.

a. (ii) is sufficient

b. (i) or (ii) is sufficient

c. (i) is sufficient

d. (i) & (ii) are needed

e. (i) & (ii) together are not sufficient

30. A report of100 pages is to be typed by three typists.

Typist A can type 100 pages in 10 hours. Typist B can type
can type the same pages in 20 hours and Typist C in 25
hours. All the three typists started typing at 09.00 A.M. At
01.00 P.M. A stopped typing. The other two typists finished
the job, approximately at what time the report was typed?

a. 04.00 P.M

b. 04.30 P.M

c.04.40 P.M

d. Cannot be determined

e. None of these

31. Rs.2,000 amount to Rs.2,600 in five years at simple

interest. If the interest rate is increased by 3%, it would
amount to how much?

a. Rs.900

b. Rs.2200

c. Rs.2,900

d. Data inadequate
e. None of these

32. What should be the value of P in the following



a. 93.93

b. 92.93

c. 75.418

d. 192.93

e. None of these

33. X is five times as old as his son. Four years hence, the
sum of their ages will be 56 years. What is the age of the son
at present?

a. 4 years

b. 6 years

c. 8 years

d.10 years

e. None of these

34. 1945 pens are to be packed in bundles so that the

number of pens in each bundle should be equal to the bundles
of the pens. How many pens should be excluded to make this
arrangement possible?

b. 6

c. 9

d. Cannot be determined

e. None of these

35. An article sold for Rs.3,360 earns a profit which is

double the amount of loss when the same is sold for Rs.
2,400. What is the purchase price of the article?

a. Rs. 2,720

b. Rs. 2,880

c. Rs. 960

d. Data inadequate

e. None of these

36. A Clock costs Rs.341 and a Radio costs RS. 852. What
will be the approximate cost of 5 dozen Clocks and 4 dozen

a. Rs. 80,000

b. Rs. 60,000

c. Rs. 50,000

d. Rs. 75,000

e. Rs. 1,00,000

37. Which of the following will come in place of Q in the

following equation?
(4.5÷1/2) × (6+2/3) × 3/10-Q=0

a. 7

b. 9

c. 11

d. 16

e. None of these

38. Which of the following will come in place of P in the

following equation?


a. 31.71

b. 29.61

c. 31.61

d. 30.61

e. None of these

39. Which of the following will come in place of R in the

following equation?

(4.5÷0.45×R) ÷(0.1+0.1)=250

a. 500

b. 250

c. 150

d. 50
e. None of these

40. Which of the following will come in place of Q in the

following equation?

65% of 7 +35% of 3=Q of 56

a. 1%


c. 40%

d. 50%

e. None of these

Directions: The following questions are based on the pie-

chart given below. Study the pie-chart and answer the

41. The cost of Raw material is approximately what percent

of manufacturing cost?

a. 20.3%

b. 28.6%

c. 30%

d. 32.5%

e. None of these

Diagrammatic Representation of the percentage of

expenses on various items during production & sale

1. Manufacturing cost ….35%

2. Establishment & Salary ….18%

3. Advertisement Charges ….18%

4. Packing & Freight ….15%

5. Raw Material ….10%

6. Miscellaneous Expenses …4%

42. If the Miscellaneous Expenses are Rs.6,000, how much

more will be Establishment and Salary express than packing
and Freight expenses?

a. Rs.6,000

b. Rs.5,500

c. Rs.4,500

d. Rs.10,500

e. None of these

43. The central angle for the sector on Raw material is

a. 22.5°

b. 16°

c. 54.8°

d. 36°

e. None of these
44. If the Manufacturing cost is Rs.17,500, the expenses
on packing and Freight will be

a. Rs.8,750

b. Rs.7,500

c. Rs.3,150

d. Rs.6,300

e. None of these

45. The central angle corresponding to the sector on

Manufacturing cost is more than that of Advertisement
charges by

a. 72°

b. 61.2°

c. 60°

d. 54.8°

e. None of these

Directions: The following questions are based on the given

graph. Study the graph and answer the questions.

1993 1994 1995 1996

46. Average percentage of net profit over gross profit for

the entire period (1993-96) is

a. more than 50%

b. less than 50%


d. None of these

47. Average annual growth of gross profit is

a. Rs. 7.5 thousand

b. Rs. 9 thousand

c. Rs. 10 thousand

d. Rs. 10.5 thousand

e. None of these

48. In which year was the net profit half of the gross

a. 1993

b. 1994

c. 1995

d. 1996

e. None of these

49. The ratio of total gross profit for the period 1993-96 is

a. 8:11

b. 18:35

c. 6:11
d. 4:9

e. None of these

50. In which year does the net profit increase more than
the gross profit?

a. 1993

b. 1994

c. 1995

d. 1996

e. None of these


1. b 2. a 3. a 4. a 5. a
6. c 7. d 8. a 9. d 10. d
11. c 12. a 13. a 14. e 15. e
16. c 17. b 18. d 19. c 20. c
21. c 22. e 23. a 24. b 25. c
26. a 27. a 28. d 29. d 30. e
31. c 32. b 33. c 34. c 35. a
36. b 37. b 38. b 39. c 40. b
41. b 42. c 43. d 44. b 45. b
46. b 47. c 48. d 49. b 50. b