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This is how I imagine all the

caracters of Twilight been humans

I hope you enjoy it
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By: Michelle

While Alice Cullen was conspiracing to get Jasper, the Hale

twins were in their home chatting about their first day at
Phoenix High.

“Well Rose what you think about school because you seem
pretty happy to me”

“I am, Jasper this has been the best first day of scholl and
you know why?”

“Let me guess… It will be the fact that finally you have a


“Yes Bella is extreamly nice, sweet and on top of that


“I notice, I like her too... I’m mean she seem really nice”

“Did you just say I like her?”

“Okay sister for you I have no secrets, I like her so much,

Bella is not like those girls in New York she seem so
different, sensible, nice and really smart”

“The true brother I like Bella for sister”

“Mmmmm you say that for me or her brother?”

“Don’t even look at me like that Rose I know you better that
anybody in this world, you didn’t stop looking at him the
whole time? Emmett am I right?”

“Well yes I like her brother, I don’t know he has something

beside his looks, I need to find out with Bella if he has a
girlfriend or something like that, but I have to be discret I
don’t want Bella to think that I just want to be her friend to
go out with Emmett!”

“Well Rose, I can ask for your help with Bella right? Please
find out if she have a boyfriend please!!”

“Don’t worry like I say I like Bella for double sister!”

Next day start and Alice will work her plan in the cafeteria
over lunch, Bella and Rosalie were sit together in a table
when Alice aproch to they.

“Hi Bella, Rosalie!”

“Mmmm, Hi Alice” Bella answer totally surprise, usually

Alice never even think to speak to Bella if she could evoid
and now she was in front of her saying hello.

“I want to say sorry, yesterday I was complete rude to you

guys, and you don’t deserve that, can you forgive me”

“No problem maybe we start with the left foot Alice” Rosalie

Bella was totally surprise she couldn’t say a word.

“Can I sit with you?”

“Of course Alice” Rosalie answer while she was looking at

Bella totally surprise

“Don’t Tanya, Jessica and Lauren will be upset if you sit

with us?” Bella ask when she finally could talk.
“Maybe but if they do that is their problem don’t you think?,
Rosalie I heard you come from New York, that city is really

“Yes it is, especially in winter, the city takes very serious

Christmas, by the way Bella I will like to invite you in winter
that way you will known the city, you are gonig to love it”

“Ey maybe I could go with you too!”

“Ahh right”, Rosalie say, surprise by the way so nice that

Alice was acting.

Lunch time happen so fase and althought Alice never will

say it she was having a good time Rosalie and she have a
lot of things in commom, both like fashion and knew many
places in New York and althought Bella don’t she was very
smart so she can carry a conversation with both, when
lunch was about to finish Alice say goo bye to the girls.

“Well girls I’m of, I’m a member of the comit pro-graduation

and today begin to see what events will do to reace fonds
for the graduation, first will be the Traditional Homecoming
dance of next week”

“A dance? Exciting right Bella?”

“Well Rose I usually don’t go to dances, I’m not good at


“But this year you have to go you can’t leave alone”

“Rosalie is right Bella this is our senior year and you can’t
affort to lose this kind of events this moments don’t ever

“See I told you”

“Well Bella can you do me a favor if you see Edward can
you say that the bor will start in 20 minuts, bye girls was a
real placer talk to you, you will have me here very oftten

“I can’t believe that she was Alice Cullen! She act so.... so!”


“I notice, she act so different, yesterday was other thing,

what did you think?”

“I don’t know, I will ask Edward”

“By the way Bella why Edward and Emmett didn’t came to

“Ah their are probably at the Football training, this Friday is

the first game of the season and usually the first week of
school I eat alone because they spend all the time in the
audiovisual room studying strategies and things like that”

“Oh, Bella are you dating anybody?”


“Yes you, you are a pretty girl, and I think is very odd you
talk only about your brother and Edward”

“You think someone is going to date me? We Studied in the

most superficial high school of all the city, and I'm not the
most beautiful girl, no one has ever noticed me”

“Bella I’m not understand you're really cute, maybe if you

were a little more feminine”
“I don’t think so”

“Mmm…Are Edward and Emmett dating anybody?”

“Edward has come out with the most beautiful girls

throughout the school, but nothing serious, and the good
Emmett also had a couple of girlfriends but I think it even
comes not suitable for”

“Really? I think that is very odd... that the two most popular
guys aren’t dating anybody!”

“Do not misunderstand half the female population of high

school are in love with Edward and the other half of
Emmett, it's just that they are not as shallow as everyone”

Rosalie was making a mental note of everything Bella said,
she was pursuing a strategy, asked about Edward and
Emmett as they do not want her to realize she loved her
brother, at least not yet.
The first week of school ended very fast, Alice ate with them
every day and a couple of times she had gone shopping

Alice does not want to admit how good she was falling
Rosalie and Bella, were so different from her "friends", their
were sincere, nice, was not given by her side as the other
which was uncomfortable at first but then began to like it.
On the side of the boys at first Emmett didn’t like Jasper
because he realized how Alice look at him, but Edward
insisted they keep it around since being brother of Rosalie,
he prefer ask he for help instead of Bella’s, by the end of
the week the two had agreed that he was really nice.

Edward had thought to invite Rosalie to see a movie, but I

knew she would not agree to go alone yet so he invite
Bella, Jasper invite Rosalie when I hear Alice inviting
herself and also as Emmett not lose the opportunity to be
with Alice, to end the trip to the cinema became a mass
start with 3 girls and 3 boys.

Each pair of brothers get together to the film, and the boys
began to make their moves.

"Rosalie want something from the soda fountain? Popcorn,

chocolate something special? "Edward asked Rosalie who
did not want to be rude to him and accept his offer.

"Of course Edward you are very nice" together they went to
the soda fountain.

Bella and Jasper approached and began to talk of art.

"I saw your drawings in art class their are really beautiful
Bella very good"

"Thanks Jasper, I knew that you play the guitar that is


Their talk went very animatedly Bella liked Jasper they were
compatible in many ways.

Those who do not know what to do were Emmett and Alice.

"Eh Alice want something to drink"

"I'm fine thanks Emmett!"

The 6 came to see the movie and the order in which they
sat was the next-Rosalie Edward Bella Jasper Alice
At the end of the film decided to go for a coffee, everyone
was talking to everyone, at the beginning when very well
but something strange happened, I feel like Edward was
looking at Bella, Jasper realized that Alice was not as
hollow as the thought and Emmett finally found himself
talking with Rosalie and notice how beautiful her blue eyes

The days flew by and suddenly the Welcome dance was to

fly from the corner, Alice had asked Rosalie and Bella helps
with organizing the event, and realized that Bella had good
ideas, Tanya, Jessica and Lauren were really angry
because even if Alice told them it was all a game she spent
more time with them and well you know Alice and Edward
to be the most popular high school everyone was aware of
what they did and his friends were becoming really popular
people in school until Bella.

The boys had taken the initiative and had invited the girls to
the prom, Edward invite Rosalie who accept she saw that
Emmett will not invite her, Edward also wanted to get all
possible information.

Jasper invite Bella, that acceptance, not only because

Jasper was a gentleman but it would be the first time she
actually attended to a dance.

Emmett invite Alice to his surprise this time she said yes to
make Jasper jealous although he invite Bella, she would not
miss the opportunity to go with them.